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Full text of "Th E Nu Testament Ov Or Lord and Savyur Jezus Krist, According Tu Th E Oturized Verzun"

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I«. ^•v 








^»V ^ j-'- 

9 > * 

' - ' ^ ^ . ■ 

J J J U J O W • < 

J t * J -» ^ - 

J • > ^* J " ■» 





k • 

^^MOX A 




Printed bi Lopli Bruderz, 168'^ Vin st 

t i< I » » ■ V 1 r 

• * 

• • 

» w < 

• • r • • - * . ^* . . 

• ■• • • 

•^ • «V**k> 

Steriotipt by C. F. ODrijikol, Sinsinati.^ 


TiiKfts at present exists' the greateat* disparity between the speR- 
jngand the pronunciation of a word^ the literary result of wl^ch ifl, 
that no oneoantell the spelling of an unknown word from its sound, 
or its sound from its spelling. And the moral or edacatip^al, result 
i^.n^anifest^ that there is ;io way of teaching to read- English bitt by 
pointing to a word and telling its sound; or of' teaching to* spell but 
by making the pupil commit to memory 'the names of the several 
letters of which a word is composed.. In consequence of this great 
difficulty in learning to read and apell.a very large number of the 
people of beth England, and the United* States, grow up without 
being able to read ox write. 

With a view of remedying this serious evil, which is a disgrace 
to the scientific progress of this nineteenth century^ . it is proposed 
to revise, the English alphabet, rejecting* three Tetters^C) q^ x,)' and 
adding" twenty, whereby an alphabet' of forty ■'three letters is 
furnished, which will allow of every word' being spelled as spokep, 
and — what is of infinitely greater importance in aa educational 
point of view—- which will pennil^ evei;y sign to be invariably used 
in the same sense under the same^ oireuBMrtaRees^ so that- not only 
I .will the sighjt of a word instantly recall its sound; but the sound 
' will immediately suggest the proper letters to be used' in spelling. 
The use of such an alphabet and style of spelling, in our primary 
schools, will lessen the labor x>f the. instructor^ in teaching. to read, 
more than one half ; and the pupil will beeome a good reader in 
one^f ourth of the time- required by- the old al|>faabet. - In conse- 
quence, too, oif the peculiar couHtrnction of the alphabet, it also re- 
sults that the pupil who first acquires the art of phonetic reading, 
finds very little difficulty in mastering the old or ramanic orthoj^ca- 
Uj>liy ; to eucb an extent is this truo,- that phonelic popik beeome 
0g^od readers in both styles in* leas-time than is required to become 
<%)roficients in the old alone. 

For a scientific explanation of the prindpleA on whkh thie^alpha- 

4bet has'bcen constructed, see the (hitie to Fhmetie Iteadin^; forthe 

practical application of the system in teaching to read, see the 

f^Firs^ Second and I7iird Phmetio Beadera; for the mode in which the 

transition from phonetic to romanic reading may be made, see the 

* "^"ansitian Reader, 


SMk klUr bM tiM«mBd <»r lb« 

leltMtr ]»tteif iBtb^UlosiMtlT^iroida. 

Letters, illastratire Words. Kame. Letters. IBiistrattTe Words. Hmme. 

E t eel .....e 

kX. a ••••••••• • AX6 •••• ••%■• •& 

A ^ air ........ 

H ci anus ...... 











9^ i . 



H h 


. « . • . .oak . • . 
>.. •••ooza ... 

Short VoweU, 

ill .... 

ell .... 

am ... 

, .....ask ... 
. .... .on .... 

• 6 



wood ... . 

.... (tco ..... 
.....oil .«•»•< 

. et 

• i 


. .. ..OtC7l ., 

dt^pe . 


^ea .. 

way . 

ihay • 










. . . . . .^le . 


loe .. 

(2oe . 






K k • • • . .Xdng, came. . ka 

Gg 5««« g* 

./ear . 


F f 

y V 



S s 

Z z 


S 3 .viAon 






. 68 




, ... .rare to* 

. • . .. {nil • • • k^ • . • • el 

R r 

L i 


Mm ••• ..maiti 

N n ••....... .none 

N|> si«y. 



• TO* Tl»« msrks of punctofttion wre the same as in the oW orthography, excepting 
the followlDg changes and additions: the mark of interrogation 5 is placed before the 
ftnt word in a sentence that indicates a qnery, ? at the end of a sentence indicates 
doabK ! langbtec; Y awprise; \ sorrows thBinrerted * stgaUles theomissioaof aletta^t 

Bules of Acant, 

1. Words of two synahlm are accented on tho first 

«. Words of three or mdre qpllaUes are accented on the third ffosa the 
Unleu the last syllable hut •«« contain a long vowel or diphthong, or tho latt ByU^r^ 
ble begin with /, 5, or y,— in which cases the accent falls on the last syllable but on^ 

Szcepiions to these rales are marked with the sign ' placed over the vowel lo be^ 

Meented. J.. 

Words wholly printed In capitals, and French words, (which have no regally- 

accented syllables,) are not thns marked. 

nrrsoDUKTOBi BeiiBBKa 

1a preiJnti^ an e£Joii m 6z V\ Tasiament ta dt pul>lik in a toankiSk ert^ 
IB&, it if proper dak de pabl\f en ofior a f i^ iBtraddktori zcn^do, iA wl a t e m 
Ua di rel|iU kwiilCtorivTdsMlEndidBiiitiai^ds^u^fcomimiA]^ 
D^tik priaU^ dc pmBiuunft/<Mi repreitetecl, de 71^ or it&lik letor^ and som 
adier mjnor p^rnts. 

1. 3e etor^id Tf r/on or 1611, as it is pgrea&ited in IfgUuid b} dx Kir» print- 
ers, and in difl kuntri b| ds ^rtodoki B|Uand Tiakt aMj^Jonr has bin dn^ 
pqjlusli f olod wid mgj^ ta wnrdi and pofk^yti^lcm. Gfter an-rarig vr intei^on 
tia print a f on^tik edijon ot de Testament, we w^ bes^ on el haadi tu ad^pt 
^5b and dat ni^ v^rfon, or ni^ aranjment, and espejali a paragraf edijon woi veri 
jineraH kdld for; bnt, eldo m on nojonz hav lo|) fayord a jiidijns ref^nn in bcA 
de transiajon inta gad IggliJ, de pn^ktyi^ajon, and de divijon or de sp- 
iers intu paragnyEfl, we det^mund, after di], reflekjon, and konsiderajon wid 
de beet frendi or de spelig reform and or de B|bl, tm kopi de most r^p- 
ji^tabl r^Jon in yi^s. S%r wil be prtfji^dis endf ag^nst de fbn6tik kaiakter or 
de buk, widit enknrejig adijonal objekjon b| addptig snm nil arai^^ent; 
at sum fi^tjiir t^m we jna gratif} 'srsArz and de progrMr pablik, b[ i/yVo, 
a transiajon and an araigment or de Nq, Testament mor in akordans wid de 
ktiltirated tast and ^entifik &kjq^rasi or de preient 1^ dan de won bv j^neiaU 

2. In ^njig from de rom&nik tu. a fon^tik ert()grafi we or kon snV 
j At de aperans and stmktjiir or meni wnrds tu an elterajon ; bnt as de 
ntenig or de wnids wil remdn de Bani| we dd» no rjolens tu de insp^rd Isi)- 
gwej. 3e orijinal la^gwej in hwi^ de sakred r|ti|)i apird, boft in apciB«is 
and rokal uterans, w^r as unl^k vr I)}gliJ tug as it is posibl tu kons^r or, 
elmost; and de f61oif| komparison wil Jo dat de present er{<^grafi or df 
IdC^J laun^cj is as diferent from hwot it wnni wos as de f on^Uk is dif erent 
from iti— 



M U yipd iu ftr. 

This apajringe of the 
Uiih« tonge is \j csnse 
«f tweje thinges: oon is 
lor ehildren in sooleyasenes 
the usage and msiier of alle 
oUier naeioimsy beCh eom 
pdled for to lore her owne 
hiigige, and lor to kon- 
strewe her lessonns and 
her thinf^ a Frensehe,and 
haretii siththe that the 
Konnans oome first into 
England. Alsogentilmen- 
a« ehildren beth ytavxt 
fortos^peko Kransabe, front 
the tjme that thei both 
lokked in her ciadel, and 
knnneth speke, and playe 
with a ehildes hrooche. — 
IHgdmi^ who dMl aboat 

This a])pearing of the 
birth tongne, is beeause 
of two thiiigs: one is for 
[ because ] children in 
school, a^unst the 


Sis apoip or ds b^ 
ton^ is bekfe or tft ti^ 
wnnis for [bckBa] gildzea 
in skAly agtest de jq^ej 
and maner ot ei uder na- 
and manner of all other IJoni|br[^]koinpAd( for) 

mttodBybe Tan] eompelTed 
(for) to leare their own 
langna g n, and {tint) to con- 
strue their lessons and 
their things on [ into ] 
French, and liaTe [done so] 
since (that) the Ifcninans 
oome [came] first into 

EOl^UUBd. i^lSD^BBtlMSSn'S 

children be [are} taof^t 
( for ) to qpeak French, 
from the time that they be 
[are] rocked in tfti^r cradle, 
and ca» spest^ and play 
with A'Child'a bsooek* 

ta Ut dv on langwej, and 
(ler) tu lnnstii6 d%r lesens 
and dv li|^ on [intuj 
Fren^ and hay [dun so] 
nns ( dat ) de Normans 
knm [kam] f^::st intu Jf^ 
gland. 91so jenUmens qil « 
dren br [qr] tet (for) tu 
spefcFtett^fremdfe tjm dai^ 
^ be [<^] lekt in dy 
kradl, and kan spek, and 
pla wid a ^Idi brog. 

38 ^anjes in erftografi nns 1360 hav bin ni|^nem8| and de pristip orde B|bl 
haz Torid wid dem el. 3is lost ganj, from rominik toi fon^k qpeUfj^ as has 
bin SKn abdv, is not so difiknlt for de reder tu master as de trattsi/on bak tVL 
Higdenz t^m, and is but a turo komplejon or de work dat has bin gr&dyqali 
progr^D for sereral senti^i%.nam]iy de konsSstent and f ilosofikal rej^ezentajon 
OT spoken la^jgwej. 

3. In reg4^ im de pronnnsiajon indikated, we bar end^ord tu konf^rm ta . 
j^iK^T^l-fcti yi^sej azdefjnd b{ Webster and Wusterin d^ j^nvusin dikjonoris. 
At de tftt or steriotlpip dez p^jo') ^^ is jio fon^tik dikjonari in print, tu hwi^ 
tu ref^ as a gjd so dat de Testament ma agr^ wid nder wnrks in fon^tik 
speliQ; bnt bef6r da se de publik \ suq a fon^tik standard wil be komdnst^ and 
rapidii hnrid lia» de pros. £ud dipr be diskrepansis betw^n dis and nder puln 
lika/onz i/yi^d from "sr of ii^ on de njser ptrnts ot mrtoe pi, dis statment wil eks* 
pUn de kes. 

3e anjent st|l or pronTnsif) a sfrten kias or wurds, hwi^ iz stil praktist b| 
meni reders from de pulpit^ namli, luved, greted, praed, luhed, Uetedy has so 
j^nerali bin diskontinyiid in de ordinari redip or de skriptyiirz, dat we felt 
f taili woranted in jnintig luvdj gretdj pradj lukt, hUit, Bat we bar not gon so 
Iqr as tu modemis de la^gwej in de kas or y^rbs t^rminatip in (^) : duf wa. 

jriat Jlaij MMt, dMi, dujitt, imhtd ordc tenu in Imnm 7i|^An(&«M^A«, 
/^H^ift We hur bIb9 ntAad de^qrtikl «» bifier Ay m «» Avf^ Jcii%r a.Atois nBc 
tiilMMiil iMk^is du.ka% mia de !■« or de Y^^tMnf, Ar'ioilitort ot Mh 
BMiUt Testunentfl har not ^anjd de U^igwej or d» tekil inlU/BMHkni flt|^. S« - 
jrq^ or ent|ili dilenni ftnns or spsQ m not bo dJaliiliitvaa ds 7111 of? ttitiU dif- 
•roil pwinnaMBfmW'Oy ds^ asm fam; d« ^MVNit dnr nol Uaf nid ycD te; btti he:. 
I— wfiwBa aali-ao afaktadll dif onni.prtnniBfmfoK or k$ kmdk U.imA. bs: aftj 
ifl^MiU^ai «adfet{raiM, tu nsMbr de i»^»niiiwi<|onior d8/CBn|uiil. tnttalaftofs ubl 
e#eri paitfl^nij^) (tn aa, for ^gidnpl^ pfa% mmEb^ foB j>2fiiy ra^; luriliy tff«M^' 
f^ lbM<{ tMM^,) and w€ qr VAwilif t« aMmt It in aa^M^ iurtUH, lik dat or da 
tfnninafon ed.' It maberam^^ da4 d» eUjoaor de rvti la dii tpr«imr».> 
Jon i< net konf]iid tu I^kUI; it is oIm de ml or da odcr modeiB JonMi«lll< 

3e {ironanfliajon or skriptyiiTal proper nama is reri 4rbitrari. 3e otor^sd 
translators jdnerali ad6pted dc transkripjon jt\^ in de Vnlgat, bwif impl|d an 
Italyan pronnnsiajon or de rominik leten; but de dift^jon or de IpgliJ r^r/on 
tnb^t de kontri has renderd dis pronnnsiajon imposibl. It wad be ran tu tel 
de komon rom&nik reder dat {Jeremiah^ Jetu»^ wer tu be pri»n'ftiist Teremtqg 
Taxbu; yen or kabit bar ronderd Jeremfa, Jemu de onli intAgibl pronnnsiajon 
tu Iggli/men. Takig, d^rfor, de konf^rmd pronnnsiajon or de komonest 
nams — most or hwiq bar post intu popji|^ yi^is as kristian nams — for a 
basis, we bar at^mted tu pronins de uder Hebro nams akerdip tu de sam 

4. In de yilSH^ edijons or de otor^sd r^rjon de reder wil obs^rr a nunber 
or wnrdz printed in UAlikd, In de old edijons des wards w^r in roman leters, 
de nderz beif) in blak leter. 3e qai^ or tjp wos empldd for Qlokyikal pnr- 
poses. In translatig from eni la^gwej intu andder, it is jtoerali n^seeari tu 
introdij^ wnrds tu kompUt de sens; su^ wards q;r impi^ in de original idiomi 
but bar no koresp6ndi9 wards in de orijinal tekst. In d%r a||i^eti tu be ak- 
ji^ty de otoi^zd translator^ m<|rkt ereri wnrd dns introdi^st, b) a dif erent ^ 
and dis distigkjon is nv indikated h\ de UAUk tjp* In el nder works it41ik 
leten (pr empldd tu indikat peki^jar emfasis; bnt de wnrds (toM distiQgwiJt q;r 
n^esarili de lest emf&tlk. 3is klaji^ or biblikal wid komon t|pografi has fxt" 
kwentli led tu de most li^dikras misrediQiand misaprebenjon. At de presant 
da it has bekdm a knstom tu mqrk sn^ wnrds — do mn^ mor spiiripU dan dc 
0tor|sd teanslators demd n^sesari, tU ardd de impi^tajon or putig d%r On kon- 
strakjon on a pasej widft di( aknolejment— b| inklosi)) dem in brakets, []; aad 
is is divtfor de plan parsed in de present sdifon. 

Ub adtd,«BdeiMiakU&idinhnl»litA J« d»t da feca ba pq^ ofr d* m^^mI 
telBii. Fnatel pM^«% and dt ^nnUilaai or trnwltfoa givvn te 4i ami^ <(r 
Tuiiifl tdiloB^ hftT not bin aded. 

6. 3t li«di|p hwig <|r pnfflort ta ds vnrinf {ap(«t% ksntni^ a dtt^ or d|r 
kontonlaykarbinentiilicA^ted. XnflnfOTdMBainbloykQnttntBbMMBpiv 
filEii ta ds hoi wnrk^ (far hwig ws <|r ind^tadt tog^dar ^d vuini or del n» 
94rH tu lir. AModador Jon BUS ds printer or an IfgMf iMatik ad^anor 
da TMrtaaanity) in hw^ da hiatorikal natar, and inkdekt or ds dalrtrinal Brt^ 
ia brafii noted^ wid a rofarena tade Ifntaad kuigapUr andr^hwi^kontdna 
da aaa^ Imt l^pr has Mb takan not t« ekayrte «ni opia^im hwoMrer aa ta da 
akfy%a dokkrin konrdd, ao datda bukaa dna poatetod ofara ba Biater kwiQ 
kan be iB eai reap^kt obj AJonabl ta ani kriaiiaa deBOBiiBftJon. 


IjSt £<7V ^o^ M A lu>loii, indikats de ^^ter, ds nder £ig|iixs rel^ ta TfBIWt] 

GOSPEL OY seorr hahu. 

99aelihni ofr Juus. 1; 1—17. 
Konflep/on and b^ or Jestts. 1: 18 — 25. 
AdorBjott OT de maj|, fljt intu 8jipt, 

and murder ot de ln<Mentfl. 2: l<-^23. 
Adreat and pre^in or Jim de baptv t. 

8: 1—12. 
•Jezns i» bap^ad b} Job. 3: 18 — ^IT. 
Jezas i> temted b| de devil. 4; 1 — ^11. 
Jnxu pee^oa in Galile. 4; 12 — 17. 
Jesus kelz for ap63lz. 4: 18^22. 
Se flfrraon on de mvafc. 4s 23 — 7: 29. 
Jezus helps a leper. 8: 1 — i. 
Jezus belz de raa or a 8enti|,rion. 8: 

Jezfislielz Peters muder^in-le. 8: 14 — 

Jezu9 «tils At teiqmt. 6: 18—27. 
Jezus kasts vt derilz iatu a b^rd or 

swfn. 8: 28—34. 
Jesus hela de sik or de pelzi. 9: 1—8. 
Jezns kolz Maftti and diekorses or fiisl- 

iig. 9: 9—17. 
Jezus razez de deter or a sfrten rader 

tti \\fj and belz a mAman or <l bladi 

fluks. 9: 18— 2«. 
Jezus bell to blind mea^ and a dnin 

Biaa ]psm69i wid a deril. 9: 27—^4. 
Jezus sendz fort de twelr. 9: 35^—11: 1. 
Jon de baptist sends a mesej tu Jeius; 

repli or Jezus. 11: 2 — 30. • 
3e disiplz ifluk en or horn on dc sab- 

a« da. 13: l-«. 
Jezus faels a wideed band. 12: 9"— 14. 
Jentlnes and hiimiUti or Jesus. 12: 

J«au8 lepliz tm de tiaoder or de Fari- 

sez. 12: 22—45. 
Jesus is risited h\ biz auider and brcd> 

ren. 12: 46—50. 
Furabfat or de soer^ de bwct and tt^rS) 

de gtan or mustard sed, dt leren, de 

tresTiir in de feld, de p^rl, de net, 

Midfde trevrur or de bvi^old. 13: 

Herod berz or Jezus, and beb^dz Jon 

de Baptist. 14: 1—12. 
JGnme Ms de iir tvsand. 14: 1$^21. 

Jesus woks on de lak. 14: 22 — 36. 

Tradijfonz or de wofiii or bands. 15: 

Jesus hels de deter or de Kdnaan|tiX 
wtSiinan. 15: 21—28. 

Jesus feds de for t-ssand. 15: 29—89. 

3s Farisez and Sidyj\/seM rekw|r a sfn^ 
dvleven. 16: 1—12. 

Peter konf^^z dat Jezus is de Kris^ 
Jesus fcMTt^s bis det, and reprorff 
Peter for his rebi^k. 16: 13—28. 

Jesus is transfigyiird. 17: 1 — ^13. 

Jezns bels a li^natik. 17: 14—21. 

Jezus fort^ hiz det. 17: 22—23. 

He tribyut mtanl is f vnd in de mvt or 
de fij. 17: 24^27. 

3e dish»ls kont^d for sriperioriti; Je- 
zus (Sskiafees or bi^Buliti and forglr^ 
nee; de pambls or de lest Jep, and de 
spirant in det. 18: 1 — 35^. 

Or dirorament and kontinens. 19: 1—12. 

Jezus bleeez ^Idten. 19: 13 — 15. 

3e rif dis|id; parabl or de labcnren ia 
derinyard. 19:16—20:16. 

Jezus foti^z his det. 20: 17—19. 

Rekw4et er de suns or Zebede. 29: 

Jesus bels i» blind men at Jeriko. 26; 

JesQB enters JeroMalem. 21: 1 — ^11. 

Jesus klen de tempi. 21: 12—17. 

Jezus kursez de fig-tre. 21: 18 — 22. 

3e h| prests and elderz inkw^r bi bwot 
etociti Jezus akts: parabls or de di»» 
obedient sun, de buzbandmen in de 
riikyufd, andde marlj fest. 21: 23 — 
22: 14. 

On paifl tribyut. 22: 15—22. 

On de rezurekjon. 22: 23—33. 

On de ^ef koradndments. 22: 34—40. 

<iHv kan Krist be de sun or Darid. 
22: 41—46. 

Jefeus preqez ag^nst de skr^bz and Far- 
isez. 23: 1—39. 

Jefeus fort^lz de destmkjon or Jeroza* 
lem, and de end or de wurld; wid dr 
paiabls or de tonprep^^ a^rrant, de 

wif and folil Ttriini, and de talents. 

84: 1—26: 46. 
Jeiua fort^ls his kraMifikJon; de preita 

plot ag^nst him. 26: 1-^. 
Jeiiu is antimted in Betani. 26: 6^— tS. 
Treqeri ov Ji^das Iskariot. 26: 14—16: 
Jesus eta de pdsover wid his disJpU. 
. 26:17—29. 
JIUM gDS tia de mvnt cfr Olirt, and 

dens' tia Getsemane, hwitr he is gratli 

trabld. 26:30—46. 
Jesus is taken prisoner. 26: 47 — 56. 
Jesus is egz&mind b} EaeiflM. 26: 67 — 

Peter denis Jesus. 28: 69—75. 
Jesus is dellTerd tm Pilet. 27:1,2* 


Jiidas Iskariot leptotB, lad Inai lite 

sdlf. 27:3—10. 
Jesus is egiiimiid h\ F|lety hti, after 

xoggdn an at^mt ta rel^ him, kon- 

d4mshim ta be kroMif id. 27: ll--3§. 
Jesus is kra>8if]d; he d^s. 27: 27—38; 

Jesus is beiid. 27: 67—66. 
S^rten wimen qrinf^rmd or de l e awrol tr 

Jon OT Jesus, and se him. 28: 1 — 10. 
Report dat de bodi or Jesus wos stolen 

aw^hwil de gntT-wocen slept. 28: 

Jesus ap^n cloTea disi^Ji 

GaUle.. 2S:16-^. 


Adrent and ministri or Job Ai Baptist. 

1: 1—8. 
Jesus is bapt|sd b^ Jon. 1: 9-^11* 
Jesus is temted hi de devil. 1: 12 — ^13. 
Jesus'pre^ezin Game. 1:14 — ^16t 
Jesus kols for ap6sls. 1: 16 — ^20. 
Jesus hels wun posdst wid.a devil. 1 

Jesus hels Feten muderrin^a. 1: 29 

Jesus hels a leper. 1: 40—46. 
Jesus hels de mk ov de pelsl. 2: l*?*rl2. 
Jesus k^r Levi, and diskcmes^iv fosti^. 

2j 13 22 

ae disMs piuk ers ev kera. 2: 23^2a 
Jesus hels a widerd hand* 3i L— 6. 
MultiUids flok tm Jesus, ho hela d^a. 

3: 7—12. 
Jesus -kelz de tif elv ap6slSi 3: 13 — '19. 
Jezus rep^s'^^ de slander ov de Faci- 

scz. 3: 20—30. 
Jesus is visited bi hia nwderi and.lui 

bredren. 3: 31—36. 
Farafols ov de sdM, de-kand],.de gzoi^ 

kern, and de gran, ov mustards sed. 

4> l--34v 
Jesus reb^las- d& stenu» 4: 36—41;. . 
Jesus kasts 7t devila intu a h^ ,ov 

Bwin. 6: 1 — 20. 
Jesus razes .de deter ov Jajnifl' t«i Ijf, 

and hels a wuman ov a bludl flttlos. 

6: 21—48* 
Jesus te^es in Kaxaret. 6: 1—^. . 
Jesns sends fort de twelv. 6: 7 — 13. 
Herod hers ov Jesus, and behMs Jon 

de baptist. 6: 14—29. 
Jesus £eds de fiv tYsand. 6: 3 44 . 
Jesus woks on de lak. 6: 46 — 66. 
Tiadijons ov de wojigov hands. 7:1 — ^23. 
Jesus hels de deter ov a Kanaan^ti/ 

wumaa. 7: 24—30. 

Jesus hels de d^ and dam. 7: 31 — ST. 

Je^us feds de for tr^sand. 8:1 — 10. 

3e Farises xekwir a sjnt d%e lev^ 
8: 11— Ja. 

Jiasus hels a blind man in Betsado. 8: 

F^ter konf^sesdat Jesus is de Kiitt; 
Jezus fort^ls his dot, and reprtDVi 
Ffeter far his reb^lF. 8: 27—9: 1. 

Jesus is transfig7i|;rd. 9: 2 — 13. 

Jesus hels de It^patik. 9: 1^— 29i 

Jesus fortes his del. 9» 30—32. 

ae disjpls kont^nd for si^pmoEiti. 9: 

Jesus diskcmes agitest g^yijiy of4mii 8: 

On divers. 10: 1—12. 

Jesus blesec'gildren. 10: 1&— 16. 

ae riq disipl. 10: 17—31. 

Jesias'fGsrtAs hii diet. 10:32—34. 

TSiekwfyst ov de sons ev Zebeds* 10: 36 

. -46. 

Jesus hels a blind man at Jeriba. 10: 

Jeaaa enters Jenasalem. 11: 1 — 11. 

Jesus kursez de figtre. 11: 12 — 14. 

Jesus'lderz de tenipl. 11: 16 — 18. 

Wideri« c(v de f igtre. 11: 19—26. 

ae prests and elders inkw^r bj* hwot 
•etoriU Jesus akts; parabl ovde hot- 
bandmen in de vinjcurd 11: 27 — 12: 12. 

Ob Beio.tz2b7i|,t. 12i 13—17. 

On de rezurek/on. 12: 18—27. 

On de ^f koiadndments. 12 : 28—^.' 

S U's kan Kqat be Davids sun. 12: 36 

Jezus preoez ag^st de skribs and Far- 
ises. 12: 38—40. 

ae widtfM te> ants; 12: 41—44. 

Jezus fort^z .de destarukjon ov Jensaa- 

;. len^andideendoTdainnid;18tli«47t 



■lit fnvti^ttii lie At^ht |iiot agtest 

JeEua. 14: 1 — 2. 
Jesufl iz ftM^ated at Bcrtasni. 14: $~-4i, 
•Ifooqeci ov Ji^das lakariot. 14: 10 — 11. 
.Icsos ets At p«w)Ter wid his disiplz. 

14: 12-^26. 
Jesus gos ta G«tsemftne, hw^r he is 

gratli trubld. 14: 26—42, 
Jesiu is- taken pRsoner. 14: 43 — d2. 
.issQS is Qfpiamiiul beC6r Ae gef prssts. 

14: 53^-65. 
Fieteraeilis Jssos. 14: 66—72. 

Jesus is egt&n^ia %| T\U%, ko, dfMr 
nmkin an at^mt tia reUa hisai, kon- 
d^mz him tu be knMif^d. 1§: 1—15. 

Jttns iz mokt and kratsifid^ 15: 16 — 9^, 

Jszus d|s; iz bend. 15: 33—41: 15; 42 

S^rten wimen qr inSormd ov de resnr- 
ek/on ov Jezus. 16: 1 — 8. 

Jssus ap^ txi Mart Magdalen. 16: 9 

Jesus apirs tu his dt8|pls. 16: 13 — IS. 

Jezus as^nds intu heyeu. 16: 19 — ^20. 


Prefes to. Hs#lilus. 1: 1 — 4. 
Annnsiajon oy de berfi ot Jon. 1: 5—25. 
Anunsia/on or de b^rt ot Jesus. 1: 

Man visits 81izabet. 1: 39—56. 
Bftrtands^rkumsisonov Jon. 1: 57— ^0. 
B^rtov Jezus. ^: 1—7. | 

finjels unvns de bert or de Mesfa tm' 

de lepaidz. 2: 8—20. 
Jesus iz serkumsizd, and presdnted in 

ds tempi. 2: 21—40. 
Jesus 4s^ in de tempi. 2: 41 — 52. 
▲dt'0Bit4UMl preein or Jon de Baptist. 

3: 1-20. '^^^ ^ 

JissoB Is baptfsd. 9: 21—22. 
Jeniakaji er Jesus. 3: 23—38. 
Jesus' i» temtod b| de - devil. 4 : 1—18. 
Jesus preces in Galile and Nasareft. 4: 

Jastts hels-4 man wid an unkl^ spirit. 

4: 33—37. 
Jsnts hgls Peters muder-in-le. 4: 38 

Uir^kfi^ta draft ov f i Jes ; Jesus kdls 

Pater. 5c 1—11. 
Jesus faels a leper. 5: 12 — 16. 
Jesus hels de sik ov de pelsi. 5: 17 

-26. *^ 

Jesus kelz Levi, and diskorsez ov f<istin. 

*: 27—39. 
3e dis^pls pluk ers ov kern on de sabat 

da. 6: 1—5. 
Jasus hels a widerd band. 6 : 6 — ^11. 
Jezus namz twelv ap6slz. 6: 12 — ^16. 
3e sermon in de plan. 6: 17 — 49. 
Jesus hels a sentiirions sfrvant.. 7: 1 

Jkattasasn de widoz sun at Kan. 7: 

Ion jde "baptist seodz a meeej tu Jesns; 

repl| ov Jezus. 7: 18 — 35. 
Jcius iz an«mted h\ a wmman; psirabl 

ov de ta> detors. 7: 36—50. 
Jjpnm akoaapmid b| de twelv, pre^s 

from pies tu phis. 8: 1—^. 

3e parabl ov de soer. 8: 4 — ^18. 
Jezus iz vizited b} hiz muder and his 

bredren. 8: 19—21. 
Jezus krosez de lak, and stilz de eteniL, 

8: 22-^25. 
Jezus kaste vt devils intm a h^rd OT 

flwin. 8: 26—^. 
Jesus iHsez de deter ov Jairus, de raler 

ov a sinagog, tu IJf; and htls u wum- 

an ov a bludi fluks. 8: 40—56. 
Jezus sends fort de twelv. 9: 1—4. 
Herod here ov Jezus. 9: 7 — ^9. 
Jezus feds de f |v tireand. 9: 10—17. 
Pster konf^^sez dat Jesus is de Sj^sti 

and Jezus fort^lz his det. 9: 18— '27^ 
Jesus iz transffgyt^rd. 9: 28 — 36. 
Jesus helz a cild wid an unklen spurit. 

9: 37—42. 
Jesusforti^z his det. 9: 43—45. 
3e disiplz kont^nd for si^perioriti; Jons 

kwestyon tu Krjst. 9: 46 — 50. 
Inhospitaliti ov de Samaritans. 9: 

Hwot Jezus rekwjrs ov his disipls. 9: 

Jesus sends fort de seventi. 10: 1 — ^24. 
3e l^erz kwestyon; parabl ov de gud 

Samaritan. 10: 25—37. 
M<irta and Mari. 10: 38 — 42. 
Jezus diskorsez on pntr. 11: 1—18. 
Jezus repl|z tu de slander ov de FaiiiBes. 

11: 14—26. 
d wuman bleses de muder ov Jesus. 

11: 27—28. 
Jesus reprflbvs dos ha> sek a s^n. 11: 29 

Jezus preoez agenst de Skr^bs and Far- 

iSz. 11: 37—54. 
Yarius adr^ez ov Jezus, on de feror 

God, ag^nst kdvetusnes, or de provi- 

dens ov God, on beig prep4rd for de 

kumifi ov de Sun ov Man, on de divi- 

jonz okajond h\ de kumig ov Jesn8,oA 

de b|Us ov de timz, on bein deliv^ 

erd from wuns-adveraaii. 12: 1— 59. 



4«sw dbkaffftt w 4f - CtolfltMii iMta 

^let had OatkiLted: puabl ov de 

figtre. 13: 1—9. 
Jesus helz an inf^im munaii on de sab* 

at da. 13: 10^17. 
I*ku«bli OY de gran ot muataid aedy and 

deleren. 13: 1S-<21. 
Jesua diskcMTsei or de U^omor heven, 

or Horods Misekqjonyand ot de dee- 

olajon OY JeroMulem. 13: 22—35. 
Jbsiu heti a dropailcal mtm on de Sabail 

da. 14:1—6. 
ilexus diskorsei on himiiliti. 14: 7 — 14. 
3e parabl oy de super. 14: 15 — 24. 
Hwot Jesus rekwin or his disiplx. 14: 

Parabl oy de lost Jep* 15: 1—7. 
Parabl oY de pes oy sUyoc 15: 8 — ^10. 
Psjrabl oy de prodigal sun. 15: 11—32. 
Parabl oy de umdst st^aid. 16: 1—13. 
Jezas reproYs de Farisea far kdYotos- 

nes; and speks oy diY^rs. 16: 14—18 
Parabl oy dk li^ man and Laiams de 

begor. 16: 19—31. 
Jeaoa diskorses on ofteSM. and on fiit. 

17: 1—10. 
Jesus hell ten lepers. 17: 11 — ^19. 
Jesos diskcffsei aa de kijndom oy God 

and de komiii oy de Son ot Man. 

17: 20—37. 
Farabl oy de inupertyii^et wido. 18: 1 — 8. 
Pkj»bl OY de Farise and de Publikan. 

18: 9—14. 
Jesus bleses gildren. 18: 15 — 17. 
aeri^disipl. 18: 18-.30. 
Jesus fort^ his det. 18: 31 — 34. 
Jesus hels a bijnd man At Jeriko. 18: 

SUceua die Publikan. 19:1—10. 

Parabl oy de ten pimdz. 19: 11 — ^28. 

Jesus enters Jeratsalem. 19: 29 — 14. 

Jexus klerz de tem^d. 19: 45 — 48. 

3e Qef prests and skr^bs inkw|r bj hwot 
etoriti Jesus akts; de parabl oy de 
husbandmen in de Yinyoid. 20: 1 — 19. 

Onpaigiribyat. 20: 20—26. 

On de resurekjon. 20: 27 — iO. 

^ H« kan Krist be de Sun oy David. 
20: 41—44. 

aewidAstAHlts. 21: 
Jesus forteU de destrakfon or Ji 
lem and de koannor de Sun ot Ifna. 

21: 5—38. 
ae ^{ pcsste and skiibs ploi agteat 

Jesus. 22: 1—2. 
Tregeri ot Ji^das lakariot. 22: 3— d. 
Jeioa eta de poaoTer wid hii disinte. 

22: 7—23. 
ae disipls kont4Ad b» Jal br gmte«L 

22: 24—30. 
Jesus fortAs I^Bten denial ot him. 23: 

Jesos «den ids disipls tu Ve sk«p4je4L 

22: 35—38. 
Jezns ges tu de mrsiA or OUtl iumL Is 

gretU trabld. 22: 39—46. 
Jesus is taken prixcmer. 22: 47 — 53. ' 
FleierdeBJsKiisL 22: 54--62. 
Jesus is mokt. 22: 63—65. 
JssjBS ii egsamind bi de elders ot Ai 

peplyde cef nreats, and de aknbs. 

Jesus is taken to F|let» ha> ^gaimins 

him and sends him tiaHeiod. 23; 1 — 1» 
fiorod egsimins Jesus and bckdma rek* 

onsild tm P^let. 23: 8—12. 
P|let end^Tors ta rdis JtsuL but jddi 

tu de pcpl»hdi> demand 4s rel^sov 

Barabas, vad, knuif ikjon ot Jesvs. 

23: 13—26. 
Jesus is knnsifld. 23: 26—33. 
Hwot hi^nd hw^l Jesus wos aUr ob ^ 

kros. 23: 34—45. 
Jesus dj^ JesBB is bond. 23: iA-^-^x 

23: 50—56. 
ae resuzekjon ot Jesos aniast b| td» 

anjels tu Man Magdalen and uder 

wimen; Peter Yiiits de sepuUnr. 2d: 

Jezus ap^rz tu de t(D disipls at Emaos. 

24: 13—35. 
Jezus aperz tu de dia|pls at Jenualam. 

24: 36—43, 
Jesus adr^ses his disjpU. 24: 44 49 . 
Jesos is karid up intvi hoTen* 24i 60 



Introdukjon konsemii^ de Wurd. 1: 

Ot Jon de baptlst^and ot de tra> l^t. 

1: 4—13. 
J(m b^irs witnes ot de Wnid. 1: 14 — 18. 
SLt lekord ot Jon. 1: 19—^. 
Ia ot Jobs disjpla fola Jesus, and brig 
. Peter Ua bim. 1: 35-42. 

Jesus kals FiUp^ ha> bri^ii Nalinnl 4>ft 

him. 1: 43—51. 
Jesos tarns weter intu ir|n a* Eana im 

GalUe. 2: 1—12. 
Jesua. at4nds de pdsorer in Jem^ 

zalem, and klers de. tempL 2: IS— ^5. 
Jesus konT^es wid NikOdcauia hi atti* 

3: 1—21. 

^Pv^^BAk 4^ «SW* Jk S^W 

9td, Jmk Hff witMi or 

Jezofl konr^nes wid « woman •▼ 8a- 

mono, and abldi d«r to dai. 4: 1 

Jems hell de mn ot a s^rtMi imiblmaii 

at Kap^fmanm. 4: 43---M. 
Jeins hels an impotent man fai ds nikl 

frr Betiuda on da Sabat da; dc difl- 

]m>r8es tu hwiQ dis givi r|i. 6: 1 

—47. , 
Jeans feds da f|v- tnand. 6: 1 — ^14.) 
JesoB weks up6n ds lak. 9: 15 — 21. 
JHakanet or Jtum, tm hwie de to kuit 

er^nta^T lis. 6: 22—71. 
Jiuns gof up tm Jemwalem sekretli at 

de fast OT t&bemaUs. 7t 1 — ^13. 
^ains ap<n in dc tempi atabit demidl 

OY de fest; his diskoraei on dat oka- 

joa. 7: 14—38. 
3e eriate ot de kist da ot de feat or 

tlbernaUs. 7: 37— «: 1. 
ftstori OT de wTunan taken in adoltcri. 

8: 2—11. 
FardflrdiflkOEBei oy Jeivs Yvma in J«r- 

Oaalem. 8: 12—69. 
Jeans iieia wnn hdn woa bem bi|nd: de 

egeamiaa JoBi and diskonea tm hwi^ 

dis giYi 1^8. 9: 1 — 41. 
Jeans is de dear and de gad Jeperi; 

opinYons oy de Ji^s tmhwi^ deisim 

les ffY Tis. 10: 1—21. 
Jeans ia present at de fest oy dedi- 

kajen; nis disk6i8ei on dat okason. 

Histori oY de raiin €17 Laianis from de 

ded. 11: 1— if. 
Diskajon ami&g de gef prests and Far- 

ises okasond h| dat eYtet,* d^ res6lY 

tm pmt Jezns tu dt^ and kdnsekwent 

koiwnlfflent OY Jesns. 11: 47 — 67. 
Jesns is ansrnted bi Mariin Betani. 

12: 1—8. 
Jesus enters Jennsalem. 12: 9 — 19. 
Se lostpnblik diskite oy Jesns. 12: 

ae bliadnes oy de Jv* 12: 37—43. 

Jeasral de|dan||<i»afr 

hinH^li. 12:44~M. 
Jesns wojes de let oy his dis|pU bcfttr 

de pdsover. 13: 1—20. 
Jesns dekl4n dat Jx{^ wil bstiA hioL 

13: 21—30. 
Jesns forttflshis de^ and Peters den|al 

OY him. 13: 31—38. 
Disk^ks OY Jesns tm his dislpls at ds 

pdsoYer. 14: 1—16: 33. 
Jesns pfas tm his Fqder. 17: 1 — ^26* 
Jesns IS betiAd bi Ji^das. 18: 1—11. 
Jesns is biet bei6r Anas and Kaafas. 

18: 12—14. 
Peter denjs Krist wnns. 18: 16—18. 
3e hi pRst egsfanina Jesns, 18: 19 

Peter den|s Kr|8t twis. 18: 2S— 27. 
Jesns is biet bef6r JP|let, hd> end^Yon 

tm relis him, bnt yeldig tm de pepl» 

releses Baribas^skngea and ekspoaea 

Jesos^ and deliYers him tm be kniwi- 

^. 18: 28—19: 16. 
Jesus is kn&siQd. 19: 17-.18. 
8Y^nts hwil Jeaos ia al^ an de krQi» 

19: 19—27. 
Jesus d^s. 19: 28HS7. 
Jesns is berid. 19: 38—42. 
Man llM^<m tehi Peter and de dk^pl 

ba>m Jesns luYd dat de ston is taken 

from de sepnJker; des dislpls Yiiit de 

sepnlker. 20: 1—10. 
Jesns apirs tm Mari. 20: 11—18. 
Jesns ap^rs tm el de diB|pIs wid Ab ek- 

sepJonOYTomas. 20:19—26. 
Jesns ap^rs tm el de disjpls wid Tomas, 

ho beUYB. 20: 26—29. 
Konkl^n. 20: 30—31. 
Apendiks: Jesus ap^rs tm ds dis|rii 

on de lak oy T|berias; sekond mink* 

yi^ns draft OY fijes. 21: 1—14. 
Jesus kouYersea wid Peter. 21: 16 

Jesns fdrtAs de det oy Peter, and speks 

OY de disipl hdun he luYd. 21: 18 

Konkliison oy de apendiks. 21: 24—26. 


FreiM OY de r|ter, wid an aktet oy de 
asenjon OY Jesns. 1: 1 — ^11. 

Se ap66ls retdm tm Jeit6sslem and Uy 
tm^^r. 1: 12—14. 

Mat^as is eKkted tm 8npl| de plasoY 
Ji^das. 1: 16—26. 

&e ap6slB <{r fild wid de Holi Gost on 
de da oy Ptetekoety and spek wid 
nder tajgt, tm de amasment ot de 
pepl, ba> mok dem. 2: 1—13. 

Peten adrte on die oki^n. 2: 14 — 36. 
3e kdnsekwenses oy Peters adite: kom- 

yiiniti OY gmds amdn de beleYen* 

2: 37-47. 
Peter and Jon hel a lam man. 3: 1 — ^10. 
Peters adrte on dis okajon. 3: 11 — ^26. 
Peter and Jon qr seed and ags6mind bl 

de itblersy elders, and 8kr|bSyhia let 

dem go, from inaoiliti tm muii| dm. 



nt AsTCiiwf 4le 

«p6tU; dv raM/oB. 4: 23— St. 
Xw^iliiitl or gads tttd^ Its beUT«n; 

hiatort or AflsnlaB and SK^ni; mir- 
•' -akyiiiafl pver or de •p68lz. 4: S2 

—6; 16. 
fts ap6slvqr8rld b{ wderordehi prrit« 

fred from priioB bi an anjel, «gs&iiilnd 

btfi&r de k'snsil, beten and let go. 5z 

Seren men QOien ta asist de apdsic in 

de dfdi inimfltniroii. 6: 1 — 7. 
8t0V«D| wan ar de tewen, it sezd, ^- 

z&mind and 8t6nd ta det. 6: B— 

8: 4. 
Filip prBM in Samaria, hir^r be ia dS- 

terwarai jemd bj Peter and Jon: 

histori ov Simon de setserer. 8: 
• 'fr— 26. 
Filip bapliaea de 7T),nilk or kwen Kan- 

Se konr^rfon or Sel (hA ii ^Ibo keld 

Pel, 13: 9,) on -de tm ta Damdakas. 

9: 1—30. 
8b akttoor Peteral Lkki and Jopa. 9: 

3e konr^rjon or de llotwan aentiirioii 

Komelius. 10: 1—11: f8. 
8e Lord Jemfl is jRvqt tci de Gre Jans 

at Antiok, hw%r de dfs^^ qr fiprst 

krid KristianB; Sel aad wimabas at 

Antiok. 11: 19—30. 
Herod de ki^ p^rsekiits de Sristianc; 

kill Jamz, and taks Fleter priz o ne r. 

Peter H fred from priien bi an anjel. 

12: 1—19. 
Deft or Herod; retdm or Sel and Bqr- 

nabas wid Mork from Jeronalem. 12: 

Bqraabas and Sel kr Antiok. 13: 

Sel (hA elflo U keld Pel) and B(traa- 

bais separated from de uders fer an 

espejiu ministri; da kem^ns dft:r jnr- 

ni and knm ta Sipms. .13? 0—12. 
F^rst adr^ or Pel at Antiok in P|»dia, 

13: 13— 41. 
Sekond adr^ or Pel at Antiok in -P}- 

sidia. 13: 42—49. 
Pel and Bqmabas ler Antiok in k6nse- 
' kirens or a p^nekc(|on, and kam tu 

ikcmiwn. 13: 50—62. 
Pel and B^pnabaa ler ikoninm in k6n- 

sekwensor ororseki^on, «id knm tu 

Listra and ]>frbe in Ltkaonia. 14: 

Bel hell aa Smpotent man ml Liitia. 

14: 8—20. 
SM and Sqn^abat ntam tu Aatiok. 

14: 21—28. 



I Jen^l Kristiaai 'tn oba^'^le 
Mosei; Fel and Bqraabaa M 
JeitMateai, hwi%r di k w e e iju n iade* 
tided bi a IrmsU or apdsls. 15: 1—21. 

Bmabas and S|las aent wid Pol and 
^mabai tu koarA ds desi jan or de 
ap6aU tu Anti^. 15: 22—35. 

Pel kom^oses his s^end jomi in knm- 
pani wid Silas. 15: 30—41. 

Pels akta on de rod tu Troas. 16: 1 — ^10. 

Pel prtcaseds ta Filipi in Masedcwio. 
10: 11-15. 

BbI and ^lasaezd, beten, «nd impriaoad 
at Fjlipi: an onjcl capens de prison 
dors; dt jaler is konverted; de nH^^* 
istiBts, fiadig dat Pal is a Roman 
aitisen, bea^e him tu le^ de priies. 
16: 16-— 10. 

Pel and S|las praeed tu ResaloBika, 
hwens da qrdriran b| pet^kiyoBy 
and jns on tu Berea and dwwtu 

Pels akts in Aftens. 17: 10-^^. 

F9L pKitfdft tu Koritift; de histari or 

Galio) ddpy^ti or Atea. 18: 1—17. 
F»l eetdms'tu Antiek, and begins a sn 

jiBratNb^ki and Oala|ia. 18: 18 

ApOtoe ait Itf etas. Fet aiivi d^r, and 

M8t4&s de Hali €k>8t en si^rten disiplz 

d^r. 18:24-49:7. 
P^ aktsatHEfens; de histaris or £ev«; 

Deautriw de sihrenaiil. 19: 6 — 40. 
Pel prcdseds tu Hasedonia and dens tia 

Tvoas. 20: 1 — 6. 
He histori or Yntikw. 20: 7—13. 
Pel proseds tu Miletns. 20: IS— 16. 
Pels £%twel adr^ tu de elders or'Efe- 

«is. 20: 17—38. 
Pol proseds t-u Tjr, and dens tu Jena- 

salem. 21: 1—^17. 
Pel undertake de cqrjes or for men ho 

har a m vtydu item. 21: 18 — ^26. 
Pel is- taken prisoner in de tempi. 21: 

Pel obtdns perm^eH lu adrte-deikepl' 

nn de HebitD tup. 21: 37—22: 22. 
Pel is interdpted in his adrde, and niu*- 

oli eskaps Vein skurjd. 22: 23 — ^29. 
Pel Is egi&mind befii^ de ^f prests aoS 

el d^rksnsil. 22: 30—23: U. 
Sorten Jtw hari^ kanqi|rd tu Border 

Pel. he IS sent tu Feliks de gnremor 

at SezMKQ. 32: 12—25. 
Tertdlus de orator aki^zes Pol befi&r 

Feliks, ha> deists eentens on Pel, and 

hwen he is n^perseded b| Perjlns 

Feetus, at de end or tn yen, lers Pel 

in prison. 24: 1-^^. 



P«l iiakdid htf6r FaftiMi «iid •p€ls <«a 

Sesar. 25: 1—12. 
9tAi% bret beftSr ki^ Agi^pa and B^niise, 

26: 13—26: 32. 
^1 ii Jipt fer Ital^ and re^s JMUti., 
- 37? 1-^. 
Pel ii Jiprekt and kost on de jland ov 

MeUtfly liviir ht Jidoi of a Tlper, and 
belx de fader qt Public, de cef man 
or de |Und. 27: 9—28: 10. 

Pel levi Melita; and kmnx tn Bom, 
28: 11—16. 

Felx reiidenf in Bom. 26: IT — 81. 


lobpfidvftjoii. Or Ftfx jumi ta Bom. 

1: 1—17. 
Ot de kompjon ov mankind, bot Jq^ 

and Jentilz, and ov jostifikajon wa. 

fafi. 1: 18—3: 30. 
Sis doktrin agr^x wld de le. 3: 31 

• — 4:2^. 

Blesed efSkts ov dis jvstiflkajon* 5: 

1— 11. 
KonipftrUDn or J^ezus Krjst wid Adam. 

5: 12—21. 
Sis doktrin diu not permit us tu ^in. 

6: 1—23. 
Kristianz qr fre from de lo. 7: 1 — 6, 
Se I9 if 4e inb)Bont Icee ov sin. 7: 

r— 25. 

jSe Kriatiaa has noli 1) tia far, V«l VMti 

tig tu hap. 8: 1—39. 
On de promis ov God tu de Juw 9: 

On de eror ov ds JiLs in persistin in ds 

le. 10: 1—20. 
3e Jill ar not kast of. 11: 1—36, 
EkacMTtaJoa tu be ov a Kristian sj^t, 

and tu be vfrtji^as. 12: 1 — 21. 
Eksorta/on ta sivU obedions, lur and 

moraliti. 13: 1 — 14. 
Eksortajon tu pojens. 14: 1 — 15: 13. 
Ekski^sez; ov Pols jumi tu Bom. 15: 


Bekomendajon ov Febe; gretlQi; dks- 
ortajonz; konklqjon. 16: 1 — ^24. 

1: 1 

8alyq,taJon and intrpdnkjon. 

Senjiir ov de sizmz amt&{) de Korinti- 

ans; apd def^ns ov de ap6sli doktrin. 

1: 10—4: 21. 

Senjtir ov serten abi^sei. 5: 1 — 6: 20. On de rezorekjon. 15: 1 — 58. 

On marij. 7: 1 — 40. 

On etigmet oferd in sakrifjsj ap61oji oV 


de ap68l: womin ag^nst idolatri. 

1—11: 1. 
Sen/iir ov serten misyiisei in de koQ- 

gregajon. 11: 2 — 34. 
On de gifts ov de spirit. 12: 1 — 14: 40. 

Konsernig a kontribqjon; komendajon 
ovTim(5tias;sal7iitaJons. 16: 1—24. 


Salyiltajon; de tribyq^/eni ov de ap- 
69I; Ml intended jnrni tu Korint; Ae 
efAt ov fail f<9rst episl. 1: 1—2: 17. 

Define ov himself; ov de digniti, di|tii, 
bqirdjipsy and heaps ov dis ^hs} eksorta- 
/oni. 3: 1—7: 1. 


Ov de ef4kt ov Idi ivesedig epid. 

Kons^min a kontribijon ferde Ejrii- 

tians in Jera»alem. 8: 1 — 9: 15. 
ae ap6slp iorai tu de Korintiani; dc- 

fdns ov hims^. 10: 1—13: 13. 

episL ov POL TU ae oALaisANz. 

Salyi^tajon; Pol defends deindep^ndenfijBksortaJoni tu de r|t yi\fl ov fredom 
ov hii apostdlik oils. 1: 1 — 2: 21. and tu livi|^ in de spirit salyi^tejon, 

Jostifikajon tro> fat; de reiajon ov de 5: 1—6: 18. 
la ti4'£B«. 3: 1—4: 31. 

episL OV FOL TU ae epezuN?. 

gulyntfjoni de blesigs ov Kxistianiti 
in nwia de Efesiani pq^sipat; an 
eksortajon tu akn61ej de sam. 1: 1 
— 2: J2. 

Of ^p^toUlc <^ and sttfaciiPi f7 £i ?ol; 

bis gud wijei (or da Sfniaiis. 9 

Bkiortajoa tiji led a boll, moral Iffi 
konU^3(tt* ^' 1—^: 23. 



ensL ipr pol tu sb filipiahz. 

Safyi|fai/«B tmm. Pel ai^ Tiaotiiu;' f$Rn; ModqioT Tiiaetfau aadSpaf- 

^ Bfisli kind rekc^kjon oy de Fil- ' loditiu. 1: 1—3: 1. 

•knctHjoB iu be Jonij tft|pks for a preieat; BalyiiteJaHL 

I 3: 1—4: 22. 

ensL OT peL tu ae koloiiaiiz. 

flatyntaloo; de bl«q|B or 
hm de Kolojuuis pqrtiaipai. 


WefnivnfitatfiBtadoktrin^ 2: 1**SSL 
Eksorta Jon tu Uy a hfidi ai^ jnoial 1|C; 
konUiuon. 3: 1—4: 19. 


SalTatn/oB; de stfldfasknes or de Heaa- 
to^aas in Krietiaaiti, 1: 1—2: 16. 

AnietioTdeapMfor de Bf w alo n iang; 
■endiii oy TunoituB. 2: 17-^: 13. 

Eksortajon tu Uy a holi and wal-fliderd 

lif. 4: 1—12. 
ae Stat OY de ded at de knmis or d» 

Lord; ekaortajon. 4: 13 — 5: 11. 


SalYutaloii; vmrn and giod wijes. l:jOYdekiimiQOYde Lord. 2: 1—17. 
1—12. lEksortaJoMj aaiyntajon. 3: 1—18. 


Salyi^tajon; zepetijon oy a komi|on; 
kouB^nuQ sfrten fels doktrmi; ov 
de apoalx konY^Jon; eksortajon. 1: 

1—20. ^^ -,- 

Eksortajon tu prv; on de behaYyor oY|EkaortaJoni and wemms. 

men and wimen in de koggregajon. 
2: 1—15. 

Bads for de i^dans oy biJofiB and dc« 
. koni. 3: 1 — ^16. 

Oy fels doktrini; eksortajon. 4: 1 — 16. 
Partikyiilar raibi oy kondnkt. 5: 1 — ^25. 
~ 6: 1—22. 


Salyiitajon: ekaortajon tu fn de ofls av 
tecer wid fiatfulnes; tu be stedfost 
in Kristianiti; womiQi. 1: 1—2: 26. 

Woraigx ag^nst fels doktrini; eksorta- 

Jwis. 3: 1 — 4: 5. 
LkYitaJon tu kum tu de ap^sl; intd- 

ijens; salyiitajonx. 4: 6—22. 


Salyi^tajon; rods tu be obs^rYd in ijfxai^ 
elden ; oy de nnmli and deseYons. 
f: 1-16. 

Bode OY lif far Yarios kondijoni; eksor- 

tajoni and wamiija. 2: 1 — 3: 11. 
InteUjens; salyi^tajon. 3: 12 — ^15. 


Salyntajon; pcai; intersejon in faYor oy Onesimus, formoii a s^ryant oy FJlsmoii. 

m — — 


Varins leYelaFonx oy God. Se egseited 
natynr oy fcist. 1: 1—2: 18. 

EksorUiJon tu regard Krist m sent 
ftom God, a bf prert, grater dan Mo- 
ses; and not, l^k de Ozraelits in de 

desert, sin tnn nnbelif and dm nis 
de gol OY pes. 3: 1 — 4: 13. 

Kr^ is a tro b| prest, after de etder 
OY Halkisedek; bat we ned a ht«r 



tu. kuuiHclMfid ^Sm tdndi* 
3e Biiperioriti or At presihiiid after de 
eider or Melkisedek over de fSirdnik 
fNnnrthady mui oy de nxL kdyenaiit 
ov«r ds old. 7: 1—10: 18. 

4: Bknrtajeii ta peflKTHMis aod fiit. 1#« 

3s iMitTi|r 07 fat iidflinted Id egidanpis. 

11: 1—40. 
Ekflorta/on tu imitet dei egidoq^ 

and ta end^or after rt krutiatt n 

71(8. Koiiktq30ii. 12: 1 — 13: 


EksOTtaJon tu hav pa Jeiu in temteXon, 
and tu be dilijent in trco relijon. 1: 

Ag6a8t respikt tu p9noni,and &I wi^- 
iH wniks. 2: 1—26. 

Wernig agdnst rajnes in npM and nds- 

y^P or ds tun. 3: 1 — ^18. 
Ag^nst kontenjons, and fer pes^ jentl* 

neSy and hi^iniliti. 4: 1 — ^17. 
Wemi^ ov at opr&mrs; ekaortajon tu 

pajens and uder y^rtji^. 5: 1 — ^20. 


Salyiitajon; de kristian Yoksjon; ekaor- 
tajon tu Jiy morali. 1: 1 — 2: 10. 

Ekaortajon tu perform s^rten dntii. 2: 
11—3: 7. 

JenMal ekaorta Joni ; partHqnUA^li ta 

be pajent. 3: 8—4: 19. 
Espejal eksortajon tu and in reapAct 

OY de elden; konkli^on. 5: 1 — ^14. 


Wemi^ ag^nat fela doktrini and aedi^* 

sera. 2: 1—22. 
Oy de kumig oy de Lord. 8: 1 — 18. 

Salyi^tajon; ekaortajon tu konf^nn aal- 
Yajon, ref^Q tu ds knmi^ oy Kqat, 
hwi^ de rjter 8ertif|s. 1: 1 — 21. 


Prefea. God ia Ijt, and de Eriatian moat 
wek in l^t. £k»ortajona and wemins. 
1: 1—2: 28. 

2e r|tjaa and Inng won iz ali5n a ^^Id 

OY God; wemin ag^nat fela apiiitf. 
2: 29—4: 6. 
LnY and fat, and de boldnea dat reidlta 
from dem. 4: 7 — 5: 21. 

Ekaortajon tu kriatian Iuy; wemig a^^nst antikr|8t. 


AdrM tu Gana, has ssl and kotpitaliti ia prazd. KomplAnt oy Dl&trefrss, and 

pias OY Demetrius. 

Ekaortajon tu stedfoatnea in de fat, and wemin a^^nst fela doktrin. 


TJtl. 1:1—3. laebukwidaeYensela. 4:1—5:11. 

Adi^ tu aoYen kriatian ^ur^es. 1: 4— Qpenig oy ds f^rat aiks sels. 6: 1— 7s 
S: 82. I 17. 


dfter ds ttpeaif or 6» eerenl icL wren 
tmmpetB qr tu Bvnd; sika or dem kel 
fort gmt plan and de apr6q or de 
jujment. 8: I — 9: 21. 

^Ttnsment orde kompl^ rerela/on or 
ds dirjn sekrei. Fat or de boli siti. 
3e aerent trumpet. 10: 1 — 11: 19. 

3e forms or doz ha> or ta tak pqrt in 
de aproQip kontest: as wiaman klodd 
wid de sun, and as dragon ( 12: 1 — 
)7); da best wid ten hornz and seroa 
lie& (12: 18—13: 10)j At best wid 

tok bdm Hk a laift aad d» rm. «v a 

dragon (13: 11—18): de lam and his 

wnrjipers (14: 1 — 6.) 
Pcoklamajon or de jnjment. 14: 6 — ^20. 
Seren anjela wid de seren rjalsf de- 

stmkjon or Babflon. 15: 1—18: 24. 
Triomf. Anibila/on or de to bcsta, 

enoinment or Satan. 19: 1 — 20: 6« 
Lost batl wid Gog and Magog; destmk- 

/<m o9 Satan; jnjment or de world; 

najerowlcm. 20: 7 — 22: 5. 
Konkliijon. 22: 1—21. 


MaH 21 

Jon? 134 

Akts or de Ap6sl«, 167 

£pi8l or Pol tu de Romanz, .... 210 
Ist 8pial or Pol tm de Korintianz, 227 
2nd 8pi8l or Pol tu de Korintianz, 244 
gpisl or Pel tu de Galajianz, .... 255 
gpisl or Pol tu de Fi ejianz, .... 2*1 
Spifil or Pel tu de Filipians, . , . .267 
8pisl or Pol tu de Kolojianz, ... 271 
ist Bpisl or Pol tu de Resalonianz, 275 
2nd ^isl or Pel tu de Beaaloniaaz, 278 

Ist Cpisl or Pel tu Timoti, .... 280 
2nd Ppifil or Pol tu Timoti, ... .285 

Fpisl or Pol tu Titus, 288 

^pisl OV Pol tu Fjlemon, 290 

Ppisl or Pol tu de Hcbw&z, .... 291 

Jcneral Fpisl or Jamz, 304 

1st Cpisl Jeneral ov Peter, 308 

2nd tpisl Jeneral or Peter, 313 

Ist ^isl Jeneral or Jon, 316 

2nd Fpisl or Jon, 320 

3rd 8pi8l or Jon, 321 

Jeneral Spisl or JikI, 822 

Rerelajbn or Sant Jon de Dir|n, . . 323 


©APTER 1. 

1. Se buk ov de jenerajon ov 
Jeziis Kr^st,* de sun ov Dayid, de 
sun ov €[braham, 

2. Sbraham begdt Sza^; and 
$zak begat Jakob; and Jakob 
begat Jq,das and hxz bredren; 

and Sadok begdt CDdm; and 
€[kim begat 81iud; 

15. And 8Ijud beg^t Eleazer; 
and Eleazer begdt Matan; and 
Matan begat Jakob; 

16. And Jakob begdt Jozef de 
huzband ov Mari, ov hcDm woz 
bern Jezus, ha> iz keld Krist. 

3. And Jiidas begdt Farez and; 17. So el. de jenerajonz from 
Zara ov Kamar; and Farez begat Abraham tu David [qr] forten 
Ezrom; and Ezrom begat Gram; jenerajonz; and from t)avid until 

4. And Qram begat Aminadab; de karii{) awd intu Babilon [qr] 
^d Aminadab begat Naason; and forten jenerajonz ; and from de 

Naason begat Salmon; 

5. And Salmon begat Booz ov 
Hakab; and Booz begat Obed ov 
R<Dt; and Qbed begat Jese; 

6. And Jese begat David de 

kariiD awd intu Babilon untu 
Kr^st [q,r] forten jenerajonz. 

18. IfNy de b^r6 ov Jezus Krist 
woz on dis wjz : Hwen az hiz 
muder Mari woz espiS^zd tu Jo- 

ki;); and David de ki^ begit Sdl-'zef, befor da kam tugeder, Je woz 
omon ov h^r [dat had bin dc w^fjlf^nd wid gjld ov de Holi 6ost. 

ov Yur^as; 

7. And Solomon begdt Bobo- 
am; and Roboam begat Al^a; and 
Abja begat Qsa; 

8. And £[sa begat Josafat; and 
Josafat begat Joram; and Joram 
begat Ozjas; 

9. And QziBLS begat Joatam; 
and Joatam be^dt Qkaz; and 
£[kaz begat Ezek^as; 

10. And Ezekjas begat Manas- 
ez; and Manasez begdt Qmon; 
iand £[mon begat Jos^as; 

11. And Josjas begdt Jekon^as 
and hiz bredren, ab^t de tim da 
w@r karid awd tu Babilon: 

12. Ard after da w^ bret tu 
Babilon, Jckon^as begat Salatiel; 
and Salatiel begat Zorobabel; 

13. And Zorobabel begdt Ab|- 
udj and Ab^ud begat 81iakim; and 
Sliakim begat £[zer: 

14. And £[zor begdt Sadok; 

19. 3en Jozef b^r huzband, ba- 
il;) a just [man,] and not wilig tu 
mak her a publik egzdmpl, woz 
mjnded tu put h^r awd privili. 

20. But hw^l he tet on dez 
tiflz, behold, de anjel ov de Lord 
ap^rd untu him in a drem, 8ai{), 
Jozef, d^f sun ov David, fer not 
tu tak untu de Mari d| w^f : fer 
ddt hwig iz konsevd in h^r iz ov 
de Holi Goat. 

21. And fe fal bri{) fort a sun, 
and dy Jalt kel hiz nam J8ZUS: 
fer he Jal sav hiz pepl from 

r sinz. 

22. Kif el dis woz dun, dat it 
mit be fulfild h\v\q woz spoken 
ov de Lerd b^ de profet, saip, 

23. Behold, a v^rjin Jal be wid 
mid, and Jal bri{) tort a sun, and 
da Jal kol hiz nam 8manyiial, 
hwiq beij) interpreted iz, God wid 
us. [*z. 7: 14.] 



10. Hwen (Iei se de sU|r, da xe- 

j68t wid eksedig giat jor. 

11. ^ And hwen da. w^r kam 
intui de hvsy da se de yu^ oi^^ 
wid Mali hiz muder, and f el &jra 
and wnrfipt him: and hwen da 
had opend ds^r tregyii^a, da pre- 
z^nted until lum giita: gold, and 
{ragkinsenfl^ and m^. 

12. And bei^ wemd ot Grod in 
a drcm dat da Jud not retdm tia 
Herod, da dapcuted intu 6^t on 
kiintri andder wa. 

13. And hwen da w^r d^>qprt- 
ed, behold, de anjel oy ds Lord 
aperet tu Jozef in a drem, saig, 
Arjz, and tak de yu^ q^ld and hiz 
muder, and fie intu 8jlpt^ and be 
dis (t^T until I brig de wurd: fer 
Herod wil sek de yug qjld tu ds- 
str^r him. 

14. Hwen he aroz, he tuk de 
yug qjld and hiz muder b^ n^t^ 
anddepcyted intu Bjipt; 

15. And woz dj^r until de det ov 
Herod: dat it m^t befulfild hwiQ 
woz spoken oy & Lord b^ de pres- 
et, saig, "^t OY Cjipt haY i keld 
mi sun. [Hoz. 11: 1.] 

16. ^Hen Herod, hwen he se dat 
he woz mokt oy de w^z men, woz 
eksedii) rqjt, and sent f orfi; and sli^ 
el de qUdren dat w^ in Betlehem, 
and in el de kosts d%T<SY, from t<n 
yerz old and under, akerdip tu de 
tjm hwi^ he had dilijentli inkw|rd 
OY de w^z men. 

17. Hen woz fulfild d&t hwig 
woz spoken bi Jeremi de prof et^ 

18. In Rama woz d^r a yos 
ye haY f^nd [him,] brig me wurdjh^rd, lamentajon, and wepig, and 
ag^n,datima kum and wurjipigrat momig, Bagel wepig P^] 
him elso. I her gUdren, and wud not be kum- 

9. Hwen da had h^ da kig,Iforted, bekez da ^t not. [Jer. 31: 
da deported; and lo,dBstqr, hwig! 15.] 

daseinde est, went befor demj 19. IT But hwen Herod woz 
til it kam and stud OYer hw^r dejded, behold an anjel OY^de Letd 
yuQ q|ld wos. japeret in a drem tu Jozef in SjiptL 

2i. Hen Jozef beig nzd from 
alep did az de anjel ot de Lerd 
had biden him, and tuk untu 
him hiz w^f : 

25. And nil ^?^ ^<^^ ^ J^ ^^^ 
bret fort h^ f^rst-bem sun: and 
he keld hiz nam J8ZUS. 

€APTER 2. 

1. Nv hwen Jezus woz bem in 
Betlehem oy Jij^dea in de daz oy 
Herod de kii), behold, di^r kam 
wjz men from de est tu Jera>za- 

2. Saig, ?Hw%r iz h^ dat iz 
bem Kii) oy de Ji^z; fer we haY 
sen hiz stq,r in de est, and c^r kum 
tu wurjip him. 

3. Hwen Herod de kig had 
h^ [dez liiQz,] he woz trubld, 
and el Jennzalem wid him. 

4. And hwen he had gaderd el 
de qef prests and skr^bz oy de pe- 
pl tugtfder, he demanded oy dem 
hwi(r Kiist fud be bem. 

5. And da sed untu him. In 
B^tlehem oy Jx^dea: fer duis it 
iz riten b^ de profet, 

6. And d^, B^tlehem, [in] de 
land oy Ji^da, q^ not de lest 
am4g de piinsez oy Ji^da: fer ^ 
OY de Jal kum a OuYemor, dat 
Jal iu>l mi pepl IzraeL [M^ka 5 : 2.1 

7. Hen Heiod, hwen he had 
priYili keld de w^z men, inkwjrd 
OY dem diUjentli hwot t^m de 
stqr apeid. 

8. And he sent dem tu Betle- 
hem, and sed. Go and s^fq dili> 
jentli fer de yug Ql^d; and hwen 


^ 20. Bai^ Arjz, and tak (fe jug 
Q^ld and Idz muder, and go intu 
de land ov 'Izrael; for da q^ ded 
hwiQ set de 70^1 Q^ldz l^L 

21. And he aroz, and tuk de 
jup Q^ld and hiz mnder, and kam 
intu de land ov 'IzraeL 

22. But hwen he h^ dat Bi- 
kelans did ran in Ji^dea in de 
imm OT hiz fq,der Herod, he woz 
afrad tu go dider: notwidstdnd- 
i^ beig wemd ov Gk>d in a drem, 
lie tomd as^d intu de Mrts ov 

23. And he kam and dwelt in 
a siti keld Nazaretl: dat it mjt be 
fialfild hwig woz spoken bj de 
profets, He Jal be keld a Kazar^n. 


1. In doz daz d^r kam Jon de 
Baptist, pregii) in (£r wildemes or 

2. And sai^ Eep^nt ye: fer de 
ki^dom OY heven iz at hand. 

3. Fer dis iz h^dat woz spoken 
OY bj de profet 8zaas, sail). He 
Ycrs OY wun krjii) in de wildemes, 

grep4r ye de wa ov de Lord, mak 
iz pqdz strat [*z. 40: 3.J 

4. And de sam Jon had hiz ra* 
ment ov kamelz h^r, and a ledern 
g^l ab^ hiz lernz; and hiz met 
woz lokusts and w^ld hum. 

5. Hen went 7t tu him, Jera>- 
zalem, and el ov Ji^deo, and el 
de rejon rarnd ab^ Jordan, 

6. And w^r bapt{zd ov him in 
Jerdan konf^ii) d^r sinz. 

7. T But hwen he se meni ov 
de Faiisez and S&dyi^sez kum tu 
hiz baptizm, he sed nntu dem, 
Q jenerajon ov vjperz, ? Ikd hat 
wemd ya> tu fie from de rqt tu 

8. Brig forfi, dj^rfor, fra>ts met 
fer rep^ntans: 

9. And tigk not tu sa widfn 
yo^rs^lvz, We hav HbrahazB^ tu 

[zt] f q,der: fer | sa imtu ycD^ dit 
God iz abl oy dez stonz tu xu 
up qildren ontu Qbraham. 

10. And nv elso de aks iz lad 
ontu de rcot oy de trez: d^rfor 
even tre hwiq bripet notforH gud 
fnDt iz him dim, and kost intu da 

IL $ ind^ baptfz ya> wid we- 
ter mitu rep^ntans: bat hi dat 
komet after me iz n4tier dan j, 
ha>z Ja>z i am not wnrdi tu bs^r: 
h^ Jal ^ptjz ya> widde Holi Gost^ 
and [wid] fjr: 

12. Ha>z fan [iz] in hiz hand, 
and he wil tra>li poij hiz flor, 
and gader hiz hwet intu de gq;r- 
ner; bat he wil bmn up de qoI 
wid unkwengabl fjr. 

13. IT Hen kumet Jezns from 
Galile tu Jerdan nntu Jon, tu 
be baptjzd ov him. 

14. But Jon forbid him, sain, 
$ hav ned tu be baptjzd oy de, 
and S kumest dv tu me. 

15. And Jezus OLnserii^sed nntu 
him, Sufer [it tu be so] ms; fer 
dus it bekdmet us tu fulfil el i^t- 
yusnes. Hen he suferd him. 

16. And Jezus, hwen he woz 
baptjzd, went up stratwa "vt ovda 
weter: and, lo, de hevenz wer 
opend untia him, and he se de 
Spirit OY God desendig l^k a duv, 
and l^tip up6n him: 

17. And, lo, a vers from heven, 
sai^. His iz m^ beldved Sun, in 
hcom i am wel plezd. 


1. Hen woz Jezus led up oy 
de spirit intu de wildemes tu be 
temted ov de devil. 

2. And hwen he had fasted fer- 
ti daz and ferti n^ts, he woz af- 
terward an hu^erd. 

3. And hwen de temter kam 
tu bim, he sed, If dv be de Bon 

PY God. komoiid dat dez 8(qqz 
b« mad bred. 

4. But he anserd and sed, It 
Iz riten, Man Jal not liv b^ bred 
alQii, but b} even wurd dat pro- 
sedet 9t OY de mvt ov God. [l>Ht 
8: a] 

5. Sen de devil talcet him up 
intu de holi siti, and sete^ him 
on a pinakl ov ^q tempi, 

6. And set imtu him. If d? be 
de Sun ov God,kast d|s«lf d^n: 
for it iz liten, He Jal giv hiz an- 
jelz gqrj kons^iD ii: and in [d^r] 
handz da Jal b^r^ &i up, lest at 
eni t^m ^ daj dj fut ag^nst a 
zton. [Scun 91: 11, 12.] 

7. Jezus sed untu him, It iz 
riten ag^n, 3!^ Jalt not temt de 
Lord di God. [Diit. 6; 16.] 

8. Ag^n, de devil taket him 
up intu an eksedi^ hi m^mtcn, 
and Joet him el de kix^domz ov 
de wurld, and de glori ov dem; 

9. And set untu him, 91 dez 
tigz wil i giv de, if dy wilt fel 
d^n and wurjip me. 

10. clen set Jezus untu him. 
Get d^ hens, Satan: fer it iz riten, 
3j5 fait wurjip de Lerd dj God, 
and nim onli Jalt dv s^rv. [Di^t. 
6: 13; 10: 20.] 

11. Sen de devil levet him, 
and, behold, anjelz kam and min- 
isterd untu him. 

12. IT N7 hwen Jezus had h§rd 
dat Jon woz kast intu phzon, he 
depqrted intu Galile; 

13. And levin Nazaret,hekam 
and dwelt in Kap^maum, hwiq 
iz upon de se kost, in de berderz 
ov Zibpj(lon and Neftalim: 

14 Uat it mjt be fulfild hwiq 
woz spoken 14 €zaas de profet, 
saiHt * 

15. Se land ov Z4byiilon, and 
de land ov Neftalim, [b^J de wa 
ov de se, bej6nd Jordan, Galile 
ov de Jent^lz; 

16. Se pepl hwiQ sat in4f(rk- 
nes se grat lit; and tu dem hwiQ 
sat in de rejon and de Jado ov 
det lit iz sprup up. [fe. 9: 1, 2.] 

17. ^ From dat tjm Jezus be- 
gan tu preq, and tu sa, Bep^nt: 
lerdeki^om ov heven iz at hand. 

18. % And J^zus, weki^ bi ^ 
se ov Galile, so to) bredren, Simon 
keld Peter, and Andra> hiz bruder, 
kastiQ a net intu de se: fer da 
wer fijerz. 

19. And he set \mtu dem, Folo 
me, and i wil mak j<d fijeiz Qv 

20. And da stratwa left [d^r] 
nets and folod him. 

21. And goig on from dens, he 
se uder to) bredren, Jamz [de sun ] 
ov Zebede, and Jon hiz bnider, 
in a Jip wid Zebede d^r fqder, 
memliD^^fi^^^f and he keld dem. 

22. And da imedietli left de 
JIp and di^r fader, and folod him. 

23. IT And Jezus went abi^^t el 
Galile, teQip in d^r sinagogz, and 
preQiQ de gospel ov de ki{)dom, 
and heli{) el maner ov siknes and 
el maner ov diz^z amui) de pepl. 

24. And hiz fam wenttra)^tel 
Siria; and da bret untu him el 
sik pepl dat wer taken wid diverz 
dizezez and torments, and doz 
h\viq wer pozest wid devil z, and 
doz hwiQ wer li^natik, and doz 
dat had de pelzi; and he held dem. 

25. And d^r folod him grat 
muUlti^dz ov pepl from Galile, 
and [from] Dek4polis, and [from] 
JercDzalem, and [from] Ji^eo, 
and [from] beyond Jerdsui, 

©APTER 5, 

L And sei^ de multiti^dz, he 
went up intu a m^nten: and 
hwen he woz set, hiz disiplz 
kam untu him: 

2. And he opend hiz mvt, and 
tot dem» saig: 

isospiL flfv "Kifeii 


3. Blese^ [ttr] %e pc&r in spidt: 
fer d%rz Iz de ki{)(iom or he veiv. 

4. Blesed [ctr] da dat morn: 
fer da Jal be kumf of ted. 

5. Blesed [q^] de rnek: fer (fo 
^l ii^Mrit de ^rt. 

6. Blesed [qr] da hwiq doo 
hu^er and t^rst after xitjusnes: 
fer da fal be fild. 

7. Blesed [c^r] dem^rsiful: fer 
da Jal obtan m^rsi. 

8. Blesed [cy:] dc pijr in bqjrt: 
fer da fal se God. 

91 Blesed [q^] de jpes-ihakerz: 
fer 4a Jal be keld ae ^ildren ov 

10. Blesed [q,r] da bwig qr p^r- 
sekiitedferntyusiies sak: fer darz 
iz de kifidom ov beven. 

11. Blesed q^ yis, hwen [ihien] 
Jal rev^l yfl)» aod p^eki^t Cya>], 
and Jal sa el maner ov evil ag^nst 
ym felsli, fer tai sak. 

12. Bej6^, and be^ksedin glad: 
fer grat[iz]ya)r reward in neven; 
fer so p^rseki(led da de profets 
hwlQ w^r befor yo). 

13. IT Ye qx de selt ov d^ §rt; 
but if de selt hav lost biz s^vor, 
Hhw^rwit Jal it be selted; it iz 
densf or6 gad 4e/t notiD, but tu be 
kast ^t^ and tu be troden binder 
fut ov men. 

14 Ye q,r de lit ov de wurld. 
Cl sifi dat iz set on an hil kan not 
be bid. 

15. ITcder d<D men l^t d kandl, 
and put it under a bujel, but on 
a kandlstik; and it givet l^t untu 
el dat qr in de b^s. 

16. Let ya>r Ijt so Jin bfef<Sl: 
men, dat da ma se yoit gud wurks, 
and glorify ja>T Fq,der hwiq iz in 

17. IT XLi^k not dat i am kuin 
tia destr<§r de le, er de profets: ^ am 
not kum tu deslr^, biit tia. fulfil. 

18. Fer verili { sa untuyfe^ Til 
haven and §rt pas, wun jotdt'Wim 


iail f&l in no iqz pCtt fcom de le, 
til el be fulfild. 

19. HiMoi^ver, d^t^or, Jal brak 

wun opv dez Test komdndments, 
and Jal te^ men so, he Jal be keld 
de lest in de kitjdotn ov heven: 
but ha>so£ver fal da> and teq 
[dem], de sam jal be keld grat 
in de ki^dom oV heven, 

20. Fer i sa untu ya>, ttat ek- 
sept ya>r rftyusnes Jal eks^d [de 
r|tyusnes] ov de skr^z and •Fari- 
sez, ^e Jal in no kas enter intu 
de kqjdom bv herven. 

21. ^Ye hav h^d dat it Mroz 
sed hi dem ov old tim, Shs Jalt 
not kil, [Eks. 20: 13]; and iuo- 
soever Jal kil Jal be in danjer ov 

22. But I sa untu y«t>, dat how- 
soever iz aggri wid hiz bmder 
wid^t a kez^jal be in danjer ov 
dejujment: and hcDSO^ver falsa 
tu hiz bmder, Bako, Jal ot in 
danjet ov de k"5nsil: but htoso- 
^-ver Jal sa, A's fol, [Sqm 1^ 1], 
Jal be in danjer ov hel ^c, 

23. a^ff or if dy brio dj gif t tu 
de eltat*, and d^r rememberest dat 
di bruder hst et ag^nst d^; 

24. Lev d%r di gift befor de 
eltar, and go di wa; f^rst be rek- 
onsild tu di bruder, and den kuib 
and; ofer di gift. 

25. Agre wid ^n idversari 
kwikli, hwilz d» q;rt in de wa wid 
him; lest at eni tim de ddversari 
deliver d^ tu de juj, and de juj 
deliver di tu de ofiser, and djr 
be kost ibtu prizon. 

26. Verili 1 sa untu di, ffir Jalt 
bj no mehz kum "yt dens, til dy 
host pad de utermost f q,Tdi||. 

27. 1[ Ye hav h^rd dat it woz 
sed bj dem ov old tfrn, R's Jalt 
not komit adulter i. [Eks. 20: 14.] 

28. But I sa untu y®, ffat hoo- 
sOever hliket on a wuman tu Inst 
ctftelf h^r, bait konrited adulteri 


wkt • h^r eliidi - in hiz hqrt 
' 29. And if di rit f of^nd d^, 

euk it 7t, and kast [it] from d^: 
r it iz profitabl fer di dat wiin 
ov dj memberz fud perij, and not 

let him hav [41] Mok ebo. 

4L And ]i(&s<d«ver Jal komp«l 
de tu go a m^l, go wid him twaiw 

42. Giv tu him dat asket di, 
and from him dat wud boro ov 

[dat] di hoi bodi Jud be kast in-id^ turn not dv awa* 

tu hel. I 43. ^Ye hav herd dat it hat 

30. Andifdirtthandof^nddfijbin sed, (Is Jalt luv d^ nabor, 
kut it of, and kast [it] from de.'ifLev. 1^: 18], andhatd|n enemi, 
fer it iz prdfitabl fer de dat wun|[Diit. 7: 2.] 

ov di memberz Jud perif, and not 44. But I sa nntu yco, Luy 
dat di hoi bodi Jud be kast intu,ya>r enemiz, bles dem dat kurs 
hel. lyco, doi gud tu dem dat hat yov 

31. It haH bin sed, Ha>8oever and prn fer dem hwi^ despitfuli 

{al put awa hiz w^f, let him giv 
tfr a i^tip ov divorsment. [Diit. 
24: Lf . 

32. but i sa untu jca, <{at ha>- 
soever Jal put awa hiz wif, savig 
fer de kez ov femikajon, kezet 
h^r tu komit adulter!: and ha>so- 
^ver Jal mari h^r dat iz divorst, 
komitet adulteri. 

33. 1 Ag^n, yc hav h§rd dat it 
hat bin sed bj dem ov old t^m, 
S.TS Jalt not fersw4r djself, but 
Jalt perferm untu de Lord d^n 
odz. [Eks. 20: 7; Lev. 19: 12.] 

34. But I sa untu ya>, sw^r not 
at el; neder 14 heven; fer it iz 
Godz Iron: 

. 35. Ner hj de (?it; fer it iz hiz 
fiatsta>l: neder bi Jera>zalem; fer 
it iz de siti ov de Grat KId; 

36. Neder -Talt dv sw^r b^ d^ 
bed; bekez is kanst not mak 
wun h%r hwjt er blak. 

37. But let ya)r komyHnikaJon 
be, Ya, ya; na, na: fer hwotsoev- 
er iz mor dan dez kumet ov evil. 

38 IT Ye hav h^rd dat it hat bin 
sed, An i fer ap j, and a tcot fer 
Qtcot. [Eks. 21: 24.] 

39. But I sa untu yco, Sat ve 
rezfst not evil: but ha>soever fal 
sm^t de on dj rjt^ek, turn tu bim 
de uder elso. 

40. And if eni man wil s\\ de 
at da le, and tak awd d^ kot, 

ynz yo), and p^rsekiit ya>; 

45. Sat ye md be deglldrea 
ov y®r Fqder hwiq iz in heven : 
fer he maket hiz sun tu rjz on 
de evil and on de gud, and send- 
et ran on de just and on de unjust. 

46. Fer if ye luv dem hwi^ luv 
yo, ^hwot reward hav ye, ^da> 
not even de publlkanz de sam. 

47. And if ye sal^t yor bredren 
onli, ^ hwot da> ye mor [dan 
uderz]; Ida not even de publi* 
kanz so. 

48. Be ye d^rfor p^rfekt, even 
az ya>r Fqder kwi^ iz in heven ia 


1. Tak bed dat ye dan not ya>r 
cimz bef or men, tu be sen ov dem : 
uderw^z ye hav no reward ov. 
ya>r Fcider hwiq iz in heven. 

2. 3^rfor hwcn ds da)est [djn] 
q,mz, da> not s^nd a trumpet be- 
for de, az de hipokrits do in de 
sinagogz and in de strets, dat da 
ma hav glori ov men. Verili \aA 
untu yo), 3a hav d^r reward. 

3. But hwen &s da>est qmz, 
let not di left hand no hwot d^ 
r^t hand da>et: 

4. Sat d^n qmz ma be in se- 
kret: and di Fqder,hwiQ scet in 
sekret, himself Jal reward di 

eOl^'XL OV MABn. 

Jalt not be az de hipokrits [q;r] : 
f^r da lifv tii pre ataadip in de 
aiaagogs and in de kernerz ov de 
Btrets, dat da ma be sen ow men. 
VeriH i sa untu ya^, 3a hav d%r 

. 6. But 4s, bwen ds piaest, en- 
ter intu di klozet^ and hwen dv 
baat Jut di dor, pia tu d^ Fq.der 
hwi^ ic in sekret; and d^ Finder 
hvriq seet in sekret^ Jal reward di 

7. But bwen ye pre, yiif not 
▼ao TepetifonXi as de beden [da] : 
for da tipk da Jal be h^rd far di^r 
mtt^ spekio. 

w 8* Be not ye d^rfior 14k untu 
d«m, for yiDr Fqder aoet bwot 
t£D£ ye bav ned or, bcfor ye ask 

9. (Ifter die maner d^rfor pra 
yi : "^r Fq,der hmq qrt in beven, 
Halod be ^ nam. 

10. 34 iu^dom kum. 34 ^^ 
be dun in ^rft, as [itiz] in beven. 

11. Giv U8 die da 3r dali bred. 
22. And forgiT ub sr dets, az 

we f orgiF sr detora. 

13. And led us not hitu temt- 
afon, but deliver us from evil: 
For din iz de kii)dom, and de ps- 
or, and de glori,£^ ever. 3men. 

14. For if ye forgfy men d^r 
treepasez, ya>r bevenU Fq,der wil 
elso forgir ya>:. 

15. But if ye forgiv not men 
diir treepuez, neder wil your Fq« 
der forgiv yu>r trespaaez. 

16. % Morover, bwen ye fcut, 
be not, az de bipokrite, ov a sad 
kTrntfenane : for da disfigyiir d%r 
faeez, dat da ma i^^r untu men 
tu fast, y erilt 4 sa unta y<D, 3a 
bav di|r rew4rd» 

17. But dv, hwen ds fostest, 
taa&ot d|n bed, and woj d| fas; 

18. 3at ds ap^ not untu men 
te ioet^ bat josti^ d| Vtfiet hmq 

[iz in sekret: and'ifi F<|^hwi9 
jeeet in sekret, Ju reward da 

19. IT La not up for yatftvlvs 
tre^yHTZ up6n ^, bw^r mot and 
rust dot kordpt^ and bw%r ta^a 
brak tn» and std: 

20. But la up for yoin^lvz 
trejjYirz in beven, bw^r Beder 
mot nor rust dot kordpt^ and 
hw%r tevz da^ not biak tfa> ner 

21. For hwv yaw tregyviz, 
d^r wil yaa hqjt be elso. 

22. i[ 3e ]\i ov de bodi iz <b 
i I a di^ffor d^n i be siDgl, d4 hoi 
i>odi Jal be ful ov Ut 

23. But if d4n i be evil, d4 bol 
bodi Jal be ful ov dorimeSi If 
da^rfor de 14t dat iz in d^ be dork- 
nes, hv grat [iz] dat darknes ! 

24. ^No man kan s^rv td^ 
mosterz : £er eder he wil hat da 
wun, and luv de uder ; m: els he 
wil hold tu de wun, and dnpja 
deuder. Ye kan not s^rv God 
and mamon. 

26. 3i(ifor 4 sa untu y<a» Tak 
no tet for ya»r ]4f, bwot ye Jal et^ 
or bwot ye Jal drigk ; nor yet 
for ya>r bodi, bwot ye Jal put on* 
?Iz not de 14f moT dan met, and 
de bodi dan rament. 

26. Behold de fT^lz ov de ^r : 
for da so not, neder dm da rep^ 
nor gader intu bqrnz ; yet y<nr 
hevenli Fqder fedet dem. ^ Hr 
ye not muQ betet dan da. 

27. <lHwiq ov y<D bi takio tet 
kan ad wun ki^bit untu hia stat* 


28. And 4 hw4 tak ye tet f er 
rament. Konsider de liliz ov da 
fcid, hv da gro ; da t^l not, oft* 
der da> da spin: 

29. And yet 4 sa untu ya^ Sat 
even S61omon in el biz glori woa 
not ahid Ijk wim ov dez. 

ao. fiw^zfoc^if Ood. ao UnA 

-tfegiwi^ 4»itid, bwiq teda is, tnd tit kim 4it fioklA if^al !» 
«nd tum^o is katt infeii de nven, : opend. 

9[Jalhenot]iniiQ mor [klod] ytt, > 9. 6r Ihwotttan iz di|r 9<r ja>» 
o ye or litt fist! Immii if bix mm ask lired, wil bit 

iiL 9^dior iak no tot^ w^, ^t him a stem; 
^Hwm ^ ws M, er, <iHwot Jal' 10. Br S he ask a fij, ^ wil be 
we drigk, er SHwi|nind41 fad we gir him a serpent 
i)e klodtl; 11. tt ye den, hnp evil, no hv 

32. (F«r after el dext^ dA jtugiTgud gifts imtityAr^ldreii, 
dftJeitfilx sek:) for your he^emli Shv mu^ mott Jal ymr Fq^der 
Fqder Mel det ye hav ned or ei iiwiq iz in heren gir gud ti^z tu 
dez tigz. idem dat oak him. 

3d. B«t sek ye f^ de "ki^j 12. a^rfor el li^z hwoteo^er 
dom oy God and Mz ittynanoavyB-xvigA <btt men Jvid d<B tu ycD, 
videlilest^^fal beaded imtay<D.!dlA jz even ao tM dam: fer te is 

^^ Tak di^rfor no tet fer de|ds le and de profe^ 
moro ; fer de moro Jal tak %et j 13. x^i^^i' ye in mt de stmt 
iw de iigs OY ita«S. Sofifent gat: for wjd [is] de gst, and bred 

imtu de da [is] de evii di|r61 


1. J19 net, dat ye ke not jujd. 

2. Per wid hwot jnjment ye 
Jtg, ye fal be jojd: and wid hwot 
mejyiir yejaaet, it f al be mesyqid 


is] de w«, dat ledel tu destmk* 
en, and meai d^r be bwiq ge^ m 

14. EskdB etnt {iz]de gtft, and 
naro [is] de wa, bwiq ledeft unfu 
l^f, and fi4 dj^r he dot f|nd it 

15. ifBew^r oy Ms proFets, 
hwiq kmn tu y<a in Jeps klodiD^ 

tu Y(ft agen. {bntinweffdbdaqrraYenkiwutYz. 

i Andikwi behnideat ds del 1& Te jfal nodembi^rfrAts. 

ittQft dat is in 4i hmden i, but 
kxmsiderest not de hem dat iz in 
djnon j. 
d. er 9bs wib; dv sa tei d^ 

^D<i> men gadsr gmpa er terns, 
or figz or tisis. 

17. £ve& so even gttd tre 
l>i||6A ftari gnd fno^ bnto. kor^^ 

bruder, Let me pnl 'st de nuat ^stidpt trs ha^ ftarft evil tnA, 
OY^ I; and,bektdld,a boa [iz]< 18. G gud tre kan net briD 
in d^B on |« ifcMrfi evil bfal, nader [kan] «t kor- 

5. 3v hfpokrit, f^t kost vt|iipt tre brig fort gud fnat. 
de hem vt oy din on j; and den | 19. fiveri tee dat \mtfbt not 
/alt dv SB kisrli to. kost -vt dslfoift i^ud ftwt is bx|n den, and 
Bi6t Trt OY di .bmdeiz j. jkost intu de "fir. 

6« irGiv not dat hwi^ iz hflHi ^. Hwi|rfor hj d^r finntB ye 
nntu de dogz, neder kost ye ycDrijal no dem. 
p^rlz befor awfa, lest da tcampli 21-^Kot evefi wimrdatscdxEn* 
dem nnder di^r let, and turn ag4i!tu me, Lerd^ Lord, Jal enter intia 
a&d .rend yn>. jde ^i^dam ov beven; but be dat 

7. irQsk, and it Jal be given yin; jdoet de wil ov m^ Fqder bwiq is 
s^ and ye fal ffod; nok, and it in faeven. 

|b1 be apend untu yo: 
8. Fer everii won dat oskeft kb- 
«Dd Jus dat jBB^.ilndet; 

22. Meni wil sa.tis nm m dot 
da, Leffd, Laird, ^bav R-enetjniof- 

msnEVf ovrsuffSi 

h9Bf^')SKUlP9t^^^m\sBi, tuluk ^ nam 
dun mem wunderful wurks. 
. 2$« Aisf den wil i praS(» uotu 
dem, $ never mn yo; dep4rt 
£iom me^r dat 'wiork imkwiti. 

dee Md9S> ov min, and d<»el dom, 
i wil li^on him untu a* wiz man, 
hvdq bill biz htra up^n a lok: 

25. And da lan dea^ded, and 
de flada kttm, and de winds bli^, 
and bet up6n dat hxs; and it fel 
not: forit woz funded up6n a rok. 

26« And everi wun dat heret 
ditz mxg^ ov min, andi doiet dem 
motf Jal hft Ijkeud. untu a ffDlif 
man, hwi^ bilt hiz bras up6n de 

27^ And ds can des^ided, and 
de fludz kam, and de windz bli^, 
and bet up6n dat hve; and it fel: 
acid gfat woz de f el or it. 

2& And it kam.tiiipQs, hwen 
Jezus had ended dez saloz,. de 
pepl.vf^ astonift at his doktrin: 

2dL Fw he tot dem as [wunj 
haadgL0tociti,.and not as detskcibSk 

©APTER 8. 

- 1« Hwen he woz kum dvn iasiiten,.gnit multiti|de 
folod him. 

% And^ beboldv d%r kam a 
l^^er and wnrfipb him; sai|^ Levd, 
ii'&^'wiVtf dv kanst mak me klen. 

Si And: Jiunis put fiori [hiz ] 
hand, and tugt hinv saixu ^ ^H 
tedsF^klen. Aad imidieC£[ hiz 
le^fpoei woe: klenzd; 
* 4i And Jeensaet untu Jiim, Sb 
dBFtelnoimaqpa btatgO(d4wA« |o 
d^s^lf tu de presty and oler de gdt 
d«b lfiMe»kDaMiuded, iecrates- 
timoni nntu dem. 

5; TAnd hwenrJcaoswDzen* 
terd ietu Kap^manm, di|E kam 
uBtu hita. ct seiiti|rion» 

lUet at horn atkor de-p»lBf,g(im» 
usii tormented. 

7. And Jeznsse^ nntu him^ 9 
wilkonrandhei him. 

8. 3e senti^rion anserd and 
sedy Loidy i am not wnrdi dat dv 
Judst kum under mj. rcsf: bui 
spek de wurd onli, and mi s^r« 
vant Jal be held. 

9. Fer t am a man under e^ou 
iti, harig aoljerz under me; and 
i sa tu. dis [man], Gkv and ha 
goet; and tu andder, Kum, and 
he kumeU; and tu mj s^rranti 
Da dis^ and he dcoet [it]. 

10. Hwen Jeens h^ [it], h$ 
mctrveldy and sed tu dem dat fol- 
od, Venli jsa untu yoD^ $< haf 
not f^nd so grat fat, no, not iA 

11. Andisauntu7a>, SEatmenI 
Jal kum horn de est and wtet, 
and fal sit dsn wid QbnihMBy 
and^zak, and Jakob; in de.kx||4 
dom ov heven. 

12. But de Q.ildren of de kig- 
dom. Jal be kast Tst iniu vte^ 
dqrknes: ds^r Jal be wepi^ and 
na^i^ OF tel. 

13. And Jezns sed- untiZL dtf 
sentiiiioB^ Qo d| wa^ andaz dv? 
hast belivd^ [so], be it dununta d& 
And hiz servant woz hfld in da 
seUaam vr. 

14; If And hwen Jaaue wos- 
kum intu Patera, hve^ ha sahift 
w^fs muder lad, and sik oy ql 
favor. '' 

l&i And' hertti^ h^r bcBdvABA 
dfi fernr left -her: .and Ja^axioia^vand 
miniateed untu dem; 

16. ipiiwen da evea W0& kniav 
da bret uirta him meni dal w^ir 
poz^ei- wid. devils: and he kost spirits wid. [hiz] wmd, and 
held el dat w^r sik: 

17..^ mit. ba folfild, hwtQ 
woz spoken l4 Szaas. da^ profet;^ 

;ir inlinitftix. 


and h^Jt [vr] sikmsez. [^z, 53 : 4.] 

18. irN» hwen Jezus so grat 
multitiide ab^t him, he gar kom- 
dndment tu dep4i^ untu. de uder 

19. And a s^rten skrib katn, 
And sed untu him, Master, i wil 
folo di hwiderso^ver &8 goest 

20. And Jezus set untu him, 
36 foksez hav holz, and de b^rdz 
ov de iir [hav] nests; but de Sun 
ov man hat not hw^r tu la [biz] 

21. And andder ov hiz disjplz 
sed untu him, Lerd, sufer me 
f^t tu go and beri mj fq,der. 

' 22. But Jezus sed untu him, 
Fok) me; and let de ded beri 
d%r ded. 

23. 1 And hwen he woz enterd 
fntu a Jip, hiz dis^ple folod him. 
, 24. And, behold, ds^r aroz a 
gtat tempest in de se, insomiig 
dat de Jip woz kuverd wid de 
wavz: but he woz aslip. 
• 25. And hiz dis^plz kam tu 
[him]^ and awok him, saif). Lord, 
sav us: we peri J. 

26. And he set untu dem, 
^ Hwi qr ye ferlul, o ye ov litl 
fat. 3en he aroz and rebi^kt de 
windz and de se, and di^r waa a 
grat kc|,m. 

27. But de men mqrveld, sai^ 
^ Hwot maner ov man it dis, dat 
even de windz and de se &hi 

28. t^And hwen he woz kmn 
tu de Oder ^di intu de' kiintri ov 
de OeigesinE, di(r met him ta> 
poz^st wid devilz, kumi^ vt ov 
de ta>mz, eksedi^ fers, so dat no 
man m|t pas bi dat wa. 

29. And, behold, da kr{d st^ 
iaig, IHwot kav we tu da> wid 
d^ Jezus, dv Sun ov God: 9q,rt 
dv kum hidar tu term^nit us be- 


from dem : aa b^rd or mtni'swio 


31. So de devilz bes^t lusn, 
sai{), If dv koBt us vt, suf er ua 
tu <TO awa intu de h^rd ov swin. 

32. And heseduntudosn. Go. 
And hwen da W9r kum vt, da 
went intu de h^rd ov sw^n: and 
behold, de hoi h^rd o? swin ran 
vjolentli dvn a step plas intu de 
se, and perijt in de weters. 

33. And chi dat kept dem f led, 
and wentdit' wazintudesiti, and 
told even tip, and hwot woz Ibe- 
£elen tu de pozest ov de devilz. 

34. And, behold, de hoi siti 
kam 9t tu met Jezus: and Uiren 
da se him, da bes6t [him] dat he 
wud d^xirt 3t ov A\t koiits. . 

©APTEE 9. 

1. And he enterd intu a fip^ 
and post over, and kam intu biz 
on siti. 

2. And, behold, da bret tu 
him a man sik ov de pelzi,' l|ip 
on a bed: and Jezus seip dn^r fat, 
sed untu de sik ov de pelzi, Sun, be 
ovgud Qer; d^ sinz be forgiven de. 

3. And, behold, s^rten or. de 
skr^bz sed wldin dems^lvx, Sis 
[man] blasfemet. 

4. And Jezud noi^d^r t^t&aed, 
^Hw^rfortipk ye evil in ya>r hcyrtSL 

5. For <i hweder iz ezier tit sa, 
[cEi] sinz be forgiven ds; er tusa, 
Arfz and wek. 

6. Butdatyemanodatde8ua 
ov man hat pver onj^tt tu forgir 
sinz, (den set he tu de sik oy de 
pelzi,) Arjs, tak up di bed, and 
go untu ^n hus. 
• 7. And he aros, and depi^rted 
tu hiz h^s. 

8. But.kvsn de multtti|dz se 
[it], da mqrveid, and glorif id God, 
Uwi^had givensuopver^ttHtumen. 

9. If And az Jezus poat Jorl 



Mahi, siti^ aide res^tov kustoni: 
and he set iintu him, Folo mc 
And he ar6z,and folocl him. 

10. *n" And it kam tu jxis, az Jc- 
211S sat at Diet ia de hvs, behold 
nieni piiblikanz and sincrz kam 
acid sat d^n wid him aiul hiz dis- 

11. And hwen de Farisez so 
[it], da scduQtu hiz disjplz, ^Hwj 
etet yor Master wid publikauz 
and sinerz. 

12. But hwen Jezus h^rd [dat], 
he sod iintu dcm, (la d;it be hoi 
ned not a f izijan, but da dat qr sik. 

13. But go ye and l^rn hwot 
[dat] menef, J \vil hav m^rei, and 
uot sakriQs, [Hoz. 6: 6]: for i am 
not kum tu kel de r^tyus, but sin- 
erz tu repentans. 

. 14 t^Sen kam tu him de dis- 
ip\z ov Jon, saip, ^JHwj da> we 
and de Farisez fast oft, but d^ dis- 
\pLz fast not 

15. And Jezus sed tintu dem, 
^Kan de qildren ov de brid-gamber 
morn, az log az de bridgra)m iz wid 
dem; but & daz wil kum, hwen 
de bridgroam fal be taken from 
dem, and den Jal da fast. 

. 16. No man putet a pes ov nii 
klot untu an old ^ctrmcnt, for dat 
iiwi^ iz put in tu fil up taket from 
de garment, aad de rent iz ^lad 

IT. Kcder d(D men put ni^ wjn 
intu old botlz: els de botiz brak, 
aod de w^n runet ^t, and de botlz 
pcrij: but da put mi wjn intu mj, 
Dotlz, and hot cir prez^rvd. 
. . 18. irHwjl he si^kdez tipz un- 
tu dem, behold, d^^r kam a s^rten 
rtiubr, and wurfipt him, sail), Mj 
deter iz even nv dcd: but kum 
and la dl hand iip<5n h^r, and Je 
Jal liv. 

. 10, And ^ezus aroz, and folod 
)ani|^d [s^ did] hiz dis^plz. 

hwiQ woz diz^zd "\vid an ifyii or 
bind twelv yerz, kam behjna[him] 
and tuQt de hem ov hiz gqrmcnt: 

21. For Je sed widin herself. If J- 
ma but tUQ hiz gqrment,i Jalbe hoL 

22. But Jezus turnd him ab^t, 
and hwen he so h^r, he sed. De- 
ter, be ov gud kumfort: dj fat hat 
mad 6i hoi. And de wuman w6z 
mad hoi from dat "yr. 

23. IF And hwen Jezus kam in-' 
tu de ra>lerz h^s, and se de min- 
strclz and de pepl makip a norz^ 

24. He sod untu dem, Giv plas: 
fer de mad iz not ded, but slepef ; 
And da Iqft him tu skern. 

25. But hwen de pepl w^f pjat 
fort, he went in, and tuk h^r bj. 
de hand, and de mad aroz. 

26. And de fam her6f went 
abr^d intu el dat land. 

27. IT And hwen Jezus depart- 
ed dens, ta> bl^nd men folod him, 
krjig, and saip, [3^^] sun ov Da- 
vid, hav m^rsi on us. 

28. And hwen he woz kum intu 
de hys, debljnd men kam tu him: 
and Jezus set untu dem, ^Bel£v 
ye dat [ am abl tu do) dis. 3!a sed 
untu him, Ya, Lord. 

29. Ken tuqt he d^r jz, oelx^ 
Akerdig tu Vflor fat be itimtu yo. 

30. And ^r {z w§ropend;.and 
Jezus stratli QCirjd dem, aaiij, S$ 
[dat] no man no [it]. 

31. But da, hwen da w^r de- 
parted, spred abr4d hiz fam in 
el dat kuntri. 

32. ^Az da went vt, behold, 
da bret tu him c^ dum man po- 
z«st wid a devil. 

33. And hwen de devil wo8 
kast Tstf de dum spak: and ds 
multitiidz mqrveld, saip, It woz 
never so sen in 'IzraeL 

34. But 4^ Farisez sed, Hs 
kastct St devilz tra> de prins ov 
de d^TiIz. 

$S* And Jeciu ^nront abit M d» 

. /T' 


BitU and TOeJe^ teqip in datr :^iiui-|iieder t^^ kols^ nfdor J*x, nor ^r^ 
gogz, ami pre^i) de goe>i)el or dr|staTz: far de wrkmazi is imim 
li^dom, anil hdig even sikoes'ov hiz met 
«id even dices ainiio de pepl. XL And intu hwotso^ver ji^hr 

36. If But hwen lie so dbmiUti- er tisn ve Jal enter, inkwjr boi in 
tiidz, be woz mi&vd wid konapa- it iz wnrdi; andd^r afa|{d til je go 
Jpn on dpin, bekez da fentcd, and densw 

w^r skaterd abrod, az Jcp bavig 12. And bwen Te kum iniu atn 

bvs, sal^t it 

13. And if de b^s be vnrdi, let. 
joir pes knm up6n it: bnt if it be^ 
not wurdi, let voir pes retdm tu yxD. 

14. And batscwrer Jal not re- 
siv Y«>, nor ber vowr \mrdz, bwen^ 
ye depcirt 'st ot diat bus er sati, 
jak of de dtist ot your f et 

15. Vcrili I sa nntia tod, It Jal 
be mor tolerabl for de land or^ 
Sodom and GooMSra in de da ov 
jujraent, dan for dot sitL 

- 16. ^Behold, i send ya>- fort' 
ax Jep in dt midist ot wuItzt ba 
ye d^rfor wjz az serpents, a&i' 
hqmiles az duTz. 

17. Bnt.bew4r ot men: fbr (bk' 
>vil deliver T<n np tu de Itansilz^ 
and da \\i\ sknij y<ft in da^r sinagogz ; 

18. And ye Jal be bret be£Sr 
gnvemorz and ki^z for mi sak, 
for a t««ttnKani agenst Asm and 
de Jent^lz. 

19. Bnt bwen da deliTer ta np^ 
tak no tet his er bwot ye Jal spekt 
for it Jal be given rcn in (bt sam 
7r, bwot ye Jal' spelt. 

20. For it iz not ye dat sptkt 
bat de Spirit ot ymr Fqder bwi^^ 
speket in ya>. 

21. And de bmder Jid Mrret 
np de bnider tu diet, and de fqAet 
de oild; and de gildren Jal r^s np 
agenst [ds^r] parents, andkozVfisDi 
tvL be put tu det. 

22. And ye Jal be bated or kH 
[men] for mi namz sak: bat be 
dat endqrell'tu^eend'Jal beaardr 

23L Bnt bwen da p^rse^t y^ 
in dis siti, fte ye intu anWer; for 

no Jeperd. 

37. <Ien seft be nntu biz disi- 
plz, 3e bqrvest tiKDli fiz] plente- 
i]Sy but de laborerz [qr J ni; 

38. Pra ye d%rfor & Lord ot 
de bqrvoajtv dat be Avil send Scvt 
lajxtrerz intu biz bqjrvost 

eAPTER 10. 

1. And bwen. be bad kold nntu 
rhim] biz twelT dis^plz, be g^v 
mn p9er [ag^^] unklen spirits, 
tu kast aem ^ and tu bel ol 
maner ot siknes and ol m^yicr ot 

2. K9 de namz ot de t>velT 
apfSslz qr dez; Se f^rst^ Simon, 
luD is keld Peter, and Andra> biz 
bruder; Jamz [desan] ot Zebede^ 
apd Jon biz bruder; 

3. Filip^andBqrl6l£>mii; Tom- 
es, and Matqde pnblikan; Ja,raz 
[d^ snn] OT Aliens, and Lebeus, 
fia>z sumam woz Badeiis; 

4. Simon de Kanaan j^ and Jq- 
dis Iskariot^ b<a olso betrad binw 

5. ^9[ez twelT Jezns sent fort, 
and koi^doded dem, saig, Go not 
ijpbtu dl Mra..oT de Jentilz, and in- 
tu £eni] siti ot ^ Sapi^t^ne en- 

6. But g^ rader lost Jep 
OT de bvs OT 'Izrael. 
. 7« Andaz. ye go^preQ, saiij^ 3e 
}si^Qm OT beTea iz at band. 

Q. Hel de sik, klenz dt leperz, 
raz de ded, koat si devilz: freli 
y0 bav rcs^Td, freli giT. 
. 9. Prov^ nedcr gold, nor sil- 
Ter, nor bras in yar pnrsoK, 

1j>^»V *Bfetei|flft[ JJ*fii,W«R]yii«:^m.?Rt^jr JiOb^^ 

QOffiBli^? XAfiSL 

«B;Over.4b aitift trv 'Izn^el, til 
Bon 6v man be kum. 

24, <Ie disjpl iz.not abdy [biz] 
ma9ter^ ner ae s^nrant abi(iv. Mz 

. 25. It iz end! diajpl.dat 
h« be az hiz master, and de su^r- 
Tsnt az hiz lerd. If da hav keld 
<|» mOBter ov de h^is Beelzebub, 
%h7S mug m£)ir [pd da kel] dem 
ov hiz h«shold* 

. ^ Fer dem. sot, d^rfor: £er 
d%r iz iioti^kiiverd,dat Jal not be 
scLvild; and hid, dat Jal not be non. 

27. Hwot i tel ya> in dcirknes, 
|[d4t] ^ek ye in lit: and hwot 3^ 
her in de cr,. [dat] pre^ ye upon 
4kz hvdtops. 

28. And fer not dem hmq kil 
de* bodi, but qr not abl tu kil de 
«ol; but xader fer him hwiq iz 
abl tu. destr^ boft sol and bodi in 

29. ^ Hr not tA eparoz sold f ok 
Ok f <litf i|b ^-od wun OT dem Jal not 
fel on de gmnd wid^ya>r t'qder. 

; 21^ But d^ yen h%rz ov jjut 
hed qr el numberd. 

Stlf £^ y« 3:iot d%ifor, ye q;FOv 
imor va}yi4 dan mem sparoz. 

32. Hotso^vec ds^for Jal kon- 
ffse nob^ befor.meny him wil i koun 
w eJsQ bcfor mj Fqder hwi^ iz 
in heven. 

33. ButhiDJUd^ver Ja,lden|me 
h46t men, him wil, ^ eUo deu| 
befor mi Fqdei hwi^ iz in, heven, 

34.. £i|^ i^ot dat; I Am kum tu 
fe&d pes on ^rt: i ki^m uot tu 
aefi4: ps<3, hut^« 

35. Fer | ami kum tu &ei a 
ni^ at vfuiana ag^nst hiz foider, 
and de deter ag^nst her muder^ 
and de deter in le agenst h§r 
muder in le^ 

36^ Ax)4 a m^z fozt[^el be] 
dit ov hiz on h^shold. 
, 37. H« d»t luvei f qder ei^mudt 

and he dat Invel mm er. detcafr 
mor dan me, iz not wurdi ov m^^. 

38. And he dat t^ket not his 
kros, and fdloet alter me, iz uo^ 
wur^ ov me. 

38. He dat Qpdei hiz I^f Jal 
la>z it: and he dat Ia>zet hiz l|t 
far m\ sipK Jal f^nd it, 

40. irHe dat resevet ycb reseve^ 
me, and he dat resevet me resevet^ 
him. dat sent me. 

41. lie dat resevet a prof et. in 
de nam ov a profet Jal resev a 
profto rewerd; and he dat resevet 
a r^tyns man in de nam ov a ijt- 
y us man Jal res^v a r^tyus m^na 

42. And hcDSOever Jal giv tu 
drigk untu wun ov dez litl wuns^ 
a kupov kold [weter] onli iude 
nam ov a disjpl, verili i sa untu 
jot. He Jal in uq w^z Iaz hiz rer 


1. And it kam tu pas, hweir 
Jezus had mad an end ov kom- 
dndiQ hiz twelv disjplz, he de- 
pqrted dens tu Uif^ and. tu preg in 
dj^r sitiz. 

2. ifN^liweuJoft hadh^rdin 
de prizQu d&wurks.ov Kr^st^hi; 
sent ta» ov hiz.disiplz^ 

3. And sed uotu Jaim^ ^rt 6» 
hi dqkt Jud. kwm, oiMm we.luk 
fer antider. 

4. Jezus. anserd aud sed untu 
dem. Go and Jo Jon ag^p. do^i 
tig^.hwiQ,ye.da>.ber a^d ^• 

5. <Ie bly;id resev d^r s^t, and 
delam wek, de leperz qr klenzd, 
and de def her, de ded qr razd 
up, and de pcnr hav de gospel pregt 
tu dem. [*z. 35: 5, 6; 61: 1.] 

6. And blesed iz Pi^]» hojsor 
ever Jal not be ofended in me. 

7. ii;Aud.a^d«.d»pqrted,*ratni 



kons^mi^ Jon, *!Hwot went ye Tjt 
ihtu de wildernes tu se. SCI red 
|aken wid dewind. 

8. But Shwot went ye ist for tu 
se. %I niAD klodd in soft tament; 
behold,' da dat w^r soft [klcxfig] 
q,r in kigz h^zez. 

0. But <!hwot went yeiyt for tii 
se. ^ profet; ya, i sa untu ya>, 
and mor dan a profet. 

10. For dis iz [he], ov ha>in it 
iz riten, Behold, i send mj mes- 
enjer befor ^ fas, hwiq Jal prc- 
p4r dj wa befor de. [Mai. 3: 1.] 

11. Verili i sa untu yo), Amti{) 
dem dat qr bem ov wimen d^r hat 
not rizen a grater dan Jon de Bap- 
tist: notwidstandi;) he dat iz lest 
in de ki^jdom ov heven iz grater 
dan he. 

12. And from de daz ov Jon 
de Baptist until ms, de kigdom ov 
heven suferet vjolens^ and de vi- 
olent tak it hi fors. 

13. Fer el de profets and de le 
profes^d until Jon. 

■ 14. And if ye wil resiv [H], dis 
iz 8l|as, hwig woz fer tu Kum. 
[Mai. 4: 5.1 

15. He &t hat erz tu her, let 
him her. 

16. IT But ?hw:^runt(D fal i IJk- 
en <fis jenerajon. It iz 1|k mitu 
^dren sitig in de m<|rkets» and 
kelig untu d%r feloz, 

17. And sai^ We hav p|pt un- 
tu ya>» and ye hav not danst; we 
hay roomd untu ya>, and ye hav 
not lamented. 

• 18. Fer Jon kam neder elap ner 
dri{)ki|)k and da sa. He hat a deviL 

19. 3e Sun ov man kam etrp 
and dri^kij), and da sa, Behold a 
man glutonns, and a w|n-biber, a 
frend ov publikanz and sinerz. 
But wisdom iz jnstiQd ov h^r ^il- 

20. ^^€01 hi^sin he tu. npbtad 

-vmrks w^ dnn, h^k^z da ret>^ot« 
ed not: 

21. Wo untu 6i Korazin ! wo 
untu d^, Betsada ! fer if de m^ti 
wnrks, hwiq wer dun in jot, had 
bin dun in Tjrand S^don, da wud 
hav repented log ago in sak klot 
and ajez. 

22. But I sa untu yoo, It fal bs 
mor tolerabl fer Tjr and Stdon at 
de da ov jujment, oan fer ya>. 

23. And dy, Kap^maum, hwi^ 
q,rt egzelted untu heven, fait be 
bret dvn tu hel: fer if de miti 
vnirks, hwiq hav bin dun in a^ 
had bin dun in Sodom, it wud 
hav remand until dis da. 

24. But isa untu ya>, datit Jal 
be mor t<Slerabl fer de land o v Sod- 
om in de da ov jujment, dan fer d^. 

25. urAt dat t^m Jezus anserd 
and sed, f taijk de, o Fqder, 
Lord ov heven and ert, bekez dv 
hast hid dez ti^z from de w^z and 
pra>dent, and hast rev^ld dem un- 
tu babz. 

26. &ven so, Fq,der: fer so it 
semd gud in d} s^t. 

27. Gl tigz qr deliverd untu 
meovmjFqder: and no man no- 
et de Sun, but de Fcijfer; neder 
noet eni man de Fqder, sav de 
Sun, and [he] tu hoonsodver da 
Sun wil revel [him]. 

28. ^Kum untu me, el{yel 
dat labor and qr hevi laden, ana 
j wil giv VCD rest. 

29. Tak mi yok up6n y<Dj and 
l^m OT me; fer i am mek'and loli 
in hqrt: and ye Jal Qnd rest un« 
tu your aolz. 

30. Fer m{yok[iz]eei,«fidi^ 
burden ia Ijt. 


1. At dat t^m Jezus went onde 
sahfib da tra> dekem; and hiz dis* 
jplz w^ an huQsard, and htgia 
tia pink di inrWliin»i " " 

ai)6tmj ov MA&tc; 


2. But hwen de Fariscz bo fit], 
da sed untu him, Behold, dj ais;- 
|>lz d<i> dat hwiq iz not lofiil tu 
d<B iip6n de sahat da. 

3. But he sed untia dem, ^Hav 
ye not red hirot David did, hwen 
lie woz an hu^gerd, and da dat 
w^r wid him; 

4. Hv he enteM intu de hTf s ov 
God, and did et de Jobred, hwi^ 
woz not leftal for him tu et, neder 
for dem hwiq w§r wid him, but 
onli far de prests. 

5. 0r ? hav ye not red in de lo, 
bv dat on de sabat daz de prests 
in de tempi profan de sabat, and 
qr blamles. 

6. But i sa until ya>, d[at in dis 
plas iz [ wun] grater dan de tempL 

7. But if ye had non hwot [dis] 
inenet, $ wil hav m^rsi, and not 
sakrifjs, [Hoz. 6: 6], ye wud not 
hav kond^md de giltles. 

8. For de Sun ov man iz Lord 
even ov de sabat da. 

9. TfAnd hwen he woz depq.rt- 
ed dens, he went intud^r sinagog: 

10. And, bdiold di^r woz a man 
hwiqhad [biz] hand widerd. And 
da oskt him aaiD, ^ Iz it loful tu 
he! on de sabat daz, dat ^ m^t 
aktlz him. 

11. And he sed untia dem, ?Hwot 
man Jal 6s(r be amtlq) ya>, dat f al 
hav wun Jep, and if it f el intu a 
^it oh de sabat da, wil he not la 
hold on it and lift [it] 7t 

12. \Er5 muq den iz a man 
^ter dan ct Jep. Hwi^rfor it iz lo- 
ful tu d<D wel on de sabat daz. 

13. 3en set he tu de man, 
%ec fort d^n hand. And he street 
Rt] tort; and it woz restord hoi, 
^k az de nder. 

14. ir3[e» de Parisez- went vt, 
and held a kif nsil ag^nst him, hv 
da m^t destr^ him. 

15. But hWen Jezusntj .[it], he 
^mimm'^amtM km 4m: i^ 

grat multitiidz folod Mm, and bs 
held dem el; 

16. And QCiijd dem dat da Jud 
not mak him non: 

17. aat it mft be fuffld hwi^ 
woz spoken b^ Czaas de profet, 

18. Beh61d m{ servant, hd>m { 
hav qozen; m^ heMved, in ha>m 
mi sol iz wel plezd: i wil put m^ 
spirit up(5n him, and he Jal fojuj- 
ment tu de Jent{Iz. 

19. He Jal not str^v, ner krj; 
neder Jal cni man her hiz v<ys in 
de strets. 

20. O. bra>zed red Jal he not 
brak, and smokig flaks Jal he not 
kwenq, til he send fort jujment 
untu viktori. 

•21. And in hiz nam Jal de Jen* 
tpz trust. [*z. 42; 1-4.] 

22. f 3en woz bret untu him 
wun pozest wid a devil, bl|nd, 
and dum: and he held him, inso- 
m^q dat de bl^nd and dum bot 
spak and so. 

23. And el de pepl w^r amdzd, 
and sed, ?Iz not dis de sun ov 

24. But hwen de Farisez h^rd 
[it], da sed, 3is [felo] dot not 
kotst T5t devilz, but b^ Beelzebub 
de prins ov de devilz. 

25. And Jezus niidairtets, and 
sed untu dem, Eveiri ki^om di- 
vided ag^nst itself iz bret tu des- 
olajon; and everi siti er hvs di- 
vided agenst its^f Jal not 'stand: 

26. And if Satan kastirt Satan, 
he iz ctiv|ded ag^nst himself; S hY 
Jal <fen hiz ki^oih stand. 

27. And if i bi Beelzebub kost 
Tst devilz, ^bi ha)m tla> ya>r qil- 
dren kast [dem] nt; d%rfor da 
Jal beya>r jujez. 

28. But it i kast St devilz b^ 
de Spirit ov God, den de ki^om 
ov 6od iz kum untu 7(&. 
i 2d. evdt^hflrkaariitai 


Uito. a atrog mans hva^ aad qMrl| <ti., Se meir or Nlnsnt ^ tiit 
&iz gudz, ekstpt he C^CBt b^nd del in jujment widdU jcnemJoBy Aiui 
ttrof) BMUit and dan be wil aperljjal kond^m it: \mkiz d» reputed 
Liz kvs. tat da pregig or JoBa»; and, b&- 

30. He dat iz not wid iiieiz|b6id,agiaterdaiftJc««B (iz] Icrar. 
agj^nat me; and hedatgaderet not 42. 3e kwen ot de asi- Jal qs^ 
wid me skateret abred. {Upindejnjmentwiddis jenemjon, 

- 3L Hw%r£or i sa untu-ycn, Ol;and Jal kond^m it : fer Je kam 
maner ov sin and hUafemi Jal bejirom de ntannoafe p^vrta ot de fH> 
&>rg(ven untu men: but de bl&s-:tu her de wizdom or SekMnon-; 
f emi [agenst] de [Holi] Goat Jalj and, behold, a gmterdaa Solomoa 
not be forgiven uutumen. i[iz] her. ,, 

32. And ha>ao^ver speket- a! 43. Hwen de nnklin s^rit iz, 
wurd agi&nst de S^unov man, it Jal'gop vt orr a man, he wekeft trcD 
be forgiven him : but ha>so«Ter j drj plaaez, aekin res^ and Qndi»^ 
apekeiagenst de Holi Goat» it Jal nun. 

44. 3!en heset, $ wil retj&^ 

not be forgiven him, neder in dia 
wurld, neder in de [world] tukum. 

33. ^der mak de tre gud, and 
bis fnnt gud; er els mak d^ tre 
kordpt, and hiz frot kordpt: far 
de tre is non hi [hiz] fr<Dt.. 

34. Ojenerajonov viperz, ^his 
kan ye, faeig evil, spek gud ti^; 
for 9t ov de abdiadana ov da hq^rt 
de mist speket. 

36. (1. gud man vt. ov de gud 
txasyHrovdehiQjrt brigeft fort gud 

tipz ; and an evil man vt ov de pepl, behold, [hiz] milder and hie 

ovil tr^yi|;r bri^et lost evil ti||z. 

36. Biit i sa untu j^ 3at er- 
eri idl wind dat men Jal spek, da 
Jal giv Bkiiit ds|r6f in de da ov 

37. For bi di wwds ds fait be 
jg«ti^, and b| ^. woidB is Ja)t 
ly kond«md« 

38* l3en a^rten ov da skr^boE. 
and ov da Fansea. ai»erd^ sai^, 
Hasteiy we a a^n from de. 

39. Batheanserdandaedimtu 
d^m. An evil and adultenia jener- 
ajon seket «f ter a sin ; azMl da|r 
Jal no s^n be giv<en tu i^ but. da 
^n ov de i»*ofet Jonas : 

40l Far az Jonaa woz tre daz 
and tre nits in de hwalz bell : so 
fal de Sun.ov naaa betreda^Jind 

.. » — 

tu mi h3s hwn hwena j kam vt ; 
and hwen he iz kum, he fjude^ 
[it] emti, swiapt and gtycnijti 

45. Sen goat hc^ sod taKet 1814 
himself seven nder spirits mor 
wiked dan himself, and da enter- is 
and dwcl da|r : and de Jost [stat] 
ov dat man iz wura dan de f^mt^ 
£ven ao Jal it be also «^u dis 
wiked jeneia Jon» 

46. irHwil he yet tekt tu de 

bcedcea stud wid;^ deejp^^ tit. 
spek wid him» - - 

47. «Ien wun sed untu him,* 
Behold, di madar aad d^ bredren 
stand widstdeziri^tuspekwidds.' 

4& But heouBoidand sedantu: 
him.. dat told, him, ^Qca iz mj^ 
mnder ; and ^hok or mi bcedren^ 

4d. And he.8treqt£oii'hiz hand 
toid hiz djaiplz, andaed^ ^!ii^' 
mi QUidac.and mibra(be&! 

5(X hAsoevei. Jal dA drwfl 
ov miF(i|ier hwiq iz iahavan^.te 
sam iz mi hnidei, and sirtar, aaant 

CAiPTEB 13. 

1. He sam da went Jezna^'st^Mr 
dehsn, and aat-^.de se t^ 

-QOBPtli OV ]|£BtL 


<ffi'tugiftlsr Utita Mai, iMd dat he|«t eni t}iii% JvA w wid [)t|r] {t, 
-west iiita a Jip, and sat ; and de and her wid [di|r] en, and Jud 
hoi maltiti|d stud on de ][or. 'tradentsnd ind [di^r] hq^ -uid 

3. And he spak meni^iiz until 'Jud he kon verted, and { Jud hel 
dera in paraUz, niQ, Behold, ajdem. [fc. 6: 9, 10.] 

aoer went €fi>i4 tu no ; | 16. But blesed [qx] your {z, far 

4. And hwen he sod, stnnjdB se : and ymr erz, fer dn her. 
{sedz] fel h| de wa ejd, and de' 17. Fer verili } sa untu y<n, Sat 
fvlz fcam and der^rd dem np : ^meni profets and rjl^QS [men] hav 

5. Sumfel Updn stoni plasez J dez jrd tu se [doz tii)z] hwig ye 
hw^r da had not mag ^rl : and se, and har not sen [deni]; and tu 
forlwiH da spmD np, hdc^z (b had her [doz Mipz] hvriq ye her, and 

Be depoes ov ^tt : 

6. And hwen de snn woz np, 
dk 'W^ skergt ; and hek^ da had 
no nnt, da widerd awa. 

7. And amn fel amtiD ^^mz; 
and ds teraz sprag np, and ^okt 

8. Btft Oder fel intu gud grvnd, 
and hret fort fra>t, snm an hun- 
dredfold, anm siks^old, sumt^- 

9. Ho hat erz tu her, let him 

10. And de di^plz kam, and 
aed tmtu 4iim, ^ Hw^ ^)ektest its 
vntu dem in punlblz. 

U. Be cmserd «(id sed nntu 
dem, Bek4z it iz given nntu ym 
-tu nodemisteriz oyde ki^dom ov 
lieven, hat tu dem it iz not given. 

12. ¥&r hfloso^ver hat, tu htm 

hav not h^rd [dem.] 

18. irHer ye ds^rfor de parabl 

19. Hwen eni wnn heret de 
ward ov de ki^dom, and nndei^ 
stindet [it] not, den knmelt de 
wiked [wnn], and kaget awd dat 
hwiq woz son in hiz hqrt. <Iis 
iz he hwi^res^d sed In <te wa sjd. 

20. Bat he dat resivd die sed 
intu stoni plasez, de sam iz he 
dat heret de word, and an6n wid 
jer resevet it ; 

21. Tet hat he not rmt in him- 
8^, hat durct for a hwjl: for 
hwen trihyiilajon or p^rsek\)Jon 
arizet hek^z ov de word, h^ and 
h^ be iz of^nded. 

22. Heelsodatresivdsedamd^ 
de temz iz he dat heret de ward ; 
and de k^r ov dis wnfld, and de 

Jal be given, and he Jal hav morjdesetfulnes ov riqez, qok deword, 
iMndaBS : hut hoieo^er hat not, 'and hehektimet anfra>tful. 

from him Jal be taken awd even 
Kat ^ hat. 

13. Hi|Tfor spek % tu dem in 
parablz: hek^z da sei^ se not; and 
£eriT) isL her not, nedtf d<D da tm- 

14. And in dem iz fulffld de 
profosi ov 8zaas, hwig set, B^ her- 
hj ye Jal her, and Jal not under- 
slH&nd ; and sei^ ye Jal se, and Jd 
not perslv: 

16. Fer dis peplz hq;rt iz wakst 
geos, «nd [^1*] erz qr dul ov her- 
i^ and ditr ^z da hav klozd; lett 

23. Bat he dat resivd sed intu 
de gud grvnd iz he dat heret de 
ward, and underst&ndet [it]; hwiQ 
elao biuret fra>t, and bngetfort, 
sum an hondredfold, sum siksti, 
sum t^rti. 

24. irAn^der parabl put he fort 
untu dem, sai^, 3e kipdom ov 
heven iz l^kend untu a man hwig 
sod gud sed in hiz feld: 

25. Bat hw|l men slept, hiz 
enemi kam and sod t^rz amt^ de 
hwet, and went hiz wa. 

26. But hwen de bind "woft 


tpra^np) and liret imt fn&ty den 
ap^rd de ti^rz elso. 

27. So de servants ov de hvs- 
bolder kam and sed untia lum, S^r, 
^didst not &7$ so gud sed in d^ f eld; 
^from hwens den hat it t^rz. 

28. Heseduntudem, Anenoini 
hxA dun dis. Se servants sed un- 
tu him, ^.Wilt d? den dat we go 
and gader dem up. 

29. But he sed, Ka; lest hwjl 
ye gader upde tqrz, yeT<i>t up elso 
de hwet wid dem. 

30. Let hot gro tugeder until 
de hcLTvest : and in de tjmov hqyr- 
vest i wil sa tu de reperz, Gader 
ye tug^er f^rst de tq^iz^ and bind' 
dem in bundlz tu burn dem: but 
gader de hwet intu m^ bq,rn. 

31. IT Aniider parabl put he fort 
untu dem, saig, die ki^dom ov 
heveniz Ijktuagran ov mustard 
sed, hwiQ a man tuk, and sod in 
hiz feld: 

32. Hwiq ind^d iz de lest ov el 
sedz: but hwen it iz gron, it iz de 
gfatest amu{) h^rbz, and bekumet 
a tre, so dat de b^rdz ov de ^r kum 
and loj in de bianqez d^r6f . 

33. ^Aniider parabl spak he 
untu dem; Se ki^om ov heven 
iz l^k untu leven, hwig a wuman 
tuk, and hid in tre mesyi^rz ov 
mel, til de hoi woz levend. 

34. Gl dez tipz spak Jezus un- 
tu de multitud in parabl z; and 
wid^t a parabl spak he not untu 

35. Sat it m^t be fulfild hwiq 
woz spoken b^ de profet, saip, $ 
wil open mj mvt in parablz; i wil 
uter ti))z hwiq hav Inn kept sekret 
from de f^ndajon ov de wurld. 
[Sctm, 78: 2.] 

36. irGien Jazns sent de multi- 
ti^d awa» and went intu de hvs: 
and hiz dis^plz kam untu him, 
aaig, Dekl4r untu us de parabl ov 
de ti^z OY de^f eld. 

37. He camtxd and Md ipite 

dem, He dat soet de gud sod ks 
de Sun ov man; 

38. ae feld izde wurld; degtad 
sed qr de gildren ov de kigdoimi 
but de tqrz q^r de (jildren ov ^ 
wiked [wun.] 

39. ae enemi dat sod dem iz 
de devil; de hq^vest iz de end ov 
de wurld; and de cep^z qjr de 

40. Az d^rfor de t%rz or gaderd 
and burnt in de fjr; so Jal it be in 
de end ov dis wurld. 

41. 3!e Sun ov man /al send 
fort hiz anjelz, and da Jal gader 
Tst OV hiz ki^om el tvQz dat ofend, 
and dem hwiq da> inikwiti; 

42. And Jal kast dem intu a 
furnes ov f^r: d%r Jal be walin 
and naJJQ ov tet. 

43. Uen Jal de r^tyua J^n forift 
az de sun in de ki^om ov ^r Fq- 
der. Ha> hat erz tu her, let hhn ^er. 

44. ^Ag^D, de kii)dom ov her- 
en iz l|k untu tre^yqr hid in a 
feld; de hwig hwen a ma^ jbd^ 
fvnd, he hjdet, and fer j^ di^r^f 
goet and selet el dat he hat; and 
b^et dat feld. 

45. irAgf^n^deki^domov.haw 
en iz Qk untu a m^r^ant man, 
sekig gudli p^lz: 

46. Ha>,hwen he had fvnd wun 
rorl ov grat pr^s, went and sold el 
dat he had, and bet it 

47. Ag^n, de kiijdom ov heven 
iz likuntu a net, isX woz koat in- 
tu oe se, and gaderd ov ever! kjnd: 

48. HwIq, hwen it woz ful, da 
dra> tu Jor, and sat d^n, and gad- 
erd de gud intu veselz, but £a8t 
de bad awi. 

49. So Jal it be at de end ov de 
wurld: de anjelz Jal kum fort, and 
sever de wiked fromamiig dejust^ 

50. And Jal kast dem intu ds 
furnes ov fjr: d^r Jal be walig aad 


* 'SI. Jtzttfl 8«<^ imtu dem, %Ea,y 
ft ttndantjkd el dee ^^z, 3a sa 
untu him, ya, L^rd. . 

52. 36n sed keuntudeiD, 9^r- 
fdr everi ski^b [hwiqiz] instrdkt- 
4»d iintu de kigdom ov heveD, iz 
l^k untu a man [dat iz} an hvs- 
holder, hwi^ bri^ fort si ov hiz 
tresyiif [ti^z] nil and old« 
' &3: ^And it kamtu pas, [dat] 
hwen Jezus had finijt dez paraUz, 
he defx^rtod dens. 

54. And hwen he woz kum in- 
tu hiz OB kuntri, he tet dem in 

^T mnagog, insamiii^ dat da w^r Jon in de prizon. 

6. But hweA Herodz "bfrld^ wos 
kept, de deter or Hert^ias dantd 
befor ^m, and- plead Herod. 

7. Hwi^rupon he promist widen 
€>t tu giv h^r hwoteOtfter Je wud 

8. Andje, beiDbefGHrinstnikted 
&T h^ muder, sed, Giv me her 
Jon Baptists hed in a Qqrjer. 

9« And de kif) woz sori: never- 
del^s {er de ots sak, and dem hwiq 
sat wid him at met, he komdnded 
[it] tu be given [h^r.] 

K). And he sent, and beh^ed 

a8t6nijt, and sed, ^Hwens hat dis 
[man] dis wizdom, and [dez] mjti 

55. ^ Iz not dis de kcirpenterz 
eun; ^iz not hiz mader keld Mari, 
and hiz bredren, Jamz, and Jozez, 
and S^moD, and Ji^das. 

56. And hiz sisterz, Sqr da not 
el wid us. ^Hwens den hat dis 
[man] el ^i»z tl^z* 

57. And da wer ofended in him. 
But Jezus sed imtu dem, Q prof et 
iz not widi^t onor, sav in hiz on 
kuntn, and in hiz on hvs. 

58. And he did notmenimiti 
works d^ir bek^z ov d^r unbelef. 

€APTER 14. 

. 1. At dat tjm Herod de tetrqrk 
h^rd ov de fam ov Jezus. 
' 2. And sed untu hiz servants, 
His iz Jon de Baptist; he iz rizen 
from de ded; and d^rfor m^ti 
wurks d(» Jo fort dems^lvz in him. 

3. irFer Herod had lad hold 
on Jon, and bvnd him, and put 
fhim] in prizon fer Herodias sak, 
hiz bruder.Filipz wif. 

4. F^er Jon sed untu him. It iz 
not leful fer de tu hav li^r. 

5. And hwen he w^d hav put 
him tu det, he f erd de multitiid, 
ImJ^ da kvnted kim az a piof et. 

11. And hiz hed woz bret in a 
qq,r|er, and ^ven tu de damtzel: 
and Je bret [it] tu h^r muder. 

12. And hiz disjplz kam, and 
tuk up de bodi, and berid it^ and 
went and told Jezus. 

13. If Hwen Jezus h^rd [ov it], 
he depq^ted dens bi a Jip intu a 
dezert plas apctrt: and hwen de 
pepl had h^rd [d^rdf ], da folod 
him on fut -^t ov dz sitiz. 

14. And Jezus went fort, and se 
a grat multiti|d, and woz nuDvd 
wid kompajon tord desD, and he 
held dsir sik. 

15. ^ And hwen it woz evni^p^ 
hiz disjplz kam tu him, sai^ His 
iz a dezert plas, and de t^m iz nis 
past; send de multitiid awa, dat 
da ma go intu de vilejez, and bj 
demselvz vitelz. 

16. But Jezus sed untu dem, Ha 
nerl not dep^Tt; giv ye dem tu etL 

17. And da sa untu him. We 
hav her but f jv lovz and ta> f ije& 

18. He sed, brt^ dem hider tu 

19. And he komdnded de mul* 
titiid tu sit disn on de gras, and 
tuk de ^Y lofvz and de ta> t'ifez, 
and lukii) up tu heven, he bfesti^ 
and brak,'and gav de love tu 
[hiz] disiplz, and de dis]pla tv^dft 
multiti^d* . < .J 


90. i»d^ lild «l vt^ lad «(^ 
fad: and da tuk up or dis frig- 
m«nto Ibt riaiAiid twelr bcnketa 


21. And ^ diU kid «te& w^ pfau bad nol^ ov bim, da sent «]> 

ab^ Qv tvzand men, bes|d wiai- 
ee and gildren. 

22. irAnd fitmtwa Jazuskcm- 
strand hiz dk|plz tu get intu a 
pp» and tu go befor him untude 
ader 8|d, kw^l he sent de molti- 
tildz ftwa. 

23. And hwen he had sent de 
iBultili^ds awd, he went up mtu 
a miniten apqrt tu pra: and hwen 
de evni|) woe kani,l^ woz ^r ak&n. 

21. But de Jip woz mr in de 
midst ov de ee, tost wid wava : far 
de wind waz kdntniTi. 

25. And in de fori woq oy de 
n^t Jezns want nntu dem, Wf^c^ 

26. And hwen 4e diaipk ae 
him w^ig onde se, da w^r tmbld, 
eai^ Itiz a spirit; and <hi kridat 
far fer. 

27. Bttt etratwa Jezne zpak 
iintii dem, ni0, Be ov gud ger; 
it iz i; he not aMd. 

VL ir-And 

BS. And hwen de menordat 

ia ^fipr !jpii 
4e knid 9V 

intu el dat kuntri rand aha^ and 
faret antu him el dat wer dizezd; 
36. And beset him dat da mjt 
onli tag de hem or hiz gq^anent: 
and az meni aa taqt w^ mad p^r- 


1. 3en kam tu Jezus dor^bj^ 
and Fariaez, hwig w$r of Jeza>ae»* 

2. S Uw| da) di diatplz transgr^a 
de tradijon ov & elderz ; fer da 
woTnotdir handz hwen da et bred. 

e. But he anaerd and sed untiik 
dem, H Hwi do je elsQ transgrea 
de komdndiiient oy God b^ ya>r 

4. Fer God komdnded, saiD^ 
Onor di fq<(ler and mnder: [Eka. 
20: 12,] and. He dat kurset fqdet 
er mudler, lethimdidedet. f£kBk 
21: 17; Lev. 20: 9.] 
I 5. But ye sa, Howsoever |al sa 

28. And Peter anserd him andtu [hiz] fqder er [hiz] moder, {It 
eed, Lelrd, if it be d?, bid me kum'iz] a ^t, bj hwotaoever da mitst 
nntu de on de weter. 

29. And he sed, Knm. And 

be profited bi me; 
6. And onor not luz fqder er hiz 

hwen PetM* woz knm dan at ov muder, [he Jal be fre]. Sua hav 
de Jip^ he wekt onde woter, mad de komdndment ov God 

tu Jezns. 

80. Bat hwen he se de wind 
bmfeniB^ he woz afrdd; and be- 
gini^ 4u st;)k, he kr^d, aai^ Lerd, 
BBv me; 

3^1. And un^dietli Jezns street 
icxrt [hiz] hand, and ket him, and 
aed antu him, Q da ov litl fat, 
^hwfffoir didat da dat. 

ov nun efekt b^ jaa tradiCbn. 

7. [Te] hipol^ta, weldid 8za- 
as profesi ov ya^ saig, 

8. 3is pepl dreet q| nntu me 
wid dsir mat, and onoret me wid 
[di|r] lips; but d%r hc^rt iz fq^ 
from me. 

9. Bat in van da dA warjip mc^ 
teqig [fer] doktrinz de komdnd- 

32. And hwen da w^ knm in- ments oy men. [$z. 29: 13.] 

ta de jRp^ de wind sest 

33. Hen da dat w^r in de ^p 
tem and worjipthim, sai^ Ov a 
tcflDl da (|rt da Son ot God. 

10. irAndhekelddemultiti^ 
and sed nntu dem. Her, and 

11. Kot dat hwig^oet intu ife 

(iotrmb Of wim. 


mv% de^et a tofi^m; Imt dat hwiq 
kuiDtet trt ov de mvi, ^ defilet a 

12. S^ loim his disiplz, and 
aed Tui^ him, ^Noest ds dat da 
Fadsei: w^ (^^ed, after da h^rd 

13. But heanserd and Bed, Ev- 
eri pla&t, hwi^ xai hevMili Fqjder 
h«l aal {>lanjteid, fal be r<ated up. 

14. Let. dam fllon: da be hUnd 
ladera ot ^ blind. And if ^ 
blind led da b&ind, bot Jal f el isiiu 

15. Ken anserd Peter and aed 

imtidL him* I>aU4f i>qUa u3 dis 


16. And tFazuB »ed, 1 Hr ya al- 
sfi> jet wid^ imderstdndi;), 

17. SDcDnotjeyatundeiatiind, 
4at hwolaoaTer enteret in at de 
mat ^oe^ inlu<^ baU» aod la kcut 
vt intu da draft; 

18. 3ut doa tipz hwig pvosid 
i5t ov de mirt kam fort from da 
hojt; iuad da dafil da man. 

Id. F^ vt ov da hq,rt pvQBid 
eyil iff^y mo^^ara, ftdultaria, far- 
nikajona, leftB, fok witnaa, bl4B- 

20. Oaa or [da ii^z] hwi^ daf^l 
a man : but tut at wid unwojen 
hwda dafilet not a man. 

2L irScnJaaua went dana, and 
departed intu de koata oy T|r 
a«xd ^ott. 

22. And, bahcdld, a wwnaA ov 
Kdnaan kam vt ov de sam koeta, 
suA kr^d nn^ him, aai^ Hav 
m^rsl on me, o Lord, [da] aun ov 
David; mi deter la graTuali vekat 
wid a daTil. 

23. But he anserd h^r net a 
ward. And hiz disipla kam and 
baa^t him, aaio. Send h^r awd; 
f 9r Ja kfiet after u«. 

A Bot ha onaerd and aad, % 
am not sent but untu de lost Ji^ 

2$, 3en kam fa a^d ^fiffjlp^ 

him, sail), Lord, help me. 

26. But ha ao^erd and pad, It 
ia not met t^t tak de ^Idrena . 
bi«d, and tuL kast [it] tu dog;i. 

27. And Ja sed, Tr©t, Jierds 
yet de dogz et ov ^ k^uma hwi^. 
fel from d^r masterz tabl. 

28. Sen Jezoa anaard and sed 
untia har, O wuman, ^rat [ia] di 
fat: be it untu H even az (Sf wilt 
And h^r d^tec woz mad hol^om 

2d, irAndJaauad^EMirtadlrc^ 
dens, and kam ni untu ^ sa qv 
Galile; and went up intu ^ mvn. 
tea, and sat dan ^r* 

30. And grat multitiida kam 
untu, him, havm wid dem [doa ^ 
w^r] lam, blind, dam, mamd, and 
niani udera, and kasi dem d^n al^ 

Jezus fet; and he held dem« 

31. Inwam^ dat ^ mulUti^d 
wunderd, hwen da te de dum ti^ 
spak, da mamd tu be hotl, da lam 
ti4 wek, and de blind In sa: a^d 
da glorifid de God qv 'lavael, 

32. irSan iwm k^d biz disi- 
pla [untMi Wml a«d *ed^ * H^ 
kompafon on de mulUtud, bak^i^ 
da koniinyu wid ma av tra daa, 
aud hav noti^ ti4 et: and i wil 
not send dam awi fastlQ, lest da 
fant in da wa. 

33. And hiz diziplz «a mi^ 
him, ^ Hwens fud wa hav apmv^ 
bred in de wilder&as, aa ti4 
grat ($.. multitHd. 

34. And ^ezus aet untia dem, 
^Hs meni l<!>vz hav ya. And dia 
sed. Seven, and a ivi Utl ^aa. 

35. And ha k<«nandedda muU 
titiid tu sit dan on da grand. 

36. And he tuk de seven l^va 
and da fifea, and gav taoka, and 
brak [di^m}, a^d gav tu hia diu-. 

plz, and de disiplz tv| de multit^d, 

37. And da did el ak a,nd w«r 

GSfflnfili 07 ir ASCL 

[met] dftt iros left seyen boiskets 

38. And <k diiit did eft w^r for t v- 
s«nd men,besjd wimen and gildren. 

39. And he sent awa de raulti- 
tq,d, and tuk Jip, and kam intu 
de kofits ov Magdala. 


1. Se Farisez elso wid de Sid- 
yi^ses kam, and temtq[^dez|rd him 
dat he wud Jo dem a qn from 

2. Heonserdandsedtintiadem, 
Hwen it iz evnlQ, ye sa, [It wil be] 
i^T weder: t&r de sk} is red. 

3. And in demernii), [It wil be] 
tsl weder tiitda: fer de 8k| iz red 
and IwcvQ. O [ye] hipokrits, ye 
kan diz^m de fas ov de sk^; Init 
Hkan ye not [diz^] de qnz ov 
de tjmz. 

4. (I wiked and adolteme jen- 
erajon seket after a s^n; and d^r 
Jal no e^n be given nntu it^ but 
de 8|n ov de profet Jcmas. And 
he left dem, and d^Kirted. 

5. IT And hwen hiz diajplz w^ 
ksm tia de nder aid, da had f or- 
goten tu tak bred. 

6. 3en Jesus sed untia dem, 
Tak hed and bew4r ot de leven 
ow de Farisez and ov de Sidyi(^ez. 

7. And da rezond amdg dem- 
•Atz, sai^, [It iz] bek^z we hav 
taken no bred. 

8. [Hwig] hwen Jezns persiTd, 
he sed untu dem, O re ov litl fal, 
Shwi rezon ye amdp yoffs^lvz, 
bric^ ye hav bret no bred. 

9. S*Da> ye not yet nnderstind, 
neder remember de fjv lovz ov de 
fyr tvzand, and hs meni baskets 
ye tuk up. 

10. SKeder de seven lovz ov 
de for ivzand, and hv meni bos- 
kets ye tiak up. 

11. IHi^iz it dat ye dA not 
aai^k (it) Mi tia 

yA kons^mip Infed, dat ye ^d 
bew^r ov de leven ov de Faristt 
and ov de Sidyi^sez. 

12. <Icn nnderstHid da h^- dat 
he bad [dem] not bew^i* eft de 
leven ov bred, bat ov de doktrin 
ov de Farisez and ov de Sadyr^z. 

13. ^Hwen Jezns kam intta de 
kosts ov 8ezarea F^Iipi, he askt 
hiz disjplz, sai^ S Ha>m d<b men 
sa dat j, de 8an ov man, am. - 

14. And da sed, 9am [sa dat 
ds q,rt] Jon de Baptast; snm Clias; 
and uderz, Jeremias, «r won ov 
de prof ets. 

15. He set nntu dem. But 
S h<Dm sa ye dat i am. 

16. And Sjmon Peter anserd 
and sed, dlv q^ de Krjst, de Soa 
ov de livip God. 

17. And Jezns anserd and sad 
ontu him, Biased qrt d;r, 8|moB 
Bq^r-jona; for flej and blod bal^ 
not rev^ld [it] nntu di, bat m^ 
Fqder hwig iz in heven. 

18. And I sa elso ontu di, 3at 
ds q;rt Peter, and ap6n dis rok i 
wil bild mj qaro; and de gats ov 
hel fal not ]ireval agvnst it 

19. And I wil giv untu di de 
kez ov de ki^om ov heven: a&d 
hwotso^ver dv Jalt b^nd on fil 
Jal be bvnd in heven: and hwot- 
so^ver dv Jalt los on ^ Jal be 
lost in heven. 

20. Sen Q<ir]d ^ ^^ disjplz 
dat da fud tel no man dat he woa 
Jezus de Kr|Bt 

2L ^From dat l^m fort hegka 
Jezus tu Jo untu hiz disiplz, hs 
dat he must go untu Jerozaletn, 
and sufer meni tips ov da elders 
and qef prests and skribs, and be 
kild, and be razd ag^n det^rd da. 

22. 3en Peter tuk him, and b»> 
gin tu reb^k him, sai^ Be it f qjr 
from di. Lord: dis Jal not he un- 
tu di. 

23. Bat 



P0tor, Got <fi Mi^ me,- Satan: 
te q^t an c/ienn tintu me: ler 4ir 
saTorest not de tigz dat be or God, 
bat doz dat be ov men. 

24. j3.eD. sed Jezua tintu hiz 
diaiplz, If eni [man] wil k«m aher 
me, let him denf himself, and tak 
up Mz kros, and folo me. 

25. Fer hii»s<Deyer wil sav hiz 
Iff Jal la>z it: and hoMioever wil 
UDZ hiz Ijf fermi sak Jal fjnd it. 

26. Fer ^ hwot iz a man profit- 
ed, if he Jal gan de hoi wurld, 
and Iaz mz on eol; er ^ hwot Jal 
a man giy in eksganj fer hiz sol. 

27. Fer de SnnoYman Jalkum 
in de glori ov hiz Fq,der wid hiz 
anjelz; and den he Jal reward ev- 
•ri man. akerdip tta hiz wurks. 

28. Verili { sa Until yo), 3j|r be 
lam standi^) her, hwiq Jal not tast 
or? det, til da se de Sun ov man 
kimaiD in hiz kiiydom. 

©APTER 17. 

>. 1. And after siks dae Jezus 
taket Peter, Jamz, and Jon hiz 
hrudsr, and bn^et demup intu an 
hi mvnten ap^rt, 
:r 2. And woz traasfi^yiird befcSr 
dem: and hiz fas did Jjn az de sun, 
jand hiz.rament woz hw^t az de l|t. 
3. And, behold, d^r ap^rd nntu 
4im MMec and eU« tekip wid 

' 4. dOen aoMrd Peter, and eed 
trntu Jezus, Lerd^ it iz gud fer us 
tu be her: if &s wilt, let ns mak 
hat tre tdbemaklz; wun fer d^ 
and wun fer Mozez, and won fer 

5. fiw^l he yet spak, behold, a 
bc|t klvd oyerJiUlod dem: and be* 
hold a yea vt oy de klvd, hwiq 
Bed, 3i8 iz mj beldyed Sun, in 
ham i am wel plezd; her ye Mm. 

6. And hwen de dis^plz h^rd 
[it}, 4i fel on d^r f aa, «n4 wf r ««r 

7. And Jezus kam andtuetdem, 
and sed, Ar|z, and be not afrdd. • 

8. And hwen da had lifted up 
diir jz, da se no man, say Jezua 

9. And az da kamdvn fromde 
mi^nten, Jezus Qqrjd dem, saig^ 
Tel de yi5on tu no man, until & 
Sun oy man be rizen agen from, 
de ded. 

10. And hiz dis^plz askt him, 
sai^, S Hwj den sa de skr^bz dat 
Cljas must f^t kum. 

11. And Jezus anserd ai^ sed 
until dem, 81iaa tr^U Jal f^nt 
kum, and restor el ti^z. 

12. But ^ sa untia yia, £[at Sljaa 
iz kum elredi, and da ni^ him notf 
but hay dun untu him hwotsoey- 
or da listed. Likwjz Jal elso da 
Sun oy man sufer oy dem. 

13. 0!en de disiplz underati&d 
dat he spak untu dem oy Jon de 

14. ^And hwen da w^r kum 
tu de multitiid, di^r kam tu him 
a [s^rten] man, neli|) dvntuhim, 
and sail), 

15. Lord, hay m^rsion mj sun: 
fer he iz l^natik, and sor yekst: 
fer ofttimz he feleft intudafir, 
and oft intu de weter. 

16. And 1 bret him tu dj diB}- 
plz, and da kud not ki^r him. 

17. Sen Jezus anserd and i6d, 
O fatks and pery^rs jenerajon, 
^ hv I09 Jal i be wid ym; S hv log 
Jal i sufer y<n. Brip him hider 
tu me. 

18. And Jezus rebtltkt de deyil; 
and he depq,rted si ov him: and 
de Qjld woz ki|rd from dat yeiri sr. 

19. Sen kam de dis^plz tu Je« 
zus ap4rt, and sed, S Hwj kud not 
we k<i8t him 'at. 

20. And Jezus sed untu dem, 
Bek^z oy y«>r unbeUf : fer yerili | 
aa untu yd>. If ye hay M as a gtan 
«▼ WKilcvdyad^SraJaLa* w^ikli 


m^Ht g p , EtmAv hens tu yonder 
plas; and it jal icnuibv: and no^ 
^ /al fas imposilil nntiA ya»b 

21. Hvbeit dis kind goeft not 7t 
bat 14 pr^r and fastig. 

aa. 1r And hwil dn abod in Qal> 
ik^ Jeziu sed ontiti dem, 3e Son 
or man Jal be hetrid intu de 
kaadz ov men: 

23. And da fal kil him, and de 
"^cd da he /al be razd agen. And 
da Wifr eksed^ sori 

24. If And hwen da w^ knm tu 
Kap^nuiiun, da datres^Td tribjnit 
[muni] kam tu Pater, and sed, 
SDot not jobmaster pa tribjmt 

25. He set, Yes. And hwea he 
woe kum inUa de hvs, Jeeos pre- 
vented him, aaip, ^Hwot tinkest 
dv, Simon; ^ oy h«>m dA de kipe 
OY de ^rl tak knstom er tribyiit; 
4oY d|ron qildren, er oy stranjerz. 

26. Peter aet untu him, Oy 
stranjerz. Jezus set untu hua, 
Sen q^ de giidren fre. 

27. NotwidstandiiK lest we Jud 
Qfend dem, go dv tu d& se^ and 
kast an huk, and tak up de f ij dat 
l^rst kumelitf^ and hwen ds hast 
opend his mst, dv /a^t f ^nd a pes 
9y muni: dat tak, and giv antu 
dem for me and &L 


1. At de sam tjm kam de diso- 
pla tmtu Jezus, sfdx^ i Ha iz Ǥ 
gratest m de kii|dom'oY haven. 

2. Aad Jezus kol<^ a iitl ^d 
untu him, and set him in de midst 

3. And sed, Yerili, i sa untu 
VA, fiksept ^ be kouY^rted, and 
bekdm az litl Qildrea, ye Jal not 
enter intu de ki^ont ov heven. 

4. Hc[>sG>eYer ^rfor Jal hombl 
himself az dis Iitl q^, da sam iz 
gratest in de kxgdora oy heYOB. 

5. And hoMO Jai rtsiv wun suiq 

4gjA la«4 QMA >MW!«| ttML 

6. Bui homo Jal oHmd wim ov 
dei litl wunz hwig Miv in bib» 
it w^ beler for him data milatiMi 
w^r luq)d abiH hiz nek, and f dat} 
he w^ drsnd in de depft ov ds se. 

7. IT Wo unta de warld iM%di 
OT of ensez 1 for It tnast nadz be 
dat ofensez kum; but wo aa dai 
man I4 hmm deofena kumei ! 

8. Hw^i^or if di hand er di lut 
ofend 6£, kut desi of, and Imat 
[dem] from d^ it ia beter fer 6i 
tu enter intu Ijf belt 0e mamd, 
rader dan havig tot handz es tmlct 
tu be kost intu everkistio ^. 

9. And if d^n i ofend de, pluk it 
^ and kast [it] from M: it iz 
beter fer d^ tu enter iatia Iff wid 
wun i, rader dan havip tA ia tu 
be k€i8t intu hel Qr. 

KX irTakheddatyedans^Bot 
wun OY dez litl wunz; rar \ sa 
untu ya>. Hat in heven d^r fni^ 
d(D elwaz behold de fias ov mj 
Fqder hwiq iz in heven. 

11; Fer de Sun ov man ia kum 
tu saY dat hwig woz lost. 

12. i Hv l%)k yr; if a aoaahav 
an hundred fep, and wun ov4epa 
be gon astra, Sdol he not lev de 
ninti and n^n, aiid goel intu da 
mvntenz, and aeket dat hwi^ ia 
gon astrd. 

13. And if so ba dat he Qnd it^ 
verili j sa untu yco, he rejcfael 
mor ov dit [fep], das ov ^ n^ti 
and fiin hwiq went not astidii 

14. Even so it iz not de wil ov 
ya>r Fq^der hwiq ia in heven, ^i 
wun ov dez litl wunz |ud perif. 

15. iMorover if d^ bnider fal 
trespaa agenat ds, go an4 t^ him 
hiz felt betwin da and him al^n: 
if he Jal her di, di^ hast gaud d| 

16. But if he wil not hei^ [d^ 
dep] tak wid 6i wun er ta^ nior, 
dat i|i de mw^ ov ta> er tra wit- 
nesea everi wurd ma bt mtrt^ift 




17. And if \k% jid seglekttu 
ker dftm, lei (|it] uatu w qurq: 
Ijiat if he neglekt ta her de- ^urq, 
]«l him be untu d^ az an hraen 
man and a publikaa. 

18. Yerili i sa untu ycft, Hwot> 
aoever y« /al h|nd on §Erft Jal be 
Wnd in heven: and hwotsoever 
ye J^ I1B8 oa ^ Jal be k^ in 

19. Agen j sa antu y<», Sal if 
t(D Qv yok Jal agri on ^rl az lagig 
enitigdat da fal a»k, it fal be dnn 
f ^r dem ov mi Finder hwi^ iz in 

' 20; Fer hwi^r to er Ira q^ gad- 
erd tugeder in mj nam, d^r am i 
in d^ midst ev dem. 

21. ir<i«n h«n Peter tu him, 
smd sed, Lerd, ^hv <^ Jal mi 
bruder ain agenst me, and } forgiF 
him; )til seven tirnz. 

22. Jezns set untu. him, i sa 
not until de, Undl seven timz; 
but, Until seventi tims seven. 

• 23. ^S^JioT iz de ki^jdom ov 
heven likend untu a sfrten kip, 
hwiq wud lok aki^al ov hiz s^* 

24. And hwen he had begdn 
tvi rckon, wun woz biel untu him, 
l^wiq od him ten tvzand talents. 

25. But forazmd^ az he had 
not tu pa, hiz lerd komdnded 
kirn tu be sold, and hiz wif, and 
^ildren, and el dat he bad, and 
pameni tu be mad. 

26. 3e savant d^rf€>r fel« dvn, 
and wurjipt him, sai^ Levd, hav 
|Mi/ens wid me, and i wil pa di el. 

27. 3en de lord oy dat servant 
woz nuBvd vrid kompa/en, and 
la>st him, and forgdv him de det 
' 28. fiul 4e sam servant vent 
vt| and fsnd wun ov hiz felo* 
savants, hwiqad him an hundred 
P^m: and he lad handz on him, 
aiid luk {him] bi da trdt^ a/a^ 

29. And hb f aloi^avevwyel dvn 
at hiz f et^ and bes^ him, sai^ Bay 
pa/ena wid me» and } wil pa d^ eL 

dO. And he wtid not: bat weni 
and host him iatu prizoa, tH he 
Jud pa de del. 
' 31. So hwen his felo<«^rvaBls 
sa hwot woz dun, da w^r veri 
s<Hri, and kam and told untei d^r 
lesd el dat woz dua. 

82. Sen hiz Iwd, aftor dal ha 
had keld him, sed untu him, ^ 
dv wiked s^rvanti i forgdv d^ al 
dat del, bekez dv dezir^t me: 

3a ^Dudst not dv alao hav 
had kompajon on di lelot-s^rvant^ 
even az i had plti on di. 

S4. And hiz lard woz ret, imd 
deliverd him tu de tecmenterz, til 
he Jud pa el dat woz di^ untu him. 

35. Qo likwiz Jal mi hevenli 
Folder dm elso unifcu yta, if ya 
fnaa y^ hq;rtis forgiv not eveii 
wan hiz brui^ ds^t trespoaez. 

eAPTEB 19. 

1. And it kam tu pas, [dat] 
hwen Jezus had finijt dez sai^a^ 
he depc^M^ted from Galile, and 
kam intu de kosts ov Jqdea ba« 
y^nd Jcprdan. 

2. And giat multitiidz folod 
him; and he held dem di|r. 

3. %Sz Farisez elso kam imtu 
him, t^mti|| him, and mi^ untu 
him, 4 Iz it leful for a man tu 
put awd l^iz w|f kff. even kez^ 

4t, And heanserd and sed uatU 
dem, 4 Hav ya not red, dat hi 
hwi^ mad [dem] at de bcgini^ mad 
dem mal and |emai [Jen. 1: 27], 

5. And sed, Fer dis kez Jal d 
man lev fqder and muder, and Jal 
klev tu hiz wj^ and da tw^n Jal 
be wun flej. [Jen. 2: 24.} 

fl. Hw^nordactraomortwaa, 
but wun f lej. Hwot d%rfar God 
hat >9nd tug^^^ ^ '^^ ^^'^'^ P^^ 




T. ak fli wte him, %Wwi did 
Mozes den komdnd tu giv a 
rjiig ot diTorsment^ and tu put 
bfr flw£ [Ihit 24: 1.] 

8. He aeb untu dem, HcDzez, 
bek^z ov de hqrdnes ov ya>r hcLrta, 
saferd yio tii put awa ycur w|7z: 
but from ^el)egiiii9 it woz not so. 

9. And i sa nntu y<»» HoMBoever 
al put awa hiz wjf, ^aept [it be} 
'm* fernikaron, and /al man antikd- 

•r, komit^ adulter!: and Iubbo 
maxiet h^ hwig iz put awi dol 
komit adulteri. 

10. ^Hiz dis|plz sa untu him, 
If de kas ov de man be so wid 
[hiz] wit, it iz not gud tu man. 

11. But he sed untu dem, 91 
[men] kan not res^y dis saip, sav 
[6£] tu hdom it iz given. 

12. For d%r qr sum yiinuks, 
iofiq w^r so bom from [d%r] mud- 
arz wa)m: and d^r qr sum yiinoks, 
hwiq w^r mad yiyiuks ov men: 
and d^r be yi^nuks, hwi^ hav mad 
demselvz yi^nuks far & kipdom 
ov hevenz sak. H^ dat iz abl tu 
yas^v [itl let him res^v [it]. 

13. t^Sen w^r d^r bret untu 
him litl .^Idren, dat he Jud put 
[hiz] handz on dem,4md ym; imd 
de disjplz reb^kt dem. 

14. But Jezus sed, Sufer litl 
^IdreSy and forbid dem-not^ tu 
kam untu me: fer-ov suq iz de 
kii)dom ov heven. 

15» And he lad [hiz] handz on 
dam, and departed dens. 

16. ^ And, behold, vmn kam 
aind sed untu him, Gud Master, 
Ihwot gud tip Jal4 dco, dat i ma 
hav et^nal lif . 

17. And he sed imtu Kim^ 
%Rwi kelest dv me gud; [d%r iz] 
nun gud bitt wun, [dat iz], God: 
but if dv wilt enter intu 1 jf, kep 
de komdndments. 

18. He aet untu him, ) Hwiq. 

Jesua aad, a« |alt dc»JM»mnid«rJand Jal inheri^avarlpitig 1^.- 

Ex Jalt not komft adulteri, ^ 

fait iK>t stel, Sis Jalt not Ixir feU 

19. Onor «i fqder and [dj] 
muder: and, 3lS Jalt luv d^ nabor 
az d^selt. 

20. cie yu9 man set untu him, 
81 dez tif^z hav i kept from mi 
ycbt up: ^Hwot lak i jet. 

21. Jezus sed untu him. If dir 
wilt jbe p^rfekt, go [and] sel dat 
d9 hast, and giv tu de p<nr, and. 
dv Jalt hav tresynr in heven: and 
kum [and] folo me^ 

22. But hwen de yun man h^d^ 
d4t sai^ he went awa sdroful: 
for he had grat pozejonz. , 

23. ^3!en sed Jezup untu hiz 
disjplz, Verili i sa untu 7«>, Sat 
a ri<3 man Jal hqrdU enter intu 
de ki{)dom ov heven. 

24. And agen { sa untu jc^ It 
iz ezier for a kamel tu go troD de 
I ov a nedl, dan for a ng man tu 
enter intu de kii)dom ov God. 

25. Hwen hiz dis^plz h^rd fit], 
da w^ eksedi^i amazd, saiQ,. 
<3 Ho den kan be savd. 

26. But Jezus beheld [dem], 
and sed untu dem, Wid men die 
iz imposibl; but wid God el tigz 
cir posibl. 

27. ^cCen anserd Peter and 
sed untu him. Behold, we bar 
forsaken el, and folod di; ?hwot 
Jal we hav di^rfor. 

28. And Jezus sed untu deo)^ 
Verili I sa untu jc^^ Hat ye hwiq 
hav folod me» in de rejenexajoa 
hwen de Sun ov man Jal sit in da 
Iron ov hiz glori, ye also Jal sit 
ui)<Sn twelv tronz, jujij) de twelv 
tqbz ov 'IzmeL 

29. And everi wun dat hot for* 
saken hvzez, to bredren, er sis* 
terz, er f qider, er muder, er w^f, er 
gildren, er landz, fer, m^ namz 
sak, Jal res^v an hundredfold^ 

-;^ - 



lae last; aad de lost [ Jal be] ff rsi. 


1. For de kiDdom oy heven iz 
14k untu a mail [dftt iz] an hvs- 
liolder, kwiq went vt f rli in de 
xAami^.tu klr kiborerz intu hiz 

2. And hwen lie had agr^ wid 
de laborerz fer a peni a da, he 
mett dem intu hiz vinyard. 

dr. And he went Tst ab^t de 
t^rd STf and se uderz standi]) jdl 
in de mfirket^plas. 

4. And sed untu dem : Go ye 
elso intu de vinyard, and hwot- 
8<devor iz qt j wil giv yoo. And 
da went di^r wa. 

5. Agen he went Yt ab^t (kt 
mkst and n^nt vr, and did Ijkwiz. 

6. .Aiid abit de elevent sr he 
went vt and fvnd uderz standi^ 
4dl, and set untu dem, ^Hwj 
stand ye her el de da |dl. 

^ 7» 3a sa untu him, Bek^z no 
man hat h^rd us. He set untu 
dem, Q& ye elso intu de vinyard; 
aad hwotsoever i2 rit, [dat] Jal 
ye resiv. 

B. B<^ hwen even woz kum, de 
l«(d OY de Yinyord set untu hiz 
stqard, Kel de laborerz, and giv 
dem [dsir] h^r, beginin from de 
laet untu de f ^rst^ 

9. And hwen da kam dat 
[wer hjrd] abiH de el^Yent vr, da 
zca^Yd eYeri man a peni. 

10. But hwen de i^rst kam, da 
BUpozd dat da Jud hav res^Yd 
mor; and da likw^z res^Yd eYeri 
man a penL 

11. And hwen da had res^Yd 
[it], da murmutd agenst de gud 
man oy de hvs, 

12. SaiD, (lez last haY ret [but] 
vun vr, imd dy hast mad dem 
akwal tttttu na, hwig haY bem de 
tevdea aod loiet oy de da. 

IS. Buthe'cmeeidwuiovdem^. 
and sed, Frend, } da» d^ no 109; 
^ didst not ds agri wid me fer a 

14. Tak [dat] din [iz], and go 
di wa: i wil giY untu dis loet» 
even az untu & 

15. S Iz it not leful fer me tu 
da» hwot I wil wid mp on. lis 
djn i eYil, bek^z i am gud. 

16. So de lost Jal be f^t, and 
de f ^rst lost: fer meni be keld, bat 
f i| qozen. 

17. ^And Jezua govQ up tu' 
Jere>z^em tuk de twelY disii^ 
apcirt in de wa, and sed untu dem, ' 

18. Behold we go up tu JercD-^ 
zalcm; and de Sun oy man Jal be . 
betrdd untu de gef iMrests and un« 
tu de skr^bz, and da Jal kondem - 
him tu det, 

19. And Jal deliver him tu da^ 
Jentjlz tu mok, and tu skuij, aikl - 
tu krosifi [him]; and de t^ da 
he Jal ipa agen. 

20. IT Sen kam tu him de 
muder ov Zebedez gildren wid 
h^r sunz, wurjipi)) [him], and de» 
zirig Q s^rten tif) ov him. 

21. And he sed untu h^ 
^ Hwot wilt dv. £e set untu him. 
Grant dat dez m^ ta> sunz ma sit, 
de wun on dj r|t hand, and da 
udet on di left, in d^ ki|)dom. 

22. But Jezus anserd and sed, 
Te no not hwot ye ask. i Hr ye 
abl tu drixjlk ov de kfip dat i Jal 
drigk OY, and tu be bap^zd wid de 
baptizm dat i am baptjzd wid. 
Sa sa untu him, We qr abl* * 

23. And he set untu dem, Yb 
Jal dri{)k ind^ ov m; kup, and be 
bapt^zd wid de baptizm dat i am 
baptjzd wid: but tu sit on mj ijit 
hand, and on m^ left, iz not min 
tu giv, but [it Jal be given tu 
dem] fer houn it iz prep^rd ov mj^ 



di w^r n^Ktd wtt indigna Jon 

^25. But Jeflu» keld d«iii [uTktu 
him], and sed, Te no dat de prin^ 
ME OT de Jeatits eksersis domin- 
yofi €>T«r deoiy and dd &ft c|r grat 
eksersiz etoriti up6ii dem. 

26. But it Jal not be so am^ 
7a: bnt hA»oev«P wil be grat 
amdo ya, ^^ ^^ ^ 7<^' ininistar; 

27. And hcMO^^'^r wil be ^ef 
a»i^9 7«S ^^ ^^ ^ 7^1^ s^rva&t: 

28. Cven az de Sun ov man 
Iei^ not tuL be ministerd untu, 
bst tu minister, and tia giv hiz 
Ijf a ransom fer meni. 

29^ If And az da departed from 
Jeriko, a grat multltiid fok»d bim. 

80. And^ bebcVld, ta> b1|nd man 
^9^b{ de wa aid, hveu da hfrd 
<!b^ Jezns past b|, kr|d vt, saiD, 
9av m^rsi en ns^ e Lerd, [dv] 
l^n ov David. 

81. And de multitq,d reb^kt 
dem, bek4z da Jud hold d^r pes: 
bttt da kr^d de mor, sai^, Hay 
m^rsi on nsy o Lord, [d^] San ov 

3^. And Jezna atud ati1» and 
keldi dam, and sed, 9Hwot wil ;^e 
dat j |ftt €t«> nntUL yoi. 

33. 3a sa nntu kim, Lord, dat 
tr ii ma be opend. 

^. So Jezus bad kompafon 
[on dem], and tn^t d|r }<: and 
ilnedietli di^r \z resi^vd s^t, and da 
f olod htm/« 

eAPTER 21. 

1. And hwen da Aim n} »ntu 
Jerotfalem, and w^r knm tu Bat- 
foje^ nntu de mant ov Oliva, don 
sent Jeans ta» disiplz, 

2. Sain untu dem, Oo intu de 
vile) over agenst )r<n, and stmtwa 
ye jfal f^nd an q^ tjd, and a kolt 
vid b^: IflM [dem], and brip 
[deml until me. 

iW tad S «iil (wft] ««l Witt 

y«, ya fal sa, BJB Jjbt^ bai'ned^T 
dem; andstratwaiie vil aanddem. . 

4. Gl dis wo^ duQ, 4^ti it m^t be 
fulfild hwiQ woz spoken bi de 
pioEet, saii)^ 

& Tel jt de dater ov Z|on, 
Babold, ^ Kig knmel ontu di, . 
mek, and sittg ttp6n an q;i, and « 
kolt de fol ov an qjs. [Zek. 9: 9,1 

6. And de dis^piz want^ and 
did aa Jessna komdnded dem. 

7. And bret da q/B, and de kolt^ 
and put on dam d^r klodz, a&d 
da let [bim] d^rdn. 

8. And a veti grat m«iltiiHd 
spred d^F gqnna&ta in de wa; 
udevz knt dan branqez ftiam da 
tree, and ^trxnd [dem] in de wa. 

9. And de multiti^d^ dat want 
befor, and dat folod, kr|d, sam 
Hos4na tu da Snn ov David: 
Biased [iz] be dat k«metin de 
nam ov da Lord: Hoxina in da 
blast . 

10. And bwen be woa kmn in* 
tu Janbzalam, al de siti woa 
m«»vd, sai^ ^Heiz dis« 

11. And de maltitiMt sad, Ois 
ia ^ea«B da profet ov Naaaret ocr 

12. IT And Jeis«0 weftt JHtude 
tempi ov God, and k<ist vtel daaa 
dat sold and bat in de tempi, and 
OverM da tablz 4>v de mnni. 
Qanjerz, and de aets ov daaii daft 
sold dvva, 

13. And sed untu A^ia^ It is 
riten, Mj, kas |al be kold da h«a 
ov mr [fe^ SiB: 7;J but ye bar 
mad it a den ov lava. 

14. And de bli^d and da km 
kam tu bim in & tem{d; and hit- 
beld dam. 

15. And kwan da qd pteato aad 
skribz se de wnnderful ti^ daft. 
he did, and de ^Idran krii^ in. da 
tempi, and sai^ Ho^iaa tu da 
Sun ov David; da war a«r di»» 



10. And sed untu him, ^Mer- 
est (jhr hwot dez aa. And Jezus 
set untu dem, Ya; ^ har ye never 
red, 'S^t ov de m^ ov habz and 
sukligz &s host p^rfekted praz. 
ISam 8: 2.] 

17. T And he left dem, and 
went zt ov de siti intu Betani; 
and he Iqjd d^r. 

16. K? in de memii) az he re- 
tiimd intu de siti, he hupgerd. 

19. And hwen he se a fig-tre in 
de wa, he kam tu it, and f^nd 
hoMq d^r6n, but levz c$nli, and 
sed untu it^ Let no frcDt gro on 
d^ hens-ferward fer ever. And 
prezentli de fig-tre widerd awa. 

20. And hwen de dis^plz se [it], 
da mcirveld, saip, H^ s<Dn iz de 
fig-tre widerd awa! 

21. Jezns anserd and sed nntu 
dem, Verili i sa untu yo), If ye 
hay fat, and d^t not, ye Jal not 
onli da> dis [hmq iz dun] tu de 
fig-tre, but elso if ye Jal sa untu 
dis mvnten, Be dzr remcbvd, and 
be dv kast intu de se; it Jal be dun. 

22. And el tigz, hwotsoever ye 
Jal ask in pr^r, belevii), ye Jal resev. 

23. ^And hwen he woz ktiai 
intu de tempi, de ^ef prests and 
de elderz ov de pepl kam untu 
Mm az he woz te^i^, and sed, 
HBj hwot etoriti da>est dy dcz 
ti^; and ^hto gav 6i, dis etoriti. 

24 And Jezus anserd and sed 
untu dem, 9& elso wil ask ya> wun 
ii^, hwi^ if ye tel me, i in l^k wjz 
wil tel yo) bj hwot etoriti j dc& 
dez tipz. 

25. 3.B baptizm ov Jon, ^hwens 
woz it ; ^ from heven, er ov men. 
And da rezond wid dems^lvz, sa- 
in, If we Jal sa, From heven; he 
wil sa untu us, Shwi did ye not 
den beUv him. 

26. But if we Jal sa, Ov nien; 
we fer de pepl; fer el hold Jon 
az a prof et. 


27. And da anserd Jezus^ and 
sed, We kan not tel. And he 
sed untu dem, Neder tel ^ ya> b^ 
hwot etoriti i do) dez ti|[)Z. 

28. iBut 'Jhwot tigk ye. d 
[s^rten] man had tco sunz; and he 
kam tu de f^rst, and sed, Sun, go 
wurk tudd in mj vinyard. 

29. He anserd and sed, ^ vrfL 
not: but afterward he repented^ 
and went. 

30. And he kam tu de sekond, 
and sed l^kw^z. And he anserd 
and sed, ^ [go], ser: and went not. 

31. SHweder ov dem twan did 
de wil ov [hiz ] f qder. Ha. sa untu 
him, G!e ferst. Jezus set untu 
dem, Verili j sa untu yO), Sat &B 
publikanz and de hq^lots go intu 
de kiijdom ov God tef6r yo). 

32. Fer Jon kam untu ya> in 
de wa ov rjtyusnes, and ye bel^d 
him not: butde publikanz and de 
hqrlots bcUvd him: and ye, hwen 
ye had sen [it], repented not af- 
terward dat ye mjt beUv him. 

33. TfHer aniider parabl: S^T 
woz a s^rten h^s-holder, hwiq 
planted a vinyard, and hejd it 
rynd ab^, and digd a wjnpres in 
it^ and bilt a tver, and let it vt tis 
huzbandmen, and went intu a 
f cir kuntri : 

34. And hwen de tjm ov de frcnt 
dra>' ner, he sent hiz servants tu de 
huzbandmen, dat da m^t resiv da 
fra>ts ov it. 

35.. And de huzbandmen tuk 
hiz servants, and bet wun, and 
kild andder, and stond andder. 

36. Agen, he sent uder servants 
mor dan de ferst: and da did untu 
dem Ijkwiz. 

37. But last ov el he sent untu 
dem hiz sun, sail), 3awilreverens 
mj sun. 

38. But hw^en de huzbandmen 
se de sun, da sed amiip demselvz, 
<Iis iz de 4n l^^un, let us kil him. 


sad M us ses OB hiz iQlieritaii8.iwent d^r waz, wan ki hiz iqjrzn, 

39. And da ket him, and kaetjandder tu hiz m^rqandiz: 

[him] 9i or (fe vinyard, and Bhi\ 6. And de remnant tuik hiz s^t- 
him.] iTants, and entreted [dem] sp^tfuy, 

40. Hwen de lerd dn^ifor <nr dp and slq [dem.] 

Tinyard knmeft, S hwot ivil he da 
vntudoz husbandmen. 
41. SEa aa nntu him, Hs wU 

7. But hwen dc kip herd [dsp^ 
he woz T^t: and he sent fe>ii hiz 
qrmiz, and destfM 6b&z muider- 

Biizerabti destr^ doz wiked men, |erz, and burnt up ds^r ^ti. 
ttOMl wil let "St [his] vinyord untuj . 8. Sen set he tu hiz serv^ants, 
nder hnzbandmen, hwig Jal ren-jfle wediD ^^ redi,but da hwig w^ 
der him de frcois in d^r sezonz. biden wer not vrurdi. 

42. Jesus set untu dem, ^Did 

9. Gro ye di^rfor intu de h^ was. 

js never red in de skriptyiirz, 3e and az meni as ye JaL fjnd, lad tu 
Hton hwiq de bilderz rejekted, Az^dz marij. 

earn is bekdm de bed ov de keraaf: { 10. SkD doz servants went igt in- 
dis is de Lardz dcDig, and it is mcir- ■ tu de hj wa z, and gaderd tugeder 
veins in vriz. [Sq;m 118: 22,23.]! el az meni az da f^nd^bcdt bad 
43. 3:|rfor sa i untu ja^ Sejand gud: and de wedii) wo2 fur« 
ki{)dom OY Grod J^ be taken fromlnijt %vid gests. 

T(D, and given tu a najon bnpii) 
l&tt de fr<DtB dqr^Sf . 

44. And hiftSQ^ver Jal fel on 
dis stem Jai be broken: but on 
hmmaoever it Jal fel, it wil gr^nd 
him tu pvder. 

45. And hwen de gel prests and 

11 IT And hwen de kip kam in 
tu se de gests, he so d^r a man 
bwiq had not on a wedi:9gc|Tment: 

12. And he set untu him, Frend, 
ihv kamest d^ in hidernot havip 
a wedii) gqnnent. And he woz 

Farisez had h^ hiz paraUz, daj 13. Sen sed de kip tu de a^r- 
pers^vd dat he spak ov dem. jyants, B{nd him hand and fut^ 
46. But hwendasettulahandz^aad tak him a\Ta, and kast [him] 
enhimjdaferdde multitq^d, bek^zjintu vter dq^rknes; diir Jal be wep- 
da tuk hian far a profet. |ig and na/ip ov tell. 

t^Al'lJsU AA. j[qr]Q<Dzen. 

1. And Jezus anserd and spak [ ' 15. ^Hen went de Faiisez, and 
vntu dem agen bj paraUz, and aed, i tuk k vnsel hv da nqt ent&^l him 

2. Se kigdom ov heven is l^kiin [hiz] tek. 

nntu a s^rten kvQ, hwig mad a | 16. And 6a. sent 7t untu him 
marij for hiz sun, I di^r disjplz wid de Hrrodianz, saip, 

3. And sent fort hiz servants 'Master, we no dat drr qtrt tra>, and 
tu kol dem dat w^r biden tu delte^est de wa ov €k)d xntra>t, neder 
wedii): and da wud not kum. ik^rest &s for eni [man]: fer dv 

4. Agen, he sent fort nder s^r-'r^^tirdest not de person ov mei^ 
Tsnts, saip, Tel dem hmq qr biden, | 17. Tel us di^rf or, 9 Hwot ti|)k- 
Behold, i hav prep4i^ ^i diner:] est da; ^Iz it leful tu giv tabyi^t 
mi oksen and [mj] fatligz [q,r] untu Sezar, or not. 

kild, and el ti|)z [qjc] redi: kum 
antu de marij. 

& Baft da mad Ut ov [it], aad|[ye] hipokrits. 

18. But Jezus perslvd d^r wik- 
ednes, and sed, ^Hw^ temt ye nu^ 

«KK$P«L QV XA&li 

19^ Sa mr 6e Mbjtit mnni. 
And da bret untu him a penL 

20. And ke set untia diem, 'iHa^z 
|iz] dis imej and siipeFskripJcm. 

21;. 3a 8ft untu him, Sezorz. 
<3^en set he unUii dem. Render 
dq^rfor u&tu SezaF dc tigz hwiq 
cp: Sezarz; and untia God de tii^ 
dat qx Godz. 

22. Hwen da had h^rd [dez 
'wurdz], da mq^veld^ and left him, 
and went d^r wa* 

23. ^(le sam da kam tu him 
de S^djiisftz, hwi^ sa dat d^r iz 
ncx rezurekjon^ and askt him, 

24.,Sai{K Master, Mesez sed, 
If a maa c^ havig no ^ildren, hiz 
bruder J[al mari hiz w^f, and raz up 
sed untu hiz bruder. [Dqt. 25: 5>] 

25. iN^Y d^r w^r vid as seyen 
bredren: and da f^rst, hwen he had 
zoarid a wjf,.des^ and, havi^ no 
ijy^i l«^t hiz ^ni untu hiz brudef: 

20. Lilcw^z de aekond elso^ and 
da terd, untu de sevent. 

27. And last ov el da wioman 
djd elsoL 

28. S^sffica in dB rezorekjon 
?h<i»z w^f Jal Ja; be OY da seven; 
for da el had h^r, 

29. Je2us anserd and sed untu 
dem, Ys d(»^, not noig de skript* 
yi{r3,.nar de puer or God. 

30. Fer in de rezurekjon da ne- 
der man, ner <ir giren in marij^ but 
q,r az de anjelz ov God in heven. 

31. But az tu^ig de rezurekjon 
or de ded,. ihav ya not red dat 
hwi^ wo2 spoken untu jnao b^ 
God, saip, 

32. $ am <te God ov abraham, 
and da God ov $zak, and de God 
ov Jakob. [Eks. 3: 6.] God iz not 
de God ov de ded, but ov de livi^. 

33. And hwen de muHitiid b^rd 
£dis], da w^r astonijt at hiv doktrin. 

34h ^But hwen de Farias had 
h^rd dat he had put de Sadyi^ez 
faL8|tona, 4i yffs gadosd tugeder. 

35) clen wtoi ot iem, fhwiQ 
woz] a leyer, oskt [him a kwa^ 
yon], temti^ him, and sai^ 

36. Master, ihwiq [iz] de gait 
komdndment leu 

37. Jezua sed untu him, 9Ev 
Jalt luv de I^rd d| God vid ^ ^ 
hq,r^ and wid el d[ sol, and wtft 
el dj mjnd. 

38. ciis iz da f^rat and grat 

39. And de sekond [iz] ^k un*- 
tu it, (£7 Jalt lu^ ^nabor az d^aelf. 

40. On dB£ ta> komdndmenti 
hag el de le and de profets. 

4rl» f^Hwjl dSR Fanaez w$r gad- 
erd tugeder,. Jezua oskt diem, 

42. Sail), SHwot ti^k ya or 
Kr^st^ f h«DZ Sim iz h& 3a. in « 
antu him, [QEe sun] ov Bsnd. 

43. He set untu dem, ^ Hv den 
dot David in spirit kel him Lot^ 

44. 3!e Itord sod untu mj Lerd^ 
Sit dv on mi r^t haxtd, til i mak d|a 
enemiz dj futsto)!. [Sqm HO: £] 

45. If David denkel him Lard, 
i hv i2 he hiz sun. 

46. And no man woz abl ta 
onaer him a wmrd, neder dtirat 
eni [man] from dat da fort ask 
him eni mor [kwestyonz.] 

€APTER 23. 

1. Sen spak Jezus tu ds muL* 
titled, and tu hiz dis^plz, 

2. Saip, (le skrjbz and da Faii«» 
sez sit in Mozez set: 

3. 81 dqrf or hwotsoever da bid 
ycD) obz^rv, [dat] obz^rv and d<»; 
but da> not ye cdEter dq,r wuikat 
fer da sa, and din not 

4. Fer da b^nd hevi burdenz 
and grevua tu ba bom, and ht 

fdem]. on menz Jolderz; but da; 
demselvz} wil not mcDV dam. wid 
wun ov d^r iiggtn. 

5. But el d^r wurka da dia far 
tu be sen ov men: da mak b^pdi 


6^T filakteriz, and enlqrj de ber- 
•ders oy (t^r gq^rments, 

6. And luT <fe upermoet ra>mz at 
festSi and de qef sets in d& sinagogz, 

7. And gretigz in de mctrkets, 
snd ta be keld ov men, Rab^, Rabj. 

8« Bmt be not ye keld Rabj: fer 
vun iz y<Dr Master, [even] Kr^st; 
and el ye qr bredren. 

9. And kel no [man] ya>r fqder 
up6n de §rt: fer wun iz ya>r Fqder, 
hwiq iz in beveni. 

10. Neder be ye keld masterz: 
ler wun iz your Master, [even] 
Krjst. . 

- 11. But be dat iz gratest amdi) 
ya> Jal be ya>r servant. 

12. And lu&soever Jal egz41t 
bimself Jal be abdst: and be dat 
Jal bumbl bimself Jal be egzelted. 

13. ^But wo until ya>, skqbz 
and Farisez, bipokrits ! fer ye Jut 
up de ki^dom ov beven agenst 
men: fer ye neder go in [ya>r- 
sHvz], neder sufer ye dem &, qx 
enteriD tu go in. 

. 14. Wo untu yo), skrjbz and 
Farisez, bipokrits! fer ye dev^r 
widoz b^zez, and for a pretens 
mak log prs^r; d^rfor ye Jal res^v 
de grater damnajon. 

15. Wo untm yoo, skrjbz and 
Faxisez, bipokrits ! far ye kumpas 
se and land tm mak wun prdseljt, 
and bwen be iz mad, ya> niak 
bim tenfold mor de ^Jld ov bel 
dan yo^rselvz. 

16. Wo untu yctt, [ye] bljnd 
gldz, bwiq sa, Ha>soever Jal sw^r 
bi de tempi, it iz noiiii); but ba>so- 
ever Jal sw^r bj de gold ov de 
tempi, be iz a detor! 

17. [Ye] fa)lz and blpd: fer 
H bweder iz grater, de gold, er de 
tempi dat sa^ktifjet de gold. 

18. And, HxDSoever Jal sw^r bj 
de eltar, it iz notig; but ha>soever 
sw^ret' b| de gift dat iz up6n it, be 
ik gilti. 

19. [Ye] fcDkafid blJnd: fer 
^bweder [iz] grater, de gift^ er de 
eltar dat sd^ktifiet de gift 

20. Htioso d^rior Jal swqr bj de 
eltar, swf[re() bj it, and b{ el ti{^ 

21. And haaa Jal sw^r hi de 
tempi, swj^ret bj it^ and bj bim 
dat dwelet d^rin. 

22. And be dat Jal sw^r Ij 
beven, sw^red bj de tron ov God, 
and bj bim dat sitet d2ir6n. 

23. Wo untu y<D, 8kr[bz and 
Farieez, bipokrits I fer ye pa tjd 
ov mint and anis and kumin, and 
bav omited de watier [materz] ov 
de le, jujment, m^rsi, and fat: dez 
et ye tu bav dun, and tiot tu lev 
de uder undun. 

24. [Ye] bljnd gjdz, bwiQ stran 
at a nat, and swolo a kamM. 

25. Wo untu yo), skrjbz and 
Farisez, bipokrits ! fer ye mak 
klen de Ytsjd ov de kup and ov dz 
plater, but widin da cyr ful ov 
eksterjon and ekses. 

26. [33] bljnd Farisc, klenz 
f^rst dat [hwi^ iz] widin de kup 
and plater, dat de ytsjd ov dem 
ma be klen elso* 

27. Wo untu y<!>, skrjbz and 
Farisez, bipokrits ! fer ye qr Ijk 
untu bwjted sepulkerz, bwi^ in- 
d^d ap^r biitiful ^tward, but cyr 
widin ful ov ded [menz] bonz, 
and ov el unklennes. 

28. £ven so ye elso 'stwardli 
apir rjtyus untu men, but widin 
ye qr. ful ov bipokrisi and in- 

29. Wo untu yd), skrjbz and 
Farisez, bipokrits ! bek^z ye bild 
de ta)mz ov de profets, and g<imij 
de sepulkerz ov de rjtyus, 

30. And sa. If we bad bin in 
de daz ov yr f qderz, we wud not 
bav bin partakerz wid dem in de 
blud ov de profets. 

31. Hwi^rfor ye be witneses 


uotu. yflsffBelvi, di,t ye cir de qiI- 
dren ov dem hwiq kild de profets. 

32: Fil ye up den de megyiir 
ov ya>r f ctderz. 

33i- [Yc] serpents, [yc] jenera- 
Jon ov viperz, S hir kan ye eskap 
6b damDafon ov hel. 

34. ^Hwi(rf€>r, behold^ i send 
until y(D profets, and w^z men, and 
skribz: and [snm] ov dem ye Jal 
kil and krcDsifi; and [sum] ov dem 
Jal ye skurj in ya>r sinagogz, and 
p^rsekiit [dem] from siti tu. siti: 

35. £[at up6n ya> ma kum el de 
i^tyus bind Jed up<Sn de ^rft, from 
de blud ov rjtyus Jlbel untu de 
blud ov Zakarjas sun ov Barakjas, 
hcom ye slxi betw^u de tempi and 
de eltar. 

36. Verili j sa untu ya>, ©1 dez 
ti^z Jal kum upon dis jenerajon. 

37. Q Jeroozalem, Jermzalem, 
[dv] dat kilest de profetn, and 
atonest dem hwiq qr sent untu 
dz^ h'y ofen wud i hav gaderd dj 
Qildren tugedor, even az a ben 
gaderet h^r qikenz imder [li^r] 
wigz, and ye wiid not ! 

38. Behold, ya>r h^s iz left 
tintu ya> d^solet 

, 39. For I sa untu yo, Ye Jal 
not se me hensfort, til ye Jal sa, 
Blesed [iz] he dat kumei in de 
nam ov de Lord. 


1. And Jezus went i^t, and de- 
ported from de tempi: and hiz 
disjplz kam tu [him] fer tu Jo 
him de bildipz ov de tempi. 

2. And Jezus sed untu dem, 
? Se ye not el dez ti^z. Verili i sa 
untu yo)| cli^r Jal not be left her 
wun ston up6n aadder, dat Jal not 
be iron d^n. 

3. ^Andaz he sat up6n dement 
ov Olivzy de dis|plz kam untu him 
p9r|fetli, sm^ Tel us, Ihwen Jal 
dez ii^z be^ and ? hwot [Jal be] de 

sin ov di kum!^ and ov ds end or 
& wurld. 

4. And Jezus anserd and sed 
untu dem, Tak hed dat no man 
desev ycD. 

5. Fer meni Jal kum in mj nam, 
saiD, $ am Erjst ; and Jal de&ir 

6. And ye Jal her ov werz and 
rcDmorz ov werz : se dat ye be not 
trubld : fer el [dez tigz] must 
kum tu pas, but de end iz not yet. 

7. Fer najon Jal riz agenst na- 
Jon, and kigdom agenst ki{)dom: 
and d^r Jal be faminz, and pesti- 
lensez, and ^rtkwaks, in djverz 

8. Gl dez [qr] de beglni;) ov 

9. aCen Jal da deliver ja> up tu 
be aflikted, and Jal kil yco: and ye 
Jal be hated ov el najonz fer m^ 
uamz sak. 

10. And den fal meni be ofend- 
ed, and Jal betra wun andder, and 
Jal hat wun aniider. 

11. And meni fels profets Jal 
rjz, and Jal des^v meni. 

12. And bek6z inikwiti Jal 
abni^-nd, de luv ov meni Jal waks 

13. But he dat Jal endi),r untu 
de end, de sam Jul be savd. 

14. And dis gospel ov de kip- 
dom Jal be preqt in el de wurld 
fer a witnes untu el najonz; and 
den Jal de end kum. 

15. Hwen ye d^rfor Jal se de 
abominajon ov desolajon, spoken 
ov bj Danyel de profet, [Dan. 9; 
27; 12: 11], stand in de holi plas, 
(h<DSO redet, let him understand:) 

16. 3en let dem hwiq be in 
Ji^dea fie intu de m^ntenz: 

17. Let him hwiq iz on de h^s- 
top not kum d^n tu tak enitip vt 
ov hiz h'zrs: 

18. Neder let him hwlQ iz in da 
f dd retilurn bak tu tak biz klodz« 

GosnzL trv kckc 

'• And '^wo ' uotia. denn dst <ir 
wid Q^ld, and tu dem dat gir euk 
in doz daz ! 

.20. But pra ye dat yao* fl4t be 
not in de winter, neder on de sab- 
lift da: 

21. Fer den Jal be grat tribyi^,- 
lajon, suQ az woz not sins de be- 
gf ni;y ov de wurld tu dis tjm, no, 
ner ever Jal be. 

22. And eksept d<Dz daz Jud be 

fcrtend, di^r fud no flej be «avd: 
t for de elekts sak doz daz Jal 
be Jertend. 

23. 3en if eni man Jal sa nntu 
ra^ Lo, her [ie] Kiist, er d^r; be- 
liv [it] not 

24. For 6i\T Jal arjzfels Kr{8ts, 
and fels profets, and Jal Jo grat 
i{nz and wander z; insomiiis ^^' 
if [it v^r] posibl, da Jal desev de 
t'eri elekt 

25. Behold I hav told ya> bcfor. 

26. Hw^rfor if da Jal sa untu 
fm^ Behold, he iz in de dezert; go 
not fort: Behold, [he iz] in de 
tekret qamberz; bel^v [it] not. 

27. For az de l{tniQ kumet vt 
ov de est, and Jjnet even untu de 
west; so Jal elso de kumlg ov 
de Sun ov man be. 

28. Fer hwqrsoeverde kqrkas iz, 
d^r wil de eglz be gaderd tu- 

29. irlni«dietli after de tribyn- 
lajon ov doz daz Jal de sun be 
dqrkend, and de m<»n fal not giv 
h^r Ijt, and de stqrz Jalfel from 
keven, and de pverz ov de heveoz 
Jal be Jaken: 

30. And den Jal ap^r de sjn ov 
de Sun ov man in heven: and den 
Jal ftl de tr|bz ov de «rt morn, and 
da Jal se de Sun ov man kumii) in 
de kl'vdz ov heven wid pver and 
gmt glori. 

31. And he Jal send hiz anjelz 
wid a gnit svttd ev a trumpet, and 
da ^^tfder teg^is^laz eWkl fMooiao 

de for winds, 'xfDmi imi^enjutyT 
heven tu de uder. 

32. Nv i^m a ponM ov de £g- 
tre; Hwen hiz brangiz jet tender, 
and putet fort levz, ye no dak 
sumer [iz] v^: 

33. So ljkw{z ye, hwen ye Jal 
se el dez ti^z, no dat it iz ner, 
[even] at dedorz. 

34. Verili i sa untu ya>, Sjs 
jenerajon Jal not pas, til el dez 
tigz be fulfild. 

36. Heven and ^rt Jal paa awd, 
but mj wurdz Jal not pas awa. 

36. HfBut ov dat da and vr noel 
no [man], no, not de anjelz ov 
heven, but mj Fq,der onli. 

37. But az de daz ov Koe 
[w^r], so Jal olso de kumtg ov de 
Sun ov man be. 

38. Fer az in de daz dat w^r be- 
for de find da w^ etig anddri^k- 
i^ marii|) and givii) in mari), until 
de da dat Noe enterd intu de qtk, 

30. And nil i^ot until deflud 
kam, and tuk dem ol awA; so Jal 
elso de kumii) ov deSun ov man b& 

40. clen Jal t<ft be in de f eld; ^ 
wun Jal be taken and de uder left 

41. To) [wimen Jal be] ^ndijg 
at de mil; de won Jal be taken, 
and de uder left 

42. WoQ dqrfor; fer ye no not 
hwot ^r ya)r Lerd dot kum. 

43. But no dis, dat if de gud 
man ov de h:i>s had non in hwot 
woQ de tef wud kum, he wud hav 
wo^t, and wud not-havsuferd haz 
h9s tu be broken 'up. 

44. 3^rfor be ye eisoredi: far 
in suQ an vraz yelif^k notde Sun 
ov man kumet. 

45. ^ HcD den iz a hatful and 
W{Z servant, h^m hiz Lerd hat 
mad ToAer over hiz hsahold, tu 
giv dem met in dii sezon. 

46. Blesed[iz] &t8^rvaixt^he)m 
hiz lerd hwen he kmoiit Jid '^pd 

47. Yerili i sa nntui y<D, 3at lie] 12. Bnt he onserd and sed, V w* 

J«d mak him rmler over el hiz gudz. 

48. Bnt aod if dat evil servant 
JbI bbl in hiz hq^-t, Hi lerd delaet 
mz knmip; 

49. And Jal begin tusm^t [hiz] 
felo«s^ryants, and tu et and dri^k 
wid de drunken; ** 

50. Se lerd or dat servant Jal 
ktim in a da hwen he liaket not 
far [him], and in an vr dat he iz 
not aw^r ov, 

51. And jal knt him asdnder, 
and ap^qt [him] hiz porjon wid 
de hipokrits: d^r Jal be wepii) and 
naji^ ov tet. 


• 1. Sen Jal de ki^dom ov heven 
be Ijkend nntia ten v^ijinz, hwiq 
tuk d^r lamps, and went fort tio^ 
met de bridgra>m. 

•2. And fjv ov dem w§r w^z, and 
fjv [w^r] fflolij. 

3. aa dat [w?r] fc&lij tuk dj^r 
lamps, and tuk no erl wid dem: 

4. But de wjz tuk ed in di^r 
▼eselz wid d^r lamps. 

5. Hwjl de bridgroDm tarid, da 
el slumberd and slept. 

6. And at midn jt di^r woz a ki^ 
xnad, Behold de br^dgriDm kumet; 
go ye "St tu met him. 

7. 3en ol doz v^rjinz aroz, and 
tnmd d^r lamps. 

8. And de fa)lij sed xtntu d& 
wjz, Giv us ov y<wr «rl; for zr 
lamps hav gon -st. 

9. But ^wjz anscrd, saip, [Not 
ma]; lestd^r be not entif t'er tis 
and ya: but p;o ye rader tu deii^' 
dat sel, and bj for yoDrselvz. 

ill i sa untu yoo, i no ya> not. 

13. Woe d^rf or, for ye no neder 
de da ner de ^nr hwi^iin de Sun or 
man kumet. 

14. ^¥eir [de kigdom ov heven 
iz] az a man travelif) intu a fctf 
kuntri, [ho)] keld hiz on servants, 
and deliverd untu dem hiz gudz. 

15. And untu wim he gav fjr 
talents, tu antiider to), and tu andd- 
er wun; tu everi man akerdi^ tu 
hiz several abiliti; and stratwa 
tuk hiz jumi. 

16. Sen he dat had res^vd de 
fjv talents went and traded wid 
de earn, and mad [dem] uder i^T 

17. And likwjz he dat [had re* 
s^vd] ta>, he elso gand iider t(D. 

. 18. But he dat had res^vd wun 
went and digd in de ^rt, and hid 
hiz lerdz muni. 

19. (Ifter a log tjm de lerd or 
doz servants kumet, and rekooeft 
wid dem. 

20. And so he dat had res^vd 
f^v talents kam and brat uder f^r 
talents, saig, Lerd, dv deliveredst 
untu me f jv talents : behold, i hav 
gand besjd dem fjv talents mor. 

21. Hiz lerd sed untu him, Wei 
dun, [d^] gud and fatful servant: 
&5 hast bin fatful over a fij, tipz, ^ 
wil mak di itDler over meni tipz: 
enter dy intu de jcr ov dj lerd. 

22. He elso dat had res^vd too 
talents kam and sed, Lord, dv de- 
liveredst untu me to talents: be- 
hold, i hav gand ta> uder talents 
besfd dem, 

, ^ ... ^ 23. Hiz lerd sed untu him, Wei 

10. And hwjl da went tu bj, ^ dun, gud and fatful servant; &s 

bftdgr<a>m kam: and da dat w^r 
redi went in wid him tu demarij : 
and de dor woz Jut 

11. Gf terward kam elso de uder 
v^ijmz, saip, Lerd, Lerd, open tu 


hast bin fatful over a fq, tigz, i 
wil mak de ra>ler over meni tigz; 
enter d? intu de jer ov d^ lerd. 

24. Sen he hwiq had resivd de 
wun talent kam and sed, Lerd, % 
wi d^ dat d^ %rt an hcptl man, 



xsplD hmp dv hast not son, and 
gtaenjQ hwi^r d^ hast not stroxl: 

25. And I woz afrad, and went 
and hid d^ talent in de ^rt: lo, 
[d^r] dy hast [dat iz] d^n. 

26. Hiz lord anserd and sed 
untu him, [cIk] wiked and slot- 
ful servant) dv n^est dat i rep 
hw^r i sod not^ and gader hw^r i 
havnot 8tra>d: 

27. Bis etest ds^rfor tu hav put 
mi muni tu de eksganjerz, and 
[dien] at mi kumig i Jud hav re- 
s^vd min on wid y^'^\\n. 

28. Tak d^rf or de talent from 
him, and giv [it] untu him hwiQ 
hat ten talents. 

29. For untu everi wun dat hat 
Jal be given, and he Jal hav abdn- 
dans: but from him dat hat not 

{al be taken awa even dat hwig 
ke hat. 

30. And kast ye de unprofitabl 
servant intu TSter dq,rknes: d^r Jal 
be wepif) and naji{) ov tet. 

31. i[Hwen de Sun ov man Jal 
kum in hiz glori, and el de holi 
anjelz wid him, den Jal he sit 
up<Sn de tron ov hiz glori: 

32. And befor him Jal be gad- 
erd el najonz : and he Jal separat 
dem wun from amider, az a Jep- 
erd dividet [hiz ] Jep from de gots: 

33. And he Jal set de Jep on 
hiz ijt hand, but de gots on de left. 

34. £[en Jal de Ei^ sa untu dem 
on hiz r^t hand, Kum, ye blesed 
ov mj Fqder, inherit de kipdom 
pr6p4rd fer ya from de f^ndajon 

35. Per i woz an hu^gerd, and 
ye gav me met: i woz t^rsti, and 
ye gav me drigk: i woz a stranjer, 
and ye tuk me in: 

36. Naked, and ye klodd me: 
I woz sik, and ye vizited me: i 
woz in pdzon, and ye kam untu 

37. Senjalderityosanserhim, 

sai^ Lerd, ^kwen set W8 d^.an 

hu^erd, and fed [dr], er t^rsti, 
and gav [de] dnQk. 

38. ^ Uwen se we di a stxanjer, 
and tuk [de] in, S er naked, and 
klodd [de], 

39. 6r ^ hwen se we de sik, er 
in prizou, and kam untu de. 

40. And de Ki^ Jal ans^r and 
sa untu dem, Yerili j sa untu yo, 
InazmuQ az ye hav dun [it] untu 
wun ov az lest ov dez mj bredren, 
ye hav dun [it] untu me. 

41. Sen Jal he sa elso untu dem left mind, Depart from mc, 
ye knrsed, intu everlastij) fjr, prc- 
p4rd for de devil and hiz anjelz: 

42. Fer j woz an hu^erd, and 
ye gav me no met: i woz Ih^rsti, 
and ye gav me no dri{)k: 

43. * woz a stranjer, and ye 
tuk me not in: naked and ye 
klodd me not: sik, and in prizou, 
and ye vizited me not 

44. <Ien Jal da elso anser him, 
ssLi^ Lerd, S hwen se we de an 
huggerd, er at§rst, er a stranjer, er 
naked, er sik, er in prizon, and 
did not minister untu de. 

45. clen Jal he anser dem, saip, 
Yerili i sa untu ycD, Inazmiig az 
ye did [it] not tu wun ov de lest 
ov dez, ye did [it] hot tu me. 

46. And dez Jal go awa intu 
everlastig punijment^ but de r^t- 
yus intu l^f et^maL 

€APTER 26. 

1. And it kam tu pas, hwen 
Jezus had finijt el dez Bai{)z, he 
sed untu hiz dis^plz, 
^2. Ye no dat after to) daz iz 
£de fest ov] de pdsover, and de 
Sun ov man iz betrad tu be kr<D- 

3. £[en asembld tugeder de qd 
prests, and de skr^bz, and de elderz 
ov de pepl, untu de pales ov de h} 
prest, h<& woz keld Kaafae. 



4. A&d koDsdlted dat da m^t 
tak Jezusbi sutilti^and kil [him.] 

5. But da sed, not ou da f est [da], 
lest dit^ ^ A° upror amuDde pepl. 

- 6. IfNif kwen Jezus woz in Bet- 
ani, in de h^s ov Simon de leper, 

7. Sa^r kam untu bim a wioman 
liayi^ an alabaster boks ov yeri 
prejus emtment, and pord [it] on 
liiz bed, az be sat [at met^ 

8. But hwen biz disjplz se 
[it], da bad indignajon, saif), STu 
h.wot )>urpus [iz] dis wast. 

9. Ferdiserntment mjt bay bin 
sold for muQ, and given tu de pa>r. 

10. Hwai Jezus undorstiod [it], 
he sed untu dem, *! bwj trnW ye 
de wuman; for Iz bat ret a gud 
lyurk up6n me. 

11. Fer ye bay de poor elwaz 
Yfidt 7<d; but me ye hav not elwaz. 

12. Fer in dat jfe bat pord dis 
emtment on m^ bodi, Je did [it] 
fer mi berial. 

13. Verili i sa untu ya>, Hw^r- 
S€>eyer dis gospel Jal be preqt in 
de bol wurld, [ds^r] Jal elso dis, 
dat dis wuman bat dun, be told 
fer a memiorial ov^ b^r. 

14. ir<Ien wuu ov de twel v, kold 
Ji|,das Iskariot^ went untu de ^ef 

15. And sed [untu dem], SHwot 
tvil ye giv me, and 4 wil deliver 
bim untu ya>. And da kiivenant- 
ed wid bim fer t^rti pesez o v silver. 

16. And from dat t^m be set 
oportiyiiti tu betrd bim. 

17. fN^ de f^rst [da] ov de 
[itsi ov] unlevend Iwred de dis^plz 
kam tu Jezus, saig untu bim, 
^Hwv ^It ^ ^a* w® prep4r fer 
di tu et de pdsover. 

18. And be sed, Go intu de 
siti tu su^ a man, and sa untu 
bim, 3e Master set, mi tim iz at 
band; i wil kep de pdsover at di 
h78 wid mi diaiplz. 

19. And dedifiiplz did as Jezus 

bad apmited dem ; and dft mftd 
redi de pdsover. 

20. N-^bwende even woz kum^ 
he sat dvn wid de twelv. 

21. And az da did et, be sed, 
Verili i sa untu yo), dat wun ov 
ya> Jal betrd me. 

22. And da w^r eksedi^ s6ro- 
ful, and began overi wun ov dem 
tu sa untu bim, Lerd, S Iz it i. 

23. And be anserd and sed, Hi 
dat dipet [biz] band wid me in 
de dij, de sam Jal betra me. 

24. cle Sun ov man goet az it 
iz riten ov bim: but wo untu dit 
man bi ba>m de Sun ov man iz 
betradl it bad bin gud fer dat 
man if be bad not bin bein. 

25. clen Ji^das, bwiq betrdd bim, 
aoserd and sed. Master, ^Iz it]^ 
He sed untu bim, (£9 bast sed. 

26. IF And az da w^r eti^ Jezus 
tuk bred, and blest [it], and brak 
[it], and gav [it] tu de disjplz, 
and sed, Tak, et; dis iz mi bodi. 

27. And be tuk de kup, and gav 
tfii|ks, and gav [it] tu dem, saig, 
I)ri|[)k ye el ov it; 

28. Fer dis iz mi blud ov denii 
testament, bwiq iz Jed fer meni fer 
de remijon ov sinz. 

29. Buti sa untu ya>, $ wil not 
dri|[)k benstort ov £s fra>t ov da 
vin, until dat da bwen i driq;)k it 
nil ^i^ 70^ ^^ ™i ^^<lderz kii)dom. 

30. ^And bwen da bad sup an 
bim, da went st intu de mvnt or 

31. Sen set Jezus untu dem, 
91 ye Jal be of ended bekez ov ma 
dis nit: fer it iz riten, $ wil smit 
de Jeperd, and de Jep ov de flok 
Jal beskaterd abred. [Zek. 13: 7.] 

32. But after i am rizen agen, 
i wil go befor ya> intu Galile. 

33. Peter anserd and sed untu 
bim, 3o el [men] Jal be ofended 
bekez ov dc, [yetj wil i never bs 

GoersL omufia. 

34. Jems sad tRitu bim, Verili 
I sa uDtu d^, 3at dis nit, befor de 
kok kro» <br fatt denj me trjs. 

35. Peter sed untu him, 3o| 
Jud d| ivid d^ yet wi! j not denj 
d^ Likw^B eiflo sed el de dis[pl2. 

36. t^clen kumet Jezus wid 
dem untta a plas keld Getsemane, 
and sell antu de dis^plz, Sit ye lier, 
hwil i go and pm yonder. 

37. And he tuk wid him Peter 
and de tcD sunz ov Zebede^ and 
begdn tu be s6rofiil and veri hevi. 

38. 3!en sel he iintu dwn, Mj 
sol iz eksedip s6rofiiiI, even untu 
det: tari ye her, and woq wid me. 

39. And he went a litl furder, 
and fel on hiz fas, and prad, sai;), 
O mj Fqder, if it be posibl, let dis 
klip pas from me: neverdeles not 
az i wil, but az d?r [wilt] 

40. And he kamet untu de dis- 
Iplz, and findet dem asl^p, and set 
untu Peter, ^Ilwot, Skud ye not 
wo^ wid me wun sr. 

41. Wo<3 and pre, dat ye enter 
pot intu temtajon: de sprit ind&d 
[iz] wilip, but de flej [iz] wek. 

42. He went awd agen de sekond 
tito, and prad, saip, CD mj Fqder, 
it dis kup ma not pas awcL from 
me, «ksept i drigk it, dj wll be dun. 

43. And he kam and fvnd dem 
aslep agen: fer d^r iz wi^r hevi. 

44. And he left dem, and went 
awd agen, and ynd de t^rd i^m, 
sai^ de sam wui^z. 

45. (leu kumet he tu hlz dis^- 
plz, and set untu-dem, Slepon ny, 
and tak [ycoif] rest: behold, de ^r 
iz at hand, and de Bun or man iz 
betrdd intu de handz ov sinerz. 

46. Biz, let usbegoii): behold, 
he iz at hand^t dot betra me. 

47. IT And hwjl he yet spak, lo, 
Jildas, wun ov de twelv, kam, and 
vid him a grat multitqd wid scmlz 
a&d Atayz, qd -prestB aad 
•Iderz OT de pepL 

48. Ktt he dst httaSA Iraa gtir 
dem a sin, sai^ Ha>msoever. | Jal 
kisy dat aam iz he: hold him fast 

49. And forlwit he kam tu 
Jezus, and sed, Hal, master; and 
kist him. 

50. And Jezus sed imtu him, 
Frend, ^ hwi^rf or qrt dv kum. 
3ien kam da, and lad hands on 
Jezus, and tuk him. 

51. in* And behold, wun or dem 
hwi^ w^r wid Jezus stre^ vt [hiz] 
hand, and dra> hiz sord, andstruk 
Q servant ov de hj prests, And suEiot 
of hiz er. 

52. clen sed Jezus untu him, 
Put up agen d^ sord intu hlz pkis: 
for el da dat tak i& sord Jal perij 
wid de sord. 

53. S Kigkest dv dat { kan not 
nv pra tu mj Fqder, and he Jal 
prezentli giv me mor dan-twelv 
lejonz ov anjelz. 

54. But ^ hv den Jal de skf^it- 
yiirz be fulfild, datdus it must be. 

55. In dat sam vr sed Jes^us tu 
de multititdz, S Hr ye kum vt az 
agenst a tef wid sordz and slava 
fer tu tak me. ^ satdali widym 
tegig in de temp], and ye la:d no 
hold on me. 

56. But el dis woz dun, dat de 
skriptyi|,rz ov de profets mitbe 
fulfild. (Ten el de disiplz fona^k 
him, and fled. 

57. lAnd da dat had WkL hold 
on Jezus led [him] «iwd tu Ka- 
afas de hj prest, hw^r de $|cril^ 
and de elders w^ os^mbld. 

58. But Peter f<^k>d hkn $^-^ 
untu de hi prests pales, and went 
in, and sat wid de s^vaats, tu se 
de end. 

59. 'Ns de gef prests, sad «U 
derz, and el de ksnsil, set f els wit- 
nes agenst Jezus, tu put him tu 

60. Butfvndnun: ya,«do«Hmi 
fete ^nteesee ^ktaski [yet] JvQ<14a 

tfdSFIGL or MABtL 

iftfru At (le Ittfit kffin ta» feb wit* 

61. And sed, Sis [felo] sed, ?B 
am iiW tu desti^ fte tempi ov €rod, 
and ta bild it in tfe daz. 

62. And de h| prest aroz, and 
8«d untu Mm, ^ Unserest dv notii); 
<ihwot fiz it hwi<j] dez witnes 
agenst as. 

63. But Jezus held hiz pes. And 
de hi prest anserd and sed untu 
him, * adjur di bj de liviu God, 
dnfe is tel US hweder dv be de Kr^st, 
de Sun ov God. 

64. Jezus set untu him, SE? 
hast sed: neverdel^s j sa untu ya>, 
fierafber Jal ye se de Sun ov man 
sitig on de r^t hand ov p^er, and 
kumiD in de kl^dz ov heven. 

•66. €[en de hi prest rent hiz 
klodz, sail), He hat spoken bl^ 
femi; Shwot furder ned hav we 
ov witnesez. Beh<»ld, nv yz hav 
h^rd hiz bl&sfemi. 

66. SHwottipkyc. Satinserd 
and sed. He iz gilti ov det. 

67. Hen did da spit in hiz fas, 
and bufeted him; and uderz smot 
[him] wid de pcimz ov d^r handz, 

68. Saij), Profesj untu us, &v 
"Sspitj ^ Ha> iz he dat smot d^. 

69. ^1^15 Peter sat wid^t in de 
pales: and a damzel kam untu 
him, saig, H? elso wost wid Jezus 
ov faille. 

^O. But he den{d befor [dem] 
e), flaiD, ^ no not hwot dv saest. 

71. And hwen he woz gon vt 
iatu de tKi>rQ, auMer [madj se 
him, {iAd sed untu dem dat w^ 
d^r. His [feto] woz elso wid Jezus 
or Nazerel. 

72. And Bgen he den(d wid an 
ot, ^ dco not no de man. 

76. And after a hwjl kam im> 
tu [him] da dat stud b{, and sed 
tu Peter, Sq,rH ds elso cert [wun] 
orv4eni: fer dj spe^ betraet d^. 

tu swi^r, [eaiD,] 9 do not (fe man. 
And imedietli de kok krdo. 

75. And Peter rememberd de 
wurd ov Jezus, hwi^ sed untu 
him, Befor de kok kro, &n Jalt de* 
n{ me tr^s. And he went vt and 
wept biterli. 


1. Hwen de memiD woz kum» 
el de Qef prests and elderz ov de 
pepl tuk kvnsel agenst Jezus tu 
put him tu deH: 

2. And hwen da had bvnd him, 
da led [him] awa, and deliverd 
him tu Pontius Pjlet, de guvemor. 

8. irHen Ji^das, hwi^ had betrad 
him, hwen h£ se dat he woz kon« 
demd, repented himself, and bret 
agen de t^rti pesez ov silver tude 
()ef prests and elderz, 

4. 8aip, $ hav sind, in dat i hav 
betrad inosent blud. And da sed, 
^ Hwot [iz dat] tu us. Be dv [tu 

5. And he kast d^n de pesez or 
silver in de -tempi, and depq,rted, 
and went and ha^ himself. 

6. And de ^ef prests tuk de 
silver pesez, and- sed. It iz not le- 
ful fer tu put dem intu de tres- 
yT^,r1, 49ek6z it iz de prjs ov Wud. 

7. And da tuk kvnsel, and bet 
wid dem de poterz feld, tu beri 
stranjerz in. 

8. Hwi^rfor dit feld woz keM, 
He feld ov blud, untu dis da. 

9. Hen woz fulHld ddt hwig 
woz spoken b^ Jeremi de profet^ 
sail). And da tuk de t^rti pesez 
ov silver, de pris ov him dat wos 
valynd, h<Bm da Or de qildron ov 
'Iziael did valyii; 

10. And gav dem fer de potets 
feld, az de Lerd apented roe. 
[<iZ6k. 11: 12, 18.] 

11. If And Jezus stud bef^r da 
guventori and de ^veraor <uk% 



Ji^z. And JezQB tad untu him, 
Q.T5 saest 

12. And hwen he woz aki^zd 
07 de gef prests and elderz, he 
anserd noti{). 

13. Sen sed P^let untu him, 
^ Herest dv not hv meni ti{)Z da 
witnes agenst di. 

14. And he anserd him tu 
never a wurd; insomug dat de 
guvernor mq,rveld gratli. 

15. Nv at [dat] Fest de guvern- 
or woz wvLut tu relee untu de pepl 
a prizoner, horn da wud. 

16. And da had den a notabl 
prizoner, keld Barabas. 

17. O!^rfor hwen da w^r gaderd 
tugeder, P^let sed untu dem, 
^ Ha>m wil je dat j reles untu ya>, 
S Barabas, er Jezus hwi^ iz keld 

18. For he n^ dat fer envi da 
had deliverd him. 

19. ^Hwen he woz set dvn in 
de jujment set, hiz w^f sent untu 
him, sai:p, Uav d? notig tu da> 
wid dat just man: fer i hav suferd 
meni tigz dis da in a drem bekez 
OV him. 

20. fBut de qei prests and el- 
derz perswaded de multiti|,d dat 
da Jud ask BanHbas, and destr^ 

21. de guvernor anserd and 
sed untu dem, ^Hweder ov de 
twan wil ye dat i Tz\i& untu ya>. 
Sa sed, Barabas, 

22. Pjlet set untu dem, S Hwot 
al I dflo den wid Jezus hwi^ iz 
eld Krjst [Sa] el sa untu 

him. Let bim be kra>sifid. 

23. And de guvernor sed, ^HwJ, 
^ hwot evil hat he dun. But da 
ktjd si de mcM:, saig, Let him be 

24. Hwen Pjlet se dat he kud 
prevdl uOtiQ, but [dat] rade.r a 
t^ijtault woz mad, he tuk weter, 
Bt^ wo|t {hiz] h«nd3 be£6r ,de. 


multitiid, sai^, 9 am inoMnt €rr 
de blud OT die just person: se ys 
[tu it.] 

25. aen anserd el de pepl, and 
sed, Hiz blud [be] on us, and on 
9r qildren. 

26. (len rel^t he Baribas untu 
dem: and hwen he had skuijd 
Jezus, he deliverd [him] tu be 

27. %<Len de soljerz ov de gav- 
emor tuk Jezus intu de komon 
hel, and gaderd untu him de hoL 
band [ov soljerz.] 

28. And da stript him, and ptut 
on him a skqrlet rob. 

29. And hwen da had plated a 
krvn ov ternz, da put [it] iip6n 
hiz hed, and a red in hiz rjt hand: 
and da bsd de ne befor him, and 
mokt him, sai{), Hal, kif) ov de Ji^z ! 

30. And da spit up6n him, and 
tuk de red, and smot him on 
de hed. 

31. And after dat da had mokt 
him, da tuk de rob of from him, 
and put hiz on rament on him, 
and led him awd tu kroysifi [him.] 

32. And az da kam 9t, da tsnd 
a man ov Serene, Simon b^ nam: 
him da kompeld tu bqr hiz kros. 

33. IT And hwen da w^r kum 
untu a plas keld Golgota, ddt iz 
tu sa, a plas ov a skut, 

34. cla gav him vinegar tu dri^k 
mi^ld wid gel: and hwen he had 
tasted [d^r6f ], he wud not drink. 

35. And da kr<Dsilid him, and 
parted hiz gq^rments, kasti^ lots: 
dat it m^t be fulfild hwiq woz 
spoken l>i de profet, HJa pqrted 
mj garments amug dem, and up- 
6n mi vestyi^r did da kost lots. 
[Sqm 22: 18.] 

36. And sitiD dun da wo^t him 

37. And set up over hiz hed- 
hiz akitzafon riten, SIS IZ J€- 

izus ae KITS ov ae juz* 



^ 88^ Sen w^r dii^r tan tevz krcDsi- 
f^d wid him, wun on de rjt hand, 
and aniider on de left 

39. t And da (kt past hi te:vf[d 
liim, wagi^ di^r hedz, 

40. And aaiD, Sv dat destarorest 
de temp], and biklest [it] in tre 
daz, sav djself. If d9 be de San 
OV God, kum disn from de kros. 

^1. Ljkw^z elso de ^ef prests 
xnokip [him], wid de skribz and 
elderz, sed; 

42. He savd nderz; himself he 
lean not sav. If he be de Ki^ ov 
'Iziael, let him nis kum d^n from 
de kros, and we wil bel^v him. 

43. He trusted in God; let him 
deliver him n^, if he wil hav him: 
f er he sed, ^ am de Snn ov God. 

44. aie tevz . ©Iso, hwiq wer 
lcra>sifid wid him, kast de sam in 
hiz tet, 

45. IfNi; from de sikst tst di|r 
woz d(irknes over el de land un- 
tu de njnt vr. 

46. And ab^ de n^nl vr Jezus 
krid wid a Ud yes, saig, Clj, 8li, 
Slama sabaktanj, <^t iz tui sa, Mi 
God, mi God, ^hwi hast dy for- 
saken me. 

47. Sum ov dem dat stiad d^r, 
hwen da h^rd [dit], sed, Sis [man] 
kelet for Blias. 

48. And straitwa wun ov dem 
ran, and tuk a spun], and fild [it] 
wid vinegar, and put [it] on a 
red, and gav him tu dri^k. 

49. Merest sed. Let be, let us ss 
hweder 81ias wil kum tu sav him. 

50. ^ Jezus, hwen he had krid 
agen wid a Ivd vers, yelded up de 

51. And, behold, de val ov de 
tempi woz rent in twan from de 
top tu de botom; and de §rt did 
kwak, and de roks rent; 

52. And de gravz w^r opend; 
and meni bodiz ov de sants hwi^ 
slept aroZy 

53. And kara TTt ov de gravz 
after hie. rezurekjon, and went 
intu de holi siti, and ap^rd untu 

54. N^ hwen de sentiirion, and 
da dat w^r wid him, woipD Jezus, 
se de ^rflkwak, and doz ti^z dst 
w^ dan, da f erd gratli, sai^), Tra>h 
dis woz de Sun ov God. 

55. And meni wimen w^r d^r 
beholdig ofc^r of, hwi^ folod Jezus 
from Gahle, ministeri^ untu him: 

56. Ami!q[) hwig woz Mari Mag- 
dalen, and Mari de muder ov Jamz 
and Jozez, and de muder ov Zeb- 
edez gildren. 

57. ^Hwen de even woz knm, 
ds^r kam a riq man ov Arimatea, 
namd Jozef, ha> elso himself woz 
Jezus disipl: 

58; He went tia Pilet., and begd 
de bodi ov Jezus. Hen Pilet 
komdnded de bodi tu be deliverd. 

59. And hwen Jozef had taken 
de bodi, he rapt it in a klen linen 

60. And lad it in hiz on nt( 
ta>m, hwi^ he had hi|,n st in ds 
rok: and he rold a grat ston tu de 
dor ov de sepulker, and depcirted^ 

61. And d^r woz Mari Magda- 
len, and de uder Mari, siti^ over 
agenst de sepulker. 

62. ifN? de nekst da, dat folod 
de da ov de preparajon, de qef 
prests and Farisez kam tugeder 
untu Pilet, 

63. Saig, S^r, we remember dat 
dit desever sed, hwil he woz yet 
al^v, Qfter tre daz i wil riz agen. 

64. Komdnd dsirt'or dat de sep« 
ulker be mad Ji^r until de t^rd da, 
lest hiz disiplz kum bi nit, and stel 
him awa, and sa \mtu de pepl. He 
iz rizen from de ded: so de last 
eror Jal be wurs dan de ferst. 

65. Pilet sed untu dem. Ye hav 
a woq: go yor wa, mak [it] aa 
Ji^r az ye kan. 



66. 80 (k went, and mud de 
sepulker Jiir, selin de ston^ and 
aeti^ a woq. 


1. In da end ov da sabat, ae it 
Dcgaa tu dan tord da f^i<st [da] 
^v de wek^ kam Man Magdalen 
and de uder Man tu seda sepulkec 

2. And, bahold, di^r wo« a grat 
.^rtkwak: fer da anjel ov da Lieid 
desended frosd heven, and kam 
and rold bak da ston frotti de 
d<Dr, and aat up6n it^ 

3. HU kv^itefiaDa woz l^k l^t* 
nil), and hiz rament kwjt az ssck 

4. And f ^ far ov him da keperz 
did Jak» and bakam ae ded [men.] 

&. And da an>el anaerd and sed 
until de wimen, Fer not ye: fer { 
DO dat ye sek Jexiur, h^iq woz 

6. He iz^ not bar: fer be ia riz- 
en, az be sed. Kitm, aa da pks 
bAvq^r da Lesd bt. 

7. And go kwikli, and tel biz 
difiij^z dat be iz rizen from de 
ded: and, bebold, be g0e<^ befof 
ya> intia» Cralik; d^r f al ye sa bim : 
][(i», I bav toki y^n. 

8. AnddadepctrtedkwikllfFom 
de sepulker widf er and gnit jer; and 
did run tu bri^ biz disjpiz wurd. 

9. ^And az da went tu tel biz 
disipbs, bebold, Jezusmetdem, sa- 
% 91 baL And da kam and held 
bim bi de fet, and wurjipt bim. 

10. 3an aed Jeztis ofota dam, 

Ba not afrdd: go tAml buHfren 
dat da 0O intu Galile, and di|r Jal 
da se me. 

11. itNs hweA da wijr goig, 
bebold, sum ov de wo4} kam mtu 
da aiti, and f od uiKta & gsf presta 
el de ti^ aat w^r dun. 

12. And hwen da w^ aisembid 
wid As elderz, and had tdken 
kvBsel, da gav Iqij mum lu^kx de 

13. Saip, Sa ye, Hiz dia^plz 
kam fa; ^1% and stiol him [tma] 
bw^l wa slept. 

14. And it dia kttm ta^ Sg gnv- 
emorz a*z, wa wil pettwdd' hlw, 
and adc^rycD. 

15. So da tuk de muni, ^oA 
did az da w^r tet: and die sai{| iz 
komonli reported ami^ ds Ji^ 

16. If3endeelevendis^plz\i^i0nt 
awa intu Galil^ intu a mimten 
hw^r Jezoa bad apenxted dem. 

17. And bwen da se Mm dA 
wurJlpt bim: bnt sum d^tedw 

18. tfAnd Jezna kam and spak 
untu dnm, sai^^ 81 pKer iz given 
untu me in beven asd in ^rfi. 

19. Go ye ds^rfor, and teq el 
nafonz, bapt|zc9 dem in de nam 
ov de Fqder, and ov da Son, and 
ov de Holi Goat: 

20. TsQtp' dem. tci obzerv el 
tiiQZ bwotsoevBr | kaf komdnded 
yen: and, Jo, i am wid yd> elwi^ 
[even] ixatui da «&d ov da mudd. 



eAf TER 1. 

1. 30 ^Bgfm^ ov ^ gospel ^v 
Jezus Ki^st, de Sun ov God; 

2. As i^ iz fiten in d» profets, 
Bebold, I send mf m^senjer befcSrr 
di f«fl, hwiq Jal pnsp^i* dj wa befer 
^. [Mat a: 1.] 

3. 3c vos ov Willi kr[i5 in die wil'- 
de^nes, Prepqr ye de wa ov de Lerd, 
mak hiz pq,<!bB »trat [i'a. 40: 3;] 

4. Jon did baptjz in de wild«T- 
Bes, and preq de baptizm ov re- 
pentens f<vr de remijon ov sinz; 

6. And djjT went "st untu him 
el de land ov Jt^dea, and da ov 
JerKDzalem-, and w^ el bapt^zd ov 
hint iA de river ov Jerdan, kon- 
f esi^ ds^r sinz. 

6. And Jon woz klodd wid 
kamelz h^r, and wid a g?rdl ov a 
skin ab^t hiz lemz; and he did et 
lokusts and w^ld honi; 

7. And prc^t. saip, 3^r kumet 
wnn mjtier dan i after nae, de laqet 
ov hflDZ Jd)Z i am not wui?fi tia 
8ta>p dvn and' unlc69. 

8. * ind^d hav baptjzd y» wid 
woter: but hi Jal bapt^z y© wid 
de Holi Gost, 

&. If And it kam tin pas in doz 
daz, dat Jezus kam from Nazaret 
ov Galile, and woz baptjzd ov 
Jon in Jerdan. 

10. And sfratwa knmii) itp ^t 
ov de weter, he so de hevenz 
©pend, and de Spirit Ijk a duv 
desendii) iip6n him: 

11. And dijr kam a vers from 
heven, [sail)], Hu qrt mi beMved 
Sun, in hftm i am wel plezd. 

12. IfAnd imidietli de spirit 
dtivet him ittUa de wildenaea. 

IS. And he woz ds^r in da ti^ 
dem^sfferti daz, tetnteid ov Satan^ 
and woz wid de w^ld bests; and ^ 
anjolz ministeixl untu him. 

14. Nv after dat Jon woz pitA 
in prizon, Jezus kam intu Galile, 
pre^i^ de gospel ov de ki^om ov 

15. And sai^, de t^m iz fulfild, 
and de ki|)dom ov Ood iz at hand: 
repeiH;^ ye, and beliv de goepel. 

16. ifNv az he wekt b| de m 
ov Galile, he se Simon and Andrew 
hi^ broder kos€ii).a net intu dese: 
for da w§r fiferz. 

It. And Jei^us sed tmtu- deni, 
Kum ye after me, and i wil mak 
y<» tia bekiim" ffjerz ov men. 

18. And stratwa da f ersilkk (h^ 
nets, amd folod him. 

19. And hwen he had gon a litl 
f^p-der dene, he se Jam^ de [sua] 
ov Zebede, and Jon hiz bru^r, ha> 
els© w^r in de Jip mendiii)^ djjr nets. 

20. And stratwa he keld dem: 
and dia left di^r fqidbr Zebede in 
de Jip wid de bird servants, and 
went after him. 

21. And da went intu Kap^riio- 
um; sLbd stratwa on de sabat da ha 
enterd intu de sinagog and tet 

22. And da w^r ast6ni/t at hiz 
doktrin; fer he tet dem az wiHi dat 
had etoriti, and not az de skribz. 

23. IT And dj^r woz in d^r sina- 
gog a man wid an unklifir spirit; 
and he krid "st, 

24. Sai^, Let [us] alon; ^hwot 
hav we tia^ diJD wid di, (hs Jezus 
ov NazaTet, ^q;rt ds kam tu de- 
sti>^ us. $ n© H h<D 6» q;rt^ ^ 
Holi Wim ov God. 

35. And i$»m f^4l^ Urn, 




saip, H6ld dj pes^ and kum vt oy 

26. And liwen de unklin spirit 
had torn him, and kqd wid a Ivd 
V98, he kam is toy him. 

27. And da w^r el am^Ezd, mso- 
jnlitg dat da kw^atyond amtig 
4emBelYs, sai^, ^ Hwot ti^ iz dia; 
9hwot nil doktiin [iz] dia; fer 
wid etoriti komdndet he even de 
unkUn ajHrits, and da dco oba him. 

28. And imedietli hiz lam spred 
abr^ tra>^t el de rejon rvnd ab^t 

29. t And forlwift, hwen da 
w^r kum st ov de sinagog, da en- 
terd intu. de hva ov Bimon and 
Andra>, wid Jamz and Jon. 

30. But Simonz w^fs muder la 
aik ov a fever, and an6n da tel 
him ov her. 

31. And he kam and tuk h^r 
fal de hand, and lifted h^r up; and 
ImMietU de fever left h^r, and Je 
Biiniaterd untu dem. 

32. ^ And at even, hwen de son 
did set, da bret untu him el dat 
vr^r dizezd, and dem dat w^ po- 
zest wid devilz. 

33. And el de siti woz gaderd 
tugeder at de dor. 

34. And h& held meni dat w^r 
sik ov d^v^rz diz^zez, and kast 9t 
meni devilz; and suferd not de 
devilz tia spek, bek^z da mi him. 

35. IT And in de merni]), r^zig 
up a grat hwjl befor da, he went 
7t, and departed intu a s61itari 
plaa, and d^r prad. 

36. And S^mon and da dat w^r 
wid him folod after him. 

37. And hwen da had fvndhim, 
da sed until him, 81 [men] sek 
f er &i. 

38. And he sed untu dem, Let 
us go intu de nekst tvnz, dat j ma 

Cd^r elso: fer dq^rfor kam i 

. 39. And he pragfc in di^r sina- 

eogz tmirt el Chilile^ and kost vt 

40. ^And d^r kam a leper tu 
him, bese^g him, and neli^ dvn 
tu him, and saig untu him, If dv 
wilt, dv kanst mak me klen. 

41. And Jezus, ma>vd wid kom- 
pajon, put fort [hiz] hand, and 
tuQt him, and set ontu him, i wil, 
be d« klen, 

42. And az 8a>n az he had spok- 
en, imidietll de leprosi depqrted 
from him, and he woz klenzd. 

43. And he stratli gq^d him, 
and fort wit sent him awa; 

44. And set untu him, Se dv 
sa notig tu eni man: but go ^ 
wa, fo diself tu de prest, and of er 
fer ii klenzig 6az ii^z hwig Mo- 
zez komdnded, [Lev. 14: 3], fer 
a testimoni untu dem. 

45. But he w^ent .^t^ and began 
tu publij [it] muQ, and tu blaz 
abr^d de mater, insomuQ dat Je- 
zus kud no mor openli enter intu 
de siti, but woz widis't in dezert 
plasez: and da kam tu hiim from 
everi kw^rter. 


1. And agen he enterd intu 
Eap^naum, after [sum] daz; and 
it woz nerzd dat he woz in de 

2. And stratwa meni w^r gad- 
erd tugeder, insomiig dat d^r woz 
no FODm tu resev [dem], no, not 
so muQ az ab^t de dor: and he 
pre^t de wurd untu dem. 

3. ^And da kam unto, him, 
brigit) wun sik ov de pelzi, hwig 
woz born ov for. 

4. And hwen da kud not kum 
n j untu him for de pres, da un- 
kdverd de ra>f hw^r he woz : end 
hwen da had broken [it] up, da 
let dvn de bed hws^rin de sik ov 
de pelzi la. 

5. Hwen Jesus se di^r fat, he 



Bed n&tia de sik or de pelzi, Son, 
d^ siiiz be forgiyen di. 

6. But di^r w^r s^rten or de 
skt^bz si^ d^r, and rezoni^ in i^r 

7. SHwidotdisfmanjdasspek 
l>14sfemiz; ^h<D kaa forgiv sinz 
but God onli. 

8. And im^dietli hwen Jezns 
pers^vd in hiz spirit dat da so re- 
zond widin demselvz, he sed un- 
tu. dem, S Hw4 rezon ye ^tez ti^ 
in yonr hcirts. 

9. ^ Hweder iz it ezier tu sa tu 
de sik OY de p^zi, [Sj] sinz be 
forgiTen d^; er tu sa, Ar|z, and 
tak tip d| bed and wek. 

10. But dat ye ma no dat de 
Sun OT man hat pver on ^rtl tia 
f OTgiv sinz, (he set tu de sik ov de 

11. $ sa untu di, Ar(z, and tak 
up di bed, and go dj wa intia d^n 

12. And imedietli he aroz, tuk 
up de bed, and went fort befor 
dnn el; insomti^ dat da w^ el 
amizd, and glorif^d God, uxq, 
We never se it on (tis f ajon. 

13. f And he went fort agen 
b| de se B^d; and el de mnltitiid 
rezerted untu him, and he tet dem. 

14. And az he past bi, he se 
Levi de [sun] or Aliens sitig at 
de res^ or kustom, and sed untu 
him, Folo me. And he aroz and 
folod him. 

15. IT And it kam tu pas, dat, az 
Jezns sat at met in hiz h^s, meni 
publikanz and sinerz sat elso tu- 
geder wid Jezus and hiz di^plz : 
for d^r w^r meni, and da folod 

16. And hwen de skrjbz and 
Farisez se him et wid publikanz 
and sinerz, da sed untu hiz dis^plz, 
%Rv iz it dat he etet and dripket 
wid pubHkanz and sinerz. 

'17. Hwen ' Jesus h^rd [itl he 

Bet untu dem, Sadail^ibVhav 

no ned ov de fizijan, but da datqr 
sik: i kam not tu kel de rityus, 
but sinerz tu repentans. 

18. t'Anddedisjplzov Jonand 
ov de Farisez yi^t tu fast: and da 
kum and sa untu him, S Hw| d<D 
de disjplz ov Jon and ov de Fari- 
sez fast, but d^ disiplz fast not 

19. And Jezus sed imtu dem, 
? Kan de qildren ov de bqd-qamber 
fast, hw^l de bridgra>m iz wid 
dem. Azlog az da havdebr^d- 
gra>m wid dem da kan not fast. 

20. But de daz wil kum, hwen 
de l»idgr(i>m Jal be taken awa 
from dem, and den Jal da fast in 
doz daz. • 

21. No man elso soe^apes ov 
nil klot on an old gqrment: ele 
de nil P^ ^^ ^ild it up taket awd 
from de old, and de rent iz mad 


22. And no man putet nq w|n 
intu old botlz: els de nii w^n dot 
burst de botlz, and de w^n Iz spilt, 
and de botlz wil be mq,rd: but n^ 
wjn must be put intu nii botlz. 

23. ^ And it kam tu pas, dat he 
went tra> de kern f eldz on At sabat 
da; and hiz di8^>lz began, az da 
went, tu pluk de erz ov kern. 

24. And de Farisez sed untu 
him, Behold, Shw| da> da on da 
sabat da ddt hwiq iz not lefuL 

25. And he sed untu &emf 
^Hav ye never red hvot David 
did, hwen he had ned, and woz 
an hut)gerd, he, and % dat w^r 
wid him. 

26. Hv he went intu de hvs ov 
Grod in de daz ov Abjater de hi 
prest, and did et de Jobred, hwiq 
iz not leful tu et but ferde prests, 
and gav elso tu dem hwi^ w^r 
wid him. 

27. And he sed untu dem, da 
sabat woz mad fer man, and not 
isaa fer d» filial: * 


38; iSr^^icar i» Sub er liiaai is 

€APTER 3. 

1. And lie enterd sigen intui de 
sinagog; ftod d^r woz a man diir 
bwig kad a widerd hand. 

2. And da woQt him, hwe^t he 
wud hel him on de s^bi^ da; dfib 
damit ak^z himu 

3. And he sel untu de m«B bwi^ 
bed de widerd hand, Stand fori. 

4. And he set untu dem, 9 Iz 
it lafi^l ta d<D gud on de sabat daz, 
er tui da» evil; 1 tu ear Ijf, er tu 
klL But da held ds^r pes. 

5. And hwen he had \ukt rvnd 
alr^t on dem wid a{)ger, bei|) grerd 
for de hcirdzies ot d%r hcirts, he set 
unti4 de fuan, Stre^ fori ^n band. 
And he etreqt [it] st: and hie hand 
woz rastQrd hoi az de uder. 

6. And de Faiisez went fort, 
and Btmtwa tiak kvnsel wid de 
Herodianz ag^net hini, hns da mit 

7. But JezuB widdn^ himself 
wid hiz disi{dz tu de se: and a 
grat multitHd from Galila folod 
aim, and &Gaii Ji^deQ. 

8. And from JefAzalem, and 
from ^q;mea, and [from] bey<Snd 
Jordan; and da ah^ Tjr and Si- 
dpn, a gjatmnltitiid, hwen da had 
h^rd hwot grat ii^z hs did, kam 
UBtu him. 

9. And he spak tu hiz disjplz, 
dat a smel f ip fud wat on him 
bek^z OY de muItitHd, lest da Jud 
troQ him. 

lOw For he had held meni; In- 
somtiQ dat da prest up6n him for 
tu-tUQ him, az m«fii az had plagz. 

11. And unkUn spirits, hwen da 
se him, f el dva bef^r him, and 
krjd, aai^ 3^ qrt de Sun ov God. 

12. And he stiatU ^q;r)d d^m 
dat da Jud iKKt laak him nou. 

13. irAud hs g«Mft «|p VO^0i 

TWSUboOj and IraieA '['datnC Idttt-^ 
hcDm he wud: and da kaaa oatia 

14. And he erddnd twelv, dat 
da Jud be wid him, and dat kasi^ 
send dem fort tui preg, 

15. And tid haT pver tut het 
siknesez, and tu kost vt devils: 

16. And Simon ha suxtmind 

17. ABdJamzdefsunJoTZeb- 
ede, and Jon de hmder ov Jams; 
and he surnamd dem BoaD^rjaa, 
hwiQ iz, 3e sanz oy litnderr 

18. And And]», and Filip, and 
Skii^olomii, and Mat^, and Tom- 
as, and Jamz de [sun] oy Alfeuz^ 
and Badsna^ and S^mon de Kmia- 

1ft. And Jifdaa lakaxioiv bwi^ 
elso betrad him: and da went in* 
tia an hssk 

20. irAndde multititd ktosaei 
tugeder agen, so dat da kud not 
so muq az et bred. 

21. And hwea hiz frendz b^id 
[oY it], da went at tu la hold «a 
him: for da sed, he iz beeld hinie^. 

22. lAad de skribz hwig kva 
dvn from Jexa>zaleai sed. He hat 
Beelzebub, and bj de polne o« da 
doYilz kostet he at devilz. 

23. Aad he keld dua [utilu 
him], and sed untu dem in para- 
ble, iHv kan Satan kost at Satan. 

24. And if a ki^om be diYJcU 
ed agenst itself, &t kiDdoat kaa 
not stand. 

2^. And if a has }» divided 
agenst itself, dat has kan notataad. 

26. And if Satan rijs up ageast 
himself, and be divided, ha kaa 
not stand, but hat an end. 

27. No man kan enter intu a 
stf OD manz has^ and sperl hiz guda, 
ekscpt he wil f^rst bind de 8tA>9 
man; and den he wil sp&l hiz has. 

28. Verili i sa untu jr<», 81 s^ 
Jal he fQiiiivoiL t«»liA 4a $9m »▼ 


er da |al blaaf em. 

29. But be dat Jal blasfim 
a^enst de Holi Gost hat. aever 
forgiTBeSy but iz in danjer ev et^r- 
xi^ damoajon. 

30. Bek^z da sed, H» bat an 
vakUn apirit 

31-. IF^^r kam den hia bredr^i 
snd biz muder, and, standig wld- 
'i^ sent untu bim, keli^ bim. 

82. And de multititd sat abi^t 
hiokf and da aed ftntu bim, Be- 
hold, di muder and dj baredren 

33. And he anserd dem, seig, 
S H«» iz mj mudei, er mi bredren. 

34s And be lukt rjsnd ab^t on 
dem bwig sat ab^t bim, and sed, 
Beheld tnimuddr and mi Inredren! 

35. Fer bAaoever Jal do) de wil 
OY God, d| sam iz m^ bruder, and 
Toi sister, and muder. 

€5APTER 4. 

1. And be began agen tu te^ 
14 de se s^d: and d%r woz gaderd 
untu bim a grat multitiid, SQ dat 
1^ anterd intia a Jip, and sat in de 
se; and de bol multitqd woz b^ de 
§e on de land. 

2. And be tet dem men! tipz 
|p| parablzy and sed untu dem: in 
bos doktiin, 

3. Hq^ken; behold, di%r went 9t 
a-scMr tuso: 

4. And it kam tu pas, az be 
sod, sum fel bi de wa s^d, and de 
fvlz OY de ^r kam and deY^d it up. 

&. And sum fel on stoni gr^nd, 
hw]|r it bad not mu^ ^rt;^ andim- 
^etli it spraD up^ bekez it bad 
no dept OY ^rt: 

6. But bwen de sun woz up, it 
WOK &erct: and bekez it bad no 
X0t, it widerd awd. 

7. And sum fel am^temz, and 
de temz gra> up, and ^kt it, and 

8. And uder fel oii l^d g^ynd^ 
and did yeld frot da^ apn^ up 
and inkr^t; and bret tort, sum 
t^rti, and sum siksti, and smn aa 

9. And he sed untu dem^ Ha 
dat hat erz tu b^, let him her. 

10. If And bwen he woz alon, 
da dat w^r alx^t bim wid de twalT 
askt OY him de parabl. 

llo And be sed untu dem, Un- 
tu yen it iz giYon tu no de misteri 
OY de ki^dim oy God: but untu 
dem dat qj wid^t, el [dez] ti|)z q^ 
dun in pamblz: 

12. 3at seig da ma se, and not 
pers^Y; and beri;) da ma her, and 
not understand; lest at «ni tjm da 
Jud be konverted, and [diir] sintf 
Jud be forgiven dem. 

13. And he sed untu dem, ^No 
ye not dis parabl; and ^hv den 
wil ye no el parablz. 

14. f 3e soor eoet de wurd. 

15. And dez qr da bi de wa s^d, 
bw%r de wurd iz son; but bwen 
da hav h^rd, Satan kumet imsdi- 
etli, and taket awi de wurd dat 
woz son in d^r bqrts. 

16. And Aez qt da likw^z hwig 
<ir son on stoni gr^nd; hm, bwen 
6& haY b^ de wurd, im^etll 
resiv it wid gladnes; 

17. And haY no ra>t ia dem- 
selvz, and so end^r but fer a t^m: 
afterward, bwen aflikjon er p^r- 
sekiijon ar^zet fer de wurdz sak^ 
imidielli da q^ ofended. 

18. And dez cir da hwiq ^ 
son amtlig temz; saq az her d0 

19. And de k^rz ov dis wurld, 
and de desetfulnes oy ri^ez, and 
de lusts OY uder tiiQZ enterip in, 
igok de wurd, and it bektimet uo* 

20. And dee cvr da hwia q;r son 
on gud grvnd; suq az her de wurd| 

, and res^Y [it], and talQ Ccart Um^ 


•Qiii tfftifold, (nmi siluft], and stun 
ttn hiindred^ 

21. If And he sed untu dem, 
) Iz a kandl bret tu be put under 
a bujel er und«r a bed, and not 
tu be set on a kandlstik. 

22. Fer di(r iz notiu hid, hwi^ 
Jal not be minifested; neder woz 
•niti|) kept sekret, but ttat it fud 
kum abr^d. 

23» If eni man hav erz ta her, 
let him her. 

24. And he set nntu dem, Tak 
bed hwot je her: wid hwot mej* 
yi^r ye met, it Jal be mesyHTd tu 
VAt and untu yA dat her Jal mor 
be given. 

25. F^T he dat hat, tu him Jal 
be given: and he dat hat not, from 
him Jal be tdcen even dat hwiq he 

26. f And he sed, So iz de ki{)- 
dom OV God, az if a man Jud 
kast sed intu de grsnd; 

27. And Jud slep, and r^z njt 
and da, and de sed Jud sprip and 
gro up, he noet not h^. 

28. Fer de ^rt bri|)et fort frat 
OV herself; f^rst de blad, dende 
er, after dat de ful kern in de er. 

29. But hwen de frcot iz bret 
fort, im4dietli he putet in de fiikl, 
bek6z de hqrvest iz kum. 

30. 1 And he sed, S Uw^runtcS 
Jal we liken de ki^om ov God, 
er ^ wid hwot komparison Jal we 
komp4r it. 

31. [Itiz] Ijka gran ov mus- 
tard sed, hwig, hwen it iz son in 
de ^rt, iz les dan el de sedz dat be 
in de ^rt: 

32. But hwen it iz son, it gro- 
et up, and bekdmet grater dan el 
h^rbz, and JcDtet ist grat branqez; 
so dat de I'vlz ov de ^r ma loj 
under de Jado ov it 

33. And wid meni suq parablz 
«pak he de wurd untu dem, a? da 
w^ tibl tul^her £it] 

34. Butwitf^apeablmkiis 
not untu dem: and hwen qbl w^ 
alon, he ekspmided el tips tu hiz 

35. IT And de earn da, hwen ds 
even woz kum, he set untia dem^ 
Let us pas over untu de uder ajd. 

36. And hwen da had sent awa 
de muUitqd, da tuk him even az 
he woz in de Jip. And d^r w^ 
elso wid him uder litl Jips. 

37. And di^r aroz a grat storm 
ov wind, and de wavz bet intu. de 
Jip, so dat it woz nv fuL 

38. And he woz in de hinder 
pq^ ov de Jip, aslip on <i pilo: 
and da awak him, and sa untvL 
him, Master, ^ kj|rest dv not dat 
we perij. 

39. And he aroz, and rebf^kt 
de wind, and sed untu de se. Pes, 
be stil ! And de wind eee^ and 

r woz a grat k<im. 

40. And he sed untu dem, ^Hw^ 
qtr ye so ferful, ^hv iz it dat ye 
hav no fat. 

41. And da f erd eksedi|)li, and 
sed wun tu andder, ? Hwot maner 
ov man iz dis, dat even de wind 
and de se obd him. 

€APTER 5. 

1. And da kam over untu ds 
uder s^d ov de se, intu de kontri 
ov de Gaderinz. 

2. And hwen he woz kum Tit 
ov de Jip, im^ietli di^r met him 
Tst ov de toomz a man wid an uu- 
k\in spirit, 

3. iiixi^ had [hi^] dweli;) amdg 
de t<Dmz; and no man kud b^nd 
him, no, not wid ganz: 

4. Bek^z dat he had bin of en 
b^nd wid feterz and qanz, and de 
qanz had bin plnkt asdnder bi 
him, and de feterz broken in pesez: 
neder kud eni [man] tarn him. 

5. And elwaz, nit Bsxd da, he 
I woz in de mvnteaa^ and in de 

doepftii oy imRK. 

terns, iaiv^ and kvfi^ himielf wUt 

6. Baft hwen he se Jeztis af4r 

of, he ran and wnrfipt him. 

7. And kr^d wid a Ivd vers, and 
sed, S Hwot hav i tu da> wid d^, 
JezoB, [dv] Son ot da most hi 
Ood. » adj4r d^ hi God, dat dv 
tenn^nt me not 

8. For he sed nntii him, Eum 
9t or de man, [ds] unklen spirit 

9. And he askt him, ^ Hwot [iz] 
d| nam; and heans^rd, sai^ M^ 
nam [iz] Lejon: fer we q,r meni, 

10. And he hes^t him mnq dat 
he wud not send dem awd 7t ov 

- 11. Ntt d^r woz dqr nj untu de 
m'sntenz a grat h^rd oy sw^n fedig. 

12. And el dedevilz hes4thim, 
saif), Send us intu de sw^n, dat we 
ma enter intu dem. 

13. And fortwit Jezns gay dem 
ley. And de unkUn spirits went 
vt, and enterd intu de sw^n: and 
de h^rd ran y^olentli d^n a step 
plas intu de se, (da w^r ah^ ta> 
tvzand;) and w^r qokt in de se. 

14. And da dat fed de sw^n fled, 
and told [it] in de siti, and in de 
kuntri. And da went vt tu se 
hwot it woz dat woz dan. 

15. And da kum tu Jezus, and 
m him dat woz pozest wid de deyil, 
and had de lejon, sitip, and klodd, 
and In hiz r^t m^nd: and da w^r 

16. And da datse [it] told dem 
hv it hefel tu him dat woz pozest 
wid de deyil, and [elso] kons^mii) 
de sw^n. 

17. And da hegdn tu pra him 
tu depart »t oy (^r kosts. * 

18. And hwen he woz kum in- 
tu de Jip, he dat had hin pozest wid 
d» deyil prad him dat he mjt he 
wid him. 

19. H'sbeit Jezus i^ferd him 
toot, hat set untu him, Go horn 

tuL di frendz, and tel d«m hv gtak 
tii)z de Lord hat dun fer &i, and 
haft had kompajon on &L 

20. And he depctrted, and he^ 
g£n tu publij in Dek&polis hs 
grat ti{)z Jezus had dun fer him: 
and el [men] did mq^ryel. 

21. And hwen Jezus woz past 
oyer agen 14 tip untu de uder s^d, 
muQ pepl gaderd imtu him: and 
he woz ni tmtu de se. 

22. And, behold, di^r kumet 
wun oy de ra>lerz oy de sinagog, 
Jairus \a nam; and hwen he sd 
him, he fel at hiz fet^ 

23. And bes^t him gratli, saii)^ 
Mj litl deter Qeft at de pemt oy deft: 
[i pra diy] kum and la dj handz 
on h^r dat Je ma be held; and fa 
Jal liy. 

24. And [Jezus] went wid him; 
and muq pepl folod him, and ftropd 

25. And a s^rten wuman, hwiq 
had an ijyn oy blud twely yerz, 

26. And had suferd meni fti^z 
oy meni fizijanz, and had spent el 
dat Je had, and woz noftig beterd, 
but rader gra> wurs, 

27. Hwen fehad h^rd oy Jezus, 
kam in de pres behjnd, and tu^ 
hiz gq;rment 

28. Fer J[e sed, U i ma hat ta^ 
hiz klodz, i Jal be hoi. 

29. And stratwa de fvnten oy h^ 
blud woz drjd up; and fe felt in 
[h^r] bodl dat Je woz held oy dsst 

30. And Jezus imedietli noig in 
himself dat y^rtyii had gon vt oy 
him, tumd him ab^t in de pres, 
and sed S Ha> tuqt m^ klodz. 

31. And hiz disiplz sed untu 
him, Biis seest de multittid troDin 
6ij and ^ saest dtr, S h<D tugt me. 

32. And he lukt rvnd abi^ tu 
se h^r dat had dun dis tip. 

33. But de wuman ferig and 
trembliih hoId hwot mot dun in 

.«09P£L OY wmSL 

bQC» ten and lei dvu beCor biiik, 
imd told him el de trcoi. 

34. And he sed untu h^c, Deter, 
d} fal hat mad 6i hoi; go in pes, 
•nd he hoi ov dj plag. 

35. Hw^l he yet spak, d%r kam 
from de roler ov de ainagogz [hvs 
i^ten] hwiQ sed, 3j deter iz ded: 
Shwj trublest dv de Master eni 

36. Az son az Jezus h^rd de 
wiurd dat woz spoken, he set nntu 
de ra>ler ov de sinagog, Benotafrad, 
Qnli heliy. 

37. And he suferd no man tu 
lolo him, sav Petei; and Jamz, 
and Jon de bruder ot Jamz. 

38. And he kumet tu de hvs ov 
de ra>ler ov de sinagog, and seet de 
tiimult, and dem dat wept and wald 

39. And hwen he woz kum in, 
he set untu dem, THwj mak ye 
dis ad<jS, and wep: de damzel iz 
not ded, but slepet. 

40. And da Iqft htm tu skem. 
But hwen he had put dem el irt, 
he taket de f <ider and de muder ov 
de damzel, and dem dat w^r wid 
him, and enteret in hwi^r de dam- 
sel woz l^ig. 

4X. And he tuk de damzel b^de 
handy and sed untu h^r, Taleta 
lujome; hwiq iz, beip interpreted, 
Dsmizel, i sa untu d£y arjz. 

42. And stratwa de damzel ardz, 
and wekt; f er Je woz [ov de aj] ov 
twelv yerz. And da w§r ast6nijt 
wid grat astonijment. 

43. And he Qc^ijd dem stratli dat 
soman Jud no it', and komdnded 
dat simiti^ Jud be given h^r tu et 


1. And he went ^t from dens, 
and kam intu hiz on kuntri; and 
hiz dis[plz folo him. 

2. And hwen. de^bat da woz 
l^xij^ |l» ^^ tu teg in da sina- 

gog : and memi hgm^ [him] w 

astSniJt, sail), *sFrom hwens h3 
dis [man] dez ti|>z; and, ihwot 
wizdom [iz] dis hwlQ iz giveu 
nntu him, dat even su^ miti 
wurks q;c ret b^ hiz handz. 

3. ^ Iz not dis de kq^penter, de 
sun ov Man, de bruder pv Jamz, 
and Jozez, and ov J^da, and Sj- 
mon, and *3qr uothiz sisterz her wid 
us. And & w^r of ended at him. 

4. But Jezus sed untu deni, d 
profet iz not wids't onor, but in 
hiz on kuntri, and amug hiz on 
kin, and in hiz on h^s. 

5. And he kud d^r da> no mid 
wurk, sav dat he lad hiz handz up- 
6n a hi sik fok, and held [dem.] 

6. And he mq^veld bekez ov 
d^r unbelef. And he went r^nd 
abis't de vilejez, te^ig. 

7. ^And he keld [untu him] 
de tw«lv, and began tu send dem 
fort b^ ta> and ta>; and gav dem 
p^er over unkUn spirits; 

8. And komdnded dem dat da 
Jud tak notij) fer [d^r] jumi, sav 
a stof onli; no skrip, no bred, no. 
muni in [d%r] purs: 

9. But [be] |od wid sandalz; 
and not put on ta> kots. 

10. And he sed untu dem. In 
hwot plas soever ye enter intu an 
h«s, d^r abjd til ye deport from, 
dat plas. 

11. And hcDsoever Jal not res^v 
yo), ner her yo), hwen ye depart 
dens, Jak of de dust jonder jaa let 
fer a testimoni agenst dem. Ve- . 
rill I sa untu ya>. It Jal be mor 
tolerabl fer Sodom and Gom6ra 
in de da ov jujment^ ^ika fer dat siti. 

12. And WL went 3t^ and preqt 
dat men Jud repent 

13. And da kast si meni de vilz, 
and anqiited wid el meni dat w^r 
sik, and held [dem.] 

14. And ki^ Herod h^ [ov 
him]; (Ux hia Xiwox woa^ jg^ttsed 



ftlMiM:) and ht neA, Qjii Jom <fe 
Baptist WOK lizen from de ded, 
and d^rfor miti vrurks dan jo ftort 
demselvz in him. 

15. Uderz sed, Sat it iz Cl^as. 
And nderz sed, 3at it iz a piofet, 
er az wun ov de profets. 

16. But hwea Herod h^rd [d^r- 
6v], he sed, It iz Jon, hcom | be* 
lidded: he iz rizen fiom de ded. 

17. Fer Herod himself had 
flent fort and kd hold ttp6a Jon, 
and bsnd him in prizon fer Hero- 
diaa aak, hiz brqder Filipa w^f : l«r 
he had marid h^ 

18. Fer Jon had sed untu Her- 
od, It iz not leful ler di tu hav 
&l bniderz urif . 

Id. Siirfor Heiodiaa had O 
kworel agenat him, and wud haT 
kild him; but Je ki&d not: 

20. Fer Herod f erd Jon, BOiD 
dot he woz a jost man and an 
holi, and obz^rvd him; and huren 
fas hfrd him, he did menl ti{)z, 
and h^rd him ghidlL 

21. And hwen a konvtayent da 
woz knm, dat Herod on hiz b^rt-da 
mad a super tu his lerde, hj kap- 
tsnz, and qcf [estdts] ot Qalile; 

22. And hwen de deter ot de 
sed Herodias ktm in, and danst, 
acnd plezd Herod and dem dat aat 
wid him, de ki^ sed untu de dam- 
sel, (lek 0v me hwotsoever d? 
wilt, and i wil giv [it] 6L 

23. And he sw^r nmtu h^r, 
Hwotsoever dv Jalt ask ov me^ \ 
wil giy [il] da, imtct de hql oy mi 

24. And fe went fort, and sed 
ttntu h^r muder, ^ Hwot Jal i oak. 
And Je sed, 3e bed or Jon de 

25. And fe kam in stmtwa wid 
host untiA dB ki:^, and askt^ sai^, 
S wil dat ds giv me 14 ^^d bi in a 
^q;ijer da had oy Jon de Baptist 

aori; [yet] fer Ids ols aak, vbA fat 
ds^r sake hwiq sat wid him, h$ 
wmd not re|ekt h^r. 

27. And imidietli de ki|) seal 
an eksekiijoner, and komdnded 
hiz bed tu be bret: and he want 
and beheded him in de prison, 

28. And bret hiz bed in a Q<uj« 
ei^ and gay it tu de dMnzel: aB4 
ds damzel gay it tu h^r muder. 

29. And hwen hiz dis^i^ h^rd 
[ov it], da kam and tuk up bis 
kerpe, and lad it in a taim« 

90. And de ap<S0lz gaderd dsm- 
selvz tugeder.untu Jezus, and 
told him el tt|fz» bol hwel da had 
dun, and hwot da had tet. 

31. And he sed untu dem, Knaa 
ys y<»rselyz ap4rt intu a desert 
plas, and rest a hw}l: fer di^r wff 
men! kumi^ and goi^, and da kad 
no lejiir so mug az tu et. 

32. And da depqrted iniu a 
dezert plos l^ Jip privetlL 

33. And de pi^ se dem de- 
p<irtiDk and mesi mt him, and rais 
aftit dider vt ov el sitiz, and vt» 
went dem, and kam tugeder untu 

34. And Jc2ua, hwen ha Isam 
•s% 90 mug pepi, and wez qu^vd 
wid kompajon tord dem» bek^C 
da w^r as Jep not haviii a feperd: 
and he beg^ tu teq dem m^ 

35. And hwen da da woa nv 
fqr spent, hiz disiplz kam untu 
him, and sed, His iz a dezert plas^ 
and ns de tim [iz] fc^r post: 

36. Send dem aw4 dat da ma 
go intu de kuntri r^nd aXuH, and 
intu de vilejez, and b{ dems^lvs 
1»red: fer da hav noti{) tu et. 

37. Ha ausord and sed untu 
dem, Giv ye dem tu et. And ds 
sa untu him, ^ Sal we go and H 
to hundred peniwurt or bred, 
and giv dem tu et 

39. Heae*untudam«taiiillitf 



k>yEhavye,goa&ds8. Andhwen 
6ini|, da ea, Fit, and ion fUez. 

39. And he komdnded dem tu 
mak el sit dvn b^ kumpaoiz up6n 
de gren gtas, 

&, And da sat dsn in raoks, bj 
Hnndredz, and b| fiftiz. , 

- 41. And hwen he had taken de 
Qv lovz and de t(D fijez, he lukt 
up tu heven, and ble«t, and brak 
de loYz, and gay [dem] tu hiz 
disiplz tu set Mor dem; and de 
t(D njez divjded he amd^ dem el. 

- 42. And da did el et^ and w^r 

43. And da tuk np twelv bas- 
kets ful OT de fragments) and ov 
4e fif ez. 

44. And di dat did et oy de 
lOYz w^r ab^ Qt t^zand men. 

45. irAnd stiatwa he konstrdnd 
hiz disjplz tu get intu de (ip, and 
tu go tu de u&r s^d befor ontu 
Betsada, hw^l he sent awd de pepl. 

- 46. And hwen he had sent dem 
awd, he depq;rted intu a mvnten 
tu pra. 

47. And hwen even woz kom, 
de Jip woz in de midst oy de se, 
and he Mm on deland. 

48. And he se dem UAr^ in ro- 
iQ; far de wind woz kdntrari untu 
dem: and ab^ de fort wo^ oy (te 
nit he knmet untu dem, wekif) up- 
6n de se, and wtid hay past bj dem. 

49. But hwen da se him wekij;) 
Qpdn de se, da supozd it had Ian 
a spirit, and kr^d ^: 

60. Fer da el se him, and w^ 
trabld. And im^ietli he tekt 
wid dem, and set untu dem. Be 
oy gud Qer: it iz i; be not afrdd. 

51. And he went up untu dem 
intu de ^p; and de wind sest: and 
da w^r sor amdzd in demselyz 
beydnd mesyii^'i <^d wunderd. 
• 52. Fer da konsiderd not [de 
innakl] oy de loyz: fer di^T hctrt 
¥m iMfdaiML 

53. And hwen da had. pait over, 
da kam intu de land oy Grenesere^ 
and dra> tu de Jor. 

54 And hwen da w^r kum vt 
oy de Jip, stratwa da ni^ him, 

55. And ran tra> dat hoi r^on 
rvnd ab^t, and begin tu kari ab^ 
in bedz doz dat wft sik, hw^r da 
h^rd he woz. 

56. And hwidersoeyer he enterd, 
intu yilejez, er sitiz, er kuntri, da 
lad de sik in de strets, and bes^ 
him dat da mj[t tuq if it w^r bat da 
herder oy hiz gqirment: and az 
meni az tugt him w^r mad hoL 

€APTEE 7. 

1. Sen kam tugeder untu him 
de Farisez, and s^rten oy de skrfbz, 
hwiq kam from Jermzalem. 

2. And hwen da se sum oy hiz 
disjplz et bred wid def^d, 6£t iz 
tu sa, wid on wo Jen, handz, da f and 

3. Fer de Farisez, and el de Ji^z, 
eksept da woj [di^r] handz oft, et 
not, holdi^ de tradijon oy da 

4. And [hwen da kum J from de 
mq,rket, ekisept da woJ, da et not 
And meni uder ti^ &tr be, hwi^ 
da hay res^yd tu hold, [aa] ds 
wojip oy kups, and pots, farazen 
yeselz, and oy tablz. 

5. Sen de Farisez and skijbz askt 
him, ^ Hwi wek not di disQ>ls ak^ 
erdin tu de tradijon oy da elderz, 
but et bred wid unwojen handz. 

6. He onserd and sed untu dem, 
Wei hat &zaas profesjd oy yo 
hipokrits, az it iz riten, &ia pepl 
onoret me wid [dsir] lips, but d^r 
hqrt iz fqt from me. 

7. Hvbeit in yan da> da wurjip 
me, teqig [fer] doktrinz dr. Icom- 
dndments oy men. [^z. 29: 13.] 

8. Fer laig as{d de komdnd- 
ment oy GKkL, ye hold de tradijon 
OY Umb, [aalibwo^OY pots and 



kups: And meoi uder sug l^k ti^jz 
ye da>. 

9. And he sed untu dem, Ful 
wel ye rejekt de komdndxnent ov 
God,dat ye ma kep year on tradijon. 

10. For Mozez sed, Onor dj 
iqfiex and d; muder [£ks. 20: 12;] 
and, H(D8o kurset fq,der er muder, 
let him dj de det. [Eks. 21 : 17 :] 

IL But ye 9ai If a man sa tu 
hiz iqfier er muder, [It iz] Ker- 
Ixtn, dat iz tu sa, a gift, h^ hwot* 
soever dv m^tst be profited I4 me; 
[he Jal be fre.] 

12. And ye sufer hhn no mor 
tu diD et f er hiz f qder er hiz muder; 

13. Makig de wurd ov God ov 
nun efekt tra> ya>r tradijon, hwig 
ye hav deliverd: and meni saq Ijk 
tigz d<D ye. 

14. ^ And hwen he had keld el 
de pepl [untu him}, he sed untu 
den^ Hearken untu me everi wun 
£ov ya>], and understand: 

15. U^r iz notig from wid^t a 
man, dat enterii) intu him kan de- 
f^l him: but de ti^z hwi^ kum vt 
o V him, dQz q;r da dat def 2I de man. 

16. If eni man hav erz tu her, 
let him her. 

17. And hwen he woz enterd 
intu de h9s from de pepl, hiz dis- 
IgUz askt him kons^mi)} ds parabl. 

18. And he set untu dem, %Bi 
ye so wid^t underst^ndig elso. 
^ Da> ye not pers^v, dat hwotsoever 
ti^ from wid^t enteret intu de man, 
[it] kan not def^l him; 

19. Bek^z it enteret not intu 
liiz hqrt, but intu de beli, and go- 
et 3t intu de draft, purjip el mets. 

20. And hesed, dat hwi^kum- 
et iKtov de man, dat defjlet de man. 

21. Fer from widin,:stovde hqrt 
ov men, pros^ evil tets, adulteriz, 
fernikafonz, murderz, 

22. Hefts, kdvetusnes, wiked- 
nes, des^t, lasiviusnes, an evil i, 
bUsf^mi, pr^d, fo^ijnes: 


23. GldeztifizkiiBifrooiwidiiiy 
and def jl de man. 

24 ^And from dens he aroz, 
and went intu de berderz ov T^r 
and S24on, and enterd intu an 
hvs, and wud hav no man no 
[it]: but he kud not be hid. 

25. Fer a [s^rten] wuman, h<i>2 
yup deter had an unkUn spirit, 
h^rd ov him, and kam and lel at 
hiz fet: 

26. 3e wunum woz a Grek, a 
S^rofenijian bj najcm; and Je be- 
a6t him dat he wud koet fort ds 
devil 9t ov h^r deter. 

27. But Jezus sed untu h^r. 
Let de Qildren f^rst be fild: fer it 
iz not met tutak de qildrenz bred, 
and tu kast [it] untu de dog^* 

28. And Je ans^rd and sed uo- 
tu him, Yes, Lerd: yet de dogz 
under de tabi et ov de Qildrens 

29. And he sed untu h^r,. Fer 
dis sai^ go di wa; de devil iz gon 
9t ov dj deter. 

30. And hwen Je woz kum tu 
h^ hvs, Je fsnd de devil gon vt, 
and h^r deter lad up6n de bed. 

31. IT And agen, depqrtio from 
de kosts ov Tjr and Sjdon, he kam 
tmtu de se ov Galile, trcode midst 
ov de kosts ov Dekapolis. 

32. And da brig untu him wun 
dat woz def, and had an impedi- 
ment in hiz spe^; and da bes^ 
him tu put hiz hand up6n him. 

33. And he tuk him as^ from 
de multitiid, and put hiz figgerz 
intu hiz erz, and he spit, and tu^t 
hiz tu{); 

34. And lukig up tu heven, he 
8|d, and set untu him, ££ata, dat 
iz. Be opend. 

35. And stratwa hiz erz w^r 
opend, and de strif) ov hiz tug 
woz la}St, and he spak plan. 

36. And he qcujd dem dat da Jud 
tel no man: but de mor h^ Qq^d 


eOSFEL or UfiBS. 

'#enf, M> tDti<} ds mor a grst del 
^ pablijt [itj: 

37. Ana tv^ beyond mesynr 

yA, a^r /st no ifft be giTOxi tmtia 
dis jeneraJoiL 

13. And he left dem, and en- 

•*t6nift> aai^j, He hirt dan el %z'tcrifl intu (k Jip ag^ depkyted 
wel: he mskeh bot de def tu her, I in de nder s|d. 

'«nd de dtun ta spek. 

L In dfi» dffis de mnltitqd Md 
Teri gntf and havip notq) tu et, 
Jesus k^d hiz diaiplz [tintci him]/ 
and set nntu dem, 

12. ^ haT k()inpaJott cm de mill- 
tittid, bek6z da hay vb bin wid me 
tre das, and hav ndin tu et: 

5. And if i send dem awd fosti^ 
tia d^T on hvzez, da wil lant b( de 
wb: fer d^ven or dom kam from 


4. And Yuz dis|plz ans^ hhn, 
Vrom hwena kan a man satisfy dez 
[men] wid bred her in de wildemes. 

6. And he askt dem, %B,ts meni 
krra bar yz. And da sed. Seven. 

6. Andhekomdndeddapepltu 
flit dtm on de grsnd: and he tuk 
de seven lora, and gar ta^ks, and 

14. IfN-y fde di4plzl had tor- 
g6tedtiitak bred, neder had da in 
de |ip wid dem mor dan wim lof. 

15. And he qciTJd dem, saixh Tak 
bed, bi5w4r or de levcn or die ^ar- 
isez, and [ov] de leren ov Herod 

W, And (b rezond anxd^ dem« 
aelvK, 8ai{), [It iz] bek^z we bar 
no bred. 

17. And hwen Jezus nt| [it], ha 
sd nntu dem, 4 Hwi rezon yc, be- 
k6z ye har no bred; 4 pere^v ye 
not yet, neder imderstind; 4 hay 
ye yar hcctt yet hc^rdend. 

18. Havi^ xz, 4 se ye not; and 
havi|^ erz, Iher ye not; and ^d© ye 
not remember. 

19. Hwen i bnft de Qv Iotz 
amdg f^v tvzand, 4 h^r m^ bas- 
kets ful OT fragments tuk ye np. 
Sb sa nntu him« Tw^t. 

20. And hwen de seven amdi) 
for tvzand, Ihtrmeni baskets ful 

brak, and gav tu hiz dis^pls tu set or fragments tuk ye up. And da 

bdor [dem]; and da did set [dem] 

7. And 4Bt had d fit smel fijez: 
and he blest, and komdnded tu 
aet dem also befor [dem.] 

8. So da did et, and wer fild: 

sed, Seven. 

2L And he sed nntu dem, ^'Rts 
iz it dat re d<!> not understand. 

28. IT And heknme^ tu Beto> 
da; and da bri^d bQnd man untu 
him, and bes4t him tu tug him. 

and da tuk npovde broken [met]i 23. And he tuk de blind man 
4at W08 left seven baskets. I b| de hand, and led him vt ov de 

9. And da dat had eten w^ ab^j t^n; and hwen he had spit on hii 
for ftvzand: and he sent dem aw^l^z, and put hiz handz npdn hicii 

10. 1 And steatwa he enterd in- 
tu a Jip wid hiz dis^plz, and kam 
Intu de pqrts ov Balmamnki. 

11. And de Farisez kam ford. 

he aakt him if he so et. 

24. And he hokt np, and sed, i 
se men az trez, weki^ 

25. Gfter dat he put [Mz] handz 

and began tu kwestyon wid him, agen npdn hiz |z, and mad him 

sekiD ov him a s^n from heven, ' " ^ . 


12. And he s^d depli in hiz spirit, 
and set, 1Hw| dsA dis j^emjonjhtrs, sai^ Nedef go intu de tsn, 
—^ after a sjii; varili | sa untuiner tel [it] tu em in^dt tan. 

luk np: and he woz restord, and 
se even man klerB. 
26. And he sent him awatu hiz 

60SPEI* OV lldKS. 


27^ ^Anct Jezqs went -st, and 

2erea 'P{\ipli and b| de wa He askt 
hi£ di${ptz, sail) untudem, 9 Hu>m 
dd) men sa dat i am. 

28. And da anserd, Jon de Bap- 
tist: bat sum [sa], Clj^; and ud- 
ettf Wmi ov (fc profets. 

29. And he set untu dem, But 
1 lubm sa 7e dat ^ am. And Peter 
anseret and set nntu Mmi, Sv qrt 
de E4st. 

30. Ax^ lie qq^id dem datda 
Jud tel no man ov him. 

91. And he beg^n tu te^ dem, 
dsi de Sun ov man must sufer 
memi %z, and be rijekted ov de 
el^erz, and [ov] de ^ prtots, and 
ftk^ibz, and be Kild, and alter Ire 
daz vjz agen. 

32. And he spak dat saip open- 
li. And Peter tuk hlmyaadbe- 
g^ tu teb^k him. 

33. But hwenhe liad tumd abit 
and lukt on hiz disiplz, hereb^kt 
Peter, saig, Get ^ behind me, 
&tan: far (hf savorest not de tipz 
dat be ov God, but de tigz dat be 
or men. 

84. 1 And hwen he had keld de 
pepl [untu him] wid hiz .disiplz 
hlsQy nt sed untu dem, HxDsoever 
wil ktttn after me, let him denj 
himself, and tak up hiz krds, and 
folo me. 

35. Fdr h<i>soever wil sav hiz 
!ff Jal l(nz it; but hcosoever Jal 
la>z hiz Qf far m^ sak and de gos- 
pelz, de sam fal sav it 

86. Per ^ Wot Jal It profit a 
man, if he Jal gan de hot ^urld, 
and Idkz hiz on sol. 

37. 8r ?hwot Jal a man g^v in 
eiksdLnj fer hiz sol. 

38. fioMoever di^rfor Jal be 
ajcbnd ov me and ov m{ wurdz in 
TO adtilterus and sinful jenerajon; 
or him elso Jal de Sun ov man 
be ajtod, hwen ha kumet in de 

glori or hia Vq/tat wid da heii 


dAPTBR 9. 

1. And he sed untu dem, Var- 
ili I sa untu j<b, Sat d%r ba sum 
ov dem dat stand her, hwifi Jal b^ 
tast ov det, til da bar sen oa kvst 
dom ov God kum wid paer« 

2. IT And after siks daz JezuB 
taket [Avid him] Peter, and Jams, 
and Job, and ladel dem up intu 
an 14 m7P:)ten ap4rt b| demselva: 
and ha woz transfigyi^d bti€if 

3. And hiz lament bck^JiniD, 
eksedi^ hinqt az sno; so as M 
fuler on ^rft kan hw^t dem. 

4. And d%r apird untu iieiia 
81jas widKozez: anddaw^rtokr 
ig wid Jezus. 

&. And Peter aqsezd and siod tu 
Jezus, Master, it iz gud for ustu 
be her: and let us Bouok iia tabes- 
tiaklz; wun fer d^, and wun lor 
Mozez, and wun ler Sljas. 

6. Fer he wist not hwot tu sai 
for da w^r sor alrad. 

7. And d^r woz a klvd ^ 
overjddod dem: and a v«rs kam 
Tst OV de kl^d, saiQ, Sis iz mi ba* 
Mved Sun: her him. 

8. And sudenli, hwen da haol 
lukt rvnd ab^t, da se no maneni 
mor, sav Jezus onli wid demselva* 

9. And az da kam dan from de 
mvnten, he ^q^rid dem dat da Jud 
tel no man hwot ti:gz da had sani 
til de Sun ov man wf r rizen from 
de ded. 

10. And da kept dat saig wid 
demselvz, kwestjoni^ wun wid 
antider hwot de r^zii) &om da ded 
Jud men. 

11. i[And da askt hini, aaa^ 
^ Hwi sa de skr^bz dat Sl^as xo^ist 
f^t kum. 

12. And he anserd and Uild. 

darn, 8l^asTQrilikiimal^^n^w4 



naioret el iiQz; and hv it ic riten 

OT de Son ov Man, dat he must 

Biif er meni tigs, and be set at net. 

13. But] sa ontu ya>, 3at Cljas 

' iz indM kum, and (h hay dan 

iintu him hwotsoever da listed, 

az it iz riten ov him« 

' 14;. t'And hwen he kam tu 

[hiz] difi^plz, he se a grat multi- 

ti|d ab^ dem, and de skr^bz 

•kwestjoni^ wid dem. 

15. And stratwa el de pepl, 
hwen da beheld him, w^r gratli 
amdzd, and ronip tu [him] salut- 
ed hrm. 

16. And he askt de skijbz, 
fHwot kwestyon ye wid dem. 

17. And wan oy de multitq,d 
ecserd and sed, Master, I havliret 
imtu d£ m^ son, hwig hat a dam 

18. And hw^Tsoever he taket 
liim, he t^ret him: and he f omet, 
«bd naJeH wid hiz tet, and p^uet 
ftwd: and i spak tu dl dis^plz dat 
da Jud kiost him -st; and da kud 

19. He anseret him, and tell, O 
fftf les jenerajon, S h^ lop Jal i be 
wid j<d; ^h-5 loi) Jal. [ safer y a); 
hniQ him antiA me. 

20. And da bret him antu him : 
find hwen he se him, stratwa de 
spirit tar him; and he fel on de 
gnmd, and wolod fomig. 

21. And he askt hiz feeder, ^ Hy 
lop iz it ago sins dis kam untu 
him. And he sed, Ov a qjld. 

' 22. And ofttjmz it hat kast him 
intu de £ir, and intu de weterz, 
tu destr^iim: bat if ds^kanst da> 
eni tip, hav kompajon on us, and 
help OS. 

23. Jezos sed untu him, If dv 
kanst bcUv, eltipz [cjr] pcwild tu 
him dat belevet. 

24. Atid stratwa de fqder ov de 

25. Hwen Jezos se dat de pqpl 
kam runip tugeder, he reb4kt de 
fvl spirit^ saip untu him, [JSjs] 
dam and def sjurit, I Qq^ (^ kum 
vt OT him, and enter no mcar intu 

26. And [de spirit] kr^d, and 
rent him sor, and kam Ttov him: 
and he woz az won ded; in80ni.dQ 
dat meni sed. He iz ded. 

27. But Jezas tuk him b^de- 
hand, and lifted him up; and he 

28. And hwen he woz kum in« 
tu de h7^ hiz dis^plz oakt him fri- 
vetli, ^Hwi kud not we kost 
him 7t. 

29. And he sed untu dem. His 
kjud kan kum fort bj notip, but 
b^ pn^r and losidp. 

30. 7 And da deported dens, and 
post tnD Galile; and he wifid not 
dat eni man Jud no [it] 

31. Fer he tet hiz dis[plz, and 
sed untu dem, 3e Sun ov man iz 
deliverd intu de handz ov men, 
and da Jal kil him; and after dat 
he iz kild, he Jal rjz de t^rd da, 

32. But da understi^Ld not d4t 
saip, and w^r afrad tu ask him. , 

33. ^And he kam tu Kap^a« 
um: and beip in de h^s he askt 
dem, ^ Hwot woz it dat ye dispi^t- 
ed amup ya>rselvz bj de wa. 

34. But da held d^r pes: fer bi 
de wa da had dispi^ted amdp dem* 
selvz, hm [Jud be] de gratest. 

35. And he sat d^^n, and keld de 
twelv, and set untu dem, If eni 
tnan det^r tu foe f^rat, [de sam] Jal 
be last ov el, and servant ov el. 

36. And he tuk a ^Id, and set 
him in de midst ov dem: and hwen 
he had taken him in hiz q^rmz, 
he sed untu dem, 

37. Howsoever Jal res^v won ov 
suQ <gildren In mi nam, resevet me: 
old krjd vt, and sed wid terz, and ha>soever Jal resiv me,TeseT^ 
Savd^ib^r; help dvm^n unbelt, [et not me^ but him dat sent me. " 



38. IT And Jon anserd him, ea- 
rn Master, we se wun kasti;) st 
aeyibs in d^ nam, and he Mloet 
not us: and we forbad him, bekez 
he f 61oet not us. 

3d. Bnt Jezus sed, Forbid him 
not: fer d^r iz no man hwig /al 
dm a mirakl in mi nam^ dat kan 
Ijtli epek evil ov me. 

40. Fer h^ dat iz not agenst us, 
iz on ST pqrt. 

41. Fer hoMsoever fal giv yo) a 
kup ov weter tu drigk in m^ nam, 
bek^ ye beldg tu Kr^st, verili i sa 
untu joi, he Jal not Imz his re- 

42. And ha>so€Yer Jal ofend 
wun OY I6zz] litl wunz dat beUv 
in me, it iz beter fer him dat a 
milston w^ ha^id ab^t hiz nek, 
and he w^r kast intu de «e. 

43. And if d^ hand ofend d^, kut 
it of: it iz beter fer d$ tu enter in- 
tu Uf mamd, dan havii) t<n handz 
tu go intu hel, intu de f^r dat 
never Jal be kwenqt: 

44. Hw^r di|r wurm dje^ not, 
and de f|r iz not kwenqt. 

45. And if di f ut ofend de, kut 
it of: it iz beter fer di tu enter 
helt intu l^f, dan havi)) ta> fet. tu 
be kcist intu hel, intu de f;r dat 
never fal be kwenqt: 

46. Hw:|r di^r. wurm djet not, 
and de f^r iz not kwen^t. 

47. And if ^n i ofend d^ pluk 
it vt: it iz beter fer de tu enter 
intu de ki{)dom ov God wid wun 
j, dan lutviQ t(D jz tu be kast intu 
hel fjr: 

48. Hw^r d^r wurm d^et not, 
and de f^r iz not kwenqt. 

49. Fer everi wun Jal be selted 
wid f^r, and everi aakrif js Jal be 
selted wid selt. 

50. Selt [iz] gud: but if de^lt 
hav lost hiz seltnes, ? hw^rwit wil 
ye sezon it. Hav selt in yotrselvz, 
and ^T pes inu^ wid antiden 

€APTER 10. 

1. And he aroz from dens, and 
kumet intu de kosts ov Ji^dea \\ 
de fcirder s^d ov Jordan: and da 
pepl rez6rt untu him agen; and, 
az he woz wunt, he tet dem agen. 

2. ^And de Farisez kam tu 
him, and askt him, S Iz it leful 
fer a man tu put awa [hiz] w^f ; 
temti^ him. 

3. And he anserd and sed untu 
dem, % Hwot did Mozez komdnd 

4. And da sed, Mozez suferd 
tu r^t a bil ov divorsment^ and tu 
put [h§r] awa. 

5. And Jezus anserd and sed 
untu dem, Fer de hcydnes ov ycwr 
hqrt he rot y<n dis presept 

6. But from debegini{)ovde kre- 
a Jon God mad dem mal and f enxal. 

7. Fer dis kez Jal a man lev 
hiz fqder and muder, and klev tui 
hiz w^f; 

8. And da twan Jal be wun flej: 
so den da c^r no mor twan, but 
wun flej. 

9. Hwot d^rfor God hat jend 
tugeder, let not man put asdnder. 

10. And in de h^s hiz dis^pls 
askt him agen ov de sam [mater.] 

11. And he set untu dem, Ha>- 
soever Jal put awd hiz wji^ and 
m£ui andder, komltet aduUeri 
agenst h^r. . 

12. And if a wuman Jal put 
awd h^r huzband, and be marid 
tu andder, Je komitet adulteri. 

13. . TT And da bret yun gildrenr 
tu him, dat he Jud tuQ dem: and 
[hiz] disiplz rebx^kt doz dat bret 

14. Bnt hwen Jezus se [it], hs 
woz muQ dispUzdy and sed untu 
dem, Sufer & litl cildren tu knm. 
im.ti^ me, and forbid dem not: ler 
ov suQ iz de kigdom ov God. 

15. TeriU i sa iintuy<^ B(D80% 


Qos^iL or MdftS. 

ever |al not Toiir <fe klodom ov 
Qod ftz a litl ^Id, he Jal ix)^ en^r 

16. And he tuk dem np in hiz 
q,rmz, put [his] hi&ndi upi5ndem, 
and blest dem. 

• 17. IT And hwen he iroz gon 
fort intu de wa, (fa^r \aua wnn 
runi^ and nelt tu hun, and oskt 
him, Gud Master, 9 hwot fal { dm 
dat i ma inherit eternal I jf. 

18. And Jezns sed nntu him, 
^Hwj kelest dv me gud, [<!b(r izj' 
nun gud bat wqn, [dat izl God. J 

19. 3v noest de komdndments, I 
Ba not komlt adnlteri, D<d not; 
kil, D<D not steL Don not b^r felsj 
witnes, Defr6d not» Chior d^ fqder 
and muder. 

20. And he anserd and sed un- 
tu him, Master, el dez har i ob- 
z^rvd from mj y©*. . 

21. Sen Jezus beholdip him, 
lard him, and sed mitu him,' 
Wan tip &15 lakest: go dj wa, sel 
hwotsoever &9 hast^ and giy tu dei 

EEDr, and dar Jalt har trejyiir in J 
even: and kum, tak np 4i kros, 
and folo me. 

22. And he voz sad at dat saqo,' 
and went awd grevd: for he had. 
grat pozejonz. I 

23. t^And Jezus Hikt nmd ab^ | 
and set nnt;a hiz disjplz, Ht^J 
hqrdli Jal da dat har riqez enter 
intu de ki^om ov Qod ! | 

24. And de dis|plz w^r astiinij't. 
at hiz wnrdz. But Jezns anseretj 
agen, and sell untu dem, €)ildren,; 
1x9 hcird iz it for dem dat 6*ust in, 
liqez tu enter intu de kindom ov 

25. It iz ezier for a kamel ta 
go ira> 6z i OY a nedl, dan fef a 
rig man tu enter intu de kindom 
or God. 

26. And da w^r ^stdnijt Trt ov 
megjv', saig amtSig d^nfi^yz, 
flCto 4t& kan he stvd. 

27. AncTTezittlfiik^tipSntfem 
set, Wid men [it iz J impostbl, but 
not wid Qod: for wid God el *igz 
cir posiU. 

23. ir^en peter be^n tu sa 
untu him, Lo, we hav left el, and 
hav folod dii 

29. And Jezos anserd and aed, 
Verili i sa untu JOi, Si^r iz no 
man dat hal left hirs, er bredren, 
er sisterz, er fq,der, er muder, er 
wjf, er qjidreq, er landz, fer mj 
sak, and de gospelz, 

dO, But he Jal resly an hun- 
dredfold ms in dis t{m, hvzez, 
and bredren, and sisterz. and mud- 
erz, and ^ildren, smd landz, wid 
p^rsekiijonz; and in de wurld tu 
kum et^al l^t 

31. But meni [dat qjt] f^rst Jal 
be last; and de last f^rst 

32. IT And da w^r in de wa goi^ 
up tu Jeru>zalem; and Jezus went 
befor dem : and da w^ amdxd; and 
az da folod, da w^r afr^d. And 
he tuk agen de twelv, and began 
tu tel dem hwot li^ Jud hupen 
untu him, 

33. [Saig], Behold, we go up 
tu Jermzsiem ; and de Sun ov 
man Jal be deHverd untu de qef 
prestSy and untu de sk^fbz; and da 
Jal kondem him tu aet, end Jai 
deliver him tu de Jent|lz: 

34. And da Jal mok him, jxnd 

{al skn^ hifn, and Jal spit up6n 
lim, and Jal kil himt and ^-fftd 
da he Jal r|z ag^n. 

35. fAnd Jamz aad 'Jon, de 
sunz OY Zebede, kum nntct him, 
sai^, Master, we wud dat (bf Judst 
da> for U3 hwotsoever we JaJ dez^r. 

36. And he sed untii dem, 
ffiwot wud }redat ^ud da> lot ycD. 

37. cEa sod untu him, Giant 
untu us dat we ma aSty wun on di 
r|t hand, and de uder on dj left 
hand, in dj glorl. 

38i; But JiBsua "itA tt&ttt tex^ 

GOatmi OY HBBK. 


dn^ ot de k«p dat i drink ov, 
and be bapt{zd wid de baptism 
dttt i am bapt^zd wid. 

d9. And da sed untu bim, We 
lean. And Jezus ted untu dem, 
Te fal iDd^ driijk ov ds kap dai 
jdr^ qt; and wid de bs{^iisnk 
dat i am bapt;^^ wid^i Jal ye be 
. 40. But tu fit on m{ ijt band 
and OB mj left band iz not m|a tu 
giT; bat {it /al be given tn dem] 
for boMpi it iz prep4i'd. 

41» And bwen de ten h^rd [itl 
da began tu be mnq displi^zd wid 
Jumz and Job. 

42. Bat Jezuft keld dem [tu 
biml and set ontu dem, Ye no 
dataa hvhq q^ akvnted tu rati 
QTer ^ Jenlilz eksersiz lerdjlp 
over dem ; and d%r grat wonz 
eksersiz elofitl np6n denu 

4^ Bat flo /ai it not bfr amiip 
Tw: but boMoever wil be giat 
ajDU&o ya^ Jai be jatv ministBr: 

44 And hinaof ver ov yet wil 
be de Qcfest, |al be servant ov el. 

45. Far even de Sim ov man 
kam not tu be mknatesd vntu, 
but tu minister, and tu giv biz 
]jf a raDSQBa for menL 

46. t^Afid da kam ivk Jeriko: 
and az be went vt or Jeriko wid 
Ittjs dis|pl2 and a gret number 
ov pepi, blind Bqrtimeus, de eon 
ov T^^iena, eat bi de h^ wa J^d 

. 47. And bwen be bi^rd dat it 
woe Jezns or Nazaret, be b^n 
ttx kri vt, and isa, Jezus, [its] tun 
ov David, bav m^i on toe. 

48* And meni qciijd him dat 
bejfiad hold biz n&a: but be kijd 
de mor a gmt- del, [3-ir] sun ov 
pBTtdf hav m^iei on me. 

4d. And Jezva stiod atfl, and 
kooudnded bim feu be kold. And 

Mm, Be or gud Vamfort^ r^; he 
kolet d^ 

50. Andhe,ka8ti||awdhizg<|r« 
ment, loz, aad kam tu Jezos. 

5L And Jezoe aneerd and sed 
untu him, ^ Hwot wiltdv dat } Jud 
do untu d^. Se blfnd man aed 
untu him, Levd, dat ( mjt rea^vmi 

52. And Jezoe sed untu bim, 
Godi wa; dj fat bal mad 6i hc^ 
And imldietli he res^vd hiz fl^t^ 
and folod Jezae in de wa. 

€APTER 11. 

L And bwen da kam n j tu Je* 
rozalem, untu Beifajeaad Betaoi^ 
at de rnvnt ov Oiivz, he lendot far 
to ov hiz dis^plz, 

2. And ael untu dem, Go yor 
wa intu de vilej ewer agenat yo: 
and az aon az ye be enterd intu 
it, ye Jal f^nd a kolt tjd, hw^rdm 
never man eat; los bim, aixd h^ 

3. And if eni man sa untu yo, 
?Hw| do ye dis; aa ye dat de 
Lord haft aad ov him; andaMivaa. 
be wil attid him hider. . 

4. And da went d^r wa, and 
fand de kolt tid bide doi* widi^ 
in a idaa bwqr to waz mat( aad 
da lost him. 

5. And a^rten.irr dem dAt stud 
di|r aed untu ABm, <l Hw«4 do ye» 
loaig dekoit. 

6. And da aed antu dem even 
az Jezus had komdnded: and dA 
let dam gci. 

7. And da bret de kolt tu J»*- 
zus,' and ko^t di|r gctnttenta on 
him; and he aat up6n him. 

fi. Aaid meni spred d^ ^qpr- 
ments in de wa! and udere kal 
dan branQea ov de tree, and atMDd 
[dem] in de wa. 

9. And da dat went bef^r, and 

da Joai da Mi«<* ahol amiL astu: d&^tefrlolttL kai MkLttisdtti; 


Blmd [!e] k» iiiit kumel in (k 
nam ot de Lord: 

10. Bl«8edrbe]deki))domoyvr 
f <lder Dayid, dat kumet in de nam 
or de Lerd: Hozina in de hjest 

11. And Jccus enterd intu 
Jera>z«l«nf and intu de tempi: 
and hwen be had lukt mnd arat 
up<Sn el ti^z, and n^ de evented 
vros kmn, he went vt ontu Bei- 
ani wid de twelv. 

12. IT And on de morO|hwen da 
w^r kum liom Betaoi, he tv^>z 

13. And eeifi a %»tre afcir of 
havip levz, he kam, if hapli 
he ia{t find enitig da^nSn: and 
hwen he kam tia it^ he hsnd not- 
i^ but leys; for de i^m ot figz 
woz not [yet.] 

14. And Jezus aneerd and sed 
untu it^ No man et frcDt ot d^ 
herofter foreTer. And hiz disiplz 

15. IT And da kum tu Jera>za- 
km: and Jezus went intu de 
tempi, and began tu kdst 7t dem 
dat acAd and bet in de tempi, and 
overtop de tabLe ot de muni-^an}* 
erz, and d sets ot dam dat sold 

16. And wud not eufer dat eni 
stian fud kari [eni] Tesel tra> de 

17. 'And he tet, saiQ nntu dem, 
<!iz it not riten, Mi hiss Jal be 
keld ot el najonz de hve or pn|r 
r$K. 66: 7]; bnt ye haT mad it a 
den OT teTz. 

18. Anddeskribzand^prests 
hfhi {it], and set hv da mjt destir^ 
bdm: fer da ferd him, bek6z el de 
pepl wer aat6ni Jt at hiz doktrin. 

• 19. And hwen eTen woz kum, 
he went st ot de sitL 

r 20, IF And in de merni|), az da 
past 14, da se de fig^tre dr^d up 
xiom de nDta. 
1^ Aad ?tlerl(0li9tiaxeiii«tt>r 

brans set nntu him, Mttatex-, be- 
hold, de fig-tre hwi^ dv kuraedst 
iz widerd awa. 

22. And Jezus anseii^ ae% nn- 
tu dem, HaT iat in ChxL 

23. Fer Terili | s& nntu. joi, 
Sat hoksoeTer fal sa untu. dis 
mmten. Be ds remcbTd, and be 
dv kast intu de se; and Jal not 
Aist in hiz hqrt, but Jal beUv dat 
doz ^gz hwiq he set Jal kum tu 
pas; hefal haT hwotsoeTer he sel. 

24. Aiirlor i sa nntu ya>, fiwot 
ti^z soeTer ye dez|r, hwen ye pre, 
beUv dat ye res^T [dem], and ye 
Jal haT [dem.] 

25. And hwen ye stand praiQ^ 
forgiT, if ye haT et agenst eni: 
dat ya>r Ff^der elso hwiq ia in 
heTen ma foi^T yew tseapases. 

26. But if ye do not forgiT, 
neder wil yanr Fqder itwi^ iz in 
heTen forgiT yor treepasez. 

27. IT And da kum agen tu Jer- 
ozalem: and az he woz weki^ in 
de tempi, ds^r kum tu him de qd 
prests, and de skribz, and de elders, 

28. And sa nntu him, ^B^ 
bwot eloriti doest &5 dez ^e. 
And % ho gaT d^ dis etoriti tu do 
dez tipz. 

29. And Jezus anserd and sed 
untu dem, i wil elso ask ot yo 
wun kwestyon, and onser me, and 
i wil tel yo h\ hwot etoriti | do 
dez tipz. 

30. SEe baptizm ot Jon, ^woz [it] 
from heTen, er ot men; anser ma 

31. And 6a. rez(md wid dem- 
selTz, sai^ If we J^ sa, From 
heTen; he wil sa, ^Hw^ den did 
ye not beleT him; 

32. But if we Jal sa, Ot men; 
da ferd de ptpl: fer el [men] kvnt- 
ed Jon, dat he woz a profet indld. 

33. And da anserd and sed imtu 
Jezus, We kan not tel. And Jezus 
anserip set untu dem, Neder do i 
U^y» bitwot.qtentiiiitodei3M|^ 




1. And be beg^ tu spek untu 
dem b| porablz. U [s^rten] man 
planted a vinyard, and set an hej 
ab^t [it], and digd [a plas fer] de 
w^vat, and bilt a tver, and let it 
vt tu httzbandmen, and went intu 
a fqr kuntri. 

2. And at de sezon be sent tu 
de buzbandmen a s^nrant, dat be 
mit res^v from de buebandmen ov 
de frot ov de vinyard. 

3. And da ket [bim], and bet 
hinv and sent [Mm] awa emti. 

4. And agen be sent untia dem 
ajxdder servant; and at bim da kost 
stonz, and w<Dnded [bim] in de 
hedy and sent [bim] awa Jamfuli 

& And agen be sent andder; 
and bim da kild, and meni uderz; 
beti|) sum, aad kilig sum. 

6« HaviQ yet di^rfor wun sun, 
hiz wel beldved, be sent bim elso 
last untu dem» sai^ <Ia wil rev- 
erens m j sun. 

7. But doz buzbandmen sed 
amdg demselvz, Sis iz de %r; 
kam^ let us kil him, and de inber- 
itans Jal be frtz^ 

8. And da tuk bim, and kild 
[^m^ and kdst [bim] vt ov de 

9. <iHwot Jal d%rforde lord ov 
de vinyard da^ He wil kum and 
destr^ de buzbandmen, and wil 
giv de vinyard imtu uderz. 

10. And ^bav ye not red dis 

Id. ^Anddietndimiiiikimafr* 

ten ov de Farisez and ov de HercD- 
dianz, tu kaq liim in [biz} wurdz. 

14. And bwen da w^r kum, da 
sa untu bim. Master, wa no dat 
d9 q^ tra>, and k^rest fer no man: 
fer dv regq^'dest not de person ov 
men, but tegest de wa ov God in 
trmt: 4Iz it leful tu giv triby^t 
tu Sezar, er not 

15. HIW we giv, er Jal we not 
giv. But be, noig d%r bipokrisi, 
sed untu dem, ^ Hw^ temt ye me; 
Inrig me a peni, dat i ma. se [it^l 

16. And da bret [it] And be 
set untu dem, S Ha)Z [iz] dis imej 
and SHperskripJon. And da sed 
untu bim, Sezorz. 

17. And JezQs anserip sed untu 
dem, Render tu Sezar de tigz dai 
qr Sezarz, and tu God de tigz dat 
q^Godz. And da mqrveld at bim. 

18. ^clen kum untu bim de 
Sadymsez, bwiq sa d^r iz no rez- 
urekjon; and da askt bim, saip, 

19. Master, Mozez rot untu 
us. If a manz bruder di, and lev 
[biz] w^f [bebjnd bim^ and lev 
no qildren, dat biz bruder Jud tak 
biz wjl, and raz up sed untu biz 
bruder. [D^t, 25: 5.] 

2(X Nv ds^r w^r seven bvedren: 
and de f^rst tuk a wjf, and d j^ 
left no sed. 

21. And de sekqnd tuk b^r; 
and d}d, neder left be eni sed: 
and de t^rd ljkwi;s. 

22. And de seven bad b^r^ and 
left no sed: last ov el de tvumaa 

akriptyiir; 3!e ston hwiq de bilderz d^d elso. 

rejekted iz bekdm da bed ov de 

11. 3jis wpz de Lerdz da>ii, 
and it iz mqrveUis in vr ^z. [S<yn 
118: 22, 2a.] 

12. And da set tu la boldon bim, 
but ferd de pepl: fer da nil dat, be 
bad spoken da parabl agenst dem: 

23. In de rezurekjon d^ifor, 
bwen da fal r^z, ^ba>z wjf Jal 
fe be ov i&m; fer de seven 4ad 
ni^r tu w^f . 

24. And Jezus qnserm sed un« 
tu dem, ^D(D ye not ^ifoc ^y 
bek^z ye no not de skriptyq^rZy 
neder de pver ov God. 

.;25.^ I^ Ifmfo^^ Jal. ^ivm: 



<te ded, dn neiwr ttfilf, ner ctlr giv- 
en in marij; Imt q^ its de anjele 
hwiq qr in heven. 
' 20. And a% iu^ 4e d«d, dat 
da lis: ^ kav ye not red in de biak 
or McMBez, hv in de buj Q<<m1 spak 
untu him, aat^ § [am] ds God ot 
Qbraham, andde Godovf sak, and 
de Ood OT JakolK [Kka. d: 6.] 

27. He ia notde Ood ov d» ded, 
bat de God or de VLvixfi y« d^rfor 
doi gratli ^r. 

28. irAnd wuB ov d» akribs 
kam, and havi^ h^rd dem reEoni^ 
tugeder, and pereevi;) dat he had 
onterd dem wel^ askt him, Wwi^ 
is de f^t komandment ov el. 

f^TBt ov el de komdndments [ie], 
Her, o 'Izrael; Se Lord wt God 
12 wan Lord. 

• 30. And d9 Jalt lov de Lord d| 
Ood wid el dj hcirt, and wid el 

wid el di ttee^, [Diit. 6: 4]: die 
[iz] de feret komdndment. 

31. And de ibek(tod [iz] l^k, 
[namli] dis, Stt Jalt luv dj nahor 
ai:4i8^1f. [Lev. 19:18.] ai^ris 
ntin uder komdndment grater dan 

32. And de flkiib sed tintUL him, 

de Bkiibz dat K||pb is da Son or 


36. Fer David himself aed h| 
de H«>li Gc»<^ ffe Lord »ed tu mi 
Lord, Sit d« on m{ r{t hand, tiT] 
mak d^n enemizdi futstcDL fSq^ 
110: L] 

37. David d|rf<Dr himself kele» 
him Lord; and ^hwena iz he 
[den] hiz sun. And de komon 
pepl h^ him gladfi. 

38. YAnd he sed vntu. dem in 
hiz doktrin, Bew4r ov de ski^bz, 
hwiq luv tu go in fop klodig, 
and [luv] salyi^tafonz in deiiM|r- 
ket plasez, 

39. And de qd sets in de shia- 

29. And Jezus anserd him, 9e gogz, and de apermost tmmz at 


40. Hwiq dev:^ widoz hvzez, 
and for a pretem mak lop pr^rz: 
dez fal res^Y grater damnajon. 

41. T And Jezus aat^^veffl^^Qst 

di sol, and wid eldj ra^nd, and de tresy^ri, md beheld hvdepepl 

kast' mum intu de tre37i)ri! and 
meni dat w^ nq kast in ma^ 

42. And di^r kam a serten pq»r 
wido, and fe tra> m t^ ni|ts, hwiq 
mak a fq^p. 

43. And he kekl [tmlu hhn] 
hiz disjplz, and sefi untu dem, 
Verili % sa untu ydi, 9at dis panr. 

Wal, Master, dv hast sed detr<nt:{ wido hait kost mor in, dan ef da 

hwiQ hav kast intu de trejyuri. 

44. For el [da} dfd kast in ov 
dur abdndans; bat Je oy h^r wont 
did kast in el dat Je had, [even] 
el h^r livlp; 

€APTER 13 

1. And az' he went «t ev^ de 
tempi, wun oy hiz disjplz set un- 
tu h^, Maiiter, s^ hwot m«yer 
ovitdnz a^dhwot^ld]^ (qr her]! 

2. And Jezus ansen|i sed untu 
him, ^ Seest dv dez grat Hldiiyz; 
dE^r Pal not be left w<m sta>n upM 
aiidder, dat Jal not be lx«m dvn. 

B, iFAM^ M Hi. 4«t «fd» 4e 

fer dsir iz wun God; and ds^r iz 
nun uder bat he: 
' 89. -Afid tu luv lifm wid el ^ 
hqrt, an4 wid ei de ttndeist^ndip, 
ahd Wid/^ de sot, and wid elde 
strepl. Slid tu' luv [hiz] m^bor az 
himself iz Vfior dan el head b^mt 
oferrgz and sjkrfQsez. 

34. And hwen Jezas se dat 
lie cmtierd diskrdtli, he Ked untu 
him, QEv cirt not fctr from deki|^ 
dom ov Ood. And no man after 
daf darst ^a^ him {eni kivest- 

35, IT And Jeztis onseM and sed; 



Y»f^t dV CAi^ ov«r agK^ntt de 
t^mpl, Peeler and Jams aad Jon 
aa4 Atldroixsskt Mia mvetli, 

4. Tel us, . S hiren f%\ dez ti|)z 
1»» ttBdi kwot [ffli be] de fli& liw«n 
el dfts ti^s Jal be ful01d. 

5. And Jezus ane^rii) dem b^ 
gfa tti 6a, Tak bed lest eni [man] 

6w F^rmeni /al kum in m| nam, 
saiD, $ am [Kqst]; and Jal dmiv 

7. And hwen ye f al hct ov werz 
and ra>morz ov werz, be ye not 
tiiibkl: fer [snq ti|^] most nedz 
be; but de end [fal] not [be] yet. 
- 8. Fer najon |al nz ag^nst na- 
Jon, and kifjidom agenst ki^om: 
and d^r Jal be ^rtk waks in [direrz] 
pUbsez, and di|r fat be faminz and 
tnxblz: dez [<irj de be^ni^z or 

0. iBttt tak bed tu ydonelvz: 
f ^da jid deliver ym up tu kvnsilz ; 
aod in de iitnagogz ye fal be bet^at 
and ye Jal be bret befor ra»lerz and 
ki|jz i&r mi sik^ fer a t^fim«Ai 
agenst dem. 

10. And de go^l mustf^rstbe 
pobMJt amd^ el najonz. 

11. Bat kwen da jal led [ym], 
and deliver y<D up, tak no tet be- 
f<3rhand hwot ye Jal spek, neder 
da> ye premeditat: but hwoteeMver 
Jail be givefii y<» in dat vr, dat s|jek 
yet f«r St ia iio| ye. del s^, birt 
de Holi Gost. 

12. Kerde brute Jal bi^rd de 
bnidsr tu dif^, aiid (& f ^d<r de 
son; and ^ldl«& f ai rje tip n^nst 
[ditr] pit^&tB, IBM Jal kee d«m tu 
be put tia det. 

IS, And ;f e Jid be hated ov el 
[meoXlet t4 niimt Mkt builiellat 
fal end^r untu de e&d, de siatti Ji^ 

. H TB«i« hwen ye Jal se de al>- 
omiaajen tfv deMtkJon sj^es ov 
bi Danyd de profet^ f Bea. 9t S7}, 

standi^ }xv9^t it einot, (ktbim 
dat redet understand,) den let dem 
dat be in Ji|dea ile tu de vxwnteaz : 

15. And let him dat is on de 
hvstop not go dsn in^ de hys, 
neder enter [d%iin], tu tak enili)) 
"5% OV biz h^s: 

16. And let him dat iz in def eld 
not turn bak agen fer tu tak up 
hiz garment. 

17. But wo tu dem dat cp wid 
gild, and tu dem dat giv suk in doa 

18. And pra ye dat jour fljt be 
not in de winter. 

19. Fer [in] Ami daz Jal be 
aflikjon, suq aa woz not from de 
begini^ ov de kreajon hwic God 
kreated untm dis t^m, neder Jai be. 

20. And ekaept dat de Leni had 
Jcnrtend doz daz, no HeJ Jiad be 
savd; but fer de el^kts sak, hasim 
he hat qozen, he hat Jevtend 
de daz. 

21. And den if enl man Jal sa 
tu ya>, Lo, her [i^l Krifrt; er, lo, 
[he iz] d^r; belev [him] not: 

22. Fer fell Krists aad iels psdf - 
ets Jal rjz, and Jal Jo sinz and wun^^ 
derz, tu seduis, u [it w§r] posibl, 
even de elekt. 

2d. But tak ye bed: behold; i 
hav f ortf^kl ya> el tbg^ 

24 if But in didz daz, after dab 
tribyiila Jon, de sun JiJ be dfisrkend^ 
and de ma>n Jal not giv hfr I^t^ 

125. And^ fitqre ov heven J^ 
fat, flfid de peesB datq^ iniievett 
Jal be Jaken. 

26. And de& Jal da ae de'Ban 
ov man kumi^ in de Hvds wid 
grat pY«: end glori. 

27 And den Jal faeaend ini an^ 
jela, aad Jaligader tmeder Mzelekb 
£rom de lor wkidz, Irom de uter<> 
qxoet pqrt ov de. ^rt |u de utar- 
moet pcirt ov heveh. 

28. Itv l^m a pttabl ov de .fig« 
4re; Hwen h^ bcofi^ i2 



and puiet fori levz, ye do dit 
smmer iz ner: 

29. So ye in Ijk maner, hwen ve 
fal se dez tipz kum tu pas, no w, 
it iz D), [eyen] at de dorz. 

do. Verili i sa untia yo, dat dis 
jenerajon Jal not pas, til el ^tez 
tigz be dnn. * 

31. Heren and ^rft fal pas awa: 
but mi wurdz Jal not. pas awa. 

82. irBitt ov dat da and [dat] tst 
noet no man, no, not de anjelz 
hwic qr in heven, neder de Sun, 
bat de Pq,der. 

33. Tak ye bed, wog and pra; 
far je no not hwen ds qm iz. 

34 [Fer de Sun oy man iz] az 
a man taki|[) a fcir jurni, Im^ left 
biz bvs, and gav etoriti tu biz ser- 
vants, and tu everi man biz wurk, 
and komdnded de porter tu wo^ 

35. WoQ ye d^rfor: i&r ye no 
not bwen de master ov de bvs 
kumet, at even, er at midn^t, er at 
de kok-kroi^ er in de memiQ: 

. 36. Lest kumqp sudenli be ]^nd 
y<D sleiH^. 

37. And bwot i sa untu ym i 
saimtuel, Woq. 


1. Qf ter to diELz wos [de fast ov] 
de pasover, and ov unlevend bred: 
and de qd. .prests and de skr^bz set 
ht da mjt tak bim bi knit, and 
put [bim] tu det. 

2. Bat da sed, Not on de.fest 
[dal lest d^r be an opior ev de 

k irAnd beip in livs 
ot S|mdn^de leper, a^ be sat at met^ 
d^r kam a wuxxmn bavig an Ala- 
baster bioks ov entment ov. sp|k- 
natd veri pre Jus; and Te 
boks^ und pord [it] on W bed. 

>4. AisdJ^r, w^ sum dat bad 
indignafon widin demselvz, and 
sed, H BLwj. nv'oa di^ wast ov de ent- 

J.. -, 

- ,.j 

5. Fer it ]n{t bav bin M>ld for 
mor dan tre bundred pens» and 
bav bin given tu de por. And Ha 
murmerd i^enst b^r. 

6. And Jezus sed, Let b^r alen; 
Ibwj trubl ye bfr; Je bat. ret a. 
gud wurk on me. 

7. Fer ye bav de por wid y«o 
elwaz, and bwensoever ye wil ys 
ma do dem gud: but me yz hkv 
not elwaz. 

8. £e bat dun bwot Je kud: J« 
iz kum af orband tu ammtmi bodi 
tu de beriii). 

9» Verili i sa untu yo, Hw^r- . 
soever dis gospel Jal be pra^t tru>- 
irt de bol wurld, [dis] elso dat Je 
bat dun Jal be spoken ov fer a. . 
memorial ov b^n 

10. lAnd Jiidas Iskariot, woa 
ov de twelv, went untu de ge£ 
{H'sstSytu betra bim untu dem. 

11. And bwen da b^rd [it], da 
w^r glad, and promist Ua giv him 
muni. And be set his be m|t 
konvenyentU betra bim. 

12. IT And de lerst da ov unlev-* 
end bred, bwen da kild de poi»* . 
over, biz disiplz sed untu bim, 
SHwi^r wilt dv dat we go and 
prep^r dat dv mast et de pas- 

13. And be sendet fort to ov 
biz disj^lz, and set untu dam, Go 
ye intu de siti, and d^r Jal met 
yo a men b%riQ a pi^er ov weter: 
folo bim. 

14* And bw%rse>ever be fal go 
in, sa ye.tu de giad manov de b«a, 
Se Master set, 4 Hwi^r iz de gest* 
Qamber, bw^l Jal et de pouover 
wid mi disiplz. 

15* And be ^U Jo yo a It^ 
upeir ram fumijt [and] prep4^; 
d%r mok Jt6di fer Us. . 

16. And biz disjplz went forl^ 
and kum intude siti, jetadt^nd aa 
be bad sed untu dem; anddftuMld 
j:)e)dt <e pOAfiTer. .. .. ... : 

0OSP1:l ov mbbk. 


17.' And in de evnii^ he kumet 
ynA de twelv. 

18. And* az da sat and did cfc, 
Jbzus Bed, Yerili i sa untu y®, 
Wtm ov y<D hwi^ etet wid me Jal 
beivd me. 

19. And da begin tu be s6rc>- 
fialy and tu sa tintu him wun b^ 
wun, S [Iz] it i; and anilider [sed], 
9[Iz] iti. 

2(k And he anserd and sed un- 
tu dnn, [It iz] wun ot de twelv, 
dot dipet wid me in de dij. 

21. 3e San ot man ind^ goet, 
az it iz riten oy him: but wo tu 
dat man bj himm de Sun ot man 
ia betiiid! gud w^r itier dat man 
if he had nerer bin hem. 

22. ^And az da did et, Jetsns 
tiok bored; and blest, and brak [it], 
axtd gav tu dem, and sed, Tak, et: 

23. And he tuk de kup, and 
hwen he had^given tai)ks, he gav 
[it]tudem: anddseldragkovit. 

24. And he sed untu dem, S[is 
ir tai bind ov de m\ testament, 
hwiq izfed for meni. 

26. Verili j sa untu ycD, 5 wil 
drit)k no mor de tnut ov de vt^, 
until dat da dat I dri^k it ni^ in de 
kix)dom ov G^d. 

26. IT And hwen da had su^ an 
him, da went 7t intu de mvnt ov 

27. And Jezus set untu dem, 
Ol ye Jal be ofended bek^z ov me 
die' njt: for it iz riten, * wil Bmjt 
de Jeperd, and de Jep f al be skait- 
erd. [Zek. 13: 7.} 

28. But after dat i am rizen, i 
wil go befor yco intu G^lile^ 

29. But Peter sed untu him, 
eido el Jal be ofended, yet [wil] 
not I. 

80. And Jezus set untu him, 
Verili j sa untu d^, dat dis da, 
[even] in dis n|t, befcSr de kok kro 
twjs, dv Jdtt d(n| me lije. 

31. But be spak de inor v^ 
hementli, If j Jud dj wid d^, i wil 
not den{ di in eni' w^z. L|kw^z 
elso eed da el. 

32. If And da kam tu a plas 
hwiq woz namd Oetsemane: and 
he set tu hiz disydz, Sit ye her, 
hwil I Jal jMH. 

33. And he taket wid him Pe- 
ter and Jamz and Jon, and begdn 
tu be sor amdzd, and tu be verl 

34. And sel untu dem, M{ sol 
iz eksediD »6roful untu det: tari 
ye her, and wog. 

35. And he went forward a 
litl, and f el on de grvnd, and prad 
dal^ if it w^r posibi, de vr m^t pas 
from him. 

36. And he sed, Aba, Fq,der, 
el ti{)z [qr] posibi untu di; tak 
awd dis kup from me: neveidelee 
not hwot i wii, but hwot &s wilt. 

37. And he kUmet, and fpdet 
dem slepiD, and set untu Peter, 
S^mon, S slepest dv; ^ kudst not 
di yroq wun ^r. 

38". W043 ye and pra, lest ye 
enter intu temtajon. He spirit 
tra)li [iz] redi, butdeflej [iz] wek. 

39. And agen he went awd, and 
prad, and spak de sam wurde. 

40. And hwen he retdnid, he 
fvnd dem asUp agen, (for d^r [z 
w§r hevi), neder wist da hwot tu 
anser him. 

41. And he kumet de t^d t^ni, 
and set untu dem, Slepon n^r, and 
tak [y(Dr} rest: it iz en^f, de vt iz 
kumf behold, de Sun ov man ifc 
betrad intu de handz ov sinerz. 

42. B|z up, let us go; lo, he 
dat betraet roe iz at hand. 

43. lAnd imMietli, hwjl he 
yet spak, kumet Ji:|das, wun ov 
de twelv, and wid him a grat mul- 
titled wii sordz and stavz, from 
de qef preste uid de skr^bz and da 
elderz. ' 

^msnh ev JUXK. 

i4u And htf ^ Iwtrid hm had 
given dftm a tc^ken, taig, Uwm* 
aoever i J«l kia» dat iaai ie he; 
tak him, and led [him] awd «ttfli. 

45* AndftSSQinazbewo^ktim, 
h« goeft Bimtwtt tu him« and tet^ 
M<isl«r, moMer; and kist him. 

46. IT And da lad d%r haiid^ on 
Win, nAd tuik hlim. 

47. And wun ov 4«m dat atud 
b| dro) a 8ord» axidsmota servant 
OT de hi prest, and kut of his cf. 

4S* AiMUuua anaeid andsed 
luitu dem, ^ Bjt )r» kiMft vt, •£ 
i^enst a tef, wid aofde and [wid] 
0t{|yz tu fiEik Dk*. 

49. A woa didi wid yA in &t 
lampl teqi^* a&d ye ink me sot: 
but de skriptyi^rz must be€ul£ild. 

60^ And da oi {afftt^k him» and 

6L And d%T foiled him a a^r- 
ten 7«Q man, hxvrg a linen kM 
kastab^t{hi2] naked [hodi]; and 
de yuD men kd hold on him: 

52. And he left da linen klot; 
and fled from dein naked. 

53. irAaddaled JestMatiFdtu 
de hi frest: and wid him w^ 
CGsembld 0I de ^ef praats and de 
elderz and de akr^hz. 

54. And Fet^r folod him aSq,r 
of, ^ven intu de pales ov da h^ 
prest: and he aat wid de savants, 
and womid himself at de £(r. 

55. And de gef prests and el de 
ki^nael set f ^ witnes agenst Jezus 
tu put him tu det; and fwttd nun. 

56. For meni ht^v f^ls witnes 
agenat him» but d%r witnes agr^ 
not tugeder. 

57. And di(r aroz soften, and 
b^r fels witnea agenst him, aaiD, 

58. We h^ hhn sa, $ wil de- 
itr6r dis tempi dat ia mad wid 
handz, and widfn tre daz i wil 
bild sffiiider tnad wid^^^t handz. 

69. But nedar ao did di^r wit- 
nea agr^ tugeder. 

60l And dvlii peeetctad yasp in 
de midst, and askt Jestni Btii), 
^anaei^ai d« Myli^? i hvot [Iz it 
hwiq] dcE witnea agenat #e. 

61. Bat ha held hiz pes, and 
anserd noti^ Agen de hi pnsat 
oakt hhn, and aed wdtufahn, fHrt 
&a da Krirt, de i^ua or da Bleoed. 

62. A&dJaznsafld, i'ami oad 
ye fal se de Sun ov man sitxg an 
de lit hand or pver, and kittnii) 
in de klvdz 07 b^iren. 

63. Sen da hi praat rmit kiz 
kladz, and aeft, Wwot ned wA eni 
f aider witneaez. 

64. Ta haT h^rd ^ bS^Bfani: 
ihwot Mgk ya. And dli el lt<iii- 
demd him tu be gittiovdofft. 

^5. And anm beg&n tu iqdt on 
him, and tu kttTer hiz faa, aaid ta 
butet him, and tu. ta. vmtsL Yasa^ 
Profesj: and de s^nraata did atxjk 
him wid de p<;pcaz or dl^r hands. 

66. ^And as- Peter woe ben^ 
in de pales, d^r kumet wiU|^.eT da 
medz ov da hi preat: 

67. And hwen Ja ae Peter 
wenni^ himself, fe lukt updn 
him^ and aed. And d^ eko trost 
wid Jezua OY Nazarc^ 

68. Bttthadan|d,aut),$n&fiot; 
neder understand i hwot ds^eceat 
And he went 9t intu daporo; and 
de kok ktto. 

69. And a mad se him agen, 
and began tu aatu-dem dat atud 
bi, 3ia iz [wan] ov d«li. 

70. Andhadenjditi^n. And 
a Utl after, da <£ftt stud li aed 
agen tu Peter, Xurli dar q^ct [wun] 
ov dem: for dar cyrt a datilsan, 
and di spe^ agreed [di^rtca.] 

71. But ha begto tu kuic and 
tu sw^r, [sai^i], ^ no not dia man 
ov hom ye spek. 

72. And da aekond tim de kok 
ktij^ And Peter keld tu mjnd 
de wuid dat Jezul sed untu hun, 
IBefor de kok kril ^wjji, 4a JaH 

OOffSIi 07 MflSC 

dctif »• iiia^ [9».] And hwBii 
he i(Bt di|ndD, he we|^ 


1. And stratwa in &9 mettki^de 
^ pre^tif held a Ico&siilta/oii wid 
de elderz and f)kri)be and <tt 2iol 
kvxttil, and b«nd Jesus, and karid 

ihim] awt^ a&d deMverd [him] tu 

2. And Pilet aakt hun, SHit 
d!B de Kid or de Jhz« And ht an- 
iens ged untu him, £l9 slteat [it] 

d. And de Qsf prists ik^zd kim 
OT meni ti)^&: but Monaerd tioiiix^ 

4. And Fjkt Qskt kim agan, 
aaiD, ^dnaerest d9 noti^; babeld 
h? meni t\^ da witnies agi&nat ds. 

5. But Jezus ret anseid &o^i||; 
•o dat PIU»t inqryeld. 

6. N9 at [dat] feat be tellut 
until dem wun pnzoner, baonao- 
ever da dezjrd. 

7. And it(T wa2 (wton] namd 
Bardbaa, [hwiq la] b^nd vid dem 
dat bad mad inswrek/on wid him, 
hft had komited murder in de in- 

8. And de mnltitiid krjii) i^^d 
bc^Q tia dezjr [bim tu do] as he 
. bad ever dim imtit dem. 

9. £nt Pilet anserd dem, gai]), 
<iWil ye dat i xclis untu y<p de 
Kip ov de Jiiz< 

10. Fer he ni4 dat de ^ef preets 
b*d deliverd lum £er #nvi» 

IL Bat de ^ef prests moityd de 
pepl, dat he Jud i^er re)^ Bar- 
abM untu deni. 

12. And P^let anserd and sed 
ag«H untH dem^ Hllwot wil ye den 
dat i Jal d<D [iintu him] bcDm ye 
k^l de Ki^ ov de J14Z. 

13« And da krjd «t agen, Kxt»* 
aifi him. 

14. Sen Pjlet sed untu dem, 
^Hw}, Shwot evil hat be dup. 
And da kqd vt de mor ekaedjgli, 
Kroisif i hin%« . 

15. Aj»d [«»] Pitet^ wiBd tn 
kontent de p^l, rel^t Bambaa 
untu detn, and d^iverd Jesus, 
hwen he had sknijd [bim], tia be 

16. TAnd de flG^ns led bin 
atP^ inttii ds hel, kold Pretcmmm; 
and da kel tugeder de hoi band. 

17. And da kkadd him wid pmrpl, 
and plated a krvn ov terns, and 
put it ab^ hiz [bed], 

IQ. And beg4n tu aall^t bim, 
Hal, Kin o^ ^ «f HZ ! 

19. And da smot hinv on de bed 
wid a red, and did spit updn Yuok, 
end hifijif [d^O nez wmrjipt bim. 

20. And hwen da bad mokt him, 
da tub of de pnrpl from himi and 
pU)t bis on klodz on bim, and led 
him 7t tu kra)sifi him. 

21. And da kompel wim SJmon 
a Sirenian, hay past b], kumii) irt 
ov de kuntri, d& fq,der ov Aleks- 
ander and Kaaim, tu bir biz 

22. And da bri^ bim nntu d^ 
plaa Qolgota, bwig is, beiD int^ 
prated, 3e plaa ev a skn). 

23. And da gfiv him tu dri^k 
w^n mi|)gld wid m$r : but be resivd 
[it] not 

24. f And bwen da had kraai- 
{jd him^ da pqrted biz gqnnenta, 
kosta^ lots np^ dem, bwot everi 
man Jud tak. 

25. And it woz de t^rd vr, and 
da kra^sifjd bim* 

26. And de Bi|perskripJon ov bis 
akqjsajon woz riten over, 38 


27. And wid him da km>siQ im 
tevz} de wnn on biz jq/i bandyand 
de uder on hiz left 

28. And de skriiityii^r wos ful- 
fild, hwiq set, Ana ne woz nuin- 
berd wid de transgresorz. £^z. 5d: 


29. ^And da dat past 14 raid oa 
^bim, wagiD d%c bad^ aad moq, 


j&dsnL ov iraitK. 

'fl! dv dat destrorest da tempi, and 
bildest [it] in tre doz, 

30. Say d^seif, and ktim dirn 
from dekros. 

31. Likwjz elso de qd prests 
mokii) Bed amd^) demselvz wid de 
ftkrjbz, Hesavduderz; himself he 
kan not sav. 

32. Let Kr|st de Kip ov 'Israel 
deeend n-^r from de kros, dat we 
ma se and bel^r. And da dat w^r 
krfl&sifid wid him rev|ld him. 

33. ^And hwendesikBttrrwoz 
kum, <t(,r woe dq,rknes over de 
Lol land until de njnt vr. 

34. And at de n|nt tst Jezus 
krid wid a hsd vons, sai|^ Eloj, 
8k>ii ^lama sabakDani ; hwic iz, 
beif) interpreted, Mj God, mi Ok)d, 
^hw^ hast dv forsaken me. 

35. And sum ov dem dat atud 
y^ hwen da h^rd [it], sed, Behold, 
he kelet 81ia& 

36. And wan ran and fild a 
spunj ful ov vinegar, and put it 
on a red/and gav him tik dripk, 
801^ Let alon ; let ns se hweder 
Clias wil kum tu tak him disn. 

37. And JezoB kr^d wid a l^d 
V99, and gav up de gost. 

38. ^And de val ov de tempi 
woz rent in twan from de top tu 
de botom. 

39. If And hwen de sentiirion, 
hwiQ stud over agenst him, se 
dat he so kr|d vt, and gav up de 
gost, he sed, Tra)li dis man woz 
de Sun ov God. 

40. aE^^r w^r elso wimen lukip 
on afq,r of : am^D ha>m woz Mari 
Magdalen, and Mari de muder ov 
Jamz de les and ov Jozez, and 
^alome ; 

41. (H<t> elgo, hwen he woz in 
€htlile, folod him, and ministerd 
untu him); and meni uder wimen 
hwig kam up wid him untu Je- 

42. f And Bv hwen de even woz 

kum, bek4z it woz d» prepftrajon, 

dat iz, de da bef or de sabftt, 

43. Jozef ov Arimatea, an 6n. 
orabl kvnselor, hwi^ elso wated 
ler de Id^om ov God, kam, and 
went in boldli untu P^let^ and 
kiavd de bodi ov Jezos. 

44. And Pjlet mq;rveld if he 
w^ elredi ded : and k^i^ [untu 
him] de sentqrion, he askt him 
hweder he had bin eni hwjl ded. 

45. And hwen he mi [it] ov de 
sentiirion, he gav de bodi tu Jozef. 

46. And he betf^n linen, and 
tuk hjm dvn, and rapt him in de 
linen, and lad him in a sepu&er 
hwi^ woz h^n vt ov a rok, and 
rold a 8ton untu de dor ov de 

47. And Mari Magdalen and 
Mari [de muder] ov Jozez beheld 
hw)%r he woz lad. 

eAPTER 16, 

1. And hwen de Sabat woz 
past, Man Magdalen, and Maride 
[muder] ov Joraz, and Salome, 
had bet swet spisez, dat da mjt 
kum and an^t him. 

2. And veri erli in de memii) de 
f^rst [da] ovdewekjdakam uutu 
de sepulker at de rizii) ov de sun. 

3. And da sed amd^ demselvz, 
^ Ha> Jal rol us awd de ston from 
de dor ov de sepulker. 

4. And hwen da lukt, da se dat 
de ston woz rold awd: fer it woz 
veri grat 

5. And enterig intu de sepulker, 
da se a yug man siti^ on de r|t sjd, 
klodd in a lot) hwjt gqrment; and 
da w§r afrjted. 

6. And he set untu dem, Be not 
aft^ted: Ye sek Jezus ov Kazoret, 
hwiQ woz kra>sif^d: he iz rizen; he 
iz not her: behold de plas faw^r 
da lad him. 

7. But go yd>r wa, tel hiz disj- 
pelz and Peter dat he goei bef6r 



ya> Iniia Gulile; ^r Jal ye w ]u»t 
az he sed untu yoK 

8. And da went vt kwikli, aod 
fled from de sepulker; fer da trem- 
bid and w^r amazd: neder sdd da 
eni ti]| Ud 9m [man]; fer da w^ 

9. iT^v hwen [Jezusl vos riz- 
en ^rli de f^rst ,[<!&] oy ^ wek, be 
apsrd f^t tu Mari Megilalen, 
7i% ov lioon he had kast eeven 

10. [And] Je went end told 
dem dat had Un wid him, us da 
zxudmd and wept. 

IX. And da, hwen da had hf rd 
dat he woz aliv, end had bin sen 
ov hf r, beUvd not 

12. ^Qfter dat he ap£rd in an- 
i6der ferm untu to) ov dem, az da 
wekt, and went intu de kantri. 

13. And da went and told [it] 
iintu de rezidii : neder beUvd da 

14. f (If terward he Bipitd antia 
de eleYen az da eat atmet^ and 

dpbraded dem wid di|r wibelif and 
hcirdnes or bq,rtp bek^z da beUvd 
not dem hwi^ bad sen bila after 
he woz rizen. 

15. And he sed natia dem. Go 
ye intu ri de warld, and pre^ de 
gospel tu ereri k? etyi^c 

16. He dat beltY^, and iz bap* 
tjzd Jal besavd; but hedatbeler- 
et not Jal be damd. 

17 And dez flj[ne Jal folo dem 
dat belev ; in mi nam fal da koat 
vt devilz ; da- Jal epek wid ni^ 

18. Sfa Jal tak ap e^^ati; and 
if da drigk eni dedli ti^, it Jal not 
hart dem ; da Jal la haadz <Hi de 
sik, and da Jal rektlver, 

19. HT So den, after deLerd had 
epoken lantu dem, he woe res^vd 
up intu heven, and eat 4Ni de rit 
hand or God. 

20. And da went fort, and |ffe^ 
ev«ri hw%r, de liord wurkig wid 
[dem], and kon£9nni9 de w«ni 
wid B^nz l^ioig. Qmen. 




©AFTER 1. 

1. Forazmi&g az nieni bar tak- 
en in hand tu eet fort in order a 
deklarajon ov doe ti{)z hwiq qr 
moat JHrU beUvd amug ua, 

2. oven az da deliverd dem ux- 
tu us, hwiQ from de beginiD w^ 
^witnesez, and miniaterz ov de 
wurd ; 

3. It eemd gud tu m^ elso, 
bavig had nfrt'ekt underetandiQ 
ov el ti||z &om de veri f^cst, tu 
nt untu de in#rder, most eksdeiat 
fieofilua,. . 

4. Sat dv uflet no de e^rtend 
ov doz ti^z, bwi^rin dv haet bin 

5. fS^r woz indedazov Her- 
od, de kiQ ov Jiidea, a s^rten prest 
namd Zakarias, ov de kors ov 
Abia: and hiz w^f [woz] ov de 
deterz ov Aron, and h^rnam [woz] 

6. And da w^r boft r^tvus b^<k 

God, wekidinol de komdndments 

and ^dinaaeea oy de Lord blam- 

t 7. And da :M&a«>#t»bek^a 



6fJ^ dlkflbel woz baren, and da 
bot w^r [dv] wel striken in yerz. 

8. And it kam tu pas, dat hwjl 
he eksekiited de presto ofis befor 
God in de order ov hiz kors, 

dk Aki»rdiD tu de kustom ov de 
presto ofia, hiz lot woe tu bum in- 
sens hwen he went intu de tempi 
ov de Lord. 

10. And de hoi mnltitiid ov de 
pe{d w^r praig wid^ at de t^m ov 

IL And d%r 2^id untu him on 
anjel ov de Lord standii) on de r^t 
Bjd ov de olter ov insens. 

12. And hwen Zakarias se 
[him], he woz trubld, and fer fel 
up<Sn him. 

IS. But de anjel sed antu him, 
Per not, Zakar^as ; fer (^ pr%r iz 
h^rd ; and di w{f 81izabet Jal b^r 
de a sun, and dv Jalt kel hiz nam 

14. And d? Jalt hav jer and glad- 
Jies; ^ind meni fal rej^ at hiz b^rt» 

15. For he jal be grat in de s^t 
ov de Lord, and fal dri^k neder 
w^n ner strog dripk; and he Jsd be 
fild wid de Holi Gost^ evenirom 
hiz muderz wa>m. 

16. And meni ov de gildren ov 
'Izrael Jal he turn tia de Lord dn^r 

17. And he Jal go befor him in 
de spirit and p^^er ov Cljas, tu turn 
de hqrto ov def q,dera tu de qildren, 
and de disobedient tu de wizdom 
ov de just ; tu inak redi a pepl 
prep4rd fer de L^rd. 

18. ^And Zakar^as sed untu 
de anjel^ ^ Hwi^rb^ Jal i no dis; t&r 
I am an old man, and m| w{f wel 
striken in yerz. 

19. And de anjel anseri^) sed 
tmtu him, $ am Gabriel, dat stand 
in de prezens dy God; and am sent 
tu spek unlu d^ and tu Jo di dez 
glad t^digz. 

sttd not abl tin spek, uiltll ds da 
dat dez ti{)z Jal be perfenad, be- 
k6z dv belevest not mj ^wuidz, 
hwiq Jal be fulfild in ^r eezon. 

21. And de pepl wated for Zak- 
arias, and mq,rveld diat ha tarid so 
log in de tempi 

22. And hwen he kam ist, he 
kud not spek untu dem: and 6& 
pers^vd dat he had sen a vigtxi in 
de tempi: fer he bek<»id untu 
dem, and remand species. 

23. And it kam tu pas, 6&t, az 
8<i>n az de daz ov hiz ministeajon 
w^r s^6mplijt, he departed tu 
hiz on h^s. 

24. ^And after doz daz hiz 
wjf Slizabet konsevd, and hid 
herself f^v mants, sai^, 

26. 3xts hat de Lerd delt wid 
me in de daz hws^iin he Imkt on 
[me], tu tak awd mi repro^ smug 

26. lAnd in de sikst muni 6$ 
anjel Gc^el woz sent from God 
untu a siti ov Galile, namd Kaz- 

27. Tu a v^rjin espi^^zd tu a 
man lunz- jaam^ woz Jozef, ovde 
h^s ov David; and de v^ijinz nam 
[woz] Mari. 

28. And de anjel -kam in untu 
h^r, and sed^ Hal, [de datqjrt] hjli 
favord, de Lerd [izjwidd^: blesed 
[q^] dv an^u|3 wimen.^ 

29. And hwen Je so [him], Je 
woz tnibld at hiz sai^, and kast 
in h^r m^nd hwot maner ov sal jii- 
tajon dis Jud be. 

30. And de anjel sed untia fa^r, 
Fer not, Mari: fer dv hast hsnd 
favor wid God. 

31. And, behold, dv Jalt kone^v 
in dj w(]om, and brii) fort a sun, 
and Jalt kel hiz nam J8ZUS. 

32. He Jal be grat, and Jal be 
keld de Sun ov de Hiest: and de 
Lerd God Jal giv tmtu him de 
iron ov hiz fqder David: 



^ dS. And he /al ran orer de hvs 
o V Jakob forever; and ov hiz kij)- 
dom ds^r Jal be no end. 

M. Sen 80d Mari untu de an- 
jel, ?H9 Jal dis be, sei^ i no not 
a tnan. 

35. And de anjel anserd and 
sed until h^i^ Se Holi Goet Jal 
kum up6n di, and de pirer ov de 
H^iest Jal overfddo d^: d^rfor elso 
dat h6li tig hwiq Jal be bera ov 
d^ Jal be keM de Sun ov God. 

^6. Andj behold, djkuzin 8Iiz- 
abet, Je hat elso konaevd a sun in 
h^r old aj: and dis iz de sikst 
munt wid h^r, ho woz keld 

- 37. For wid God notig Jal be 

38. And Mari sed, Behold de 
handmad ov de Lord; be it nntu 
me akerdig tia dj wurd. And de 
anjel departed from h^r. 

d^. ^ And Marl aroz in doz 
daz, and went intu de hil kuntri 
'wid hast, intiii a siti ov Jiida; 

40. And enterd intu de hiss ov 
Zakarjas, and sainted 81izal)et. 
' 41. And it kam tut pas, dat, 
hwen Slizabet h^rd de salyntajon 
ov Mari, de bab lept in h^r wa>m; 
and Blizabet woz fild wid de Holi 

42. And Je Spak -st wid a l^d 
vers, and sed, filesed [q^] dv 
amo^ vrimen, and blesed [iz] de 
frart ov dj worn. 

43. AndHhwens [iz]ffistiiine, 
dat de muder ov ml Lord Jud kum 
tuL me. 

44. For, lo, az soon az de vers 
o V di salyi^tajon svnded in m^n erz, 
de bab lept in mi wom for jcr. 

45. And blesed [iz] Je dat be- 
Uvd: for d^r Jal be a perfermans 
07 doz tigz hwiQ w^r told h^r 
from de Lerd. * 

46. IT And Mari sed, Mj sol d<Dt 
magoifi da -Lerd. 

47. And m| 8|»rft hat i^jM in 
God mi Savyor. 

48. For he hat r^cirded de kd 
estat ov hiz hand-maden: for, be- 
hold, from hensforft el jeneraJon< 
Jal kel me blesed. 

49. Fet he dat iz miti hat dun 
to. me gFBt ti^; and holi [iz] 
hiz nam. 

50. And hiz m^fsi [iz] on dem 
dat fer him from jenerajon tu jen- 

51. He hat Jod stre^it wid his 
qrm; he hat skaterd de prvd inds 
imajinajon or d^r hqrts. * 

52. He hat ptst d^n' de 1x4^ 
from [df^r] sets, and egzelted dm 
ov lo dcgr^ 

53. He hat fild de hn^gri wid 
gud ti^z; and de liq he hat sent 
emtl awi. 

54. He hat holpen hiz servant 
'Izrael, in remembrans ov [hiz] 

55. Az he spak tu vr fciderz, 
tu Hbraham, and tu hiz sed fer 
ever. [Jen. 17: 19.] 

56. And Mari abod wid h^ 
ab*^ tre mnnts, and retdrnd tia 
h^r on hiss, 

67, iKv Blizabetafvtl t^m kam 
dat Je Jud be deliverd ; and Je 
bret fort a snn. 

58. And h^r naborz and h^ 
knzinz h^ hs de Lerd had JgmI 
grat m^rsi up6n her; and da r&- 
j^t wid h§r. 

59. And it kam tu pas, dat on 
de att da da kam tu si^rkums^z de 
^Id; and da keld him Zakiffias, 
after de nam ov hiz fqder. 

60. And hiz moder anserd and 
sed. Not [so]; but he Jal be keld 

61. And da sed untu h^r, Stj^r 
iz nun ov di kindred dat iz keld 
b^ dis nam. 

62. And dfi mad s^nz tu hiv 
li^d«r, htr ha w%i4 h«T him keld. 


68. AnA k« cnkt for a rj^O tabl, 
and rot, saig, His nsm is Jon. 
And da BMinrald el.. 

64. And his m vi vos opend im* 
idietli, and )iue ia^ [SoMit], and he 
spek, and prazd Go<L 

65. Andferkamoneldatdwelt 
rvnd abi^'t deia: a&d eii dez aai^s 
w^r nerzd abr4d trcuM 9I de 1^1 
inantri/ov Jiidea. 

66. And «1 dadsih^d (dem] lad 
[dem] up in d^rhqits^saif), SHwot 
vainer or ^ild Jal dia be. And de 
^nd OT de Lard woe wid ihim. 

67 lAnd hie f<|der Zakftrj^a 
^w HkL wid da Holi Gosl^ and 
l^ff 6sidt eBi^T 

68. Blesed [be] de Lerd God 0¥ 
'Israel; far he hat tiaited aod re- 
dimd hia pepl, 

69. And hat razd up an hem ov 
aalvajon for us in de hva ot hiz 
n^rrant Parid; 

70. Az he spak bj de m^ ov 
hia holi protetn, hwiQ hav bin sins 
4b vciFld begin: 

71. (lat we Jud be navd from 
1ft eineo^iz, and &om die hand ov 
0\ da( hai ufl; 

72. Tu perform de nai^rsi [prom- 
iai] till m* fqjk&tz, and tu remi^- 
ber hia holi fciiveoanf; 

73. 3e ot hwig he ew^r tu vr 
iqfi^t abitahato^ 

74. Sat ha wud gmnt untu «a, 
4at we beig deliyerd -st ov de hand 
oy ST enemiz mjt s^ry him widi^t 

.leTf ♦ 

75. In holiiies and ritynsnes 
befor him, ol d£ daa oy T^r U£. 
[Jen. 22: 17, 18.] 

76. And d9» 43ild, Jal be keld de 
profet ov da H|eat: t'er dv /alt go 
befor de fas ov de Lord tu prep4r 
•hiz waz; 

77. Tu giv nolej ov salvajon un- 
tu hiz pepl b| de remijon ov d%r 

God; hw^rbl de daapi^ trovi on 
hi hat viaited us, 

79. Tu giv l{t tu dem da* ait m 
dq^knea and [in] de Jade oy det, 
tu gid vr fet intu de wa o^ pm 

^. IT And de ^Id grQ, and w^at 
8tro|) in epirit, and woe iA da deaarts 
til da da ov hiz Joig untu 'I^raeL 


1. And it kam tu pas ia dsMt 
daz, dat dxir w^it vt a dekra from 
Sezar Gg&Bttts, dat el da wurld 

2. ([And] dis takng wob f^rat 
mad hwen S^nmiHS woz gavenor 
ov Siria.) 

3. And el went tu be taksty er- 
eri wun intu hiz on siti. 

4. And Joaef elso went up 
from Galile, vt ov de aiti ov Naza^ 
ret, intu Jitdeo, untu de aiti ov 
David, hwi^ iz keld Betlekem; 
(bek4z he woz ov de hss and lin- 
i€j ov David:} 

5. Tu be taket wid Mari hi* 
espied w^f, bei^ gmt wid ^Id, 

6. nAiid eo it wpz, dat^ 1iip|1 
^ w^r d^r, da daz w^r ak6mpiije 
dat Je Jud be delivard^ 

If, And Je bret fort h^ feret 
born Bun, and rapt him in swodlj^ 
klodz, and lad aim in a maimer; 
bak^ d^r woz jdq ronn £ar dem in 
da in. 

8. fAndd^rw^indesamkun- 
tri Jeperdz abjdin in de leld, kepip 
woq over di|r flok bj i^t 

9. And, lo, da anjel oy da Leid 
kam up6n dem, and de g^oii ov 
de Lerd Jon rvnd abiS't d«m: and 
da w^r eor afrad. 

10. And deanjelzsed untu den^ 
Far not: for, behold, j brin yo 
gud t^dipz ov grat ja, hwiQ Jal be 
tu el pepL 

11. For untu yo iz bem die da 
in da sitr ov Dttyid, a Bavyor, 

76. Bf<^ 4e ta«der mf an 4>y ^r jhwiq ie Kijet de Lar^. 

0OBFK« or VtML 

12. And^is. [Xal be] a 8|a untu 
ya>; Te Jal i^M de bab rapt in 
tfvodti^ kkodsy lii|) ia a manjelr. 

13. And flttdflnli ds^r wos wid de 
anjel a iiHdtiti)4 or de bevenli 
koBt piaj»9 God, and aaiQ, 

14. Glori tu Gk>d in de b|aet, 
•ad on ^ pea, gud wil t&sd men, 

15. IT And it kam tia paa» us di 
•nj^z w^ gon awd from d«m intu 
keven, de fvpHdt eod won tu 8a-» 
^dmr, Let na nv go eT«i untu 
Beftlehem, and 88 & tig hwiq it 
knai tu paa, hwiq de Lord hat 
mad nan untift us. 

16. And da kom wid hu^ and 
fvnd Man, and Jozti, and de bab 
Ji^p in d nMmjer. 

17. Andbwenda had un[it], 
da mad. non abrdd de aai^ bwiq 
woz told dem kons^n^ &B 9|ld. 

18. And el da dat b^id {it] 
wunderd at doz tigz bwiq w^r told 
don bi de Jeperd^. 

19. Bat Mari kept •! des ti^a, 
mod ponderd [dem} in h^ kq^t 

20. And dB /eperdz letdmd, 

g}oiify^ ^^ pntsiD Ged £elf qI de 
tipa dbtda Imd b^ and sen, aa 
H WOK told uatuL dent* 

2L irAnd bwen at das w^ 
ak6mplijt fer de s^rkumsizi^ ot 
de gikl^ bu nam woe kald J8ZUS, 
kwiq woz eo namd orde anjel be* 
lot be woe konslyd in de wa>m. 

22. ifAnd bwen de daz or b^r 

S^iifika/on akerdi^ tu de le ov 
oeez {Lev. 12: 2] w^r ak6mY 
pMJt, da bret him tu Jero^zalem, 
tu present (him] tia de Lofd; 

S&. (Az it it citen in de l9 09 
de Lerd^ Eren maldatopenet de 
w<i>m f al be keld boll tu de Lefd 
{£k8. Id: 2];) 

24. And iu o£er a takxifiii' 
akerdig tut dat hwi^ ie aad in de 
k or da Letd, (I p^' oy ^nrtl* 
duira, er ta» /fq^'pijoiui. [Ler* 

26. irAndt lNMld^d|r'w««a 
man in Jei«»aai«m, hms nam [woal 
Sinu<»i; aad de mm man {wom] 
just and dey^ watq) for de kefiBCH 
k/on ov 'Izmel: and de Holi .GkMt 
W08 i^n him. 

26. AnditwoaifVTikliiatiahim. 
bi de Holi Qq9L dal he fud not 
ae del, brfar he nad eenile Larda 

27. And he kam bi de S^t 
iatia de tempi: and hwen de f^^* 
enta bret in de ^Id Jeaua, iui d<a 
£^ him after de knatom ovde le, 

28. 3!en tuk he himap^in hia 
qnsiz, and Meat Gad, aad sad, 

29. Lerd,nvleteetdvdiB^vaBA 
dap(tft in pea, akeidio tia d| wiifd: 

dO, Fer m|n [a ha¥ aen di aai^ 

31. Hwiq da haat prap^rd ha* 
for de faa or el pepl ; 

32« a Ut tu Uten de Jeatilai 
and de glori ov ^ pe|d 'laraeL 

33« And-Joael aad hia milder 
mqrveld at doz ti^a hwi^ w^r 
spoken ov him. 

34. And fiimion bleat demi aaA 
sed untu Mari hiz muder, Befa61d» 
dis[^ld] jaeetferdefelandiieig 
hfsm ov mem in 'Izmel; and ma 
sjn hwiq Jal be spoken agenat; 

3.5. (Ya^ a flord J9I pern ttm 6i 
00 sol ^ao,) dat de idta ot meni 
hiyrte ma be itvtid* 

30p ^ And d%r woz wan Ana, a 
profetesi, de deter ov Faajiiel, ot 
de trib ov Qbw: /e woz ov a grat 
ly, and bad liyd wid an buzhmd 
seven yerz from her veijiniti; 

37. And /e [woz] a wldo ov 
abi^ foiakor and lor yens, hwi^ 
d»pq,rted not Irom de tempi, but 
a^vd [God] wid fastigz and pai^ 
n|t and da. 

38, And fekumi^ in dat instant 
gav ta^ka likwia. uAtu de Lerd, 
and apa^ ov hix^ tu. el dem.di^ 
lukt ler redemjon iai Ji 


89. Tii&d Iiwen dt hid per- 
Itend ii iAgs akerdi^ tu de lo ot 
ds Lerd, da retdnid inlu Gidile, 
tu di|T cm siti Nazaret. 
' 40. And de q^ld gnn, and Trakrt 
0tro{) in spMt, fild wid wizdom: 
and ds gtas ov Gt)d woz iip6n him. 

41. irNv bis pi^rents went tu 
Jera>^lem everi yce at da tot ov 
de pasover, 

42. And hw«n ha wos twalv 
Tera old, da weoi up tu JerdUB»- 
Um after de kiutom or de lest 

43. AndhwendahadluliKlddB 
das, az da xetdrnd, de q^ld Jesus 
tarldhehjnd in Jera>salem; and Jck* 
wd and his muder nvi not [or it.] 
. 44. But da, suposiD him ta hav 
hin in de kumpo^, went a daz 
jurni; and da set him amti)) [di^r] 
Idnzfok and akwantans. 

45. And hwen da fvnd htm 
not, da tumd bak agen tu Jerco- 
sal^n, seki^ him. 
* 46« And it kam tu pas, dat 
ofter.tre das da fsnd him in de 
tempi, sitif) in de midst ov de 
doktors, bait herip dem, and ask- 
ip dem kwestyons. 
. 47. And el dat h^rd him w^ 
ast6nift at his undent4ndig aikd 

48. And hwen da se him, da 
w^r amdsd : and hiz muder sed 
untu him, Sun, ^ h?FJ hast ds das 
deit wid us; behold di fqder and 
\ hav setdi siSrcxbg. 

49. And he sed untu dem, ^ Hv 
is it dat ye set me; ^st ye not dai 
2 must be ab^ mj Fevers bisnes. 

6(X And da undereti&d not de 
rnoQ hwiq he spak untu dem. 

5L IT And he went dim wid dem, 
and kam tu Nazarel, and woz 
aubjekt untu dem: but- hiz muder 
kept el'daz satgz in h^r h<irt. 
. 52L And Jasoa inkr^t in wis- 
dom and BtatyqrY and in favor wid 
Qod^4uiid man* 

©APTER 3. 

1. Nv in de fifteni yer OTde ma 
ov T{berius Sezar, Pontius P[lQt 
bei9 guvemor ov Jindea, and Her- 
od beip tetrqrk ov GaUle, and his 
brainr Filip tetnirk ov 8Bti|rea and 
ov de tqon ov Tcakom tas, and I4- 
sanias die tatroprk ov Abilene^ 

2. Anas and Kaaf as \m^ de hj 
prests, de wutd or God kam untu 
Jon de sun ov Zakar|as in de wril- 

3. Vkod hekam intu el de kun- 
tri abi^ Jordan, preqio de bap^sm 
o V repentans ler de remi/on o v sins; 

4. As it is riten in da buk ov 
de wurdz ov Szaas de paoiet, saig^ 
3e vers ov wun kziip in de wilder- 
nes, Pr8p4r ve de wa ov de Leifl, 
mak hiz pqoz stmt. 

5. Everi vali Jal be fild, and ev- 
eri mTnten and hil Jal be brat lo; 
and de kruked fal be mad strata 
and de ruf was ( al be] jnad smsud; 

6. And el fle| Jal se de salvajoa 
ov Ood. [$s. 40: 3-^.] 

7. Sen aed. he tu da muliiti],d 
datkamiort tu be baptfsd ov him, 
Q jenerajon ov v|pers, %ha^ hal 
wemd ya> tu fie Som. da rqb .tu 

8. Btii) fori d^rfor froots wmdi 
or repentans, and begin not tu sa 
widin ytiDTselvs, We hav Qbraham 
tu [vr] fqder : for ^ sa untu.ya>, 
flat Gt>d is aid ov des stons tu 
ras up gildxen imtu Cnx-aham. 

9. And nv eiao de aks is fad 
untu de r<Dft ov de trez : even tre 
dsirf<Dr hwiQ briget not tort gud 
f ru>t is hun dvn^ and kast bxta 


10. And de pepl oskt him, saig, 
^ Hwot Jal we d<D den. 

11. He anseret and set untu 
dem, He dat had ta> k«>t% let hun 
import tu him dat hat nan^ and 
he dat hat met, let him dA l^kwis. 


. -12. SOeBlcaiadlBapublikfuiztu 
be baptjzdy and sed untu him. 
Master, 9 bwot Jal we dot. 

13. And he sed untu dem, Egz* 
4kt no mor dan dit hwig iz 
apemted ya>. 

14. And (te s<!djeTz l^kwiz de- 
xodnded ov him, sai^ And ^hwot 
^ we dA. And he sed untia dem, 
XkD vjolenstu no man, neder akt^z 
[eni] feleli: and be kontent wid 
y<»r w^ez. 

15. And az de pepl w^r in eks- 
p«kta/on, and el men mi|zd in 6^r 
kc|rt8 0Y Jon, hweder hew^r de 
"Ki^tf er not ; 

: 16. Jan ansttd, ttag untu [dem] 
el, $ indM baptjz ya> wid weter ; 
bat wun mitter dw { knmet, de 
kiQet ov hmz J az j am not wnidi 
tia an1<68: he JjJ. baptjz ja wid de 
Holi Goet and wid {jr: 

17. Haz fan [iz] in hiz hand, 
and he wil ttircdi pnij hiz flor, 
and wil gader de hwet intu hiz 
l^dmer ; hat de qui he wil bum wid 
Qr unkwengat)!. 

18. And meni uder ^))z in hiz 
^kflorte/on pn^ he unUi de pepl. 

19 ^But Herod de tetrqrk, beio 
rtfVAvd bi him for Herodias hiz 
i^udbr Filips wjf, and for el de 
vrilz hwi^ Herod had dun, 

20. Aded yet dis abdv el, dat 
lie Jut up Jon in prizon. 

21. IT ^^ hwon ^ de pepl w^r 
bapt|zd, it kam tu pas, &,t Jeans 
elso bo9 bapt^zd, and proiQ, de 
ikeven woz opend, 

22. AnddeHoliGoBtdasended 

hwiq WOZ [de sun} ov Lev{, BuHq 
woz [de sun] ot Helkj, hwi^ wos 
[de sun] ov Jana, hwi^ woz [ds 
sun] OY Jozef, 

25. Hwiq woz [de sun] ov Mat« 
aitiss, hwiq woz [desun] ordmos, 
hwi^ woz [deaun] ov Naum, hwiq 
woz [de sun] ov Esll, hwiq wo< 
[de sun] ov Kage, 

26. Hwiq woz [desun] ovMaaty 
hwiQ woz [de sun] ov Hatalias, 
hwi^ woz [de sun] ov Semi|, hwig 
woz [de sun] ov Jozef, hwiq wos 
[de snn] ov Jiida, i 

27. Hwig woz [de sun] ov Jc»« 
ina, hwig woz^ [de sun] ov Bitta, 
hwi^ woz [de sun] ov ZoroMbel,. 
hwiq woz [de sun] ov 8alaAi^ 
hwiQ woz [de sun] ov Heiji 

28. Hwiq woz [de sun] ov liel^^ 
ki, hwig woz [de sun] ov Adj, 
hwig woz fde sun] ov Kosam, 
hwiq woz [de sun] ov Elmodaa, 
hwig woz [de sun] ov £r, 

29. Hwi^ woz [de sun] ov Joze, 
hwiQ woz [de sun] ov Eliezer, 

hm4 ^^^ [^ ^'^^l ^^ J^Mim, hikiq 
woz [de sun} ov Maiftat,hwig wos 
[desun] ovLeTJ, 

30. HwiQ woz [de sun] ov Son* 
ion^ hwi^ woz [de suln] ov Jitdflf 
hwiq woz [de sun] ov Jozef, hwiq 
woz [de sun] ov Jonan, hwiq was 
[de sun] ov El^akim, • 

31. Uwiq woz [de sun] ov He- 
lia, hwiq woz [de sun] ov MenaOi 
hwiq woz [de sun] ov Mataki, 
hwiq woz [de sun] ov Naian, hwiq 
woz [de sun] ov David, 

32. Hwiq woz [de snn] ov Jese, 
hwiq woz [de sun] ov Obed, hwiq 

sed, 3y qjrt m| beldved Sun ; in 
di I am wel plezd. 

23. n And Jeztts himself begdn 
tu be ab^ t^rti yerz ov aj, beig 
(az woz supozd) de sun ov Jozef, 
hwiq woz [de sun] ov Heli 

24L Hwiq woGi [desun] ov Malat^ 

and a vers kam from heven, hwiq woz [de sun] Ov Booz, hwiq woz 

[de sun] ov Salmon, hwiq woz [de 
sun ov Nadson, 

33. Hwiq woz [de sun] ov 
Aminadab^ hwiq woz [de sun] ov 
€[ram, hwiq woz [de sun] ov £z« 
rom, hwiq woz [de sun] ov Fareip 
hwiq woz [de yun] oy Jilda^ 


; Mb SMq iMes f de Bun] oy Jar 
iah, kwu^ woa {ds san] or ^zak, 
knrlQ woz . [te sun] ov Qbimham, 
hwiq wo£ [de sun] ov £Ar% hwiq 
¥M [de Bon] or Kakpr, 
. a&« Hwi^ woz [de «iin] ov da*' 
xuk, hvriq woe [dssan] ov Bago, 
liwiQ WOZ [deattn] ov Fsiek, hwi^ 
woz [de sun] ov titber, hwi^ woe 
(dift «uq1 0v Safai, 
. M. iiwi^ woz [de sun] ov Ea- 
BBD, hwiq woa [de son] ov Hrftk- 
aMl, hwiq woa [de sanl ov Bam^ 
hwiq woz [de sun] ov Noe, hwig 
wot [de ran] ov Lamek, 
, ifl^ Hwig woa [de sun] ov Ma* 
ttfaakl, kwig woz [de son] ov €^nok, 
hrnq woz [desan] ov Jared, hwig 
woz [4b iun] ov Malelieli hmq 
wietf [de inn] ov Kanan, 
r SB. Hwiq woz [desun] ov €hios, 
hwiq w^z da soa ov Set^ hwiq woz 
\JU auft] ov Adaai) hwiq woz [de 
aun] ov 0od. 


; L AAdJazuBhciQfulovdaHoli 
Gkut isb^unad&om Jordan, and woa 
led 14 de Spirit into de wildemee, 

• 2. Bm^ iMTti dflz tainted ov de 
davil. And hn ^e daz he did et 
no^: and hwen da w^ etidod, 
ha afterword hupgerd. 

3. And de devil eed Bntia him, 
If & be da Sim ov 0od, komdnd 
dia atoll dat it be mad bred. 

, 4. And Jezns anserd fafm, au^ 
It ia nteh, Sat man Jal not liv ^ 
bred alon, bat b| overi ward ov 
God. [Dnt 8: 8.] 

5. And de devlil takig him up 
inlu an h| rnvnten, Jod aniu him 
el de kigdotnz ov de wnrki in a 
moment ov t^m. 

€. And da devil eed nntu him, 
&l ids pver wil i giv di^ and it 
^ori ov dem: for &i to deUverd 
i)Blia ma; and tvi h^atnacMver 1 
wai|^, _ 

7. If dy dtrfor win wnttipiiB^ 

8. And Jeans anseid and acid 
nntiai him, Oet d^ beh|ttd aae^ Sa- 
tan: for it iariten^Sar Jalt-wurjij^ 
de Lard ^ God, and him 4Mili fait 
dv s^rv. lDv(jL 6; 13; 10: 2aj 

9» And he bret hba tia Jor«att^' 
leooy and set htm on a ptaokl ov 
de tempi, and sed ontia htm. If dv 
be deSon ov Qod, kast diseif dan 
from hens: 

10. For it ic iften. He Jal giv 
hia anjaia qqij over dift^ tia kiq»di: 

11. And in [d^r] haadz da fal 
b%r d^ up, lest at eni tfm iw oaf 
di fut Bf^imt a BtCKL [8<pn 91: 

11, 12.] 

12. And Jeana (uiBeri^ eed nik- 
tiit him, It iz sed, Str fait not toast 
da Lord 4 Ood. [Dift 6^ 16.1 

13. And hwen de devil iiad 
eaded ol de temtafon, hed^p^ried 
from him for a sezom 

14. IT And Jezue retdrad in da 
paer ovde Spirit intu Qalile: nad 
d^r went zi de fam ov him ti» bI 
de re{on rvnd abit 

15. Aodha taib fia d%r siiiago^i 
bain gkaHlld ov oL 

16. IT And ha kam tu Kaaarol, 
hw%r ha had bin brot up; afid, as 
hiz kustom Woz, ha went intis da 
einagog on de sabot da, aad stud 
opfer tu red. 

17« And d|r woa deHverd mitu 
him de btik ov de profet Ezaas^ 
And hwen he had opend de biak, 
he fvnd de plas hwi^r it woz Hten, 

18. 9e ^flt ov de Lord [iz] 
up6n sfe, bek^z he hat anonted 
me tu preq de gospel tu de pAr; 
he hat seiri; me tu h^ de broken- 
hearted, tu preq deliverans tu de 
ks^ivz, and rekuverii) ov 6|t tu 
de blind, tu set at liberti dem dat 
qr broMsd. 

19. Tu preq da aJaeplabl yer 
Qf«aLor4. [ftutls 1,2.1 • 



20. And lie klozd 6t buk, and 
he gav [it] agen tu de minister, 
and sat di^n. And de ^z oy el 
dem dat w^ in de sinagog w^r 
f asend on him. 

21. And be begin tu sa untu 
dem, c£is da iz dis Bkriptyi],r ful- 
fild in jmt crz. 

22. And el b^r him witnes, and 
wnnderd at de grafns wurdz hwi^ 
proseded zt ov hiz m^t. And da 
sed, ? Iz not dis Jozefs sun. 

23. And he sed nntia dem, Ye 
wil Jurli sa untu me dis proverb, 
Fizijan, hel djself : hwotsoever we 
hav h§rd dun in Kap^tnaum, da> 
elso her in d^ kuntri. 

24. And he sed, Verili i sa nn- 
tixL yo>. No profet iz aksepted in 
hiz on kuntri. 

* 25. But I tel ya> ov a trcot, meni 
widoz vr^r in 'Izrael in de daz ov 
Clias, hwen de heven woz Jut up 
tre yerz and siks munts, hwen 
grat famin woz tra>^t el de land; 

26. But untu nun ov dem woz 
81^as sent^ sav untu Sarepta, [a 
sitij ov S^don, untu a wioman 
[dat woz] a wido. 

27. And meni leperz w^r in 
'Izrael in de tjm ov Eliseus de 
profet; and nun ov dem woz 
klenzdy savig Naaman de Sirian. 

28. And el dd in de sinagog, 
hwen da h^rd dez iigz, w^r fild 
wid rq,t, 

29. And roz up, and trust him 7t 
ov de siti, and led him untu de hrs 
ov de hil hw%r6n d^r siti woz bilt, 
dat da m^t kast him dvn hedIo{). 

30. But hi pasig troo de midst 
ov dem went hiz wa, 

31. And kam d?n tu Kap^rna- 
um, a siti ov Galile, and tet dem 
on de sabat daz. 

32. And da w^r ast6nijt at hiz 
doktrin ; f er hiz wurd woz wid p^er. 

33. IfAnd in de sinagog d^r 
woz a man, hwiQ had a spirit ov 


an unkUn detil, and In^d vt wid 
a l^d vers, 

34. Sai0, Let [us] alon; ^hwot 
hav we tu do wid ai, [6s] Jezus 
ov Nazaret; S qrt dv kum tu de** 
strdr us. { no d^ ho dv qrt; de 
Holi Wun ov God. 

35. And Jezus reb^kt him, sa- 
il), Hold d^ pes, and kum st ov 
him. And hwen de devil had 
tron him in de midst, he kam 7t 
ov him, and hurt him not. 

36. And da w§r el amazd, and 
spak amiio demselvz, sai^), Hwot 
a wurd [iz] dis! fer wid etoriti 
and p^er he komdndet de unkUn 
spirits, and da kum vt 

37. And de fam ov him went 7t 
intu everi plas ov de kuntri rvnd 

38. ^And he aroz irt ov de 
sinagog, and enterd intu S^monz 
h9s. And S^monz w^fs mudor 
woz taken wid a grat fever; and 
da bes^t him fer h$r. 

39. And he stud over h§r, and 
rebiikt de fever; and it left h^r: 
and imMietli Je ar6z and minis- 
terd untu dem, 

40. irNif hwen de sun woz set- 
ii), el da dat had eni sik wid d^verz 
dizezez bret dem untu him; and 
he lad hiz handz on everi wun ov 
dem, and held dem. 

41. ^And devilz elso kam vt 
ov meni, kr^ig^t^ and saij), 3ir 
qrt Kr^st de Sun ov God. And he 
rcbiikij) [dem] suferd dem not tu 
spek: fer da nij, dat he woz Er^st. 

42. ^And hwen it woz da, he 
dcpqrted and went intu a dezert 
plas : and de pepl set him, and 
kam untu him, and stad him, dat 
he Jud not depqrt from dem. 

43. And he sed untu dem, 5 
must prcQ de ki^dom o v God tu ud- 
er sitiz elso: fer d^rfor am i sent. 

44. And he preQt in de sinagoga 
ov Galile. 


; •! WMq ^MMs {<b imn] or Ja- 
ko^ hwi^ woa (ds sun] or $zak, 
kwiQ woz [te sun] ov Qbtmham, 
hwiq woz [de sun] ov HarA) hwig 
¥nix [de Bon] or Nakpr, 
. 86. Hwi^ W02 [de «iin] ov dt« 
rak, hwiiQ woe [dt mw] or Rage, 
hwiq W02 [daattn] ov Faiek, hwi^ 
woz [de sun] ov Hcber, hwiq woz 
(d» eanl 0v Saia» 
. d6k iiwiQ woz [ds sttn j ov Ea** 
aan, hwiq woe fde son] or Arftk* 
aad, hwiq wos {de ettn] ov Sam, 
kwi^ woz [de sun] ov Noe, hwig 
woz [de enn] ov Lamek, 
/ ^7. Hwi^ woz [da aua] ov Ma* 
ti|zal<l, kwio woz [de tnn] ov€^nc^ 
hwiq woz [dBBan] ov Jared, kwi^ 
woz [(b aba] ov Mideliel, kwi^ 
wio^ [de Bon} ov Kianaii, 
/ SB. Hwiq woz [desua] ov Snoe, 
kwig wOz de siia ov Set, hwig woz 
(^ aoA] ov Adam» hwiQ woz [de 
aim] ov God. 


: L AadJezuBM^fulovdB Ha^di 
w ia t wa fc r j adfeDca Jardaa, sad woz 
led 14 de Spirit iotu de wildemee, 

. SL Bm^ Ut^ daz tamted ovde 
davil. And in d»>z daz ka did at 
W3^: and kwen da w^r atided, 
ka <dterward kupgard. 

3. And de devil sad untu him, 
If dv be da Soti ov 0od, komdnd 
diaatea dat Ik be mad brad« 

, 4» And Jezue aneerd him, auD^ 
it aa ritea, Sat man Jal not iiv bf 
bred alon, bat b^ averi wurd ov 
Qod. [Dqt 8: 3.] 

5. And de devil, takig him ap 
iolu an h^ mvaten, J<ad tinKa hiia 
ai da ki^lomz ov da wnrld in a 
moment ov t^m. 

6. And de devil eed untu kirn, 
Bl die paer wil i jnv di, 1^ 4te 
glctti ov dem: lor dit &a delivard 
i^aaia kua; and in ktiMUZdavar | 
wU I i^.ttr 

7. If da daxfor wfll wiil*ni> Iicl 

8. And Jaaiii anaaid and aad 
untia him, Gat Ai behind toa^ 8a- 
tan: far it iaritan, Sv Jaltwur/ifi 
de Lord dj God, and him <Milt fatt 
da 8^. [Dx(L 6: 18; 10: 2aj 

i^. And he brat kaaa tu Jecafta*- 
lam, and sat him on a piaaki ov 
da tempi, and sad antia htm. If dv 
be de Ban ov God, kust ^^If d!«tk 
from hens: 

10. Par it is idea, fia f al giv 
hia anjala qm^ civar di, tu kep^z 

IL And in [ditT] kaadz da fal 
b^r 6£ up, lest at eni t^m da* caif 
di fut aganst a aton. [6<|m 91: 

11, 12.] 

12. And Jeana onseriQ lad 11&. 
tu him, It iz sad^ S.^ |alt not taast 
da Lord dj God. [Dtft 6:: 16. V 

13. And hwen de davil Jiad 
eadad el de temtajoni hadapmrked 
horn him for a sezom 

14. IT And Jeicas retdrnd id da 
paar ov da Spif it hitu Gaiila: eaftd 
d^r went st de fam ov him ti«e qI 
da n^on rvnd abit 

X$, Andha tai; in d|r nnagoga, 
bauj^ gtorilid ov el. 

16. fAttd ha kam tia Kaaa^, 
hw%r ha had bin bret up; afid, aa 
hiz kustom Woz, ha went iatia da 
dnagog ott de sabal da, aad stiad 
up for tvirad. 

17* And di^f woa dellverd uiitu 
him de buk ov da profat Ezaaa 
And hwen ha had opand da biak, 
he firnd de plas hw%r it woz riten, 

18. aa BpvAt ov da Lord [Iz] 
up6n nfe, bek^z he hat anatitod 
me tu preg de gospel tu de pa^r; 
he hat sent me tu hel da bitdkaii* 
hqrted, tu preQ deliv^^ans tu te 
kii^vz, and rekuveri^ ov s^t tu 
de blind, tu sat at liberti dem dat 
qr bro>ed. 

19. Tu pireis da skseptabl var 
ot da Laid. [•a*«ia,«.l 



20. And lie klozd de buk, and 
lie gav [it] agen tu de minister, 
and sat di^n. And de ^z or el 
dem dat w^ in de sinagog w^r 
f asend on him. 

2X. And he begin tu sa untu 
dem, clis da iz dis skriptyi^r ful- 
fild in jor crz. 

22. And el b^r him witnes, and 
wnnderd at de grajus wurdz hwiq 
proBcded zt ov hiz m^t. And da 
sed, ^ Iz not ^s Jozefs sun. 

2^. And he sed untu dem, Ye 
wil Jv^i sa untu me dis proverb, 
Fizijan, heldjself: hwotsoever we 
liav h^rd dun in Kap^tnaum, da> 
elso her in dj kuntri. 

24. And he sed, Verili j sa un- 
tia ycD, No profet iz aksepted in 
hiz on kuntri. 

* 25. But i tel yo) ov a tr<Dt, meni 
widoz w^r in 'Izrael in de daz ov 
Cl^as, hwen de heven woz Jut up 
tre yerz and siks munts, hwen 
grat famin woz trco-^t el de land; 

26. But untu nun ov dem woz 
81^as sent, sav untu Sarepta, [a 
sitij ov S^don, untu a wuman 
[dat woz] a wido. 

27. And meni leperz w^r in 
'Izrael in de t^m ov Eliseus de 
profet; and nun ov dem woz 
klonzd, savif) Naaman de Sirian. 

28. And el dd in de sinagog, 
hwen da h^rd dez t\^z, w§r fild 
wid rqt, 

29. And roz up, and f nist him 3t 
ov de siti, and led him untu de brv 
ov de hil hw^rdn d^r siti woz bilt, 
dat da m^t kast him d^n hedlo^. 

30. But he pasif) tro) de midst 
ov dem went hiz wa, 

31. And kam d^n tu Kap^rna- 
una, a siti ov Galile, and tet dem 
on de sabat daz. 

32. And da w^r ast6nijt at hiz 
doktrin : f er hiz wurd woz wid p^er. 

33. irAnd in de sinagog d^r 
woz a man, hwig had a spirit ov 


an nnkUn detil, sani, lo^d vt wid 

a hsd vers, 

34. Saig, Let [us] alon; ^hwot 
hav we tu da> wid d^, [dv] Jezus 
ov Nazaret; H qrt dir kum tu de* 
strdr us. { no d^ ha> dv q;rt; de 
Holi Wun ov God. 

35. And Jezus rebt^kt him, sa- 
il), Hold d} pes, and kum vl ov 
him. And hwen de devil had 
tron him in de midst, he kam vt 
ov him, and hurt him not. 

36. And da w^r el amdzd, and 
spak am&Q demselvz, sai|), Hwot 
a wurd [iz] dis! fer wid etoriti 
and p^er he komdndet de unkUn 
spirits, and da kum ^t 

37. And de fam ov him went 7t 
intu everi plas ov de kuntri rvnd 

38. ^And he aroz 1^ ov de 
sinagog, and enterd intu Sjmonz 
h9s. And S^monz wjfB mudor 
woz taken wid a grat fever; and 
da bes^t him fer h^r. 

39. And he stud over h^r, and 
rebi^kt de fever; and it left h^r: 
and im^dietli Je ar6z and minis- 
terd nntu dem. 

40. %1^T5 hwen de sun woz set- 
ii), el da dat had eni sik wid d^verz 
dizezez bret dem untu him; and 
he lad hiz handz on everi wun ov 
dem, and held dem. 

41. IT And devilz elso kam vt 
ov meni, kriig vt, and saifl, 3^ 
qrt Krjst de Sun ov God. And he 
rcbiikig [dem] suferd dem not tu 
spck: fer da nii dat he woz Krjst. 

42. ^And hwen it woz da, he 
departed and went intu a dezert 
plas : and de pepl set him, and 
kam untu him, and stad him, dat 
he Jud not dcpq,rt from dem. 

43. And he sed untu dem, 3B 
must preq de kingdom ov God tu ud- 
er sitiz elso: fer d^rfor am i sent. 

44. And he pre^t in de sinagoga 
ov Galile. 


!• And ifc kasa tu pos^ dat, az 1^ And he put fort [liiz] 
de pepl prest iip<Sn him tu her dr hand, and tagfc him, saig, $ wil: 
wurd OT God, he stud h^ de lak be (ts klen. And imMieUi de 
ov Genezaret^ ^ leprosl deported &om him. 

2. And se tie ppe standi^ hj de* M. And he QQijd him tut tel no 
lok: but de fijennen wer gon 7t man: bat go, and Jo d[self tu de 
OT dem, and w^r W0J19 [d%r] neta.,prest^andd^erferd^Ieazig^ akmd- 

3^ And he enterd intu wnn orjig az Mozez komanded [Lev. lA: 
de jipsi hwig woz S^monz, and 4], fer a testimoni nntu dem. 
prad idm dat he wud trust 'st a[ 15. But so mag de mor went 
litl from de land, and he sat dim, !di%r a fam ahred or him: and gint 
and tet de pepl 7t ov de Jipi jmaltitiidz kam tu^eder tio. ha, 

4. ^K? hwen hehad I^spek-]and tu be held b^ him ov di^r 
Ig, he sed untu S^mon, Itqpq 7t infermitiz. 
intu de dep, and let d^n y<nr nets 16. ^And he widdr<D himself 

fer a draft. 

5. And S[mon onserig sed nntu 
him, Master, we hav tcrld el de 

intu da wild^mes, and prad. 

17. ^And it kam tu pcis on a 
s^rten da, az he woz tegq^ dat d^r 

1^1. and hay taken no^ig: neyerde-j w^r Farisez and doktorz ov de le 
les at dj wurd i wil let dim de net sitijj bj, hwiq w^r kum Trt ov even 

6. And hwen da had dis dun,;t7n ov Qalile, and Ji],dea, and 
da inklozd a grat multitt(d ov'Jeroyzalem: and de p^e? ov de 
fijez: and ds^r net brak. Lord woz [prezent] tu hel dem. 

7. And di bekond nntu [da^r]! 18. If And, behold, men bret 
pcplnerz, hwig w^r in de uder Jip, in a bed a man hwig woz taken 
dat da Jud kum and help dem. wid a pelzi: and da set [menzl 
And da kam, and fild bot de jips/tu brii) him in, and tu la [him] 
80 dat da b^gan tu sigk. {befor him. 

B, Hwen S^mou Peter se rit},| 1^. And hwen dift kud not Qnd 
he fel d^n at Jezus nez, saxQ, ut-hi hwot [wa] da m^t bri^ him in 
p4rt from me; f er i am a sinful bekez ov de multiti^d, da went 
man, o Lord. !np6n de h'ss-top, and let him. dim 

9. Fer he woz ast6nijt, and el|tra) de tjlig wid [hiz] "ksq intu ds 
dat w^r wid him, at de draft ov midst befor Jezus. 

de fijez hwig 6r had taken: 20. And hwen he se d^fat^, he 

10. And so [woz] elso Jamz, sed untu him, If an, d^ sinz qr 

and Jon, de sunz ov Zebede, hwig 
Wfr pqprtnerz wid Simon. And 
Jezus sed untu Simon, Fef not; 
from hensfort dv Jalt kag men. 

11. And hwen da had bret d^r 

iips tu land, da f orsdk el, and 
olod him. 

12. ^ And it kam tu pas, hwen 
he woz in a s^rten siti, behold a 
man fal ov leprpsi: ha> seii) Jezus 
fel on [hiz] fas, and bes^t him, 

forgiven d^. 

21. And de skr^bz and de Fari- 
sez began tu rezon, sai|), ^Ha> iz 
dis hwig speket blasfemiz. ^Ha 
kan foigiv sinz, but God al<&n. 

22. But hwen Jezus pets^d 
d^r tets, he ai&seri^ sed untu dem, 
^Hwot rezon ye iil y<Dr hq^ 

23. ^ Hweder iz ezier, tu so, SQ 
sinz be forgiven di; er tu,sa, H^z 
up and wek. 

ov man hat p^er up<5o ^rt tiafoi^v 
sinz, (he sed irntu de si^ ov de 
pelzi J # sa untu d^ Arjz, and t^ 
up ^ KVQ, and go untu d^n hvs. 

25. And imedietll he pdz up be- 
fSr dem, and tuk up d^t hw^r6n 
lie la, and depc^rted tu hiz on h^s, 
gloriQif) God. 

26. And da w^r 0I amazd, and 
da glorif^d God» and w^r fild wid 
fer/saiD, We hav sen stnuij tigz 

27. IT And after dez ti^z he went 
fort, and ae a publikan, namd 
Levh 6iti|) at de res^t ov kustom: 
and ne sea untu him, Folo me. 

28. And he left el, roz up, and 
folod him. 

29. lAnd Lev{ mad Mm a grat 
fest in hie on h^^s: and d^r woz a 
grat kumpani ov publikanz ainioY 
uderz dat sat dvn wid dem. 

30. But di^r skr^bz and Fi^sez 
nmrmurd agenst hiz difi^plz, sai)), 
S Hwi dm ye et and drigk wid 
publikanz and sinerz. 

31. And Jezus anseri^ sed untu 
dem, Sa dat q^ hoi ned not a £1- 
sijan; but da dat c^r sik. 

32. $ kam not tu kel de lityus, 
Imt sinerz tu repentans. 

33. IT And da sed untu him, ^wj 
do) de disjplz ov Jon fast ofen^ and 
mak pn^rz, and Ijkw^z [de di8U)lz] 
ov de Farisez ; but d|n et and dri;)k. 

34.- And he sed imtu dem, ?Kan 
ye mak de qildren ov de br^d- 
qamber Idst, hw^l de br^dgrtDm iz 
wid dem. 

35. But de daz wil kum hwen 
de bridgra>m Jal be taken awd from 
dem, and den Tal da fast in doz daz. 
. 36. ^Andhespak elso a parabl 
tmtu dem; "So man putet d pes 
ev a nq, gqnnent up6n an old; if 
uderw^z, den hot it ny, maket a 
rent^ and de pes dat woz [taken] 
St OT de mi agreed not wid de Qld. 

0¥ LUK r^^ 

37. Andno^oa* vii|iein|(w^ 
intu old botlz; els de ni( w^Q- W 
burst de botlz, and be spilt^ aad^ 
botlz Jal peri/. 

38. But ni|, w|n must be put in- 
tu nil botlz; and hot q^ pez^rvd. 

39. No man elso havi^ di^q;)k 
old [wp] stratwa dezj^et ux^ Uf 
ha set, Ee old iz beter. 


1. And it kam tu pas on de sek- 
ond sabat after de f ^rst^ dat ke weni 
tro) de kam feldz; and hiz disjpls 
plukt d;^ erz ov kern, and did ejt^ 
rubig [dem] in [ds^rl handz* 

Z- A,nd si^rtenov de Fariees eed 
untu dem, ^ Hwj da> ye dat hwig 
iz not leful tu d<D on it sabat daz, 

3. And Jezus anserip dem, sed, 
^ Hav ye not red so mn^ az die, 
hwot David did, hwen kimseli wo« 
an hu|)gerd, and da hwiQ w^r wid 

4. H7 he went intu de hva o^ 
God, and did tak and et de Jobred. 
and gav elso tu dem dat w^f wia 
him; hwiQ it iz not leful tu et but 
fer de prests alon. [Sam. 21: 6."] 

5. And he sed uniaa dem, Sat ds 
Sun ov man iz Lerd elso ov ds 

6. ^ And it kam tu pas elsQ on 
aniider sabat, dat he enterd inti^ 
de sinagog and tet: and da^r woz 
a man ha>z r^t hand woz widerd« 

7. And de ski^bz and Faiisez 
woqt him, hweder he wud hel on 
de sabat da; dat da mjt j^nd an ak-> 
y^zajon agenst him. 

8. But he mi dt^r tets» and se4 
tu de man hwig had de widerd 
hand, R^z up, and stand fort in de^ 
midj3t» And he aroz and atud 
fort. t 

9. Sen sed Jezus untu dem, S 
wil ask y(D wun tig; ? Iz it lafuT 
on de sabat daz tu da> gud, er tu dor 
evil; <i tu sav l|f» eff tuidestr^ [i^ 




' 10. And IvSa^ nmd aMt tip6ii 
Vtein el, he sed nntia de man, Streq 
fort di hand. And he did so: and 
hiz hand woz restord hoi az de 

• 11. And da w^r fild wid xnadne s ; 
and komy^nd wun wid aniider 
hwot da m^t do) tu Jezns. 

12. lAnd it kam tu pas in doz 
daz, dat he went vt intu a m^nten 
tu pra, and kontinyi^d el njt in 
pr^r tu God. 

13 lAnd hwen it woz da, he 
keld {untu him] hiz dis[plz: and 
OT dem he qoz twelr, ha>m elso 
he namd ap6slz; 

14. S^mon, (ha>m he elso namd 
Peter,) and Androj- hiz bruder, 
Jamz and Jon, Filip and Bqrftol- 

15. Matti and Tomas, Jamz de 
[sun] ov Alfeus, and Simon keld 

16. And Ji^das [de bruder] ov 
Jamz, and Ji^das Iskariot, hwi^ 
elso woz de trator. 

' 17. 1 And he kam d^n wid dem, 
and stiid in de plan, and de kum- 
pani ov hiz dis^plz, and a grat 
multitud ov pepl 3t ov el Ji^dea 
and JeroDzalem, and from de se 
kost ov Tjr and Sidon, hwig kam 
tu her him, and tu be held o v d^r 

18. And da dat wer vekst wid 
nnkl^n spirits: and da wer held. 

19. And de hoi muUitiid Set tu 
tnq him: fer d^r went v^rtyn ^t 
ov him, and held [dem] el. 

. 20 1 And he lifted up hiz {z on 
idz dis^plz, and sed, Blesed [be 
ye] pcor: fer ycorz iz de kigdom 
ov God. 

' 21. Blesed [qr ye] dat hupger 
n's: fer ye Jal be fild. Blesed [qr 
fe] dat wep n^: far ye Jal lq,f. 

22. Blesed qr ye hwen men Jal 
hat yoD, and hwen da Jal separat 
joi [from d:i|r kumpam,] and Jal 

reprcS^ [y<x>], and kost vt yoff nam 
az evil, for de Sun ov maoz saL 

23. Kej^ ye in dat da, a&d lep 
fer jer: fer, behold, yc&r rewerd 
[iz] grat in heven: fer in de Ijk 
maner did d^r fq,derz uutu. de 

24. But wo untu ya> dat q^ ri^ 
fer ye hav res^vd ycnr konsolajon. 

25. Wo untu ya> dat <ir f lal! fer 
ye Jal hugger. Wo untu. ya> dat 
lq| n^! fer ye Jal morh and wq). 

26. Wo untu yo), hwen el men 
Jal spek wel ov ja>\ fer so did d%r 
iqderz tu de fels profets. 

27. ^But i sa untu y<D hwi^ her, 
Luv ya>r enemiz, da> giad tu. dem 
hwiq hat yo), 

28. Bles dem dat kurs ja^, and 
pra fer dem hwig desp^tfuili yi^z 

29. And untu him dat sm^tet 
d^ on de [wun] qek of er elso de 
uder; and him dat .take5 awa dj 
klok forbid not [tu tak d^] kot 

30. Giv tu ever! man dat asket 
ov de; and ov him dat takefi awa 
d| gudz ask [dem] not agen. 

31. And az ye wud dat men Jiad 
do) tu ya>, da> ye elso tu dem Ijk* 

32. Fer if ye luv dem hwig lur 
yo), ?hwot tai)k hav ye; fersinerz 
elso luv doz dat luv dem- 

33. And if ye da> gud ti^ dem 
hwiq dok gud tu y<D, ihwot tagk 
hav ye; fer sinerz elsodiB even da 

34- And if ye lend [tu dem] ov 
ha>m ye hop tu resev, ^ hwotta^k 
hav ye; fer sinerz elso lend tu 
sinerz tu rtsiv az muQ agen. 

35. But luv ye.ycDr enemiz, and 
do gud, and lend, hopig fer noti|[) 
agen; and ya>r reward Jal be grat, 
and ye Jal be de children ovdehjest: 
fer he iz k^nd untu de uniaxial 
and [tu] de eviL 

86. Be jt di|Tf(DT m^fuli, aa 
ra>r Fq,der elso iz m^rsifuL 

37. Juj not> and ye Jal not be 
iijd: kondem not, and ye Jal not 
)e kondemd: forgiv, and yejalbe 



38. Giv, and it Jal be given untu 
rcD; gud megyiir, prest dyn, and 
"aken tugeder, and ruui{) over, fal 
nen giv intu yor buzom. For 
vid & sam megyi^^r dat ye met 
videl it Jal be megyiyrd tu y<D agen. 

39. And he spak a parabl untu 
lem, S Kan de bljnd led det)lind; 
I Jal da not bc&t fel intu de dig. 

40. ffe disjpl iz not abiiv hiz 
naster: but even wun dat iz p§r- 
ekt Jal be az hiz master. 

41. And, ^hwj beholdest dy de 
not dat iz in dj bruderz j, but per- 
>evest not de bem dat iz in ^n on j. 

42. 8der <ih7 kanst ds sa tudj 
cruder, Bruder, let me pul ^ de 
not dat iz in din j, hwen d? djself 
beholdest not de bem dat iz in d^ 
Dn |. SCv hipokrit, kast ?t f ^rst 
le bem st ov d^n on {, and den 
alt d^ se klerli tu pul ^t de mot 
tat iz in dj bruderz j. 

43. Fer a gud tre hrbjet not 
brt korupt fra)t; neder dot a 
toriipt tre brig fori) gud fra>t. 

44. Fer everi tre iz non bi hiz 
ou fr(Dt. Fer ov temz men do 
lot gader figz, ner ov a brambl 
naj gader da graps. 

45. Q. gud man ist ov de gud 
resy^ir ov hiz hqrt brioet fort dat 
xviic iz gud; and an evil man 7t 
>v de evil tregyiir ov hiz hqrt 
>ri^t forb dat hwiq iz evil: fer 
>v de abiindauB ov de hq^ hiz 
ii3t spinet. 

46. IT And ^hwj kel ye. me, 
Lerd, Lord, and do not de tigz 
k\siq I sa. 

47. Hosoever kumet tu me> 
paid hexeA mi sai^, and<loet dem, 
[ wil Jo yo tu kd^ he i^ J^: 

48. He iz Qk a mm bwi^ bUt 

an h7s, and digd dep, and lad de 
f^ndajon on a rok: and hwen de 
flud aroz, de strem bet vehement- 
li up6n dat h^s, and kud not Jak 
it: fer it woz funded upon a rok. 

49. But he dat beret, and doet 
not, iz Ijk a man dat wid^t a fvn- 
dajon bilt an hijs up6n de ^rt ; 
agenst hwiq de strem did bet vi- 
hementli, and imedietli it fel; and 
de roin ov dat h-^s woz grat. 


1. "Ns hwen he had ended el 
hiz saipz in de ediens ov de pepl, 
he enterd intu Kap^rnaum. 

2. And a s^rten sentiirionz s^r« 
vant, ho woz der untu him, woz 
sik, and redi tu d|. 

3. And hwen he h^rd ov Jezus, 
he sent untu him de elderz ov 
de Jivz, bese^i^ him dat he wud 
kum and hel hiz servant. 

4. And hwen da kam tu Jezu8| 
da bes6t him instantli, saig, 3^at he 
woz wurdi fer hom he Jud do dis: 

6. Fer he luvet ^r najon, and 
he hat bilt us a sinagog. 

6. 3en Jezus went wid dem. 
And hwen he woz n^ not fqr 
from de h^s, de sentiyrion sent 
frendz tu him, saig untu him, 
Lord, trubl not d^self : fer i am not 
wurdi dat ^ Judst enter under m^ 

7. Hw^rfor neder tet i mjself 
wurdi tu kum untu de: but sa in 
a wurd, and mi servant Jal be held. 

8. Fer i elso am a man set un- 
der etoriti, havig under me soljerz, 
and i sa untu wun, Go, and he 
goet; and tu anuder, Kum, and 
he kumet; and tu m^ servant, Do 
dis, and he doet [it.] 

9. Hwen Jezus h$rd dez tipz, 
he m<irveld at him, and tumd him 
abTH) and sed untu de pe^l dat 

hi]^» ^ ea u£to. j|P^ \ hair 


^^&0(Sp)fct d% 

not fsnd flD fpftA hk^f no, not in 

10. And da dat tr^r sent, re- 
tdrniD tu de hvs, fsnd de arrant 
hoi dftt had bin sik. 

11. lAnd it kam tu pas de da 
after, dat he went intu a siti keld 
!Nan, and meni ov htz disjplz went 
wid him, and mnq pepl. 

12. Ni^ hwen he kam n^ tci de 
gat or de siti, behold ds^r woz a 
ded man karid ^t, de onii snn ov 
hiz muder,«Bd fe woz a wido: 
and muQ pepl ot de siti woz wid 

• 13. And hwen de Lerd so h^r, 
he had kompajon on h^r, and sed 
tmtu h^r, W ep not 

14. And he kam and tnqt de 
ber: and da dat b^r [him] stud 
stiL And he sed, Y\x^ man, i sa 
uutu &iy Ar{z. 

15. And he dat woz ded sat up, 
and begin tu spek. And he delir- 
crrd him tu hiz mtider. 

16. And d^r kam a fer on el: 
and da gloried Qx}^^ sai^), 9^at a 
gfat profet iz rizen up amdg ns; 
and, 3at Grod hat Vizited hiz pepl. 

17. And dis ra>mor ov him went 
forft tujuM el Jiideo, and tra>^ el 
de rejon nrnd ab^ 

18. IT And de disipl or Jon Jod 
him or el dez ti^z. 

19. And Jon keliD [tintu him] 
ta> ov hiz disiplz sent [dem] tu 
Jezns, saiD, Smtdy he dat.jtid 
kum, w Sluk weler amider. 

* 2D. Hwen de men w^r knm nntu 
hhn, da sed, Jon Baptist hat sent 
«8 nntu d^ safD, ^Hrt &k he 9tX 
Jud kmn, er ?luk we fer andder. 

21. And in de sam y^ he k^rd 
BienioT [diir] inf^rmitiz and plagz, 
and OY evil spirits; and nntu meni 
plat w^] bljnd he gav s^t 
- 22, ^enJezosanseri^ sed tmtu 
dem. Go fwr Wa, and teUon fawot 

W^ tm<k*,i^'^iBb'B»iiLhft^ihtt^m9i^^ 

de bl|nd se, de laffi'^w, w leptn ] 
qr klenzd, de dei her, de ded ^i 
razd, tu de pair de gospel iz prtf 

23. And blesed iz [he], haiso 
ever Jal not be ofended in me. 

24. ^And hwen de mesenjen 
or Jon w^r departed, he begin tu 
spek nntu de pepl Icons^niii) Jon, 
^Hwot went ye "st intu de wilder- 
nes fer tu se. ^(I red Jaken w& 
de wind. 

25. But <ihwot went ye ytfer 
tu se. ^Q man klodd in soft la- 
ment BehcHd, da hwiq qr ger- 
jusli apdreld, and HV deliketii, ri 
in ki|}z korts. 

26. But ^hwot went re irtk 
tu se* ?(I iwofct Yn, J sa nntu 
yo), and mu^ mor dan a profet 

27. ais iz [te], ov hom it ii 
riten, Bebold, i send nq ra^K^ 
befor ^ fas, hwiq fal prep4f fl'* 
befordi. [Mai. 3:1.] 

28. Per j sa untu y», Amij 
doz dat qr bern ov wrmen dsjr iJ 
not a grater profei dati Jon & 
Baptist: but he dat il& lest in ^ 
ki{)dom ov Ood iz grater dan he. 

29. And el de pepl dat bH 
[him], and de pubhkanz, jxi^ 
0od, bei^ baptjed wid die bsptizis 
ov Jon. 

30. But de Fansez and lerm 
rejekted de kTfnsel ov God agens^ 
demselvz, beii) not biqit|zd Ovhin* 

31. IT And de Lord acd, fHiqf 
unt<6 den Jal [ Ifkcm de tia^fior^ 
jenerajon; and *!lu:h'wot<trda4k. 

32. 3a (ir Qk nntu ^tdrenfitiif 
in de m<itket>pla8, and kefi^i^oi^ 
tu aiHider, and aaig, W^ hat|iFt 
antu ya>, and yt bav not ddnst; 
we hav momd tu ya>/axid ft hsf 
not wept 

88. Fc»r Jon de Bt^fm tan 
neder etip bred ner dri^^JQ i^^t 
and yB sa. He hal^ Hi ^^ 

9i. 3e Snn <>vlaifialfc teamed 



glntonus man, and a w^n-biber, a 
firend ot puUikanz and sinerz ! 

85. But wizdom iz justifjd ov 
el h^ Qildren. 

36. IT And wun ov dc Fariscz 
dezjrd him dat he wud et wid him. 
And he went intu de Farisez h^s, 
and satdvn tu met. 

37. And, behcSld, a wuman in 
de aiti, hwi^ woz a Biner, hwen fe 
ni4, dat [Jezus] sat at met in de 
Farisez iiv», bret an alabaster boks 
ov frntment, 

38. And stud at hiz fet behind 
[him] wcpig, and began tu wof 
hiz fet wid terz, and did w^p [dem J 
wid de h^rz ov h^r hed, and kist 
hiz fet^ and anemted [d^n] wldde 

39. N^ hwen de Farisehwi^had" 
biden him so [it], he spak widln 
himself, sai^ ais man, if he w^r 
a profet, wud hav non ha> and 
hwot nianer ov wuman [dis iz] 
dat tuqet him: fet Je iz a smer. 

40. And Jezus and^rip sed nntu 
him« Simon, j hav snmhwot tu sa 
untu de. And he set, Master, sa on. 

41. 8[qr woz a s^rten kreditor 
hwi^ had ta> detorz : de wtm od fiv 
hundred pens, and de uder fifti 

42. And hwen da had nolin tu 
pa, he fra))kli forg^v dem hot. 
Tel me d^nor, Shwi^ ov dem wif 
luv him most 

'43. Simon dnietd and sed, *f 
8Up6« dat [he] tu hi»m he forgdv 
most. And heseduntuhnn, 3i^ 
hast T^tli Jujd. 

^ And he tumd tu de wuman, 
and sed tintu Simon, ^ Seest dir dis 
wuman. fB enter d intu dinh^Sjdv 
gavcst me no weter fer mi fet: but 
je hat woft mi fet wid terz, and 
wipt [dem] wldde h^rz ov h^r hed. 

45. Bx gavest me no kis: but 
dis wuman sins de t^m { kam in 
hat not sest tu kis to^ fet. 

4^* M| kdd tnfttn' dv tticttfriiot 

an6rnt: but dig wuman hat anornt- 
ed mi fet wid mitment. 

47. Hw%rfor i sa untu d^, H^ 
sinz, hwig <ir meni, q^ forgiven; 
fer je luvd mUQ: but tu ha>m litl 
iz forgiven, [de sam] luvet litL 

48. And he sed untu h^r, SJ 
sinz q^ forgiven. 

49. And da dat sat at met wid 
him begdn tu sa widin demselvz, 
^ H(D iz dis dat forgivet sins elso. 

50. And he sed tu de wuman, 
3| fat hat savd d^; go in pes. 

€APTER 8. 

1. And it kam tu pas after- 
ward, dat he went tra>'^ even siti 
and vilej, pregip and Joip de glad 
ddi^z ov de ki^dom ov God: and 
de twelv [w^r] wid him, 

2. And s^rten wimen, hwig had 
bin held ov evil spirits and in- 
f^rmitiz, Mari kc^ld Magdalen, vt 
ov hami went seven devilz, 

3. And J(!>ina de wif ov Kt^aa 
Herodz sti^ard, and Siiziina, and 
meni uderz, hwiq ministerd untu 
him ov diE^r subs^s. 

4. f And hwen muq piepl ir^r 
gaderd tugeder, and w^r kum tu 
him "st ov everi siti, he spak hi a 

5. (I soer went vt tu so hiz 
sed: and az he sod, jsum fel bi. de 
wa sid; and it woz troden dvn, 
and de f ttTz ov de ^t derfird it 

'6. And sum fel updn o rdk; 
atid az sa>n az it 'Woz tpnqi ap, ii 
widerd aw£, bel^z it lakt mvstytir. 

7. And. Sinn 'fel ami^ ternz; 
and de temz s^^a^ up Wid it^ and 
qokt it 

8. And uder fel on gud ^nmd, 
and spraD t(p, and bqr fra>t -an 
hundredfold. And hwen he had 
sed dez ti^z, he krid. He dat hat 
erz tu her, let him her. 

9. IT And hxB^ifqpk aakt ten, 
fld!9, <iS^4x^«iit>Mbl^ >-' 



10. And lie sed, XJntu ya> it iz 
given tu no de misteriz ov de 
ki^om OY God: bat tu uderz in 
parablz; dat seif) da m^t not se, 
and herip da mit not understand. 

11. irNy de parabl iz dis; Se 
Bed iz de wnid ov God. 

12. G[oz bi de wa sj^d qr da dat 
her; den kumet de devil, and tak- 
et awa de wurd ist ov d^r hqrts, 
lest da fiid beUv and be savd. 

13. ail on de rok [v da], hwicj, 
Hwen da her, resev dc wurd wid 
jcr; and dez hav no rtDt, hwiq fer 
a hwil beliv, and in tin ov tern- 
ta/on f el awa. 

14. And dat hwiq fel amd^ 
temz q^ da, hwiq, hwen da hav 
h^rd, go f orft, and qr qdkX wid k^rz 
and riqez and plesyi^rz ov [&] 
l^fy and bri{) no {ra>t tu per- 

15. But dit on de gud grvnd 
qr da, hwiq in an onest and gud 
hq;rt, havi^ h^rd de wurd, kep [it], 
and bri{) fori fro^t wid pajens. 

16. ^No man, hwen he hat 
Ijted a kandl, kuveret it wid a 
Tesel, «r putet [it] under a bed; 
but setet [it] on a kandlstik, dat 
da hwiq enter in ma se da lit^ 

17. For notig iz sekret, dat Jal 
not be mad manifest; neder [eni 
ti^] hid, dat Jal not be non and 
kum abr^d. 

18. Tak hed d^rfor his ye her: 
for ha>8oever hat, tu him Jal be 

g'ven; and hiDSoever hat not^ 
om him Jal be taken even dat 
hwi^ he semet tu hav. 

19. ^Ken kam tu him [hiz] 
muder and hiz bredren, and kua 
not kum at him fer de pres. 

20. And it woz told him [bi 
s^rtenl hwiq sed, 3] muder and 
di bredren stand widj^t, dezirig tu 

21. And he ansard and aed nn- 
iiA damt m milter «b4 mi brad- 

ren q;r dez hwiq her de word or 
God, and d<x> it 

22. ItNtt it kam tu "pas on a 
s^rten da, dat he went intm a Jip 
wid hiz disiplz : and he sed untu 
dem, Let us go over untu de 
uder sid ov de lak. And da Iqnqt 

23. But az da said he fel aslep: 
and d^r kam d^n a sterm ov 
wind on de lak; and da w^r fild 
[wid weter], and wer in jepardL 

24. And da kam tu Mm, and 
awok him, sai^, Master, master, 
we perij. 3[en he arcSz, and re- 
bi^kt de wind and de rajiD ov de 
weter: and da sest, and d^r woz a 

25. And he sed imtu dem, 
? Hw%r iz 7a>r fat. And da beig 
afrad wunderd, saig wim tu an- 
dder, Hwot maner ov man iz dis ! 
fer he komdndet even de windz 
and weter, and da oba him. 

26. lAnd da ar|vd at de kuntri 
ov de Gadar^nz, hwig iz over 
agenst Galile. 

27. And hwen he went fort tu 
land, d^r met him 7t ov de siti a 
s^rten man, hwig had devilz Ioq 
tim, and w^r no klodz, neder abod 
in [eni] hvs, but in de ta>mz. 

28. Hwen he se Jezus, he krid 
ift, and fel d^n l^efor Mm, and 
wid a l^d YfTs sed, % Hwot hav i 
tu da> wid d^ Jezus, [ds] sun ov 
God most hi. $ b^eg d^ tor- 
ment me not 

29. (Fer he had komdnded de 
unklin spirit tu kum 7t ov de 
man. Fer ofentimz it had ket 
him: and he woz kept b^nd wid 
canz and in fcterz; and ha brak 
oe bandz, and woz driven ov de 
devil intu de wildemes.) 

30. And Jezus askt him, sai^ 
^ Hwot iz di nam. And he sed, 
Lejon: bek& men! devilz w^r 
ontvpd intu. him. .- 4 

GOSPEL 07 L($K. 


81. And da bes6t him dat he 
wiad not komdnd dem tu go 7t 
intu de dep. 

32. And d^r woz dar an h^rd 
OY men! swjn fedip on& m?nten: 
and da beset him dat he wud suf- 
er dem tu enter inta dem. And 
he suferd dem. 

33. cEen went de devilz 3t ov de 
man, and enterd intu de swjin: and 
de h§rd ran vjolentli d«n a step 
plas intu de ikk, and w^r qokt. 

34. Hweu da dat fed [dem] se 
hwot woz dun, da fled, and went 
and told [it] in de siti and in de 

35. 3en da went ^t tu se hwot 
woz dun; and kam tu Jezus, and 
f^nd de man, 7t ov ha>m de dev- 
ilz w^r depcirted, sitii) at de fet ov 
Jezns, klodd, and in hiz r^t mjnd: 
and da w^r afrdd. 

36. 3[a elso hwig se [it] told 
dem b; hwot menz he dat woz 
pozest ov de devilz woz held. 

37. Sen de hoi multiti^d ov de 
kuntri ov de Gadar^nz rynd ab^t 
beset him tu depctrt from dem; 
fer da w§r taken wid grat fer: and 
he went up intu de Jip^ and re- 
tdrnd bak agen. 

38. Ki¥ de man 7t ov hd>m de 
devilz w^rdepcirted beset him dat 
he m^t be wid him: but Jezus sent 
him awa, «aif), 

39. Return tu d^n on hys, and 
|o ht grat ti{)z God hat dun un- 
tu d^. And he went hiz wa, and 
publi ft troiM de hoi siti hs grat 
ti^z Jezus had dun untu him. 

40. And it kam tu pas, dat, 
hwen Jezus woz retdrnd, de pepl 
[gladli] res^vd him: fer daw^rel 
watiD fer him. 

41. lAnd, behold, dq.r kam a 
man namd Ja^rus, and he woz a 
ra>ler.ov de sinagog: and he fel 
d^n at Jezus fet^ and beset him 
dat hi&..wBd kiya intu his hvs:. 

42. Fer he had mm omli deter, 
ab^t twelv yerz ov aj, and Je la 
a d^ip. But az he went de pepl 
trogd him. 

43. IT And a wuman. havig au 
if yU ov blud twelv yerz, hwi^ had 
spent el h^ livi|) ap6ii fiziJanZ| 
neder kud be held ov eni, 

44. Kam behind [him], and 
tuQt de border ov hiz gQ,rment: and 
iraedietli h§r ijyn, ov blud stquQt 

45. And Jezus sed, S Ha> ixK^t 
me. Hwen el den^d, Peter and 
da dat w^r wid him sed, Master, 
de multiti^d tro^dl and pres [d^]» 
and ^saest d?, S Ha> tugt me. 

46. And Jezus sed, Sumbodl 
hat tnqt me: fer i persev dat v^rt- 
yH, iz gon T5t ov me. 

47. And hwen de wuman so 
dat Je woz not hid, Je kam trem- 
blip, and felig d^n befor him, Je 
dekl4rd untu him befor el de pepl 
fer hwot kez Je had tuqt him, and 
his Je woz held imedietli. 

48. And he sed untu h§f. De- 
ter, be ov gud kumfort: d^ fat hat 
mad de hoi; go in pes. 

49. irHwjY he vet spak, dar 
kumet wun from de raler ov de 
sinagogz [h^s], saig tu him, 3i 
deter iz ded; trubl not de Master. 

50. But hwen Jezus h^rd [it], 
he anserd him, saip, Fer not: be» 
lev onli, and Je Jal be mad hoL 

51. And hwen he kam. intu da 
h^s, he suferd no man tu go in, 
sav Peter, and Jamz, and Jon, and 
de fqder and de muder^ov da 

52. And el wept, and bewdld 
h^r: but he sed, Wep not; Je iz 
not ded, but slepet. 

53. And da Iq^t him tu skern, 
noip dat Je woz ded. 

54. And he put dem el vt, and 
tuk h^r \>i de hand, and keld, 
saxQ, Mad, ar{z. 

55. And h$r spiritjMU]^ i^gai^ 



ind Je tf6z simtwa: and hekom- 
dnded tu giv h^ met 

56. And h^r parents w^ r ast6n- 
ijt: bat he ^qrjd dem dat da Jud 
tel no man hwot woz dun. 


1. 3en he keld hiz twelv dis- 
{plz tuLgeder, and gav dem pver 
and efioriti over el devilz, and tu 
ki^r dizezez. 

2. And he sent dem tu prtq de 
kipdom ov God, and tu heldesik. 

3. And he sed untu dem, Tak 
notiu for [yojr] jurni, neder stavz, 
ner skrip, neder bred, nctfer muni; 
neder hav t(D kots a{)e8. 

4. And hwotsoever h"5s tc en- 
ter intu, d^r abjd, and dens depq,rt 

5. And hflDSoever wil not resev 
ya^ hwen ye go 7t ov dat siti, Jak 
of de veri dnst from ya>T f et for a 
testimoni agenst dem. 

6. And m depqrted, and went 
%To de tvnz, pre^ de gospel, and 
helig everi hw^r. 

t. T Jf» Herod de tctrqrk Wd 
ov el dat w6z dnn b^ him: and he 
vnoz perplekst. bek^z dat it woz 
sed ov sum, dat Jon woz rizen 
from de ded; 

8. And ov sum, dat C^l^as had 
aperd; and ov uderz, dat wun ov 
<k old profets woz rizen agen. 

9. And Herod sed, Jon hav J 
Beh^ded: but ^Ikd iz dis, ov hmm 
i her 9nq tigz. And he dezjrd tu 

IQ. IT And de Ap6filz, hwen da 
w^ retdmd, told him el dat da 
li^ dim. And he tiik dem, and 
WeTit ^sjd privetli intu a dezert 
plas beliSgij) tu de sijti keld Bet- 

XI. And de pepl, hwen da nti 
nt^ 'f6lod him : and he res^vd 
dem,' and sj^k nn^ ^om 6v de 
kmdQm ov Qodt «nd Md 4dm4ae 

iSahSr w hiiife. ■ 

li. <rAndhwendedatiQ^tu 
wi^r awd, den kam de twelv, and 
sed untu him. Send de mnltitiid 
awd, dat da ma go intu detsnz 
and kuntri rvnd ab^ and loj, and 
get vitalz: fer we qr her in a dez- 
ert plas. 

13. But he sed untu dem, Grr 
ye dem tu et And da sed, We 
hav no mor but Qv lovz and ta> 
fijez ; eksept we Jud go and bj met 
fer el dis pepL 

14. Fer & w§r ab^ Qv t^rzand 
men. And he sed tu hrz dis^plz, 
Mak dem sit dvn I4 ISf tiz in a 

15. And da did so, and mid (t^n 
el sit dyn. ^ 

16. clen he tuk'de f|v lovz and 
de ta> fiJez, and IuAvq up tu heven, 
he blest dem, and brak, and gav tu 
de dis^)lz tu set bef<5Tde multitqd. 

17. And da did et, and w^r el 
fild: and di^^r woz taken -^p^ ov 
fragments dat remdnd tu dem 
twelv boskets. 

18. ^And it kam tu pcis^ az he 
woz alon praig, hiz dis[pfz wer wid 
him: and heoskt dem, sai^ fHa>m. 
sa de pepl dat i am. 

19. 3^ anserig sed, Jonde Bap- 
tist; but sum [sa], Cljas; and uderz 
[sa], dat wun ov de old profets iz 

nzen agen. 

20. He sed untu dem, But ^houii 
sa ye dat i am. Peter .anse^|]L^4» 
ae Ki^st ov God. 

21. And he stratli ^q^jd'^^xfi^ 
and komdnd^d l&eail tu t^l ,ii<a 

22. Saip. Kz iSun ov man mtist 
sufer meni ti{)Z, and be rejekted ov 
de elderz and gef prests and skt^bz, 
and be 8lan,and be ra2d de t^r^ 4&- 

23. tAnd he sed tu [dem] el, 
ft eni [man] wil kimx ctfter me, 
lethini den| himself, and tak up 
hiz, kr^ d$li, and fblo me. 

2i -fWhttSD^Tsr t(^ aar^ltibt' 

"& Jai ha h: fmt hcDSO^ver wil 
Id>z hi2 l^f fsr m| sak, de sam Jal 
aav it 

25. For ?hwot is a man ad- 
▼dntejd, if he gan de hoi wurld, 
and la>z himself, er be least awa. 

26. Fer ha>8oever Jal be ajdmd 
ov me and ov mi wurdz, ov him 

fal de Sun ov man be-ajdmd, hwen 
le.Jal kum in hiz on glori, and 
(in hiz] Fqderz, and ov de holi 

27. Bat I tel ya ov a tra>t, d^r 
be sum standi!) her, hwiq Jal not 
tast o V det, til da se de ki^^doi]^ ov 

28. Tf And it kam tu pas ab^t 
ftn at daz after dez saipz, he tuk 
Peter and Jon and J'amz, and went 
up intu a m^nten tu pra. 

29. And az he pfad, de f ajon ov 
hiz k^mtenans woz elterd, and hiz 
foment [wOz] hwjt [and] glisterii). 

30. And, behold, di^r tekt wid 
him ta men, hwiQ w^r Mozez 
Ibid 81|as: 

'SI. Ha> ap^rd in glori, and spak 
ov hiz des^ hwiQ he Jud akom- 
plij at Jera>zalem. 

32. But Peter and da dkt w^r 
wid him w^r hevi wid alep: and 
hwen da w^r awak, da se hiz glo- 
n, and de ta> men dat stud wid him. 

33. And it kam tu po^, az da 
df^pq;rted from him, Peter sed un- 
tu Jezus, Master, it iz gud fer ns 
tti be her: and let us mak tre 
tibernaklz; wun fer d^, and wun 
fer Mozez, and wun fer'Elias; 
BOt lioiD hwOt he sed. 

. 34. Hwjl he dus spok, d%r k:am 
<k klT^d, and overj&dod dem: and 
da fad az da enteid intu de klvd. 

35. And d^r kam. «i vers tft ov 
dE klvd, saiD, 3is iz m^ beldved 
gun: hei: him. 

36. And hwen de ve!B woz post, 
jTezQs wo2 fvnd iilon. And da 
Yept 'fit]'klXDB,~'fited tiiiidittiniiaii 'bt 

or rtik. 


doz daz eni ov d6z t!|pB hwig dn 
had sen. 

37. "^And it kam tu pas dat on 
de nekst da, hwen da w^r kum dirn 
from de hil, muQ pepl met hinL 

38. And, behold, a man ov de 
kumpani krjd Tsi, saij}, Master, J 
bes^ di, luk up6n mj son: fei: he 
iz min onli Qjld. 

39. And, lo, a spirit taket him, 
and he sudenli k^et 3t; and it 
tqret him dat he fomet ag^n, and 
broDzip him hq^-dli depqrtet from 

40. And, I bes4t dj disjplz tu 
kast him vt; and da kud uot. 

41. And Jezus anserip sed, O 
fatles and perv^ts jenerafon, H hif 
lop Jal i be wid y4>, and sufer yo). 
Brip dj sun hider. 

42. And az he woz yet a-kum- 
ip, de devil tro) him d^n, and t^r 
[him.] And Jezus reb^kt de un- 
kl^n spirit, and held de Q^ld, and 
deliverd him agen tu hiz fqder. 

43. ^And wBL w^r el amizd at 
de miti p^er ov God. But hwjl 
da wnnderd everi wun at el tipz 
hwiq Jezus did, he Bed untu hiz 

44. Let dez saipz sipk d?m intu 
yc&r erz: ferde Suu ov man Jal be 
deliverd intu de handz ov men. 

45. But da understtid not dis 
saip, and it woz hidf^om dem, dbt 
da pers)^vd it not: and da ferd tu 
ask him ov dat saip. 

46. If3]en d^r aroz a rezonip 
ami&p dem, hwi^ ov dem Jud hi 

47. And ^ezus, persevip de tet 
ov d^r hcirt, tuk a Q^ld, and set 
him bi him, 

48. And sed untu dem, H<]>so« 
ever Jal res^v dis c^ld in mi nam 
resevet me: and ha>soevet Jal re« 
s^v me resevifet him dat sent me: 
tbr. he dat iz lest omA^ j(h ^ dB 
attm jU tiB gEBJL 

.49. IF And Jon cnserd and sed, 
Madter, wc se wnn kastii) ^t de vilz 
in di nam; and we forbad him, 
bek6z he f oloet not wid us. 

&\ And Jezus sed imtu him, 
Forbid [him] not: fer he dat iz 
not agenst us iz fer us. 

51. t"And it kam tu pas, hwen 
de tjm woz kum dat he Jud be re- 
s^vd up, he stedfastli set hiz fas 
tuL go tu Jera>zalem, 

52. And sent mesenjerz bcfor 
hiz fas: and da went, and enterd 
intu a vilej ov de Samaritanz, tu 
mak redi fer him. 

53. And da did not res^v him, 
bek^z hiz fas woz az do he wud 
go tu Jer(Dzaleni. 

54. And hwen hiz disjplz Jamz 
and Jon se [dis], da sed, Lerd, 
% wilt d» dat we komdnd .^ tu 
kum dyn from heven, and konsiypi 
dem, even az 81ias did. 

55. But he turnd, and reb^kt 
dem, and sed, Ye no not hwot 
maner ov spirit ye q,r ov. . 

56. Fer de Sun ov man iz not 
kum tu destr^ menz l^vz, but tu 
sav [dem.] And da went tu an- 
Mer vilej. 

57. ^ And it kam tu pas, dat, az 
da went in de wa, a s^rten [man] 
sed untu him, Lerd, I wil folo de 
hwidersoever dy goest. 

58. And Jezus sed untu him, 
Foksez hav holz, and b^rdz ov de 
^r [hav] nests; but de Sun ov man 
hat not hw^r tu la. [hiz] hed. 

59. And he sed untu andder, 
Folo me. But he sed, Lerd, suf- 
er mef^rsttu go and beri mj fqder. 

60. Jezus sed untu him, Letde 
ded beri &s[r ded: but go dv and 
j)req de kipdom ov God. 

61. And anuder eUo sed, Lerd, 
I wil folo &i; biit let me ferst go 
bid dem f q.rwel, hwiq q,r at hom at 
mi h7S. 

62. And Jezus sed untu hmt 


No man^ havio put hiz .band tu 
de pl7, and lukip ba^ iz fit fer d» 
kij)dom ov God. 


1. Gfter dez tipz, de Lerd apcrn- 
ted uder seventi elso, and sent dem 
to) and t(D befor hiz fas intu ever! 
siti and plas, h wider he himself 
wud kum. 

2. cl^rfor sed he untu dem, ^e 
hqrvest troM [iz] grat, but de la- 
borerz [qr] fi^: pra ye d^rfop de 
Lerd ov de hq.rvest, dat he ivud 
send fort laborerz intu hiz hq;:vest. 

3r Go yoor waz: behold, i send 
ya> fort az lamz aniup wulvz. 

4. Kxuri neder purs, ner skrlp, 
ner Ja)Z : and salq,^ no man b^de v^a. 

5. And intu hwot^oever h^s ye 
enter, f^rst sa, Pes [be] tu ^ h^s. 

6. And if de sun ov pes be d^r, 
yc&r pes Jal rest up6n it: if not, it 
Jal turn tu ya> agen. 

7. And in de sam h^s reman, 
etii) and dripkip suq tipz az da giv: 
fer de laborer iz. wurdi ov hiz h^r. 
Go not from hss tu hiss. 

8. And intu hwotsoever siti ye 
enter, and da resev yox, et sug tipz 
a2 qr set befor ya>: 

9. And hel de sik dat qr d^rin, 
and sa untu dem, 3e kipdom ov 
God iz kum ni imtu yo). 

10. But intu hwotsoever siti ya 
enter, and da resev ya> not, go ya>r 
waz 7t intu de strets pv de sam, 
and sa, , 

11. 8 ven de veri dust o v yaar siti, 
hwiq klevet on us, we d<D wjp of 
agenst vin: notwidstdndip be ye 
Jfqr ov ms, 'dat de kipdom ov God 
iz kum ni untu yco, 

12. But i sa untu yin, dat it Jal 
be mor t<51.Qrabl in dat da fer Sod- 
om, dan fer dat siti. 

13. IT Wo untu' di, Eorazin! 
wo imtu de, Betsada! fer if ds 
miti wiirkfi had bin dun in Tir and 








Qdon, hwiQ hav bin dun in y®, 
da had a grat hw^l ago repented, 
'sitq) in sakklot and ajez. 

14. But it Jal be mor t61erabl 
fer T^r and S^don at de jujment 
dan fer y<D. 

15. And dv, Kap^maum, h^vig 
q;rt egzelted tu heven, Jal be trast 
dyn tu hel. 

16. He dat bereft joi beret me; 
and be dat despizeft ya> desp^zet 
me; and be dat desp^zet me de- 
spizet bim dat sent me. 

17. ^And de seventi retdmd 
agen wid jor, saiu, Lerd, even de 
devilz q;: snbjekt untu ns tro) d^ 

18. And be sed untu dem, 9B 
bebeld Satan az l^tnig fel from 

19. Bebold, { giv untu ya p-ser 
tu tred on serpents and skerpionz, 
and over el de p^er ov de 6nemi: 
and noti^ Jal b^ eni menz burtyo). 

20. NotwidstdndiD in dis rej6« 
notj dat de spirits qj subjekt untu 
y©; but ra&r rq^, bek^z yant 
namz qr riten in beven. 

21. IT In dat Tsr Jezus rej^rst in 
spirit, anS sed, f ta^k ti, o Fqder, 
Lierd ov beven and ^rt, dat dv bast 
hid dez tipz from de wjz and pro)- 
dent, and bast rev^ld dem untu 
babz: even so, fq,der; fer so it 
semd gud in d^ s^t. 

22. 91 tipz q,r dellverd tu me 
OV mi Fq,der : and no man noet bo) 
de Sun iz, but de Fqder; and ba> 
de Fq,der iz, but de Sun, and [be] 
tu bfl&m de Sun wil rev^l [bim.] 

23. ^And be tumd bim untu 
[biz] disiplz, and sed privetli, 
Blesed [q,r] de iz bwi^ se de ti^z 
dat ye se: 

24. Fer i tel yo), dat meni prof- 
ets and ki^z bav dczjrd tu sedoz 
tinz bwiq ye se, and bav not sen 
[<tem]; and tu her doz tigz bwiq 
ye her, and hav not h^rd [dem.] 

25. IT And, beb<&ld, a s^rten lo* 
yer stud up, and temted bim, sa- 
ip, Master, ^ bwot Jal i da> tu in- 
herit ctenial lif. (• 

26. He sed untu bim, ^Hwot 
iz riten in de le; ^b3 redest ^. 

27. And be anseri^ sed, Ey 

Salt lav de Lerd ^ God wid el di 
iqrt, and wid el di sol, and wid 
el di strept, and wid el di mind 
[Di^t. 6: 5]; and di nabor az di- 
self. [Lev. 19: 18.] 

28. And be sed untu bim, ^t 
bast anserd rit: dis da>, and ds 
Jalt liv. 

29. But he, wili^ tu justify 
himself, sed untu Jezus, And 
^bcD iz mi nabor. 

30. And Jezus anserig sed, (I 
s^rb^^ [man] went d^n from Je- 
TiXiZu'lm tu Jeriko, and fel ami&o 
^z:z, bwi^ stript him ov biz ra- 
ment, and winded [bim], and 
departed, levip [bim] hq,f ded. 

31. And h\ gans d^r kam d^n a 
s^rten prest dat wa: and hwen be 
se bim, be past bi on de uder sid. 

32. And likwiz a Levit, hwen 
be woz at de plas, kam and lukt 
[on him], and past hi on de uder 

33. But a s^rten Samaritan, az 
be j amid, kam bw^r be woz: and 
hwen he se bim, be had kompa- 
Jon [on bim], 

34. And went tu [bim], and 
b^nd up biz wcnndz, porip in crl 
and win, and set bim on biz on 
best, and bret bim tu an In, and 
tuk k^r ov bim. 

35. And on de moro hwen he 
departed, be tuk 7t Xm pens, and 
gav [dem] tu de host, and sed 
untu him, Tak ks^r ov bim: and 
bwotsoever dy spcndest mor, 
hwen i kum ageu, i wil rcpd d^ 

36. S Hwiq rvs ov dez tre, tipk- 
est d7, woz nabor untu hka dat 
fel amtig de tevz. 

37. And be sod, H^ dai Jod 
tn^ral on hiio. Sea sed Jezus 
untu him. Go, and da> &s l|kw}z. 

38. IfKv it kam tu pas, az da 
went, dat he euterd intu a s^rten 
vilej: and a s^rten wuman namd 

. Mq,rta res^vd him intu h^r hiss. 

39. And Je had a sister keld 
Mari, hwiq elso sat at Jezus fet, 
and h^rd hiz wurd, 

40. But Mq;rfta woz kumberd 
ab^ mnq s^rvig, and kam tu him, 
and sed) Lerd, Idost d^ not k^c dat 
m^ sister hat left me tu s^rv alon; 
bid h^r d^rfor dat Je help me. 

4L And Jezus anserd and sed 
unJtu h^r, Mq.rfta, Mq,rta, dy qrt 
k^rful and trubld ^\mt meni tipz : 

42. But wun tig iz ncdful: and 
Mari hat gozen dat gud pc^rt, hwig 
Jal not be taken aVa from h^r. 

©AFTER 11. 

1. And it kam tu pas, dat, az 
he wo:^ praig in a s^rten plas, 
hwen he sest,, wun ov hiz dis^plz 
sed imtu him, Lord, te^ us tu 
pra, az Jon elso tot hiz disjplz. 

2. And he sed untu dem, Hwen 
ye pra, sa, ISTr Fqder hwi^. qrt in 
heven, Halod be dj nam. El ki^ 
dom kum. Si wil be dun, az in 
heven, so in ert. 

3. Griv us da bj da tst dali bred. 
4^ And forgiv us «r sinz; for we 

elso forgiv everi wun dat iz in- 
deted tu us. And led us not intu 
temtafon; but deliver us from evil. 

5. And he sed untu dem, ^ Hwi^ 
ov ya> fal hav a frend, and Jfal go 
untu him at midnjt, and sa untu 
him, Prend, lend me tre lovz; 

6. Fer a feend ov mjn in hiz 
jumi iz kum tu me, and i hav 
notig tu set befor him. 

7. And he from widin Jal an- 
ser and sa, Trubl me not: da dor 
Iz n^y Jut, and naj Qildren qr wid 
me in bed;t^an pot i^z andgiv ds. 

^aOSPBb 0¥ WIK. 

S. ^sBt untu 70> Scxlte vilnet 

ri9 and giv him, bek^z he iz hiz 
frend, yet bekez ov hiz in^portq- 
niti he wil riz and giv him az 
meni az he nedei. 

9. And I sa untu yicD, C[$1e, and 
it Jal be given ye>; sek, and ye Jal 
f^nd; nok, and it Jal be opend 
untu yo). 

10. Fer everi wun oat askei re- 
sevet; and he dat seket f^de^; and 
tu him dat noket it Jal be opend. 

11. If a sun Jal oak bred ov eni 
ov ycD,dat iz a iq,der, iwil he giv 
him a ston; er if [he oak] a fij, 
^wil be fer a fij giv him a serpent 

12. Or if he Jal ask an eg, iwil 
he ofer him a skerpion. 

13. If ye dcn^ help evil, no hv 
tu giv gud gifts untu ya>r gildxen; 
^hymuj;^ mor Jalfy<nr3.hev€nli 
Fader giv de Holi Spirit tui dem 
dat ask him. 

14k IF And he woz kastig 'st a 
devil, and it woz dum. And it 
kam tu pas, hwen de devil wo; 
gon 7t, de duHk spok; and de pep^ 

15. But sum Qv dem sed. He 
kastet vt devilz tca> Be6ksebub de 
gef ov de devilz. 

16w And uderz, temtif) [himX 
set ov him a sin from heven. 

17. But he, noig d^r tet$, sed 
untu dem, Everi ki])dom divided 
agenst itself iz bret tu desolajon; 
and a h^s [divided] agenst d h^rs 

18. If Satan elso be divided 
agenst himself, 4hiy fal hiz kig- 
dom stand; bekez ye sa dat ^ kost 
9t devilz tra> Beelzebub. 

19. And if i bj Beelzebub kost 
si devilz, ^bi boom do yc&r simz 
kast {dem] zt; d%rfor Jal di be 
yo&r jujez. 

20. But if i wid de finger ov 
God kast ^t devilz, no d^t de 
ki^dom ov CrQd iz. kum up4n yco. 

QQSPSL a¥ IrttK. 


,2% Hwen a stre^ man ctnnd 
kepet hiz pales, Mz gudz qr in pes: 

22. But hwen a stro^er dan 
hi Jal kum up6n him, and oyer- 
kdm him, he taket from him el 
hiz armor hw^rin he trusted, and 
diviaet hiz sp^lz. 

23. He dat iz not wid me iz 
agenst me: and he dat gaderet not 
Wid me skateret. 

24. Hwen de unkUn spirit iz 
gon 7t ov a man, he weket tra> 
dri plasez, sekig rest; and f^ndi^ 
nun, he set, $ wil return untu mi 
hvs hwens ^ kam Tst. 

' 25. And hwen he kumet, he 
Qndet [it] swept and gqmi/t. 

26. aen goet he, and taket [tu 
him] seven uder spirits mor wiked 
dan himself; and da enter in, and 
dwcl d^r: and de last [stat] ov dat 
man iz wurs dan de f^rst. 

27. ^And it kam tu pas, az he 
spak dez tipz, a s^rten wiaman ov 
oe kumpani lifted up h^r vera, and 
sed untu him, Blesed [iz]de wcom 
dat b^r di, and de paps hwiq ds 
hast sukt. 

28. But he sed, Ya, rader, bles- 
ed [qr] da dat her de wurd ov 
Qod, and kep it. 

29. ^And hwen de pepl w^r 
gaderd tik tugeder, he began tu 
sa, His iz an evil jenera|on: da sek 
a s^n; and d^r Jal no sjn be given 
it, but de s^n ov Jonas de profet 

30. For az Jonas woz a s^n 
untu de Ninev^ts, so Jal elso de 
Sun ov man be tu dis jenerajon. 

31. He kwen ov de ffst Jal rjz 
up in de jujment wid de men ov 
dis jenerajon, and kondem dem: 
fer Je kam from de utmost pqrts 
ov de ^rt tu her de wizdom ov 
Salomon; and, behold, a grater 
dan S61omon [iz] her. 

32. He men ov Nfneva Jal rfz 
up in de jujment wid dis jenerajon, 
and Jal kondem it: fer da repented 

atd& preQi|^ ov Jonas; aaci, be^ld, 
a grater dsui Jonas [iz] her. 

33. No man, hwen ha hat l|ted 
a kandl, putet [it] in a sekret 
plas, neder under a bujel, but on 
a kandlstik, dat da hwiq kum in 
ma se de l^t. 

34. He. lit ov de bodi iz de j: 
d^rfor hwen din I iz si^l> di hoi 
bodi elso iz, ful ov lit; but nwea 
[din i] iz evil, di bodi elso [iz] 
t'ul ov dvknes. 

35. Tak bed ds^rfor dat de lit 
hwig iz in di be not dq^rknes. 

36. If di hoi bodi d^rfor [be] 
ful ov lit, havip no pqrt dqrk, de 
hoi Jal be ful ov lit, az hwen di$ 
brit Jini^) ov a kandl dot giv d^ lit, 

37. lAnd az he spak, a s^rten 
Farise beset him tu din wid him: 
and he went in, and sat d^n tu met. 

38. And hwen de Farise se [it]^ 
he mqrveld dat he had not f§rst, 
woft befor diner. 

39. And de Lerd sed untu him» 
N^ da> ye Farisez mak klen de 
3tsid ov de kup and de plater; but 
ya)r inward pq^ iz ful ov raveni:^ 
and wikednes. 

40. [Ye] fa>lz, ^did not he da^ 
mad dat hwig iz wid^ mak ^t 
hwiq iz widin elso. 

41. But rader giv q^z ov suq 
ti|3z az ye hav; and, behold, el 
tipz dr klen untu yto. 

42. But wo untu ya>, Farisez ! 
fer ye tid mint and ra> and el man- 
er ov h^rbz, and pas over jujment 
and de luv ov God: dez et ye tu 
hav dun, and not tu lev de uder 

43. Wo untu JA, Farisez ! fer 
y9 luv de upermost sets in da iin- 
agogz, and greti^z in de mqrkets. 

44. Wo untu ycD, skriba and 
Farisez, liipokrits! fer ye qr az 
gravz hwiQ ap^t not, and de men 
dat wek over £dem] q;r not aw^jr 
[ov dem.] , 



45. ^9[en anserd wnn ov dc le- 
yerz, and eed untu him, Master, 
aus saiQ dv reproQest us elso. 
' 46. And he sed. Wo untu yen 
elso, [ye] leyerz ! fer yc lad men 
"wid bnrdenz grcvus tu be bom, 
and ye yotrselvz tuQ not de bur- 
denz wid wun ov yaar figgerz. 

47. Wo untu yco ! for ye bild 
de sepulkerz ov de profets, and 
ycDF f q,derz kild dem. 

48. Trffili ye b^r witnes dat yc 
al^ de dedz ov yoor fqderz: fer 
da ind^d kild dem, and ye bild 
d^r sepulkerz. 

49. cl^rfor elso sed de wizdom 
ov God, ^ wil send dem profets 
and ap6slz, and [sum] ov dem da 
Jal sla and p^rseki],t. 

50. 2[at de blud ov el de prof- 
ets, hwiQ woz Jed from de fijnda- 
fon ov de wurld, ma be rekw^rd 
ov dis jenerajon; 

51. From de blud ov Obel un- 
tu de blud ov Zakar^as, hwiq per- 
ijt betwen de eltar and de tempi: 
verili j sa untu yoo. It Jal be re- 
kwjrd ov dis "jenerajon. 

62. Wo untu ya>, leyerz ! fer 
ye hav taken awd de ke ov nolej: 
ye enterd not in yoorselvz, and 
dem dat w^r enterii) in ye hinderd. 
' 53. And az he sed dez tii)Z un- 
tu dem, de skrjbz and de Farisez 
begdn tu uij [him] vehementli, 
and tu provok him tu spek ov 
men! tiDz: 

64. Laip wat fer him, and sek- 
i^ tu ka^ sumtip ^t ov hiz m^ft, 
dat da m^t akt^z him. 

€APTER 12. 

1. In de men tjm, hwen d^r 
w§r gaderd tugeder an inmimerabl 
multittid ov pepl, insomdg dat da 
trod wun up6n aniider, he began 
tu sa untu his disjplz ferst ov el, 
Bew4r ye ov de leven ov de Fari- 
sez hwlQ iz hipokrisi. 

2. Fer dq,r iz noVii) kuverd, dafc 
Jal not be rev^ld; neder hid, dat 
Jal not be non. 

3. 3^rfoT hwotsoever ye hav 
spoken in dqrknes Jal be h$rd in 
de l^t; and dat hwigye hav sx)Dken 
in de er in klozets J^ be proklamd 
ttp6n de hvstops. 

4. And i sa untu y(D mj f rendz, 
Be not a&ad ov dem dat kil de 
bodi, and after ddt hav no -mor 
dat da kan da>. 

6. But I ^vil forwem ya> ha>m 
ye Jal fer: Fer him, hwiq after he 
hall kild hat p^er tu kast intu 
hel; ya, i sa untu yoo, Fer him. 

6. ^ B.T not fjv sparoz sold fer 
ta> fqrdigz, and not wun ov dem 
iz forg6ten befor God. 

7. But even de veri h^rz ov ycDr 
hed q,r el numberd. Fernotd^r- 
f or: ye qr ov mor valyi|, dan meni 

8. Glso I sa untu ya>, Ho^o- 
ever Jal konfes me befor men, him 
Jal de Sun ov man elso konfes 
befor de anjelz ov God: 

9. But he dat den^et me befor 
men Jal be denjd betor de anjelz 
ov God. 

10. And hflosoever Jal spek a 
wurd agenst de Sun ov man, it Jal 
be forgiven him: but untu him 
dat blasfemet agenst de Holi Gost 
it Jal not be forgiven. 

11. And hwen da brig y<D untu 
desinagogz, and [untu] majistrats, 
and p^erz, tak ye no tet h^ er 
hwot tig ye Jal anser, er hwot ye 
Jal sa: 

12. Fer de Holi Gost Jal tc^ 
yo) in de sam ^r hwot ye et tu sa. 

13. ^And wun ov de kumpani 
sed untu him, Master, spek tu 
mj bruder, dat he divjd de inher- 
itans wid me. 

14. And he sed untu him, lUTan, 
^ h<D mad me a juj er a £Uv|<dw 
over yo). 



15. And He sed xxnUn dem, Tak 
bed, and l>ew4r ov kdvetusnes: fer 
a manz l^F konsfstet not in de 
abdndans ov de tipz hwlQ ke 

16. And he spak a parabl untu 
dem, saq)^ 3e gnrnd ov a s^iten 
rig man bret fort plentifuli: 

17. And he tet widin himself, 
na\j^ 9Hwot Jal i d<i>, bek^z i hav 
no rcom hw^r tu beato mj rrcDts. 

18. And he sed, clis wiljdco: 
4 wil pul dvn m} bqraz, and bild 

gnter; and d%r wil i besio el mi 
a>t8 and m^ gudz. 

19. And I wil sa tu mi sol^ 
Sol, dzr hast xouq |^dz lad up fer 
men! yerz; tak d^n ez, et» dri{)k, 
[and] be men. 

20. But God sed untu him, 
[civ] fd>l, dis nit di sol Jal be re- 

.* kwjrd pv de: den Shoz |al doz 
ti^z be^ hwiq dv hast provided. 

21. So [iz] he dat laet up treg" 
jmc fer himself, and iz not liq 

22. IT And he sed untu hiz disi- 
plz, S%rfor isa untu ja>, Tak no 
tet fer yor 1^, hwot ye Jal et; ned- 
er fer de bodi, hwot ye Jal put on. 

23. 3e lif iz mor dan met^ and 
de bodi [iz mor] dan rament 

• 24. Konsider de ravenz : fer da 
neder so ner rep; hwio neder hav 
storhvs ner bqrn; and God fedet 
dem: hv muQ mor qr ye beter dan 
de f viz ! 

25. And ^ hwig o v yo wid taki^) 
tet kaa ad tu hiz statyi^r wun 

26. If ye den be not abl tu do 
dat ti^ hwi^ iz lest^ ^hwi tak ye 
tet fer de rest. 

. 27. Konsider de liliz hv dagro: 
da tel not, da spin not; and yet i 
sa untu yo, dat S61omon in el hiz 
glori woz not arad lik wun ov dez. 
28. If den God so klod de sras, 
bwia iz tudi in de feld, and tur 

m6ro iz kast iniu da waa; Shv 
muq mor [wil he klod] yo» o ya 
ov litl M. 

29. And sek not ye hwot ya Jal 
et^ er hwot ye Jal dri^, ne^r be 
ye ov dvtful mind. 

30. Fer el dez tvgz do da na* 
Jonz ov de wurld sek after: and 
yor f qder uoe| dat ye hav ned ov 
dez ti{)z. 

31. fBut rader sek ye de kip- 
dom ov God; and el dez %i^ Jal 
be aded untu yo. 

32. Fer not, litl flok; fer it iz 
yor Fqderz gud plegyiir tu giT 
yo de ki{)dom. 

33. Seld^tyahavandgivcimz; 
proved yorselvz bagz hwi^ waka 
not old, a tregyqr in de hevenz 
dat falet not, hwi^r no trf apro^ 
et, neder mot koraptet. 

34. Fer hwi^r yor tragyiiir iai 
d%r wil yor hqjrt be elso. 

35. ifLetyorlernzbegQrtab;^ 
and [yor] lits burnin; 

36. And ye yorselvz Ijk untu 
men dat wat fer d^r lerd, hwe9 
he wil return from de wedi^; ^ 
hwen he kumet and noket, da ma 
open untu him imidietli. 

37. Blesed [q^] doz s^rvi^ati, 
hom de lerd hwen he kumet Jal 
find woqi^: verili i sa untu yo, 
dat he Jal g^rd himself, and mak 
dem tu sit dvn tu met, and wil 
kum fort and s^rv dem. 

38. And if he Jal kum in 6b 
sekond woq, er kum in de t^rd 
woQ, and find [dem] so, blesed 
q^ doz servants. 

39. And dis no, dat il de gud- 
man ov de hvs had non hwot ar 
de tef wud kum, he wud hav 
woQt, and not hav sufeid hiz haa 
tu be broken tro. 

40. Be ye diprfor redi also: fer 
de Sun ov man kumet at an aS; 
hwen ye tigk not. 



Lerd, ^spekest &9 dis parabl untu 
us, 0r even iu el. 

42. And dt Lerd sed, ^ H<» den 
is dat faMul and w jz stiiard, hmm 
[hiz] lord Jal mak ra>ler over hiz 
h^shold, tu giv [dem d^r] porjon 
OV met in dn sczon. 

43. Blesed [iz] dat servant, h<Dm 
Mz lerd hwen he kumet Jal fjnd 
so da>i|j. 

44. 'Ov a treat i sa untm ya>, dat 
he.wil mak him rroler over el dat 
he hat. 

46. But and if ddt servant sa in 
hiz hq,rt, Mi lerd delaet hiz kum- 
ii); and Jal begin tu bet de men- 
servants and madenz, and tu et 
and dri^k, and tu be drunken; 

46. <Ie lerd ov dat servant wil 
kum in a da hwen he luket not 
fer [him], and at an st hwen he 
iff not aw^r, and wil kut him in 
sunder, and wil ap^t him hiz 
porjon wid de unbeleverz. 

47. And dat servant, hwiq lui 
hiz lerdz wil, and prep4rd not 
[himself], neder did akerdii) tu hiz 
wil, Jal be beten wid meni [strjps.] 

48. But he dat mi not, and did 
komit ti]3Z wardi ov straps, Jal be 
beten "wid hi [strips.] For untu 
h<Bmsoever muQ iz given, ov Mm 
Jal be muq rekw|rd: and tu hoom 
men hav komited mug, ov him da 
vil ask de mor. 

49. l[4 am kum tu send fjr on 
de ^; and ^ hwot wil j, if it be 
elredi kindld. 

60. But i hav a baptizm tu be 
baptjzd wid; and hv am I stratend 
til it be ak6mplijt I 

61. ^Supoz ye dat i am kum 
tu giv pes on ^rf); i tel ya>, Na; 
but rader divison: 

52. Fer from hensforft d^r Jal 
be fiv in wun hijs divided, tre 
agenst ta>, and t<b agenst tre. 

63. ae fqder fal be divided ._^^_, 

^geoatdt «UD, uad de tun ageBstjaad set fxvat 6s(T6n, and fvnd urn. 

de fqder; de rauder agenst de de- 
ter, and de deter agenst de muder; 
de muder-in-le agenst h§r deter- 
in-le, and de deter-in-le agenst 
h^r muder-in-le. 

54. ^And he sed elso tU de 
pepl, Hwen ye se a kl^d riz ^t 
ov de west, stratwa ye sa, a^r 
kumet a J^er; and so it iz. 

55. And hwen [ye se] de s^l 
wind bio, ye sa, tl^r wil be het; 
and it kumet tu pas. 

56. [Ye] hlpokrits, ye kan di- 
zern de fas ov de sk^ and ov de 
^rft; but ^,his iz it dat ye da> not 
diz^m dis tjm. 

57. Ya,. and ^hwj even or yoff- 
selvz juj ye not hwot iz Tjt. 

58. ^Hwen dy goest wid djn 
adversari tu de majistrat, [az d5 
q,rt] in de wa, giv dilijens dat dy 
mast be deliverd from hini; lest 
he hal d^ tu de juj, and de juj de- 
liver 6i tu de ofiser, and de ofiser 
kast de intu prizon. 

59. * tel de, dy Jalt not depart 
dens, til dv hast pad de veri last m^t. 


1. a^r w^r prezent at dat sezon 
sum dat told him ov de Galileanz, 
ha)Z blud Pjlet had mi^gld wid 
dj^r sdkrif jsez. 

2. And Jezus anseri{) sed untu 
dem, S Supoz ye dat dez Galileanz 
wer sinerz abiiv el de Galileanz, 
bek^z da suferd suq ti^z. 

3. 3& tel yo), Na: but, eksept ye 
repent, ye Jal ol Ijkwiz peri J. 

4. Or doz aten, up6n hcom de 
t^er in S^loam f el, and slii dem, 
Stigk ye dat da w^r sinerz abuv 
el men dat dwelt in Jercnzalem. 

5. 8B tel ycD, Na: but, eksept ye 
repent, ye Jal el likwjz peri J. 

6. ^Ue spak elso dis parabl; 
d s^rten [man] had a fig-tre plant- 
ed in hiz vinyard; and he kam 



7. Sen Bed he trntii de dreser 
OT hiz Tinyard, Behold , dez tre 
yerz j kum sekigfntDt on dis fig-tre, 
and fjnd nun: kut it dvn; Shw^ 
kumberet it de gn^nd. 

8. And he anserip sed nntu 
him, Lerd^ let it alon dis yer elso, 
til i Jal dig ftb^ it, and du^ [it]: 

9. And if it b^r froit, [well : and 
if not, [den] after dat dzr Jalt kut 
it &8n. 

10. IT And he woz teqig in wim 
OT de sinagogz on de sabat. 

11. And, behold, d%r woz a wu- 
-*nan hwi^ had a spirit ov inf^rmiti 
aten yerz, and woz bvd tugeder, 
ftod kud in no yriz lift up [herself.] 

12. And hwen Jezus se h^r, he 
keld [h^r tu him], and sed untia 
h^T, Wuman, d^ cirt l<]>st from d^n 

13. And he lad [hiz] handz on 
b^rf and im^dietli Je woz mad 
strat, and glorifid God. 

14. And de rotler ov de sinagog 
anserd wid indignajon, bek^z dat 
Jezus had held on de sabat da, and 
sed nntu de pepl, 3%r qr siks daz 
in hwig men ot tu wurk: in dem 
d^rfor kum and be held, and not 
on de sabaA da. 

15. 3e Lord den anserd him, 
and sedy [3if] hipokrit, ^dot not 
eq wun ov ya> on de sabat lois hiz 
oka er [hiz] <|^ from de stel, and 
lad [him] aw^ tu weteri|^ 

16. And % et not dis wuman, beip 
a deter ov Qbraham, ha>m Satan 
hat bsnd, lo, dez aten yerz, be 
Idwt from dis bond on de sabafi da. 

17. And hwen he had sed dez 
ti^z, el hiz ddversariz w^r afamd: 
and el de pepl rej6«t for el de glo- 
rius ti^ oat w^r dun b^ him. 

18. ^ Sen sed he, ^ Untu hwot 
iz de kipdom ov God Ijk, and 
9hw^mnt<D Jal i rezembl it. 

19. It iz j^k a gran ov mustard 
wd^ hmq a man tuk, and koat 

intu hia gccrden; and it gra>, and 
wakst a grat tre; and di^ fvlz or 
de Sir lojd in de brani^ez ov it 

20. ifAnd agen he sed, S Hwiir- 
unt<D Jal i l^ken de ki|)dom ov GcmL 

21. It iz Ijk leven, hwiq a wum- 
an tuk and hid in tre mejyi^z ot 
mel, til de hoi woz levend. 

22. And he went tra> de ritiz 
and vilejez, te^ip and jumiiptoid 

23. If Sen sed wun nntu him, 
Lerd, ^qrd^r fiidatbesavd. And 
he sed untu dem, 

24. Str^v tu enter in at de stmt 
gat: fer meni, j sa untu yco, wil 
sek tu enter in, and Jal not beabl. 

25. Hwen wuns de master ot 
de hiss iz rizen up, and hat Jut ton 
de dor, and ye begin tu stand 
wid^t, and tu nok at de dor, saip, 
liord. Lord, open untu us; and he 
Jal anser and sa untu yco, £ fto 
yo) not hwens ye qr: 

26. clen Jal ye begin tu sa, Ws 
hav eten and druDk in di prezena, 
and &5 hast tet in vr strets. 

27. But he Jal sa, $ tel yd>, $ 
no ym not hwens ye c^r; dep4rt 
from me, el [ye] wurkerz ov in* 

28. ^^^t Jal be wepi^ and naJiD 
ov tet, hwen ye Jal se Qbraham, 
and $zak, and Jakob^ and el d» 
prof ets, in de kipdom ov God, and 
ya> [y<Dr8elvz] trust vt 

29. And da Jal kum from de est, 
and [from] de west, and from da 
nerl, uid [from] de sirt, and Jal 
sit d^n in ae ki^jdom ov God. 

30. And, behold, ds^r cir last 
hwig Jal be f^rst, and d|r q^ f^xat 
hwiQ Jal be last. 

31. ^Sesamdad^rkams^rten 
ov de Farisez, sai^ untu him, Get 
de 3t, and depart hens: fer Herod 
wU kil d^. 

32. And he sed untu dem, Ck» 
yc^ andteldatfoki^ Bah^ld,ikaafc 



vt devils, $n<l ^ da^ki^ry tvidd aod 
tumdrov ^^^d w t^rd [da] i Jal be 

$d. Neverdelee^miutift^ktuda, 
«Dd Uiim^r<4V and de [da] f^SUdig: 
to it kftQ not be dat a prof et pedj 
vt OY Jera^zalem. 

34. O J9X<t>z$i«ai, Jer«>zalem, 
hmq kilest de profeta, aiid ttofiest 
4ain dafc c^r sent untu da; ins olen 
wud i hav gaderd d^ Qildrea tu- 
e«der, as a ken [dot |^er] h^r 
vmd uiuier k^r wi{)Z, and 7^ w4d 

3&. Behold, yokC kvs iz left 
ttntu 70 deeolet: and TeriU4 <^ 
nntvi pr<i>. Ye Jal not ae me, until 
[de t^m] knm hwen ye Jal sa, 
Blesed [iz] ke dat kumet in de nam 
OT de Liord. 

eAPTER 14. 

X. And it kam tu pas, az ke 
went intu de kv8 ov wun ov de 
g^ Farisez ^ et bred on de eabat 
da, dat da wo<)t kim. 

2. And, behold, di^r woz a s^rten 
Ulan bef<;^ him hwiQ kadde dropei. 

3. And Jezu9 anseri^ epak un- 
tiA de leyerz and Farisez, aaig, ^ Iz 
it leful tu hel on de sabat cUL 

4. And da held d^ pes. And 
be tuk [him], and held him, and 
kt him go; 

5* And anserd dett, 8a% ^Hwig 
ov jaa Jal hay an c^i ^r an oks f elen 
inttt a pit, md. wil not stratwa pul 
him 7t on de sabaft da. 

6. And dn kiiid not anser kirn 
agentudez ti^ 

7. U And kf^ put fort a parabl 
tu doz kwiq w^ biden, kwen ke 
mqrkt hv da qoz Tit de ^ef lo^mz; 
saiD untu dem, 

8. Hwen d? qrt biden ov eni 
[man] tu a wedig, sit not dvn in 
de hiest ra>m; lest a mor 6norabl 
man dan dv be biden ov him; 

i. And kft d^t bad di and klm 

kum and sa tu d^^ Gkf 

pke; and ds begin wid fain tu 

tak de loest ia>m. 

10. But kwen dv q;Et bideny go 
and sit dsn in de loeat ra^in; Si^ 
kwen ke ^t bad de kuinait, he ma 
sa untud^, Frendjgouph^er: den 
Jalt dv hav wurjip in de pn^ei)9 
ov dem dat 9it at met wid d4 

11. Fer hiDsoever ctgz^ltet him- 
self Jal be abast; and hedathumUel 
himself Jal be egzelted. 

12. nSCen aed ke elso tu kim 
dat bad kim, Hwen d^ m^kest a 
din«r or a super, kol not di fModz, 
nor d| bredren, ned^r d^ kinameo, 
nor [dj] rig naborz; lest da eUiO 
bid ii agen, and a rekonopeas be 
mad ^ 

13. Bulkwendsxnakestafest^ 
kel de pcDr, de mamd, de li^iB, de 

14. And dv Jalt be blest; f»da 
kan not rekompens de: f^r (tv Jalt 
be rekompeost at de s^nrekjon 
ov de just 

15« ^And hwen wunov dem dat 
sat at met wid kim h^ de« tios, 
be sed untu kim, Bleaed Jix] he 
dat Jal et bred in de kigdom ^v 

Id. 3en sed ks untu hixn» (I 
s^rten man mad a grat super, ancl 
bad meni: 

17. And sent hiz advent atsnp- 
er tim tu sa tu dem ^t w^r bideOi 
Kum; for el tiga q,r nv redi. 

18. And da ol wid wun [konsant] 
begin tu mak eksk^s- deffist 
sed untu hinoi, $ hav got a pes ov 
grvnd, and i must nedz go and se 
it: i pra di hav me eksk4zd. 

19. A»nd anMer sed, i hav bet 
f^v yok ov oksen, and i ffs^ tu pnikv 
dem: i pra de hav me eksktStid. 

29. And andder sed, ^ hav mar- 
id a;wif, and di^rfor i kan not kum. 

21. Sodat servant kam, and Jod 
hia Iwd de^ li^z. Sandaac^lfr 

«I06PBL OV mK. 

oi^ Ab hvs'bdo n^i 9ed tu liiz ser- 
vant, €kd vt kwikli intu de s^ete 
and laius oy de siti, and bri{) ia hider 
de pa>r, and de mamd, and de belt^ 
and de blind. 

22. And de e^rva&t fed, Lerd, 
it iz dun az dv haat komdnded, 
and yet d%r ia 74ftm. 

23. And del^rds^diintude ser- 
vant, Go «t intia de hj W4^ and 
hejez and kompel [dem] tut kiun 
in, dat d4 hvs ma be fild. 

2i. Far ( jsa untu ya>, SCat nun 
o V doz men hwiq w^ biden /al tast 
ov mi taper. 

25. If And ds^r went gmt multi- 
tq4s w^ him: and h» tumd, and 
sed untvi dem, 

26. If eni [man] kum tu me» and 
hat not hiz fqjder, and mnder, and 
w]!, and qildren, and bredren, and 
sisterz, ya, and hiz oix lif eLscs^ he 
kan not be mi 4isiP^- 

27. And hcDSQever doll not b%r 
hiz kiQS, and kum after me, kan 
not be mi disipL 

28. For ^hwiq ov yo), intendi^ 
tu faild a tver, aitel not d;;n f^tst, 
and kvntei de kost, hweder he h%y 
[si^f ent] tu fini| it 

29. Lest hapH, after he hat lad 
de f vndajon, and iz not abl tu f inij 
[it], el dat htk6\d [it] b^n tu 
mok him, 

30l Sai^ Sis man bfs^ntu laid, 
and woz not abl tu finij. 

31. ^^ihwot kiQigoigtumak 
wer agenst an^der kig, sitel not 
dvn i^t, and konsiiltet hweder he 
be blH wid ten tvzand tu met him 
dat knmeft agenet him wid ttsr enti 

32. Br els, hwil de uder iz yet 
a grat ^ of, hesendet an embasej, 
and dez^rel kondijonz ov pes. 

33. So iikwiz, hoMSoever he be 
ov ya> 4at forsake^ not el he hat, 
he kan not be mi disipL 

di. VfiaU £19} gXAd: b»l if del 


eelt hav lost kiz saT% f ^w^i;p«(| 
Jal it be sezond. 

35. It iz neder fit fer de landj^ 
ner yet fer de dui^hil; [but] n^en 
kast it 7t. He dat hat ^z tu heiv 
let him her. 


1. d[en dr<D ner untu him (^1 de 
pabUkanz and sinerz fer tu her 

2. And de Farisez and 8kT|bz' 
murmuid, sain,' Els man iVfipyel 
sinerz, and etet wid dem. 

3. % And he spak dis parabi on* 
tudem, sai^ 

4. <|Hwot man ov y®, havi{) an 
hundred /ep, if he la>z wun ov 
dem, dot not lev de ninti and nin 
in de wildernes, and go after dat 
hwi^ iz lost, until he &ui it 

5. And hwen he hall f^nd [it]y 
he laet [it] on hiz Jolderz, rejergig. 

6. And hwen he kumet ncxQ, 
hit keiet tugeder [hiz] frendz and 
naborz, seliiq imtu dem, Hejets wid 
m^; fer ihav f^nd mj jfephwiQ 
woz lost 

7. $ sa untu y<», dat Iikwiz J<sr 
|al b^ in haven over wnn siner^t 
repentet, mor dan over ninti anj^ 
njn just p$r90nz,l^wiQ nisd no re* 

8. ^£der ^hwot wuman havi^ 
ten pesez ov silver, if Ye lioDZ wun 
pes, dot not Ijt a kandl, and swra 
de hss, ai^dsekdilije&tlitirje^na 


?. And hwen Je hat f^nd fit], 
Je kelet [h^r] frendz and [h^r] 
naborz tugeder, sai^ Bej^ wid me; 
fer i hav f vnd de pes hwi^i had lost 

10. Likwiz i sa untu yd>, d^r iz 
jer in de prezens ov de anjelz ov 
God over wun siner dat ri^nte^ 

11. IT And he sed, CI s^rten mm 
hadt^^sunz: ■ ' 

12. And de yu|M[er ov dem aed 

tW £hiz] Mm fm^t *▼ W » 



porfon OYgiiids dat felet [tiA me.] 
Ana he divided [ontu dem] hiz 

13. And not meni daz after de 
ytiBger sun gaderd el tugeder, 
and tuk hiz jurni intu a fq,r kun- 
tri, and d^r wasted hiz substans 
widriotns livij. 

' 14. And hwen he had spent el, 
d^r aroz a mitt famin in dat land; 
and he beg^n tu be in wont 

15. And he went and JOTid 
himself tu a sitizen ov dat kun- 
tri; and he sent him intu hiz f eldz 
tu fed swin. 

16. And he wud fan hay fild 
hiz bell wid de husks dat de sw^n 
did et: and no man gav untu him. 

17. And hwen he kam tu him- 
«elf, he Bed, Htr meni h^rd ser- 
vants ov mi fqderz hav bred entif 
and tu sp^r, and i perij wid hui^r ! 
- 18. $ wil ar^z and go tu mi 
f q,der, and" wil sa untu him, Fqd- 
er, i hav sind agenst heven, and 
bef or de, 

19. And am no mor wurdi tu 
be keld di sun: mak me az wun 
bv di bird servants. 

20. And he aroz, and kam tu 
hiz f qder. But hwen he woz yet 
a grat wa of, hiz fqder se him, 
and had kompajon, and ran, and 
f el on hiz nek, and kist him. 

21. And de sun sed untu him, 
7(lder, i hav sind agenst heven, 
and in di sit, and am no mor 
>arurdi tu be keld dj sun. 

22. But de fqder sed tu hiz 
servants, Bri|> fort de best rob, 
and put [it] on him; and put a 
TVS on hiz handy and Joz on [hiz] 

23. And bri;) hider de fated 
kq|, and kil [it]; and let us et, 
and be meri: 

, 24. Fer dis mi sun woz ded, 
and iz aliv agen; he woz lost, and 
il fvitd.' And da bqg;^.tu be meri. 

25. Kv hie elder aim voa in 
de feld: and az he kam and dr(B 
ni tu de hirs, he h§rd mi^zik and 

26. And he keld wan ov de 
servants, and askt hwot 6bz tii)z 

27. And he eed untu him, ^i 
bruder iz kum; and di lq,dGr hat 
kild de fated kqf, bek^z he hal 
res^vd him saf and s^nd. 

28. And he woz ai)gri, and wud 
not go in; d^rfor kam hiz fq,der 
st, and intreted hiuL 

29. And he anseri^ sed tu [hiz] 
fq,der, Lo, dez meni yerz dcE> i s^rv 
Aif neder transgrest i at eni tim dj 
komdndment: and yet d^ never 
gavest me a kid, dat i mit mak 
meri wid mi frendz: 

30. But az amn az dis ^ sxm 
woz knm, hwig hat devi^rni di 
livi|) wid hq,rlotB, dv haat kild fer 
him de fated kqjE. 

3L And he sed untu him, Sun, 
d^ qrt ever wid me, and el dat i 
hav iz din. 

32. It woz met dat we Jud mak 
meri and be glad: fer dis di brud^ 
woz ded, and iz al^v agen; and 
woz lost, and is fvnd. 


1. And he sed elso imtuhia 
disiplz, S^r woz a s^rten liq 
man, hwiq had a stqard; and de 
sam woz aki^zd untu him dat he 
had wasted hiz gudz. 

2. And he keld him, and sed 
untu him, SH^s iz it dat ^ her dis 
ov di; giv an ak^nt ov dj stiicird- 
Jip; fer dv maest be no lo^jger 

3. Sen de stqard sed widin 
himself, 4 Hwot Jal i da> ; fer mi 
lerd taked awd from me de sti^- 
ardjip: i kan not dig; tu beg i am 

4«* i am raz^lrd hwot tu d«^ 




flatj liwen J am put "art ov de stii- 
ard/ip, da ma Ttsiv mc intu di^r 

5. So lie keld even wun ov hiz 
lerdz deterz [untu him], and sed 
untu de f^rst, ^ H^ muq oest &s 
untu m^ Lerd. 

6. And he sed, An hundred 
megynrz ov al. And he sed untu 
him, Tak dj hil, and sit d^n kwik- 
li, and r^t fifti. 

7. 8[en sed he tu amider, And 
^h-y mug oest 6^. And he sed, 
An hundred me5}rqrz ov hwct. 
And he sed imtu him, Tak d^ bil, 
and TJt for skor. 

V d. And de lerd komended de 
unjust sti^ard, hckez he had dun 
wizli: fer de gildren ov dis wurld 
qr in d^r jenerajon wizer dan de 
^ildren ov l^t. 

9. And i sa untu ya>, Mak tu 
yoorselvz frendz ov de mamon ov 
nnrityusnes; dat, hwen ye fal, da 
ma res^v y® intu everldstig hahi- 

10. He dat iz fatful in dathwig 
iz lest iz faliful elso in mug: and 
he dat iz unjust in de lest iz un- 
jdst elso in muq, 

11. If d^rfor jz hav not bin 
fatful in de unqtyus mamon, S ha> 
wil komit tu ya>r trust de tra> 

12. And if ye hav not bin fat- 
ful in dat hwiQ iz aniider manz, 
1 ho) Jal giv y<D dat hwiq iz yarr on. 

13. No servant kan s^rv ta> 
masterz: fer eder he wil hat de 
wun, and luv de uder; or els he 
wil hold tu de wun and dcspjz 
de uder. Ye kan not s^rv God and 

14 IT And de Farisez elso, ho 
w^r kuvetus, h^rd el dez ti);)z: and 
da derided him. 

15. And he sed untu dem. Ye 
qr da hwig justify yorselvz befor 
men; but Ood noet yaa hqrts: 

for dat hwiq iz h^Ii estftnd nm&g 
men iz abominajon in de s^t or 

16. <Ie lo and de profets [w^r} 
until Jon: sins dat t^m de kiijdom: 
ov God iz pregt, and even maa 
preset intu it. 

17. And it iz ezier fer heretf 
and §rt tu pas, dan wun titl ov 
de le tu faL 

18. Hcosoever putet aw^ hi^ 
w^f, and mariet andder, komitet 
adulteri : and hosoever mariet 
h^r dat iz put awa from [h^rj 
huzband komitct adulteri. 

19 IT 3[^r woz a s§rten rig man, 
hwiQ woz klodd in purpl and fjn 
linen, and fs^rd siimtqusli even da; 

20. And d2|,r woz a s^rten begar 
namd Lazarus, hwig woz lad at 
hiz gat,ful ov sorz, 

21. And dezirip tu be fed mtt 
de krumz hwiq fel from de nq 
manz tabl : morover de dogzr 
kam and likt hiz sorz. 

22. And it kam tu pas, dat de 
begar djd, and woz karid b^ da 
anjelz intu €[brahamz buzom: 
de rig man elso djd and wo& 

23. And in hel he lift up hiz 
[Zj beii) in torments, and seet 
£[brabam af^r of, and Lazarus ia 
hiz buzom. 

24. And he kr^d and sed, Fqd- 
er Qbraham, hav m^rsi on me, 
and send Lazarus, dat he ma dip 
de tip ov hiz figger in weter, and 
ko)! mi tui), fer i am tormented 
in dis flam. 

25. But £[braham sed, Sun, re- 
member dat diy in di IJftim re- 
sevedst di gud tigz, and likwjz 
Lazarus evil tii)z : but utt he 
rz kumforted, and . 6is qrt tor- 

26. And bes^d el dis, betw^u us 
and Va> d%r iz a grat gulf ^st: sa 
dat m hwiq wud pas &om hezui 



tiA ya> kaa aot; neder k«n ^ pas 
tUL us, dai [wud kum] from dena, 

27. Sen he sed, ^ pre &i d^rfor, 
Iq40r, dab dv wudst send him tu 
1x4 f<lderz hvs: 

28. Fer i hay ^v bredren; dat 
he ma testiQ untu dem, leet da 
eiBO hum iniu dU pl^aov torment. 

29. Abraham set untu him, 
Sa hay Mozez and de {wof ets; let 
dem herdem* 

30. Andheged,Na,fqder£nirap 
ham: but if wun went untu dem 
fcom de ded, da ml repent. 

81. And he sed untu him, If 
da her not Mozea and de prof ets, 
neder wil da be perswaded, do won 
SQc &omdfi ded. 


1. Sen sed he untu de disiplz, 
It i% impQflihl but dat ofensez wil 
kum; but wo [untu him], tra» 
hmm da kuml 

2. It w^r beter fer him dat a 
milatcaoi w^ ha^^ abit hiz nek, 
and he kast intu de se, dan dat he 
Jud ofend wun oy ^zz litl wunz. 

3. TTTak bed tu ycwselyz: If 
dl bruder trespas agenst di, rBb4k 
hSm; and if he^ap&t, forgiy him. 

4. And if he trespas agenat d^ 
seyen t^mz in a da, and seyen 
timz in a da turn agen tu d^, saig, 
X repent; d^r Jalt forgiy him. 

5. fAnd de apdslz sed untu 
de Lord, Inkres vr fa^ 

6. And de Lerd «ed, If ye had 
fiat az a gran oy mustard sed, ye 
mlt sa untu (Kasikamin tre, Beds 
plukt 1^ ■ 14 de rcot, and be ^ 
planted m da se; and it Jud obd jOk, 

7. But ^hwiq oy ja>, hayiD a 
Bryant pl^if) er fedig katl, wil sa 
lintu him 1^ and bj, hwen he iz 
kum from de feld, Ota and sit 
dvn tu met; 

8. And wil not rader sa untu 
Ikixat Mak redi hwiirwit i ma aup^ 

and gfcd diaelf, and s^rrine, ^ \ 
hay eten and drunken; and afte^» 
ward dv Jalt et and dri])k. 

9. SDot he ta^k dait a^ryant 
bek4z he did de ti^z dat w^ 
komdnded him. $ tro not. 

10. So l^kw^z ye, hwea ye Jal 
hay dun el doz tif^z hydq qr 
komdnded ycD, sa, We q^jr unpnSf- 
itabl s^ryants: we hay don dat 
hwig woz ZT di^ti tu da>» 

11. 7 And it kam tu pa^ az he 
went tu Jennzalem, dat he post 
tra> de midst oy Samana and 

12. And az he enterd intu a 
s^xiea yilej» df^r met him ten men 
dat w^ leperz, hwig stud af4t of; 

13. And da lifted up [^} y^ 
ez, and sed, Jezus» Master, hav 
m^rsi on uS. 

14. And hwen he se [dem], he 
sed untu dem, Go Jo yeorselyz 
untu de prests. And it kam tu 
pas, dat^ az da went, da w^ klenzd. 

15. And wun oy dem, hwen ha 
se dat he woz held, tumd bak, 
and wid a l^^d yers glonf^d Qod, 

16. And fel dvn on [mz] ffa 
at hiz fet, giyig him ta^ka: and 
he woz a Samaritan. 

17. And Jezus anseri^ sed, 
<!Wer d^r not ten klenzd; bat 
^hw^r [qr] de nin. 

18. U^r qx ^t fvnd dat n- 
tdmd tu giy glori tu God, aav. 
dis stranjer. 

19. And he sed untu him, Aij^i 
go di wa: d^ fat hat mad d^ hoL 

20. ^And hwen he woz de- 
mdnded oy de Fansez, hwen de 
kipdom oy God Jud kum, ha an« 
serd dem and sed, Se kipdom oy 
God kumet not wid obzeryajon: 

21. Neder Jal da sa, Lo her ! or,, 
lo d^r ! fer, behold, de ki{)dom oy 
God iz widin yaa. 

22. And he sed untu de dis^plz, 
Se daa wil kum, hwen ye Jal da- 



sfr tu se wnn or de das ov deSim 
or man, and ye Jal not se [it.] 

23^ And da Jal sa tia y<D, Se her; 
etv ta di|r: go not after [dem], ner 
folo [dem.] 

24. Fer az de litnip, dat Ijtnet 
-St or de wan [pc^rt] under heven, 
Cinet untu de nder [pqrt] under 
heven; 90 jfal elso de Sun or man 
be in hiz da. 

25. But f^t must he snfer 
naem ti^z, and be rejekted ov 639 

26. And az it woz in de daz ov 
Noe, M> Jal it be elso in de daz 
ov de Sun ov man. 

27. aa did et, da dra^k, da 
morid \qvz, da w^r given in marij, 
until de da dat Noe enterd intia 
de qjk, and de flud kam, and de- 
strM dem eL 

28. I4kwiz dlso az it woz in de 
daz ov Lot; da did et, da dra^k, da 
hBt, da sold, da planted, da Ult; 

29. But de sam da dat Lot 
went irt ov Sodom it rand fjr and 
brimatonfrom heven, and destrM 
[dem] eL 

30. 8ven dus Jal it be in de da 
hwen de Sun ov man iz rev^ld. 

31. In dit da, he hwiq Jal be 
up6n de hvstop^ and hiz stul in de 
h^s, let him not kum d^n tu tak 
it awa: and he dat iz in de feld, 
let him l^kw^z not retdrn bak. 

32. lUnnember Lots wff. 

33. Ha>soever Jal sek tu sav 
Mz Ijf fal 1<DZ it; and ha>8oever 
Jal hnz hiz l^f Jal prez^rv it 

34. ^ tel yoD, in ddt njt d^r Jal 
be.ta> [men] in wun bed; de wun 
Jal be taken, and de uder Jal be left 

. 35. Ta> [wimen] Jal be grindig 
tugiBder; de wun J^ be taken, and 
de uder left 

36. Ta> [men] Jal be in de feld; 
de wun Jal be taken, and de uder left 

37. And da onserd and sed un- 
tu Mm, ^Hw^r, Lord. And ha 


sed untu dem, Hwi^noever de 
bodi [iz], dider wil de egle ba 
gaderd tugeder. 


1. And he spak a parabl untu 
dem [tu die end], dat men et eU 
waz ftu] pra, and not tu €emt; 

2. Saif), a^r woz in a siti a juj, 
hwig f erd not €k>d, neder regard- 
ed man: 

3. And d^r woz a wido in dat 
siti; and Je kam untia him, sain, 
Avenj me ov m^n ^dversari. 

4. And he wt^d not fer a hwil: 
but afterward he sed widin him> 
self, So i fer not God, ner reg4rd 

5. Yet bek^ dis wido truUet 
me, i wil avenj her, lest l:^ h^r. 
kontmyiial kumi^ Je weri me. 

6. And de Lerd sed, Her hwot 
de unjdst juj set, 

7. And SJal not God avenj hiz 
on elekt, hwig krj da and n^t un- 
tu him, do he b^r log wid dem. 

8. $ tel ya> dat he wil avenj 
dem spedili. Neverdeles hweu' 
de Sun ov man kumet, 9 Jal he 
f ^nd fat on de ^rfi. 

9. ^And he spak dis parabl 
untu soften hwiq trusted in dem- 
selvz dat da w^r rjtyus, and de- 
spjzd uderz : 

10. To men went up intu de 
tempi tu pra; de wun a Farise, 
and de uder a publikan. 

11. 3e Farise stud and prad 
dus wid himself, God, i tagk d4, 
dat I am not az uder men {qr], 
eksterjonerz, unjust, adultererz, 
er even az dis publikan. 

12. 6B fast twis in de wek, i giv 
tjdz ov el dat j pozes. 

13. And de publikan, standig 
alqr of, wud not lift up so muQ 
az [hiz] {z untu heven, but sraot 
upon hiz brest, sai^ God be m^r- 
siful tu me a siner. 




14,' 9 Mj0, (Ks. frnm went dss 
tM hit^. ti^B ju^tifid [rader] dau de 
uder: fer everi wiist dat ^^eltet 
himself Jal be abdst; and he dat 
humhlet hi&ls&Lf fal be egzelted. 
; W irAnddabt^tuiitiihimQlBo 
infcuts, dat. he wtod tuq dem; 
hwQH [bis} difilP^ ^ Wj ^ ^^ 
l^kt dem. 

16. But Jezue keld dem [imta 
him], apd sed, Sufer litl qildren tu 
kum f&ituL me^ and forbid dem xiiot : 
ffit Qv 9ttq ii& de ki^dom ov God. 

17. Verili i aa untu y<D, HaMto>- 
ever Jal not resiv de kipdom ov 
God aa a litl g^ld Jal in no w[z 
enter d^rin. 

18. ^And a s^rten Toiler 
Itsm, &Qi9, Gud Mctster, Thi$ot 
J^ i da> tiA inherit ei^mal l^f* . 

19. And Jezns aed nntui him« 
)Sw| kelest dff megud; nun [Us] 
gud, say wim, [dat iz], God. 

• 20; 8L9 nodst dekomdndmenls, 
Da> not komft adulter!, Dcd not 
kil, Da> not atel, Da» not b^r fels 
witnee, Onor di leader and dj[ mnd- 
er. [Eks. 20: 14, 13, 15, 16, 12.} 
2L And he eed, 81 ^zz htfy i 
kept from mj ya>t up. 

22. Nv hwen Jezue h^id dez 
ti^, he sed untu him, Yet lakest 
6s wun tip: eel el dat dsr hast, and 
distribyxit untu de pa>r, and &s Jalt 
hav tre^yi^r in heven: and kum, 
f oId me. 

23. And hwen he h^rd die, he 
woz veri edroful: fer he woz veri 

24. IfAnd hwen Jezns se dat he 
woz veri sdroful, he sed, H^ hq^dli 

ial da dat hav rigez ^iter intu: de 
:tgdom oy God! 

25. Fer it iz ezier fer a kamel 
tu go tro) a nedlz {, dan fer a rig 
man tu enter intu de kipdom ot 

26. And da dat h^ [it] sed, 
SHa> den kan he savd. 

ct&t s^mi^ 

87. Andktf6efl,S8^i9&hwiqi^ 
imposibl wid menc^r posiU yrvi 

26. iF3en Peter sed, L0,- we heiT 
left el, and f olod d^. 

2^. AMhe8iddilntudem,yetili 
1,8a untu yo), 3^r iz no man dal 
haft left hvs, er parents, w bredren, 
et Yfi^t er qildrcn^ l^r de kipdtMu ot 
Godz sak, 

3(X B<n Jal not res^y manifold 
mor in 6as prezent tyxt, and in de 
wurld tu kum lif everlos^i). 

31. . ir^n hetuk [untu him^^e 
twely,and sed untu dem^ Behold, 
we go up tu Jerffizalem, and el 
foQz .dat tir ixfeabi de profets kan- 
de Sun OT maa fal beak(ba- 

.82. Fer he Jal be ^liyerd untvi 
de Jent^lz, and Jal be mokt^ and 
6|4tfuli entreted, and spited on: 

33w Aiid da (aJ skuij [bom], and 
put him tu det: aaad de.t^ da he 
Jal riz agen- - * 

34. And da uadereti&d nun or 
dez tigz: and die aaio wos hid 
from dem, neder m^ da da tiQZ 
hwiii'wfr spoken, 

35. If And it kam tu pas, dat az 
he woz kum ni untu Jeriko, a 
s^Tten blpid man sat b| de wa aid 

36. And heri^ de muUitiid pas 
bi, he askt hwot it ment« 

37. And da told him^ dat Jeeos 
OT Nazareft past b|. 

38. And he kr^d, sai^ Jezua^ 
[dv] sun oy Dayid, hay m^i on 

39. And da hwig went bef or re* 
bi^kt him, dat he Jud hold bus 
pes: but he krjd so muQ de xn&r, 
[3e] sun oy Dayidy hav m^nd tm 

40. And JeztB stud, and kom- 
dnded him tu be bret untu him: 
and hwen he woz kam ner, heaakt 


'i T 


41. SaiD^ %Rwot wilt ^ dat i| 12, Hes^d d:%rfo%CDs0(^.no- 

g^^id[> until d£. And he sed, Lerd, 
1 1 m« TEs^v n4 sjt 
42- And Jezns sed imtu him, 
JXtslY tfj sit: di fat haft savd dL 

43, And iraedietK hg res^vd hiz 
•sjti and folod Mm, gioriQJj). God: 
and el 6b pepl, hwen da, se [it], 
gov pra« ttntut God* 

€3APTER 19. 

1. And [ Jezns] etiterd and past 
Irm Jeriko. 

2. And, beheld, [d^r woz] a 
man namd Zaketis, hwig woz de Qef 
atn^ depublikanz, and he woz rig. 

9. And he set tu se Jeztis ho) 
he woz; and kmd not fer de pres, 
l)ek^z he woz litl ov statyiir, 

4. And he ran he£6r, and kl^md 
lip intu a sikamfi^r tre tu se him: 
•for he woz tu pas dat [wa.] 

5. And hwen JezuB kftm tu de 
plas, he lukt tip, and se him, and 
Bed tmtu him, Zakens, mak hast, 
«nd knni d^n; fer tudi | must 
ab(d atdfh^^s. 

6. And he mad haBt, and kam 
dvD, and res^vd hini jerfult 

• 7. And hwen da se [it], da el 
munpujcd, saiii, Sat he woz gon 
tu be gest wid a man dat iz a slner. 

8. And Zakeus stud, and sed 
nntu de Lerd; Behold, Lerd, de 
hqjf ov nai gudz { giv tu de pd)r; 
and if i hay taken enitip from eni 
man 1$ lels akt^zajon, j restor 
[him] forfold; 

9. And Jezus sed untia him, 3js 
da iz salvajbn kum tu dis hzrs, fer- 
somtiQ az he ebo iz a sun ov 

10. Fer de Sun ov man iz kum 
tu sek and tu sav dat hwi^ woz lost 

11. And az da h^rd dez tigz, he 
aded and spak a parabl, hek^z he 
woz rsl tu JercDzalem, and bek6z 
da tet ^t ^ ki^om ov Qod Jud 
im^etiii i^pfr. 

biman went intu a fq^ kuntri Ina 
res^v fer himself a kigdbm,^d 
tu retdm. 

13. And he keld hiz ten ser- 
vants, and dfiliverd dem tenp^no^* 
and sed untu dem, Okyi|^ til | 

14. But hi2 sitizenz hated Bizny 
and sent a mesej after him, saip. 
We wil not hav dis [man] tu nm 
over us. 

15. And it kamtu pas, dat hwen 
he woz retdmd, havi^ resivd de 
kipdom, den he komdnded dez 
servants tu be kald untu him, tu 
hana he had given de muni, dat hs 
m^t no h? muQ even man had 
gaud bj tradi©. 

16. aenkamdef^r8t,8aip,Xer49 
d[ pirnd hat gand ten p^ndjsL 

17. And he sed untu him, W^ 
&s gud servant: bek6z 6:b hast bin 
fatful in a veri litl, havdj^eftoritl 
over ten sitiz, 

18. And de sekond kam, saiii^ 
Lerd, dj p^nd hat gand fjv p^ndz. 

19. And he sed l^kw^z tu him. 
Be d5 elso over fiv sitiz. 

20. And antiderkam,sai^ Lerd. 
beheld, [her iz] d^ p^nd, hwig | 
hav kept lad up in a napkin: 

21. Fer J fcrd di, bek^z ds qurt 
an est^r man: 6s takest up dit 6s 
ladst not d^n, and repest ddt 6s 
didst not so, 

22. And he set untu him, 'S'tOT 
djn on m^ wil j juj d^, [6s'] wikedl 
servant. H.s nicest dat | woz an 
est^ man, takig up dat | lad no^ 
d^n, and repi;) dat i did not so: 

23. ^ H w^rf or den ga vest not ds 
m| muni intu de bagk, dat at n^ 
kumi^ I m^t hav rekwjrd m^n on 

24. And he sed untu dem dat 
stud l^ tak from him de p^nd, 
and giv [it] tu him dat hat ten 



25. (And da sed untu him, 

Lerd, he hat ten pvndz.) 
' 26. Fer i sa untu ya», Sat untu 

everi wan hwi^ hat Jal be given; 

and from him dat hat not, even 
' dat he hat Jal be taken awd from 


27. But doz m^n enemiz, hwiq 
imd not dat i /ud ran over dem, 
hnQ hider, and sla [dem] befor 

28. ^And hwen he had due 
' spoken, he went befor, asendiD up 

tu Jera>zalem. 

' 29. Anditkamtupas,hwenhe 
\roz kum nj tu Betfaje and Betani, 
in de mTmt keld [de mvnt] ov 01- 
Itz, he sent tco ov hiz dis^)lz, 

dO. SaiiQ, Go ye intu de vilej 
over agenst [jaA; in ^c hwig-at 
v<ur enterig ye Jal fjnd a kolt tjd, 
hvr^rdn yet never man sat: la>s 
him, and briD [him hider.] 
' 31. And if eni man ask yo, 
^Hwi d<D ye Icds [himl; dus Jal ye 
fa untu him, Bek^z de Lerd hat 
Tied ov him. 

« 32. And 6a, dat w^r sent went 
d%r wa, and f^nd even az he had 
sed untu dem. 

• 33. And az da w^r la>sig de 
kolt, de onerz d^r<5f sed untu 
dem, *J Hwi ltt)S ye de kolt. 
' si. And da sed, 3e Lerd hat 
ned ov him. 

35. And da bret him tu Jezus: 
and da kast d^rgqrments up<Sn de 
kolt, and da set Jezus d^ron. 
' 36. And az he went, da spred 
d^T klodz in de wa. 

87. And hwen he woz kum nj, 
even UTS at de desent ov de m^nt 
ov Oiivz, de hoi multitiid ov de 
disiplz begdn tu rej^s and praz 
God wid a l«d ves fer ©1 de miti 
wurks dat da had sen; 
' 88. Saifl, Blesed [be] de Kig dat 
kumet in de ilam ov de Lerd: pes 
Sa haven, and gl&d in de h^^st 

39. And sum ov ds Farises bomi 
amdg de multitiid sed untu him. 
Master, rebi^k d^ disu>l2. 

40. And he anserd and sed un- 
tu dem, $ tel vcd dat^ if dez Jud 
hold d^r pes, qb stonz wud imi- 
dietli kri ^t 

41. ^And hwen ha woz kum 
ner he beheld de siti and wept 
over it, 

42. Sai^ If dv hadst ncMi, even 
d?r, at lest in dis dj da, de ti^ 
[hydq beldp] unUi ^ pes! bat na 
da qr hid from djn jz. 

43. Fer de daz Jal kum jxp6n 
6if dat din enemiz Jal kast a tren^ 
abi-t d^, and kumpas 6£ nmd, and 
kep de in on everi sid, 

44. And Jal la d^ even wid de 
gnrnd, and d^ gildren widin 6i; 
and da Jal not lev in 6i wun ston 
up<Sn andder; bek^z d;r nicest not 
de tim ov dj vizitajon. 

45. ^And he went intu de 
tempi, and began tu kast st dem 
dat scild d^rin, and dem dat bet; 

46. Saig untu dem, It ia riten, 
Mj h^s iz de has ov pr^r, [^z, 
56: 7]: but ye hav mad it a den 
ov tevz. 

47. ^And he tet dali in de 
tempi. But de Qef prests and &€ 
skr^bz and de qeE ov de pepl set 
tu destr^ him, 

48. And kud not f^nd hwot da 
m^t do: fer el de pepl w§r veil 
atentiv tu her him. 

©APTER 20. 

1. And it kam tu pas, [dat] on 
wun ov doz daz, az he tet de p^I 
in de tempi, and pre^t de gospel, 
de Qef prests and de skr^bz kam 
up<Sn [him] wid de elderz, 

2. And spak untu him, saip, 
Tel us, ^bi hwot etoriti dmest ^ 
dez tigz; er ^ha> iz he dat gav d^ 
dis etoriti. 

8. And he anserd and sed untu 



dmn, $ wil elso ask yo) wun tig; 
and ailser me: 

4. 3e baptizm ov Jon, ^ woz it 

5. And da fezond wld demselvz, 
gaip, If we Jal sa, From heven; he 
-wil sa, ?Hw| den beUvd ye him 

6. But and if we sa, Ov men; 
el de pepl wil ston us: fer da be 
perSwaded dat Jon woz a profet. 

7. And da anserd, dat da kud 
not tel hwens [it woz.] 

8. And Jezus sed untu dem, 
Neder tel i ya> bj hwot etoriti i 
da> dez tipz. 

9. l3en began he tu spek tu 
de pepl dis parabl; Q s^rten man 
planted a vinyard, and let it fort 
tu husbandmen, and went intu a 
f qr kuntari fer a lop t^m. 

10. And at de sezon be sent a 
servant tu de huzbandmen, dat da 
Jud giv him ov de fra>t ov de vin- 
yard: but de huzbandmen bet him, 
and sent [him] awa emti. 

11. And agen he sent antider 
servant: and & bet him elso, and 
entreted [him] Jamfuli, and sent 
[him] awd emti. 

12. And agen he sent a t^rd: 
and da wa>nded him elso, and kast 
[him] Tst 

13. 3en sed de Lord ov de vin- 
yard, *!Hwot Jal i dflo; i wil send 
n4 beMved sun: it ma be da wil 
rcverens [him] hwen da se him. 

14. But hwen de huzbandmen 
Be him, da rezond amtii) demselvz, 
sai^, Sis iz de ^r: kum, let us kil 
him, dat de inheritans ma be 7rz. 

15. So da kast him "^t ov de 
vinyard, and kild [him.] SHwot 
d^rior Jal de lerd ov de vinyard 
d(D untu dem. 

16. He Jal kum and destr^ dez 
huzbandmen, and Jal giv de vin- 
yard tu uderz. And hwen da 
h^ [it], da sed, God forbid. 

17. And he beheld dem, an4 
sed, ? Hwot iz dis den dat iz riten, 
ae ston hwi^ de bilderz rejekted, 
de sam iz bekdm de hed ov db 
kerner. [Sq,m 118: 22.] 

18. HcDsoever Jal fel up6n dat 
ston Jal be broken; but on h<x>m- 
soever it Jal fel, it wil gri^d him 
tu p^der. 

19. lAnd de gef prcsts and de 
skribz de sam 7r set tu la handz 
on him; and da ferd de pepl: fer 
da pers^vd dat he had spoken ^ 
parabl agenst dem. 

20. And da wogt [him], and 
sent fort sp^z, hwic Jud fan dem- 
selvz just men, dat da mit tak hold 
ov hiz wurdz, dat so da m^t de- 
liver him untu de p^er and etor- 
iti ov de guvemor. 

21. And da askt him, sal;), Mas- 
ter, we no dat d^r saest and tegest 
rjtli, neder akseptest dis de person 
[ov eni], but teqest de wa ov God 

22. ^ Iz it lef ul fer us tu gir 
tribynt untu Sezar, er no. 

23. But he persivd d^r krafti* 
nes, and sed untu dem, 9 Hw^ temt 
ye me. 

24. So me a peni. % Hcoz imej 
and si{perskripJon hat it. 3a an- 
serd and sed, Sezarz. 

25. And he sed untu dem, Ren- 
der d^rfor untu Sezar de ti^z 
hvnq be Sezarz, and untu God 
de ti^z hwig be Godz. 

26. And da kud not tak hold 
ov hiz wurdz befor de pepl: and 
da m<irveld at hiz anser, and held 
d^r pes. 

27. ^Sen kam tu [him] s$rten 
ov de Sddyiisez, hwig den^ datdi^r 
iz eni rezurekjfon; and da askt 

28. Sail), Master, Mozez rot 
untu us. If eni manz bruder dL 
havip a wjf, and he di wid^ cill 
dren, dat his bmder ^d tak lis 


^f , atid raz up sed untu liiz brud- 
«r. [Dut 25: 5.] 
[ 2d. a^r w^r d^rfor seven bred- 
ren: and de f^rst tuk a w^f, and 
did wid^ Qildren, 

30. And de ^ekond tuk b^r tu 
yqf, and he djd q^ldlea 

31. And de t^rd tok b^r; and 
in Ijk maner de seven elso: and 
da lef|; no qildren, and d^d. 

. 32* Last ov el de wuman d^d 

33. ffqrfor in de rezurekjon 
% hcDz wjf ov dem iz Je; far seven 
bad b^ tu vfit 

34. And Jezus anseri:g sed un- 
tu dem, 3e gildren ov dis wurld 
raari, and qr given in marij ; 

35. But da hwig Jal be ak^nt- 
ed wurdi tu obtdn dat wurld, and 
de rezurekjon from de ded, nedei 
Qiari, ner q^ given in .marij; 

r 36. Neder kan da dj eni mor: 
f er da q,r ekwal untu de aujelz; 
«ad <ir de Qxldren ov God^ beiQ de 
gildren ov de rezurekjon, 

.37. 'N« dat deded q,r razd, even 
Mozez jod at de buj, bwcn be 
kelet de Lerd de God ov Ubra- 
tani:^ and de God ov OBzak, and de 
GodovJakob. [Eks. 3; 6.1 

38. JP'er be iz not a God ov de 
ded» but ov de livij); for el liv 
iintu him. 

39. 3en s^rten ov de skribz an- 
serig sed, Master, d^ hast wel sed. 
r 40. And after dat da durst not 
ask bim eni [kwestyon at eL] 

il. IT And be sed untu aem, 
IH^ sa da dat Ej^st iz Davidz 

; 42. And David himself sel in 
de buk ov Scimz, <Ie Lord sed 
untu mj Lerd, Sit d^ on m^ rjt 

'43. "Til i mak djn enemiz' dj 
fUtstfliL [Sctm 110: l.^ 
rj4» Pavid . d^rf of . kele* him 
X^r(!r^li^ 12 he den biz siin: ' * 


45. ^3en in de eoiens oV 01 to 
pepl he sed untu biz dis^pl^, 

46. Bew4r ov de skrjbz, bwig 
dez|r tu wek in loig robz, and luv 
greti^pz in de mqrkets, and de hjest 
sets in de sinagogz, and de qef 
r(i>mz at fests; 

47. Hwic dzYiff widoz h^zez, 
and fer a To mak log pr^rz: de 
sam Jal resev grater damnajon. 

€3APTER 21. 

1. And he lukt up, and se de 
riq mon kastig d^r gifts intu d» 


2. And be se elsa>^a s^t^ti pc&lr 

wido kastip in.dldcr ta> m^ts. 

3. And he sed, Ov a trmt J sa 
untu yo), dat dis poor wido ha^ 
kast in mor dan da el : 

4. Fer el dez hav ov ^r abdn- 
dans kast in untu de oferipz ov 
God: but J^ ov h§r penyi^ri hat 
kast in el de livig dat jc had. 

5. IT And az sum spak ov de 
tempi, b^ it woz adernd wid gudli 
stonz and gifts, he sed, 

6. [Az fer] dez tii)z hwic ye be- 
held, de daz wil kum,' in ae hwiq 
d^r Jal not be left wun ston up<Sn 
antiuer, dat Jal not be tron d^n. 

7. IT And da askt him, sai^ 
Master, but ^ hwen Jal dez ligz 
be, and ^ hwot sjn [wil H^t be] 
hwen dez tipz Jal kum tu pas. 

8. And he sed, Tak bed dat -ye 
be not desevd: fer merii Jal kum 
in mj nam, saig^ ^ am f Kr^stJ; 
and de tim dreet uer : ^ ye not 
d^rf or after dem. 

9. But hwen ye Jal her ov werz 
and komojonz, be not terif^d: fer 
dez tigz must f^rst kum tu pas; 
but de end [iz] not bi and bj. 

10. 3en sed be untu dem, iBTa- 
Jon Jal riz agenst n^Jon, and kig* 
dom agenst kipdom: 

11. And gra<t^$]^kwaks Jsd be in 
Idivefz' plasez, 'ahd faminz^ and 



pedt&lensez; and feifu} a^ts and 
grat B^nz Jal d^r be from heyen. 
12. But befor el dez, da Jal la 
A^r handz on yo), and p^rscki^t 
[yoA, ddiverin [ ytf>] up tu de sin- 
sga^, and intia prizonz, bei^ bret 
befor ki]Qz and ra>lerz fer m^ namz 

; 13. And it Jal turn tia y© fer a 

14. Setl [it] d^rf or in yojr hqrts, 
not tu meditat befor hwot ye Jal 

15. Fer I wll giv y© a nd^t and 
wizdom, hwi^ ol ya>r idversariz 
Jal not be abl tm gansa nor rezlst. 

16. And ye Jal be betrad bot b^ 
parents, and bredren, ancf kinz- 
zoksy and fpendz; and [sum] ov 
ya> Jal da kez tu be put tu det. 

17. And ye Jal be hated or el 
[men] fer m^ namz sak. 

18. But d^r Jal not an b^r ov 
yoDr lied peri J. 

19. In ya>r pa Jens pozes yz y<Dr 

r 20. And hwen ve Jal se Jerco- 
^alem kumpast wid qrmiz, den no 
dat de desofajon d^r6f iz nj. 

. 21. 3en let dem hmq cp: in Jq- 
&ea fie tu de m^ntenz; and let 
dem hvfiq qr in de midst ov it de- 
part TTt; and let not dem dat qr in 
de kuntriz enter d^rint<jS. 

22. Fer dez be de daz Dv ven- 
ians, dat el tigz hwiQ qjr riten ma 

23. But yfo untu dem dat cpr 
yriA oild, and tu dem dat giv^vk, 
in dQz daz 1 fer d^r Jal be ^at disr 
tree in $e land» and rq^ .up6n dis 

21 And da Jal f el bj de ej ov 
de sord, and Jal be led awd kaptiv 

f' atu el najonz : and Jera>zalem 
al be troden d^n ov de Jentjlz, 
imtll de tjmz ov ^e Jentjlz be 
*^iS: tAnd (^f t&I be eittzlii'de 

sun, and m 4e men, and in dB 
stcirz; and up6n de ^rt distres or 
najonz, wid perpleksiti; de se and 
de wavz rorig; 

26. Menz hqirts fafiDdemfer 
fer, and fer luki^ after doz ti^s 
hwig qjr kumig on de ^rt: fer de 
pserz ov heven fal be Jakeri. 

27. And den jal da se de Sun or 
man kumi^) in a klvd ivid pver 
and grat gltDri. 

28. And bwen dez li^z begin 
tu kum tu pas^ den luk up, and 
lift up y<Dr hedz; fer yc&r redem* 
Jon dreet nj. 

29. And he spak tu <lem a par* 
abl; Behold de fig-tre^ and ei da 

30. Hwen da ms J^t for^^ ye se 
and no ov yaar on selvz dat sumer 
iz nv nj at hand. 

31. So likwjz ye, hwen yeaa 
dez M^z kum tu pas, no ye dat 
de ki^om ov God iz n| at band. 

32. yeriliisauntuy©, SSsjen- 
era Jon fal not pas awd, tU el- be 

33. Heven and ^ Ja! pas awd; 
but mi wurdz Jal not pas awd. 

34. IfAndtakhedtuyiDrselvzJ 
lest at eni tim yo&r hqrts be over- 
Qcirjd wid surfrti^ and drupken- 
hes, and k^rz ov dis 1^^ eCnd [so] 
dat da kum up6n y<n Tnnaw4rz. 

35. Fer az a sn^r Jal itknm otl 
el dem dat dwel oil -de las 

36. Wo^ ye d^rfor, and jpni ^1- 
wftz, dat ye ma be akWtef wQidl 
tu eskap el dez ti^z dat Jal kum 
tu pas, and tu stand befor de Ban 
ov man. 

37. And in de da tpn he woz 
tegip in de tempi; ond at njt he 
went 7t^ and abbd in de mTsnt dai 
iz keld [de m"5nt] ov Olivz.' 

38. And el de pejA kam' ^rli in 
de meriuD tu him in de texaply t^ 

^ta her Jim. • - - * » 

- .c* 




1. Nv de fest ov unlevend bred 
did ii|» hwiq iz keld de pdaover. 
• 2. And de qrf prests and skqbz 
Bet hv da mit kil him; fer da ferd 
de pepl. 

3. l3en enterd Satan intu Jh- 
das Burndxlid Iskariot, beig ov de 
number ov de twely. 

4. And he w^t hiz wa, and 
komy^i^ ^ ^ ^ prests and 
kaptenz, hv he m|t betra Him im- 
tu dem. 

5. And da w^r glad, and kdv- 
^uint^d tu giv him muni. 

. 6. And he promist, and set 
oporti^niti tu betra him untu dem 
in de absens ov de multiti^d. 

7. IfSen kam de da ov unlev- 
end bred, hwen de pdsover must 

6. And he sent Peter and Jon, 
saig, Go and prep4r us de pdso 
yer, dat we ma et. 

. 9. And 6sL sed untu him, 
^Hwi^r wilt dv dat we prep^jr. 

10. And he sed untu dem, Be- 
hold, hwen ye qjc enterd intu de 
slti, ds(r Jal a man met ya>, bi^rii) 
d piqer ov weter; folo him intu 
de hvs hw^,r he enteret in. 
. 11. And ye Jal sa untu de gud- 
Inan ov de hvs, 3e Master set 
pitu d^, ^Hw2tr iz de gest-gam- 
ber, hw^ ^ jal et da pdsover wid 
m| dis[plz. 

12. And he Jal Jo jm a Iqij 
nper ra>m fumijt: d%r mak redL 

13. And da went, and fvnd az 
he had sed untu dem: and da mad 
redi de pdsover. 

. 14u And hwen de vr woz kum, 
he sat d^n, and de twelv apdslz 
wid him. 

15. And he sed untu dem, Wid 
dezjr I hav dezjrd tu et dis pds- 
C^ver wid ya> befor i sufer: 

16. Fer | saitatu yo, |^wil not 

eni mor et d^rdf, ixntil it tefid* 
fild in de ki))dom ov God. 

17. And he tuk de kup, and 
gav ta^ks, and sed, Tak dis, and 
divjd [it] amd^ ya>Eselvz: 

18. Fer i sa untu yA, j, wil not 
dripk ov de fra>t ov de v|n, until 
de kipdom ov God Jal kum. 

19). ^And he Uak bred, and 
gav ta))k8, and brak [it], and gav 
untu dem, saif), 3is iz m^ bodi 
hwic iz given i&r ya»: die da» in 
remembrans ov me. 

20. I4kwiz else de kup after 
super, Bm^ 3is kup [iz j de nq 
testament in mi blud, hwiQ iz Jed 
fer yo). 

21. IfBut, behold, de hand ov 
him dat betraet me [iz] wid me 
onde tabL 

22. And troll de< Sun ov man 
goet, az it woz det^rmind: but 
wo untu dat man I4 ham he la 

23. And da begdn tu inkwjr 
amd{) demselvz, hwig ov dem it 
woz dat Jiod da> dis ti^). 

24. ^And d%r woz elso a stqf. 
amd{) dem, hwig ov dem Jud be 
akvnted de gratest 

25. And he sed untu dem, SEe 
ki{)z ov de Jent^lz. ekserslz letd- 
pp over dem; and da dat eksers^z 
etoriti up6n dem qr keld bene- 

r 26. But ye [Jal] not [be] so: 
but he dat iz gratest amdn ya>, let 
him be az de srugger; and he (bi 
iz gef, az he dat dpt s^rv. 

27. Fer^hwedef[izl$^ter^hi 
dat sitet at mti, er he dat s^rvet; 
^ [iz] not he dat sitet at met: but 
i am amd|) yo» az he dat s^rvet. 

28. Ye q;r da hwi^ hav kontin* 
yi^d wid me in mi temtajonz. 

29. And I apornt untu ya> a 
ki^dom, az xoi Fq,der hat apented 
untu me; 

3a Sst yt,m^9i aad^ri^kit 



mi tabl in ml kiDdom, and sit on 
f Tonz jaji^ de twelv tojbz ot 'Is- 

31. IT And de Lerd sed, Simon, 
S^mon, behold, Satan hat dez[rd 
[tu hay] ya>, dat ha ma sift [ya>] 
az hwet: 

32. But i hay prad fer d^, dat 
<!^ fat fal not: and hwen &s qrt 
kony^rted, stregten d^ bredren. 

' 33. And heseduntu him, Lerd, 
2. am redi tu go wid d^, bot intu 
prizon and tu det. 

34. And hesed, $ tel d^, Peter, 
de kok Jal not kro dis da, befor 
dat dv jalt tr^s den{ dat d^ noest 

35. IT And he sed untu dem, 
Hwen I sent yuo wid;$t purs, and 
akrip, and Ja>z, Silakt ye eni ti^ 
And da sed, Noti)). 

36. S[en sed he nntu dem, But 
nv, he dat hat a purs, let him tak 
fit], a&d l^kw^z [hizl skrip: and 
he dat hat no sord, let him sel 
hiz gqrment, and b^ wun. 

37. Fer i sa untu ycD, dat dis 
dat iz riten muat yet be ak6mplirt 
in me» And he woz rekond ami^ 
de transgr^rz [Sz. 53: 12]: for 
de tipz kons^mif) me hay an end. 

38. And d^ sed, Lerd, behold, 
bar [qr] tco sordz. And he sed 
nntu dem, It iz endf. 

39. ^And he kam i5t, and went, 
az he woz wont, tu de mvnt oy 
Oliyz; and hiz diajplz also folod 

40. And hwen he woz at de 
plas, he sed untu dem, Pra dat ye 
enter not intu temtajon. 

41* And he woz widdr^n from 
dem abM a stonz kast^ and nelt 
dvUt and prad, 

42. SaiB, Fqder, if d^ be wili?), 
lenu&y dis kup from me: neyerde- 
les, not mi wd, but d^n, be dun. 

43. Anddi^rapMananjeluntu 

luia iricna heTen, strei^aiug him* jQis man woz ^Iso wid )uia* 

. 44. And beig in «a igoni ha 
prad mor ^mestli: and hiz swet 
woz az it w^ grat drops or Idud 
felip dvn tu de gnmd. 

45. And hwen he roz up from 
pn^r, and woz kumtu hiz disjplZi 
he fvnd dem slepif) fer soro, 

46. And sed untu dem, ^ Hwj 
slcp ye; rj? and pra, lest ye enter 
intu temtajon. 

47. lAnd hw^l he yet spak, 
behold a multitud, and he dat 
WOZ k^ld Ji^das, wun oy de twelv, 
went befor dem, anddra> ner untu 
Jezns tu kis him. 

48. But Jezus sed untu him, 
Judas, ^betraest dv de Sun or 
man wid a kis. 

49. Hwendahwi^wfrab^him 
se hwot wud folo, da sed untu 
him, Leid, ^Jal we sm^t wid de 

50. t'And wun ov dem smot 
de servant oy de hj pnst, and kut 
of hiz r^t er. 

51. And Jezus anserd and sed, 
Sufer ye dus fqr. And he tn^t 
hiz er, and held him. 

52. Sen Jezus sed untu de Qef 
prests, and kaptenz oy de tempi, 
and de elderz, hwi^ w$r kum tu 
him, SBe ye kum Trt, az agenst a 
tef, wid sordz and stavz. 

53. Hwen i woz dall wid y<D in 
de tempi, ye street fort no handz 
agenst me: but dis iz ya>r zr, and 
de p7er ov dq^knes. 

54. ^<Ien tuk da him, and led 
[him], and bret him intu da 
hj prests hvs. And Peter folod 
afq^r of. 

55. And hwen da had kindlda 
f^r in de midst oy de hel, and w§r 
set d3n tugeder, Peter sat dvn 
amtip dem. 

56. But a s^rten mad beheld 
him az he sat bi de f^r, and ^r- 
nestli lukt up6n him, and aed. 


57. Asd ht dtaid. him, m^ 
Wiaman, i no him not. 

58. And after a litl hwjl an- 
^der SQ him, and tied, civ (^t elso 
OV dem. And Peter sed, Han, i 
dm not. 

• 59. And 2JtrH de spas ov wun 
trr after andder k(5nf identli af^rmd 
sail), Ov a tra)t dis [felo] elso woz 
wid him: for he i^ a GaliUan. 

60. And Peter sed, Man, | no 
not hwot dv saest And im^dietli, 
twjl he yet spak, de kok kra>, 

61. And de Lord turnd, and 
Ivikt up6n Peter. And Peter re- 
ibemberd de wurd ov de Lord, Ivs 
he had sed untu him, Befor de 
^ok kro, dy fait den( me Uris. 

', 62. And Peter went si, and 
yrei^i biterlL 

63. TAnd de men dal held 
Jezos mokt him, and smot 

64. And hwen da had blind- 
folded him, da siTuk him on de 
fiEia, and askt him, sai^ Profesj^ 
^ho) iz it dat smot d^. 

65. And men! uder ti^s tdas- 
femusli spak da agenst him. 

66. ^And az son az it w6z da, 
de elderz ov de pepl and de qef 
prests and de skr^bz kam tugeder, 
Qnd led him intu d^r kvnsil, 

67. SHrt dy de Ki^st;^^! us. 
And he sed untu dem« If |.telya>, 
j» wil jjot bej^v; 

;. 68. A»d if i elso ask [yfloT, ye, 
wil not anaer me, ner let Ime], 

, 69. Herdfter J>il ds 3un ov 
loaan sit on de q^.hand ov i$e pT^er 
ov God. 

' 70. a:en sed dh eV^^Lrt dv den 
de Sun -ov God* Atid. he sed 
untuL dem« T e sa dat i am. 
' 71. Arid da sed, .mwotntfdwe 


1. And de hoi multitqd ov di^m 
ar(5z, and led him untui Pflet 

2. And da begAn tu ak42 hinGt^ 
saig, We f^nd dis (felo] perverti© 
de najon, forbidi^ tu giv tribyn,t 
tu Sezar, saip dat he himaolf i& 
Krist a Ki^j. 

3. And I^et askt him, sai^, 
'Iflrt d^ de KvQ ov de Jiiz. And 
he anserd him and sed, ^^ saest 
[it; . 

4. Sensed Pilettude^ prests 
and [tu] de pepl, $ Qnd no felfe 
in dis man. 

5. And da wer da n^or.feis, sai^ 
He steret up de pepl, tecig tray^t 
el Jt^ri, begini^ fJom Gidile tu 
dis ptas. 

6. Hwen Pilet herd ov.Galile, 
he askt hweaer de man w§r a 

7. And az scdu az he qi^ d^t.^e 
beldpd untu Herodz j^irisdikjon, 
he sent him tu Herod, ho) hinaself 
elso woz at Jeroosuilem at dat' tim^ 

8. "H^And hwen Herod s© Jezus, 
he woz eksedig ^lad: for he woz 
dezirus tu se him ov a Ipg {se* 
zon], bek^z he had h^rd tneni 
tipz ov him; and he hopt tvi hav 
sen sum mirakl dun b^ nim. 

9. Son he kwestyoud wld Mm 
in meni w^ird^; but he. anserd 
him noti^j. . 

10. And de q^ prests and ^riba 
stud and y^hementli ak4?d luin« 

11. And ifferod wi4 ntz ni^n, 
ov wer set him at net^' and tuo'kt 
[him], and ardd him in dgerjus 
rob^ and sent him agen t^ PJjfet* 

12. irAnd de sam da l^let iind 
Herod wer mad frendz tug^r; 
for befor da w§r at enmitl l^t'Wen 

13. t^And Pjlert, hwrni he had 
dni furder; for we :2n:selvZ; keld tuge'der de qef pr^ts ^^ df^ 
hav h^td ov hlz"<i)ii m^ * Im&lerz and tie pcj^ ' ** * •" '^ '*^*** 

•^CkiBPEL 6V Liafc 

14. Be5 unha ^em, Tft hav bret 
(Sis mJEUi tintu me, az wun dat 
perv^rteil de pepi: and, behold, j, 
havi^ egzilmmd [him] befor yo), 
hav farnd no felt in dis man tiiQiD 
ftoz ti^z hw^r6f ye aki),z him : 

15. No, ner yet Herod: fer { 
sent j<a tia him ; and, lo, notiD 
wnrdl ov det iz dun nntu him. 

16. $ wil d:^rfor gastjz him, and 
relfe [him.] 

17. (Fer ov nesesiti he must re- 
Hs -wun untu dem at de f est) 

18. And da kr^d ^t el at wuns, 
sai^, Awd wid dis [man], and re- 
1^ untu us Barabas: 

19. (Hflo fer a s§rten sedifon 
mad in de siti, and fer murder, woz 
kast intu prizon.) 

20. Pyet di^rfor, wilig tu rcUs 
Jezus, spak agen tu dem. 

• 21. But da kyid, sait), Krojsifi 
[him], kroksifi him. 

22. Andheseduntudemdet^rd 
tfm, % Hwj, <ihwot evil haft he dun; 
I hav f^nd no kez ot det in him: 
I yinl db^ffor ^ast^z him, and let 
[him] go. 

23. And da w^ instant wid ltd 
vcfsez, rekwirip dat he mit be krA)- 
6i£|d. And de versez ov dem a&d 
ov de gef prcsts prevdld. 

24. And pyet gav sentens dat 
it Jud be az da rekwjrd. 

25. And herel^tuntudemhim 
dat fer sedijbn and nrorder woz 
kast intu prizon, ha>m da had de- 
zjt<d; but ht deKverd Jezus tuid^^r 

86. IT And ^is da led him awrf, da 
lad hold up6n wun Simon, a 'Sjre- 
nian, k'umig 'irt ov ^e kuntri, and 
oti him -da kd Ae kros, dat he m^t 
b<|T pt}<ifter J^zus. 

27. And d^r folod him a grat 
ktimpani ov pepl, and oV wimen, 

hwiq elso ,bewald and lamentedl M. And we indM justli; fer we 
him. resiv de dtj reward ov 7r,ded«: 

28. But Jeaad t mid g tmtU'4emi4>ut*& mzsr hat dtmtic^tlii) atnis. 


sed, Deterz Ov Jermzalem. wepnot 
fer me, but wep fer ycorselvz, and 
fer ya)r gildren. 

29. Fer, behold, de daz qr kumi- 
{^ in de hwiq da Jal sa, Blesed 
[qr] de baren, and de woDjnz dat 
never b^r, and de paps hwig never 

30. (len Jal da begin tu sa tu de 
m^ntenz, Pel on us; and tu de 
hilz, Kuver us. 

.31. Fer if da dcD dez ti^ in d 
gren tre, ^ hwot Jal be dun in de drj, 

32. ^And d^r w§r elso ta> uder^ 
mdl^aktorz, led wid him tu be 
put tu det. 

33. And hwen da w^ kum tu 
de plas, hwiQ iz keld Kjalvari, d^r 
da krosifid him, and de malefak- 
fcorz, wun on de rjt hand, and de 
uder on de left. 

34. a!en sed Jezus, ^qder, for- 
giv dem; fer -da no not hwot da da>. 
And da ]xirted hiz jrament, and' 
kast lots. 

S'S. T[ And de pepl stud behold- 
i^. And de rtolerz elso wid dem 
decided [him], saip, He sa^d ud- 
erz; let nim sav himself, if he ba 
Krist, de Qozen ov God. 

36. And de soTjerz elso mokt 
him, kumi|) tu him^ and oferig 
him vinegar. 

37. And sail), If d^ be de ki^ ov 
de Jtiz, sav djs^. 

38.. And a siiperskripjon elso 
woz riten over him in leterz ov 
Grek, and Latin, and Hebra>, SIS 

IZ ae Km ov as jixz. 

39. ^And wun ov de malefak- 
torziwiQ wer haDd raid on him, sa- 
iD, If d?j be Krist, sav djself and us. 

40. But de uder anserig reb^kt 
him, saip, ^ Dost d^ not fer God, 
seip dv qrt in de sam kondem- 



42. And Ke led untia J.e&iis» 
Lerd, remember me hwen dv 
kttmest intu dj ki{)dom. 

43. And Jezus sed untu him, 
Verili i sa untu &i, Tudd f ftlt dv 
be wid me in paradj^. 

44. IT And it woz alj^t de sikst 
vr, and d^r woz a dqrknes oyer 
el de ^rt until de n^nt tst. 

45. And de sun woz dq,rkend» 
and de val ov de tempi woz rent 
in de midst. 

46. nr And hwen Jezus had kr^d 
wid a \vd vers, he sed, Fq,der, in- 
tu dj handz i komend mi spirit: 
and havi{) sed dus, he gav up de 

47. ir^^ hwen de sentijirion se 
hwot woz dun, he glorif^d God, 
sail), S^rtenli dis woz a r^tyus man. 

48. And el de pepl dat kam tu- 
geder tu dat s^t, beholdi^ de ti^z 
hwiQ w^r dun, smot d^r brests, and 

49. And el hiz akwantans, and 
de wimen dat folod him from Gal- 
ile^ stud af4r of, beholdi]) 6zz 

50. IT And, behold, [d^r woz] a 
man uamd Jozef, a kirnselor; [and 
he woz] a gud man, and a just: 

51. (<£e sam had not konsented 
tu de kvnsel and ded ov dem;) 
[he woz] ov Arimatea, a siti ov 
de Jiiz: ha> elso himself wated fer 
de ki{)dom ov God. 

52. Sis [man] went untu Pjlet, 
and begd de bodi ov Jezus. 

53. And he tuk it dvn, and rapt 
it in linen, and lad it in a sepul- 
ker dat woz h^n in ston, hw%rin 
never man befor woz lad. 

54. And dat da woz de prepar- 
a|on, and de sabat dra> on. 

55. 7 And de wimen 6]so, hwi^ 
kam wid him from Galile, folod 
after, and beheld de sepulker, and 
hv hiz bodi woz lad. 

56. And da retdmd, and j/istg^ 

spjsez and<mtmenti; and reatadte 
sabat da akerdi{| tu de komdnd-* 


L Ktt up6n de f §rst [da] ov de 
wek, veri $rli in de memif), da kam. 
untu de sepulker, bripi^ de spjses 
hwig da had prep4ird, and s^rten 
[uderz] wid dem. 

2. And da fvnd de ston rold 
awa from de sepulker. 

3. And da enterd in, and fvnd 
not de bodi ov de Lerd Jezus. 

4. And it kam tu pas, az da w^ 
muQ perplekst d^rab:^, behold ta> 
men stud b^dem in Jinin gq^ents: 

5. And az da w^r afrad, and bvd 
dvn [ds^r] fasez tu de ^rt, da sed 
untu dem, ^ II w} sek ye de livi^i 
amd{) de ded. 

6. H,t iz not her, but iz risen: 
remember hv he spak untu 7<d 
hwen he woz yet in Galile, 

7. Sai^ Se Sun ov man must be 
deliverd intu de handz ov sinful 
men, and be kra>sifid, and de ft^rd 
da rjz agen. 

8. And da rememberd hiz wurdz, 

9. And retdrnd fromde sepulker, 
and told el dez tigz untu de eleven, 
and tu el de rest. 

10. It woz Mari Magdalen, and 
Jodna, and Mari [de muder] ov 
Jamz, and uder [wimen dat w^r] 
wid dem, hwig told dez ti{)z mitu 
de ap68l£. 

11. And ds^r wurdz semd tu dem 
az idl talz, and da beUvd dem not. 

12. f Sen aroz Peter, and ran 
untu de sepulker; and 8ta>pio dim, 
he beheld de linen klodz lad I4 
demselvz, and depq;rted, wunderig 
in himself at dat hwi^ woz kum. 
tu pas. 

13. ^And, behold, ta> ov dem 
went dat sam da tu a vilej keld 
£maus, hwig woz from Jercoz^m 
[ab^] tr«du»r iurlons. 



'14. And Ael tekt tiigeder ot el 
dez tq)z hwiQ had hapend. 

15. And it kam tu pas, dat, hw^l 
da komy4nd [tugeder] and re- 
zond, Jezus himself dra> ner, and 
went wid dem. 

16. But d%r ^z w^r holden dat 
da Jud not no lum. 

17. And he sed untu dem,1Hwot 
maner OYkomyitnikaronz [cir] dez 
dat ye hav wun tu antider, az ye 
wek, and c^r sad. 

IS. And de won ov dem, ha)z 
iuxm woz Kleopas, onserii) sed un- 
tu him, iilrt d? onli a stranjer 
in Jer<Bzalem, and hast not non 
detipz hwiQqrknmtupasdiirin 
dEz daz. 

19. And he sed nntu dem, 
?Hwot ti{)z. And da sed imtu 
him, Kons^mif) Jezus ov Nazaret, 
hwiQ woz a profet m^ti in ded and 
wurd befor God aed el de pepl: 

20. And Irs de Qef prests and sr 
r<Blerz deliverd him tu be kon- 
demd. tu det, and hay krcoaif jd 

21. But we trusted dat it had 
bin he hwiq Jud hav red^md 
'Izrael: and bi»{d el dis, tudd iz 
de l^rd da sins dez lii)z w^r dun. 

22. Ta, and s^rten wimen elso 
ov-vr kumpani mad us ast6nijt, 
hwiQ w^T ^rli at de sepulker. 

23. And hwen da ftrnd not hiz 
hodi, da kam,.saio, dat da had elso 
sen a vigon ov anjelz, hwiq sed 
dat he woz al(v. 

24. And s^rten ov dem hwi^ w^r 
wid us went tu de sepulker, and 
fvnd [it] even so az de wimen 
had sed: but him da se not 

25. Sen he sed untu dem, Cd, 
la>lz, and slo ov hqrt tu beUv el 
dat de profets hav spoken. 

26. ^ 9t not Kr^st tu hav suf erd 
dez ti9z,and tu enter intu hiz glori. 

27. And hegini^ at Mozez and 
el de profets^ he ekapvaded untia 

dem in el de skriptytiTz de li^ 
kons^rniD himsell. 

28. And da dra> n| untu de vilej, 
hwider da went: and he mad az do 
he wud hav gon f urder. 

29. But da konstrand him, saiD, 
Abfd wid us: fer it iz tcwrd evni{|: 
and de da iz fq;* spent. And he 
went in tu tari wid dem. 

30. And it kam tu pas, az he 
sat at met wid dem, he tuk bred, 
and blest [it], and brak, and gav 
tu dem. 

31. And d%r {z w^r opend, and 
da n4 him; and he vanijt st ov 
d^r s^t. 

32. And da sed wun tu antider, 
^ Did not "sr hq^-t bum widin us, 
hwjl he tekt wid us bj de wa, and 
hw{l he opend tu us de skriptyiirz. 

33. And da roz up de sam irr, 
and rettStmd tu Jera>zalem, and 
fvnd de rievea gaderd tugeder, 
and dem dat w^r wid dem. 

34. Sai^, 3e Lerd iz rizen in- 
d^d, and hat aperd tu S^mon. 

35. And da told hwot ti{]^ [ w^r 
dun] in de wa, and h? he woz non 
ov dem in brakip ov bred. 

36. t^And az dk das spak, Jezus 
himself stud in de midst ov dem, 
and set untu dem, Pes [be] untu 

37. But da w^ terifjd and a&jt- 
ed, and supozd dat da had sen a 

38. And he sed untu dem, 9 Hwi 
qr ye trubld, and ^hw^ d(n tets 
arjz in ycor hq^. 

39. Behold ml handz and m{ 
fet, dat it iz { m^elf : handl me, 
and se; fer a spuit hat not flej 
and bonz, az ye se me hav. 

40. And hwen he had dus 
spoken, he Jod dem [hiz] handz 
and [hiz] fet. 

41. And hwy da yet beUvd not 
fer jer, and wunderd, he sed untu 
dem, \ Hay ye her eni met» 

42.- AM da gaT bim a pes oy a 

brerld fij, and ov au huiukom. 

43. And he tuk [it], and did et 
bef Qr dem. 

44. And he sed untu dem, clez 
[q;r] de wurdz hwiq ^ spak Bntu 

' yo), hw^l i woa yet wid y<D, dat el 

. tipz must be f ullild hwig wer riton 
in de le ov Mozez, and [in] de 
profeta» and [in] d« »qmz kon- 
S^rnig me. 

46. Sen opend be d^r under- 
stdndii), dat da mjt understand de 


1 46. And sed untu dem, it 
iz riten, and dus it behcDvd Kr^st 
tut suf er, and tu qa from de ded 
'de t^rd da: 

47, And dat repentans and re- 
mi/on av sinjs Jfud be preqt in biz 

• * 

im, amd^el mla^ip^^ ^ 


48. And ye q,r witnesei; Otv dez 

49. lAnd, bebald, i yend de 
promis ov mj fq,der upon ja>i but 
tari ye in d& siti qt JeivDzalem, 
until ye be end^d wid p^er from 

50. irAnd be led dem ^t az f^r 
az tu Betani, aiid be lifted up biz 
bandz, and Uest dem. 

51* And it kam lu pas. .bw^l 
be lolest dem, be woz pq^ted from 
deni. and karid up intu beven. . 

si. And da wurjipt bim, and 
retiimd tu Jero^zalem wid ^»t j^: 

53. And w§r kontlny^afi iu de 
tem]pl, prazi^ and blesig God. 


H>'-»l il » 


* ««■ 


1. In de begini^ woz de Wu^ 
and de Wurd woz wid God, 9m 
de Wurd woz God. 

2. Se sam woz in de beginiD 
wid God. 

3.. 81 tios w^r mad bi bim; and 
wid^t bim wo2 not exdti^ mad 
dat woz mad. 

4» In bim woz li£; and de Uf 
woz de lit ov men. 

6. And de l^t f^uet in dq^knes, 
and de dq^knes koxnprebended it 

8. HewozjaotdatI4t»but[wox 
sent] tu b%]? witaes ov &t L^ 

9, [3at] woz de tro) I4t,iwig 
4tet eveii maia dat kumet iiitiit^ 

10. Ha wofs in de wurld, aad de 
wurld wos Qiad b^ Mm, and de 
wurld nH bim not, 

11, He kam untu bia oo^ aad 
biz cm resivd bim not. 

12^ 3utaf( meal azree^vd bim, 
tu dem gav be p^er tu bekdm de 
sunz ov God, [even] tU dem^ dat 
baUv pn biz nam: 

13. Hwig w^r bom, not ov bind, 

6. irS^r woz a man sent from ner ov de wil ov de flej, ner ovde 
God, ba>z nam [woz] Jon. wil ov man. but ov God, 

7. ^ sam kam fer a witnes, 14. ^And de Wurd wos and 
tu bair witnes ov de I4t, dat el fie/, and dwelt ami^ W^ (apft we 
[men! Ir(» im mi bel^T* . Ib^ld hia.gbiffit ta ^iofi aa fiir 4e 

f»U b^tea t>v 4e 7q.(ler,) finl ox 
gras and tra>t. 

15^ ^ Jon b%r wilnes oy him, and 
kr)d, 8idD, Sis woz be oy ha>m. j 
spak, He^t kumet after me iz pre^ 
f ^rd bef (i»r me: far he w6z bef or m£* 

16. And ov hiz fialnes bar el 
we resevd, and gras fer gras. 

17. Fer de 1© woz given bi if o- 
l&ec^ [but] gcas and tra>t kam b^ 
J6ZU3 Krj^ 

18. No man hat sen God at eni 
t|m; de onli begdten Son, hwio iz 
in 6b biozom ov de Fq,der, be hat 
^ekl4rd [him.] 

. 19. ^ And dis iz de rekord ot 
Jon, hwen de Jhz sent prests and 
Lev^ts from Jerotzalem tu osk 
him, ? Ha> qrt ^, 

20. And he konfest, and den^ 
xiot; bat konf est, 6B am not de Krjst 

21. And da oskt him, S Uwot 
den; % Bxt ds Sljas. And he set, 
$ am not^ <iilrt ds dat profet. 
And he cmserd, No. 

22. Sen se4 da ttntia him, iH<i> 
cirt d^ ; dat we ma giy an anser tu 
Cmn dat sent us. i Hwot saest d? 
ev dj^lf . 

' 23. He sed, OB [am] de ves ov 
wun kr^ig in de wildemes, Mak 
0trat de wa ov de Lord, &z se4 ^ 
profet 8zaas. l^z, 40: 3.] 

24. And da hwi^ w^r sent w^r 
ov de Fftrisez. 

25. And da askt him, aud sad 
tmtu him, ^Hwi bapt^zestds den. 
If ds be not dat Kiist> ner El^as, 
ikeder dat profet. 

26. Jon anserd dem, saip, $ bap- 
t|8S wid weter: but ds^r stais^et wun 
amiig ya^, ha>m ye no not; 

27. He it iz, ha> kumip after 
me iz pref^id befor me, ha>z J(dz 
laget } am not wurdi tvk unld^s. 

28. clez ti^z w^r dun in Beta- 
haia bey6nd Jeordan, hwi^r Jon 
woz baptisii). 

^. t3e»ek8tdpJaii9Q^ Jd- 

9¥ jen ^lf 

eus kumi9 tmtu hink^ and «et» Be- 
hold de Lam ov God, hwiq takel 
awa de sin ov de wurld. 

30. 3js iz he ov ha>m i sed, Qt- 
ter me kumet a man hwiQ iz prar 
f §rd bef 6r me:f ar he w6z befor me. 

31. And ^.ni; him not: but dat 
be Jiad be naad manifest tu 'IzraeL 
d^rfor am i knm bapt^zi^^ wid 

32. And Jon ^rrekord, sai^, S 
so de Spirit desendi^ from heven 
l^k a dnv, and it abod up6n him. 

33. And i nv\, him not: but h9 
dat sent me tia bapt(z wid weter, 
de sam sed untu me^ Up6n haxm 
dis Jalt se de Spirit desendip, aud 
remani^ on him, de sam iz he bwlQ 
baptizet wid de Holi Gosi 

34. And I se, and bs^r xekord 
dat dis iz de Bun ov God« 

35. % Agen de nekst da after 
Jon stiad, and ta> ov hiz dis^plz; 

36. Aiul liokiig up6n Jezus az 
he wokty he set. Behold 4e Laoi 
ov God! 

37. And de ta> disiplz h^rd him 
spek, and da folod Jezus. 

38. clen Jezus tumd, and m 
dem f6\oi^ and set untu dem» 
% Hwot sek ye. 0!a sed untia him, 
Babj, (hwi^ iz tu sa, beip inteiv 
preted, Master,) S hwj^rdwelest as. 

30. He set untudem, Kumand 
se. 3a kam and se hw^r h^ 
dwelt, and abod wid him dat da: 
fer it woz nb^ de tent isr. 

4£K Wun ov de ta> hwiQ b^rd 
Jon [spek], and folod him, wos 
AndnD, Simmon Peterz bruder* 

41. Hef^tffudetbizonbnid- 
er Simon, and set untu him. We 
hav f^nd de Mes^as, hwiQ iz, beig 
iht^preted, de Kr^st. 

42. And he bret him tu Jezii9. 
And hwen Jezus beheld him^ ha 
sed, <Ln q;t S^pfion de sun ov Jo* 
na: &s fait be keld Sefas, hvi%ifl 
bi in^rpretaJoB, (JL 9^^ . . ,^ 



43. ^?e da t6\oi^ Jezns wud 
go fort intu Galile, and Qndet 
Filip, and set untu him, Folo me. 

44. Nw Filip woz ov Betaada, 
de siti ov Andro) and Peter. 

45. Filip f^ndet Katanael, and 
set untu him. We hav f?rnd him, 
ov ha>m Hozez in de le, and de 
profets, did i^t^ Jezus or Kazaret, 
de sun ov Jozef. 

46. And Katanael sed untu 
him, 4 Kan ds^r eni gud tvQ kum 
vt ov Nazaret. Filip set untu 
him, Kum and se. 

47. Jezus se Natinael kumi^ 
tu him, and set ov him. Behold 
an 'IzraeI4t indid, in haaa iz no 

48. Natanael set untu him, 
^Hwens noest dv me. Jezus an- 
serd and sed untu him, Befor dat 
Filip keld di, hwcn &s wost under 
de fig-tre, 1 se d^ 

49. Natdnael anserd and set 
tmtu him, Rabj, dv q,rt de Sun ov 
God; djs qjt de ki^ ov 'Izrael. 

50. Jezus anserd and sed untu 
him, Bek^z { sed untu di, $ se 
Hi under de fig-tre, ^Ibclevest d^; 
4v Jalt se grater tigz dan dez. 

51. And he set untu him, Ver- 
ili, verili, i sa untu ya>, Herafter 
ye Jal se heven open, and de an- 
Jclz ov God asendip and desendi{) 
up6n de Sun ov man. 

€AFTEB 2. 

1. And de t^rd da d^r woz a 
xnarij in Kana ov Galile; and de 
muder ov Jezus woz d%r: 

2. And hot Jezus woz keld, 
and hiz dis^plz, tu de marij. 

8. And hwen da wonted wjn, 
de muder ov Jezus set untu him, 
Sa hav no w^n. 

4. Jezus set untu h^r, Wuman, 
Ihwot hav I tu dd> wid d^ ; mjn 
«r iz not yet kum. 

6. Hiz muder sol untu de fif r- 

vantfl, Hwotsc^erer he sel imtit 
y(bj da> [it] 

6. And d^r w^r set d^r saks 
weterpots ov ston, after de maner 
ov de p4riQi9 ©▼^ de Jn;z, kon- 
tanip ta> er tre f^rkinz ap^s. 

7. Jezus set untudem, Fil de 
weterpots wid weter. And da 
fild dem up tu de brim. 

8. And he set untu dem, Dre 
vt niy, and b^r untu de guvemor 
ov de fest And da bqr [it.] 

9. Hwen de rcnler ov <fe fest 
had tasted de weter dat woz mad 
w^n, and ni^ not hwens it woe: 
(but de servants hwiq diu> de we- 
ter nt^;) de guvemor ov de fest 
keld 4t brid^a>m, 

10. And set untu him, Everi 
man at de beginip dot set fort 
gud vrin; and hwen men hav wel 
drupk, den dat hvriq iz wurs: n^it] 
dv hast kept de gud wjn until ws. 

11. Sis beginig ov miraklz did 
Jezus in Kana oy Galile, and 
manifested fort hlz glori; and 
hiz disjplz belevd on him. 

12. irCtfter dis he went dvn tu 
Kap^maum, he, and hiz muder, 
and hlz bre<fren, and hiz dis^dz: 
and da kontinyt^d 6^t not meni daz. 

13. l!^d de J^z pasover woz 
at hand, and Jezus went up tu 

14. And fvnd in de tempi doz 
dat sold oksen and fep and duvz, 
and de qanjerz ov muni sitig: 

15. And hwen he had mad a 
skurj ov smel kerdz, he dvov dem 
el vt ov de tempi, and de Jep, and 
de oksen; and pord vt de ^njerz 
muni, and overtrcb de tablz; 

16. And sed untu dem dat sold 
duvz, Takdez tipz hens; mak not 
mi Fciderz hvs an hvs ov m^r- 

17. And hiz dis^plz rememberd 
dat it woz riten, 3e zel ov d^n hvs 
hat eten me up. [Sc^ 69: 9.] 



18. ir3!enanseid(feJiizaiidsed 
untia him, S Hwot sja Joest dv un- 
tia lis, seiD dat &s da>est dez tigz. 

19. Jezus anserd and sed nntu 
dem, Destr<^ dis tempi, and in tre 
daz ^ wil raz it up. 

20. Sen sed de Ji^z, Ferti and 
siks yerz woz dis tempi in bildiD, 
and ^ wilt d? rer it up in trs daz. 

21. But he spak ov de tempi ov 
hiz bodi. 

22. Hwen d^rfor he woz rizen 
from de ded, hiz dis^plz remem- 
berd dat he had sed dis untu dem; 
and da beUvd de skriptyiir, and 
de wurd hwiQ Jezus had sed. 

23. ^Nir hwen he woz in Je- 
ncDzalem at de pdsover, in de fest 

tda], meni helivd in hiz natn, 
L wen da se de miraklz hwig he did. 

24. But Jezus did not komlt 
himself untu dem, bek^z he nii 
ol [men], 

25.^ And neded not dat eni Jud 
testiQ ov man: fer he nii hwot 
woz in man. 

€A>TER 3. 

1. ^T WOZ a man ov de Fari- 
eez, namd Kikodemus, a ra>ler ov 
dz Ji^z: 

2. 3e sam kam tu Jezus hi njt, 
and sed untu him, Rab^, we no dat 
ds* art a te^er kum from God: fer 
no man kan da> dez miraklz dat 
dv dooest, eksept God he wid him. 

3. Jezus anserd and sed untu 
him, Verili, verili, i sa untu dd, 
Kksept a man be b^n agen, he 
kan not se de ki|)dom ov God. 

4. Nikodemus set tmtu him, 
^Hv kan a man be hem hwen he 
iz old; kan he enter de sekond 
t|m intu hiz muderz wa>m, and 
be hern. 

6. Jezus anserd, Verili, verili, j 

sa untu d^, Eksept a man be bem 

ov weter and [ov] de Spirit, he kan 

not enter intu de kt|^om ov God. 


6. Sat hw!^ iz bem ov de fief 
iz flej; and dat hwig iz bem ov 
de Spirit iz spirit. 

7. Mqrvel not dat i sed tmtu 
d^. Ye must be bem agen. 

8. G^e wind bloet hwv it listeD, 
and d7 herest de sirnd d^r6f, but 
kanst not tel hwens it kumet, and 
hwider it goet: so iz even wun 
dat iz bem ov de Spirit. 

9. Nikodemus anserd and sed 
untu him, ^Hv kan dez fipz be. 

10. Jezus anserd and sed untu 
him, <I Hrt dy a master o v 'Izrael, 
and noest not 6tz tinz. 

11. Verili, verili, i sa untu di. 
We spek dit we diD no, and tes- 
tify dat we hav sen; and ye resev 
not YT witnes. 

12. If i hav told yoo ^rtli ti|>z, 
and ye bcUv not, ^ih^ Jal ye be- 
Uv, if 4 tel ycD [ov] hevenli tigz, . 

13. And no man hat asended 
up tu heven, but he dat kam dzn 
from heven, [even] de Sun ov 
man hwiq iz in heven. 

14. ^And az Mozez lifted up 
de serpent in de wildernes, even so 
must de Sun ov man be lifted up: 

15. 3at luDsoever belevet in him 
Jud not perij, but hav eternal lit 

16. iFer God so luvd de wurld, 
dat he gav hiz onli begoten Sun. 
dat luDsoever belevet in him fud 
not perif, but hav everldstijp Ijt 

17. Fer God sent not hiz Sun 
intu . dA wurld tu kondem de 
wurld; but dat de wurld tra> him 
mjt be savd. 

18. t'He dat belevet on him iz 
not kondemd: but he dat belevet 
not iz kondemd elredi, bek^z he 
hat not belivd in de nam ov de 
onli begoten Sun ov God. 

19. And dis iz de kondemna/on, 
dat l^t iz kum intu de wurld, and 
men luvd dcvrknes rader dan l^t^ 
bek^z ds^r dedz w^r evil. 

20. Fer ever! wun dat dAetevH 


liatet de I^t^ ncder kmnet tu .de 
Ijt, lest hiz dcdz /ud be rcpr<»yd. 

21. But he dat datet troA kum*- 
et tu de lit) dat hiz dedz ma be 
mad manifest, dat da qr ret in Gbd* 

22. ^Qfter dez ti])z kam Jezus 
and hiz disiplz intu de land ov 
Jt^dea; and d^r he tarid wid dem, 
and bapt^zd. 

23. ^And Jon elso woz bap* 
tizi^ in 6non ner tu Salim, bekJz 
^r woz muQ woter d^r; and da 
kam, and w§r baptjzd, 

24. Fer Jon woz not yet kast 
intu prizon. 

25. iSen 6s{T ar<5z a kwest^on 
betw^n [smn] ov Jonz dis^^lz 
and de Ji^z ftbvt p^rifiig. 

26. And da kam untu Jon, and 
sed untu him, Bab^, he dat woz 
wid d^ beydnd Jordan, tu hcom d? 
barest witneSy behold, de sam bap^ 
t}zet, and el [men] kum tu him. 

- 27. Jon anserd and sed, Q man 
kan res^y notip, eksept it be given 
him from heven. 

28t Te yc&rselvz bqr me witnes, 
dat i sed, $ am not de Hj|st| but 
dat jTam sent befor him. 

' 29. He dat hat de br^d iz de 
bT|dgra>m: but de &end ov de 
bqdgri&m, hwig stand'et and heret 


givet jxot ^ fipirit 14' mesjv 
[untu him.] 

35. <3& Fqder luvet de Sun, and 
hat given el ti{)z intu hiz hand. 

36. He dat belevet on de San 
hat everldstif) l^f :. and he dat be- 
levet Sun |al not se lif ; bat 
6fi rq,t ov Qod ab^det on him. 

eAPTER 4. 

1. Hwen d^rf or de Lord n\\ \a 
de Farisez bad h^rd dat Jezus 
mad and bapt^zd mor diajplz dan 

bridgT(Dmz vers: dis mi jer darfor 
iz fumid. 

30. He must inkres, but i 
[must] dekres. , 

31^ He dat kumet from abdv iz 
abdv el: he dat iz ov de ^rt iz 
^rtli, and speket ov de ^rt: he dat 
kumet from heven iz abdv eL 

32. And hwot he hat sen and 
h^rd, dit he testif^et; and no man 
resevet hiz testimoni. 

33. He dat hat res^vd hiz tes- 
lamodi hat set tu hiz sel dat God 
iz tna>. 

' 34. Fer he ha>m God Bat sent 


2. (So Jezus himself bapt^d 
not, but hiz dis^)lz), 

3. He left Jiidea, and dsj^q^ctdd. 
agen intu Galile. 

4. And he must nedz go tra> 


5. S^fsu, kumet he tu a eiti ov 
Samaria, hwi^ iz keld S^qr, ner 

tu de pqrsel ov gnrnd dat Jakob 
gav tu hiz sun Jozef. 

6, Ny Jakobz wel woz d^r. 
Jezus d^rf or, beig werid wid [hiz] 
jumi, sat dus on de wel; [and] it 
woz abq^ de sikdt 'St. 

7. djyr kumet a wunoan ov 
Samaria tu dre weter: Jezus sel 

untu h^r, Giv me tu dri^k. 
8. (Fer hiz di8^)lz w^ gon awa 
him, reJ9set gratli bek^z ov del untu de siti tu bj met) 

speket ^ mudz gv God: tw Qodlhast dv dat livi^) wet«r. 

9. Sen set de wiunan ov Sa- 
maria untu him, 4 H^ iz it datd^, 
bei{) a Jii, aakest dri^k ov me, 
hwig am a wuman ov Samaria; 
fer de Jhz hav no deligz wid de 
Samaritan z. 

10. Jezus anserd and sed untu 
h^r, if ds n^est de gift ov God, 
and ha> it iz dat set tu d^ Giv 
me tu dri^k; dy wudst hav askt 
ov him, and he wud hav given di 
livig weter. 

IL Se wuman set untu him, 
S^r, d? hast noti^ tu dre wid, and 
de wel iz dep: ^from hweoa den 



12, 9Hrt dbr gratordaiiTT iqfier keld Ei|8t: hwm he iz kum, ht 

Jal:ob, hwiq gav iw dc wel, Und wil tel us el tiDZ. 

ttraDk (i^r6f himself, and hiz qU- 
dren, and hiz katl. 

13. Jeziifl ans^rd and sed nntu 
h^r, H(0Boever dri^kefi ot dis we- 
tet Jal t^rst agen: 

14. Bat ha)soerer dripket ov da 
weter dat j Jal giv him Jal never 
t^Tst; bnt da weter dat i Jal giy 
him |al he in him a wel ov weter 
spri^ig up intu everldstip l|f. 

15. 3s waman set tmtu him, 
S§r, giv me dis weter, dat i t^rst 
not, neder kum hider tu dre. 

16. Jezus set nntu h^r, Go, kel 
dj huzband, and knm hider. 

17. n.z wuman anserd and sed, 
S hav no hnzband. Jezns sed 
nntu h^r, 3^ hast wel sed, ^ hav 
ho huzband: 

la For drr hast had fjv huz- 
bandz; and he hcDm &s nis hast iz 
not ^ hi^band: in d&t sedst d? 

19. 3e wuman set untu him, 
S^r, I pers^v dat dw qrt a profet. 

20. or f q,derz wnrjipt in dis 
mvnten; and ye sa, dat in Jexo- 
zalem iz de plas hw^r men et tu 

21. Jezns set nntu h^r, Wu- 

Aian, beliv me. 

T5T kumet. 

hwen ye Jal neder in ^ m^nten, 
her yet at Jer<t)zalem, wurjip de 

* 22. Tcwnrjip ye no not hwot: 
we no hwot we wnrjip: fer sal- 
vajon iz ov 6e Jiiz. 

23. Bnt de 7r knmet, and n? 
iz, hwen de tra> wnrjiperz Jal 
wnrjip de Fqder in spirit and in 
tra>t: fer de Fqder seket snq tu 
wnrjip him. 

24. God [iz] a Spirit: and da 
dat wnrjip him must wnrjip 
£him} in spirit and in troDt. 

25. 3e wuman set nntu him, 

26. Jezus set imtu' h^r,' $ dafc 
spek untu d^ am [he. J 

27. ^And up6n dis kflm hiz 
disiplz, and mcirveld dat he tekt 
wid de wuman: yet no man sed, 
^ Hw;ot sekest &s; er, H Hwj[ tekest 
&s wid h^r, 

28. 3e wuman den left hfr 
weter-pot) and went h§r wfl mtu 
de siti, and set tu de men, 

29. Knm, se a man, hwiq told 
me el tipz dat ever i did: ^iz not 
dis de Er^st 

30. Sen da went zt oy de siti^ 
and kam nntu him. 

81. %lix de men hw[l hiz di9- 
[plz prad him, saip. Master, et 

32. But he sed nntu dem, j 
hav met tu et dat ye no not ov. 

33. 3^rfor sed & dis^>lz wim 
tu anMer, ^Hat eni man bret 
him [et] tu et 

34 Jezns set untu dem, Mj 
met iz tu Am de wfl ov him dat 
sent me, and tu flnij hiz wurk. 

35. ^ Sa not ye, 3^r v yet for 
munts, and [den] knmet hctrvest: 
behcSld, i sa nntu yo. Lift up yojr 
iz, and luk on de feldz; fer da q^ 
hwit ekedi tu hctrvest 

36. And he dsit repet resevel 
wajez, and gaderet fra>t nntu 1^ 
eternal: dat hot he dat soet and 
he dat repet ma rej^ tugeder. 

37. And heiln iz dat ssliq tr(D| 
Wun soet, and aniider repet. 

38. 9b sent ycD tu rep dat hw^r- 
6n ye bestod no labor: nder men 
labord, and ye q;r enterd intu d^r 

39. lAnd meid ov de Samar- 
itanz ov dat siti beUvd on him fer 
de sai^ ov de wuman, hmq testi- 
fid, He told me el dat ever J 

40. So hwen da Samaritanz w^r 

S xud (toX lles^as kumeti hwiQ islknm xmtu him, da U^ii 1^^..^ 



lie wud tari wid dem : and lie abod 
d%r (ok daz. 

41. And men! mor belivd be- 
k^ OT Kiz on wurd; 

42. And sed untu de wuman, 
Ny we beUv, not bekez ov dj sa- 
ip: for wehav h^rd [him] Tjrselvz, 
and no dat dis iz ind^d de Kqst^ 
da Savyor ov de wurld. 

43. J Ny after ta> daz he de- 
pq^ted dens, and went intu (xalile. 

44. For Jezits himself testif^d, 
/tat a profet hat no onor in hiz 
on kuntri. 

45. 8[en hwen he woz kum in- 
tu Galile, de Galileanz resevd him, 
bavip sen el de ti{)z dat he did at 
JeT<Dzalem at de fest: fer da elso 
went untu de fest. 

46. So Jezus kam agen intu 
IKana ov Galile, hwj^r he mad de 
weter wjn. And d^r woz a s^rten 
lUDblman, ha>z sun woz sik at Ka- 

47. Hwen he h^rd dat Jezus 
woz kum vt ov Ji^dea intu Galile^ 
lie went untu him, and bes4t him 
dat he wud kum dvn, and hel hiz 
sun: fer he woz at de pemt ov det. 

48. 3en sed Je^us untu him, 
Eksept ye se s^nz and wunderz, 
ye wil not beliv. 

49. 3e noblman set untu him, 
S^r, kum dvn %r m| ^Id d|. 

50. Jezus set untu him, Go dj 
wa; ^ sun livet. And de man be- 
I^vd de wurd dat Jezus had spok- 
en untu him, and he went hiz wa. 

51. And az he woz nv goi{) 
d^n, hiz servants met him, and 
told [him], sai)), SE^ sun livet. 

52. Sen inkwjrd he ov dem de 
Trr hwen he began tu amend. 
And da sed untu him, Testerda 
at de sevent vr de fever left him. 

53. So de fq,der nil dat [it woz] 
at de sam irr, in de hwiq Jezus 
sed untu him, 84 sun livet: and 
Mmself bfeUvd, and hi^ hdl Ilts. 

54. 3is [iz] agen desekond nuT- 
akl [dat] Jezus did, hwen he wob 
kum Tst ov Ji),dea intu Galile. 


L (Ifter dis d%r woz a fest or 
de Ji|z ; and Jezus went up tu 

2. Nv d^T iz at Jennzalem bj 
de Jep [m<irket] a pol, hwi^ iz 
keld in de Hebra> tu^ Betezda^ 
havif) fjv porQez. 

3. In dez la a grat multitqd ov 
impotent f ok, ov bl^nd, helt^ wid- 
erd, watif) fer de ma>vi9 ov de 

4. Fer an anjel went dvn at a 
s^rten sezon intu de pol, and 
trubld de weter: luDsoever den 
f^rst after de trublif) ov de weter 
stept in woz mad hoi ov hwotso- 
ever dizez he had. 

5. And a s^rten man woz d%i; 
hwiq had an inf^rmiti t^frti and at 

6. Hwen Jezus se him 1^ and 

nil ^ ^ ^^ ^^ ^v ^ W 4^A 
[in dat kas], he s6t untu him, 
<l Wilt d« be mad hoi. 

7. He impotent man anserd 
him, S^r, i hav no man, hwen 
de weter iz trubld, tu put nie 
intu de pool : but hw[l i am' 
kumig, antider stepet dvn befor 

8. Jezus set untu hini, B^z, tak 
up d) bed, and wek. 

9. And imMietli de man woz 
mad hoi, and tuk up hiz bed, and 
wekt: and on de sam da woz da 

10. IfHe Ji^z d^rfor sed untu 
him dat woz ki^rd, It iz de sabat 
da: it iz not leful fer d^ tu kari 
m bed. 

11. He anserd dem. He dat mad 
me hoi, de sum sed untu me» Tak 
up di bed, and wok. 

12. Hen askt da Taim, 1 Hvot 



man iz dat hwiq sed antu. di, 
Tak up dj bed, and wek. 

13. And hedatwoz held wist 
not lub it woz: far Jezus had kon- 
vad himself aw£, d multitiid be- 
ll) in [dat] plaa. 

14. Qfterward Jezns Qndet 
him in de tempi, and sed untia 
him, Behold, dv qrt mad hoi: sin 
no mor, lest a wins tig kum un- 
tii d^. 

15. Ez man departed, and told 
de Jhz dat it woz Jezus, hwi^ 
had mad him hoi. 

16. And d^rfor did de J\\l p^r- 
seki^t Jezus, and set tu sla him, 
bek^z he had dun dez ti^ on de 
sabat da. 

17. iBut Jezus anserd dem, Mj 
Fqjder wurket hidertcb, and i wurk. 

18. SL^rfor de Ji^z set de mor 
tu kil him, bek^z he not onli had 
broken de sabat, but sed elso dat 
God woz hiz fqder, makif) him- 
self ekwal wid God. 

19. ifclen cmserd Jezus and sed 
tmtia. dem, Terili, verili, | sa untu 
ya>, Se Sun kan da> notij} ov him- 
self, but hwot he seet de Fq,der 
da>: fierhwottipz soever he da>et, 
dez elso da>et de Sun l^kw^z. 

20. For de F^der luvet de Sun, 
und Joet him el ti{)z dat himself 
da>et: and he wil Jo him grater 
wurks dan dez, dat ye ma mq,rvel. 

21. Fer az de Fqder razet up 
deded, andkwikenet [dem]; even 
so de Bun kwikenet ha>m he wil. 

22. Fer de Fq,der jujet) no man, 
but hat komited el jujment untu 
de Sun: 

23. 3at el [men] Jud onor de 
Sao, eyen az da onor de Fqder. 
He dat onoret not de Sun onoret 
not de Fq,der hwig hat sent him. 

24. Verili, verili, j sa untu y©, 
He dat heret m^ ^uitl, and belev- 
et on him dat sent me, hat ever- 
Idstif^ l^f, and Jal not kum intu , 

kondemna|on; but iz post from 
det untu l^f. 

25. Verili, verili, i sa untu yo^ 
3e vr iz kumi{), and nv iZj hwen 
de ded Jal her de ves ov de Sun 
oy God: and da dat her Jal liv. 

26. Fer az de Fqder hat Ijf in 
himself; so hat he given tu de 
Sun tu hay l^f in himself; 

27. And hat given him etoriti' 
tu eksek\],t jujment elso, bek^z 
he iz de Sun ov man. 

28. Mq^vel not at dis: fer de vr 
iz kumig, in de hwig el dat q^ in 
de giavz Jfal her hiz vers, 

29. And Jal kum fort; da dat 
hav dun gud, untu de rezurekjon 
ov l|f ; and da dat hav dun evil, 
untu de rezurekjon ov dam- 

30. S kan ov m^n on self dm 
noti^j: az i her, j juj: and mi juj- 
ment iz just; bekez i sek not m^n 
on wil, but de wil ov de Fqjder 
hwiq hat sent me. 

31. irif i b^r witnes ov m^s^lf, 
m[ witnes iz net tra>. 

32. £E%rizandder dat biuret wit- 
nes ov me; and i no dat £ witnes 
hwlQ he witneset ov me iz tra>. 

33. Ye sent untu Jon, and he 
bqr witnes untu de tra>t. 

34. But I nUv not testimcml 
from man: but dez tipz i sa, dat 
ye mit be savd. 

35. He woz a bumip and a 
Jinig Ut: and ye w^r wilig fer a 
8ez6n tu rej^s in hiz Ijt 

36. t^But I hav grater witnes 
dan [dat] ov Jon: fer de wurks 
hwig de Fqder hat given me tu 
finij, de sam wurks dat i da>, bs^r 
witnes ov me> dat de Fqder hat 
sent me. 

37. And de Fqder himself, hwig 
hat sent me, hat born witnes ov 
me. Ye hav neder h^rd hiz y«s 
at eni t^m, ner sen hiz Jap. 

38. And ye hat not hiz word 



ftb^din in jq; for hffum he hat 
sent, him ye bel^y Aot» 

39. TS^rQ ^8 Bkriptyiirz ; let 
it dem ye tixjk ye hav eternal !],£: 
and da q^ da hwiQ testify ov nie.' 

40. And ye wil not kum tu me, 
dat ye xnit hav I^. 

41. t T res^v not onor from men, 

42. Bat i no ja>, dat ye hay no$ 
de luv ov diod in ycD. 

'43, ^ am kum in mj Tqjlerz 
nam, and yeres^y me not: if antid- 
^r fal kum in hiz on nam, him ye 
wil res^v. 

44. ^ Brs kan yebeUy, hwig rcs^v 
onor wii» oy amider, and sek not 
de onor dat [kumet] from God onlj. 

45. irl^cD not tqjk dat | wil aki^z 
y© tu de Fqder: dar iz [t^uu] 
6&t aki^zet yco, [eyenj Mozez, in 
ha>m. ye trust. 

46. Fer had ye beUvd Mozez, 
ye wud hay bel^d me: fer he 
rot oy m^ 

47. But if yt IteUv not hiz rit- 
i])z, %hs Jal ye beUym|wurdz. 


1. CTfter dez Dq)z Jezus went 
cDver de se oy Galile, hwlQ iz [de 
se] oy Tiberias. 

' 2. And a grat multiti^d folod 
him, bek^z da se hiz miraklz 
hwiq he did on dem dat w^r 

3.. And Jezus went up intu a 
m-siiteb, and d^r he i»at wid hiz 

4. And de pasover, a f est ov de 
Jiiz, woz nj. 

' 5. IfHwen Jezus den lifted up 
[hiz] jz, and se a grat kumpani 
kum untu him, he set until I^Hp, 
^Hwens Jal webj bred, dat dez 
ma et 

6. Atd dls he sed tu prcov him: 
fer he himself nii h wot he wud do)'. 
' TI Filip anserd him, Ta> hund- 
red pexdwurt o^' brecl U ngt sa£- 

Jent fer dem, dat even wnn or 
dem ma tak a litl. 

8. Wun ov hiz disjplz, Audrav 
Simon Peterz bruder, set untia him, 

9. S^r iz a lad her, hwiq hat 
fjv bqrli loyz,'and t© smel ri|ez: 
but ihwot qr da amiiD so meni. 

10. And Jezus sed, Mak de 
men sit dvn. K? di^r woz mug 
gras in de plas. So de men sat 
dim, in number ab^ fjy fryzand. 

11. And Jezus tuk de lovz: 
and hweti he had given tapks, he 
distrf byi^ted tu de disiplz, and de 
disiplz tu dem dat w^ set d^n; 
and likwiz ov de fijez az mug az 
da wud. 

12. Hwen da w§r ffld, he sed un- 
tu hiz disiplz, Gader up de frag- 
ments dat remdn, dat ndtiD be lost 

13. a^rfordagaderd [dem]tu- 
seder, and fild twelv baskets wid 
de frflgments ov da fjv b<irli lovz, 
hwiq remdnd over and abdv untu 
dem dat had eteu. 

14. Sen doz men, hwen^(lft had 
sen de miraki dat Jezus did, sed, 
ais iz ov a tra)t d&t prof et dat 
Jud kum intu de wurld. 

15. TTHwen Jezus d^rfor per- 
s^vd dat da wud kimi and tak 
him bi fors, tu mak him a ki{), 
he depc^rted agen intu a msnten 
himself alon. 

16. And hwen even woz [ms] 
kum^ hiz disiplz went dsn untu 
de si^ 

17. And enterd intu a |i{>, and 
went over de setord Kap^maum. 
And it woz ms dq^k, and Jezuft 
woz not kum tu dem. 

18. And de se aroz b| ttzonov 
a grat wind dat bli^. 

^ 19. So hwen da had rod ab;^ 
fiv and twenti er t^rti furlopz, da 
se Jezus weki{) on de se, and dreig 
ni untu de Tip: and da w^r s£rd£ 

' 20. But he set untu den^ It ix 
ii b&not a£r4d« 

q(^2Ma aYrJCi^. 


21. 9jen da wilinli res^vd Mm 
intu de Jip: and im^dietli de Jip 
woz at de land hwider da went. 

22. tac da fdloift hwen de 
pepl hwic stud on de uder sjd ov 
08 88 86 &t d^r vr6z mm uder IxDt 
dq,r, say dat wun hw%rint<6 hiz dis^ 
^Iz w^r enterd, and dat Jezua 
went not vid hiz disipl^ intu de 
bot, but [dat] luz diSU)lz w^t gon 
aw^ alon; * 

23. ^H^beitd^r kam uder bots 
from T^beiias n| nntu de plas hw^r 
da did et bredj aft0r dat de Lerd 
had given tagks:) ^ 

24. Hweif de pepl d^rfcor se dat 
JeztiB woz noC (fyr, neder hiz dis- 
iplz> da also tuk f ipii), and kam 
ta iap^maum, seMoler Jezna, 

25. Ajid hwen da had fisnd him 
on de uder ad ov de se, da sed 
uti^ him, Rabi, ^hwen. kamest 
4v hider. 

20. Jezus anserd dem and sed, 
Verili,' verili, I sa untm vet), Ye sek 
me, not bek^z ye se Qb miraklz, 
but bek(^z ye did it ov de lovz, 
and w^ fild> 

27. I^ibor not for de met hwig 
perijet, but for dat met hwig en- 
di^ret untia everldstig l^f, hwig de 
Bon ov man Jal giv tmtu yo): fer 
him haft God de Fqder seld. 

28. Sen- sed da mitii him, 
9Hwot Jal we da>, dat wa mjt 
wurk de wurks ov God. 

29. Jezus anserd and sed unta 
dem, Sis iz de wurk ov God, dat 
ye beUv on him hcom he hat sent 

90. t^ 8a sed d^rf or untu him, 
SHwot s^n foest dv den, dat we 
VOL se, and beUv di; ^ hwot dost 
&S wurk. 

31. "^r fqderz did et mana in 
de dezert; az it iz riten, He gav 
dem bred from heven tu et. 

32. 3en Jezus sed untu dem, 
Terili, verili, i sa untu ya>, Mozez 
gav y<ft not diet bred from heven; 

but mj. Fq,der ^yel j/hi» tm 
bred from heven. 

33. For de bred ov God iz h< 
hwig kumet iva from heven^ an<^ 
givei lif untu de wurld. 

34. Sen sed da untu him, tiordi 
evermor giv us dis bred, 

35. And Jezus sed untu dem^i 
S am de bred ov 1|! : he dat kiun- 
et) tu me Jal never hugger; and ha 
dat belevet on me Jal never t^rsitL 

36. But I sed untu yo), Sai ya 
olso hav sen me, and beUv not» 

37. 01 dat de Fq,der givet ma 
Jal kum tu me; and him dat kum* 
ed tu me 1 wil in no w^e kost zU 

38. Fer I kam diin from hevan; 
not tu dcD min on yrQf but de vrik 
ov him dat sent me. 

39. And dis iz de Fqderz wfl 
hwiQ hat sent me, dat ov ol hwi^ 
he hat given me i Jud koz hoti]^ 
but Jua raz it up agen at da laali 

40. -And ^0 iz de wil ^v him 
dat sent me, dat ev^ wuu hwi(|, 
seat de Sun, and belevet on hinu. 
loa hav everldstig ]^; and { wu 
mz him up at de laat da. 

41. 3e Juz den murmord at 
him, bek^z he sed, $ am de Inred 
hwig kam dz^n ftom heven. 

42. And da, 8ed» SIz not ^ Ja^' 
zus, de sun ov Jozef, Iudz fq^der 
and muder we no; ^h? iz it den 
dat he set, $ kam d^n from heven. 

43. Jezus d^rfor anserd and sed 
untu dem, Murmur not amdg you:-* 

44. No man kan kum tu me, 
eksept de Fqder hwig hat sent ma 
dre him: and { wil raz him up at 
de last da. 

45. It iz riten In de profets, And 
da Jal be el tet ov God. [^z, 54, 
13.] Everi man di^rfor dat hat 
h^rd, and hat l^mt ov de Tq/isx^ 
kumet untu me. 

46. Not dat eui maQ hat 0ea ^ 


GOSPEL or j(»r. 

9qtder, sby hi bwi^ iz ov God, hi 
hsA sen. de>Fqder: 

47. Verili, verili, i sa untu yo, 
He dat beleret on mz haD ever- 
lastiQ 4f . 
' 48. * am dat bred ov lif. 

49. Ya>r fqderz did et mana in 
de wildemes, and qr ded. 

50. Sis iz de bred hwig kumet 
chm from heven, dat a man ma et 
d%r<Sf, and not dj. 

^ 61. ^ am de livi^ bred hwiq kam 
dim from hey en: if eni man et ov 
dis bred, he fal liv forever: and de 
bred dat J wil giv iz mj fie J, hwi^ 
J wil giv f er de ^t ov de wurld. 

52. 3e Jhz d^rfor strov «m^ 
demselvz, saiD, ^ Hir kan dis man 
giv lis [biz] fl6J tu et 

^3. Sen Jezus sed untu dem, 
Verili, verili, i sa untu ya>, Eksept 
ye et de fief ov de Sun ov man, 
and dri^ biz blud, ye hav no Ijf 

" 54. fia>so etel) m^ flej, and 
dripkel m^ blud, hat eternal l^f; 
«&d i wil raz him up at de last da. 

55.' For n4 flej iz met ind^, 
and miblud iz dnxjis. inded. 

56. Me dat etet m; flej, and 
dri^ket mj blud, dwelet in me, 
and I in him. 

57. Az de livip Fq,der hat sent 
me, and { liv b; de Fqder: so he 
dat etet me, even h^ fal liv b^ me. 

68. Sis iz dat bred hwi^ kam 
dvn from heven: not az ya)r fq- 
derz did et mand, and q,r ded: he 
dat etet ov dis bred Jal liv forever. 
' 59. Sez tiijz sed he in de sina- 
gog, az he tet in Kap^maum. 

60. IT Men! d^rfor ov hiz dis- 
jdIz, hwen da had h^rd [dis], sed, 
9h iz an hqrd sai^; Hho) kan 
her it 

61. Hwen Jezus nq in himaelf 
ttat hiz disiplz murmurd at it, he 
Bed untu dem, ^ Dot dis of^nd ya>. 

62. ^ [Ht^ot] and it ye Jal se de 

Sun ov man asend up hw^r lie 
woz bef or* 

63. It iz de spirit dat kwikenet; 
de flej profitet notig: de wurdz dat 
I spek untu ya>, [da] q^ spirit, and 
[da] qr ^f. 

64. But d^r qr sum ov ya> dat 
beUv not. For Jezus mi from de 
beginiD ha> 6sl w^r dat belevd not^ 
and hoo Jud betra him. 

65. And he sed, £birfor sed i 
untu ya>, dat no man kan kum un- 
tu me, eksept it wi^r given untu 
him ov mj Fqder. 

66. ^ From dat [tjm] meni ov 
hiz dis^plz went bak, and wekt no 
mor wid him. 

67. Sen sed Jezus untu de twelv, 
^ Wil ye elso go awd. 

68. Sen S^mon Peter anserd 
him. Lord, ^tu ha>nl Jal we go; 
d? hast de wurdz ov eternal IjE 

69. And we belev and qr Jqr dat 
di^ qrt dat Ej^st, de Sun ov de livi^ 

70. Jezus anserd dem, ?Hav 
not I QOzen ya> twelv, and wun ov 
ya> iz a devO. 

71. He spak oy Ji^das Xskariot 
[de sun] ov Simon: for hi it woz 
dat Jud betra him, bug wun ov 
de twelv. 

©AFTER 7. 

1. Qfter dez tigz Jezus wekt in 
Galile: fer he wud not wek in 
Jqri, bek^z de Jqz set tu kll him. 

2. N? de Jqz fest ov tabemaklz 
woz at hand. 

3. Hiz bredren di^rfor sed lintu. 
him, Depqrt hens, and go intu 
Jqdea, ^t d}' disiplz elso ma se 
de wurks dt^t dv doMSt. . 

4. Fer [d^r iz] no man [dat] 
da>et enitig in sekret, and he him- 
self seket tu be non openlL If As 
da> dez tipz, Jo d^self tu de wiirld. 

5. Fer neder did htz bredrea 
beUv in him. 

GOSPEL of idif . 


#. d^ Jilztts ^d ixntu dem, 
lij ^fa iz not yet kum: but ydCir 
t|in iz elwa redi. 

7. S^ wtirld kto 6ot hat jp-o); 
ttot mt it hatef , bek^z J testiii ov 
Hy #at d^ wurktf d^r^ qr etil.^ 

8. Go ye up untvt d^ feat: { go 
6ot up yet u'^tu dis fest; let ml 
tjin iz not yet ful kum. 

9. Hwen he had sed dez wurdz 
untu dem, he ahod [stil] in 
Galile. . 

10*. f Biit hwen hiz biedifen w^r 
gon up, den went he elso' tip until 
di^ £^, ti6i openli, but az it w§r 
in sekret. 

11. Sen de Jt^z s^ him at de 
feet, and sed, ^Hwj(t iz he. 

12. And d^r W6z mu^ murmi^ip 
ato^ d^ pepl kons^ii) him': fer 
sum sdd, He i^ (t gtid man: uderz 
sed, Na; but he desev^t iii ptpl. 

IB, Hubert no ma'ir s£kk cbpenli 
ov bfrtt fer fer or dc Ji^z. 

14. T[N3 ab^ de midst oV de 
feet JezuB went up mttz de teniiTpl, 
and tet; 

15. And de Jtiz mqrveld, saip; 
f 1^7 noeD (fia man leterz, havig 
never l^mt. 

H. J^ezus dnserd dem, and sed, 
Ml doktrin iz not mjn, but Mt 
dat sent me. 

Ii7. K eni fliaii wil do hfz "^1, 
he |al litt) oV de' doktrin, hw6(ter 
It be oT God, er [hweder] f spiek 
cfv mfseff. 

18. He dat speket 6v himself 
eefi^t hiz &n glori : but he dat 
seket hiz glori dat sett him, de 
earn iz tr<]6; ^d no unqtyuBn^^ iz 
in him. , 

. 19. ^1M not Moze^ giv y<D de 
lo, and [yet} nun ov yco kepet de 
Bdl 1 Hwj' go ye ab^ tu kil ftie. 

20. Kz pepf olnsetd and s6d, 
8.-9 hast a devil: %h6 goet db^t 

a, Jezus'Qn^rd mi iei uutija: 

dfifm, 9^ hav dtm TiHm wtirk, and 
ye el mctrtel; 

22. Mozez d^or gav imtu y(6 
s^rkumsijon; ^not \)&6'z it iz ov 
M&zez, bat ov de fq,d6rz;^) and j^ 
on & sabat di i^ktimsiz a m&f. 

23. n a nian on de sabaD da 
resiv s^rkumsijon, dat 6t l6 ov 
Mozez Jud hot be broken; Scir yi 
a^i at me, bek^z i hav Unad d 
man even hwit hoi on de sabat da. 

24. Jnj not a:kerdi|) tu de aper- 
ans^ bUtJTlj rjtyus jujmenl 

26. 3jen sea sum ov dem ov 
tfercDzalem, ^Iz not ^s b^, hcDm 
da sek tu kil 

26. But, lo, he sptkei be>!dRy 
atd da sa noti|| untu him. S Dm 
de ra>lerz no indM dat dii^ iz oe 
veri Knst. 

t7. Hiheit we no dis inaii 
hwens he iz : but hwei^ Kt^st kixm- 
et, no man noet hWens he iz. 

2&. Ken ki|d Jfezus in de tempi 
az he tet, saiQ, Ye bot n^me, and 
ye no hwens j am: and i am' not 
kum ov misett, but he dat sftot me 
iz trcDJ ha>tn ye to not 

29. But i no him : tet i ain 
ftota him, and he hat sent me. 

30. IT 3e^ ^ set tu tak him: 
but n6 man lad handz on him, 
bek4z hiz ^r woz not yet kum. 

31. And meni ov de pftpl be- 
livd on him, and sed, flwen Kqst 
kumet, Twil he d<» mor miraklz 
dan dcz hwi^ dis' [man] hat dun. 

32. 1[He Farisez h^rd dat de 
pepl mumiurd siIq tipz kons^rnig 
him; and die Farisez and de ^ci 
prests sent ofiserz tu tak him. 

33. Hen sed Jeziis untu dem. 
Yet a* litl hwil a?n i wid yo), and 
[den] I go ilntu hfm dat sent me. 

34. Ye Jal 6fek mc, and Jal not 
f jnd [me] : and hW^r j am, [dider] 
ye kafi not kum. 

36. Hen sed de Ju^ d'miin dem- 
selTz, ^ Hwider wil h'^ go, oat we 

OOSPK. 0¥ l^ttE. 

|al not {^d.luxn» i wil he go un- 
tu de disp^rst amii|^ de JentiLz, 
and teg. de Jent4lz. 

'36. ^Hwot [maner o.v] sai^-iz 
dis dat kjB sed, Ys Jal ijek me, and 

{al not Qnd [me]: and hwstriam, 
dider] ye kan not kum. 

37. In de last da, dat gzat [da] 
OY de fest, Jezua stud and krtti^ 
BBiQ, If eni man t^rst, let him 
kum untu me, and drl))k. 

38. He dat belevet on ms» az 
de skriptyiir hat sed, 7t ov hiz 
beli Jal flo river z ov livrj) weter. 

39. (But dis spak he ov de 
Spirit, hwig da dat heUv on him 
^d rasev: fer da Holi Cost vioz 
not yet [given]; hek^z dat Jezns 
woz not yet glorifid.) 

40. llMeni ov de pepl d^rfor, 
hwen ^ h^rd dis saig, sed, Ov a 
trcot dis iz de profet. 

41. XJderz sed, Sis iz de Kriat 
But sum sed, ? Sal Kr^st kum ist 
ov Galile. 

42. ^Hat not de skriptyiir sed, 
SCat Er^st kumet ov de sed ov 
David, and 3t ov de tyn ov Bet- 
lehem, hw^r David woz. 

43. So ^r woz a divi^on amii^ 
fbb pepl hek^z ov him. 

44. And sum ov dem wiid hav 
taken him: hut no man lad handz 
on him. 

45. ^Ken kam de ofiserz tia de 
Qe£ prests and Farisez ; and da 
sed untu dem, ^ Hw j hav ye not 
bret him* 

46. 2[e ofiserz anserd, Never 
man spak l^k dis man. 

47. 3!en anserd dem de Fadsez, 
S Br ye elso des^vd. 

48. ^Hav eni ov de ra>lerz er 
ov de Farisez belevd on him. 

49. But dis pepl ha> noet not 
de le q,r kursed. 

50. Nikodemus set untu demi, 
(he dat kam tu Jezus b^ n^t, hei^ 
wim ov dem,) 

61. <lDo« JfrlBji^ [ma^ masn, 
bef or It her him, and. ao hwot he 

52. Sa anserd and sed untu 
him, iHrt dv elso gv Gahla 
S^rq, and luk: far 9t av Galile 
aqzet no profet. 

53. And averi man want unta 
biz on hva. 

6AFTEE 8. 

1. Jezus want untu ds lUTnt 
ov Qlivz. 

2. And ^rli in de mArni^ he 
kam agen intu de tempi, aj^ el 
de pepl kam uniaa iiinx; and he 
sat dvn, and tet dem. 

3. And de ski^bz and Faosez 
bret untu him a wuman taken in 
adulteri; and hwen da had set h$r 
in de midst, 

4. 3[a sa untu him, Master, dis 
wuman woz ULken in adulteri, in 
de veri akt 

5. K? Mozez in de le komdnd- 
ed us, dat suq Jind be stond [Lev. 
20: 10]: but ihwot saest dy. 

6. 3is da sed, temti^ him» dafc 
da m^t hav tu aki^z him. But 
Jezus ato^pt dsn, and wid [hiz] 
finger rot on de grvnd,. faa to he 
h^rd dem not.] 

7. So hwen. da kontinyi|,d oak- 
i|} hin:i| he lifted up himself and 
sed untu dem, He dat iz wid^ 
sin am&Q ya>, let him f^ret kasta 
ston at h^r. 

8. And agen he sta>pt dvn^ and 
rot on de gn^nd. 

9. And da hwiq h$rd [iij, heiQ 
konvikted b^ [d]^r on] kon/ena, 
went St wun b^ wun,,begifQio at de 
eldest, [even], untu de laat: and 
Jezus woz left alon, and d» 
wuman standip in de midst 

10. Hwen Jezus had lifted vig 
himself, and se nun but de wum- 
an, ha sed untu h^r, Wioman, 

^^G6PBL 0v jfoasr. 


* no man kofidema 6i. 

. 11, De sed,, No man, Lord. 

Ancl Jezus sed nntia b^r, Keder dia> 
. I.koudem de: g<!s and sin no mor. 

12. ^3en ^pak ilez^us 4g6i3k untu 
dem, sai|L $ am de l^t ov d$ wnrld : 
be dat ifoloet me Jal sot wdk in 
dqrk]ie& l>at Jal hav d^ I^fc ov lj;f. 

13. ae Fairisez ^rfor sed unlna 
liim, d!v barest rekord ov djself : 
^ rekord is not tro^ 

14 Jezvia anserd and sed imtia 
deitty 3o I b^ rekord ov m|^f, 
^yet] m4 rekord i2 trc»: fer i bo 
JbiweDS j.'ka^ ai^ h wider ^ go; 
;'but ye kan not tel bwens i kum, 
Add bwider i gfik 

15. Ye j*^ after de fie J; i juj 
jio man. 

16. And yet if i juj; mi jujr 
ment iz tra>: fer i am not aios, 
but i iind de Pcider dat sent iQe. 

17. It iz elso riten in y<&r le, 
dat de testimoni ov ta> men iz tm^ 
[DhV 19: 15.] 

18^ $ am wun dat b%r witnee 
ov myself, and de Fqder dat sent 
ppue b^ret witnes ov me. 

19. Sen sed da nntia bim^ 
^tHw^^r iz dj Fq)4er. Jezus an- 
serd,. ye neder no me, ner m^. Fq- 
der: ii ye bad non me, ye Jud 
hav non m^ Fqder elso. 

20. 3ez^ wurdz spak Jezus in 
da tresyuri, az be tet in de tempi: 
and no man lad bandz on him; 
fer biz ^ woz not yet kum. 

21. Sen sed' Jezus agen untu 
dem, $ go mi wa, and ye fal sek 
ine, and |al d^ in ya>r sinz: bwider 
I gOy ve Kanotkum. 

22.''aen sed de Jhz, ^WiX be 
kil bimself ; bek^z be set^ Hwlder 

I g^t ys ^^ ^^^ kum. 

23. And he sed untu dem. Ye 
qr born, ben^t; i ^m from abiv: 
Ye or ov dis wurld; i am not ov 
ma wurld. 

24. 4 Md d^[rl#r vliitt >i>, dat 
ye Jal dj in y«f smz: for if ye 
bel^v not dat i am [he], ye. Jal dj 
in ya>r sinz. 

25. Sen sed da uAtuhiiBj S&«> 
qrt dv. And Jezus set untia'demy 
8yen [de sam} dat | sed uatia yvD 
from & beginii). 

26. £ hftv meni |i^ tu sa and 
tu juj ov yo^: but he dat sent me 
iz tra>; and i spek tu de wurld 
doz: tipz bwi^ i hav h^rd ov him. 

27. Sa UfiderMiid not dat he 
spak tu dem ov de Fqder. 

28. Sen sed Jezus untu deas, 
Hweo ye hav lifted up ^ Sua ov 
man, den fal ye no dat i ua [he], 
and [dat] i d(i> bo^ ov miseldf; 
but az mj F^tftef hat tet m!^ 4 
spek dez ti^z. 

29. And he dat sent me iz wid 
me: de Fqder bat not left me 
alon; fer i da> elwaz doa fq^ drit 
.^ez him. 

30; Azb6spakdeaw«rdz,inei&i 
belevd on him; 

31. ^Sen sed Jezua t(i doi 
Jiiz hwi^ belsvdi on bim, If ye 
kont^yq in m| wtird, [den] qr ye 
mj dis^plz indid; 

32. And ye Jal no &b trcDt, and 
da trat Jal mak y<& fre. 

33. Ifcia anserd him, We be 
€[brabamz sed, and w^r neves in 
bondej tu eni man: ^hs saest das) 
Ye Jal be mad fre. 

34. Jezus QDserd dem, Yerili, 
verili, i sa UntU y<D, HcDSoevet 
komitet . sin iz de servant ov 

35. And de servant abjjdet nol 
in de h^s fer ever: [but] de Sun 
ab^det ever. > 

36. If de Sun ^t!ic» jy mak 
ya> fre, ye Jal be fre ind^. 

37. ^ no dat ye qr Qbrahamv 
sed;- but ye sek tu kH ma; bdt^z 
mi wurd hat no plaa iix ya». 

3S. ^.sfi^d&t^h/wiQ:|iha«(iea 

eoteHfc m 9m. 

89. 3i( aii«<A^ md s^d tmtu 
liim, Qbraham iz vr fcedei*. ^eziiv 
itA- untiA (l««^ If ye wi^ Wanu- 
liaibfls ^Idfefi, y^ ^tid tfiA de 
wuricsAY tlbtaiia'm. 

40. But TXE ye dek tui kfl inz^ a 
Bum dai bfll k>ld ya> d# ttiib^ Wi^ 
i hAv h^d OT God: di» did sot 

411. Ye doo d^ dedz ov y&a ft?- 
^r. 3en sed da t«i hite, We be 
not bom ov femil^i^iv; w& hkfv 
wttft: F<|der, [eten] God. 

46. ittVA sed ufBtsL def&, jf 
God vr^ymt F^d^r, ye w«id Mr 
Blkr. {Mr I proi»i^ed for^ and Mib 
fraiB G«d; neder kom | o^ hI^»^, 
bat he sent me. 

4Sl ^fiwtda>ye«otu^d«i<iii34nd 
mi ^^; [t^eik] l^k^z ye k^ iM>t 
Ittir wj wuird. 

44. Ye q,r ov [ya>r] f<|der de 
cfeevM, and 4te kti^ 01^ yi^r fqder 
ye wil do). He woz- a inuMerer 
ZEGm de Ibi^iik), ai^ ^d BitHi in 
de tra>t, bcf ^ di(¥ isr ne tvool i«i 
lihil. . H«^u iMi iptket cL ]| he 
speket o V biz on-: fef be it a ^^ar, 
imd de &id»r o v £6.' 

45. And bek^z i te\ [ycb}' ^ 
libt, ^e bel^v ri^ not. 

4ft. %liwi^ ov ya> koavinse* toe 
(yv aoiu And if { sa de trttd, 4^wi 
da> ye not beUvme. 

47. Be dat it ov Gbd fferet 
€k>d2 wurdz: yed^iffor ber [diem] 
aot, bek^ ye <ir mt ov God.* 

48. ifSen anserd de Ji^z, ahd 
ied iBMna bi^tf, <IS££ we not wel 
^t^diS qprtoi Sttftkairil^, and ket 
a devil. 

/ 4d. Jezt^ anserd; $ b^v hot a 
devil; but i onot mj Fq)dey, ai!id 
ye d«^ dis6nor me. 
. dD.. A»d i eek no^t m;^n on glori: 
d^r iz MVDot ism «eke{) and jujef. 

If d matt irt|^ ^^ WfaFtfe 
se det. 

52. 3en sed de J^z tmtu iuoi, 
Nij we n6> dsit drf liitSi cC dfefvfl. 
Qbrabanfi iz ded,and ^ profe&; 
Mkd ds eaest, it a mm kep nqsa- 
ig, be Jal never tast ov det. 

53. 'JHTt dy grater dan trt" 14- 
der Sbrabfltm, bwic iz d^; as^ 
d« pFofe^ ctr ded: TbeQin mttkest 
ds d{3elf . 

54. Jezus airterd, H i bnx)r laii- 
^¥f, «¥{ onor iz nO|t|^: it iz m^ 
F«Bd«* dat o#oref Alt/; of Kom ye 
fltt, ftaU ^e it y<br Go* 

55. Yet ye bttv tfot xkd Mrti; 
b«e I ndy Mm: tod if { /ud si^ | 
no him not, i Jal be a Ifetr J^ xjotstu 
fdii btit^ neynndar, andk^ hi^saip. 

56. Y<pr .fq,der lEIbrabam rejm 
inA se iaii da: and He 89 [it J, and 

S7,' 9eh sed d^ J^y^z trnfa bidi, 
SW qrt i86t yet fifti ym old, and 
<rbasl d!i^ sen" abrabam^ 

58. Jezus sed until demi, VjyH^ 
verilF, i Sit initu jfdSi Bisfof' dora- 
hAiA Vf&Z', I am. 

59. tSe^ tuk dki up etottz,tGL 
kastatM#: Mt Jezus liild bim- 
self, and wen€^ ^t ov & l^bipl^ gos- 
i^' tid> de^ micbt ov dem, and so 


1. And az |;«Fezus] jxtet BJ, fi«' 
i» tt ttian hSIrSg woz bljnd frbioa: 
[biz] b^J*|f. 

2. And biz disipT^ d^kt bhn^ 
sdf), Master, ^ba> did sini,<fismai), 
or feiaf jMitent^, daft he woz bete 

3. Jef ut' dnserd, Kcder bat dia 
mai6t sind, n«r bizp^retitr: but 
dat de wurky ^ God Jmd be nurf 
manifest ift Mifa. 

4. # ttm&t ^Hfnxrk: (fe wtafeoNK 
bim dat fl*fet^me','bt^l It^izf dar &• 
n^t kumet, hwen no man ksOLtit^x^ 

omrBL cpf 99S) 


j: JUL de ifl o V de world. 

6. Hwen he had dus spoken, he 
apat on de grv&d, and mad ^a ov 
^ ^itl,.«nd hp.an9Bt^d de i^ or 
de bl^nd man wid de kia, 

7. And aed untu him, <]ki>, wd^ 
IB de {wl ov SilfiMUfi, (jixwiq is ib^ 
int^rpretajon, Sent) He wenthijB 
ytmd^d&Ff aiBtd wiojt, and kam s^. 

8. If 3JB nahors d^T&Dr, and <& 
hm^ befoSr had ssq him dat hue 
-voz loiiod, aed, ils not i^ ha dat 
eat apd faegd. 

d. Sum sed, 3!is iz he; uderz 
[sed], He iz l^k l^im: [but] he 
aed, t£ am {he.] 

10. O^rfpr aed da waUn him, 
^ Hv wer d^n ^z opend. 

-. 11^ Heooserd tmd sed, <I man 
dat.iz keM Jaaus naad kla, and 
afiuonted min {zi and Bed untume, 
Go ti4 de pa>l ov Sjloam and wo J: 
aasd i went and wo|t, and I resivd 

< 12. 3e& aed da untu him, 
SHw^ iz h&. . Hz aed, $ no not 
Id. . If €Ea faret tu. de Fariaez 
him dat ^fortim wqz h^nd^ • 

14. And it woz de sahat da 
]|«gea . Jeai^ mad de kla, . and 
<ppend biz |z: 

15. SLexk ag^n de Farkez ebo 
c^skt.him h« ha had usirA hiz 
B^t He sed untia debi, Ha pit kla 
vpp6n'VBMi iz^iand | wojt, and do ae. 

; 16. witieK aed 8on> ov de FaPt 
isez, His man iz not ov Ood, ba> 
kt6e he kep^ not da aabat da. 
Uderid sed, fHv kan ci man dat 
ix: a ainer d a vaq miraklz. ' And 
di|V woa a divi50n amd^ dem; 

17. Haaa nntu de bl(nd man 
ai^en, IHwot saaat dv ov him, dat 
ha hat c^nd dia jz. He aed, Ha 
» a pof at 

' idt But de Jnadid not heliv 
kons^rnip him, dat he had bin 

resevd hiz sit. 

19, And daoakt d^n» aalp, ^Iz 
dis yor sun, ho jt aa woz baiH 
bH^nd; Shv den ^m ha nv ae. 

20. Hie parents anaerd 6»m 
an^^ed^ We no dajr dia iz ?r stm, 
and dat he woz bern b^d: 

-21. 3But hi Hwot xnanz ha w 
seat, W0 no not; ^ ho hat opend 
hia iz, we no not; he ia ov aj; 
oak him: ha Jal api^ f0c hin^aelf. 

22. Hez [wurdz] apak hiz pt^r- 
enta, bek^ da ferd de Jhz: for da 
Ji^z had agr^ 9}redi, ^ if eni 
DMkn did konf^ dat he woz Eiii^ 
he Jud be put si ov de ai^agog, 

23. Hq,rfor a^d hiz ptrenta^ Ha 
iz ov aj; ask him* 

24. Hen agen keld da de man 
dat woz bUod, and aad miia him* 
Grir Grod 6b pma: we no da^ dia 
man i^ a ainar. 

25. He anaerd and aed, Hwader 
he be a ainer [er no], i no wjt; 
wUA tig (no, dat^ hwitria | wos 
blind, ny i se. 

2Q. Hea aed da tu him a|pai3u 
SBvvpt; did ha tu. d&; ^bv 0p&iA 

27. He anserd dem, $ bav (old 
ycD elredi, and ye did not her: 
Hhw^rfor >mnd ye h«p fit] agen; 
<iwtl y« elso be hie dis^phs* • 

26. Han da rev|ld hsm, and aed»' 
Hv jQtrt hiz diajpl; font wa (|r Vich 
zez diaipla. 

29, We no dat Qod apok imlu 
Mozez: [az £ar}dia{Jblo], we-nsft 
not from hwaaaa ha iz- 

ao. Hatda&anaeidandaadttiw 
ta dam, Hwi hedn is a mq^rv^ W 
ti^ dat ye no not from hwena ha 
iz, and [yet] he hat c^nd min fp^ 

Bl. Nv WB so dat God herat 

not sinerz : bat if eni mair ba^ a 

wnr/iper ov Qtid, and dad hm 

wil, mmwheharet.. :;?rT 

ifS^ fliwdavfvRhlBiaii^ii 


CKWPai!. OVl HKi 

OY wun dat woz bern bljod. 

• 33. If dis man wf r not or God, 
]|» lEUd d<D BoHI^ 

34. • ^3a aneerd and sed antu 
liim, Sv mmt «ltiig«der bem in 
iiiHS) and ^dost dv te^ as» And 
da kast him ^ 

35. iJesus h^T€ dat <k had 
kast him Tsi; and hw«n he had 
fvnd him, he «ed vluHul him, 
%Dost dv beUv on de San or God. 

86. He aneerd and sed, ^ Hoy-iz 
he, Lerd, dat { m|t bel^v on him. 

37. And Jezus sed untu him, 
3v hast bet sen him, and it iz h^ 
dat teket wid d^. 

3dw And he sed, Lord, i beliv. 
And he wurfipt him. 

39. iTAnd Jemis aed* For juj- 
ment l am kum intu dis wurld, 
dat dft hwiq Be not mit se; and dat 
da hwic se m^t be mad blind. 

* 40. And [sum] ov de Farisez 
hwi^ w^ wid him h^ dee 
wurd^ and sed untu him, ^ Hr 
we bljnd olso. 

. 4i» Jezus sed untu dem, If ye 
"Wft blind, ye /ud* hav no sin: but 
TVS ye sa, We se; d^^rfor yaa sin 


1. Yerili, ^vexili, i sa untu y<i>, 
He dat«nteret not b^ de dor intu 
de Jepfpld, but kismet up sum udter 
wa, de sam iz a tef and .a rober. 
"2. 'But he datenteiei iu b^ de 
dar is ds /epeid ov de jep. 

3. Tu him deporter opnet; and 
de/ephethiz ▼vscand he kel^ hiz 
on f ep hi nami, and. ladeiy dem -st 
: 4. And hwen he putet f <art hiz 
can Jep,:he goet faefibr dem, and de 
fepioli^ him: ferda no hie vm. 

& And a etmnjer wii ^ not 
IdIo, but wii £le from him: £er d» 
no not de vers or stisnjerz; ... 
t ^i' ^TiiiiMH^H TTfwV fwiva lintu 

deme but di TmderiliU iMt^liaBat 
ftipz da w^ hwig ha-epfdc witaa; 

7. Sen eed Jezos nalu ^Ma 
a^n, Yeriliy ▼erili, i ea mlia j<»^ 
3f am de dor or de /ep. 

8. SI ^ ever kicm faefior ms^pr 
tevz and robeea: but de ^ did 
not her dem« 

9. $ am de dor: bi me if em 
man enter in, he Jal be sard, and 
fal go in and %% and^nd postT^r* 

10. Se tef kumet.not^ but f«r ivi 
stel, and tu kil, and tu destr6r: { am 
kum dat da mjt har ijf, aad dat 
da m^t faav [it] mor abundantli. 

11. $ am de gud Jeperd: de 
gud fepeid givet hiz l^f for de Jep. 

12. But he dat iz an h|rliD, aad 
not de feperd, ha>z jOq & Jep qj 
not, seet de wulf kumi^ and lev- 
etdc^Jep, and fleet: and de wuJf 
kaqet dem, and ski^reft de ^e;p» 

13. Se hjrUQ fleel, htk&t. be iz 
an hirlig, and k^ret not far de Jeiv 

14 ^ am de gud fep^rd, and no 
mi CJ^pIt ADcl am non ov miin. 

15. Az de F^q^der noet me, ev)en 
so no i de Yxsfimti and ) la dva 
mi lif for de fep. 

16. And nder {ep i faav, hwia 
q,r not ov dis fold: dem elao {. 
must bri^, and da Jai iior mi vers; 
and d^r jal he mm fold* [aodj- 
wun Jeperd. 

17> d^rfor dot »i JFqder luv 
me, b^ee i la dan -sniiii^ dat i 
rait tak it ageD. . 

18. No num tikeA it from mm, 
bnl i la it dvn i>v. ujfiiVb ^ 4ietr- 
pver.tu la it:dsn^.af)d4 hav: pver 
tu tak it a^DBB* dis komdndmeiit 
hav i res^vd ov mi F<|dee.: • . 

IQ. irS^r woz a divison d^rfor 
ag4n amiio de. Ji|s for das $iaa^. 

20. And meni ov dem sed, iia 
haft d devil, andiai mad; %\ari 
her ye him. ,. t 

o6Spift &t smt. 


y^xtrit ov lifioa (fet Ka^ a devil 
^Kan a devil open de {z or ^ 

22. ^And it woz at Jera>za!em 
6z fest ov (ts dfedikafon, and it 
woz winter. 

23. And Jezns wekt in de 
tempi in Salomon z porg. 

2*. 3^en fcam dc Ji^z nmd aWt 
Mm, and sed nntu him, 4 H^ lot) 
dost dy mak us tti dist If d^ 
bE d8 Krfst, tel us planli. 

25. Jczus onteerd dem, f told 
ycD, and ye bclevd not: de "^urks 
dat i d<X) in mi Pq,derz nam, da 
}x(T witttes ov me. 

' 25. But ye bel^v not, bekez ye 
qr not ov mj Jcp, az \ sed untu yco. 

27. Mi Jep her mj vas, and j 
no dem, and da folo me: 

28. And I giv untu dem eter- 
nal IJf; and da Jal never peri J, 
neder Jal eni [man] pluk dem "^t 
ov mj hand. 

• 29. Mi Fqder, hivig ^av [dem] 
me, iz grater dan el^ and no 
[manj iz abl tu pluk [dem] ^t 
oV mi Fqder* hand. 

• 30. ^ and [mj] Fqder cir wun. 
31. QCen de Ji(,z tuk up stonz 

agen tu ston him. 

32; Jczus an^erd dem, Meiii 
gud wurks hav j Jod yd> frommj 
Pqder; ffer hwi^ ov doz ivtirks 
da> vfe stbn me. 

33. cle Jii,z anserd him, saig, 
Fer a gud wUrk we' ston &i not; 
bit fer bUsfemi; and bck6z dat 
dy, beii) a min, makest djself God. 
'34. Jezus anserd dem, Hz it 
not riten in yoii Ita, f Sed,,Yfc q,r 
gt)dz. {;Sqm82:6.] 

• 35. If he k&ld d^m godz, untu 
hiWn de wuM oV Grod kam, and 
de skriptyiir kan not be brG>ken; 

36. ^Sa ye ov him, beam de 
Fq,det hat sagktifid, and seut in- 
tu de liirurid. Qt lb»ldsf emegt; be- 
k^ I 1^' r afn^deUuii ci €N^ 


37. If f d d> not de wttzicli 6V^ 

Fqder, beUv me not. 

38. But if i do), do ye htlir not 
me, beUv de wurks r dat ye ma mo, 
and beUv, dat de Judder [iz] in me, 
and i in him. 

39. «irS^Tftj>rda8etagentutak 
him: but he eskapt st ov dq,r hand, 

40. And wentawd ag^n bcyifed 
Jtdirdan intu de plas hw^r Jon tit 
f^rst baptjzd; andd^r be abod. 

4:1. And ineni rezerted ubtu 
him, and sed, Jon did no mirilkt: 
but el ti^z dat Jou spak ov & 
man w^r troo. 

42. And meni beUvd on hixn d^r. 

©AFTER 11, 

1. N^ a s^rten [man] woz sik, 
[namdj Lazarus, ov Betani, de t»n 
ov Mari and h§r sister Mctrtd.' 

2. (It woz [dat] Mari hwiij 
aniernted de Lord Wid dntment/and. 
wjpt hiz f et wid. h§?r h^r, hoz * 
bruder Lazarus woz sik.) 

3. df^rf or hiz ^isterz s^nt untu 
him, saig, Lord, beheld, hi hoon 
&s Invest iz sik. 

4. Hwen Jcziis h^rd [dif], hdf 
sed, Sis sikn^s iz not tmtu det, 
but fer de glori ov God, dat de Snn 
ov Grod mit be glorifid d^rhj. • , 

5. !Ns Jezus luvd Mqjrta, and 
h§r sister, and Lazarus. 

6. Hwen he had h^ fcpftor 
dat he woz sik, he abod id daz 
stil in de sam plas hw^r he wojz. 

7. Sfeii after d4t set he tu [hi2] 
disjplz. Let us go intu Ji^dea ag^nl ' 

S. [Hiz] disiplz sa Untu mih,. 
Mdster, de Jx|,z Ov lat set tk stdn 
de; and ^ goest ds didet ag^n. .; '- 

9. Jezus tinserd, ^Bx rarnot 
twelv ^rz in de da. If eni man 
wek in de da, h^ sttimblell not, be^ 
k6z he seet de l^t ov dis \^nrld. 

10. Butif amanwekinde'irit,. 
he Btum%tet,-bck4z-4^r iz ii0;5Ji 
in him. 

,Ci-J 1. 


Iff s^rm^ ©¥ mff 

XL B^.liys^ lii?: n^ after ^7, ^ stftimlii. , 

Aki he set untu <}exD, TlTr ffeiid i beliv dajb ^9 qpi 3e 
Lawns 9(epiBt; but i goV4^ |ma ov God, hwig Jud' kum intia ifc 
awik bioa 3t bv ^lep. . wiorld. 

' 1^. Een sed Mz ^i^jpl^; L^rd, 28. And hvren /;|^ had $0sedf Je 
if he slep, he jAl do weL went hf r wa, and kel<i Mari b^ 

).3. H^he^t Jeaud apak qv hiz 8ial<er af^kxel^L sam, Ee Ufiustex iz 
dei: but da )etdat h.e ba4 /Bppken kum, and kolet tBrdL 
ov tfikm oy rje^t m ^^lipi^ 29. Az sq>n az fa h$rd t^t^jj, Ja 

ii. jSLen aed Jpus uj^tu dexQaroz kwiklj, apd ]iap upt^ liim. 
planli, Ji/aisania iz 4.ed- 30. N^ jhezua wpz not y^^knxa 

1$. Ai)d I am glad fev ya>r8aks intia de ivn, but woz in dsU f^ 
dat I w^z not dj^r, tu 4e intent ye hwar Mq^rta met hin^. 
ma be^e^f ^everdeles let ua go 31. cLt J.i^ den hwiQ Wjgr wi^ 
untu him. hi^ in de hss, and kunxforted ^^r^ 

Ifi. Sen aed Tomaa^ h^^iq iz hwen da se Marl, dat /e rpz up 

keld Didimiis, untu hiz f elo-dis- 
2plz, Let ua.#l$0 fO| iltKt we ma di 
wid him.. 

' ^7. 3en b^e^ Jezpa kam/he 
fvnd ilat he had [I^j in ^ ^fjnay 
f ^r daz ^lredi. 

id'. And mepl ov (ie Ji^ ka^ 
tu ^Wftrtg and i^ari, ti4 ^uinfort 
dem kona^rni^ d^r bruder. 

20. jien Morto^ az sd»n a^ J^ 
hd^)4 4at ftz^a woa kumiy, went 
and met him: but l^an sat {stU] 
Iq da hvs. 

21. Sj^nsadMcirtaaQti^J^VS, 
l4exd, i^ dv hadst bin lier^ m| prad- 
er had not djd. 

. 2Si But^no,dateTennv,hwo|^ 
soever dv wilt ask ov Qo^ God 
wil giv [it] di 

' j3» Jeauaset oi^ta hi^, 3i brud- 
er Talrjz aaen. 

24. Hiv|ci aet untu him, $ no 
dat he r^ r^a agep in de rezurek- 
Jon at de lost da. 

25. Jezna aed nnti^ h^r, S am 
de reaurek|oD, and de Ijf : h^ dat 

hiu^tili a|i)d went 9t, fplod b^r, sfii^ 
£e goet untu de gray tu wep i^'r. 
32. 31en hw^n Man wid^ k^pa 
hw^r Jezua woz, and se i4m, je 
fel disn s^ hiz fet^ saig untu Hmt 
Lor4; ird^ h^t bin her, mi brudtr 

18. Kv Retani lyoa f^i i^oW^b^ npt djd. 
Jefcnzalem, ab^t fiften furlopz oh ^^^33. Hwen Jezus di^rfor se b^r 

wepi^) and de Jm^ qIso wepig hwi^ 
kam ^d h^r, he groi^(}. ludQ api^r 
it, ai^ yroa trubld, 

34. And sed, S Hw^r bay yz I04 
him^ iLi aed unti^ bim^'Lejrd, 
kum and se. 

35. Jezus wept 

36. 9en^4f? ^H^, BeboldhrV 
he luvd him ! 

37. A^^6^^ovdem.^d, H^ud 
not dis man, hwiq opend & ^ oy 
de blind, )^v kezd'^ even $8 
man Ju4 not h^v di4f 

38. Jezus d^rfor agen gronm 
in himself kumet tU ytfi grav* l| 
woz a kay, and d stpn la npdn it. 

39. Jezus aed, Tak ye awa 4a 
ston. M<irta, da sister ov him da^ 
woz ded, set untu him, Lord, h| 
dis t^m he sticket: for he bat bin 

belevet in ine» dp ha w^r ded) yet! [ded] for daz. 
pi ha liv: ^ I 40. Jezus sat nnba h^r, SSad i 

26. And hi&soever livet and not untu d^ dat, if as wudst ber- 
belevet in me Jal nayei d|. ^Be-lliv. d^Judst ae da glori ov Grod. 
Uv«iiiWdi& t 1^ g^ ^ iBi4c «f^ 4^ P^^ 

^m^ py ^^ 


lAijL 4>n» Jfizus Bibed np fhiz] huatu a kivitri ner tw dp wilder- 

^z, and sed, lB*^der, ^ tagk ds dat 
dv kqst ^rd me. 

ASL ^d I Di^ dajb dv heresl n9<e 
elwaz: Imt Isek^z ov de pepl kwi^ 
st^id bi I sed [it], dat d» Bta bel^ 
^at df^r hast sent me. 

43. Aod. hwea 1^ dof hud 
9^ken', jfie krid Vid a Wd y.ei, 
Xiazarai, k^m f qrt, 

4i. An4 ^ d4t T!r0« 4^ k^m 
f orft, jbsnd li^and aod fut wid ^^v 
I^Ig^z: ^d hi2; fas woz b?rnd ab^t 
wid qi napkiiif Jezu^ set uatu. 
^Senu Lois him, and let him gcd. 

^ju. 30a meni ov de J^z Iii^vvIq 
kam tu Marl, and had' sea .de ti{);& 
bwiQ Jezus did, belevd on him. 

46. But mm ov dem went d^r 
^wBz tu de Farisez, and told dem 
liwbt tipz J8ZU3 had dun. 
' 47. clen gaderd ^ §ef prests 
and de Farisez a k^nsil, and sed, 
% Hwot da> we, f er dis man da>et 
xaeni miraklz. 

48. If we let hiq^ du^ alpn, el 
fmen] wil beU^ on him: and de 
itomanz Jal kum and tak 9^4 ^!^ 
TSt plfs and naf on. 

.49. And wun ov ^em, [n^pad} 
Kaafas, beig de h^ purest d^tsam y^, 
s^4 i^r^tVL dem, Yi^ nio noj^ig at el, 
50.. lJ«r konsider dat it iz ek^r 
psdient fer ns, dajt wan man /ud 
dii f er de pepl, and 6aX ^ hoi i^- 
JpQ perlj not 

$1. And dis ejjak he dot p v hin^- 
seif: but beig hii prest dat ver, he 
profes^d dat J^zjiis jud d| fer dat 

52. And not fer dat nafon anli, 
but dat eUo he Jiid gader tugedei* 
in wun de ^ildren ov Crod dat w^r 
skaterd ab^ed. 

53. SCen from da( da fort da 
tuk kvnsel tugeder fer tu pvM^ 
him tu det. 

nes, intu c^ »iti keld 'Efraim, f^nd 
di%r kontinTHd yf\6, hiz dis^plz« 

55. if And de J\\^ j^/isfitrer wo^b 
nj at )l)iand: and Vfi^i weiit vt pv 
de l^uniri up tu jeroMpalepx bef(^;r 
de pdsover, tu pH^ifi deiQselyz. 

56^ K&n aet da fer Jezu3, a^d 
spak .apotdji^ demselvz, az da stud 
in dc tjempl, *iJEJwot tipk ye, da|p 
he wil not kum tu de fe^t 

57. ^75 hcifl de i^f presto and de 
Farisez had given akomdx^dmenty 
d^. if eni man nq hw^r he w<?r, he 
Jud |o £it], dat da m^b tak him. 


1. 3en Je^us siks daz be!<Sr d^ 
pdsover kam tu Betani, hwar. 
Lazarus woz hwiQ had ^n ded, 
ha>m he razd from de ded. 

2. cl^r da mad him a super; 
and Harfia s^ryd : but I^zjfirus 
\voz wun pvdem dat sat at oe i;abl 
wid hina. 

3. QCen tuk Marl a pvnd or 
cmtipent ov spiknardt veri kostU, 
an4 anernted de fet ov Jc^iis, and 
wipt hiz fet wid bi^r h^r; and die 
h93 woz fild wid dp odor qy dQ 

4. Sen B^ wv^ oy hi^ disiPJ^* 
J^4as Lskariqt, $inip^ i^}» 
hwig Jud betra him, 

j5. 4Hwi woi not dis crntm^ent 
sold fer tre hundjred peQS, m^ 
giyen ti4depa>r. 

6. SCis he sed, not dsi^ }^B k^rd 
fer de pa>r, but bekez 1^ woz a 
tef, and had de Iji^g, and b^r hwpt 
woz put d^rfn. 

7. 3en sed Jeznys, Xjeth^r aUSn: 
agenst de da ov na| beriig h%t /« 
kept dis. 

8. Fer de p<Dr elw^z ye liay wid 
jifi'y but me ye hav npt elv^az. 

0. ^pLnq pfipl ov de Jna dw^ 
for nn dat he woz d^r^Ji^Wi; 


«ifed¥Bfci ov itfs^ 

kfttt not fo^' Jeette sak tsnli, btxt' 
(t^i; <ia m^t se Lazarus elso, hiDtn 
he had razd from de ded. 

10. Bnt Ae qcf prests konsditdd 
dat da m|t ptlt LazarasiolsD tu det; 

11. B^k^z dat bj rtzon ov him 
xiiBni ov de Ji;z went amtA, and be- 
Uvd on J&ztis. 

12. ^Ori de nclcst da -mti^ ptt)l 
d!at wfr knm tu de fisst, hwBU da 
h^rd dat Jezus Woz knmig tu 

13. Tuk bran^ez ov pq;tn trez, 
and went fort tu met him, and 
krjd, HozitMi: BIesed[iz]deKitj 
orv •'Izraet dat knmet in deotim xxv 
de Lord. 

JL4:. And Jezus, hwen he h3,d 
fynd a yug as, sat d^r6n; ai'itiz 

• 15. Ytr not, deter ov Zion: be- 
hold, dj Kig kamet, sitip on an 
dsez kolt [Zek. 0: ft.] 

1^. 3bz Vyqz ttndersttid not hiz 
disjpli at de f^rst: bnt hwen Jezns 
woz glorif^d, den rememberd 4a 
dat dez tigz w^rTiten oy him; and 
[dat] da had dun dez ti^untu him. 
17, <Ie pepl d^rior dat woz wid* 
him hwen he fceld Lazarus "st ov 
hiz gr^v, and razd him from de 
ded, b^ rekord. 

' 18. Fer dis kez de pepl eiso 
m€it hkn, fer dat da h^rd dat he 
had dun dis mirakl. 

W; aCe Farisez d^rforsed amtip 
(fems^lrz, <3 Pere^v ye h-y ye pre- 
val noti© ; behold, de wutld iz 
gon dfifer him. 

■20. irAnddarwprs^eiiQteks 
athdg dem ^t kam up tu wurjip 
at de fest; , ^ 

21. Kb sam kain d^rfor tu 
yjJip, hwiq WOE ov Betsada ov 
(falile^ and dez jrd him, sai^, S^r, 
\^e 'wud se Jezusl 

22. Filip kumeO and telet An- 
d^flb:, and i^en And»a>> and "Fillp 
tit Jemuu 

I* « -r-' •*» V « 

Zo. ^And J^iras ^djBffsni. cratty 
sai^ Kb sr iz kum dat de Sxtn ^ 
man Jiad brglorifjd: 

24. Verili, verih, % ^ ^titxi y4D, 
Eksept tx kdm ov hwet fel intu 
^ gmid and dj, it abjdel alcni: 
but if it d[, it bripet fori tnuQ 

25. He dat luvefr hiz IJf jal l<bz 
it; and he ttat hateH hiz Ijl in dis 
wurld fal kep it untu Iff et^maL 

^. if eni man s^rv me, let him. 
folo me; and hw3|T i am, di^r Jal 
elso mi servant be: if eni man 
serv me, him wtl £mj] Fqderonor. 

27. N^ iz mi sol trubld; and 
?hwat fal i sa, Fqder, sav m© 
from dis "sr: but fer dis kez kam 
I uatu dis ^r. 

28. Fctder, glorlQ dj nam. O^en 
kam d^r a vo^ frpmheven,£satt)], 
* hav bo^ glorifid pt], and wil 
glorifj fit] ag^ii. 

29. a:ettepld^rfOT,datstuttibt 
and h^rd fit], sed dat it tunderd: 
uderz s^d, An anjel spak tti him. 

30. Jezus anserd and sed, 3ia 
V9« kam 'not bek^i ov me, but f t*r 
ycDr saks. 

31. Ny iz. de jujment or dis 
wurld : niar jal de prins ov dia 
wurld bekastTt. 

32. And I, if I beMted tip from 
de ^rft, wil dre el [men] untu me. 

SfS. ffis he sed, signifiip hwot 
deD he fud dj. ' 

34. a!e pepl anserd him*, "We 
haV h^rd ist ovd^ le dat E^ 
abide* forever, £S4m 89: 3«, 37j:' 
and ^his "Isniestdy, 8[e Sun ov man 
must be lifted up; Sho) jlz ^isdan 
ovman. " ' - , - 

35. 9!en Jezus eeld ^ntu dem. 
Yet a lid hwil Jz de l^i wid-ycD* 
Wek hwil ye hav de^t, lestdq^k- 
nes ktim ijipdn ym: for -he 'dat 
wekelf m dttrknes nc^et not hwid- 
er he goet.. , • 

(JOSWA (Ttsb^: 


lit, dat yc ma1)e (tt ^Aren ov Ijt. 
3e^ ti|jz spak Jezus, and depqtTt- 
ed, aBd did Ix^d laimself from detn. 

37v irBut do he had dun so 
tnenl mlraklz befor dem, yet da 
"bel^vd not on him : 

38; KaA de saip ot €zaas de 
prof et mii be fulfild, hwiq he 
s|)ak, Lerd, ?h<D hat belevd st re- 
port; and ^tuL ha>m hat de cirm 
ov <le I-erd bin reveld. [fe. 53: 1.] 

30. Sr^rfor da kud not beUv, 
Bekez dat Ezaas sed ^gen, 

40. He hat blended d^r {^, and 
Hqrdend ^r hq^t; dat da Jud not 
8€ wid [d%r] ^z, nor understand 
^d [d^r] hqrt, and be koilv^rted, 
and I fud heldem. [^z. 6: 9, 10.] 

4L 5ez tipz sed Czaas, hwen 
he 9© hiz glori, and spak ov him. 

4fi. ir^everdeles amdi) de qcf 
TaAere elso meni belevd on him; 
but bekez ov de Fafiscz dd did 
not konfes [him], lest da Jixd be 
put Tst ov de sinagog: 

43. For da luv de praz ov men 
mor dan de praz ov God* 

44. If Jezus krjd and sed, He 
dat belevet o:n me, belevet not on 
mt, but on him dat sent me; 

'. 45. And he dat secft me s^t 
him dat sent me. 
* 46. 95 am kum a Ip intu de 
wurldj ^at hcDsoevei* belevet on 
ihe/iiid not abjd in dqrknes. 

47i 'And if ehi mart H'er mj 
vurdXi and beli^v not, i juj him 
not; f©r J katn not tu jifl de wurld, 
but tu dav de wurld. 
' 481 He ds^l rejektet me, told re- 
seret not ttii wuidz, hat wun dat 
jujet him.: de' wurd ^t j hav 
spokep^ de sam /al juj him in de 
last da. , 

' 49. J*or i hav hot* sjpokett ov 
mis^; but de Feeder hwiq sent me, 
he gav me a komdndment,rhwot 
I Jud sa, and hwot i Jud'spek. 

50. And 4 no(!^ll& koihdnid- 

mcnt i* Ijf everid8i!q): hwotwiji^- 
er I spek d^rf or, even ai de Fq,^eflf 
sed untu me, so | spcfk. 

©AFTER 13. 

1. Ky befor defeat ovde"pds- 
over, hwen Jezus n\\. dat hiz ^r 
woz kum dat he Jud depart "jt or 
dis wurld untu de Fqder, havi^. 
luvd hiz on hwig w§r in de wurld, 
he luvd dem untu de end. 

2. And super bcig ended^ de 
devil havig ny put intu de hq,rt 
ov Jq^das Iskariot) S^monz [sun], 
tu bcti'd him; 

3. Jezus noip dat de Fqdcr had 
given el fiigz intu hiz handz, and 
dat he woz kum from God, and 
went tu God; 

4. He r^zet from super, and lad 
asfd hiz garments; and tuk a trrel, 
and gert himself. 

6. after dat he poret wetet in- 
tu a basin, and began tu woj de 
dlsjplz fet, and tu wjp [d^ta] wid 
de t«el hw^rwlt he woz g§rt. 

6. clen kumet he tu Sjmon 
Peter : and Peter set untu him. 
Lord, ^ dost dK wbj mj fet. 

7. Jezus ani^erd and sed untu 
him, Hwot ^ da> d^ noest not n^; 
but ds Jalt no herdfter. 

8. Peter set ttntu him, STlr j^lt 
never woJ mj fet Jeziis anserd 
him, If I wof d^ not, d^r hast no 
pqrtwidme. . 

9. Simdii Peter set untu hina, 
Lord, n6t thj fet onli, but ol»o 
[mj] handz and [mj] bed. 

101 JezUs set tu him. He datiz 
wojt nedet not sav tu wo/ [hizT 
fet, but iz klen everi hwft: and 
ye cir kleri, but not el. 

11. Ferhehiiha) Judbctrdhitn! 
dc^rf or sed h^ Ye qx ^ot el klen. 

12. So after he had wo/tdur fet: 
and had taken hi^ gqrmetits, and 
W02 set dvn agen, he eed nntiii 


G08?W[.,0V 4Q»^ 

If, Te.^1 P« )Kastor and Lard; 
9pi jt sa wel; far [so] i am. 

14. If \ den, ty^"^^] Lard and 
Master, hav wojt ya>r f et; ye elso 
et tu^erz fet 

3,5. F^r i hftv given yjD ^an 
^dmpl, dat ye Ji^d da> a^s 4 }iav 
djup tu yo), 

10. Verili, verili, j sa uutu yo), 
d[e s^ry^t \z Jiot grater d^n bi^ 
lord; neder he dat i;z sent grater 
dan he dat sent him. 

17. If ye no dea tips, Tjapi jijiy 
ye if ye do) dem. 

18. If 3& spek not oy yo)©!: 1 no 
h<pnA \ hay 4^zen .: but dat de 
sjkriptyiqjr ma he fiolfild, He dat 
eijet bred wid.mehat lifted uphiz 
hel agenst me. [Sq,m 41, 9.] 

Id. N^ i tel y<B befor it kiun, 
dat, hwen i| iz kunx tigi pos, ye n^a 
beUv dat \ am [he.] 

JJO, Verili, verili, \ aa .until yo), 
£te ^t resevet ha>msoeyer j send 
res^vet nie; and he dat re^ievet me 
resevet Jtiim dat sent nxe. 

21. Hwen Jezus had (}us sad, 
h^ woz tmbld in spi^t, and, testU 
fid, and §ed, Verili, v.erili, j jsa wp- 
t|a y<D, dat wun pv yjoo Jal betra 
me, * 

22. ^en de disjplz lu^twyii pn 
aiujder, dT^^ti^ ov nojin he spak. 

2?. K? .di|r wQz lenip on Jezus 
buzom wun' 97 ^z disjplzj ha>jii 
Jezus luvd. 

:24:^ S|mon Peter 4firfpr bciko^Qd 
t^ h,in^ 4at ha Jii^4 <^^ ^^ \^ /i^d 
be ov ho^ija h^ spak. 

2$< }14 <ten Uip on Jezus l^^t 
siet unta^ l^in), iCord, S ho> i? % 

2^. . Jez*ua anser.d» H^ it i;^ tiii 
hom i Jal giv a sop, hwen i hav 
dipt [ijU And hwen )^ had dipt 
de;9pp, he gay [it] tw Ji^d*^ Isr 
kanoV [4e sunj^oy Simon. . ..^ 

27.' Apd after de sop Satan ep- 
^4 iititi4 hini* Hen sed jJezus un- 
tii bl ii . HiU d9 d(Dfisk doiL^wiklL 

28. Ny^iwp^feJbHhl,^ ,. 
hwpt intent he spak (Jis iOiUa..Bi^ 

^, For sum [ov 4em] fe^ _^ 
k^z Jiidas had de bfl^ (bt ^txjaa 
had sed unt^ hi^^ B{ {dps tl^ j 
dat we hav ned. py ageY)$t de .fest; 
©r, %t ]^ ^ud giy ^i^mliip tvi^ de 
pa>r. . . 

30. 5? 4en havig tcslyd ^ sop 
went im^ietli ^t; and it woz p^t 

31. f^^^rfor, hwen he woz gon 
jrt, Jezus sed, Nv iz de Sttu bv 
man glorif|d, ^nd God iz glonfjd 
in him* 

32. If God be glG^tid in tiiin, 
God Jal elso glorifj him in him- 
self, and Jal stratwa g^nfi him. 

.33. Lit! gijdren, yet p. flil hwjl 
\ am wid ^&iy Ye Ja} sek ^3,e: imd 
az j sed untu de Ji|,z, Hwider \ 
go, ye l|:?Mi jaot kum; si^^-zr | sa 
tjd yo). 

34. (I n\i 'kon)4ndment 1 gir 
untu ya>, ^at ye jijiv wun an^der; 
az i hav liivd ^a^^ dat ye elso iuy 
wi;n anjid^ir. 

35. £i d$s Jal el [med] iiq dat 
ye q,r jel\ disipl^, if ye h|iv Inv 
wijin tu suidder. 

36. .^Sjmop Pfcter sed xuitu 
biffi, ier^ ihwider ^oest^ <j^I 
jezus anserd him, p^ider |' ^p, 
d?f kji-osjt n^t folo n>e 113; Jbiit (fe 
JaJt folo flfip giterwardz. 

37. Peter sed untvi him^ I'^'d, 
<5:hwi Jian not i folQ de st- i-vH 
l?i dyn jnilif fer <^ sak. 

38. Jezu| dpserd hiixi, iWiU 
dy la dun (ii it^ ier |»i|ak; yearfli, 
verili, I sa untiii i^, Ije Jkok jil 
riQt kiOy til .<br }i^t 4eDJd.Qi6 iijs. 

©AFTEB 14. 

1. Let not ya>r hqrt be tmbld: 
jp bfjjy in Gpd, bel4v.elsQ.inmc 

%, In m! Fcjjderz Iyks gr zQeni 
ynanj'pnz; if [ft w^r] not [so], x 
wii^d hay told ycD. *^o tu pre- 

Qb^Pth W i6^. 


plas fer y<D, j wil kun> ftgen, and 
rcB^v ytK tiit«i m^^tf */ dat ir^q^r | 

4. And hwider j go" yc n©, «nd 

5. t Tomi^ Ml unttti b|in, Lerd, 
^cre <iof »ot hwider (t^ goeat; and 
%h^ lean wtt fK>de wa. 

6. Jtzus del untu: hith, $ am 
ds 'wi^ and <te trcbt, and 6» \jf: no 
maoi iumel vaxtat ^ Fq^der, but 
t^ me. 

7. K 3hg hfad^ Aon me, yt Jud 
ln.v B'cm^^mj Fq,d«i^el8(i>: and! from 
bdtisioil jre; no hat, HAd lav sen 

8. IT FHip S6l imtu- Kim, Lerrd, 
ja ns dt F^d^, ai^d it saf^zefl us. 

9w Jgztb} sel untu him, ' 4H'av j 
bin so loi) t{m \^id yo), and yet 
lnuBt ds ttdfl non me; Filip; he dat 
iMd sen m6 hal sen' de Fqder; and 
thYsaeertd^ [den], IlousdeFq:der. 

10. ^6ri(iYe«Jt 6hs no« dat i afn 
in d^ Feeder, And de F<tdei* in me; 
<te wurdjl^ ds^ { fi^k n^fu ym' i 
spek not ov mjs^f: htit de Fqder 
dait dw^eMin me, bedovelde works. 

llw BeUt me dat j [amj in die 
F^dei^, and de Fqder in me: &t els 
Im)^ me lev de^ veil wnrk^ sak. 

12. fVertli, verFli, j sa until 
ycD, He dat beleyel on me, de 
liFurkB dhit [ day Jsd he d<x> elso; 
imd grater [wurkai] dan dczjfal he 
do; b^^"z I go uTjtii mi FB(,der. 

1^. Ai^ hwofeodver ye Jalask 
ill mf nam, dsit wil | do)-, dat de 
rqjd«» mff b«ir gloried in de Sun. 

It If ye fal ode enitiD iii mi 
narn, iwil do [it] 

feiirif yt luv me, k»^ ftii kom- 

16: AhdiwilpmdeFqder,aM 
is jAt giv yo amidei* Kumforter, 
dat he ma abjd wid y© forever; 

IT. [Sven] de Spirit ov tiot; 

}t6z H seel' Hm liot; ii^^ noel 
him: but ye nitb him; fer he diwel- 
el wid yo, and Jal be ih yo. 

16. * wif not lev ya> kumfort- 
les: i wfE k'tim tu* yo. 

19". . Yei a litl hwiT, and de 
wiirld seel me no mor ; but ye 
se me: bek^z [ Tiv, ye /al liv elso. 

20. At dat da ye at no diat i 
[am^ in mi Fqjder, and ye in me, 
and I in yo. 

21. He dat hal mi komdnd- 
ments, and kepel dem^ he it iz dat 
rtivei me: and he dat luvel me Jal 
be luvd ov mi Fq,der, and i wil 
luv him, and wil manifest niiself 
tta hitn. 

22. Ji^dad sel untu him, not 
Iskariot, Lerd, ?hv iz it dat dy 
wilt manifest diself tmtu us, and 
not until de wurld. 

23. Jeizus dnserd and sed untu 
him, K a man luv me, he wil kep 
ih| wurdz: and mj Fader Wif luv 
him, and we wil kum untu him, 
aM mak sr abod' wid him. 

2>i. He dat luvei me not kepisi 
not mi sai^z: and de wiird liwi^ 
ye her iz not mib, btit de Fcjjderz 
hwig sent me. ' . . 

25. Kez ligz hav I spoken tin- 
tu yo, bei^ [yet].prezent wid yd), 

26. But de Kumforter Jhwicj iz] 
die Holi Gost, hom de Fcider wil 
send in ini nam, he Jal teq yo el 
lii)z, and brig el tiigz tu yor re- 
membrans, hwoteoever i hav sed 
untu yo, 

27. t-Pcs i" lev wid yo, mi pes i 
giv untu yo: not aE de wurld giv- 
el, ^i V i untu yo. Let not yor hq,Tt 
be trubld, neder let ft be aMd'. 

28. Ye hav h§rd h^ i sed untu 
yo, $ go aWd^ and kutn Hagen] 
untu yo. If ye Invd me,^ ft 
wiad reji^, bek^z j sed, ^' gc> ua^ 
tu de Fqder : fer mi Fctder ii 
grater dan i. .. • 

29t And jxs i haV told yo" be- 



for it iEJim. ta pcn^ <lat» h wen it iz 
kum tu pas, ye mit beliv. 

30. Herdfter i wil not tek rnu^ 
wid jan fer de prins ov dis wurM 
kumef, and bat noti:^ in me. 

31. But dat de wurld ma no 
dat i lur de Fq,der; and az. de 
Fq,der gav me komdndment^eveD 
so I da>. Ar{Zy let lu go heas. 

eJAPTEK 15. 

1. $ am de tra> vp, and m^ 
Fa^er iz de huzbandmao. 

2. Even bmnq in me dat bq.ret 
not £ra>t he taket awa: and everi 
[bran^ dat bq,re6 fpoQtj he purjet 
it, dat it ma bri;) fort mor fiifit. 

3. NiF ye q,r klen tro) de wurd 
hwig I hav spoken untu ya>. 

4. .Abjd in mej and i in ycD. Az 
de branq kan not bQ,r fiKDt ov itself, 
ekisept it abld in de yjn; no mor 
kan ye> eksept y» abjd in me. 

5. $ am de V jn^ye [qr] de brctnj- 
ez : He dat ab{det in m^ and i in 
hini, de sam briget fort muQ, fra)t: 
fer widst me ye kan do) noti^t 

6» If a man ab|d not in me, he 
!z kast fort az a bran^ and iz wid- 
erd;^ and men gader dem, and ko^t 
[dism] inti* de fjr, and da qr 

7. If ye abfd in me, and mj 
wurdz abjd in j-®, yc Jal ask hwot 
ye wil, and it Jal be dun untu yo). 

8. Herin iz mj Feeder glorit'id, 
dat ye b^r muQ fra)t; so Jal ye be 
mj dis^pl'z. 

9. Az de Fqder hat luyd me, 
so hav I luvd ya: kontin^ ye in 
mi luv. ' 

10. If ye kep nij komdndmentSj 
ye Jal abjd in mi luv; even az i 
hav kept mj Fciderz komdnd- 
tnents, and abjd in hiz luv. 

11. 3[ez tiga hav i spoken un- 
tu yo), dat mi jer mjt reman in 
ya>, and [dat] ycor jer m^t be fuL 

12. ^SL\a. iz mi komondajMsnti 

S[at ye luv wii» ofrdsAel^ «fe ftliaT 
luvd y«)» 

13. Q^ratot Itiv hat no msQ ^an 
dis, dat a tooA 1ft dvtt his Ij| far 
hiz 'frendz. 

14. Ye qr mi frendzy if ye ^cd 
bwotso^yer i k^ndnd y«». 

15. j3ens£s>Ft { kal j» not ser- 
vants; fer da s^nraot ncDiei not 
hwot has lard d«et: b«t 4 'hav 
keld y<» fread«; fe« el ti^^^^ ^niB i 
hav iM^rd ov mi Fq^der j. kav joad 
non untu yo). 

16. Ye- h»v Bot ^zen tn^ but 
I hay qpzea: yo^ md' erd^dt- jiz>, 

dat xfljN^ &>> <^ ^^9 ^^ fittt, 
and [(fikt] ya)r frc&t Jud reWn : 
dat hwotsoever y» Jal crsk ov <ie 
Fqder in mi nam, he ma ytcb. 

17.. <{ez ti|}z i komdnadt )ra>^'dat 
ye luv wun anud<». 

18r. t^If de wcf^ld hat yo^ ye no 
dat it hated me befor pt hated} J4A. 
. 1^.' If ye w^r ov de wuidcl^ (|k$ 
wurld wud luv hiz on: bat bi&ez 
ye q^ not ov de "wuf Id, \m% i haJir 
Qozen ya>wtov d& Wur id^ ^r£0r 
de wurld hatet ya>. 

20, Hemember de vuf d dat i 
sed untu ycd, ;Se sertaat ia not 
grater' dan hiz l^d. If da h&v 
p^rseki]Jt«d m«^ da wil el8€» p^Tse^ 
kqt .ya>; if da^ h^v kept mi.'saigy 
da wil kep ya>rz elso. 
. 21. But el dez tigz w^ da 4a^ 
untu yox fer mi namz sak, bek^ 
da n^. not him dat sent-me. 

22. If i had not kupi and ^ok- 
en untu aem, da had not haid sin: 
but nm da hav no klok fer d^r m% 

23; He dat ha^tet me hatet 'mi 
Fqder elso. 

24i. If i had not dun am^diem 
de wurks hwiq nun uder miui did^ 
da had not had sin: but nv hav 
da hot sen. and hated hot me an^ 
mi Fqder. 

25^ But [die kumet tu pas], 
dat de wi^rd mit be d^l)pd 4^ m 

ifirt a kea. [Sc^m 6^: 4.] 

26. ^But kwen de Kumforter 
iz kuBa, ha>xa | wil send uotia yc^ 
from de Fqder, [even] de Spirit 
OT tzwt, hwig- prosedet from de 
Fq,der2 he JaI testify ov me: 

2.7, And ye elso Jal bs|r witnea^ 
bekez ye bav l»n wid me from de 

CAFfER 16. 

1. Se£ tigz bay i spoken untia 
ya>, dat ye Jud not be of ended* 

2. Sa Jal-put ya> 3t ov de sin- 
agogz: ya, de t^m kum^t, dat ba>^ 
soever kilet ya> wil ti{)k dat be 
da>et God s^rvis. 

3. And dez tigz wil da da>> un- 
tuk yoi, bekez da bav not non de 
^c|der, nor me. 

4. But dez ti^ bav i told yo), 
dat bwen de t^ Jal kum, ye ma 
remember dat ;i.told ja ov dem. 
And dez IvQZ i sed not untu y<» 
at de begini{)^ bekez i woz wid yo)^ 

5^ If But n? i go mi wa tu. bim 
dat sent me; and nun ov yo) a^et 
me, % Hwider goest d^. 

6. But bekez ^bav sed dez ii^z 
untu ya>, soro hsA fild ycDr bc^rt 

7. Nevecdeles i tel ya>. de tra>t; 
It iz ekspedient fer yoy dat i go 
awa: fer if I go not awa, de Kum- 
foirt^er wil not kum untu ya>; but if 
I dep4rt, i wil send bim untu ya». 

8. And bwen be iz kum, be wil 
reproav de wurld ov sin, and ov 
rjtyusnes, and ov jujment: 

9. Ov sin, bekez. da belev not 
on mc; 

10. Ov rjtyusnes, bekez | go:tu 
mi Fader, and ye se me no p)or; 

11. Ov jujment, bekez de prins 
ov dis. wurld iz jujd, . 

12. ^ bav yet meni tii)z. tu sa 
untu yA> but ye kan nol; b^r dem 

m iQ^. 



13.. QifbeiJl bwan hi, de . Spirit 

ov tr<»t^ J^ kmo, be wll'gid ya> 
intu el tr(Dt: fer be Jal not spek 
ov bimself; but bwotsoever be 
Jal ber,- [dat] Jal be spek: and be 
wil fo^ ya> ti^z tu kimi. 

Xi, He Jal glorifi me: fet ba 
Jal resi^v ov mpi, and Jal Jo [it] 
untu y©. 

15. 61 i^i^ dat de Fqder batt qjt 
m^n: d^rfor sed j, dat he Jal tak 
ov mjn, and Jal Jo [it] untu yo. 

lOw (I litl bwil^and ye Jal not se 
me: and agen, a litl bw^l, and ye 
Jal ae me, bek6z i go tu de Fq^er. 

17. 3en sed [sum] ov biz dis* 
iplz amdi). demselvz, iHwot iz 
dis dat he set untu us, Q litl bw^ 
and ye not se me: and agen, a 
litl bwji, and ye Jal se me: and« 
Bekez ^ go tu de Fctder. 

18. da sed d^rfor, ^Hwot is 
dis dat be set, ^Q litl bw^l; w^ 
kan not tel hwot be set. 

19. N3 Jezus m\ dat da w§r 
dez^rus tu ask bim, and sed untu 
dem, *il><n ye inkwjr am^. jait" 
selvz ov dat I sed, Q litl hwjl, and 
ye Jal not se me: and agen^ a litl 
hw^I, and ye Jal se me. 

20. Verili, verili, i sa imtu ya)^ 
Eat ye Jal wep and lament, but 
de wurld Jal rcj^: and ye Jal be 
s6roful, but ycDr soio Jal be turnd 
intu jer. 

21. (I wuman hwen Je iz in 
travel Kat soro, bek^z b§r tu ia 
kum: but az sa>n az Je iz deliverd 
ov de QJld, Je rememberet no 
mor de aggwif, fer jcr dat a man 
iz bem intu <& wttfld. 

: 22. Ajid ye n? ds^or 1u«f scro: 
but '4 wil se ya> agen, an4 y^t 
Ixqrt Jal reji^,.and y<]>r jcr no msjet 
taket from yav ... * 

^. And in dat da ye Jal 4isk 
m^^ notion , Verili, verili^ i sa un- 
tu y<n, Hwotsoever ye Jal oak d^ 
Fqder in mi nam, be wil glv Jitil 


Iti ini ndm: dsi, and yz Jal rtelv, 
Sat ycDirjcr mi be f ul, 

26: 9!cz li^z hav i dpok^ w- 
tu ya> in ptbverbz: but (ft tjixi 
Ikiimet, hwen J jal nttt rb^r ^k 
tintii y(D in ^or^rbz, but { Jal Jo 
ycD.planli oy Az Fqder. 

2q. At di[t da ye Jal dsk in mj 
iiain: and j sa not untu yor, dat i 
wil pra tfe Feeder for ja: 

27. Fet dc Fqdet himseif hivet 
^fl>, \^6z ye hay luvd me, and 
bay htHvi dat j ka:m zi from 

2i8. i kam f©rt from dc Fqder, 
ilnd am ku:th intu de wlirld: 
$(gen, I ley de wnrld, and go tu 
de Fcide^. 

29.^Hii disiplz «ed urittihim, 
Lo, nt spekest dv plsmli, and 
Bpekest no proy^rb. 

30. Ny (jr \yi Jtir dat d* no^t 
el txt^, and hedest not dat eni 
man Jad dsik (H: bj dis we bel^y 
dat d* kamest fort from God. 

51. Jeztts anserd dem, ^Dcb ye 
nij bet^v. 

32. Beh6id, de ir ktiraet, ya, 
iz nif kn*m, dat ye Jal be skaterd, 
everi man tu hiz on, and Jal ley 
ine alon: and yet I am not alon, 
bek^z de Fq;der iz wid nie. 

33. Sez tigz ^ hav spoken un- 
tu yo, dat in me ye mjt bay pes. 
In & wurid ye Jal hav tribytila- 
Joh: fctit be ov gild Q6r; i huy 
oyetktim de wurld. 

Jezus Eri^t boBm d^ bast fk^& 

4. $ bay glotiQ^ d£ on'd^trft: 
I bay finijt & ii^tfrk Bwig #9 ^i^^ 
est ine tu d<i>. 

5. And nv, o ^^^i gl^iiir^ ^ 
me wid ifyt on self wid de ^tMi 
hWi<Q I Had wid d^ befor de WHrld 

6. ^$ bay manifested ^ Bsra. 
untu de men hwi<} dir gayest me 
9t oy de wurld: d|n da w^r, and 
dv gayest dein me; and la Jiay 
kept 61 ward. 

7. Nijr da hay non daf el ^iugz 
hwotsoever dy baet given ttie qr 

8. Far { hav given untu deni 
de v^Vdz hwfq dts ^vest xx^; and 
da hav resevd [dem J, and h*y nto 
Jtirli dat i kam 7t from d^, arrdl ^ 
hav beHvd dat ^ didst tond ^e. 

9. S pra fer dem: i pfa n<yt fer 
^t wurfd, but fer dem hwl^ d^ 
hast; given mej f^r da qp- C^ 
. 16. And el xnin qr ^rf,; an<f djn 
ctr min ; and { jVtn g:lti3ri^d in dezn. 

11. And ni$ I am no ih&t iir dt 
wurld, but dc« qir in ^ yrui?ld, 
and I kum tu de. Holi Fqdery 
kep-trm ^n on natn dOz hd>m 6ri 
hast given mt^ dat ds ma \)t wtin. 


1. 3Ecz wur^z spak J^ezus, and 
lifted up hiz {z tu heven, and ded, 
Fq)d^r,de¥riz kuni; glorifji^^Sun, 
dat dj Sun elso mtt glorifi di: 

2. Az dr hasft given him- pser 
ovef el fie J, dat he Jud giv eter- 
nal fjf tvi az itiet^ az dy hast 

3. And dig iz l^f eternal, dat dk 

az we [q,r.l 

12. Hwji J woz #id ^ia in 6t 
wutld, i kept d^m m d^ nam: d6z 
6it dzf gavest me | hav fc^p^ and 
huri 6v dem iz lost^ but de sun ov 
perdijon; dat de skrrbtytur mft he 

13. And n? kum | tu d^; and 
dez tigz I spek in de wurld^ &t <& 
mjt hav ml jcr fulffld in dejnselvz. 

14. f hav given d«m ^ wuri!^ 
and de Wurld hat huted demi, h^ 
kez da q^ not ov 6b wurld, eveiL 
az { am not ov de wurld. 

15. ir3& pra not djat dy Jiid^ 
tak dem "st ov de wurld, but. if 
drr Juditt &ep 63m fr^ <f^ ev^ 


16. ffa qr not ov &z wurld, even 
az i am not ov de wurld. 

17. ^Sapktifi dem trco dj trcDt: 
dj wurd iz tr(t>t. 

18. Az dv hast sent me iotu de 
world, even so hav i elso sent 
dem intu de wurld. 

19. And for d^r saks i sa^ktif^ 
misetf, dat da elso m^t be sagkti- 
Qd tra> de tra>t. 

20. ^Ncder pra i fer dez alon, 
Imt for dem elso hwig Jal beUv 
on me tr© d^r wurd; 

' 21. 3at da el ma be wun; az 
dy, Fqder, [qrfc] in me, and i in 
&i, dat da elso ma be wun in us: 
dat de wurld ma belsv dat ds hast 
sent me. 

22. And de glori hwig dy gav- 
est me i hav given dem; dat da 
ma be wun, even az we qr wun; 

23. 6B in dem, and &v in me, dat 
da ma be mad p^rfekt in wun: 
and dat de wurld ma no dat dis 
hast sent me, and hast luvd dem, 
tkz dr hast luvd me. 

24. Pqder, j wil dat da elso 
ha>m dv hast ^ven me, be wid 
me hw^r i am; dat da ma behold 
mj glori, hwiq dy hast given me: 
fer di liyredst me bcfor de f^^nda- 
Jon ov de wurld. 

25. Tit JUS Fqder, de wurld hat 
not non d^: but i hav non de, and 
dez hav non dat d? hast sent me. 
• 26. And I hav dekl4rd untu 
dem d[nam, and wil dekl4r [it]: 
dat de luv hwq^rwlt dy hast luvd 
me ma be in dem, and i in dem. 


€APTER 18. 

1. Hwen Jezus had spoken dez 
wtirdz, he went fort wid hiz dis- 
jplz over de bruk Sedron, hw^r 
woz a gqrden, intu de hwig he 
enterd, and hiz dis^plz. 

2. And Jqdas elso, hwig betrdd 
hizn, nil de plas: fer Jezus oftt^mz 


3. Jiidas den, havi|} res^vd a 
band [ov men] and ofiserz from 
de qef prests and Farisez, kumet 
dider wid lantemz and ter^ez and 

4. Jezus d^rfor, noi^ el ti^z 
dat Jud kum up6n him, went fort, 
and sed untu dem, ^ Ha>m sek ye. 

5. SCa anserd him, Jezus ov 
Nazarelt Jezus set untu dem, S 
am fhf.] And Ji^das elso, hwiq 
betrad him, stud wid dem. 

6. Az sa>n den az he had sed 
untu dem, $ am [h^], da went 
bakward, and fel tu de gr^nd. 

7. Sen askt he dem agen; 
^ Ha>m sek ye. And da sed, Je- 
zus ov Nazaret. 

8. Jezus anserd, ^ hav told 
yo) dat i am [h^]: if dq,rfor yc 
sek me, let dez go dqr wa: 

9. SEat de saip mjt be fulfild, 
hwiq he spak,^ Ov dem hwiq dy 
gavest me hav I lost nun. [17: 12.] 

10. a!en Simon Peter hAvi^ a 
sord dro) it, and smot de I4 prests 
servant, and kut of hiz rjt er. 3e 
servants nam woz Malkus. 

11. 3en sed Jezus untu Peter, 
Put up dj sord intu de Jet: da 
kup hwiq mi Fcider hat given 
me, •! Jal i not dri^k it. 

12. ir<Ien de band and de kap- 
ten and ofiserz ov de Jijz tuk. 
Jezus, and bynd him, 

13. And led him awd tu Anas 
f^rst; fer he woz fqder-in-le tu 
Kaafas, hwig woz de h^ prest dat 
sam yer. 

14. Ny Kaafas woz h^, hwiq 
gav kynsel tu de Ji^z, dat it wo;^ 
ekspedient dat wun man Jud dj 
fer de pcpl. 

15. TTAnd SJmon Peter folod 
Jezus, and [so did] antider disjpl: 
dat dis^)l woz non untu de hj 
prest, and went in wid Jezus intu 
de pales ov de h} prest 

16. Bat Peter ttu^ if di dctf 


vidit 3eix -went zi dat udcr 
diaiP^ ^^i<3 ^oz non untu de hi 
pre8t, and spak untu h^r dat kept 
OR dor, and bret in Peter. 

17. Sen set de damzel dat kept 
de dor untu Peter, S Hrt not ds 
elso [wun] or dis manz disiplz. 
He set, $ am not. 

18. And de servants and ofiserz 
shod d^^r, hen had mad a ^ ov 
kolz ; fer it v/oe kold : and da 
wermd demselvz: and Peter stud 
wid dem, and wormd himself. 

19. ^f 3e hj prest den askt Je- 
zus ov hiz disipU) and ov hiz dok- 

20. Jezus oneerd him, $ spak 
openii tu de wurld ; i ever t«t in 
dasinagog, aiid in de tempi, hwider 
de Ji^z elwaz rezert; and in sekret 
hay i sed noti^. 

21. SHw^ askest di^ me; ask 
dem hwiq h^rd me^hwot J hav 
Bed untu dem: behold^ da no 
hwot I sed. 

22. And hwen he had dus spok- 
en, wun OY de otiserz hwic stud bi 
Btruk Jezus wid de pom ov hiz 
hand, sai^ HCXnserest dv da hj 
prest so. 

23. Jezus anserd him, If i hav 
Spokfin evil, bq^r witnes ov de evil: 
but if wel, 4hwi smitestdrj me. 

24. K V Anas had sent him b^nd 
untu Kaafas de h^ prest 

25. And S^mon Peter stud and 
wermd himself. Ea sed d^rfor 
untu him, ^ Hrt not d^ ©Iso [wun] 
ov hiz disiplz. He dcnfd [it], and 
sed, % am not. , 

26. Wun Qv de servants ov de 
hi prest, beig [luzl kinzman haz 
tt" Peta* kut of, set, HDid not j se 
d^ in de garden wid him. 

27. Peter den denjd agen: and 
ImMietli de kok krco. 

28. IT S[en led da Jezus from 
Kaafas untu de hel ov jujment: 
1^ it-WQa frli; and da OfoiaAyx 

went Bot intu de l^pnient liel^ lest 
da |ud be defHd > but dat da mj,t 
et de pdsover. 

29. P^let den went 7t untu &exn^ 
and sed, ^ Hwot aki^za/on bri^ ye 
agenst dis man. 

30. cla anserd and sed untu. 
him, If he w$r not a malefaktor, 
we wud not hav deliverd hiixi. up 

3L Sen sed P;let untu <lenA, 
Tak ye him, and juj him akerdig 
tu ya>r I9. Ste Jhz d^rfor sed 
untu hin^ It iz not leful fer us 
tu put eni man tu det: 

32. (tat de sai^ ov Jeztis roj^ 
be fulfitd, hwiQ he spak, aigmfiin 
hwot det he Jud dj. [12: 32^ ZS^ 

33. Sen P^Iet enterd intu de 
jujment helagen^and keld J^zus^ 
and sed untu him, H Bxt dzr de 
Kij) ov de J\iz. 

34. Jezus anserd him, ^Saesi 
d? dis tij) ov d^selfy er did uderz 
tel it de ov me. 

35. P^Iet anserd, ?Am 4 ci Ji^ 
S^n on nafon and de qel prasts 
hav deliverd de untu me: ^ hwol 
hast dis dun, 

36. Jezus anserd, it| kipdofu 
iz not ov dis wurld: if mikipdom 
w^r ov dis wurld, den wiffl m^s$r« 
vants fit, dat i Jud not be deliverd 
tu de J14Z: but TVS iz mi ki^^oia 
not ftom hens. 

37. Pjlet d^rfor sed untu him, 
^ Hrt d? a kig den. Jezus a&serd^ 
^s saest dat i am a kin. Tvl dis 
end woz i bern, and fer dia ke^ 
kam I intu de wurld, dat i Jud bqr 
witnes untu dto trdol £veri wun 
dat iz ov de tr(nt heret mi vers. 

36. P^let set untu him.. 1 Hwot 
iz tr<&t. And hwen he had std 
dis, he w«nt vt agen untu da J^z, 
and set untu dem, ^ fj^nd ia bixa 
no felt [at el.l 

39. But ye hav a kustom, dat ^ 
Jud vAU i$ntu ^. wuA at d» |^ 



o^er : 9 wil J8 di^rfor dafc i reUs 
UDtu ya> de Ei|) ov de Ji^z. 

40. Sen kr^d da el agen, saig, 
ITot dis man, but Bafabas. N? 
Barabas woz a rober. 

€APTER 19. 

1. 3!en P^let d^rfor tuk Jeztis 
and skurjd [him.] 

2. And de soljerz plated a lursn 
OV ternz, and put [it] on hiz bed, 
and da put on him a purpl rob, 

3. And sed, Hal, Kid ov dg Ji^z! 
and da smot him wid dqr handz. 

4. irPilet dj^rfor went IC>Tt agen, 
and set untu dem, Behold, J brii) 
him fort tu ya>, dat ye ma no dat 
I fj^nd no felt in him. 

5. G[en kam Jezus fort, w^ri^ 
de kr^n ov temz, and de purpl 
rob. And [Pilet] set untu dem, 
Beh61d de man! 

6. Hwen de qd prcsts d^,rfor 
and ofiserz ee him, da kr^d 7t, 
saip, Kra)siQ [liini], kro&sif[ [him.] 
Pilet set untu dem, Tak yc him, 
and kftDstfJ [him]: feriiindno 
felt in him. 

7. 3e Jhz anserd him, We hav 
O le, and bj ^r le he et tu dj, be- 
k^z he mad himself de Sunov God. 

8. IT Hwen P^let d^rfor h^rd dat 
s&i^ he woz de mor afrdd; 

9. And went agen intu de jtij- 
ment hel, and set untu Jezus, 
^ Hwens q,rt ds. But Jezus gav 
him no anser. 

10. 3en set Pjlet untu him, 
ISpckestdsj not untu me; ^fto- 
est d^ not dat i hav p3er tu kra>- 
si^ d^, and hav p^er tu relfe 6i. 

11. Jezus anserd, S.TS kudst hav 
no pTSer [at el] agenst me, eksept 
it w^r given de from abiiv: d^rfor 
he dat deliverd me untu d6 hat de 
grater sin, 

12. And from densfort PJet set 
tu rd^ him: but de Ji^z kr^d st, 
wt&Qf If d^ l«t ^ tatok gO( ds q;t 

not Sezans frend : hoMBoever naakel 
himself a kig speket agenst Sezor. 

13. f Hwen Ppet d%rfor h^rd 
dat sail), he bret Jezus fort, and 
sat d^n in de jujment set in a plaa 
dat iz keld de Pavment, but in d« 
Hebr(D, Gabata. 

14. And it woz de preparafoB 
ov de pdsover, and ab^t de sikst 
7r; and he set untu de Ji^z, Ber 
hold y<Dr Ki^! 

15. But da krid ^t, Awd wid 
[ him ], awa wid [ him ], kroosifi 
him, P^let set untu d&oa, ^ 2^ 
I kra>sifi ya>r Ki^. Se gef prests 
anserd. We hav no kii) but Bezaiw 

16. Sen deliverd he him d^rfor 
untu dem tu be kriDsif^d. And 
da tuk Jezus, and led [bam] aw^ 

17. And hi b^ri{) hiz kros went 
fort intu a plas keld [de plas] ov 
a skul, hwiQ iz keld in de Hebron 

18. Hws^r da kroosifid him, and 
tan uder wid him, on eder s^d wun, 
and Jezus in de midst. 

19. ^ And P^let rot a t^tl, and 
put [it] on de kros. And de r^tiii 
woz, jeZUS ov NA2AREE W 

Km OV ae juz. 

20. ais t^tl den red m«ni ov de 
Ji^z: fer de plas hwar Jezus vroz 
kroDsif^d woz n^ tu de siti : and it 
woz riten in Hebra)^ [and] Grek, 
[and] Latin. 

21. <Ien sed de qtt prests ov dft 
Jiiz tu Pjlet, Rjt not, ffe Kiq ov 
de Jhz; but dai he sed, $ am Ki|^ 
ov de Ji^z. 

22. P^let anserd, Hwot j hav 
riten i hav riten. 

23. IT ^en de soljerz, hwen da 
had krcDsif^d Jezus, tuk hiz gar« 
ments, and mad for pq^, tu ev&A 
soljer a pq,rt; and elso [hiz] kot: 
n-s de kot woz wid:^t sem, woven 
from de top tra>"^t. 

24. QjBi sod d^rfor amiit) dem- 
s41y2, Let x» not rend it. \m koit 



lots fer it, bcoz it Jal be: dat de 
skriptyHr mit be fulflld, bwiq set, 
Sa pqrted m^ rament amd{) dem, 
and fer mj vestyi^r da did kast 
lots. [Sqm22, 18.] Sezti^zd^r- 
for de soljerz did. 

25. IfKudsirstlidbidekrosov 
Jezus biz muder, and biz muderz 
Bi&ter, Mari de [wjf] ov Kl^ofas, 
'and Mari Magdalen. 

26. Hwen Jezus d^rfor so biz 
mnder, and de disjpl standi^) bj, 
ha>m be luvd, be set untu biz 
muder, Wutnan, bebold dj sUn! 

27. 3en set be tu de dis[pl, Be- 
hold di muder! And from dat vr 
dat dis^pl tuk b^r untm biz on 

28. t* Clfter dis, Jezus noif) dat 
p\ tiQZ w^r ms ak6inplirt, dat de 
skriptyi^r niit be fulfild [Sq,m 69, 
21], set, 4 t^rst. 

29. Ns d^r woz set a vesel ful 
ov vinegar: and da fild a spunj 
>vid vinegar, and put [it] up6n 
bisoi\ and put [it] tu biz mT^t. 

30. Hwen Jezus d^rfor bad 
resevd de vinegar, be sed, It iz 
finijt: and be b^d biz bed, and 
gav up de gost 

31. %3.t Ji^z d^rfor, bek6z it 
woz de preparajon, dat de bodiz 
Jud not reman upon de kros on 
de sabat da, (fer dat sabat da woz 
an bi da,) beset P^let dat d^r legz 
mjt be broken, and [dat] da. m^t 
be taken awa. 

' 32. Sen kam de soljerz, and 
brak de legz ov de f^rst, and ov de 
Tider bwic) woz krcDsif^d wid bim. 

33. But bwen da kam tu Jezus, 
and se dat be woz ded elredi, da 
brak not biz legz: 

34. But wun ov de soljerz wid 
a sper perst biz s^d, and fortwit 
kam d^r^t blud and weter. 

35. And bi dat se [it] bi^r rekord, 
and biz rekord iz tra>: and be noet 
dat lie set tra>, dat ye m^t beliv. 

36. Fer dez tigz w^r dun, dat 
de skriptynr Jud be fulfild, (1 
bon ov bim Jal not be broken. 
[Eks. 12: 46; Sqm 34: 20.] 

37. And agen anuder skriptynr 
set, 3a Jal luk on bim ba>in 6aL 
perst. [S(im 22: 16, 17.] 

38. IT And after dis Jozef ot 
Arimatea, bei^ a disjpl ov Jezus, 
but sekretli fer fer ov de Jx^z, be^ 
s4t Pjlet dat be mjt tak awd de 
bodi ov Jezus: and P^let gav 
[him] l^v. He kam d^ifpr, and 
tuk de bedi ov Jezus. 

39. And d^r kam elso NlkcaN. 
dem us, bwiQ at de f^rst kam tu. 
Jezus bj n^t, and bret a mikstyi^r 
ov m^r and aloz, ab^t an bundred 
p^nd [wat] 

40. aen tuk da de bodi ov Je- 
zus, and vrsnd it in linen klodz 
wid de spisez, az de maner ov de 
Ji|z iz tu beri. 

4L N^ in de plas bw^r be w^oz 
krcDsifjd d^r woz a gq,rdeu; and 
in de gqrden a nq, sepulkcr, bw^r- 
in woz never man yet lad. 

42. cT^r kd da Jezus d^rfor 
bek^z ov de Ji^z preparajon [da]; 
fer de sepalker woz ni at band. 

©APTBR 20. 

1. cTe f^rst [da] ov de wek 
kumet Mari Magdalen ^rli, bwen 
it woz yet dqrk, untu de sepul- 
ker, and seet de ston taken aw£ 
from de sepulker. 

2. Sen Je runet, and kumet tu 
S^mon Peter, and tu de uder dis- 
jpl, ba>m Jezus luvd, and set un- 
tu dem, Ha bav taken awa de 
Lord yt ov de sepulker, and we 
no not bw^r da bav lad bim. 

3. Peter ^rfor went fort, and 
dat uder dis^pl, and kam tu de 

4. So da ran bot itugeder: and 
de uder disipl, did vtrdn Petor, 
and Itam f ^t tu de sepulker." 



5. And he stcspi;) dvn, [and 
liakii) ifi], se de linen klodz l^ii); 
yet went be not in. 

6. Sen kumet Simon Peter 161- 
oiQ him, and went intu de sepul- 
ker, and seet de linen klodz Ij, 

7. And de napkin, dat woz ab^t 
liiz bed, not l^ii) widde linen klodz, 
but rapt tugeder in a plaB bi 

^. Sen went in elso dat uder 
disip], hwig kam f^rst tu de sep- 
nlker, and he se and belevd. 

9. Fer az yet da ni], not de 
BkriptyT^r, dat be must r^z agen 
from de ded. [Sqm 16: 10.] 

10. Sen de disiplz went awd 
iagen untu d^r on bom. 

11. iBut Marl stud wid^ at 
de sepulker wepig: and az Je 
wept, Je st(Dpt d^n, [and liokt] 
intu de sepulker, 

12. And seet ta> anjelz in hw^t 
siti^ de wun at de bed, and de 
uder at de fet^ bw%r de bodi ov 
Jezus bad Ian. 

13. And da sa untu b^r, Wum- 
an, Sbwi wepest dv. Se set untu 
dem, Bek^z da bar taken awd mi 
Lord, and i no not hw%r da hav 
lad him. 

14. And hwen Je had dus sed, 
Je turnd herself bak, and se Jezus 
standing, and nil ^^^ ^^ i^ ^^z 

1^. Jezus set untu b^r, Wum- 
an, Shw} wepest dv; ^b^m sekest 
d9. £e, supoziD him tu be de 
gcydner, set untu him, S^r, if ^ 
hav bom him bens, tel me hwqr 
6as hast kd him, and i wil tak 
him awa. 

16. Jezus set untu h^r, MarL 
Jj^ turnd herself, and set untu him, 
Haboni; hwi^ iz tu sa, Master. 

17. Jezus set untu b^r, Tuq 
me not; fer i am not vet asended 
tum^Fcider: but go tu mi bred- 
ren, and ta untu dem, S asend 

untu mi Fq,der, and yor Fader; 
and [tu] mi Ood, and yor God, 

18. Mari Magdalen kam and 
told de disiplz dat Je bad sen de 
Lord, and [dat] be had spoken 
dez tii)z untu b^r. 

19. irSen de sam da at evni{), 
beig de f^rst [da] ov de wek, hwen 
de dorz w^r Jut bws^r de disiplz 
w^r asembldfer ferov de Ji^z, kam 
Jezus and stud in de midst, and 
set untu dem, Pes [be] untu yd>. 

20. And hwen he had so sed, 
he Jod untu dem [biz] handz 
and biz sid. Sen w^r de disiplz 
glad, hwen da se de Lerd« 

21. Sen sed Jezus tu dem agen, 
Pes [be] untu jan az [mi] Fq,der 
hat sent me, even so send i ya>. 

22. And hwen be bad sed dis, 
be bredd on [dem], and set untii 
deiixiy Bes^v ye de Holi Crost: 

23. Ha>z soever sinz ye remit, 
da qx remited . untu dem; [and] 
ba>z soever [sinz] ye retan, da q^ 

24. ifBut Tomas, wun ov de 
twelv, keld Didimus, woz not wid 
dem hwen Jezus kam. 

25. Se uder disiplz d^rfor sed 
untu him. We hav sen de Lerd. 
But be aed tmtu dem, Eksept i 
Jal se in biz handz de print ov de 
nal^, and put mi finger intu de 
print ov de nalz, and trust mj 
band intu biz sid, i wil not beUv. 

26. ^And after at daz agen biz 
disiplz w^r widin, and Tomas wid 
dem: [den] kam Jezus, de dorz 
bei^ Jut) and stud in de midst^ 
and sed, Pes [be] untu yo). 

27. Sen set he tu Tomas, He^ 
bider di fii)ger, and behold mj 
handz; and reg bid^r di hand, ana 
trust [it] intu mi sid: and be not 
fatles, but belevig. 

28. And Tomas anserd and sed 
untu bim. Mi Lerd and nu God. 

29. Jezus set untu him^, TomaSi 


G08PEI* Oy JQN. 

t>ek4z (hs H^st sen me, dv hast 
beUvd : blesed [cir] da Aat hav 
tot sen, and [yet] hav beUvd. 

30. IT And meni uder sjnz trooli 
did Jezos in de prezens ov hiz dis- 
iplz, hwit) ctr not riten in dis buk: 

31. But dez cir riten, dat ye mit 
htUv dat Jczus iz de Krist, de 
Sun ov God; and dat belevip ye 
n4t hav l^f tro) hiz nam. 


1. (Ifter dez tigz Jeztis Jod 
himself agen tu de disfpU at de 
6e ov Tjberias ; and On fis wjz 
Jod he [himself.] 

2. a^r w§r tug^er SJmon Pe- 
ter, and Tomas keld Didimus, aud 
Natanael ov Kana in Galile, and 
de [sunz] ov Zebede, and tm uder 
ov hiz disjplz. 

3. Sjmon Peter set tmtu dem, 
^ go afijip. a[a sa nntu him, We 
©Iso go wid dL 3a went fort, 
and enterd intu a Jip im^dietli; 
and &it n^t da ket notii). 

. 4. But hwen de memi^j woz ms 
kum, Jezus stud on de Jor; but de 
disjplz nil ^^^ ^^ 1* ^oz Jczus. 
. 5. 3en Jezus set untia dem, 
Cildren, <!hav ye eni mftt Sa 
Duserd him, Ko. 

6. And he set untu dem, Kast 
de net on de rit s^d ov de fip, and 
ye Jal fjnd. SCa kast d^rror, and 
117 da wer not abl tu dre it for de 
multitn,d ov fijez. 

7. Sq,rfor dat dis^l h(Dm Jezus 
luvd se^ untu Peter, It iz de Lerd. 
K^ hwen Simon Peter herd dat it 
woz de Lerd, he g§rd [hiz] fijerz 
kot [untu him], (fer he woz na- 
ked,) and did kast himself intu 

8. And de uder disiplz kam in 
a litl fip; (jtei da wer not f ctr from 
land, but az it w§r to) hundred 
fatbits,) dragi^ de net wid fijer. 

* 9. Az scon 4en asi da wfr knrn 

tu land, da s^ a ^ or kolz dsit; 
and f ij lad di|r6n, and bred. 

10. Jezus set untu dem, Bri^ 
ov de fif hwiQ ye hav nw ket. 

11. Sjmon Peter went up, and 
dra> de net tu land fu! ov grat fij- 
ez, an hundred arid lift! and Ire: 
and fer el d^r w^r so me»i, yet 
woz not de net broken. 

12. % Jezus set untu dem, Kum 

Sand] d^n. And mm ov de dis^plz 
lurst ask him, ? Ho) qrt ^; Hoip 
dat it woz de Lerd. 

13. Jezus den kumet, and takel 
bred, and givet dem, and fijlikwiz. 

14j a!is iz nv de t^rd tim dat 
JezuD Jod himself tu hiz disjplz, 
after.dat he woz rizen from de ded. 

15. IT So iFwen ds had c^ad^ 
Jezus set tu Sjmon Peter, Sjmon, 
[sun] ov Jonas, ^luvest d» me 
mor dan dez. He siet untu hipa, 
Ya, Lerd; dy noest ^t j luv di. 
He set untu him. Fed mj lamz. 

16. He set tu him agen de ack- 
ond tjm, Sjnaon, [sim] ov Jonas, 
^ Invest d? me» He set untu him, 
Ya, Lerd; dy noest dat i luv de. 
He set untu him. Fed mj Jep. 

17. He set untu him de l^rd 
tjm, Sjmon, fsun] or Jonas, 1 luv- 
Qst dy me. Peter wqz grevd be- 
k6z he sed untu him <fe terd t|m, 
^ Luvest d» me. And he sed un. 
tu him, Lerd, d^ noest el ti^z ; 
d? noest d^t j luv de. Jeztxs sel 
untu iiim, Fed mj Jep. 

18. Verili, verili, j sa imta ^ 
hwen d?y west yuij, d?r g^dedst 
djself, and Svekedst hwider Q9 
wudst: but hwen dv^ Jalt be old, 
(bs Jalt fttreQ fort dj handz, and 
andder fal g^rd d^, and kari [de] 
h wider fe wudst not. 

19. His spak he, sfgniQip \^ 
hwot det he Jud glori^ Qod, 
And hwen he had s^Maken dis^ he 
set untu him, Folo mc 

20. aen Prten turnip ab^ aeel 



de disk»I hcDm Jezns Invd fdloip; 
iivriq eisQ lent on Iii2 brest at sup- 
er, aod Bed| Lord, ^ hwi^ iz M &t 
bctMeft d^. 

21. Feter sei^ him set tu J&- 
£ue, Lerd, and ^hwot [Jal] dis 
tnan [da>.] 

22. Jezus set untu him. If ; wll 
dat he tari til i kum, ^ hwot [iz 
dat} tu de, folo d7 me. 

23. Sea ^ent dis sIuq ahred 
ftmdD de bredren, dat d&t difiipl 
|ud not di: yet Jezus sed not 

untia him» He Jal not dj; bo^ If 

I vfi\ dat he tari til i kum, 9 kwot 
[ia dat} tu dc. 

24. ^ Sis iz de disjpl hwi^ t^ 
tifiefi ov dez tipz^ and rot dez ti{)z: 
and we no dat hiz testimoni iz 


25. And ds^ir qr olso meni uder. 
ti^ hwiQ Jezus did, de hwi^, if 
da Jud be riten everi wud, i supox 
dat evoQ d£ wnrld itself kud aoi 
kontan de buka dat Jud be ziten*. 



ae AETs ov ae aposlz. 


' 1. Se former tretis h4y i mad» 
o EeofiUis^ ov el dat Jezus beg^n 
bot tu da> ^d te^ 

2. Until de da in hwiQ he woz 
takoQ up) alter dat he irc& de HoU 
Gost h^ given komdndments un- 
tu de aposlz ha>m he had gozen: 

3. Tu ha>m elso l^e fod himself 
aliv after hiz pajon b^ meni infal- 
ibl pra>f8^ bei^ sen ov dem ferti 
daz, and ispekig ov de tinz pertan- 
ig tu de kigdom ov God: 

4. And| beig asembld tugeder 
wid [dem], komdnded dem dat da 
Jud notdep4ft from Jera>zalem, 
bat wat for de promis ov de Fq,der, 
hwig, [set he], ye hav h^rd ov me. 

5. For Jon tra>li baptjzd wid 
"^Oter; but ye Jal be baptjzd wid 
de Holi Gost not meni daz hens. 

6. Hwen da d^rfor w^r kum 
tugeder, da askt ov him, sai^ 
Locd| S wilt dv at dis t^m cestor 
aj(& de kiQdom tu 'tzra«L 

7. And he fed untu dem, It U 
not for ya> tu no de t^mz or da 
eezonz^ hwig de Fq,der hai piot in 
hiz on pyer. 

8. But ye Jal res^v pirer,. after 
dat de Holi Gost iz kum iip6n ^ca; 
and, ye Jal be witnesez untu ma 
bot in J^ra>zalem, and in el Ji^- 
dea, and in Samaria, and untU oa 
utermost pqrt ov de ert* 

9. And hwen he had spokeit 
tez ti^, hw^l da beheld^ he wo« 
taken up; and a Hisd resi^vd him 
3t ov d^r sjt. 

la IF And hwjjl da lukt sted- 
fdstli tord heven az he went U|v 
behold, ta> men stud lo^ dem ia 
hw^t aparel; 

11* Hwi^ elso, aed. Ye men or 
Galile, ^hwi stand ye gaziD up 
intu heven; die aam Jezus, hwi^ 
iz ^ken up from yo) intu heven, 
Jal so kum in I^k maner az ye hay 
sen him go intu haven. 

12. f Sen retiimd da imiu, 
Jercna^em from da mant k#14! 


]>ek4s (bs Iiwt neam^ dv hast 
bellvd : blesed [qr] (k <lat hav 
ftot sen, and [yet] hav bel^vd- 

30. t"And meni iider sinz tro&li 
did Jezos in ^e prezens ov hiz dis- 
iplz, hwiij ctr not riten in dis buk: 

31. But dez qr riten, dat ye mit 
htiiv dat Jezus iz de Kr^st, de 
gun ov God; and dat bclevip ye 
mjt hav l^f Iro) hiz nam. 


1. (Ifter de? Iigz Jezns Jod 
hims^f agen tu de disxplz at de 
68 ov Tiberias ; and on dis -w^z 
Jod he [himself.] 

2. aC^r w§r tug^er Sjmon Pe- 
ter, and Tomas keld Dldimus, and 
Katanael ov Kana in Galile^ and 
de [sunz 1 ov Zebede, and tO) uder 
ov hiz disjplz. 

3. Sjmon Peter set nntu dem, 
SB go afijip. GEa sa nntu him, We 
©Iso go wid dL Ea went fort, 
knd enterd intu a Jip imedietli; 
and ddt n^t da ket noth). 

4. But hwen de naemifl woz vlts 
kum, Jezuis stud on de for; but de 
disjplz ntj, not dat it troz Jezus. 

. 5. 3en Jezus set untu dem, 
€ildren, ^hav ye eni met 3!a 
cmserd him, Ko. 

6. And he set untu dem, Kast 
de net on de rit sjd ov de fip, and 
ye Jal fjnd. SCa kast djirrOr, and 
HIT da w^r not abl tu dre it fer de 
multit^d ov fijez. 

7. a^rfor dat disjpl hcom Jezus 
luvd set untu Peter, It iz de Lerd. 
K'sr hwen Simon Peter herd dat it 
woz de Lord, he g§rd [hiz] fijerz 
kot [untu him], (for he woz na- 
ked,) and did Kost himself intu 
de se. 

8. And de uder disiplz kam in 
a litl Jip; (for da wer not f ctr from 
land, but az it w^r to) hundred 
fatbits,) dragi^ de net wid fijer. 

* 91 Az tCQtn 4en a» da w^r Ijam 


tu land, da s^ a ffr ov kolz ^r^ 
and fij ted d%T6n, and bred. 

10. Jezus set untu dem, Briij 
ov de fiJ hwig ye hav ns kot. 

11. Sjtoon Peter went up, and 
dra> de net tu land ful ov grat fi/i 
ez, an hundred and fifti and fre: 
and for el d^r w^r so meni, yet 
woz not de ncft broken. 

12. ^ Jezus set untu dem, Knm 

Sand] d^n. And nun ov de di«jplz 
[ttrst ask him, <5 Ha> qrt 5»; ikwp 
dat it woz de Lerd. 

13. Jezus den kumet, and taket 
Iwed, and givet dem, and fijlikwjz. 

14^ ais iz n^f de t^rd tjm dat 
JezuS Jod himself tu hiz disjplz, 
after.dat he woz rizen from de ded. 

15. IT So iSVen da had d^nd, 
Jezus set tu S^mon Peter, Sjmou, 
[sun] ov Jonas, ^luvest d5 mc 
mor dan dez. He set untu hipi, 
Ya, Lord; dy noest ^t | luv di. 
He set untu him. Fed mj lamz. 

16. He set tu him agen de sek- 
ond tjm, Simon, [sun] ov Jonas, 
^ Invest &75 me. He set untu him, 
Ya, Lord; ^ noest dat i Juv de. 
He set untu him, Fed m| fep. 

17. He set untu him de ll^rd 
tjm, Sjmon, [sun] ov Jonas, f Inv- 
est &7S me. Peter wqz grevd be- 
k^z he sed untu him de terd tjm, 
^ Luvest ds^ me. And he sed un« 
tu him, Lerd, d^ noest el ti^z ; 
&^ noest d^t I luv d^. Jeztxs set 
untu him, Fed mj /ep. 

18. Verili, verili, % sa \mtvi 4^ 
hwen dy west yurj, d?r g<$rdedst 
djself, and wekedst hwftfer dar 
wudst: but hwen dv fait be old; 
dv Jalt fttreq fort dj handz, and 
amider fal gerd d^, and kaii [d^] 
hwider fe wudst not. 

19. His spak he, sfgniQiD bj 
hwot det he fud gloriQ God. 
And hwen he had spoken di% he 
set untu him, Folo me. 

20. actti Peten turnip abift^ asel 



de diskil b<Dm Jezns luvd f6k>ip; 
liwiQ Siso lent on his brest at sup- 
er, asd 8ed| Lerd, 5 hwi^ iz hi wA 
Ijcttdeft d^. 

21. Peter sei^ him set tu J&- 
sufl, Lerd, and Hhwot [Jal] dis 
man [do).] 

22. Jezu^ set untu lum, If ; wil 
tfat he tan til i kum, ?hwot £iz 
dat} tu d^, folo d? m& 

23. 3!ea 'went dis 8lut> abred 
itmdD djs bredren, dat d4t dis^pt 
Jud !iOt dj: yet Jezus sed XK)t 

untu him» He Jal not dj; buti II 

I wll dat he tan til | kum, 9 kwot 
[ia dat] tu dL 

24. ^ 3is iz de disjpl hwig t^ 
tifjet ov dez tigz^ and rot dez ti^z: 
and we no dal hiz testimoni i^ 

25. And di^r qr elso men! uder 
tipz hwig Jezas did, de hwi^, if 
da Jud be riten ev eri wun, i supoz 
dat even de wurld itself kud sot 
kontan de buks dat Jud be zitea*. 



as ARTS ov ae aposlz. 

' 1. Se fermer tretis hAv ^ mad, 
o Eeofikis, ov el dat Jezus began 
bot tu d(D and te^ 

2. Until de da in hwiQ he woz 
taken up^ alter dat he tr(& de Holi 
Gost had given komdndments unr 
tu de ap<SsIz h^m he had Qozen: 

3. Tu ha>m elso l^e fod himself 
aliv alter hiz pajon b^ men! infal- 
iU pra>fs^ beii) sen ov dem ferti 
daz, and spekig ov de tinz pertan- 
iQ tu da ki|;)dom ov God: 

4. And, beig asembld tugeder 
wid [demj, komdnded dem dat da 
Jud Dotdepcirt from Jercozalem, 
but wat ler de promis ov de Fqder, 
hwifl, [set he], ye hav h§rd ov me. 

5. Fer Jon tra>li bapt^zd wid 
wetcr; but ye Jal be baptjzd wid 
de Holi Gost not meni daz hens. 

6. Hwen da d^rfor w^r kum 
tugeder, da askt ov him, sain, 
Lesd, ^wilt dv at dis tjoi i«stor 
ag!& de ki^dom tu 'IzratL 

7. And he ted untu dem, It U 
not for ya> tu no de t^mz or de 
sezonz, hwig de Fq,der hat put in 
hiz on p3er. 

8. But ye Jal reslv p^er, after 
dat de Holi Gost iz kum up^n yo); 
and ye tal be witnesez untu me 
bot in Jera>zalem, and in ol JH' 
dec, and in Samaria, and untu da 
utermost pq^t ov de ^rt. 

9. And hwen he had spokeik 
d^z ti^, hw j^l da beheld, he wos 
taken up; and a kl^d resi^vd him 
si ov d^r sjt. 

1(X % And hwj} da lukt sted- 
fastli tord heven az he went U|v 
behold, hh men stud 14 dem in 
hw^t aparel; 

11» Hwi^ elso. aed, Te men or 
Galile, ^hw; stand ye gazip up 
intu heven; dis sam Jezus, hwi^ 
iz laken up from yQ intu heven, 
Jal so kum in Ijk maner az ye hay 
sen him go intu heven. 

12. f Sen retiimd da untu . 
J!erak2^em firom de mvat ktl4.' 



l>elL4z tv h2ift sennit, &e hast 
beUvd : blesed nc;r] 6& (lat har 
^ot sen, and [yet] hav bel^vd. 

30. •irAnd meni uder sjnz tro&li 
did Jezus in de prezens ov hiz dis- 
iplz, hwi^ q,r not riten in dis buk: 

31. But dcz ctr riten, dat ye mit 
beUv dat Jeziis iz &b Kr^st, de 
gun ov God; and dat belerig yc 
m^t hav Ijf Iro) hiz nam. 


1. (Ifter de? tigz Jezns Jod 
himself agen tu de dis|plz at de 
fie ov Tiberias ; vid on dis w^z 
Jod he [himself.] 

2. a^^r w§r tugMer Simon Pe- 
ter, and Tomas keld BidimnjS, an.d 
Natanael ov Kana in Galile, and 
de [sunz] ov Zebede, and tO) uder 
ov hiz disiplz. 

3. Sjmon Peter sefft untu dem, 
SB go afijip. a[a sa nntu him, We 
©Iso go wid dL Ha went fort, 
and enterd intm a Jip imcdietli; 
and ddt n^t da ket notii). 

4. But hwen de merni^ woz ms 
kum, Jezus stud on de Jor: but de 
disiplz nil ^^^ ^^ ^^ ^^2 Jezus. 

. 5. aen, Jezus set tmtu dem, 
Cildren, <!hav ye eni mtt 8[a 
anserd him, Ko. 

6. And he set untu dem, Kast 
de net on de rit sjd ov de Jip, and 
ye Jal f^nd. Ha kast d^rr<S)r, and 
tor da w§r not abl tu dre it for de 
xnultitud ov fijez. 

7. aq,rfor dat disjpl hcom Jezus 
luvd set untu Peter, It iz de Lerd. 
K5 hwen Simon Peter herd dat it 
woz de Lerd, he g§rd [hiz] fijerz 
kot [untu him], (for he woz na- 
ied,) and did kast himself intu 
de se. 

8. And de uder disjplz kam in 
a litl Jip; (for da wer not fey from 
land, but az it wer to) hundred 
kiibits,) dxagi^ de net wid- fijey. 

tu land, da SQ a ^ ov kolz di|T; 
and f ij ted da^rdn, and bred. 

10. Jezus set untu dem, Bri|j 
ov de fij hwig ye hav n^r kot 

11. Simon Peter went up, and 
dra> de net tu land ful ov grat fif- 
ez, an hundred and fifti and fre: 
and for el di^r wer so meaii, yet 
woz not de net broken. 

12. t^ Jezus set untu dem, Kum 
[and] dju. And nun ov de dtsi{^z 
durst ask him, ^ Ho) qrt ^; noip 
dat it woz de Lerd. 

13. Jezus den kumet, and takei 
bred, and givet dem, and fi/ljkwjz. 

14^ aCis iz ny de t^rd tim ftat 
Jezus Jod himself tu hiz disjplz, 
after.dat he woz rizen from de ded. 

15. IT So iSVen 6a had dind, 
Jezus set tu Simon Peter, Sjmon, 
[sun] ov Jonas, ^luvest dy me 
mor dan dez. He set untu hi(n, 
Ya, Lerd; dy noest dat j luv dL 
He set untu him. Fed mj lamz. 

16. He set tu him agen de gek- 
ond tjm, Simon, [sun] ov Jonas, 
^ Invest dir me* He set untu him, 
Ya, Lerd; ds noest dat i luv de. 
He set untu him, Fed m| fep. 

17. He set untu him oe Herd 
tjm, Sjmon, [sun] ov Jonas, fltiv- 
est dy me. Peter wqz grevd be- 
k^z he sed untu him de terd 1$m« 
^ Luvest dy me. And he sed un- 
tu him, Lerd, d? noest el ti^z ; 
d? noest d^t I luv di. JezQs set 
untta him, Fed mi /ep. 

18. Verili, verili, j sa t«|t«i 4(, 
hwen d^ west yuij, d» fffrdeUst 
djself, and wekedst hwSfer (hr 
wudst: but hwen dv fait be old, 
(bs Jalt Atreq fort dj handz, and 
andder fal gerd d^ and kari [M] 
h wider is wudst not. 

19. His spak he, signifjlf) bj 
hwot det he Jud glcmQ Qod. 
And hwen he had spoken 6aB, he 
set untu him, FOI0 me. 

20. aen Peter, turnip aH^ aeel 



de disu»I luDm Jezns luvd f^loip; 
li^Q eis& lent on hi2 brest at sup- 
er, aod sed| Lerd, ^ hwiq iz hi dat 
bctMeb di. 

21. Peter seiD him set tu Je^ 
Kus, Lord, and ^hwot [Jal] dis 
ibaan [da>.] 

22. JezuS set tintu him, If j wil 
dat he tari til | kum, ^ hwot [iz 
dat} tu de^ folo d? ms. 

23. SEea 'Went dis slut) ahred 
ftmdD diB bredren, dat d4t disipt 
Jud not d^: yet Jezus sed i^t 

untu him^ He ^al not dj; buti H 

I wil dat he tan til i kum, % kwot 
[iz dat] tu de. 

24. ^ Sis iz de dis^pl hwig 1^ 
tifjet ov dez tigz, and rot dez ti{)z: 
and we no dat hiz testimoni iz 

25. And dsir q;t elso meni uder 
tit)z hwiq Jezus did, de hwig, if 
da Jidd be ritea everi wun, i svqpoz 
dat even de wurld itself kud aoi 
kontan de buka dat Jud be nten» 


ae AETS ov ae aposlz. 



' 1. STe fermer tretis h^v i taad, 
o Eeofikis, ov el dat Jezus began 
bot tu da> and te<3, 

2. iTntil de da in hwiQ he woz 
taken up^ alter dat he tr<D de Holi 
Oost hayd given komdndmentsunr 
tu de aposlz ha>n^ he had gozea: 

3. Tu ha>m elso l^e Jod himself 
aliv after hiz pajon b^ meni inf al- 
ibi pnafs^ beii) sen ov dem ferti 
daz, and spekig ov de tinz pertan- 
ig tu de kipdom ov God: 

4. And, beig asembld tugeder 
wid [dem}, komdnded dem oat da 
Cud Dotdep4rt from Jera>zalem, 
but ^^at ler de promis ov de Fqder, 
hwi^, [set he], ye hav h§rd ov me, 

5. Fer Jon tra>li baptjzd wid 
weter; but ye Jal be baptjzd wid 
de Holi Goat not meni daz hens. 

6. Hwen da d^rfor w^r kum 
tugeder, da oskt ov him, sain, 
Locd^ S wilt dv at dis tjm cestor 
ag$ii de ki)4om tu 'tzra«L 

7. And he aed untu dem, It U 
not fer y<D tu no de t^mz or dt 
aezonz^ hwig de Fq,der hat put in 
hiz on piser. 

8. But ye Jal reslv p^er, after 
dat de Holi Gost iz kum upon ya>; 
and. ye fal be witnesez untu ne 
bot in Jer(Dzalem, and in el J^* 
dec, and in Samaria, and untuoa 
utermost pcirt ov de ^rt. 

9. And hwen he had sp<bkeiir 
dez ti^, hwjl da beheld, he wos 
taken up; and a kl^d resi^vd him 
zft ov d^r sjt. 

1(X IF And hw jl da lukt sted- 
fastli tord heven az he went upi^ 
behold, ta> men stud 14 ^^ ^^ 
hw^t apdrel; 

Ih Hwi^ elso aed, Te men or 
Galile, ^hw; stand ye gazlf) up 
intu heven; dis sam Jezus, hwiQ 
iz Itaken up from yo intu heven, 
Jal so kum in Ijk maner az ye hav 
sen him go intu heven. 

12. t^aen retdrnd da untu 
Jera^lJem from de mvnt k^Ui 


AKT8 OV as AP0SL2. 

Oli^et^ hvriq iz from JerAzalem a 
sabat daz jurni. 

13. And hwen da w^r kum in, 
da went up intu an uper ra)m, 
Hwi^r abcSd bot Peter, and Jamz, 
and Jon, and Andro), Filip, and 
Tomas, Bq^61omii, and Mati|, 
Jamz [de sun] ov Alfeus, and Si- 
mon Zelotez, and Jqdas [de brud- 
er] ov Jamz. 

14. 3[ez el kontinynd wid wun 
akdrd in pn^r and suplikajon, wid 
de wimen, and Marl de muder ov 
Jezns, and wid hiz bredren. 

15. IT And in doz daz Peter 
stud up in de midst ov de dis^plz, 
and sed, (de number ov de namz 
tiog^er w^r ab^ an hundred and 

16. Men [and] bredren, dils 
Bkriptyi^ rSq,m 41: 9] must nedz 
hay bin lullild, hwig de Holi 
Gps^ b^ de mT^t.ov David spak 
1>^6r kons^rnig Ji^das, hwig woz 
^d tu dem dat tiak Jezus. 

17. For he woz numberd wid 
us, and had obtand pqrt ov dis 

18. N^ dis man purqest a feld 
wid de reward ov inikwiti ; and 
f&lig hedlop, he burst asiinder in 
de midst, and el hiz b^elz gujt 7t. 

19. And it woz non untu el de 
dwelerz at Jercozalem; InsomiiQ 
az dat feld iz keld in d^r proper 
tug, Aseldama, dat iz tia sa, Se 
feld ov blud. . 

' 20. Fer it iz riten in de biak ov 
Sqmz, Let hiz habitajon be des- 
olet, and let no man dwel d^rin 
[Sqm 69: 25]: and hiz W/oprik 
let antider tak. [Sqm 109: 8.] 

21. Hw^rfor ov dez men hwig 
hav kumpanid wid us el de tyn 
dat de Lord Jezus went in and Tst 
amiig us, 

22. BeginiD from de baptizm ov 
Jpn, untu dat sam da dat he woz, 
iiikvk up from us, must wun be 

erddnd tu be a witnes wi<f us 07 
hiz rezurekjon. 

23. And da apemted ta>, Jozef 
keld Bqrsabas, Yim woz suniamd 
Justus, and Matjas. 

24. And 'da prad, and sed, *I^ 
Lerd, hwig noest de hq,rts ov el 
[men], fo hweder ov &z ta> dar 
hast gozen, 

25. 3at he ma tak pqrt ov dis 
ministri and apdslfip, from hwi^ 
Ji^das b| transgrejon fel, dat lis 
m^t go tu hiz on plas. 

26. And da gav for^ da^r lots; 
and de lot fel upon Mat^as; and 
he W02 numberd wid de eleven 


1. AndhwendedaovPentekost 
woz fuli kum, da w§r el wid wun 
akSrd in* wun plas. 

2. Andsudenii As^t kam a sirnd 
from heven az ov a Tujig m^ti 
wind, and it fild el de h^s hw^r 
da w§r sitii). 

3. And ^r ap^rd untu dem klo- 
ven tupz l^k az ov f^r, and it sat 
up<Sn eg ov dem. 

4. And da wer el fild wid de 
Holi Gost, and began tu spek wid 
uder tUQz, az de Spirit gav dem 

5. Andd^r w^r dweli^ at Jera>- 
zalem J^z, devi^-t men, ^t ov ev- 
eri nafon under heven. 

6. In 7? hweri dis woz nerzd abr^dj 
de multitq^d kam tugeder, and w$r^ 
konfynded, bek^z dat everi man 
h§rd dem spek in hiz on laggwej. 

7. And da w^r el amazd and 
mq,rveld, saip wun tu aniider. Be- 
hold, ^qr not el dez hwig spek 

8. And ^h^ her we everi man' « 
in ST on tup, hwq.rin we w^ 

9. Pqrftianz, and Medz, and £1- 
amits, and de dwelerz ia Mesopo- 



temia, and ixL Jt^dea, and Kapa- 
dojia, in Pontus, and Crjia, 

10. Frijia, and Pamf ilia, in Cjipt, 
and in de pq,rts ov Libia aWt Sj- 
rene, and stranjerz ov Rom, J^z 
and proseljts, 

11. Krets and Arabianz, we da> 
lier dem spek in sr tu^z de wun- 
derfuxl wurks oy God. 

12. And da w§r el amdzd, and 
xr^r in d^t, saifl wnn tu andder, 
1 Hwot menet dis. 

13. Uderz mokip Bed, 3[ez bien 
q;r ful ov nil wjn. 

14. t'But Peter, stand i^ up wid 
de eleven, lifted up hiz vers, and 
Bed untu dem, Ye men ov Jiidea, 
and el [ye] dat dwel at Jercozalem, 
be dis non untu yen, a&d hcprken 
tu mi wurdz : 

15. Fer dez qr not drupken, az 
ye supoz, seif) it iz [but] de t^rd 
"sr ov de da. 

16. But dis iz 6&t bwig woz 
Bpoken bi de profet Joel; 

17. And it fal kum tu pas in 
de last daz, set God, i wil por si 
ov mi Spirit up<5n el flej: and 
ya>r sunz and ycor deterz Jal prof- 
esi, and ya)r yu^men Jal se vijonz, 
and ycor old men Jal drem dremz: 

Id. And on mj servants and on 
m^band madenz i wil por Tst in doz 
daz ov mi Spirit; and & Jal profesj; 

19. And i wil Jo wunderz in 
heven abdv, and s^nz in de ^rt 
ben^t; blud, and Qr, and vapcnr 
ov smok. 

20. Se sun Jal be tumd intu 
dq^rknes, and de mam intu Und, 
bef or dat grat and notabi da ov de 
Lard kum: 

21. And it Jal kum tu pas, [dat] 
bcDsoever Jal kel on de nam ov de 
Lerd Jalbesavd. [Joel 2: 28—32.] 

22. Ya men ov Izracl, her dez 
wurdz; Jezus ov Kazaret, a man 
apr<Dvd ov God amu{) ya> b^ mir- 
lilz and' wunderz and sinz, hwic 


God did bi him in de midst or 
ya>, az ye ycDrselvz elso no: 

23. Him, Ix)^ dellverd bi da 
det^rminet kirnsel knd fom61ej ov 
God, ye hav taken, and b} wiked 
handz hav kroosifid and alan: 

24. Ha>m God hat razd up, bavin 
la>st de panz ov det: bek^z it woz 
not posibl dat he Jud be liolden 
ov it 

25. Fer David speket kona^rn- 
i^ him, $ {ors6 de Lerd elwaz be- 
for mj fas, fer he iz on m^ ijt 
hand, dat [ Jud not be m(Dvd: 

26. S[%rfor did m^ hqjt rej^ 
and m^ tug woz glad: moroveir 
elso na| fief Jal rest in hop: 

27. Bek^z dv wilt not lev mj 
sol in hel, neder wilt dv suf er d^n 
Holi Wun tu se korupjon. 

28. iLv hast mad non tu me de 
waz ov Ijf; ds Jalt mak me^ful 
ov jcr wid (" 
16; 8-11.] 

ov jer wid d^ kvntenana. {Sqpi 

29. Men [and] bredren, let me 
freli spek untu ya> ov de patricLrk 
David, dat he iz hot ded and 
berid, and hiz sepulker iz wid us 
untu dis da. 

30. 3[^rfor beig a pxofet, and 
noi|} dat God had sworn wid an 
ot tu him, dat ov de froot ov hiz 
lemz, akerdi^ tu de fle|, he'wud 
raz up Kr^st tu sit on hiz tron; 

31. He sei^ dis befor spak ov de 
rezurekjon ov Kr^st, dat hiz sol 
woz not left in hel^ neder hiz flej 
did se korupjon. 

32. 3!is Jezus hat God r^zd up^ 
hwv<5f we el qr witnesez. 

33. 3^rfor bei© bj de rjt hand 
ov God egzelted^ and havip res^vd 
ov de Fqder de promis ov de Holi 
Gost, he hat Jed fort dis, hwiq ye 
nv se and her. 

34. Far David iz not asended 
intu de hevenz: but he set him- 
self, G[e Lerd sed untu mj Lerd| 
Sit dv on mi qt hand, 


AKTS ay as ATOS^z. 

35. Unta i mak di £oz dj fui- 
»ta)l..fS<im 110: 1.1 

36. ^^rfor let el it hm ov It- 
nel no ajiiredii, dat Qod hat mad 
dat sam Jezas^ luBm ye hav kroDr 
Kfid, bot Lord and Kr^st. 

37. ^'Sv hwen da h§rd [^1 
4s WQf piikt in d%r hqrt, and sod 

1. Kv Peter vkd Jon wm>tr up 
tugedar intu de tempi at de if< ot 
prar, n>cip] de nint [^r.} 

2. And a s^rten man lam from. 
hiz muderi^ wcnm woz karid,'ka>ni 
da lad daii at dbs gat ot de lemjjil 

iintu Peter and tu de rest ov defhwiQ iz keld Bi^tlfial, tu ask qjxkz 

ap6stz, Men [aaad] bredren, ? bwot 
Jftl we da>. 

38. 3eu Peter sed iintu dem» 
Bepent, and be baptjzd ever! won 
ov ycD in de nam ov Jezue Kiist 
fer de renufon ov sinz» and ye jal 
res^ de ^t ov de Holi Godt. 

39. Fer de promls iz untu ya>, 
and tu y<nr Qildren, «Bd tu el dat 
^ af(lr of, [even] az meni az de 
Lerd tt Gh>d /al kel. 

. 40. And wid meni ader wurdz 
8ii lie testlQ and egzdrt^ saip, Sav 
ycnrselvz from dia imtoord jener- 

41.. lUen da dat g^adE res4vd 
liiz ward w^r bs^t^zd: and de sam 
da d^T w^r aded [untu dem] abit 
ire i5zand solz. 

42. Anddakcmtinytidstedfastli 
in de S4>68lz doktrin and lelpjip, 
and in bmkip ov bred, and in 

43. And fer kam up6n even 
sol: and meni wunderz and s^nz 
.w^r dan b^ de ap6slz. 

44. And el dat beUvd w§r'ha- 
g^er, and bad et tipz komon; 

• 45. And sold (far pozejonz and 
gudz, and pc^rted ^m tu el [men], 
az even man had ned. 

46. And da, kontinyi^il) dali wid 
wan ak6rd in de tempi, and braki^) 
bred from b-s^s tu h?s, did et ds[r 
met wid gladnes and si^lnes ov 

47. Prazi^ God, and havin fk- 
Tor wid el de pepl. And de Lord 
aded tu de qxaq^ dali suq az Jud 

ov dem dat enterd intu dQ tecapl; 

3. Ho) self) Peter and Jon 'an^ 
tu go intu & tempi askt an qma» 

4. And Peter, fosnio kiz i» ap- 
6n him wid Jon^ sed, Luk on 9& 

5. And he gav bed UBtu ^^m, 
ekspekti^ tu resiiv sumliQ ov ^m, 

6. Sen Peter £ed, Silver aoA 
gold hav I nun; bpit su^ az i kaF 
giv I de: In de nam ov J^ua 
Kr^st ov NazareH i^z up and wek. 

7. And he tuk him b^ da i^ 
hand, and lifted [him] up: ana 
imMletli hiz fet and ag]U Ixjons 
resi^vd stiex)i« 

8. And he lepijj Xfg etud^ anii 
wekt, and enterd wtd aem inti« da 
tenipl, Wekig, an^^pi^andjpra^ 
ip God, 

9. And et de pepl se him wek- 
ip and prazip Oodt 

10. And da ni( dat it woz he 
hwi^ sat fer qmz at de Biijdfiiil 
gat ov de tempi: and da w^r fild 
wid wander and amazment 2i dat 
hwiq had hapend iintu.him. 

11. And az de laik msm hwio 
woz held held Pet6r and Jon, el 
de pepl ran tugeder tmtii dem in 
de porQ dat iz keld SiSIomonz, 
gratli wunderip. 

12. IT And hwen Peter se [it j 
he anderd untu de pep!, Te men 
ov 'Izrael, Hhwi mqrvel ye atdisj 
er ?hw| luk ye so ^estlt on u% 
az do b} 7r on p^er er holinei 
we had tnad dis man tu wek. 

13. 3jr God ov Sbraham, and 
ov feak, and ov Jakob,* de Gfod 
ov sr f qjderz^ hat glorif j^ hia SuA 



Jez^; lunm yz dd^verd up, ^od 
dez^d him in de prezens ov Pjle^ 
hwea he woz aet$nnind tui let 
[bim] £fi>. 

14. But ye denid de Holi WuB, 
and de Just, «Qd dezjrd a mur 
derer tu be granted untu yco; 

15. And kild de Prine ot Ijf, 
lunm God hat mzd from de ded; 
hvsir6f we qr witnesez* 

1((. And biz nam tio^ fat in biz 

.luup hat m^d dU man str^ hAm 

ye se and no: ya» de fat hwic i^ 

D| bim bat given him dis p^nekt 

svndn^s in de prezena ay y<n el. 

17, And nSy bredren, i wot dat 
tnA ignerans ye did [it],, az [did] 

^ -elao ya>r ra>lerz« 

18. But doz ti^» bwi^ God 
befor bad Jod bi de mvt ov el 
kiz profets, dat Eijst jiad sufei, 
lie bat so fvilfild. 

IS. iBepent ye d^rfor, and be 
kon verted, a%t ya>r einz ma be blot- 
ed ztf bwen de t^mz ov refrefi;^ Jal 
kum from de prezens ov de JLerd; 

2D. And he Jal send Jezus Krj^t, 
kwic befor woz pregt untu ya»: 

2i. H<Dm de heven must resjv 
tmtil de tpnz ov restitufon ov el 
tiQz, hwic God hat spoken b| de 
mvt ov el biz holi profeta sins de 
wnrld begin. 

22. Per Mozez tra>li sed untu 
de fq,derz, Q profet Jal de Lerd 

Ca>r God laz up untu y<D ov ya>r 
redreUj l|k untu me; nim Jal ve 
ber in el ti^z bwotsoever he jal 
sa untu ya>. 

23. And it Jal kum tu pas, 
[dat] even sol, hwic wil not her 
mt profet, Jal be aestr^rd from 
amti{|depepL TDnt 18: 16, 19.] 
' 24. Ta, and el de profets from 
S&myi^el and doz dat folo after, 
az meni az hav spoken, hav l[k< 
wfz fortold ov dez daz. 

25. Te <(r de Qildren ov de 
pofetBi uid ov de k^veo^t bwin^ 

God mad wid wr lqde]9> iai||i|Btu 
Qbraham, And in 4| sed Jal el de 
kindreds ov da «rl to blest 
[Jon. 22: la] 

26. Untu ycfr f^rst God, fasrvin 
razd up biz Sun Jezus^ seat bim 
tu bles ya>, in turnip awd averi 
wun ov ya> from biz uukwitiz. • 


1. And az da apek untu de 
pepl, de presta^ and de hapten ov 
de tempi, and de Sadyi^wz, kam 
updn dem, 

2. BeiQ grevd dat da t«t de 
pepl, and preqt tnn Jezua de re«- 
urekjon from de ded. 

3. And da lad handz on dem, 
and pxot [dem] in hold untu da 
nekst da: for it woz nv event^, 

4. Hvbeit meni ov dam hwi^ 
h^rd de wurd bel^vd; and denom* 
ber ov men woz ab^t Qv tvzand. 

5. irAnd it kam tu pot on de 
moro^ dat d^r iia>lerz, vid eUerx^ 
and skr^bz, 

6. And Anas de 14 vnst, end 
Kaafas, and Jon, and Aleksander, 
and az meni as w^r ov de kindred 
ov de hj prest^ w^ gaderd *^'\g»4^T 
at JercDzalem. 

7. And hwen da bad set dem is^ 
de midst, da askt, S B^ bwot P99tf 
er 14 hwot nam, hav ye dun dis. 

8. aen Peter, fild wid de Holi 
Gost, sed untu dem. Ye rolera 
ov de pepl, and elderz ov Izrael, 

9. tf we dis da be egzimind ov 
de gud ded dun tu de impotent 
man, I4 hwot i^enA he iz mad 

10. Be it non untu va el, end 
tu el de pepl ov 'Iziael, dat b^ da 
nam ov Jezus Erjst ov Kazaret, 
hcDm ye krowsi&i, ha>m God mzd 
from de ded, reven] b| him do^ 
dis man stand her buor y4» boi . 

11. Sis iz de ston bwi^ woa. 
8«4 at net Qv jm bild^n^ ~ 



Iiefcdm <fB Bed or de kemer. 
[Sam 118: 22J 

12. Neder iz ds^r salvafon in 
eni uder: fer di^r iz nun nder nam 
tinder heven giyen bxo&q men, 
hw%tb( we must be savd. 

13. tNtt hwcn da se de bold- 
nefl or Peter and Jon, and persivd 
dat da w^r unl^med and ignorant 
men, da mqrveld; and da tuk nolej 
OY dem, dat da had Inn vid Jezns. 

14. And beholdip de man hwig 
woz held standip wid dem, da 
kud sa noti^ agenst it 

15. But hwen da had komdnd- 
ed dem tu go asjd 7t or de kTirn- 
sil, da konf^rd amd^ demselvz. 

16. Saip, ^Hwot Jal we ddo tu 
dez men; tor dat indM a notabl 
mirakl hat bin dan bi dem [iz] 
manifest tu el dem dat dwel in 
Jera>zalem; and we kan not den^ 

• 17, But dat it spred no f urder 
mr6cQ de pepl, let us stratli treten 
dem, dat da spek hensfort tu no 
man in (Hs nam. 

' 18. And da keld dem, and 
komdnded d^m not tu spek at el 
her te^in de nam ov Jezus. 

. 19. But Peter and Jon anserd 
fed sed untu dem, Hweder it be 
lit in de sjt ov God tu hqrken un- 
tu ya> mor dan untu God, juj ye. 

20. Per we kan not but spek de 
tiljz hwiq wfc hav sen and b$rd. 

21. So hwen da had furder 
tretend dem, da. let dem go, iPindiD 
nbtif) hv da m^t punij dem, bek^z 
6r 6b pepl: fer el [men] glorifjd 
God fer dat hwig woz dun, 

- 22. Fer d4' man woz abdv ferti 
yerz old, on hinm dis mirakl ov 
kelrp woz fod. 

- 23. IT And bei^ let go, da went 
ttad^ron kumpani, and reported 
el ^t de Qef prests and elderz sed 
untu dem. 

' 21k And'hweix da h^rd ddt^ (!la 

lifted up d^r vers ta Qod wi(f 'fcim 
ak^td, and sed, Lord; is [qrtJ^God, 
hwlQ hast mad heven, and 91!, and 
de se, and el dat in dem iz: 

25. Ha> hi de m^ ov d^ servant 
David hast sed, ^ Hw^ did de heden 
raj, and de pepl imajin van tipz. 

26. Se la^z ov de ^rd stiad up, 
and de rd>lerz w^r gaderd tiagedor 
agenst de Lord, and agenst hlz 
Krist [S<im 2: 1, 2.] 

27. Per ov a tra>t agenst ^ 
hoH cjjid Jezus, ha>m ds hast 
anented, hot Herod, and Pontius 
P^let, wid de Jentjlz, and de pepl 
ov 'Izrael, w^ gaderd tugeder^ . 

28. Per tu da> hwotsoever d| 
hand and dj kvnsel det$rmind be- 
for tu be dun. 

29. And nv, Lerd, heboid d%r 
tretni^z: and grant untu d^ ser- 
vants, dat wid el boldnea da ma 
spek dj wurd, 

30. B^ streqi^ fort d;in hand tia 
hel; and dat s^nz and wuaderz 
ma be dun b| de nam ov d^ hoH 
^id Jezus. 

31. IfAnd hwen da had prad* 
de plas woz Taken hwar da w$r 
asembld tugeder; and da w^r ei 
fild wid de Hpli Gost, and da spak 
de wurd ov God wid boldnes. 

32. And de multitq,d ov dem 
dat beUvd w^r ov wun hqrt and 
ov wun sol: neder sed eni [pv 
dein] dat et ov de tigz hwi^ Im 
pozest woz hiz on; but da had, el 
tipz komon. . . 

33. And wid-grat pirer gav de 
ap6slz witnes ov de rezurekjon 
ov de I^erd Jezus: and grat gzaa 
woz up6n dem el« 

31. Neder woz d^r eni aind|) 
dem dat lakt: fer az meni az w^ 
pozesorz pv landz er h^zez sold 
dem, and bret de pr^sez ov de tipz 
dat w§r sold, 

35« And lad fdemj.di^n at'de 
ftp^stz fet: atid distribqjoh wox 

ACTS, or ae afoslz. 


mud tult^ eTerim>A ak^rdig az 
be had ned. 

36. And JTozez, hcD b[de ap6slz 
woz surofusid Bqniabas, (hwi^ iz, 
beiu interpreted, 3e sun ov kon» 
solafon,) a Lcvjt [andl ov dc 
Ituntri ov Sipnis, 
* 37. Havij) land, sold [it], and 
bret de muni, and lad [it] at de 
ap6sl2 f et. 


1. But a s^rten man namd An- 
^{as, wid Safjra biz wj^f, sold a 

2. And kept bak [pqrtj ov dc 
Tnri», Kiz wjf olso beip pnvi [tu 
it], and bret a s^rten pq,rt, and lad 
[it J at de apdslz let. 

3. But Peter sed, Ananias, Shw^ 
bat Satan fildd^nhqrttu 14 tu de 
Holi Oost, and tu kep bak [pq^t] 
ov de pr^s ov de land. 

. 4. . Hw^lz it remand, ^ woz it not 
d^n on; and after it woz sold, 
1 woz it not in djn on p^yer; ^hwj 
bast &v konsevd dis tif) in d^n 
bqrt; d^ hast not Ijd untu men, 
but untu God. 

5. And Ananias hzxli^ dez wurdz 
fel d^n, and gav up de gost: and 
gtat f er kam on el dem dat h^rd 
5ez ti^z. 

' 6. And de y\XQ men aroz, wiynd 
bim up, and karid [him] 3t, and 
berid [him.] 

7. And it iroz ab^t de spas ov 
%rt vrz after, hwen hiz w^f, pot 
xioio hwot woz dun, kam in. 

8. And Peter onserd uutu h^r, 
I'el me hweder ye sold de land for 
so mufi : and Je sed, Ya, for so muQ. 
* 9. aen Peter sed untu h§r, ^ Hs 
iz it dat ye hav agr^d tugeder tu 
temt de spirit ov de Lord; behold, 
de fet ov dem hwiq hav berid di 
huzband [q,r] at de dor, and J J 
k^ d^ 7tL 

10; Sen fel fe dvn 

and de yup men k^m in, and fvnd 
h^r ded, and, kariip [h§r] fori, 
berid [h^r] bj h^r huzl^nd. 

11. AiicL grat fer kam upon 0I 
de QurQ, and upon az meni az h^rd 
dez ti{)z. 

12. tf And b} de bandz ov df 
apdslz w^r meni s^nz and wunderz 
ret ami^D de pepl; (and da w^r el 
wid wun akerd in S61omonz por^. 

13. And ov de rest durst no 
man jern himself tu dem: but de 
pepl magnifjd dem. 

14. And beUverz w^r de mot 
aded tu de Lerd, multiti^dz bot 
ov men and wimen;) 

15. InsomuQ dat da bret fort 
de sik intu de strets, and lad 
[dem] on bedz and kvqez, dat at de 
lest de Jado ov Peter pasig b^ m^t 
overjddo sum ov dem. 

16. S^r kam elso a multitqd 
[-^t] ov de sitiz r^nd abi^t untu 
JercDzalem, bri^D sik foks, and 
dem hwiQ w^r vekst wid unkUn 
spirits: and da w^r held even wun. 

17. jQ.en de h^ prest i^oz up^ 
and el da dat w^r wid him, (hwiq 
iz de sekt ov de Sadyi]^z,) ana 
w^r fild wid indignafon, 

18. And lad ^r.handz on de 
ap6s1z, and put dem in de komozi 

19. But de anjel ov de Jjerd In 
n^t opend de prizon dorz, anq 
bret dem toTt^ and sed, 

20. Go, stand and spek in de 
tempi tu de pepl el de wurdz oy 

21. And hwen da h^rd [ditl 
da enterd intu de tempi frli tn de 
memi{), and tet. But de h^ prest 
kam, and da dat w'^r wid hi?!, and 
keld de kurnsil iugeder, and el de 
senet ov de gildren ov 'Izrael, and 
sent tu de prizon tu hav dem bret. 

22. But hwen de ofiserz kam-, 
and f 9nd dem not in de prizon, d^ 

hiz f et^ ^d juded up de gost: retdrnd, and told, 


A«M or ae Art«sa& 

23. Saia 9e pdzon trAli fsnd 
We Jat witf^el safti, and de kQ)erz 
standi^ wid^t befor de dcDrz: but 
hwen we bad opend, we fsnd no 
man widfn. 

2i. Nv b wen de bj predt and de 
icapten or de tempi and de qd 

S' rests b^rd dez IIdz, da dvted or 
em bwj^runt^ dis wud gro. 
25. Hen Icam wan and told dem, 
eaif), Bebold, de men lui^m ye put 
in prizoh qr standi^ In de tempi, 
and te^ de pepl. 
. 26. Uen went de kapten wld de 
ofiserz, and breit dcm widj-t vjo- 
lens: fer da ferd de pepl, lest dA 
Jud bay bin stond. 

27. And bwen da bad bret dem, 
da set [dem] befor de kvnsil: and 
Qe hi prest askt dem^ 

28. Sai^, ^Did not we stratli 
komdnd ya> dat ye Jud not teg in 
dis nam; and, bebold, ye bav fild 
jTeroDzalem wid yajt doktrin, and 
intend tu hti^ <fis manz bind up- 
dn lis. 

29. t^^n lyter and de [uder] 
ap6slz anserd and sed. We et tu 
t&bd G-od rader dan men. 

30. Se God OT -ST fqder^ razd 
up Jeztis^ ba>m ye sli^ and ba^ 

. 31. Him bat Ood e^elted wld 
kiz rjt band ftu be] a Prinig itnd 
a SaryoT fer ta giv repSntans tu 
'Izrael, and forglTnes ov sinz, 

82, And we q^biz witnesez ov 
de^ tiO^z; and fso izj also de HoB 
Oofit^ bmm God bat ^Tenjtadem 
dat <ii^ bim. 

33! iHwen da li^rd [d&t], da 
w^ kttt [tu de bfprt], and tuk 
kstsell tu sla dem. 

34. aten stud dq,r tip wun in ^b 
kvnsfi, a Farise, namd Gamaliel, 
CI doktor ov de le, bad in repyi^ta- 
Jon amdg ol de pcpl} and komdnd- 

or 'Izrae\ tdc bed itf f^taaOvm 
bwot ye intend tu d<D lu toqig 
dez men. 

36. Fer \>d6t dez daz ro2 op 
Hqdas, "boeti;} bimself tu be snm- 
bodi; tu b<i>m Q number ov men, 
ab^ for bondred, jemd demselvz* 
bco woz slan; and el, az men! az 
obdd bim, w^r dcaterd and bret 
tu net. 

d7# Qft^r die man roz up Jndaa 
ov Galile in de daz ov de taksq^ 
and dra> awd mvtq pepl after bim: 
he also perift;- and el, [even] as 
men! ae ob^d bim w^r disp^ntt 

38. And nv ^ sa untu v<b, reMn 
from dez men, and let dem alon: 
fer if dis kvnsel er dis wurkl>Bor 
men, it wil kum tu net: 

39. hxxt if it be ov God^ yz kan 
not overtro it; lest bapli ya be 
fvnd tu fjt agenst God. 

40. And tu bim da agr^: and 
bwen da bad keld de ap6slz, and 
beten [dem], da komdnded dat da 
fud not spek in de nam ov Jezue, 
and let dem go» 

41. 1 And da departed 
prezens ov de k^nsH, nj<$r8ig dat 
da w^r kifnted wuidi tu suf er |am 
fer biz nam. 

42. And dali in de tempi, and 
in evefi bvs, da sest not tu t^ and 
preQ Jezns Bk^st 

€AFn5K «. 

1. And i|i doz daz,'bweh iti 
number ot de dl^ptz woz mnlti- 
p^jjd. d^T aroz cl ' mutmnr^ov da 
Greyanz agenst d^' If eJbra>z, Bekdt 

Sr widoz w^neglekted in de dal 

2. Hen de twelv keld de thultl- 
tt^d ov de disiplz {mitu dem*], and 
sed, It iz not rezon dat we. Jud lev 
de wurd or God, and s^rV tablz. 

3. Hw^rfor, brediieo, haik ye irt 

M tu putde aposlz fort a litl spas; amd{) Tin seven men ov oneat re- 
85. And eed H&tu dem, Te men p6rt^ ml rr de Holt '€foBt aAd* 

iim (Sfsr i.e jLimA 

4fi8 biznes. 

4. But wc 'wil ^v -yrsi^z kon-' 
tinjiiaU tu pHir, and tu <!te minis- 
tri 6-v ds wtird. 

5. X^^d de sstg ptB2d de liol 
xnTiltttq;d : and da qoz 8t6ven, a 
man ml ov tat and or de Ik>!i 
Oosty and Filip, and Pr6korus, 
flind Kjkanor, and Timon, and 
^(tniienas, and l^kolas a prosel^t 
ov Antiok: 

' 6. H<0tii da 8et1)e£6r de ap68|z: 
and hwen da &ad prad, <& ]ad 
£&r3 handz on dein. 

7. IT And de W4ird ov <Jod in- 
kn&t; and de ntrmteir ov dc disjplz 
multiplid in tfercDzalein gratli; and 
a grat Knmpani ov dc prests V^r 
obedient tu de fat. 

^. f And Steveti, fuil o^rM and 
pvjer^ did grat wmuierz and mir- 
akiz amdD de pepl. 

9. Sen ds^r aroz j^rten ov de 
sinagog, hwiq iz k«ld [de sinagog] 
ov de XabertinZy and B^renianz, 
and Aleksandrianz, and ov dem 
ov Silifia and ov QJla, dispqtip 
vid Steven. 

Kh And (& -w^ not ifbl ta re- 
zist de wizdom and de sphit b{ 
liWic hft apak. 

ll. 9en da snbi^nd meni hwiQ 
sed, We hav h^ Mm epek }M»* 
femus wnrdz ag^nst Mciizez, and 
[agdnsfc] God. 

lis. And da si^rd mp de |^V 
ifibd^de el'dei^, and de skrfbz, and 
kani npdh ["^^J *od kot Mm, 
and brert [Mm] tu de krrnsil, 

13. And set up fels vdtne^z,^ 
hwl^ sedy Sis man stecft not tu 
^ek bliC^iemuis wttrdz agenst dis 
katH plas, and de le: 

14. FdT we hav k^rd him sa, 
dat^s Jezus or Kazarel fal de- 
Bjbr^ dis |>1as. and Jal ijanj dt kus- 
toniz hwic Mozez diMvml us. 

' 11^1 And «i( dMnat in^ kmii^ 

luln:^)' stedl^tfli knt nifli, 9o niz fas. 
az it had bin de fiis ov an ax^eL 


1. Qfen sed de ^ prest^ Wr dez 
t!;)2 so. 

^ And he sed, ]ffeii« fs^ndren, 
Slid f cederz, hq,rken ; 9e Ood ov 
glori apiM untu vr f qider Qbra^ 
ham, hwen hewos in Mesopota*' 
mia, befor he dwelt in Karan^ 

3. Ai$d s^ tmtu him, Get d^ vt 
ov di kuntri, and from d| kindredy 
and ktim intu de land hwiQ i |at 
fo d^. . 

4. 8^en kam he vi ov de land' 
ov de Kaldeanz, and dwelt in Ka- 
ran: and from deno, hwen Mz tq," 
der woz ded, he remo&vd him intia' 
dis land, hw%r{n je nv dweL . 

5. And he gav Mm mm injb^r* 
itanji in it^ no, not [so mti^ azl tu 
set hi^ fult on: jet lie proniist dais 
he Wind giv it tu him l&r a poze- 

Ion, and tu Mz ]ied tffter him,' 
Lwen [az yet} he had no Qj^ld. - 

6. And God spak on & W]Z; 
Sat hiz sed Jud sojum In a stranj, 
land; and dat da Jiirel biii^^em in* 
tu bobdej, and entHh; [dem] evil' 
for hundved yerz; 

7. And de najoatu honh dk |a( 
be in lx>ndej wil i juj, sed Chod? 
and dfder d&t fa^ da kum fori, aftif 
s^rv me in dis plas. 

8. And he gav Ittmdekdveinnl^ 
oV e^kumsison^ and so [Elbra^ 
ham] beg&t «ak, and s^ikumsizd 
hmi de ttti dr, and 4ziSs. Fbeg^t] 
Jakob; and Jfekcfb {be^tj ^ 
twelv p^tri^trks. 

9. And de pati^rks, mebvd wid 
envi, «oM Jozef intu Gjipfh Jmf 
Gt>d woz Wid Mm, 

IQ. And deliverd him 7t ^v4L 
hiz aflikfone, and ^v Mm favor 
and wizdom in de s{t 6v Esfct ki^ 
ov €jipt; -and he mad htm -gav* 
•emor over 8jipt aad el hiz hvfl^ 


AKX8 ov 9& AKma. 

IL Hw 4irkam a d^rli over el 
de land ov Cjipt ancL Kanaan, and 
grat aflikjon: and vr fqderz fvnd 
no sustenans. 

12. But hwen Jakob li^rd dat 
6s^T woz kern in Cjipt^ he sent 
n f qdecE ff ni 

. 13b And at de aekond [tim] Jo- 
sef woz mad non tu hiz bredren; 
and Jozefa kindred woz mad non 
ontu Faro. 

14L 3en sent Jozef, and keld hiz 
fq/ier Jakob tu [him], and el hiz 
kindred, treskor and fif ten sola. 

1^. So Jakob went dvn intu 
Cljipt, and dj,d, ha^ and Tft f^derz, 
; 16. And wQr karid over inUa 
Sikem, and lad in de sepulker -dat 
uoraham bet fer a sum ov muni 
ov de sunz ov Kmor [de f qder] ov 

17. ^ But hwen de tim ov de 
piomis dro nj, hwig God had 
sworn tu dbraham, de pepl gro 
and multipljd in £jipt| 

18. Til andder kig anSz hmq 

19. Eesam dwelt sutili wid ^r 
kindxed, and evil entretod ^r tq,- 
derz, so dat da kast ist d^r yu)) 
Qildren, tu de end da mit not liv. 
' 20,. In hwi^ t^m SCozez woz 

hem. pnd woz diLsedi)) £^r^ and 
mioxijt up in hus Iqdent h^s ire 

21. And hwen he woz kast "8% 
|!aroz deter tuk him up^ and uur- 
^t him fer h^r on sun. 

22. And Mozez woz l^medin 
^i de wizdom ov de.SjipJanz, and 
woz m^ti in wurdz and m dedz. 

23. And hwen he woz f ul f erti 
yarz old, it kam intu hiz hctrt tu 
vizit hiz bredren de ^ildren ov 

24s. And sei^ wun [ov dem] 
sufer ron, he defended [him], and 
avenjd him dat woz oprest^ and 
aniotde Ejipjan: , 

9t himself 

.25, Fer he mpos^ ^^ 
wud hav understi&d Tm ^ €}M- 
bj hiz hand wud deliver dem: 
but da uadeiatiiid not 

26. And de nekst da he Jod 
'" ontu dem az da strOT, and 

wud hav set dem at wun 
9ai^ S§rz, ye qr bredren; ^ 
da> ye ro^ wun tu antider. 

27. But he dat did hiz nabor 
roD trust him awa, sai^ ? EUd mad 
6i a r<nler and a juj over us. 

28. <iWilt dv kil me, az fe 
didst de Sjipjan yesterda. 

29. 3[en fied Mozez at dis sa!^, 
and woz a stranjer in de land ot 
Madian, hw^r he begat ta> saoia. 

30. And hwen ferti yerz w^ 
ekspjrd, d^r aperd tu him ia da 
wildemes ov mvnt S^na an ffiijel 
ov de Lard in a flam ov Qr in a 

31. Hwen Mozez se [it], Ee 
wunderd at de sjt: and az he dni^ 
ner tu behold [it], de vers ov da 
Lord kam untu him, 

32. tSmpl 96 [am]de Godov^K 
fqderz, de Grod ov Qbraham, and 
de God ov $zak, and de God ot 
JakoU 3en Mozez trembld, and 
durst not behold. 

33. 3en sed de Lord tu him. 
Put of dj Joftz from d[ fet; fer da 
plas hw^r fts standest iz holi 

34. $havsen,]havsaideanik- 
Jon Qv mi pepl hwig iz in ^ipt^ 
and i hav h^ra d%r groni^j and am 
kum dvn tu deliver dem. And 
nv kum, I wil send de intu 

35. SCis Mozez h<nm darefi^zd,' 
sail), iHo mad di a ra>ler aM a. 
juj; de sam did God send ftubeT 
a rojler and a deliverer I4 de hand 
ov de anjel hwig ap^rd tu.him in 
de buj. 

36. He bret dem v% after dat 
hf .hM iodi wundarz and a|na ia 



di^ Umd pT ^ip(> and in de Red Be, 
and in de wiidemes ferti yerz. 

37. ir<Iis i2 dert; Mozez hynq 
sed untu de qildren or 'Israel, Q 
prof et Jal de Lerd ytDr God raz 
up untu ya> ov ycor bredren, Ijk 
untiti me; him m ye her. [Dt^t. 
18: 15, 18.J 

38. 3iB iz he, dat woz in de 
qarQ in de wiidemes wid de anjel 
liwiq epak tia him in de mil nt Sina, 
and [wid] ^r. fqderz: hca rcsevd 
de 14vli oraklz tu giv untu us: 

39. Tu hiDm sr f qderz wud not 
oba, but trust [him] from dem, 
and in ^r h<;irts turnd bak agen 
ihttt 8jipt» 

40. Sai|) untu ^ron, Mak us 

fodz tu go befor us: fer [az far] 
is Mozez, hwi^ bret us Tst ov de 
land ov Bjipt, we wot not hwot iz 
bekdm ov him. 

41. And da mad a kctf in doz 
daz, and oferd sakrif^s untu de 
4dol, and rej<5rst in de M'urk ov d^r 
on handz. 

42. Sen God turnd, and gav 
dem up tu wurjip de host ov 
heven; az it iz riten in de buk.ov 
de profets, Q ye h^s ov 'Izrael, 
^hav ye oferd tu me slan bests 
and vakrif^sez [b| de spas ov] 
f^orti yerz in de wiidemes. 

43. Ya, ye tuk up de tdbemakl 
ov MolOk, and de atqx ov ya)r god 
Bemfan. figy^rz hwi^ ye mad tu 
wurfipdem: and ^wilkari ya> awa 
beyond Babilon. [Smos 5: 25, 26.] 

• 44. IT^r tqfierz had de Idbemakl 
ov witnes in de wiidemes, az he 
had apemted, spekig untu Mozez, 
dat he fud mak it akerdig tu de 
fa/on (mt he had sen. 

45. Hwi^ elso Tsr fqderz dat 
kam after bret in wid Jezus intu 
de pozejon ov de Jent^lz, hcDm 
God drav vt befor de fas ov T^r 
f^detz, untu de daz ov David; 

46. Ha f^d favor befor God, 

and dez^rd tu Qnd a t^bemaklfer 
de God ov JakoK 

47. But Salomon bilt him an hvs. 

48. Hvbeit de most H^ dwelet 
not in templz mad wid handz; az 
set de prof et, 

49. Heven [!z] mj tron, and 
^it [iz] mi futstcDl: Hhwot h^ft 
wil ye bild me, set de Lord: er 
^hwot [iz] de plas ov m^ rest. 

50. 1 Hat not mi hand mad el 
dez tipz. [fz. 66: 1, 2.] 

51. IT Ye stifnekt and uns^r" 
knmsizd in hcirt and erz, ye da> 
elwaz rezist de Holi Gost: az ya>r 
fqderz [did], so [da>] ye. 

52. ^ llwiq ov de profets hav not 
ya>r fq,derz p^rseki^ted ; and da 
hav slan dem hwig Jjod befor ov 
de kumip ov de Just Wun; ov hcom 
ye hav bin nis de betraerz and 
murdererz : 

53. Ha> hav res^vd de le hi de 
dispozi/on ov anjelz, and hsv not 
kept [it.] 

64. ^Hwendah§rddezti||z,da 
w^r kut tu de hq^ and da na/t on* 
him wid [d^r] tet. 

55. But he, beig ful ov de Holi 
Gost, lukt up stedfastli intu hev- 
en, and se de glori ov God, and 
Jezus standif) on de rit hand ov God, 

56. And sed. Behold, | se de 
hevenz opend, and de Sun oy man 
standi^) on de rit hand ov God. 

57. Hen da krid -st wid a Ivd 
vers, and stopt d^r erz, and ran 
up6n him wid wun ak^rd, 

58. And kast [him] vt ov da 
siti, and stond [^im]: a^d dewit- 
nesez lad d^n d%r klodz at a jjxq 
manz fet, ha>z nam woz Sel. 

59. And da stond Steven, kelip 
up6n [God], and sai^ Lord Jezus, 
res^v mi spirit, 

60. And he nelt d^n, and krjd 
wid a l^d v^ Lord, la not dis sin 
tu dj^r Qq,r}. And hwen he had 


AKT8 OT *6 Ap6SL& 

€APTER 8. 

L And del woz konsentqi untu 
hiz dot. And at dat tjm d%r woz 
a grat pereeki^Jon agenst & Qorg 
kwlQ woz at Janftzalem; and da 
w^r el skalerd afarM tra>^ de re- 
jonz ov Ji^dea and Samaria, ek- 
Bept de ap&lz. 

2. And dev^ men kand 8tev«n 
[tu hie berial], and mad gai la- 
mentajon over him. 

Z. Az for Sel, he mad havok 
OT de cnrg, enterip intu everi h?$8, 
and halip men and wimen komit- 
ed [dem] tu prizon. 

4. G^rfor da dat w^r skaterd 
abr^ went everi hw^r pre^ de 

5. 3en Filip went dim tu de 

eUo: and hwen he woz haptfsa^ 
he kontiny^ wid Filip^ and wnn- 
derd, heholdio de mirakla and 
4nz hwi^ w^ don. 

li. ^Nv hwen de apdsix hwiq 
w^ at Jeroxzalem hfrd dat Sama- 
ria had res^vd de wurd ov God^ 
da Beat ontu d»m Pet^r and Jon: 

15. Hc&i hwen da w^ kam 
dini, prad for dem, dat da ii4t zb* 
eev de Holi Qoat: 

16. (For az vet he woz felon 
upon nun ov dem: onli da w^ 
baptjzd in de nam ov de Lwni 

17. (Ten lad da [d%r] handz on 
dem, and da res^vd de Holi CKaot. 

18. ^And hwen Sjmon ae dat 
f)ra> laijQ on ov de ap6aLz handz ds 
lloli Gost woz given, he oferd 

siti ov Samaria, and pre^ Kx;^t dem muni, 
UBtu demu j 19. Sai^ Giv me olso die pvcr, 

6. And de pepl wid wun akord dat on h.a>mseever i la handz, h£ 

gav hed untu doz Di{)z hwi^ Filip 
Bpak, herig and seiQ de miraklz 
hwiq he did. 

7. For unkUn spirits, kriiD wid 
Ivd v<n, kam vt ov meni dat w^r 
pozest r wid dem] : and meni taken 
wid poiziz, and dat w^ lam, w^ 

^. A nd dar woz grat jor in dat dfi. 

9. ^But d^r woz a s^rten man, 
kold Sj[mon, hwig hefor Ijm in de 
flam sita ji^^id eoraeri, and bewigt 
de p^ov ^amaria, givig si dat 
himself woz sum grat wun: 

10. Tuha>mdaelgavhed,from 
de lest tu de gratest, s&i^ SCis man 
LZ de grat fser ov God. 

11. And tu him da had regard, 
l^^i dat ov lop t|m he hM he- 
wf^t dem wid serseriz. 

12. But hwen da beUvd Filip 
psecup de ti^z kons^^i^ de kigdom 
6v God, and de nam ov Jezus 
{Mst, da w^t baptjzd, hot men 
And witnen. 

13. aen SltiMll Idmsfif l^dlvd 

ma res^v de Holi Gost 

2Q. But Peter sed untu ^^th, 3^ 
muni perij wid de, bekez dv haet 
tot dat de gift ov God joa he pur« 
^est wid mum. 

21. 3^75 hast neder pqrt nor lot 
in dis mater: for dj hq^ iz not tjb 
in de sit ov God. 

22. Kepentd^rforovdis^ivik- 
ednes, and pra God, if perl^pa de 
tot ov djn h(iit ma he f<»givea di. 

23. For i persev dat (b xirt ia 
de gol ov Diteme^ and [in] de 
bond ov inikwUL 

24. Sen anserd S^moUy-aod g«d, 
Pm yc tu de Lord for m^ dat' Baa 
ov (fez ti^^z hwi^ je hav spoken 
kum upon me. 

25. And da, hwen da had tesii- 
Qd and pre^ de wurd ov de Lord, 
retdrnd tu Jera>zalem, and prect 
de gospel in meni vilejez ov q» 

26. ^And de anjel ov de Lord 
spak untu Filip, 8ai;|, A^z, and 
1^ totd dte Bi^ \mtii ds wa dat 

iKfS 0V ^ AP6SLZ. 


meft ^n from J«ni>za1eiii nntu 
Gaza, hyfiq iz dezert 

27. And he &r<&z and went: 
and, behold, a man ov Ctiopia, 
an 3rt|;tiak ov grat etoriti under 
Kandase^ kwen ov de €^opianz, 
h<i> had de ^qij ov el h^r trejyrir, 
and had kmn tu Jer<x>zalein for 

28. Woz ret6nrig, and sldD in 
hiz gariot red €zaas de profet 

29. Sen de Spirit jsed nntu 
Filip, Go ner, and jern djself tu 
dis Qariot 

30. And Filip ran dider tu 
[Mm], and h^ him red de profet 
C^zaas, and sed, ^Understandest 
dn hwot d5 redest 

31. And he sed, IHtt Ian j, 
ekaept sum man Jud g^d me. 
And he dez|rd FiKp dat he wud 
kum up and sit wia him. 

32. ae plas ov de skripl^r 
hwi^ he red woz dis, He woz led 
bA a Jep tu de sleter; and Ijk a 
lam dum hefor hiz Jerer, se 
opend he not h\z raist: 

33. In hiz hi^miliajon hiz 
ment W02 taken awd: and ^hmjal 
dekl4r hiz jenerafon; for hiz Ijf iz 
taken from de §rJ. [JEz. 53: 7, 8.'] 

34. And de yi^nuk anserd Ffl- 
ip, and sed, $ pra di, lov homi 
£^ket de jnt>fet dis; lov himself, 
0r ov sum uder man. 

. 35. 'Sen Filip opend hiz mijt, 
and begin at de sam skriptytir, 
ited pr&^t nntu him J^zus. 

36. And az da went on fd^J 
wa, da kain untu a serten *w9ter: 
and de yunuk sed, Se, [Tier izj 
Wet6r; ^hwot doff hinder rat tu 
be baptjzd. 

37. And Klip sed, K &v belev- 
est wid el djn hcirt, (hs maest. 
And he anserd and sed, $ bel:6v 
dat Jezus Erist iz de Sun ov God. 

38. And he komdnded de qari- 

bot intu de weter, bcyft TfRp and 
de yi^nuk; and he bapt|zd him. 

39. And hwen da w^ kum m 
Tst ov de weter, de Spirit ov m 
Lord ket awd Filip, <bt ^ yi^nuk 
se him no mor: and he went on 
hiz wa rejesii). 

#0. But Filip woz fsnd at Azo- 
tus: and pasi^ tra> he preQt in el 
de sitiz, til he kam tu Sezarecu 


1. And 6el, vet bre£^ trt fret* 
nipz and sleter agenst de dis^plz or- 
de Lord, went untu de h^ prest, 

'S. And dez jrd ov him Wterz tut 
Damaskus tu de sinagogz, dot if 
he fsnd eni ov dis wa, hweder da 
W(gT men er wimen, he mit htiXf 
dsm Inrnd untu Jennzalem. 

3. Andazhejnmidjhekamnef 
Damdskus: and sudenli ih(e {[nd 
rvnd Vihikt him tt IJt from heven: 

4. And he f el tu de frif, and 
h^rd a vers sai?j untu him, Sel, 
Sol, ^hvfi TOrsektitcst dtr me. 

5. And he sed, ^ Hot) <irt d», 
Lerd. And de Lei^ sed, 9 am 
Jezus ha>m 6if p^rsektitest: [it iz} 
hqrd f er di tu kik agenst de prika. 

6. And he tremblf^ and aKt6ni^ 
sed, Leni, H hwot wilt dv hav me 
tu do. And de Lerd [sed] untu 
him, Ar{z, and go intu de siti, and 
it J^ be told d4 hwot jflhr must dit. 

7. And de men hwfig jumid wid 
him s1;ud spei^es, heflfi a vos, but 
seiD no ifian. 

8. A^nd Sel afd^ from 4e ^f^ 
and hwen hit |z w^ opend, he ae 
no man: but da led him b^de hand, 
and bret [him] intu Damaskus. 

9: And he woz fre daz widi^t 
4t, and neder did et Her dri^k. 

10. IrAnd d^T woz a s^rteu 
dis[pl at Dami&i^nB, namd Ana^ 
nias; and tu him sed de Lerd vi 
a vi7on, Anan^ae. And he sed. 

Ot tu stand stilt and 'da went dTulBehtraiy i'C^i"^ ^^^Tlt '''BnL 


11. And (te Ldrd [sed] untu 
Him, AHs, and go intu de stret 
hwiQ iz keld Stmt, and inkw^r in 
de hvs ov Jqdas fer [wun] keld 
Sel, OT T(ir8us: for, behold, he 


12. And hat sen in a vi^on a 
man namd Ananias kumi]} in, and 
putig [hlz] hand on him, dat he 
mit resev hiz sit. 

1*3. 3!en Ananias anserd, Lerd, 
1 hav h^rd b} mttd OY dia man, 
hv muQ evil be hat don tu dj 
ifints at Jera>zalem: 

14. And her he hat etoriti from 
de cef preats tu I4i^d el dat kel 
qn ii nam. 

15. But de Lerd sed untu him, 
Go d^ wa: fer he iz a Qozen vesel 
untu me^ tu bqr mi nam bef or de 
Jent^lz, and kigz, and de ^ildren 
ov 'Izrael: 

16. Fer i wil Jo him hv gmt tipz 
lie most sufer fer mj namz sak. 

17. And Ananias went hiz wa, 
and enterd intu & hvs; and puti^ 
hiz handz on him sed, Bruder Sel, 
de I#rd, [even] Jezus, dat aperd 
untu d^ in de wa az dv kamest, 
hat sent me, dat dv mitat resev di 
sj;t, and be fild wid de Holi Gost 

18. And imedietli di^r fel from 
hiz iz az it had bin skalz: and he 
issevd sit fortwit, and aroz, and 
woz bap^zd. 

. 19. And hwen he had res^vd 
met, he woz street end. 3!en woz 
Sel s^rten daz wid de disiplz hT^i^ 
w^ at Damiskus. 

20. And stratwa he pre^t Kriat 
in de smagogz, dat he iz de Sun 
ov God. 

21. But el dat h^rd [him] w^r 
amazd, and sed; ^Iz not dls he 
dat destn^d dem hwiq keld on dis 
nam in Jera>zalem, and kam hider 
fer dat. intent^ dat he mit bri{) 
Ami hisfid untu de cef prests. 

' 22. But Sel iakmt de mor la 


stre^, and koitfvnded . ds Jhs 

hwig dwelt at Oamaskus, {H'a>y!9 
dat dis is veri &ist, 

23. f And after dat meni daz 
w^r fulCild, de Jiiz tuk kvnael 
tu kil him: 

24. But di^r laiD awat woz non 
ov Sel. And da wogt de gats da 
and nit tu kil him. 

25. 3.eo, de disiplz tuk him hi 
nit, and let [him] dsn hi ^ wol 
in a basket. 

26. And hwen Sel woz kum 
tu Jera>zalem, he as^d tu jem 
himself tu de. disiplz, but da w^ 
el afrad ov himj and beUvd not. 
dat he woz a dis^pL 

27. But Bqrnabas tuk him, and 
bret [him] tu de apdslz, and de- 
kl4rd untu dem h? he had sen de 
Lerd in de wa, and dat he had 
spoken tu him, and his he had 
preQt boldli at Damaskua in ds 
nam ov Jezus. 

28. And he woz wid dem kum- 
i^ in and goig "st at Jerozalem. 

29. And he spak boldli in de 
nam ov de Lerd Jezus, and dis* 
pitted agenst de Grejanz: hdt da 
went ab^t tu sla him. 

30. .[Hwiq] hwen de bredren 
nil, da bret him dvn tu Sezajrea, 
and sent him fort ti^ Tqrsits. 

31. clen had de gurgez rest 
tra>^t el Ji^dea and Galile and 
Samaria, and w^r edifid; and 
weki{)in de fer ov de Iferd,a]3d 
in de kumfort ov de HoH Qos^ 
w^r multiplid. . 

' 32. irAnd it kam tu paa^ az 
Peter past tra>^t el [kwerteris], 
he kam . dvn elso tu d^ santa 
hwiq dwelt at Lida. 

33. And dqr he fvnd a s^rten 
man namd 8nias, hwig had kept 
hiz bed at yerz^ and woz sik ov 
de pelzi. 

34. And Peter sed untu him. 
Snias, Jezua Kr^st maket (tt lielt 



wriZf and mak d{ bed. And he 
•TQZ imMietH. 

95. And dl dat dwelt ftt Lida 
and fiaron se him, and tumd tu 

' S6. irN'7 ^T woz at Jopa a 
a^tten disjpl namd Tabita, hwi^ 
b| int^rpretajon iz keld Derkas: 
dx8 wuman woz ful or gud wurks 
and qmzdedz hwig Je did. 

37. And it kam tu pas in doz 
dflx, dat Je woz sik, and djd: h<nm 
iKwen da had wojt, da lad [h§r] 
in an uper qamber. 
' 38. Ai»i larazmdQ az Lida woz 
nj tu Jopa, and de disjplz bad 
Ik^rd dat Peter woz d^r, da sent 
untuhim ten men; dezjiip [him] 
dat he wud not deld tia kum tu 

39. 3.exk Peter anSz and went 
^Rrld dem. Hwen he woz kum, da 
Inret him intu de uper Qamber: 
and el de widoz stud b^ him wep- 
ip, and foif) de kets and garments 
hwig Derkas mad, hwjl Je woz 
"widdem. '^ — i.,^^ 

40. BtiflCPeter)put dem el forft, 
and nelt d'sn, and prad; and turn- 
ip [him] tu de bodr sed, Tabita, 
ar|z. And Je opend hi^r jz: and 
hwen Je se reter, Je sat up. 

41. And he gav h^r [hiz] hand, 
and lilted h^r up, and hwen he 
had keld de sants and widoz, pre- 
it^nled h^r al^v. 

.. 4^. And it woz non tno^t el 
Jopa; and meni bel^yd in de Lerd. 
43. And it kam tu pas, dat he 
tarid meni daz in Jopa wid wun 
S^on a taner. 

eJAPTER 10. 

1* 3qr woz a s^rten man in 
Sezarea keld' Kornelius, a sentti- 
rion OV de band keld de Italyan 

2. [u] der^t [man], and wun 
ditlardliodwidelMzizva^ hwiQ 

gav muQ q^z tu de pepl, and 
prad tu God elwa. 

3. He se in a vigon ^^videntli 
ab^t de n^nt ^r ov de da, an an- 
jel OV God kumi;) in tu him, and 
sai^ untu him, Kornelius. 

4. And hwen he lukt on him, 
he woz afrad, and sed, ^Hwot iz 
it, Lerd. And he sed untu him, 
Si pr^rz and d^n q,mz q,r kum up 
fer a memorial befor God. 

5. And rrs send men tu Jopa, 
and kel fer [wun] Simon, haa 
sumam iz Peter: 

6. He lojet wid wun Simon a 
taner, ha>z hvs iz b^ de se s^d: he 
Jal tel di hwot dv etest tu da>* 

7. And hwen de anjel hwig spak 
untu Kornelius woz depctrted, he 
keld ta ov hiz hvshold servants, 
and a dev^t soljer ov dem dat 
wated on him kontinjHali; 

8. And hwen he had dekl4rd ^ 
[dez] tigz untu dem, he sent dem 
tu Jopa. , 

9. ^On de moro, az da went on 
d^r jumi, and dra> n^ untu de siti, 
Peter went up up<Sn de h^stop tu 
pra ab^ de sikst ^r: 

10. And he bekdm veri hupgri, 
and wtSid hav eten: but hw^l da 
mad redi, he fel intu a trans, 

11. And se heven opend, and 
a s^rten vesel desendi^ untu him, 
az it had bin a grat Jet nit at de 
for kernerz, and letdvn tu de $rt; 

12. Hw%rin w^r el maner ov 
for-futed bests ov de §rfc, and wjld 
bests, and krcpig tigz, and Mz ov 
de q,r. 

13. And d^r kam a vers tu him, 
Rjz, Peter; kil, and et. 

14. But Peter sed. Not so, Lerd; * 
fer I hav never eten eni tig dat iz 
komon er unkUn. 

15. And de v6rs spak untu him 
agen de sekond t^m, Hwot God 
hat klenzd, [ddt] kel not df 

,182 AKT8 0¥ ^ AFOP&Z. 

16. Sis woz dun tqs : and de 
▼esel woe rcs^vd up »gen intu 

17. Ktt hwjl Peter d^ted in 
litmself hwot dis yigon hwig be 

' had sen fud men, benold, de men 

man 4at ia a J14 tu kcpkuniyiMi i, 
er kum untu wun ov aoMer im- 

{on; bat G'Od b«l jod me tet i 
ud not kol em man komon er 
29. S%rCor k«sa i [frntia yo] 

bwi<3 w^r sent from E^omelius bad vrid^t gan-flaig^ az so^q az 4 

mad inkwiri fer Simouz b^s^ aod 
stud befor de gat, 

18. And keld, and askt bweder 
S^mon, hwig woz sumamd Peter, 
w^r lojd d^r. 

19. t HwjJ Peter tet on de vi^- 
on, de Spirit sad nntu bim. Be- 
bold, tre men sek di. 

20. Ar|z d^rfor, and get d^ 
d'^n, and go wid dem» dv^p notii): 
£er i bav sent dem. 

21. Sen Peter went d^n tu de 
men hwlg w§r sent untu bim from 
Komelius; and sed, Bebold i am 
he boom re sek: 4 hwot [izl ^e 
kez bw^rfor ye ctr kum. 

22. And da sed, Komelins da 
fientq,rion, a just man, and wun 
dat feret God, and ov gud report 
amdD el de nafon ov de Ji^z, woa 
wernd from God b^ an boH anjel 
tu send fer d^ intu, bi2 b7fl| and 
tu her wurdz ov dL 

28. Sen keld be dem in, and 
lojd [dem.] And on de moro 
Peter went awd wid dem, and 
v^rten bredren from Jopa akum- 
panid biuL 

24. And de moro after da en- 
terd intu Sezarea. And Kornelius 
wated fer dem, and bad keld tu- 
geder biz kinzmen and ner f rendz. 

25. f And az Peter woz kumig 
in^ Komelius met bim^ and lei 
d^ at biz f ct, and wurjipt [bim.] 

26. But Peter tuk bim up, saip, 
Stand op; i myself elso am a rban. 

27. And az he tekt wid bim, he 
went in, and fvnd meni dat w^r 
kum tugeder. 

28. And be sed untu dem, Te no 
fiS dat it iz an unleful tiQ f»]; 51 

sent fer; i aak dairfor Imt hwet 
intent yc bav sent fer hub. 

30. And Komelius sed. For diss 
a^ I woz fastis until dis vr; and 
at <U Dint sr i pnd in mi tan. 
and, behold, a oEMUiatiiid befor me 
in br^t klodif), 

31. And aed, KefneiiiuBy d| pr^r 
iz b^rdr. iHid ^n (|^a qjr had in 
remembrana in de ^t ov God. 

32. Send d^rfor tu Jopa^ and 
kel hider Sjmon, bo^z anniain is 
Peter; be iz lojd in de b-^a or 
[wun] Simon a taner 1^ dt ae sjd: 
ho>, bwen ha kumet, jal spek ^o- 

33. Xm^etli d^jficxt i sent tu 
d^; and (ts bast wel dim dafe te 
q^rt kum. N? d^rfor q^ we ^ Iter 
prezent befor God, tu her el tigs 
dat q;r komdnded # ov €K)d. 

34. ^3en Pater c^end [his] 
mat, and sed^ Ov a tr<»t i persiv 
dat God is xm respi^kter ov p^ 

35. Buii in even najon ba dat 
feret bim, and wurk^ r|tyi]sxie9^ 
iz akseptcd wid him. 

36. <Ie wurd bwiq [€bd} sent 
untu de Qil4r«n ov Izmel^ P^iBQio 
pes hi Jezus Kr^: (be ia de L^rd 
ov el:) 

37. 3at wurd, [i sa], ye no^ 
bwiQ woz publijt tra^^t el- Jiideo, 
and begdn from Galile, after de 
baptizm hwiq Jon prs^t; 

38. Rs God anernted J^uq ov 
Nazaret wid de lioli Gos4 and 
wid paer: b<n went ab^t dcai^ 
gud, and beli^ el dat w^r oprest 
ov de devil^ fer God wes wid him. 



^^Q% bwiiQ b^ did bpf in de land ov 
w J\\^f and in Jerovzalem; ha>m 
da 6\x\, and kaod on a tre: 

40. H^m God razd up de f^rd 
da, andjfod him openli; 

41. Not tu el de pepi, but un- 
tia witne89£ qcneu b«f6r ov God, 
[even} tu usy ha> did et and drigk 
wid him after he roz from de ded« 

42. And he komdnded us tu 
pxeq^ untu de papT, and tu testify dat 
it iz he hwiQ woz erddnd ov God 
J[tu bel de Juj ov kwik and ded. 

43. Tu him giv el de profets 
.witnes, dat trcD hiz nam b<Dsoever 
belevel) in him Jal res4v remijon 
ov sinz, 

44. "irHwil Peter yet spak dez 
wurdz^ de Holi Gost fel on el 
derh hwiq h^rd de wurd. 

45. And da ov de s^rkumaigon 
liwig belivd w^r ast6nijt, az meni 
az kam wid Peter, bek^z dat on 
de Jentilz elso woz pord vtde 
gift ov de Holi Gost. 

46. Per da h^rd dem spek wid 
tu^z, and magnif^i God, d[en an- 
scrd Peter, 

47. ^Kan eni man forbid weter, 
dat dez Jud not be baptjzd, hwi^ 
hav res^vd de Uoli Gost az wel 
az we. 

48. And he komdnded dem tu 
be baptjzd in de nam ov de Lord. 
(len pr^d da him tu tari s^rten 

©APTER 11. 

L And de ap6slz and bredren 
dat w§r in Jt^dea h^rd dat de Jen- 
tilz had elso resivd de wurd ov 
God. . 

2. And hwen Peter woz kum 
up tu JercDzalem, da dat w^r ov 
de (ferkumsigon kontended wid 

B, Saip, fif^ wentest jn tu xnen 
uns^rkums^zd, and didst et wid 

4. But Peter reh^rst [de materl 
from de ^gfni)), and ekspvnded 
[it! hi order untu dem, saij), 

5. T woz in de siti ov Jopa 
prait): and in a trans j se a vigoni 
U s^rten vesel des^nd, az it had 
bin a £rat Jet, let dvn from hevMi 
bj for kernerz; and it kam even 
tu me: 

6. Up6n de hwiq hwen i had 
fasend m^n ^z, i konsiderd, and se 
for-f uted bests ov de ^rt, and w^ld 
bests, and krepip ti^, and bs\z ov 
de ^r. 

7. And I h^rd a V9S eaxQ untu 
me, Arfz, Peter; sla and et 

8. But I sed, Not so, Lerd: feT 
notip komon er unkUn hat at eni 
tjm enterd intu mi mst. 

9. But de vers anserd me agdki 
from heven, Hwot God hattlenzd, 
[dat] kel not ds komon. 

10. And dis woz dun tre t^mz; 
and el w^rdren up agi^ inta heven, 

IL And, behold, imidietli d^r 
w^r tre men elredi kum untu de 
hi5s hws^r I woz, sent from Sezarea 
untu me. 

12. And de Spirit bad me go 
wid dem, notif) d^tip, Morover 
dez siks bredren akumpanid me, 
and we enterd intu de manz hvs: 

13. And he fod us hv he had 
sen an anjel in niz h^s, hwiq stud 
and sed untu him, Send me tu 
Jopa, and kel f er Sjmon, ha»z sur* 
nam iz Peter; 

14. Ha> Jal tel di wurdz,hw2(r- 
b^ ds and el d^ hiss fal be savd. 

15. And az i began Hn spek, dt 
Holi Gost fel on dem, az 9n us at 
de begfnijj. 

16. 3en reme'mberd i de wurd 
ov de Lerd, h^ dat he sed, Jon in- 
d^d baptfzd wid weter; but ye Jal 
be bapqzd wid de Holi Gost. 

17. Forazmig den az God gav 
dem de l^k gift az [he did] uii^iia 
us, ha> lieUyd on ik I«9i4 Jezne 



Kiist; Hhwot woz i, (tat ^kud wkl- 
•tiod OocL 

18. Hwen da h^ dez liQz, (h 
held da|r pas, and glcni^d God, sa- 
ip, 3en hat God elso tu de Jea- 
t^lz granted repentans mitu Qf. 

19. t^N^ da hwig xr^r skaterd 
abred upon da p^rseki^on dat ar6z 
ab^ Steven traveld az fq;r az Fe- 
iiise, and Sjpnis, and Antiok, pregig 
da word tu nnn bat nntu de Ji^z 

20. And snm or dem w^r men 
ov Sjpnis and S^renCi hwi^ hwen 
da w^r kum tu Antiok, spak nntu 
de Grejanz, preqig de Ij&rd Jezns. 

21. And de hand ov de Lerd 
woz wid dem: and a grat number 
beUvdy and tumd untu de Lord. 

22. irSEen 1j,di|}z ov dez ti^ 
kam untu de erz ov de qurq hwiq 
woz in JenDzalem: and da sent 
fort Barnabas, dat he Jud go az 
tq,r az Antiok. 

23. Hen, hwen he kam, and had 
aen de gras ov God, woz ^lad, and 
egzerted dem el, dat wid purpus 
ov hq^ da wud klev untu de Lerd. 

24 Fer he woz a gud man, and 
ful ov de Holi Gost and ov fat: 
and muQ pepl woz aded untu de 

25. Sen depqjrted Bqmaba? tu 
Tarsus, fer tu sek Sel: 

26. And hwen he had fvnd him, 
he bret him untu Antiok. And 
it kam tu po^dat a hoi yer da 
asembld demselvz wid de Qurg, 
and tet mug pepl. And de dislplz 
w^r keld Kristianz f^rst in Antiok. 

27. IT And in dez daz kam prof- 
ets from Jercozalem untu Antiok. 

28. And d^r stud up wun ov 
dem namd Agabus, and signif^d bj 
de spirit dat ^r fud be grat d^rd 
trcDiFt el de wurld: hwig kam tu 
pas in de daz ov Kledius Sezar. 

29. 3!en da disfplz, everi man 
^kerdi^ tu hiz abiHti, det^rmind 

tu send rdlf untu delaiedr«a Inriq 
dwelt in Ji^dea: 

ao. HwiQ elso da did^ and aent 
it tu de elderz l^ de haodz ov Bq^-- 
nabaa and 8eL 


1. Kit ab^ dat tpa Herod da 
kiQ stre^ foHl [hiz] handz tu. veka 
s^rten ov de qarq. 

2. And he kiM Jamz de brader 
ov Jon wid de sord. 

3. And bek4z he se ft plesd da 
Ji^, he proseded fuider tu tak 
Peter elso. (Sen w^r de das oy 
unlevend bred.) 

4. And hwen ha had aprebend- 
ed him, he put [him] in prizen, 
and deUverd[him] tu for kwai^r- 
nionz ov soljerz iu kep him; in* 
tendig after 8ster tu brq| hixn fort 
tu de pepL 

5. Peter da^rfor woz kept in 
prizon: but pn^r woz mad widijt 
sesig ov de qurq untu God fer him. 

6. And hwen Herod wud hav 
bret him forft, de sam njt Peter 
woz slapi^ betwin t<D soljerz, bi^ nd' 
wid ta> ganz: and de keperz befcSr 
de dor kept de prizon. 

7. And, behold, de anjel ot de 
Lerd kam up6n [him], and a IJt 

i^nd in de prizon: and he amoi 
i^eter on de sjd, and razd him up, 
sai^ Ar{z up kwikli. And his 
ganz fel of from [hiz] handz. 

8. And de anjel sed imtu him, 
G^rd d^self, and b^nd on dti aan- 
dalz. And so he did. And be 
set untu him, Kast dj garment 
ab^ d^, and folo me. 

9. And he went si, and folod 
him; and wist not dat it woz trcD 
hwig woz dun bj de anjel; but tet 
he se a vijon. 

10. Hwen da w^r past de f^rst 
and de sekond word, da kam untu 
de iron gat dat ledet untu de aiti; 
hv9iq ope&d tu dem or hiz m 

AKTS ov at&AFOnUE. 

on tnD wnn stret; and ffaiiwift de 
anfel depiirtied from hiib» 

Jl. Aadhwen Peter vfos knm 
tea. Mmtelf, he «ed, Nv j no ot 4i 
Ji|rti,dat de Lerd hat sent hiz an- 
iel, sod hsI'deiiveKl mi vt ov de 
hflDd or Hnodv and [froin] el da 
efeapekta|oi^ or de pepl or da Ji^. 

12. And hwen he had kaosid* 
e«d [da i^]i ha kmn tu de hvi.ov 
Man da muder or Jon, h^a sur- 
iMRiB vox Mq^k; hw^T maoi wff 
gaidard tia^^der pcaiQi 

13. And az Peter nokt at de 
dor oTdegat,-«i damtel kamtu 
hbqtvkan, nitaid BaMb. 

11. And hwen feni^PetfirzToii^ 
fs «petod. not de gat for ijladnea, 
\Db4 mn in» and told ha Pater atiad 

j^. Attd da Bed mitta h^r^ 3a 
<l^ mad. Bnt Je kooatanUi af- 
4initd dat it^ woa even aol 8en 
aed da. It ia hia an)eL 

16. Bat Peter koBimyiidnokiii: 
i«id hmft da had o^nd [<te dor], 
and ia^ hsbcB^ da w^r art^nift 
• Iff. .Bi«t he, bekoni^ nntat dam 
wid de hand tu hold d^r pes^ de* 
Ub^ tmtlA den hv de Laird had 
hre(t him at ot da {»rlaonw And 
ha »%d^ 0<» Jf(» dea ti||a nntu Janta, 
abd t^k de bredren. And he da- 
poirted aiod weni iotu andder pW 

18. Kv az 8a>n az it woa da» 
4|r Mf^ mm ank^t atfr alttd|| de 
8oi^«» hii^ofe Woa htkmn ov Peter. 
, la. And hived Herod had aei 
lor hiafi, and land him not»' he 
egfftowui . da kepeira^ . and ■ koui- 
d«4ad dfiit [dft] fud be ptat tia da*. 
And ha VNM»t dvn from Jitdaa.tia 
Skeaaisea; and [diir} abdd. 

ga TAnd HetoA woz hili dia^ 
pUzd wid dem ov Tjfr and Sjidon: 
tM«t da kaiaai wid wuii akdrd tu 
1^^ apd, havjii auid BlaatUB da 

pea; balb^ad^r knttd ^oi mifijll 
b| de kipz [kuntri.] 

21. And «p6ii a aeCda Heiod, 
arid in iwal apdtel, aat up6n hia 
hoD, and mad an orB|on unUo. demo. 

22. And de pcpi gav a Jvt^ [ea-^ 
i|)^ it iz] da voa ot a gad^ and liot 
OY a man* 

23. And im^ietli da anjal or 
de Lard amot hitn, hakda he gay 
not God da ]g^ri: and ha woa eten 
OT wvrmz, and gav tip da gost 

2d. ifBat dawmdov^Chxigrar 
and mnltiplid. 

25. And BkimahaB and 8el Ire- 
tdmd from Jenazalem^ hwea da 
had futfihi [d^r] mimatri, aikd 
tiak wid dem Job, hoiz anraam 
Wok M<|iic« 


1. Nv da^r w^ in da ^rg^ dat 
WQB at Antiok, s^rten prof ata find 
teQera; az Bq^bac^ and flimioft 
dat Woa keld K^» and Li^tina 
or Blrene^ atid< Mdnaen, hwi^ sad 
fain Inret up iwid Hetod da tatNvrk, 
and SeL 

2. Az da ministerd tift daliard^ 
aadioat^ die H<^ Goat tad, Stfp- 
aM ma Biirndbaa aad Sol f or dd 
wnrk hw^runto j h&T keld dsm. 

a. And hwen da had loalad 
and prad, and lad [d%r] handz on 
dem:, da aeat [dem] aw4 

dt. ITSa <3b, hei9 aent fort bi. d». 
ttoli Gost^ departed natu Sali^pa; 
and from defts da said tu fiipma; 

5. And hwen da wer at Seia* 
va»i dd pregl da wurd or CK>d in 
de ^nigoga oy da Jiyi: and da 
had elsd Jon tu [d^r] ministtar. 

6. IT And hwen da had gon tna- 
da {} antu Ipafoa, da famd a ^rtbn 
Adraeirer, a lela prof^ a Ji|, haia^- 
nam [woz] B<|r«Je8nac 

7. Hwiq woz wid da dipyi^ti or 
de knntri^. S^ina Pelns, a pfaldan|» 

ki^K 9ambiBtla&.d^.ii»ttd^daiiidi«Mi4 h^iBild^ftfNP.^^ iM 

:jLSr& omse AF08S2. 

tel, said deasfili^tii- hn &t wvrdijnz snfeid 
ov God. Iwilderneft. 

8. Bi^ Baimas <k aefserer, (fer 
so iz faiis nam 1^ intfrpretajoo,) 
widsti&d dem, seki^ tu turn »wa de 
depyiiti from de M. 

9. Sen Sel, <ha> elso [iz keld] 
Pel,) fild wid de Holi Q&st, set 
Mz |z oa him, 

10. And sed, O fial 07 el aatilti 
and el miflqii!, [dv] gild cr? de dev* 
il, [dvl 4nemi ot el rityuBoes, 
Swilt OT not see tu pervert dtx^t 
vaz ov de Lord. 

- 11. And nv, behold, de hand 
ov de Lord [iz] up6n it, and de 
jalt be blind, not s^ de son fer a 
aeaon. And im^ieUi ds^r fel on 
him a mist and a dqrknes; and 
he went a\»^ sekig sum tu led 
him hi de hand 

12; 3en de d^i^rilti^ hwen he 
80 hwotwoz dun, bel^vd, beigoe* 
taSniJt at de doktrin ov de Leid. 

Id. ITNv hwen Pel- and hiz 
knmpani hmtfrom Pafos^ da kam 
tu Pfiga in Pamfiliax.and Jon 
depq^rti^ from dem retdmd tu 

- 14. If But hw«n da departed 
from P^i^, da kam tu Antiok 
in P{6idia« and went intu de sin- 
agog on de sabait da, and sat dvn. 

15. And after de redig ov de le 
and de profets de tolerz ov de sin- 
agog siBot untu dem, sail), [Ye] 
men [and] bredren, if ye hav eni 
word cv eksmtajen fer de p^l, 
saoa. ' 

16. Ken Pei stud up, and bek-- 
onig wid [hiz] hand sed. Men ov 
'Iziaal, and ye dat fer God, giv 

17. 3e God ov dia pepl ov Iz- 
nel qo2 vr fc^derz, and egz^lted 
de pepl hwen da dwelt az stranjerz 
in de land ov 6jipt, and wid an h( 
<|im brat he dem at oviU 

ha d[fr iBuiitiJij bb de 

JUi. Aai^AlaH^Ae tfoi ^ iMtaidaiJba^udliaglltt. 

19. And hwen he had daatiM 
seven -najone in de land ov Ka- 
iiaan, he divided d%r bmd tut dem 
hi lot 

20. And after did; he gav [mntu 
deml'jujez abi^ de spas ov' for 
hundred and fifti yerz, uatil Sd^n^ 
yt^el da profet. 

21. And afterword da dexfrd a 
kig^ and God gav untu dem Scft 
da mm ov Sis^ a man ov de <aib ov 
Benjamin, bj de apes or 

22. And hwen he had 
him, he razd up untu dam David 
tu be d^ 'Kjog; tu ha>m else he 
gav testimoni, and sed, ^ bav 
fsnd David de {sun] ov Jeac^ 
a man after m^n on- h<irt; hwf^ 
Jal fulfil el mi wiL [1 Stfkn. 13: 
H S<im 89: 20.] 

23. Ov dis manz sed hal God 
akerdip tu [hiz] promis razd tm** 
tu 'Izrael a Savyor, Jezns: 

24. Hwen Jon hadf^nt preqt 
befor hiz kumig da baptizna ov 
repentans tu el de pejil ov %- 

25. And az Jon fuyfild hia 
korS) he sed, <1 EiDm Uifii ye dat^ f 
anu S am not [he.} But, beheldi 
dfr kumeB wun after me^ h^M- 
J<M ov [hia]fet i am not wmdi 

tulflOB. . . . .^ 

26. Men [an^ taPedNti,-^ldxia» 
ov de stok ov |]R)rahaiB, andh*.- 
soever amdo y«> toel'X3ed/tut^yu» 
iz de word ov die ealvafon aeiit -^ 

27. Fer dadac^idwet at JaMMa* 
lem, and di|r TO>lerz, hekda da-Mf. 
Um^ not, net* yet 4t vvrsei^ei^ de 
profets hwiq €\,t fed 'eveii -sabal 
da, da hav fulfild [dem} in kcai- 
demi^ [hiuL] 

28. And do da fsnd no k«a ev 
del [in him}, yat dafc|»d da P^ 

4 A-^ 




at. And hwtai da >«d fvdfild 
el dafc woz titen ot him, da tiak 
£hiin3 dvn from d& in, aad lad 
[himj in a sepulker, 
• 30. But Ood nzd Mm Irom de 

. 31« And ke wos «en m^ni daz 
«v dsm hwi^ kam up wid him 
from Galile tu Jwozidem, ho qc 
kis witoesez pepL 

32. And we d8kl4r imtu. jcn 
gJLauSi iifixBZf hv dftt dE jpromU hwi^ 
woz m«d unttt de fqdorzy 

3^ Qod hat fulfild das&m nn- 
tUL us d%r QUdren, in da^ he hat 
9^ iq> Jezus agen; az it iz ehio 
riton in- de eekond 8qin, 3^ qrfc 
mi Sun, dis da hav i bi^6ten de. 
[Sam 2: 7.] 

. 34, And as konstnu^ dat he 
razd him up from de ded, [ws] 
BO' m&x ta return tui korupf oa, he 
sed on dis w^z, $ wil giv ya> de 
J^r m^Tsiz or David, [^z. 55: 3.] 

35r Hwatzfor he set eteo in 
andder [si^], 3s Jalt not sufer 
4in holi wun tia se kofupjon. 
[£ku[nl6: 10.] 

36/ Fer David after he had 
a^rvd hiz on jeneiajon hj de wil 
ov God, fel on slep, and woz lad 
untiti hiz fq^rz, and se koiupjon: 
- 37. But he, ha>m God mzd 
agen, se no korupjon. 

38. tB6itnonantuya>di|Tfor, 
men [and] bredren, dat lr(n dis 
maniz^pn^uotiA ya> deforgiv- 
nes ov sinz : 

39. And hi him el dat bel^v qr 
}astifid from el tipz, from hwiq 
ye kud not be justifid bj de le ov 

40. Beiw^r d^ifor, lest dat kma 
np6n yo, iS^iq is spoken or- in 
deprofeto;!" > 

41. Beheld, ye desp^erz^ and 
wander, and peri J: for 4 wurk. a 
watk is yor daz^ a wuik hwtQ ye 

k^r it nntu .Ta». [i^. 29: 14: 
Hab. 1: 5.] 

42. ^And hweB de Ji4z le^ 
gon 9t ov de sinagog, de JentiU 
beset dat ^z wurdz mjt be pragi 
tia dem de nekst sabai. 

43. Nv hwen de koQgfegsf<m 
wez broken up, meni ov de Jqz 
and relijos prMlits folod Pel and 
Bq^rnabae: ho, spekip tu dem, per* 
swaded dem tu kontinyi| in -de 
gras ov God, 

44. iTAnd de nekst aaba;t da 
kam elmost de hoi siti tugeder 
tu her de wurd ov God. 

45. Bat hwen de Ji^z se da 
multitiidz, da w^r f ild wid envi» 
and spak ageost doz ti^z hwig w^ 
spoken bi F^ kontradiktin and 

46. Sen Pel and Bctmabas waksfr 
bold, and sed. It woz nesesari dsit 
de wurd ov Gt>d Jud f^rst hav bin 
spoken tu yo: but seifi ye put Us 
from yo, and juj yorselvz unwar* 
di ov everldstii) Ijf, lo, we turn ti« 

47. Fer so hat de Lord -kom- 
dnded us, [sai{)], $ hav set di tui' 
be a l^t ov de Jent{iz,- dat &s fudst 
be fer salvajon untu de end^ or- 
de ^rt. 

48. And hwen de JentjbE h^ri* 
dis,, da w^r glad, and gkudfid da 
wurd ov de Lerd: and az meni az 
w^ erddnd tu eternal Ijf bri^vd. 

49. And de wurd ov de Levd' 
woz publijt tro^t el de rejbn. . 

50. IT But de Ji^B st^rd up d» 
dev^ and 6norabl wimen, and de- 
gef men ov de siti, and mzd p^rse* 
kijon agenst Pel and Bqmabasy 
and ekspeld d«si vt ov di^r 

51. But da fuk of de dust ov 
6^t fet agenst dem, and kam untu 

52. And de disrolz w^ i^ wi4- 

Jai in BO wiz beliv, do a maa4frlj9»'a|^nvid de.IUi^iiMt. 


1. AmlU 

juen or ro APOfiU. 

^^ iDabM «Dd Pel, h^rd [ot], dtt real 

te|Mism&«iiu-4|r ktedsj and na in ttm^ Hi 

:«f4»J^^ and so fpsk, * 1&. ijid ni^^ Sfrs; Shi*i^a» js 
dua giat nahiti|d baAnriB J^ .dec tins. We ^ao qr menoV l|i 
kd •bttOT de CMs belivd. ipdfnn wM y*, and ^M uhtetyai 
2. Bat ds wnbdiviv J^x sipd dat y« fiid tam from <kz 

«p^J«Bl^ and aaadd^rmiads vntii ds liTig God, kw^ imid ktflF' 
«nl afaklad ^Mi da farairaiL jeo, and «rt^ and dft ae» end el tigs 

dw LBvliMi|ifBrakBddaa|iek-.dBtqrd%rm: 
i||boldliiBdnLard,kwi^9iirftaa.| 1^ UAmliinz pdat atd erd ^ 
|i]naniHdttdav«dovfelzgaB8»'nnfons t«l wok in d({t «ki wttt. 
and granted ^pm and wnnders tul 17. Nereidelea he left net kim- 
be dnn bi d^ bands. laalf viddt witne8» in dat be did 

4. But 4t aankiftqjl ot dn aiti|giid, and g/a^ ns ribi fren |wv«d^ 
was divided: and pqpi hM. wid'and fmtliil aezoni, fili^ 3t he^ 
daJi|a» andpcpt widd8afi68is. |v]diaidand^ladn(i& 
. & And kvend^r vox an aadttj 18. And wid dez sai^ i^HM' 
mad bol ot de JeDtjU, and eiaestBinddade pUflt dat da bad not 
OT da Ji|^ wid di|r milm, ftu TiiE|d«n aakriQx nnta dem« 
[damldmn^'^i'^tefl^^M^^iBm,! ld« irAnd d^ kam ddtoir [a^ 

6. 3a w^r aaiv ^^ [i^]» *b^ ^^ ten] Ji|a from Antiok and tkonf^ 
nntM. Liatia and Derfaa» aitis ot urn, kai petawaded de papl)- «Qd^ 
likniHiia, and nntui de lajen dat barig stood Pd, dMo [lUm^ vi ot 


7. And d^r da pregt da soqpel. 

& IT And d|r aai a aQrten man 
ait liistoiy imfi^nt in b^ fet, beig 
o. kr^ fmm In iknAers woo, 
bo neTer kad wekt: _ 

9. Se aam k^rd Pel spek: kai 
Aedfoatfi bebeldi|| bid^ and per- 
aerin dat be kad bil fm be keld« 

10. Sed wid a lad f»v Stend 
upiiton^fat Andheleptand 

IL And kwen de pepl ae kwot 
F^ kad dnni da lifted np di|r ves- 
es, sain in At speg ot Likafinia, 
3e Gods q;r kmn dvn ta as in de 
l^nes OT* masL 

12. And da kdld B^imabaa, Jq. 
niter; and Pel, Merki|rias, bd^dx 
be woz de qd speker. '^ - 

13« 3eii de prast or Jif^tar, 
hwi^ woz befor d%r siti, bastolEaan 
ajad' s^idaiidz nntift ^ gats, and 
wiad baT.daiaikTiCt» vmrd^ f^ 

de aiti, saposig be bad bin dad*. 

aa Ewkm^ as de dsuds stud 
rand ab^ bbn, be r6x np^- vaA 
kam intiA de aiti: and d^ n^tat 
da be departed wid BcinudMa, ks 

2L TAnd kwen da bad pre^de 
goapel tia dst aiti, and bad tot 
moDi, da retdnid aj^en tia Liatia^ 
and [ta} ^kiiMunm, and Antiok, 

S2u Koii^rmigdeaolzoTde^Ua^ 
iplx, [and] ^sertigF denr tu kon* 
tinyi| in de fat, and dat we mmt 
h» moQ txibyqlafobeiiter intttdl 
ki^iom OT QodL 

2a. And kwaa da bad eidda^ 
dem elderz in oTori ^ur^, and bid 
pnd wid fiisiiQ^ dakoapendeddaia 
tui de Lard^ on ka>|ii dd b^ind^ . 

24. And after da bad:]XnitiRa'' 
dt Piindic^ da kam tu PaAfiltt 

25. And kwen da bjad pragt dt 
wnrd in Vftgpt, itt went d vn iaJ» 

%j'i -^ 

ov wb xvmA 

' "iM. And flenii stf d tu Antiok, 
from hwens dft had biti rekonieiid- 
•d tu d« gvAs or €NkI fer de wtirk 
hwiq da futlffld. 

27, And hwen da yr^t kum, and 
had gadeM de ^nr^ tuig^et, 6i re- 
li^rstel d«t €od haddanwid tMii, 
tfnd hv he had op^nd dfef d«ur ot 
fat untia da Jent|lz. 

^. And dft**^ <^^ N)4d^ ^^ 
^8 dttjpla. 


X. Ajld sQften iki^n hlinQ JEam 
f it)iDk' JifdM' t^ <}8 breldren, 
[and sed], Eks^pt ye be ai^rkum- 
^ad dfter de manet ov Hoaez, ye 
tetti notheaivd. 
. 2, Hwen dsirkrirFel and Bq^ma^ 
haa had nosmel disenjbn and die- 

P^ at&dBq;rnaf^; and d^irten nder 
6^ 4em, l^td g0 lip tu Jet<&ealetnr 
mitur de ap6»t2 and elden abl^ 
die kweslyon. 

i^'^m^, M pa0l f r<n Fenlsi and 8a>- 
nuurid, dik^n^ de kbiit^Jtoli 6v d^ 
JTtfiilila : Ind dil ke^d giftt ji» ntitu 
el de tn-edrah.' 

- 4. And hwen da w^r. kum tu 
Jerozaleni, da W^r rfes^Vd ov de 
^tti^ and [ov} de a|^^ and eld- 
ers^ and ^ dekI4^ #1 ti^ daiGod' 
kad dun wid detn. 

iektov46 Farii^^ hwi^ M4vd, fta^ 
iD^ 3afc itwoz nedfiiltiitfi^fkat&B^ 
detn, abd tb, komdnd [dem] tu 
iMto'de l^^ov.-Mozez. 

D. And de apdsla and ^den 
iaiA mgSA&t fer' tu konaCder bv 

7. 1[Atid hw^nd^r had bin mac 
dispq^ Pdter vdz up^ and sea 
untu dran, Men {and] bfedven, ye 
tf& h#dai a g&^ fc^«^ ag«& Qod 

b} mi ittvt Jud her M wttrd er da' 
gospel, and bel^r. 

8. ABdGkMl^hwi^iioolCteiulitB, 
bi^r dem witnes, givif^em de H€^ 
Gdet, even az [he did] tintu ns; 

9. And put no diferana betwin. 
ua and dem^ p^iffig di(f hqitte b| 

10. Nv d^rfor ^hwj temt y». 
Oddj tia put « ybk npdndienekov 
de dialpfe, hwi^ nader vr fq^tea 
neir we w^r abl tu hi^, 

11 ButwebelivdatliiftdB^raa. 
ov d^ tiOfd Jesiua Kifrt «% |al b^ 
savd, even az da. 

12. ^Sen el da midtitiid kapt' 
gflen^ and gov ediens tu Bq^na*' 
bas a»d Pel, dakl^rl^ hwot inir»» 
aklz and wnndert Qod had reft 
attkd^ de J^tjla b{ dem; 

la. irAndofterdahadh^ddiir 
pe^ Jama cnueM, qai^ Meii [and] 
bredreii, hcprken imtu mm: . 

14. ^mlMvhaldakHtdhsGed 
at de f^rst did vizitde Jent^z, tia 
tiidE T^t 6y dem apeptlerhSa nam. 

19.<Aiid tiat die agii 4fe wmdd 
ov de profets; az it iz riten, 

l^UheK dia I wil refeto, and 
wil Mid i^4at|iBerakakl or D». 
vid, hwig iz felea dvn;^ and i wH 
bild agjn de msnaidir^l, a&d|wil 
set it up: 

: 17. 3al de mzidii o^ men m|t 
sch<ffterd« Lsed, and eld^ Jentilz, ' 
updn honn mi nam iz k^d, set^ d» 
Lerdi hoi d<»et eldaaii^. [QmoiT 
9: 11, 12.] 

15, Ncm unjbu God <Lr el hia 
wurksfiom da begini^ov de warld. 

19. Hw%c&Nr mi sentens iz, dal 
wa tru^ notdtoi; kwiq from am^ 
de Jentilz q,r tnrnd tu Qod: 

26. Btft dit we r]^ untu dem^ dat 
da abstdn frdm pott^na ov jjjolz; 
and {frotn] ternika|oa» a&d [from] 
ii^z stra^M.:and [from] Uud* ; 

£L : F«i ]loae« ov 0ld t|^. hal^ 

mU^ti^9Mv4ki-m ^S4»^m even siti dem dftcftf^^jMHl^ 



£2. ir3en plesd it de bixmU aad 
eideiz, wid de hoi ^ttrg^ tu sead 
^ozen mes oy ds^r on komfWH tu 
An^k wid Pel and Bonabas; 
Diamti,} JiiJlasfturBamd Bq,raabaft, 
and Silas, qd men amdf) de bred* 

* 23. And da rofc [leiten] bj d^ra 
after ^ 'Buyier; £[ft8^)dsk and el* 
derz and bredien [aend] grati^ nn- 
ttt da brediien hwig q^ ov da j€Bi- 
tjte la Afitiok and Biria and ^^> 

^ 'ffBnamAq az we Iut b^rd, 
dat s^rtenhvfi^ went vt from ua kav 
traUd jcb ^mA wiudz, subv^^rtiB 
yau sola, aaig, [Ye miistl be i^r- 
kumaizdy and kap da le: tu ha>ia 
we'gar no [suq] komdndment: 

2&. It samd gud nntu us, b^ 
as^bld wid wan nkMi, tu send 
gosonmen uiriaa ya> wid vrbeldv- 
ed Bcpmabas «id Pel, 
. ^. Mto dat faa¥ hazarded <^r 
ii«e far de nam ot 3r Lerd. Je^us 
Krjist ' • '' 

' 2ff, We har sent d^ifor Jiidas 
Mid Silas, iuD Jal ^ao tel [yea] de 
SAM ti^z bj nrst. 

2^ Far it aoodgud tuda Holi 
Gost, and tu us, tu la updn ja no 
gcatet burden dan dez nesesari ti^z ; 
^ 29* *3at ye abetin. &om mats 
of^id tu idolz, and from bind, and 
front'tipz stragigid, and from fer- 
nikajon: from hwig if ye kep Jror- 
8^Uz,'ye /aldoy weL Fj^r ye wiel. 

dOL So kwen da w^r dismkt, da 
kam tu Antiokt and kwen da had 
gflderd de miilliitq,d tuget&r, . da 
delivefd de epli^: 

81; [fiwiQ] hwen da had red, 
da rej6^t f er de konsokJoDL 

32. And Jt^daa and Silas, bei^ 
prof eta elso demselvz, egzertedde 
wedren wid tneni ymdz, and kan- 

da An4 after da had iarld [%] 

a spas, da w^ let go in pe&from 
de bredren untu da apfSalz. 

34. Notwidstandiji it pjezd Silas 
tu abjd d|r stil. 

35. Pel elflo and Bqmabaa kon- 
tinyi|d in Antiok, tegi^ and preqig 
de wurd or de Xieid^ wid meni ud< 
erz elso. 

36. f Aud sum -daz after .Pel 
sed untu Bqmabas, Let uag<9-agen) 
and vizit vr bredren in ever! siti 
hw%r we haxr pra^t da wurd oy da 
Lerd, [and se] hv da da>. 

37; And Bqsnabas detevmind 
tu tak wid dem JoBy. ha>a aomaim. 
woz Mctrk. 

3a. ButPeltetnotgudtu^ak. 
him wid dem, ha> d^qprted from 
dem from Pamf ilia, and went net 
wid dem tu de wurk. 

39. And de kontenjon wos ao 
/<irp betwin dem, dat da depqrtet^ 
asiwder wun fr<»i^ deuder: and. so 
Biii^bas tuk Mqrk, and aald. ^n« 
tu Siprus; 

40. And Pel goz .Silas, and de- 
pq,rtedy bel^ rekeimended I4 da 
brodren untu de gras 07 God. .^ 

4L And ha w^nt tim &ina and. 
Silijia, konff rmip de gurges. 

** ^ 

GAPTER 16., 

« ■ ■ . 

1. Sen kam he tu Dfiorbe and 
listra: and» behold, a s^rten dis- 
ipl woz ds^r, namd Timoftii^ d% 
sttn ov a s^rten wuman, hirk wpz 
a Jqes, and beUvd; but hSiz IqjlBc, 
[woz] a 0rak: 

2. Hwic woz wel reported .©▼ 
bi de bredren datur^r At X^^^ 
aQd.%onliam. ' _, 

3. Him wud Pel,h^ tu^o foi|r 
wid him; and tuk and s^rktunusiisd 
him -bde^jK dv de Ji^a ,hfwijg w^. in 
doz kwerterz : ier da ni( el dat Ma 
fqdeff woz a 6rak. 

4. And w da wanttri^ daaitijey 
Jda..dalib7fiKd diia4M«Wfbfe»iMk 

i««s 6v «er AMSUt 

kep^ dat wi^t erd^Bd qy 4e ap68lz 
and elders hwi^ W^r at JeriDzalem. 
' 5. A^ d& w^r fie QQi^ez esttfb- 
lift ki 1^ Mj and inkrfet in ttum" 
ber dah. 

6. N7 hwen da had gon tra^^t 
Fvijia and dft rejon or Gdofld, 
and nr^r forMe» cyr de I^li- Gmt 
tia pieQ der wcud in £[Jia, 

7. Ufter da w$r kmn -ti^ Mifia, 
dliadid <%i'go into l^inkif bat 
de filpiiit autod dem not. 

' 6. And da yad^ 1% Hijia kam 
d^n tu Tr(M)& 

9. irAiidaYi5oni^MtuPel1n 
<i» vit; S^ atiid a man or Mas^ 
dcMoio, ami ptad him, sai;); Rum 
over iatu Masadcmia, and help as. 
'10. And' after he had^n de 
yi$&nf im^ietli we endeyord' tu 
go inta liasedonia, a/i^redli gad- 
ei¥Q dat de Lotd had keld aa far 
ta pnq de goi^l nntu dem. 

11. ^i^rfor \exsqf from Troad, 
we kam wid a strat kort tu Sam-^ 
olr^ia, and de nekat [da] tu Ne- 

.<1^. And ftom dens tu F^lfpi, 
bwi^ iz de ^ef aiti t»Y dat pqrt oV 
Maaedonia, [and] a k6loni: and 
we'w^ m datsiti abic^ f^rten 

IS, And 0fk de saba;^ we "went 
vt OT de siti bi a- met a{d, hw^r 
pn^r woz wont iu bemad; and We 
aast dv% and apak untu de wiin«n 
hwiQ rezerted [dider.] 
- '^'^hkd ata^i>len wmman ^xxid 
lidk&y tf seler ov purpl, ov de siti 
ov B^atira, hwig wurjKpt God, h^rd 
[aa]: kos h(|H de Lierd expend, 
dat Je at^ed ttotu de li^a hwig 
wfrapcdMB OT Pel. ' 

15. And hw^n fe wegs* baptjed, 
and hfr h«^K^, Je bea^l [tu], 
amxh If jc ^v }^d rae tia be fat^ 
fial tu A Lord, ktun iolu mi hve^ 
sad afafd [dur*] . And Jt^- k^n 

14. 7 And It kam tia "pits; « %m 
went tu pntr, a s^rten damaal^ 
poil^est wid a spirit or dlYinaJ^n 
met XLAf hwi^ brat h^ mastaaw.^ 
muQ gan hi sflot-sai^: * 

17. SLb Bam fbled Pel and as, 
and ktid, mdxj, Sea men^q;r de a^** 
vants OY de'mcMt h| God, hwiij jp»l 
nntu as'de wa oy salYaJon. 

}». And d^ did Je mem dast/ 
Biet Pel, bei|| greYd, tttmd and aed^ 
tu d^ spnit, v^kom^d di in da^ 
nam oy Jezus Krlst tu kiKn ^^ 
K>Y h^r. And he kam Vt da 
saaa vr. 

19. f And hwen h^ moatarz aeK 
daf de^iop OY di(r eimz wdz gan, 
dft kot Pal and Sllaa) aad dr»^ 
[dem] intu de mqjrkat plas unta^ 
de rcDlerz, ^ 

20. And bret dem tu da liiaj* 
istrats, saiQ, 3ez men,- bei^ J^H' 
day eksfedt^i trubl vr eitif 

21. And teq kustomz had^j 0ivi 
not lelul far 'as tureair, after iiia 
oba^PYybei^ Romonaw * - ' 

22. Anddemulttt^dtOBEaptta^ 
g^er'ftg^net dem: and de mt^ 
tmta rent of *d^r kliadz, md koaa^' 
daded tm bet [dem.} 

23. And hwen da had lad me&l^ 
s^ps' tip6n dam, 6a kast [deiia] 
intu prizon, ^qijtf de jaler tu kep^ 
dem aafli: - 

24.' Ha>, haVif^refl^Yden^^^^, 
tnurt dem intu de itter prieon, and ' 
mad di^r let loat in de »toha. 

Ife^. IT And at midi^t Pel and 
Sflas prad; and saD pituez imCu' 
Qod: aad'^de priaonera h^ dam, 

•26. And sudenli d^r woz a grat' 
^rtkwak, eo 4iat de ftmdajonz oy 
de prkton' wfr J^ent and naidiatP: 
li el de diZHTz w^opend, aad eYail 
wans bandz w^ri^MSt^ 

27» And de keper oy de pfiaofl^ 

awaki^ 7ioY hiz atept and-sai^ da- 

pviflan d«»rza»pMi,-h» dite at hnt- 

4*t)Tdy and wud haY kild *^^-"*'' 

.AKTft or «e ATOfitZ. 

mo, ]>*4yi^ B9 Jkcvna: fee we <vr 
•1 her. 
89. aeb he teld Imt a Ut, end 

spi^^ Si^ end kftm. trembli^ and ; 2. And P#l, ee kU xmuaer «oz» 

went in nntift 49V^ and tr» aaM 
dez reeond wid ^bnir ^ inr ds 

a« $%eixGB and •lejig.dmfc K^tA 

must nedz bav mlerd, and riten 

agfn ffom de ded; and daft dfe Je. 

S2. AdA h> spBk VBtu huH ddzua, h<Mn ipraq nntuy^ik JCrpt 

wnrd OT de L^, and tu.«l4al d:* AndmunoTdenMdiv^aiid 

M dvn helot P«l and SM 
SO. Ajnd lDf9^d#m vt» and M»dt 

fi^cSr ^k(w«l; muit 4 d# t«L he siKEd. 
j^l. And da Md» BeUv on 4e 

liird Jeftuft Kiirt» i4id ds ^ ha 

avrd^ and ^ hva* 


dd. And ha iiak dam damn vr 
iKT, de nit, and w0^t [d|t] 
mi wan and el £s, 

.M Andhwanhah^dhretd^n 
iftoiivi hVfl^ha«eli]|et hdor dem, 
and re}^ heidvif i» ^^M wid el 
we hlw«' 

: d$« f And hwea it woa da« de 
majistxate a^, da i^^jent^ «^ 
LetdiM.aieii gci, 

.'dSb. And de >epai^ ov de priaon 
toU dig e»9 tia Fel^aaniaiiatitla 
hav aent tu let j^.gc)( lui d%i|<Mr 

dl44ie<v e(t^^ i^ pc<k ~ 

d-7; Bat Pel sed «nti9,.dem, Sis 
her hcten un ftpenli nnkondemd, 
heiD Bomanz, and hav koitfi [na]; 
i];»jfei« ffdeen; «»d nw <ldli>..diil twt 


fen^fhwantdnh^ddatdnw^ Bqk 

;39a. And^ dn kam 
an4 heel [dem} 91^ :and de«|rd 
[dun] todep4i^9tbv de tUi 

40. And (fai went vt ov de pnz- 
^ and dnterd intu {de hfts} t)y 
Xiidui: and hwan da had san de 

€APtE» it. 

.1, Nv hwendahad ]iQat Ito 
Amfiip^lis and A^kMM, ^.koDi 
tu ResalonikOt hw\r won jn 
gag Of da Ji|^ 

konseited wid Pel and B^m; -mi 
«▼ de.devit ,Qttik$ a gnit mnki- 
tivi^ and OY de^ inndd nefealil^ 

6. irBiU da Ji|K hwi^'hettfrd 
npl^ nuavd wid envi^ tnk nstedient 
fl^ften laid felon eT ds.fadsaar aerV 
a^wt gadeni a knm^aiUi and net «l 
de siti.en ai^ uppcyr^ and M^IM: de 
hva or Ja«oD, and aet tu hi% dam 

^, And hwan da fvnd iam nol^ 
da dna Jason and s^rten hcadvan 
Q|M de m4eN o<r dl ^ ktiio, 
aaz dat hat. tnniddiD wvdd npiid 
dtmq^knm.hideirelao;- ... 

7> HcMBi Jason hal >a«d rd: end 
dez el d(D kdntiarl tu da dekidn 
OT S^ze«^ «H^ daf d%ir fn anddBr 
ki)^ [w*a] Jaans^ 

a AnidfttvithlddepKdnnddi 

ni^ «t nriyilJ4 na vetiU; hut let dem problem e¥ da i»ti^ hwan dak^ian 
kum aemaalya ttinjd fe^ na 9k 
jdS. A^d d» aq,ri^ili9 iKsId d»z 

wwdz nnlttdemajialintiii^ andda[k^i evr Jn^anv.and.eiir.da iidar^ 


M) irADd .<fe hrad^ indJie^ 
seHttwdi Pel and^llHs h|.ni^«nn'. 
tu Beraa: hok knniti9r{4id0l^praat/ 
inMde^nagag^ev dt Ji|b4 a. ,; 

U. Has w^tm^MP ntohl da»4os^ 
in fieteliwiMk) in dat dn resitdda 
wwd w^ ei tcMUnait ov Jki jjnd^ and 

hr«dra%^dK kamftyM . dasa^ anid sfntfe/da Om^yn^. d^htj kWadw 

Jk]C» OV && ArOSUL 

'lk9b p t i i tii ta i or diwa fatUvd; 
•▼ 6aonibt wisMia h«d^ wfr 
Qkgk% sad ov mmih not a ft|. 

13. IT Bat hwen de Jiye ot H«»- 
tloAllExi lla4 nolej dat di^ wuri ov 
Ood WM iMre^ft ov Pel At BMed, di 
kam dider elso, and st^rd «p 4e 

- 14. iiibd dea im^iotH d» ht^- 
wen sent'iiwd Pel tu go as* it "w^ r 
tui de Be: Wt %jJM aad Timelitta 
AlM&d'^r Bttl. 

1^. And ds- dat kotddkted Pel 
Iwet him nntm Alens: and tmey- 
i9 a kondiklmttit Untiii Silas and 
Timotius fer tia k«iii tu hiib wid 
«l-8jied, ds depc^tted. 

16. tNv hw^l Pel wttted fer 
Am nit Atens, hia spirit wez- sl^ rd 

gTV^4iu {dolatri. 

17. 3ji[nc»r disptfled be in de 
ainagog wid da Ji];b, and wid de 
^evvt p^raon^y and in da tn<|;riLet 
dftii wid dem dat met wid him. 

18. 3en s^rten filosoferz ov de 
Bplki|reanz, and (rv da Stotksj 
enk^nterd him. And snm eed, 
^Hwot wil die babler fla; uder 
awn, He eemet tu he a seter k>rt 
er strenj godz: hek^s he pre^l 
tmtu dem Jezna, sod de roznr- 

Id. And ds ttak him, and hret 
hfm ttntu Ariopagttfl, inuD, ^Ka 
we no hwot dis ni^ doktrin, hwi^r 61 
fc spakest [izi] 

20. Fer dv bnt)eBt s^rten stmi^ 
tif^s tu. ^ era: we wud no di^rfor 
hwot dez ti^z meBi 

21. (Fer el de Alenianz and 
atimjeM hwig^ w^ di^r spent ds^r 
tjm in tlc^uq eh; hot eder iaa, tel, er 
tu her sam mi tip;) 

22. f S^n Pel stud in de midst 
er Hq,rz hil, and sed, [Ye] men 
ev Alenz, i pers^T da^ in el tigz 
ye (|r to stiper«ei|«is. 

23. Fer aa i post l^, and heield 


ymv davotona; j ftwiia •Itar'wld 
die iaaknpfon, TU 06 UKNair 
GOD. Ojaasi dufdr ya {gnotantli 
wnrjip, him dekl4r |. untu yo. 

24. Ooddatmadde wurldand 
el tit^ di^rin, seig dat he iz Leid 
ov heven and ^rt, dwelet not in 
templz mad wid handz; 

26. Neder iz wnrjipt wid mena 
haada, az do he neded eni ti^, son 
he glfet tu el 1^, and breit, and^ 

2$. And hat mad ov wun bind 
el nafonz ov men fer tU dwel on 
el de &fl ov da^, a3d hat de%^ 
mind de t^mz hsfor apemted, and 

de hendz ov di|F hmukh^. 

27. Sat da jW aek da Lefd; ft 

hapli da m^t fel oltM him, and 

in Mm; hwen he se de eiti h6>lli ^nd him, do ha ha net fopr fitom 

evei* wun ov us: 

28. Fer in him we Mv, Md mgvf, 
aod hav vr hei^; az sffrten etoo^ov 
yor on poets hav sed, Fe^ we qjt 
elso biz ofiiprip. 

29.- F^aemdQ den az we <tr de 
ofsprip ov God; we et not tu ff^k 
dat de Gedhed iz Ifk antu gold, er 
silver, er ston, graven b| <trt and 
manz devjs. 

30. Anddettrnzov^Ksignemffli 
God wi{jkt at: but nv komdndel 
el men even bwi|r tu rep^: 

31. Bekez he hat apemted a da; 
in de bwiQ be wil juj de wtirld in 
r^tynsnes bi [dat] man bom b^ 
be bat erdand: [hwi|r6f) he bat 
given afiinms untu el [men], in 
dat be bat razd him from de 

32. lAnd hwen da b^rd ov de 
rezarekjon ov da ded, sum mokti 
and nderz sed, We wil berd^ ^;en 
ov dk [mater.] 

33. SoPeldepqrtedfromami^ 

34. Ht(belt s^ten men hlav nn^ 
tu him, and bel^d: arndg de fawii^ 
[^ot]' Djonijiaa- de* Ari<^(t^ - tod 



. 1. (liter des tigz Pel deported 
ixom Atenzy and kam tvx. Korint; 

2. And fvnd a s^rten Jq oaiml 
Akwila, bem in Pontua^ latli kum 
{com It^i, wid hiz w^C Prisdla; 
(bek^z da( Kledius had komdnd^ 
el Jiiz tu dep(i^ from Bom:} and 
kam untu dem. 

3. And bekez he woz er de sfun 
krafty h9 abod wid dem,and ret: 

ier \>i 4^ okyni^W ^ ^^^ ^^ 

4. And li8 rezond in da sinagog 
«Yeri aabfll, and persavaded de Ji^z 
and de Greka. 

. 5. And hwen S^aaand Timcdli- 
QB wer kum from Masedonia, Pel 
woz preat in de spirit^ and testif jd 
taade Ji|z [dat] Jesus [woz] Krist. 
. 6. And hwen da opozd dem- 
s^vz, and blasfemd, he Juk [hiz] 
.mment, and sed untu dem, Y(Dr 
blud [be] upiSn ya>r on hedz; i 
■{am] klen: iiom. hensfori) i wil go 
jas^m de Jentilz« 

7. And he departed d^ns^ and 
.enterd vatvL a s^rten [maoz ] h^s, 
^Mimd Justus, [wun] dat wurjipt 
God, ha>z hss jcmd hcird tu de 

8. And Krispus, de qeS. i^ler ov 
de sinagogy belevd on de Lerd wid 
el hiz h9s; and men! ov de Korin- 
tianz herii) belevd, and w^r bap- 

9. ^n.en spak de Lerd tu Pel 
in de njt bj a, vigon, Be not afr^d, 
but spek, and hold not dj pes; 

10. Feriamwidde,andnoman 
Jal set on de tu hurt de: £er | hav 
mufi pepl in dis siti. 

11. And he kontinyiid [d^r] a 
yer and siks munts^ tegq^ de wurd 

, ov God amdD dem. 
; 12. vAnd hwan Galio woa 4e 

d^yiiti ov AlBMiHfeiJ4»>md'in. 
auj^k^o wid wun tiiM^mgmi^ 
Pel, and bret himr tu, db Jaj0ieot 

1&. Saig, 3!i8 [felo] perai^adei 
mentu-.wur/ip God ,k6ntiari tu 

14. And hwen Pel woz nv afa^ 
tu open {hie] m9% (hih&Med. un- 
tu de Jhz, If^it w^r.a mater ov 
ro&er wikedlt^dnes, o [ye] Ji^z, 
rezon wud dat i fud bi^ wid. ym; 

15. .But il it be a. kwestyon.ov 
wurdz and namz^ and [ov] y«>r.le, 
luk ye [tu it]; fer i wil beao juj 
ov suQ [matedfz.] 

16. And he dmv dem from de 
iujment set. . 

17. aen el ^ Greka tok S0»- 
tenez, de ^f ra>ler 07 4e simigog, 
and bet [him^ bafor de jujment 
set. And Galio k^rd fer nu|tov 
dioz ti^z, 

18. lAnd Pel. [after dis] tarid 
[dq^r] yet a gud hw|l, and den tuk 
hiz lev ov de. bredren, and eald 
dens iatu Sir^o, and wid him Pri* 
alia and Akwila; haviD Jom {hiz] 
hed in Senkria: ier he had a v?. 

19. And he kam tu'Efesus, and 
left dem d^r« but he himself enterd 
intu de ein^og, and rezond wid da 

20. Hwen dei . deiird .[him] tu 
tari .longer tjm wid oen^ he kon- 
sented not; 

21. But bad dem f^rweVsalg^ 
f must hi el menz kep dis feat dat 
kumet in Jennzaleca: but i wil m* 
tdrn agen untu y(D, if . God . wiU. 
And he said from'Efesua. 

22. And hwen he had landed at 
Sezarea, and gon up» and sali^ted 
de QurQ, he went d^n tu Antic4c» 

23. And after he had spent sum 
t^m [d^r], he departed, and ^frent 
over [el] de kuatri ov Gala|j|L and 
Frijia in erder, atregtoni^ la da 

: AKTO 0¥ S» APOfitZ. 

' Ap^los/ bem «t Al^ksjindria, an 
.elokweal n^an, [and! miti in de 
fikrjptyiirz, kam tu'ES£6Bu& 

251 3is man woz instrdkted in 
de waov de Lerd; and beig fervent 
in de spirit, he spak and tet dili- 
Jei^tlide Uxfli Br de Lerd, noiQ 
<l>nli de baptizm ov Jon. 

26. Andbe began tidspek bold- 
11 in de sinagog : hoxa h wen Ak wila 
and Prisila had h^rd, da tuk him 
iintu fdem], and ekapvndednntu 
Ixim oe wa ov God mor p^r- 

27. And hwen he woz dieptSzd 
ill pas inta Akaa, de bredren rot, 
egzerti^ de disipls tu resiv him: 
hco, hwen he woz knm, helpt dem 
mxkq h,wiq had belivd W graa: 

' 28. Fer he. m|tiUkopviast de 
Ji^z, {.and dat] publikli, Joi^ b^de 
ekriptyiirz dat Jezns woz KrjfiL 


. L And it kam Un pqs, dat, hwjl 
Ap61os woz at Korint, Pel havi{) 
past tra> de nper kosta k^m 4ia 
Means: and findig a^rten dis|p1z, 

J. He sed untu dem, ^Hav ye 
vd de iloli Gost sins ye be* 
WrdJ And da sed unta him, We 
hav not so mu^ az h^d hweder 
d^r be eni Holi Oost. 

3. And he sed nntu dem, Wn- 
tu hwot den w§r ye b^pt^zd. . And 
da sed, Untu Jonz baptizm* 

4. Sen sed Pel, Joa v^ili bl^>- 
^zd wid de baptizm ov repentans, 
8ai{) untu de pepi, datda Jud beliv 
on him hwiq Jiad kum after him, 
dat iz, on Kr^st Jezus. 

5. Hwen da h^rd [dis], 4a w^ r 
baptlzd m de nam ov de Urd 

. 6. And hwen Pel had lad [hiz] 
handz ap6n dem,:de Holi Goat 
]^m on dem; and da spak wid ji$t0z, 
and pr<il94^ . . 

7. And bL 'dt men "v^ aWt 
twelv.. ' . r . 

8. ^Aad be wenl Intu de sim^ 
gog, and spak boldli for de spaa or 
tre munts, dispi^ti^and petswadd^ 
de ;tipz kdns^znig die ki|jdom: or 

9* B«t hwen diverz wi§t hqrd- 
end, and bel^vd not, bat spak eiril 
ov dat wa beforden&nltiti^ hede- 
pqjrted from dend, and separatedtte 
disifdz, dispiitig dati in de 8ka>l or 
wun TjrxInuH. 

10. And dia kontinyi|d \^ de 
spas ov to) yerz; so dat el da hwi^ 
dwelt in Sfia h^ de wnrd ovrda 
Lerd Jezus, boft Jiiz and Greka. ■ 

11.* And God retspejal tniteklz 
bi de handz ov Pel: 

121 So dat from hiz bodi: w^ 
beet untu de sik hapkerqifs er 
apronz, and de diaezez departed 
from dem, and de evil spirits weoEt 
9t OY dem. 

. 13. IfSens^rtenoyde vagabond 
JiiZf egzeraists, tuk n^n &m ttt 
kel over dem hwig had evil sphits 
^ nam ov de Lerd Jezus, stfi^y 
We adj4r ya> bi Jezus haan Pel 

14. And di^r w^ seven sunz or 

iwun] Eeva, a Jii, [and] qd ov 
e prests, hwig did so. 

15. And de evil spirit anserd 
and sed, Jezus | no, and Pel | no; 
but Sh» cir ye. 

16. And de man in honn de evil 
siHcit woB lept on dem, and ortip^ 
kdmdem, and prevdld agenst dem, 
so dat da fled 7t ov. dat h«s naked 
and wiODnded. 

17. And dis woz' non ta el de 
Jiiz and Greks elso dwellD at'£& 
e^us; and fsr fel <m dem el, and de 
nam ov de Lerd^ Jezus woz mag- 

18. And meni dat belivd kam^ 
and konfest, and Jod da^rdedz. ^ 
1 .19. |l«ni ov.dem Mb^ ^wiq 

JBMfi 6^ ^ A»(ma. 

y^ kiftiv <|rt» \mi %r buks 
tug^er, and burnt dem bel6p el 
(TmBx}) aiid dc ksated de f^ris o v 
oem, «sd ivnd [it] iiltl INzttnd 
[pans] ov sOver. 

20l So niftiU gra» te word <yT 
God and prevald. 

SL 1[wter te fAgz w^r en<fed, 
P^ INnpHfll in de spirit) hwian he 
^MuiikUidtHD Maaedcmia and Akfia, 
tia 90^ tia: JenDBalem, sai^, Gffer ;^; 
faay bin. dqfr, [ nw^t tflao s^ Rom. 

22. So he sent intu ICasedonKi 
lift OY fen dat mfnktMd itntu^ 
lixB, TimoHQa and Ei^n^; but 
fa bitaxiell stad. in^ a^|^ici !br a 

' 2& And de aam i}iii d%r a»6z 
BO smel st^r ab&i dat wa* 
. S4L F^r (t afrten [man] ndmd 
X^ntiBtring). asilrenmit^ hwiq mad 
Hirer Ji|nB for D^na, bn^ nid 
aaiei gsn raitui de raaftomen; 

25. Ha»m he keld tugi^iep wid 
ttr ^iniBBeQ ov l;|k okytipa/bn, 
and aad^ Siprzy ye- no- dat bj dis 
kra£t we kav i;r wdti 
. 96. JfoEOver yfe air and hiar^ dat 
ikfA tkent Bi 'BfeaBnsy. btU^ eliiiLOdt 
trco'^t el QJia, dis Pel hat f^i 
awaded- and tarnd awd tnnq pepl, 
wdg dat dft be no godz^ 6wi(| ^ 
mad wid handz: 

27. S(i> dat not osli dia ir kmf t 
|B) in dftmer tax bf set at net; but 
elao dat de tempi ovde ^mt godeS 
P^mik fiad be despjsBd, and h^r 
magnifiaws fvni. be destfl^ htf>m 
ftl SJio: and de wnrld wmrfipeti 

2& ifeod bw«n da hfird [dezr 
fiaipz], da w^r ful ov r^^ and 
k^d TS^. sm^^. Gtmt [is] D|ina ov 
de Efemana. 

20. And db ImsI siti iivoz fild 
vidkon£i(5on: and'h&v(i9k««€tan» 
and Aristcirkus, men ov Mastdo- 
m^JPeOa koihjianyoiiz in t^av el^da 
rnjt. vrid wnn ak^rd intis de teater. 
s:.:M. 4^ kwen Pel w«id 

entei^ in nntm ft ^p^ hg^BB^j^ 
stifefrd him not: * 

31. And fl^rten &r €it Cf^ or 
£IJia, h<vriQ w^ Biz IrendiE, seat 
Qntu him, dezfrig [Mm] <&t he 
wisd not adventjqr hxm^^ fntik 
de teoiter. 

32. Sam di^rfor kijd ynm' f^ 
and sum andder: fer de aaembU 
woz konfi|zd; and de^ mor pc^t 
mi not hwi^rfor (h wer kum tu- 
g^r. ' 

33. And- diS; dnai Aleksonder vi 
0r (te~te«gtitkid, de Ji|2 pu^ 6im 
forward. And Aleksonder faiik^ 
end wid de Hand- and wi&d hay 
mid hiz dt^f^tts xaMx ft pepl. 

M. BqI hwen da nti^dsU; he wos 
a Jti^ el wid won vers abihr ^ 
spoB ov tiin 9rz kr^d ttr QvA ^r} 
9>i4nft ov de Gfejianz. 

35. And hwen de ttm kl^k had 
ap<^ de pepl, he eed, [T&J men 
ov'E£esn8^. ^hwotman iz d3|r <^t 
noet not hYd&t de sfti ov de ^fe- 
sj^anz i« a Si»nf Jiper ov 4t grat 
godea I)|ina, and ov &r [iintj} 
hwii^ fel dvn from Jifpiter. 

86. S«!9 den^t dief? tig? kan 
not be spoken aj^srt, y^ et turbe 
kwiet^ and to. d<t noti^ raJH. 

37. FeP ye hav bret hider d^ 
men, kwi^. q^ neder loberz ov 
qarqez, ner yet blasfemenE or y«)r 

38. fiwi^rlop if Dfemetrins, nM 
de kmftsmen hwig" c^r wid. him, 
hi^ d m«itef agetist eni man, de le 
i»op^n, sknd^r Gt^depytttiz: le^ 
dem imi^led wun. amdiler. 

39. But it ye inkw^ eni fqf 
kons^min Hd^r materz, it M. be 
djet^rtnind in a leful as^tn^, 

40. ^^r we <cr in danjer to. be 
keld in kwestyon fer dis dsz tp' 
ror, d%r bei^ ncy kez h^«tttb| We 
ttMl^v an akthiti ot £s konkofs. 

4ik And' h^en hci had' fti# 
)Uvispoken, he dismist da^aiii^l^ 

J;IET9 9T1K itfWIs$. 

toPTER W. 

1. And after de upror iroz.sest, 
Pel keld untu [him!) de di^plzy 
and embr&t [dem], and d^^qrted 
fer tu go intia Masedonia. 

2. And hwien he had gon over 
dox pQrts^andiiad giye(a dem mu^ 
ekAorta|oQ, he jKam intu Qtes, 

3. And [dar] abod tre munts. 
And hwen de Jt|z kd wat fojr 
him, az he woz ab^t tu sal intu 
Sirxa, he purpu9t tu retikn tr« 

4. And d^r akumpanid him in- 
ha Crjia Sopater ov Berea; and 
ov de J&esalonianz, Aristqrkus 
and Sekttndus; and Gaus ov D^- 
be, and Timotius; and ov Sificir 
Tikikus and TroSmus. 

5. 3ez goi^ befor tarid lor us 
at Troas. 

6. And we Bald awa from F|- 
U]^i after de daz ov unlev^nd 
bred, and kam untu dem tu Troas 
in f^^v doz; hwj^r we abod seven 

7. ^And up<5n de f^t [daj ov 
^e w^, hwen de disupl^ kiim tu- 
|;«^r 'tu bzak bred, Pel prei^t 
untu dem,redi tu d^pcirt on de 
morp; and kontinynd hi? speq 
until midnit . ^ 
' '8. And a%r.w§r meni l^ts in de 
|iper gamber, hwi^r da w^r gaderd 

9. And d^r sat in a windo a 
e^rieh yug jxian namd Yutiku^, 
beupioleax rntu a dep ^lep: ^nd jiz 
P^ WQZ Ion preQip, he su^k di^n 
inrid idli!qp,4^a iel d^n from de t^d 
lofty^md woz ta^en up ded. 

10. And Pel went Jtto, and fe] 
on liim, jind emhfi^su) {himj sed, 
TiubLubt y<»rs6lvi^; fer Idz l^ iz 
iji hipou 

ILJ. Hwen.lie darfor wqz ,kiam 

even til bmk «r 4m, tn^ 'h^' 4^ 

12. And da bret de yun mai^ 
al|v, and w^ not a IHl kivnio^rteijU 

13. IT And w» w«nt befor t|^ 
Ji^ and said untu Asos, di^r in- 
tendif) tu tak in Pel: fer so had 
he ^pented) pindi^ himself t|A 
go arut. 

14. And hwen be met wid us 
at Aso^. we tuk him in, and km 
tu Mitiiene. 

15. And we said dens, and kam 
de nekst [da] over 9genst K^os; 
and de nekst fda] we arjvd at Sa- 
mos, and tarid at Trojilium; and 

de nekst [da] we kam tu MiUtua. 

16. Fer Pel had det^rmmd tu 
sal Id '£fesus, bekez he wiad not 
spend de t^m in QJia: fer he hast* 
edt if it wf r posibl fer him, tia be 
at J ercnzalem de da ov Pentekoat. 

17. t^And from Mjletus hei^ent 
tu'C^fesuB, and keld de elders or 
de Qur^. 

18. And hwen da w^ kucgi tu 
him, he sed untu dem, Ye no, 
from de l^rst da dat | kam intw 
€[jia, after hwot man^r i har bia 
wid ya> at el sezonz, 

19. Siprvip de Jterd wid el ^i;- 
militi ov .xpii:id, and wid menl 
tcrz, and ^emJtafonz, Jhwig bcfel 
me b; de Ifip in wat ov ^ }i]z: 

jKX [And! h^i. kept bakiiotin 
dat woz prfiitabl [uptu .y^j,but 
hav Jod yen, and hav tet ja> pub- 
UkJi, andfroogi h^s tu h^ss, 

21, Testifiin bo^ t]U de Ji^iw 
and el^o tvi !de Grekk, rep^tans 
tord Godj and fa^ tord ^ ^rd 
Jezus 'Kxi^U / 

23- Andn7,beliold,igo1sm2l 
in de spirit untu «I:era>zauexQ,^noi 
noig de iipz d^ JaI Viel xn» fyp 

23. Sav dat Qz ^oli Ggat wi^ 
neset in everi slti, salp .(f^t bo^sdj^ 
land atlikjonz abja me. ' ' 

M,^^%M,if^:9..H ,!NSifL^kM'.W-^- %•:,«* .W* 

A»W W a» 'AT06E4 

nte; iMflF Mfttj ni l^der n&tul 
miself, so dat i mjt finij in| kora 
wM j€^, and de ministri, hwi^ i hav 
raB^Td ov de Lord Jezus, tu testiQ 
i^ gospel ov de gras ov Ood. 

25. And DTT, behold, 'i no dat 
je el; amtli)) faa>m { hav son preg- 
ID' de kl^om ov God, ^1 se mj 
fas DO mor. 

26. Hwqrfor I fak'fOi turek- 
ord dis da, dat 2 [am] pi^r from de 
blud ov el [men.] 

27. Fer j hav not fund tu de- 
kl4f untu y<D el de kvnsel ov God. 

' 28. Tak hed d^rfor untu ytur- 
8^vz, and tu el de flok, over de 
hwiQ de Holi Gost hat mad ya> 
overs^z, tu fed de qarq ov God, 
hwiq he half purqest wid hk on 

29. Fer i tio dis, dat after mj 
depctrtin fal gtevus wulvz enter 
in am^ ya>, not sp^rii) de flok. 

30. Olso ov ycuT on selvz /al 
men ar^z, spekig perv^rs ti^z, tu 
dre awB disiplz after dem; 

• 31. ff^rfor woQ, and remember, 
dat bj de spas ovtre ycrz i sestnot 
tu "wem everi wtin njt and da wid 

32. And nSf bredren, J kom^nd 
y© tu God, and tu de wurd ov 
hiz gnB, hvriq iz abl tu bild y<D 
up, and tu giv ya> an inheritans 
amd^ el dem hwi^ q,r sa^ktifid. 

33. 3& hav kuveted no manz sil- 
ver, er gold, ^r apdrel. 

34. Ya, ye yarselvz no, dat dez 
h^dz hav ministerd untu mi ne- 
desitiz; and tu dem dat w^r wid me. 
' 35. * hav Jod y<a el tipz, hy 
^t so laborif) y^ et tu suport de 
tirek," aM tu remember de wurdz 
ov de Lerd Jezus, hz he sed, It 
iz mor blesed tjLi giv dan tii reslv. 
; 36.. f And hwen he h^ dus 
stMi^ken, he nelt dirn, and prid wid 
dem el.. 

on Pelz Bek>«iid m^ hav 

38. S6roi{) most ov el ferde 
wurdz hwi^ he spak, dat da Jud 
se hiz fas no mor. And da akum- 
panid him imtu de jip. 

©AFTER 21. 

.1. And it kam tu pas, dat aftei' 
we w^r goten from dena, and had 
Iqn^t, we kam wid a strat kors un- 
tu Koos, and de [da] f dloig untu 
Rodz, and from dens untu Patera: 

2. And.fjndi^a Jip sali^ over 
untu Fenijia, we went abord, and 
set fort. 

3. Nk hwen we had diskdverd 
Sjprus, we lett it on de left hand, 
and said intu Siria, and landed 
at Tjr: fer d^r de Jip woz tu un- 
Tad h^r burden. 

4. And fjindip dis^lz, we tarid 
6s(e seven daz: ho) sed tu Pel tra> 
de Spirit, dat he Jud tiot go up tu 

5. And hwen we had ak6mplijt 
doz daz, we d.epq;rted and^ went 
TST wa; and da el bret us on sr 
yfsL, wid wivar and qildren, til [we 
wer] Trt ov de siti: and wc nelt 
d^n on de for, and prad. 

6. And hwen we had taken zt 
lev wun ov anuder, we tuk fin; 
and da retdrnd hoi agen. ^ 

7. And hwen we had finijt [vrj 
kors from Tir, we kam tu T(^e- 
mais, and i^a>q,ted de biredren, and 
abod wid dem wttn da. 

8. And de nekst [da]^ we dat 
w^r ov Pelz kumiiatii departed, 
And' kam liiitu Sezarea': and we 
enjterd intu de h^s ov 
evanjfelist, hviriG woz f wun] oy^ de 
seven; and abod wid him. 

9. And de satn man had for 
deterz, v^rjims, hwiq did. protest* 

10. IT And Az We tarid [d^r] 
men! daz, d)^r katn dzn from Ji^^ 
tei <i ifftUtt ptdki^'tmaA Aiate& 


Htitu us, he tuk Pelz g^rdl, and 
b#ndinz on himds' and f^t, and 
sed, (h» s^t de Holi Gcist, So Jal 
&B JiiTi at JenRzalem b^iid (tt man 
dat onelL ^s g^rdl, and Jal deliirer 
[bhn] intu de kandz ov ds J«n- 

12. And hwen wc h^rd d«z tipz, 
Ims6 YTty and da ov dat plas, bea^t 
liiin not tu go up tu JefiDKalem. 

18. Ken Pel anserd, ^Hwot 
msti ye tu wep abd tu brak m^n 
l^qjrt; fer { am redi not Ua be b^iid 
on^, bat olso tu dj at Jercozalem 
fer de nam ov de Lord Jezus. 
, 14. And bwen he wud not be 
perswaded, t^e sest, sai^ 3e wil 
ov de Lerd be dnn. 

15. And after doz dtfz we tuk 
up 7r karijez, and went up tu 

•16. fff^r went wid its elso [a^* 
ten] ov de diajplz ov Sezarea, and 
In^t wid dem wun Nason ov Sj- 
prus, an old disjpl, wid ha>m we 
jxaA loj. 

17. IT And hwen we w^rfcum 
td JefcDzalein, de bredren tes^vd 
us gladll. 

18. And de [dfl] f^loi^ P<»1 
went in wid us untu Jitmz-; and 
•I de elderz w^t prezent • 

• 19. And hw€to he had- sali|tod 
dem, he dfekl4rd pdrtikytilaTli 
hi^ot^iips 'Ood had r^ bjov&q de 
Jen^lz b| htz ttiinii^. 

20. Andhwen dah^d [it], da 
g^bi^]4 ^9 Lerd, and sed untu 
fc^,^' M'seeit, bnider, hy meni 
tvzandz ov Jt|.z &^t qr hwio be^^ 
Wv; and ds qr el ze!U8 ov £'le: 

21. And* da qr inferttid ov d^, 
datd? teqeet el de Jq'z'hwiQ qr 
amdg de Jent|lz tu forsik Mozez, 
88^ ^t da c^t nottu a^tkumsjz 
[f^T] Qildrdn, ncider 'Hol wek aft^ 
Qt kustxnnZ/ 

22. ^Hwttiuiidit^|>4l»^«a0k 

titqd mtMt tttAx " kim ts^^iitteM*- 
fer da wil her dat dv 0rt kum. 

23. D<D d^i^or dig <lat we aa tu 
d^: We hav for men hwi^ hav <i 
vY on dMn: 

24. aem tak, and pqri^ d^sM 
wid dem, and be ' at ^q^ez wid 
dem, dal dft.mtt fc^^E^r] hedz:> 
and el ma no dat doz tigz, hwi^r*^ 
6i da w^r itif^fmd kons^raip' di, 
qr nolii); but [dat] dv d|self ebo 
wekest erderli, and kepest de le. 

26. Az ttt^ii) de Jentilz hwig 
beUv, we hav ritn [and] kenklqd^ 
ed da^ da obz^ no auq li^, sev 
ouH' dat da kep demselvs from* 
[fi^] oCerd tu {dolz, and from' 
blud, and from straggld, and fronf 

26. Sen Pel ttok d» iii«n, and 
de-nekdt da p^rif^i^) himself wid 
dem enterd intu ds tempi, tu-eigi- 
mQ de akompli/ment ov de daa 
ov pqrifikajon, until dat an oferi^ 
Jud be oferd fer even wtm ev d^n. 

27/ IT A«d hwen de seven dai/ 
w^r elmoBt eifded, de Jt|z- hwi^ 
w^r ov'' Ojia,^ hvmtr da se him m 
de templ,^f^'rd up el de pepl, aaid 
lad handz on hini, 

28. Kr^jp vt^ Men ov 'Izrael^ 
help! 8i£( iz de man dttt te^et el 
[meul eveii h^n^t ag^st de ]iin)l, 
and de le, and d1^ plas: and fuiKkf 
bret Gtekfi elso intu de^ tempi, 
aUd hat- polqted die holi pias. 

29. (Fer da had sth hO^ wit 
hi& in de dtl Tiofimue an Cle^t 
au, h<Dm da sup^zd dat PM had 
bret intu detenpfe) ' • 

30. And el de ^iti.^oz mokvd, 
and de pepl ran ttogMer: and da 
tuW Pel, and dr» him tri'ov* de 
tempi mid fort wit de dorz w^ fvA 

31. And az da weUt abit tiil 
kil him, t^di^js- koxi untu de ^ef 
kapten ov de basd, dat el* Jera>£«^ 
lem WOK in au uptW; ; ^ 

i< . m lufi^muim* t* iB#n 

jaCM 07 8B jUPMRA 

attd 'Mii^iMiEy sad tsd 4m unlii 
dem: and hweb dt-ae 4e ^f k^p* 
tan and ds i^jdns^ 4i leftbetin ov 

33. 3ende^kaptenk«ni&ar, 
attd tiik him, vid komdodedi ton! God, az ye ^1 <ir dis da. 
[him] tiA be \y&ud wid ttt ^ane;I 4. Asd j p^wkiijted 
and denMlnded hm he wos, and 

an] n Ji|,lMiift hi ^ipniikfa fHi] 
in fiili fio, yet lirel 19 in d» 4ltl^ 
at <b fet o¥ Gaaiaiielf [ai^} tot 
akerd^ lu de p^ekt maaer 4mf 
de k» ov de fqifeni, and wos scIbk 

kwol lie had dtiiL 

di. ABdaiitnki|dvttBti||,ata!i 
andder, amdo de midltiti|d: and 
l^ea he kud not do de a^rtenli 
ler de Unmuk, he komdnded liim 
ta be karid iatia de kaal. 

d5. And hwen he kom tip6& de 
al^re, aa it woli, dak he woz bom, 
OT de floU«rz te de Tiol«B»B ov de 

36. Fer de multitHd oy de pepl 
Mod 'Ofter, kt^ifi, Atfd wid him. 

37. ^ Aiid fa Pel w(»2 tu be led 
iRtiftde koal, h^ aed nBtu de qd 
kapten, ^ Ma i 9pek antu di. Ito 
a^d, ^ Kanst & apek Ovek. 

^ iBft not dv dat QipJaQ, 
kiv^ beior das dKz aoadest .An 
mtHNaBr,aBd lodiMt vt intu-de wil- 
4irnee for ivaand nteki dat w^ 

39. But Pel t0d» d^ amatnan 
[hwi^i^ain;^ « iJn ov T«oh%j{<i 
4iti} in S|tijia,-a aitiz^ oy 1^ 
lUen-flitt; im94, i ^m^ 4^ fnifer^H^ 

ttt 4pek «Kltlil 46 pt^ 

40. j^d bwen he :had igiyen 
iiim liiiBnci, B^l Ittfad on ^'^tfi?«.» 
iBd bJA^QS^d iirid 4s hand ttntiiil de 

|pwt «i^ni^%e^«$sk ii^tiji [dem] 
m de fi[ebr<ft tii^, aaify 

:eAPTKfe 22. 

. • I 

: .1,-Jden, bfedveli, and iftd^w, 
htf -ye n4 dm^ [hiviQi laajk] 
wr nutiA y4». 

. ^ «. (i^. ; Jiiwn: *i lugfi dat ^ 
«|)lkk in <te S0lb«(». tliQ :tia d^m, da 
ke]^ de mor.fii^:rand;h» aeti*) 

untu de det, bi'^dig and deliveii^ 
iirtiA pRzona b^jneaaad wimen. 

5. As elso'de hi.pfeBt dod bur 
me ^tnea, and el de estdt ov & 
elderz: from horn elso i rea^d 
latarz nntu de bredren, and want 
tu. DBmaakna, tu bd^ deia hwig, 
w^r dur bsnd nntia J«ro»alesa, 
f or tia be pnni Jt 

6. And it kiim.tapaB,dat^«e| 
mad mi jtuni, and woz kum n| 
until Damaekus ab^nom^ andenli 
d%r Jon from heyen 4i grat ^t 
rsna ab^ me. 

7. And 4 fel untu de gnaad, 
and h^ a ye« tm^ untu wait, 
Sel, del, S hnvi .p^fsakiffeest dv me. 

^. And i anaerd, ilio ^cirt dx, 
Lard. Aijl he «ed initu -me^ i 
am Jezus oy ^azare^, lunm ds 

9. A^nd da dat ^^r wid m9 ae 
ind^ de Ijt, and wqf afpdd^ 4>at 
dft rbQfd luit di} voaov^ kirn ftit 

10. AndiiMi 9Hwat,|aL4.te^ 
li9id. And 4e ^Uaid aed iwvtu 
ttfe9, A9|£) and gf> iatu Da^ai^v^ 
aM dur it^ be toki. A^ oiy #i;i^ 
hwig qr apcmtod-larTdii tu ^oa». 

IL 1!^ h^i«en:ikadB«t^<|fer 

de gk>tfi oy dat UV^^ ^^ ^^ 

hand or dam d^t.w^ ^Rod na^| 

kam Intia i)am4aka«. 

: IJL And «i>n Ananiap, «i devtN 

Bpim Ak«ffdi^ tu de le, lutyj^ a 

gud Moct oy ei de J)|z.'hi^ 


and )£«d ^i^ •Mk r^i^lM^ ^ 9^ 
s^y di ajt And de 8a;«(-^4;4iak^ 



24^.j&p4 h» Aod, He Qod or vr 
Iqjbcs^ >al iQOzen d£, dat dzr fudst 
no liiz wil, and se ^t Just Wud, 
mud Jud9t her'4e yos oy biz rnvf. 
. 13« Fer dv Jalt be hiz witnea 
QBtu el men ov bwot d? hatt bbd 
9tnd b^d. 

16. And nzr H bwj tariest dv; ar^z^ 
flind be baptjzd, and woj awd 4i 
aipz, kp>li9 on de nam ov de Lard. 
' 17. Aiid it kam tu pas, dat, 
bwen i woz knm agen tia Jer<Dza- 
Ifim, even bw41 i prad tempi* 
4. woz in a trans; 
, 18« And se bim saig untu me> 
Mak bast, and get de kwikli 7t 
Qv Jera>zalem: &r da wil not re- 
Mv dj testimoni kons^mip me. 

19. And i sed, Iierd, da no dat 
^impiizond and bet in everi sina* 
gog dem dat beUvd on de: 
.. 20" And bwen de bind ov dj 
jf^q^t Steven woz Jed, i elso 
yron atandig 14 and konsentig un- 
tu biz det, and kept de lament 
or <lem dat sh^ bim. 
: :21. And be sed iintu me, De* 
p4rt: fer 4 wil send di !q^ bens 
iintu de cTent^lz. 

22* ^And da gav bim ediens 
^^xtu dis ward,. and [den] lifted 
typ ds|r ;(rosez, and sea, Awa wid 
ijofg^ [ielid]} isrb; f(^r it Iz 
99t lit dat be Jiod llv. 

23. And az da kr^d vt, and 
koe^i of |d%r]rkIod9».an4 tra> dust 

24. dte^pten komiSmded 
Ufa tia. intu del^asVand 
bad &aA be Jud be egzamind I4 
akoijip; dat be mft n«> -bwiiilor 
4a Jkic|gI «o agesst 1^ 

25. IT And az da bvnd bim wid 
|0jg9,.PeI »^d uptu de a^tt^^n 
dat atud 14 His ^ lo^^ i^^f yco ti« 
•kii;^ a man dat,iz a B£](mai^ and 


26. Hwen de sentijrion ,Jifr^ 

49MUrfl^i;!9V*| 9BW, 

kitten, eain, Tak bed rbwot Au 
d^Deat: fer & man iz o Bc;>man. .. 

27. 3^Qn de Qef kapten kam» 
and sed untu bim, Tel me, ^ qs% 
dv a Roman. Be sed, Ta. 

28. And de Qef kapten anserdy 
Wid a grat sum obtand i dis f re- 
dom. And Pel sed, Bnt j wo2 

29. 2[en stcatwa da depcirted 
from bim bwiq fud bav egzamind 
bim : and de ^ei kapten elso woz 
afrad, after be ni^ dat he woz a Bo- 
man, and bekez he bad bvnd bim. 

30. On de moro, bekez be wud 
bav non de s^rtenti bw^trfor be 
woz ak^zd ov da Jiys, be IcDftt 
bim from [biz] bandz, and komr 
dnded de qtt prests and el d%r 
k^nsil tu apir, and bret Pel 4vnt 
and set bim befor dem. 


1. And Pel, ^rnestli bebjoUin 
dekvnsil, sed, Hen [and] bredreoi 
I bav livd in el gud kqnlens be- 
iott God until £» da. 

2. And de bi prest Ananjjia 
komdnded dem dat stud hi btoi 
tu sm jt bim cm de mvt. 

3. ieu sed Pel untu bim, Qod 
Jal sm^t d^ [d?] bw^ted wel: I«r 
isite^t dv tu juj me<cdEter de .le^ 
and komdndest me tvi Ite amUi^ 
kdntian tu de le, 

i. And da dat stud biafsd^.^^^ 
vilest d? Godz b4 prest. 

5. ISjBp.. «ed Pel, j¥ W9st noif 
bredren, dat be woz da. l^ i^rest^ 
fer it iz ritei^ 3x Jali not spek 
evil ov de ro>ler ov <$ pi^l. [Eka^ 
22: 28.1 

6. tBttt.bwen Pel pezsivd dat 
de. wun jMirt w^ S^ayH^ez, i^d 
de uder Farlsez, be knd, ;s^ in Af 
kisnsi), lien . [and] bredpen,^ am^i 
Farise, de siin ov a Tarise: ov ^ 
hop. and .Bftzaiekjfop .ov d^ dafl 4 


AKW'dv ae a:i*&6B; 

7. And Tiwcn he had so scd, 
d^r aroz a disenjon betwl^n de 
Farisez and de SAdyiisez: and de 
t&nltitild woz divided. 

8. For de Sidyi^sez sa dat di^r 
iz no rezurekfon, neder anjel, ner 
spirit: but de Farisez konfes bot. 

9. And d^r aroz a grat krj: and 
de skrjbz [dat w^r] ov de Farisez 
mrt arcSz, and strov, saig, We 
qnd no evil in dis man: but if a 
spirit er an anjel hat spoken tu 
him, let tus not f^t agenst God. 
. 10. ^And hwen d^r aroz a grat 
disenjon, de qef kapten, fcrii) lest 
Pel Jud hav bin puld in pesez ov 
dem, komdnded de soljerz tu go 
dsn, and tin tak him l^ fors from 
amdp dem, and tu bri^ [him] in- 
tUi de kasl. 

Brif) dis Ttq) man tmtd ^^^le^ 
ten: ferhe hat a s^rten tiQ tut ta 
18. So he tuk hii£i, axKt bret 

Shim] tu de qef kapten, and sed, 
^el de prizoner keld me trotia 
[him], and prad me tu. bri^ ^ 
yttg man untu &£, ha> hot stmitig 
tu sa nntu d^. * 

^ 10. 3en de qef kapten tuk .him^ 
bf de hand, and went [Wid him] 
asfd privetli, and asfct [him], 
^ Hwot iz dAt d^ hast tia tel me. 

20. And he sed, 3!e Ji^z hav 
agr^ tu dezfr de dat dtr^vnadst 
brig d^n Pel tum6ro intu de kini- 
sil, az do da wud inkw|r samhwot 
ov him mor perfektli. 

21. Bat do) not &9 yeld tintu 
Idem: fer d^r Ij in wat fer hhn or 

11. And de njt f61oii) de Lerdjdem, mor dan ferti men hwiq har 

etud bi him, and sed, Be ov gud 
^er, Pel: fer az &s hast testif^d 
ov me in Jera>zalem, so mnst vbs 
b^r witnes elso at Bom. 

12. ^And hwen it woz da, s^r- 
ten ov. de Jt^z banded tug^er, 
and bvnd dems^vz under a knrs, 
saig dat da wud neder et ner 
drifik til da had kild Pel. 

Id. And da w^r mor dari fe^i 
hwic had mad dis konspirasi. 
• 14. And da kam tu de ^f prcsts 
ftnd elderz, and sed. We hav b^nd 
T^rs^lvz under a gmt kurs, dat we 
tv^r 'et notin until we hav slan 

' ' 15. l^i d^rfor ye wid de k-artfsil 
fii^ifl tu de i^ef kapten dat he bri^ 
him 'd«^n iinta y© tiim6ro, az do y e 
#ud inkw^ \iuiliti^) mor perfektli 
kons^mig him: and we, er Bv^r 
he kum ner, q,r redi tu kil film. 

16. And hwen Pelz sisterz sun 
hijrd ofv d^r Iji^ in wat, hfc went 
atid eiiterd intu de kasl, and told 

i IT.' ffen Pel keld wnn ov de 

b^nd demselvz wid an ot, ^t da 
wil neder et nei* dnpk tril da har 
kild him: and n^ q,r da redi, liiiki^ 
fer a promis from dl 

22. So de qef kapten [den} let 
de 'yuD man depart, and 9<irjd 
[him, Se dzr] tel no man dat d« 
hast Jod dez tiDz tume. ' 

23. ^And he keld untu [him] 
ta> sentiirionz, sai{), Mak redi to 
hundred soljerz tu go tu Seziarea, 
and hersmen llreskor ahd ten, and 
spermen ta> hundred, at de t^rd tt 

24. And prov{d[dem^best8, daft 
da ma set Pel on. and brip. flrim^ 
saf trntd Feliks de guvemW*. -' • 

2^5. And he rot a letertifierdfs 

26. B^edius Lffias until ^indst 
ekselent guvernor'Feliks {s^tdd} 
grctijD. • ' - 

27. ais mah woz taken' ovde 
J^lty and jfud hav Hi kild ovifem: 
d^i) kam ^ wid an ttrmi, and i^ktid 
him, havq) unders^d djEt he.wos 
a Roman. 

AfetS 6V KE A#dSLi5. 


l>rQt him forA intu 6^T kvnsil: 

29. Horn j peiw&vd tu be "akitzd 
ov kwestyonz ov d^r lo, but tu 
liay Botif) lad tu biz Qqtj wiirdt or 
derft'or ov bondz. 

30. And hwen it woz told me 
K'S'^t de Jtiz lad wat fer de man, 
I sent stratwa tu d^, and gav kom- 
andment tu hiz ak^zerz eTso tu 
siSL beford^ hwot [da had] agenst 
liim. Fjirw^l, 

31. Sen de aoljerz, az it woz 
Icomdnded dem, tuk Pel, and bret 
£li]m] bj njt tu Antipatris. 

32^ On de moro da left de hers- 
znen tu go wid him, and retdmd 
tin de kasl: 

33. Ha>» hwen da kam tu Sez- 
aarea, and deliverd de episl tu de 
gtrvernor, prezented Pel eU6 befor 

34: And hwen de gnyernor had 
red fde leterj he askt ov hwot 
proTins he woz. And hwen he 
undenddd dat [he woz] ov S^Ii- 

35. $ wil het d^, sed he, hwen 
djii kktIizBtz qr elso kam. And 
he komdnded him tu he kept in 
Herodz' jajmeAt heL 


1. And after fyr daz, Ananjas 
de h| prest dfjsended wid de elderz, 
and '[wid] a B^rten orator [namd] 
Tertdlus, ha> xnf4r;Qd de guvemor 
flgenst Pel. 

' 2; And hwen he woz keld fort, 
Tisrt^^hia began tu akt^z [him], 
8ai|^ Seip <£t bi'dj we enj^ grat 
kw^etnes, and dat veri wurdi dedz 
cir dim untu die najbn b^ ^ prov- 

3. ' We aksept [it] elwaz, hnd in 
el x>lafiez, moet nobl Fellks, wid 
el tagkfulnee. 

4; KotwidstilndiQ, dat i be not 
ki«ir%dbtt «itU4i; i pm (K4rt 

dsr wudst her tie or d{ klemenei c| 
ftl wurdz. 

6. Fer we hav fand dis man 
[a] p^tilent [felo], and a ma>rer 
ov sedifon arndp el de Ji^z tra>^ 
de warid, and a rip-leder or de 
sekt ov de Nazar^nz : 

6. Ha> elso hat gon abi$i; tu pro- 
fdn de tempi: hotm we tuk, and 
wud hav jujd al^erdif) tu vr le. 

7. But de qef kapten Lijias kam 
[np6n us], and wid grat vfolens 
tuk [him] awd ^t ov sr handz, 

8. Komdndi]) hiz aki^zerz tu 
kum untu de: bj egzamiiiip ov 
h<Dm djself mast tak nolej ov eF 
dez tipz, hw^rdf we akt^z him. 

9. And de Ji|,z elso as^nted, sa- 
ip dat dez ti^z w^r so. 

10. iraen Pel, after dat de gov- 
ernor-had bekond untu him tu 
spek, anserd, Forazmtiq az { no 
dat dv hast bin fer meni yerz a jnj 
untu ^9 ^najon, i da de mor qer- 
full anser fer mjself : 

11. Bek^z dat &s mast under- 
stand, dat d^r ctr yet but twelv 
daz sins | went up tu Jerotzalem 
fer tu wurjip. 

12. And & neder.fvnd me in &» 
tempi dispiitii) wid eni man, neder 
rAzij) up de pepl, neder in de sina- 
gogz, ner in de siti: 

13. ^iAer kan da prorv da ti^' 
hwiir6f da nv ak^z me. 

14. But dis i konfes untu'd^ 
dat after de wa hwiQ da keFheresi, 
so wurjip I de God ov m{ f<i!derz, 
belevi:g el %e hwiq c^x rilen In de 

15. And hav hop tord God, 
hwiq da demselvz elso al^j dat 
d^r |al be a rezurek/on ordB ded, 
hot ov da just and unjust' 

16. And herin dokiekseniz m}-. 
self, tu hav elwaz a konjens vo^ 
ov of^ns tord God^ and [tordjmen, 

17. Nvaftermemyerzikam'tct 
MiHPB* tu a^fon^ and alii^ 

18. fi«q|nipio^ct0B J%x firom 
Qfia fvnd tUt pt^mid in de tempi, 
ncdsr wd molUUid, .n#r mA iii- 

19. Hift et tu li«T bin her befor 
di, ^D(L obj^l^^ if da Jbiad ^t i^en»t 

20. 6r els let dez 3am [b^]r9a, 
if da bav fvnd eni evil dm^ in ioe» 
bw^l I stud belor de kvnsii, 

21. Eksept it be for dis wup vers, 
dat i kr jd standip.amd^ dem, Ta^- 
ig de rezorekjon ov de ded i am 
kold in kwestyon bi ya> dis da. 

22. IT And bwen Feliks b^d dea 
tma, bavin mor jp^rfekt nolej ov 
[dat] wa, be del^rd dem, and aed, 
Hwen Li^ias de ^ kapten Jal kum 
dvD, i wil no de utecmost ov y<ftr 

23. And be komdnded a sen- 
tiipon iu kep Pel, and tu let [bim] 
bay liberti, and dat be Jud forbid 
nun ov biz akwantans tu minister 
er kum untu bimu 
. 2i. H Andafters(9rtendax, bwen 
Feliks kam wid biz w^f Dra>siki, 
bwiQ woz Q Jm98, be sent for Pel, 
and b^rd bim kons^roip 4e fat in 


as&dedfrom SfpEai^aiu^fB^EI* 


2. 3endeb^x»restAodtt^^or 
de Jhz inf orma bim ag»i»»t Ja|y 
and bBsat.bim, 

3. And dezjrd favor ageivst^i^Q, 
dat be wiiiid send {er bim. in J^« 
<DzaIem, ]ai|D wat m ^^ym. tu.kil 

4. [Bvit JPestoa ansecd, ftat Pel 
ud be k^pt 40; Sezarea^ Bpjii ^ 
le bimseu wud tif^pnH XMx 

[didar.] --^-^ 

5. Let dem d^dEor^sed be, hwq 
amdg ya> ^ abl, go isn wit [mc], 
and ak^z dis man, if 4s|r jbfc eni 
wikednies in bim. 

6. AndbwenbebadtaricbamdQ 
dem nui>r dan ten dans, .b^ went 
dvn untu S^araa; ao^ Sa .jiqSU 
da siti|) on de j^}nlep,^ si^ lii^p^ar 
dnded Pel tu be bret 

7. And bwen be woa Jsun^ds 
J]4^ bw|g kam dvn from Jjm>za« 
lem stud rsnd ab^t, and ^eSL Jueni 
und^^vus komj;^nts a^^e^^el, 
hwig da kud not pra>v. 

S. iriiw|l be ani^rd ior bim- 
self, "Ked^ agf^t de le Ay. de >^^^ 
nader i^enst de temj^ p^r jyit 

25. Andazbei^ondovqityaa-'agenst Sezar, |^ j 
nes, tem^rans, and juppMni^ ^^ /^' ' ' 
kum, f'eliks trembld, and ojns^dj 
(na^i W fer dis tjm; bwen i 
bav a konvs^y exit aezon, X wil ^jkejt 

26. -IT He biiqgit eko dat musi 
/>id bav bin given bim ov Pel, 
djit be a^ -la^s . bim: bw^rfor l^ 

y4^4 wid bim. 

fit. But after tm ya^is ,PerJius 
Festuskpmintu Feliks nam: and 
Feliks, ^jfOMj 414 i«^ da:J^t|.ai>l«a- 
yitl^ laft f^ ^vnd. 


„ . . -em 

^ig at eL 

9. But JRestfiy^ "Wi^^tu d<D de 
^W aiS>}eiM%r,.<ins«T4 JH and 
«e4,;^Wiitlff go mtvk ^^irmzB^ 
lem, W 4!|r be Ji^d ey ^ tgz 
bef or ma. , , ' 

10. d^en sed Pel, $ stfijd »ft Sa- 
ziirz JHiwe^;i«^{l^«^.jiJf||4ubB 

sent fer bini de o(^»er.axMl jk;^^* j"j^' *!? 4^^''r>.Wiii ^^^ Wrflfl 

a^-dv .veci w/el «o05t». . 

IX. Fer if ,i be ^an -qfendis;:^ 
bav koinjt^d md %;ww4i ev^4^ 
j Tef4z not tu dj: but if d^ be 

. . dem. * apel untu Sezcpr. . 

.1. ^ Jvwen Featiis. wqb .l^vm 12, ffan .Fest?a,4iiHMm ,lpr iMd 
.♦,, ^. ,^w,«» «*♦«» A-^ J— i.Jt.^^*^j _^.^ 4a iwiiiL - — -* 



^Hiaal its kaSXA toita Bezar, un- 

13. If And ofter i^rten das ki^ 
A^pa and Bonijs» kaai utttm Se^ 
sflj^paa tu, sal^t Festos. - 

14. jLstd hwea da had bin <l|r 
coem das, Fcatna dei:l4^ Pelz 
Ic0<t tmtei da ki||, tmj^ S^t iz a 
s^rten man left in de bonde b| 

* !& Abi^ h(sm^ hwea i woe at 
JercMalmn, de' get pi%st» and de 
eldeas ov da Jt(z infi^cmd [me], 
dez^ [tii bav]: jajmeni flgenst 

' 16i Tu hom I aowid^ It las not 
de maa«r ovd» BQinaxta tu deliver 
eiii man tu d|, befor dstib b0 hwi^ 
lea fdc^^d bav da akt^zerz fas tu 
faa, add baiv l|sei)S tu dnser for 
himsaif koBs^nnif da kr^m lad 
afgenst him^ 

17. 34rCor, bwan da w^r kum 
ItkiAetj vidi^t eni d«^ on de moro 
raat on dr jujment set, and kom- 
dndied da man tu be brfit tcir^» 

18. Agentt bcuM bwen de akt|2- 
ciz stiftd upj da btat &a4 ak^i|za- 
Jon or. wiq %£ az | snpozd: 

19; fiat bad s^ten kwestyonz 
Bgenst bim ov- di|r e^n siipersti fdti, 
ttnd or won Jeanxs^ bwiq woz aed, 
ham Pel af^rmd ta be alif. 

^. And bekdi? | dtrtadov suq 
inaner or kwesrtyonz, ; askt [bfm] 
hwcidar be wud gotu Jer^azalem, 
ftad 6B(t be jujd OY dez malerz. 

.2% But btreik Pel bad aplldtu 
be Tested untia de beriD ov Sgds^ 
tns, I komdnd«d him tu ba kept 
til I mii send bim tu Seaar. 

22. Hen Agripa sed tintu Fes- 
tttz;^ ivtSid el80 her de maa mjeelf. 
Tum6ro, sed be, &v Jalt bar bim. 

• 28$. t'And €to diei mofo, bwen 
AgHpCL wbz kuift, and Berajse, 
.wid gyat pomf), and woz enterd 

iattadfiiteoT bii% wid de^ ^ 

kaptenz, and prinsii«l maa o^ del 6. And nv ^ stand «ad am jigd 

siti, at Festttt )k6taid»ifoitet Pel 
woz bret fcM^« 

24 And Peetns sed, S19 Agf{|Kiy 
attd el men kwi^ q^ her prezent 
wid tts, ya sa dis man, ab^t h<&m 
0i da maltititd or de Jv^t hav delt 
wid me, bot at Jer(Dzalem, and 
[elso] her, kr^i^ dkt he et not tu 
liv eni lofjger. 

25. Bnt bwen | fvnd had 
komfted no^i) wtir^ or def, and 
dat ha himself hat ap^ld tu Bgdfl- 
tus, i hAr det^rinind tu ^ send 

26. Ov ha>m i bav no s^rten flf^ 
tu rit ttntu m^ lerd. Hwi^if or j 
hav bret him fort baf^r va>, and 
spejali laddirMj o kip A^pa, dat, 
after egzaminajon ha^, | m|]b bar 
SQmbwot tu rit 

27. Fer it semel tu me nnr^- 
zonabi tut send a prf^oner, and not 
wid41 tu aigfiift da kr^mz [lad] 
agenst bim. 


1. 3en AgrkKE sed ttntu Pel, 
Aif cpt termfted tu spek fer 
d^self. ^en Pel s€reQt f&d da 
band', and anterd fer himself: 

2. $ tii)k mjself hapi, kit) 
Agripa, bek^ i fal ansef fer 
m^s^tf dis da befpi* di tn^ip el 
de M{)z hwitr6f j am ak^zd ov 
6t Juz: 

3. EspeJaH [bek^ i no} di tu 
be eksp^rt in el kustomz and 
kwestyonz bwi^ qr amd^ da Jiiz.: 
hw^rf or i bes^^ d^ tu her me pa.'- 

4. Mi maneir ov IJf from mj 
ya»t, hrnq Woz at de f^rst amdu 
m{n on nafon at JaTa>zalem, no 


5. Hwiq nti me from dt beginip, 

if da wud testifl, dat after de most 
stratest sekt ov st rel§on i Kvd a 


Axw arr^ZAroBoz. 

Uft 4» Imp^ov de fioBitB mad or 

God until Tnr fq,derx: 

7. Unltt hwiQ [promis] vr tvelv 
ti^bz, instantli s^vin [God] da Mid 
nit, hop tu kum. For hyriq hops 
tudc, kip Agiipa, i am akqzd ot 
de Jhz. 

8. 4 Uwi Jud it be tot a tin in- 
kredibl wid ya>, dat God Jud raz 
da ded. 

9. $ verili tot wid misel^ dat i 
ot tu dm meni ti^z kontreri tu 
da nam oy Jezua ov lazaret. 

10. HwiQ Md i olso did in Je- 
ju>zalem: and meai or de aants 
did i Jut up in ^xizoa, havig rea^vd 
etoriti from de ^ef preets; and 
hwen da w^r put tu det, i gav 
m| Tos agenat [dem«] 

11. And i punijt dam oft inev- 
.eri ainagog, and kompeld [dem] 
tu blajsfeui; and beipeluedipti mad 
agenst dBxai i p^rsekntad [dem] 
even untu stranj sitiz. 

12. Hw^rup6n az i went tu Da- 
m^kus wid otoritl •and komijon 
Irom de Qef pregts^ 

13. At midda, o kif), ^ ao in de 
wa a lit from hevan^abdvda bqt- 
nea ov de sun, JiniQ rsnd ab^t me 
and dem hwig jurnid wid me.-. 

14. And hwen we w^r ol folcsi 
tu de ^rt, i h^rd a vers spekif) un- 
tu me, and saip in de Hebr<& tuD, 
Se], Sel, S hwi p^rsekiitest As me; 

it iz] hq^d for d^ tu kik agenst 
e prika. 

15. And i aed, <iHa> q,rt dv, 
Lord. And he sed, S am Jezus 
h<Dm d? p^rsekiitest. 

16. But rj^, and stand- up6n di 
fat; {or i hav ap^rd untu d^ for 
dis purpus, tu mak di a minister 
and a witnes bot ov dez ti^z hvdq 
d7 hast san» and ov doz tigz in de 
twic iwil ap^r u^tu de; 

17. i)eUv©rii)dl from de pepl, 
and [from] de Jent^lz, unti^i nom 
Wi^a^dd^; . > 


IB. Tu open (I%r^,-'(«lid} is 
turn [dem] from <k|rkaes Itt ijt, 
add [{rora}4rp^cr OT/Stttafi un- 
tu God, w da ma nshr fcK^tma 
OV sinz, and inkerltana 0x1x69 dem 
hwiq q,r saj^ktifid bf let daf iz mme. 

19. Hwi^mpdn, o kip Agripo, { 
woz not disobedient nntu. de Imt- 
enli vi5on: 

20. But Jod f^rst untu. dem or 
Damdlskus^ and at Jomzalem, and 
tro^t ol de koats ov Ji^dea, and 
[den] tu de Jentilz, dai <fe Jud 
repent and turn tu Gh)d, and da 
wurks met for repentana. 

21. For dez kosez da Ji^z ket 
me in de tempi, and y^reolL ab&t tu 
kil [me.] 

22. Havipd%rforobtdndfaelpoT 
God, i kontinyti untu dis da, vit- 
nesig hot tu smol and gm^ sail) 
nun uder tigz dan doz hwig de 
profetaacd Mozoz did aa Jud kum : 

23. aai Kij^ Jud aiifer, [and] 
dat he Jud be de f^t dat fud rjz 
from de ded, and Jud Jo l^t untu 
de pepl, and tU de Je&t|lz. 

2i. IT And az he dais apak fier 
himself, Festus sed wid a Ivd vos, 
Pol, dv cirt besjd d^self; muQ l^ro- 
iQ dot mak d^ mad. 

25. But he sed, $. am not mad, 
most nobi Festua; bat sp^ fori 
de wurdz ov trot and sobemes. 

26. For de kix) noet ov dec 
tigz, befor hom oiso i spek frsli: 
for i am perswaded dat nun ov 
dez ti^ cpr hidea from him; fer 
dia tif) woz not dim in a komer. 

27.. KJD Agripa, ^belevest dy 
de profets. if no dat da belevest 

28. 3en Agripa sed utvtu.Pel, 
Glmoat dv perswadest ^e tu be a 

29. . And Pol sed, 5 wud tu 
God, dat not onli d?, but also al 
dat her ma dis da, w^r bot almost^ 
and oltS4ged|9r mq az 4 amreks^ 
<iezb<HMi«. , . 

AWn or W& AP09LZ. 

V- -.d^ .'^imd liwen he *htd dns 
spoken, 'de kin roz up, and ^ 
gruveraor, mod B^raiBe, aad di dat 
safe irid diBin: 

31. And hwen da w^ gon as^d, 
da tekt betwhi deniseWz, nmj^ 
3is man dcaet noti^p wurdi ov det 
er ov bonds. 

32. 3en aed Agripa nntu Fea- 
tus, 3is man rait faav bin set at 
lifoerti, if ike had not ap&d untu 


1. And hwen it woz det^rmind 
dat we Jud sal intu Itali, da de- 
liyerd.Pel and s^rten uder priz- 
dnerz antu [wun] namd Ji|,lius, a 
eentip'iou ov Ggiistuft band. 

2. And enteri^ intu a Jip ov 
Adramitiiim/W8 l^nqt, meni|^ tu 
aal bj de kasts ov Q/ia; [wan] 
Aristqrkus, a Maaedonian ov £jes- 
a}c»4^a, bei^ wid ns. 

3. And de nekst [da] we tnQt at 
B^don. And Jiilins kurtluali en- 
Ireted Pal, and gav [him] liberti 
tu go untu hiz frendz tu refrej 

4. And hwen we had l(|nqt 
from dens,^ we said under Siprus, 
bek^ de windz w^r k<Sntrari. 

5. And hwen we had said over 
de se ov Sili/ia and Pamfilia, we 
kam tu Mira, [a siti] ov Lijia. 

6. And di^r de sentiirion fvnd a 
jip ov Alekaandria sali^ intu 
Itali; and he put us dqrin. . 

7. And hwen we had said sloli 
meni daz, and skiers w^r knm 
over agenst N^dus, de wind not 
ei^en^ us, we said under Kret, 
over agenst Balmone; 

8. And, hqrdli jxisip it, kam 
untu a pias hwlq iz keld H.e fs^r 
hdvenz; nj hw^runto^ woz de'siti 
[ov] LasCQ. 

9. Nv hwen muq tjm woz 
\spent| vui hwen sali^ woz.n^ 

dan|enB, hekiSi' dr fcDit iroi btt m^ 
redi past^ Pel admiSnift [dBm,] r 

10. And sad Tatudem,- S^rz^ j 
pers^v dat dis verej wil be wid hust 
andmuq damej, not onli ov de 
ladiQ and Jip, but eiso ov vr I jve. 

11. Neverdeles de sentiirion b&- 
levd de master and de oner ov de 
Jip, mcnr dan doz ti^z hwiq w^r 
spoken bj Pel 

12. ^ And bekez de haven woa 
not hbmodius tu winter in, de 
mor p<irt advjzd tu depart dens 
also, if 14 eni menz da m^t atdn 
tu Fenise, [and di^r] tu winter; 
[hwi^ iz] an haven ov Kret, and 
Ijet tord de svl weet and noii 

13. And hwen de srt-wind ht% 
soltl!^ snpozii) dat da had obt^d 
[d^r] purpuS) laai^ [dene], da said 
kios b4 Kret. 

14. Bat not lof) cdfter di^r ar6a 
agenst it a tempestyifiit wind, 
keld Ti^roklidon. 

15*. And hwen de Jip woz kot^ 
and kud not b^r up intu de wind, 
we let [h^r] drjv. 
. 16. And ranig under a sfrten 
{land hwig iz keld Kledo, we 
had moQ^wurk tu kmn bj debot: 

17. Hwig hwen da had. taken 
up, da viied helps, underg^rdi^ de 
Jip; andyt'erig lest da Jud lei intu 
de kwiksandz, strak sal, and so 
w^r driven. 

18. And we beip eksedi^li tost 
wid c tesnpest, de nekst [da] da 
Intend de Jip; 

19. And de t^rd [da] we koet 
Yt wid St on handa de iakU:^ ov 

de Jip. 

20. And hwen neder sun ner 
stcira in meai dae ap^rd, and no 
smel tempest la on [us], el hop 
dat we Jud be savd woz d«i tak- 
en awa. 

21. IT But offer log absthsena 
Pel stud £oHk in de raidat oy das). 

AKn OT «er Afoau. 

noitii m^ ftDd BDt h§if kbtt from 
Kfstv and tui hsr guid db luinBi 
«nd lof. 

22. Afid mr i 0$i4iti ym tut be 
•T ffud qen for dStr Jsl be no los 
«▼ Jeni manz] Ij! amd^ yoi, but 
ov de /ip^ 

29« Fier d^r ifcud b| ms dis nit 
de anjel ov God, lioz | aOE!, mad 
hnKx \ s^rv, 

24. 8^9, Fer not, Pel; dv maiii 
be brat, beftar Secar: and, 10| Ood 
hal jp^endi el dem dat sal widdi. 

26. Hw;%r£or, atrs, be ov gud 
^er: lor i bel^r Qod, dat it Jal be 
even as it woe tokl me. 

26. Hvbeit we must be koet 
«p6n a a^rten {land. 

27. Dttt hwen de fortenl x4t 
woe kum» ae we w^ driven up 
and den in Sdria, ab^t midD|t de 
jipmen denid dat de dnn ner tu 
aiim kuntri; 

28. And svndedf and fvnd [it] 
.Iwentt fadome: and hwen da had 
^on a Vai finder, da svnded ageo, 
and fvnd [itl fiften fadomz. 

29i. Sen mrig lest we f ud hav 
lelen updn roks, da kast for ai{^ 
korz vt ov de sti^rn, and wijt £«* 
de da. ■ 

30. And as de ppmen w^r ab^ 
tu fie vt ov de fip, hwen 6a. bad 
let dYn de bat intu de se, under 
kulor az do da wud hav koet 
fliokorz Bt ov de forf tp, 

31. Pal sad tu de sentq^on and 
tu de soljerz, Eks^pt dez ab|d in 
4e pp^ ye kan not be mvd. 

32. aen de aoljerz kat of de 
rops ov de bot, and let h^r fei gL 

dSw And hwil de da woz kum- 
iO on^ Pel bei^ [dem] el tu tak 
met, mi^ Sis da. iz de forteni da 
4lat je hav tarid and kontinyt|d 
{astig, havig taken noti^ 
. 34. Hwfdor i pre ya> tu tak 
lama} nafe: fer dik is fes jaa 

ier d%r /el iol ^Hi^^fel 
ftem de bed «r em ov ym; 

a& And hwen Ivkad 
en, be tuk bred, and ^ttv 
tu €bd in pieseneor dmr eb end 
hwen he lud bn^en [it], he be» 
gin tuet; 

36. Sen w^r da el ov gud qn, 
and da elao tuk [sum] sxet. 

37. And we wfr in el in de Jip^ 
Ue hundred treakor aad amen 

38. Andhwendahadeten end^ 
da Intend' d!fe Jip» and kast vt de 
hwet inlu de ae. 

39; And hwen it woe do^dami 
not de land: bttt da diefcdvenl a 
a^iten krek wid a Jor, intu kwi^ 
da w^r minded, if it w^ poMb^ 
tu trust in de f ip. 

40. And hwen d& had talcen 
up de a^orz, da komited [dem* 
aelvz] imtu dese, and kBst.dbrad- 
er bandz, and hettd up de man ml 
tu de wind, and mad tend JoiL 

41. And f elt^ intu a plaa hwi{r 
tab aez met) da ran de Ji^ agrind; 
and defor p<(rt stuk fas^ and re- 
mdnd unm<nvabl, but de h|ader 
pqrt woz broken wid de vjolena 
ov de wavz.. 

42. And de aoljerz kvneel woz 
tu kil de prizonerz, lest eni oy 
dem Jud awim vt, and eskdp. 

43. But de aenti|,Tion, wili^ tu 
aav Pel, kept dem from [d^r] pur- 
pus; and komdnded dat da hwiQ 
kud swim fud kast [demsdlvz] 
fpnt [intu & se], and gettu land: 

44. And de rest, sum on bocdz, 
and sum on [broken peaez] ov de 
Jip. And so it kam tu pa% dat 
da eskdpt el saf tu land. 

eAPTER 28« 

L Andhwendaw^reskdpt^dm 
da nil ^ ^ iland woz hM Mel- 

2. And de Ixpbaims p^l fod ae 


no UU kfodDtt: £ar <ia kiadld a 
f^r^ ftiid resird ns eveii wun, be- 
k^z OV de prezent ran, and bek^z 
OV de kold, 

d. t And hwen Pel liad gaderd 
a buudl OV stiks, and lad [dem] on 
de fir, di^r kam a v|per 7t ov de 
het, and fasend on bis band. 

4. And bwen de bqrbariaoz se 
de [venom u«] best bap on biz band, 
da eed amu^) demselvz. No d3t 
did loan iz a murderer, boMn, do 
be baft eskipt de se, yet venjane 
suferet i^ot tu liv. 

.6. And be Juk of de best intu 
de %, and felt no hq;cixu 

6. Hvbeit da lukt bwen be Jud 
liav awolen, er felen d^n ded sud- 
enli: but after da bad lukt a grat 
h.w|l, and se no b<irm kuni tu bin), 

da ^anjd d%r m^ndz, and sad dat he tntti de kandz ov de fiomanz. 

"woz a god. 

7. irliidesamkwerterzw^rpoz- 
ejonz ov At i^l naan pv de iUuitd, 
Imoz nam woz IHiUkis; hat res^vd 
U3^ and lojd us tre daz kurtiuslL 

8. And it kam tu pas dat de 
fqfieit ov Fublius la sik ov a fever 
aod ovoi bludi fluke: tu b<nm Pel. 
enterd In, and prad, and lad biz 
handz on bim, and beld him. 

9. So bwen dis woz dun, uderz 
elso, bwiQ bad Jizezez in de ^land, 
kam, and w^r beld: 

10. Ho) olso onord us wid meni 
onorz; and bwen we departed, da 
laded [w] wid suq ti^z az w§r 

IX ^And after tre munts we 
depcirted in a Jlp ov Aleksondria, 
hwig-bad winterd in de ^l, ba>z s^n 
woz Kaator and Polv&9. 

12. And landifl at SirakijjJ, we 
tarid [d^r] tre daz. 

13. Aud from dens we fe^ a 
kuxDpaa^ m^ kam tu Bejium: and 
after wun da de s^t wind hh\, and 
w^kam de nekst da tu Pi^ytial^: 

H iiwjar w$ f«id brfidrfin,ju]dJD tii^m^ 

w^ djce^rd tu tan wid dem seven 
daz: and so we went tord Bom. 

15. And from dens, bwen d^ 
brcdren b^rd ov us, da kam tu 
met us az fcpr az Apii fomm, and 
de tre tavemz: bam bweo Felic)^ 
be tajpkt God, and tuk karej. 

16. And bwen we kam tu Bomi 
de sentMrioo deliverd de prizonerz 
tu de kapten ov de g^: but P(»l 
woz suf erd tu dwel \>i himself mi 
a soljer dat kept him. 

17. IT And it kam tu pas, dat 
after tre daz Pi»l k^ld de ^ef ov d» 
Jhz tugeder: and bwen da vffx 
kum tugeder, be sed untu des^ 
Men [and] bredren, do^hav koou 
ited notig agenst de pepl, er kus- 
tomz ov vr fqderz, yet woz i de- 
liverd prizoner from Jera>zalem 

18. Ha>, bwen da bad egzAmind 
me, wud bav let [me] go, bek^z 
4%r woz no kee ov ^l^t i^ me. 

29. Bathwen de Jt^z spak agenst 
[it], I woz koustrdnd tu ap^l untu 
8eear; not dat i bad et tu aki^^ 
mi najon ov. 

20. For dis kez di^rfor bav i 
keld fer yO), tu se [7^1, and tu 
spek wid ry«>] : bek^z dat fer de bop 
ov 'Izraei [ am bvod wid dis ign# 

21 And da sed untu bim, W.^ 
neder re$4vd leterz vt ov Jiidjea 
^ons^ml^ d^ neder eni ov de bred* 
ren dat kam Jod er spak eni b^rm 
ov d£. 

22. But we dezfr ti* ber4>vd| 
bwot diy tipkest: f^r az kons^rnip 
die sektj, we no dat everi bw%r it 
iz spoken agenet. 

23. 1 And bwen da h%d a^t* 
ed bim a da, dqr kam meni tu 
him intu [biz] loji^; tu bcDin bj^ 
eksp?nded end testiQd de ki])doxn 
ov God^ perswadig dem kons^mig 
Jezus, bot'irt ov de le ov :Moze^ 
and [9t ov] de j^i^tiR, from m^Kzi* 


2i. And smn Mird de li^z wid [d^r] bqrt, and Jud lie Icon- 
hwriq w^ spoken, and snm bdivd T^rted, and i Jud hel dezn. [^ 
not 6: 9, 10.] 

25. And hwen da agrM not 28. Be it non di^rfor untu. T(d, 
anrao demselvz, da depqrted, at- dat de salvajon ov God !z sent ud- 
ter £t Pel had spoken wnn word, tu de Jentjlz, and [dat] da wil 
Wei spak 6z Holi Gost bj 8zaas her it 

de prof et untu vr f qderz, 29. And hwen he had Bed dez 

26. Sail), Go nntu £s pepl, and;wurdz, de Ji^z departed, and had 
88, Herig ye Jal her, and Jal notgrat rezonip amd^ demselvz. 
understand: and sdg ye Jalsc^ and 90. If And Pel dwelt txn hoi 
not peisev. yerz in hiz on h^rd h^^s, and re- 

27. Fer de hqrt or 63s pepl iz serd el dat kam in antu him, 
wakst gros, and d^r erz qr dul 31. Pregig de kipdom ov God, 
OT herif), and d^r ^z hav da klozd; and teQip doz ti^ hwi^ kone^ 
lest da Jud se wid [d^r] \z, and!de Lord Jezns Krist, wid el kon- 
htt wid [di^r] erz, and undentindifidens, no man forfaidig him. 

at ePlSL ov PGL TU 38 ROMANZ- 


Gras tu j(b and pes from God vr 
Fqder, and de Lord Jezus Er^st 
L Pel, a servant ov Jezus Kr^st, 8. F^rst^ { tagk mj God tr® 
keld [tu be] an ap6sl, separated Jezus Kr^st fer jot el, dat ya>r fad 
untu de gospel ov God, iz spoken ov trco^t de hoi wurld. 

2. (Hwi^ he had promist afor b[ 9. Fer God iz m^ witoes, horn 
hiz profets in de holi skriptyqrz,) [ s^rv wid mi spirit in de gospel 

3. Kons^mig hiz sun Jezus ov hiz Sun, dat wid^t sesi^ | mak 
Kr^st 3r Lord, hwiq woz mad ov I men Jon ov ya elwaz in mii>r^rz; 
desedovDavidakerkii)tudefleJ';l 10. Makii) rekwest, if bj eni 

4. And dekl4rd [tu be] de Sun menz nv at le^t [ mjt hav a pros- 
Ov God wid p^er, akerdi^ tu de'perus jurni bi de wil ov God tu 
spirit ov hoUnes, bj de rezurekjon'knm untu ya>. 

from de ded: | 11. Fer i log tu se y<D, dat i ma 

5. Bj ha>m we hav res^vd gras import untu y<D sum splritytial 
and aposljip, fer obediens tu de'gift, tu de end ye ma be establijt; 
fat amii{) el najonz, fer hiz nam:! 12. Sat iz, dat j ma be kum- 

6. Amup h(Dm qr ye elso deforted tugeder wid ya> b^ de m^t- 

keled ov Jezus Kr^st: 

7. Tu el dat be in Rom, beldv- 
•d ov God, keld [tu be] sants: 

yqal fat bot ov ya> and me. 

13. Kir i wud not hav ya ig- 

noranty bredr^n, dfti efexktifiiur { 

c ^ 



pnrpnst tu knra untu yoD, (but 
"woz let hidertcS,) dat i mjt hav 
sum frcDt amdi) yo) elso, even az 
amdg iider Jent^lz. 

14. $ am detor bot tu de Grcks, 
and tu de Bqrbarianz; bot tu 6iz 
"w^z, and tu de unwjz. 

15. So, az mug az in me Iz, I 
am redi tu preg de gospel tu ya> 
dat qr at Horn elso. 

16. Fer i am not ajamd ov de 
l^ospel ov Krist: fer it iz ^ p^er 
ov God untu salvajon tu everi 
'wnn dat belevet; tu de Jx\, f^rst, 
and elso tu de Orek. 

17. Fer di^rin iz de rityusnes 
ov God rev^ld from fat tu fat: az 
it iz riten, 2e just Jal liv b^ fat. 
[Hab. 2: 4.] 

18. Fer de rq,t ov God iz rev^ld 
from heven agenst el ungodlines 
and unr^tyusnes ov men, ha> hold 
de tra)t in unrjtyusnes; 

19. Btk6z dat hwi^ ma be non 
ov God iz manifest in dem; fer 
God hat Jod [it] untu dem. 

20. Fer de invizibl tigz ov him 
from de kreajon ov de wurld qr 
klerli sen, beii) understdd bi de 
ti^z dat q,r mad, [even] hiz eter- 
nal p^er and Godhed; so dat da 
qr wid^t ekskt^s: 

21. Bek6z dat, hwen da nq 
God, da glorifjd [him] not az 
Grod, neder w^r tapkful; but be- 
kdm van in d%r imajinajonz, and 
d^r fcDlliJ hqrt woz dqrkend. 

22. Profesii) demselvz tu be 
iriz, da bekam fa>lz, 

23. And ^njd de glori ov de 
unkoruptibl God intu an imej 
mad l^k tu koruptibl man, and tu 
b^rdz, and for-futed bests, and 
krepip ti^z. 

24. Hw^rfor God elso gav dem 
Up tu unklennes tro) de lusts ov 
d^r On hq^rts, tu dis6nor d^r on 
bodiz betw4n demselvz: 

25. Ha> Qftnjd dt tro^ ov Qod 

intu a Ij, and wurjipfc and s^rvd 
de kretyqr mor dan de Kreator, 
h(D iz blesed for ever. Qmen. 

26. Fer dis kez God gav dem 
up untu v^i afekjonz: fer even 
d^r wimen did ganj de natynral 
yqs intiA dat hwl<^ iz agenst natyiir: 

27. And l^kwjz elso de men, 
levip de ndtyi^ral yqs ov de wum'» 
an, burnt in di^r lust wun t6rd 
aniider; men wid men wurkiD dat 
hwiq iz unsemli, and resevi^j in 
demselvz dat rekompens ov ds^r 
eror hwig woz met. 

28. And even az da did not Ijk 
tu retdn God in [di^r] nolej, God 
gav dem over tu a reprobat 
m^nd, tu d(D doz tix)z hwig qr 
not konvenyent; 

29. Beip fild wid el unrityusnes, 
fernikajon, wikednes, kdvetusnes, 
malijusnes; ful ov envi, murder, 
dcbat, dcs^t, maligniti; hwispererz, 

30. Bak-bjterz, haterz ov God, 
despjtful, prsd, bosterz, invent* 
orz ov evil tipz, disobedient tu 

31. Wid^-t understandij), kuve- 
nant-brakerz, widi^-t ndtyqral afek- 
Jon, implakabl, unm^rsiful: 

32. Ho), noifl de jujment ov 
God, dat da hwi^ komit sug ti{)Z 
qr wurdi ov det, not onii do) de 
sam, but hav plesyqr in dem dat 
d(D dem. 


1. 3^rfor dv qrt inekskt^zabl, 
o man, hoosoever dv qrt dat juj« 
est: fer hw^rin ds jujest aniider, 
dv kondemest d^self; fer dv dat 
jujest da>est de sam tigz. 

2. But we qr fqr dat de jujment 
ov God iz akerdi^ lu tr<0t agenst 
dem hvfiq komit snq ti^z. 

3. And ^ti^kest &s dis, o man, 
dat jujest dem hwig da> enq tiigz, 
and doDest de sam, dat <hr fall 
eskip de jujment ov God; 


4* Br ^4«qu«8( is de nga^ ov 
)li« gudD«s and forb4raofl and Ioq- 
suferii): pot xxoio dafe de gudaes 
pv Ood ledel ds tu repentaas; 

6. Bat after (^ ^rdoes and 
iiapmt«Dt hurt tii$3yiure8|t up 
i^M^ d|&eif n^l ageiist 4l$ 4t( ov 
t^^ aod r^Ti^Jon ov & rji^ns 
jujoMBot OY Qod; 

^, ^a> wil render tu o¥en man 
i)M»idi9 tia hiz dcdz: 

7. TidLdeni|ia>himffU3tkoxitip- 
J^I^J^|k in W0l-da>ip seV fi^ri^lori and 
onor and imortaliti, et^roid ^li 

8. But luuDtu d^m dat or j^Eon- 
leQjus, aad 4a not qibi P^ Ua>% 
}f^ obi iinrityiiMie^ indignajon 

^n OFeri 8^1 ov man 4^ d^oet 
fvll^ ov 4e Jii f^rst, and eW ov 
de Jentil; 

10. Bi^t gkuri, enor, and pes, tu 
f Teri ux^ dat wurk^t giad, tu de 
Ji^ f^rst, and elso tvi de Jent^l: 

Ih ¥bv dar it no respekt pv 
p^rsonz wid Crod. 

X«3. F^r as mienl <4J$ hay sind 
widi^t L& jai elSjQ perij wldi^'t lo: 
and az m^oi az nav a^ in ide Id 
Jl^l Ipie jiud 14 de W; 

]L3. ^jBW iiot de herisrz pv de l^ 
£iir] juat ]b«Bf<dr God, Jbjtit de dci^erz 
^ d^ !;& /al be justifj^* 

H. Far hwen de Jent|lz, t^viiQ 
hay not de le, da> b| natyi^r ds 
ti^z kontand in ,<b le, dez, havig 
p)t 4e H ^ qi ]l^ Motu demselvz: 

15. j^rW^Q Ji9 de WV^J^^ ov de le 
ntcdi in d%r )i<iflU> di^r konj^ »}- 
9^ i^it^ witnciiek, j^nd [(%r] te^ de 
men hw^l f^k^;^}^ ^ els (^k^JfJQ^ 

;|l6. In d^ da hwfio. God ^ juj 
de sekrets fiv men bj Jjbz^s Kxist 

i7. 3cfe^W, d» j^ fceld .a Ju, 
i«Ad ^st^ in d^ Ip^ and mi^e^t ^ 
Wrt ov fiJWJl, , 

18. And noest [hiz] w(t 4(i4 
apcMDvest de tij^z dat qr mQr 6k9^ 
elent, fafiQ iDStrdktcd iit ov ds lo; 

19. And q,rt konfidwtdat dv (^• 
ieH qft « g^ ov de bl|^ (§^ 1^ oV 
d#m hwi^ cir in dJftrkneSy 

20. Aninstr^ktoroy dB£a>liJ,a 
te^er ov hftbz, hwiis Wt ^ fena 
ov nplej and ov de tra>t |n de }€^ 

2L Stv d^rfQr hwig teQe3t 40? 
dder, ^itei^eat d^ ppjt d^dlf; d^ ^ 
pretest A man ^ud^tstei, ^d<iist 
its stej; 

22. 3!? dat st^es^ a nian Jiiid i|fi| 
komit aidalteri, 'idiajst d? j^oi|ii|; 
aduUari; d¥ dat al^reat |deiz, 
^dost d^ komxt sakrilej: 

23. a^ d^t xnak^ di bost ov 
de le, ^tro& bniki{)de )» di9onojre9| 
dw God. 

24w For de nflim oy God la h|^ 
f^md amu)) de cfent^lz tti^ vo^ 9|t 
it iz riten. [2 Sam. 1?: 14.^ 

25. F^T B^rkom^i^on yenli pfof- 
itfit, if dv kep $e le: but i£ d;^ jb^ (| 
braker oy de le, d^ 8^rkum9i^Q9i i^ 
vas^d ^nr8^kum8i^Qn. 

26. j3^rC<!^ if de DATS^rkujiisispR 
kep de r^tyuspes ov .de le, ? Jai Di/»t 
hiz un-9(^r)^um8i3on be )L9i^t^||fr 

~ 27. And ^Jal not «nr8^rki|nifi5p9 
IjLwio iz b| patyHTy if itl^Uil da le, 
juj 4fi, h^ bi de l^ter and a^rki^^- 
si^on dc«$t .trapsgr^s 4e le. 

;g8. Fer he ip not .a j^ j^wij^.i# 
wun vt\vQu*4ij; P.eder [iz ^t] s^- 
tun;isi30D, hwifi i? ]ytw<Md »^de 

29. Bat he [ip] g Ju, h\nq h 

wun inwgrdli; and a^kuaL3%pf9k 

^iz dat] py d^ hftrt, in & apyii 

^ud] fkoi in de leter; ha)z pni^ 

iz] hot ov men, but oy Qpji-' 

€APTeR 8. 

1. 9^wojt ady^ntej den^a^t^ 

Jh, er Sbwo^ js:fl6Viiy? i>V] S^ 

dat uDtu dem w^ liomited de oi^ 
4kht ov Qod. 

3. Far ^hwQjl; if sam di4 |io4f b#r 

ov God widi^t rf^l^t 

i. Qod f<»rl44: Vi, }e^ 9o4 be 

tcfOy but a^v^ti m^ a Ijior; as it iz 

riten, 3ai 4ir iQi^ be jopti^d in 4i 

4h$ iqprt jnjd. [j9jim 61: i.] 

5. But if 7r unrityusnes hffm- 
^nd de ri|iyiis^e$ or God, ^Wot 
|il Vft fiau ^[tz] God ifDqtyu9 hjip 
tuli^^il vei^a^? u spek az a notaQ;) 
d. ^GhQd Iot)^: £(»r dea S ^9 i^l 
God jiij de wurld. 

7. Fer if de tra>t oy God bat 
tM» ftb^nded ^tff> ini Ij nntiii hiz 
glorl; fi bwi yet tun i el$o jt|j4 ftjB 
a «inj8r; 

8. And npt [rader]^ (^ w^e be 
elaQd«n)al,i repo^d, j»pd m sum 
af^rm dat we sa,) Let i}« da> evil, 
dat ^d mil |;^in; bi;!>^ d4Mnpa/on 

9. S9wQt <bBn; Iqx vp M^ 
(den do.] }$Py in n^ w^x: for wt 
bay befor prQvd ^t J^^ |uid Jeiir 
lilz, dajt dgi or i»l ond^ 0in* 

' iO. As U iz riteo, fy^ Us ^an 
f^yiie, no, nof; vrnn: 

. 11. 3itx ie n^n d«^ nnderstii^dr> 
et, d^r iz nan dat seket loiter Gpd. 

12. 8La 4r 9l gon ^ o.v de yra, 
da €pr ^ug^er b^m. uiip!r<6fi4;a]:4; 
ds|r iz nun .d»t dtnet gv9,d, nc^ mt 
mvM. [S«ipi Xi: f— 3.] 

13. Hj^r ^odt [iz] an (i)i{«en ^{e 
tilker; wid d^r iM^sz da bay ^\^ 
deg^ fS.<im $: 9]; de p9Z0n ov 
asps [iz] under ^ Ujps [Sq^ 

i«>: 31; 

H. ^«>ji mvl iz ful Qv jkiusi^ 
and biternes [Sq,m 10: 7] : 

i$. ^%r {et [<|r] eynit tu fed 

in dar waz: 

17. And de ^ oy m bay da 
not non. [$'z. 69: 7, 8f: 

%iz. JS«jn36: 1.] 

19. N^ we no d^ bwpt lipz so* 
eyer de l» eel, it ee^ W depn bio 
qjr nnder f1^ I9: dat fT^eri mf I mf 
be stopt, and el dip wurid m% be^ 
]E4m gjlti bflor Qqd, / 

20. ^if or bj de ^edz p? die I9 
(^r J4 x^o fief be justiQd in bif 
s^t: fer b| de le [iz] de nolej py 
»in. ■ 

21. ^^tnf ^rityii^nieeQyGod 

wid^t de le iz manifested, bei|| 
witoest fa| d^ it aiid de {»of^f 

22. j^yen de lityjosoiBf oy GOf^ 
[bwi^ i^] b^ |al oy Jfzue ^J^ 
untiii el and ap<Sn el dem dat ^ 
Uy : iev d|F ie i»o diferene: 

23. f^T i^ bav 9ind, ai^fd Imi^ 
J^rt oy de glori ov Gpd; 

24. Beip justifid freU }a^ b}§ 
gi)9j| fir«> ^ x^mjon d^ iz in 

25. Ha>m God 1^1 gj^ fodb [tu 
be] A proiii|i|^|on ira ^ in biz 
blttd, tu i^ilii^ biz ratyusnee f^ 
de remijon ov sinz w q^ poa^ 
#va> # lorbftpanfl ov Go^; 

26. Tj^dekl4r,Im];at^f % 
biz zityusne^: 4# ue nojt be jiu^ 
and .de ^^^jtif^er oy luxn ^viQ 1^ 
levet in Jezus. 

27. 9 94W|r {iz] ])osti9 den. It 
ijs eks]^bid<4i> ^B^ bwot le; i.oy 
.wnrka. ISs.: \fvit b^ de le ov fa4 

28. g^iior'j^'e konklild i^ a 
man iz }ustilid pi lat wid^jb de 
diedz jov de 19* 

29. (Uz be] dte God oy de Jj^y 
Qpli; 9 [iz he] not e)»o ov de 1. en- 
tilz. y^pv^de Jen^lz^elso: 

.30 Sei© [it iz] wun Go4, bwi^ 
j4 jn^tifi de e^rkomsigon b^ la^ 
and uArs^i^um3i^n jtrto ia.t, 

$1. 9Dc(»yre^makyedde^ 



eAPTEB 4. 

1. ^Hwot lai we 


(fen sa dat 
Obraham, vr fqder az pertanig tu 
de fler bat fend. 

2. For if €[braham wi^r jostiQd 
hi wnrks, he hat [hw^r6f] tu glo- 
ri; bat not befor Ood. 

3. For S bwot set de skriptyiir. 
Qbrabam beUvd €K>d, and it woz 
kvnted untu him for r^tyusnes. 
[Jen. 15: 6.1 

4. Nv tu nhn dat wnrket iz de 
reward not rekond oy gras, but oy 

5. Bnt tu him dat wnrket not, 
but belevet on him dat jtistif^et de 
img6dli, hiz Cat iz kvnted for rjt- 

6. &ven az David elso deskrjb- 
et de blesednes ov de man, untu 
ha>m God impi^t-et rityosnes wid- 
1^ wurks, 

7. [Saip], Blesed [cir] da h<i>z 
inikwitiz qr forgiven, and ha>z 
einz qr kuverd. 

8. Blesed [iz] de man tu ha>m 
de Lerd wil not imptitt sin. [Sqm 
32: 1, 2J 

9. ^ [S^umet] dis blesednes den 
up6n de s^rkumsison [onii], er 
ap<Su de un-s^rkumsi5on elso; fer 
we se dat fat woz rekond tu Abra- 
ham fer rityusnes. 

10. ^B.15 woz it den rekond; 
Hhwen he woz in s^rknmsigon, er 
in un-s^rkumsison. Not in s^r- 
kumsigon, but in un-s^rkumsigon. 

11. And he resivd de sjn ov 
s^rkupEiBison, a sel ov de rjtyusnes 
bv de fat hwiq [he had yet] beig 
uh-s^rkumsizd: dat he mjt be de 
f qder ov el dem dat beUv, do da 
be not s^rkumsizd; dat rjtyusnes 
n^^t be impqted untu dem elso: 

12. And de fqder ov s^rkum- 
sijon tu dem h® qr not ov de B§r- 
k^msigon. onli, but ha> elso wek 
in de atepa ov dat fat ov vr Iqdn: 

Obraham, hwiq [hs had] beg 

[yet] nn-s^kumsizd. 

13. Fer de promis, dat lie Jud 
be de s(r ov de wurld, [woz] not 
tu Qbraham, er tu hiz sed, tra> de 
le, but tra> de rityusnes ov fat. 

14. Per if da hwi^ qr ov de lo 
[be] ^rz, fat iz mad ved, and de 
promis mad ov nun efekt: 

15. Bek4z de le wurket rq^tz fer 
hw^r no le iz, [d^r iz] no trans- 

16. a^rfor [it iz] ov «at, dat [it 
m^t be] b| gras; tu de end de 
promis mjt be Jqr tu el de sed; 
not tu dat onli hwiq iz o v de let, but 
tu dat elso hwig iz ov de fat oy ^ 
QlN-aham; ha> iz de fqder ^s^ el, - 

17. (Az it iz riten, $ hav coad 
Ai a fqder ov meni na^onz [Jen. 
17: 5],) befor him ha>m he belivd, 
[even] GK)d, ha> kwikenet de ded, 
and kelet doz ti^z hwig be not az 
do da w^r. 

18. Ha> agenst hop beUvd in 
hop, dat he m^t bekum de f q^er 
ov meni nafonz, akerdi^ tu dat 
hwiq woz spoken. So Jid d^ sed 
be. [Jen. 15: 5.] 

19. And beip not wek in &it, he 
konsiderd not hiz on bodi nv ded, 
hwen he woz ab^ an hundred 
yerz old. neder yet de dednes ov 
Saraz wa>m: 

20. He stagetd not at de promis 
ov God tra> unbeli&f; but woz 
strop in fat, giviu glori tu Grod; 

21. And beig full perswaded 
dat, hwot he had promist, he wos 
abl elso tu jperferm. 

22. And d^rfor it woz impqted 
tu him fer r^tyusnes. 

23. N^ it woz not riten fer his 
sak alon, dat it woz impqted tu 
him; • 

24. But fer us elso, tu horn it 
Jal be impqted, if we beUv on him 
dat razd up Jesiuf vr Lesd from 
de d«d; 

8PISL TU aC ltOMA!?a 


25. HcD 'vroz deliverd for sr 
of ensez, and woz razd agen fer sr 


XJKi\ttoT beig jugtifid b^ fat, 
-WB 'navpes wid God troo 3r Lord 
Jezus Kr},st: 

2. Bi ha>m elso we hav akses 
>i fat intu dis gras bw^rin we 
Stand, and rej^ in bop ov de 
glori ov God. 

3. And not onli [so], but we 
glori in tribyiilajonz elso: noij} 
dat tribyiilajon wurket pajens; 

4. And pajensy eksperiens; and 
eksperiens, bop: 

5. And bop maket not ajamd; 
bek^z de luv ov God iz Jed abr^ 
in vr bqrts bj de Holi Goet bwig 
iz given untu us. 

. 6. Fer bwen we w§r yet widi^-t 
Btre^, in dii t^m Ejr^st djd fer de 

7. Fer sk^rsli fer a rjtyus man 
vn\ wun di: yet peradv^ntyiir fer a 
gud man sum wud even d^rtudj 

8. But God komendet biz luv 
tord us, in dat, hw^L we w^r yet 
einerz, Krjst d^d for us. 

9. MuQ roor den, beig nv justi- 
f^d bi biz blud, we Jal be savd 
Trom rqt tra> bim. 

10. Fer if, bwen we w^r ene- 
tniz, we w^r rekonsjld ta God b} 
ie det ov biz Sun, mug mor, bei{) 
cekons^ld, we Jal be savd b| biz Ijf. 

11. And not onli [so], but we 
elso j9 in God tra> zr Lerd Jezus 
Krjst, bi ba>m we bav n7 res^vd 
de atonment 

12. Hw^rfor, az bj wun man 
sin enterd intu de wurld, and det 
bi sin; and so det past up<Sn el 
men, fer dat el bav sind: 

13. (Fer until de le sin woz in 
de wurld: but sin iz not impHted 
bwen dar iz no le. 

li. KfT^l^t^ ^^ 1"UBd from 

Adam tu .Mozez, erven oter deti 

dat bad not sind after de BimilitH4 
ov Adamz transgrejon, b<D iz de 
^^gpi^ ov bim dat woz tu kum. . 

15. But not az de of^ns^ so elso 
[iz] de £re gift Fer if tra> 6b 
ofens ov wim meni be ded, mw^ 
mor de gras ov God, and de gift b| 
gras, [bwig iz] 14 wun man, Je- 
zus Krist, bat abvnded untu meni^ 

16. And notaz [it woz] biwuti 
dat sind, [so iz] de gift: fer ^ 
jujment [woz] bi wuntu kondein- 
najon, but de fre gift [iz] ov meni 
ofensez untu justifikajon. 

17. Fer if bi wun manz ofent 
det rand bi wun; muQ mor da 
hwiq ree^v abdndans ov gias and 
ov & gift ov rityusnes Jal lan. in 
lif bi wun, Jezus Krist) 

18. S^rfor, az bi de of^ni ot 
wun [jujment kamj up6n el men, 
tu kondemnajon; even so bi de 
rityusnes ov wun [de fre gift kem] 
upon el men untu justifikaJoO' 
ov lif. 

19. Fer az bi wun manz diso- 
bediens meni w^r mad sinerz, so 
bi de obediens ov wun Jal meni ba 
mad rityus. 

20. Mofover de le enterd, dat 
de ofens mit ab^nd. But bw%r 
sin abvnded, gras did mug mor 

21. 3at az sin bat rand unta 
det, even so mit gras nm tra» rit*> 
yusnes untu eternal lif bi Jezua 
Krist vr Lerd. 


1. ^Hwotjal wesaden. ^£al 
we kontinyn in sin, dat gras mA 

2. God forbid. <IHv Jal wp,dat 
(ir ded tu sin, liv eni lofjger d^rin« 

3. ^ Xo ye not, dat so meni ov 
us az w^r bapt^zd intu Jezus Kr^t, 
w^r bapt^zd intu biz det. 

4u Qljirf or wt qf berid wit bim 


fiwst' «j Wb t&jiklSz. 

K^it iroK ta£d up from de ded bi 
ds glori ov de Fq,der, ev«n so we 
•Ibo Jfud wek in niines ov lit 

5. Fer if w« htv liiii j^lanted 
tbtg^^r in de liknMOr hiz det, we 
Jkl be elso [in de l^knes] ar [hiz] 

- 6. JScAq dis. dat vr old man iz 
k»Mi^d wid [him]» dat de bodi ot 
iin mit be destrM, dat henirfort 
ipe JiAQ not s^^rr sin. 

7. F«r he dat iz ded iz fred 
fpfXBBk eio. 

$. Kv if we be ded wid Krist, 
upe belir dai we Jal elso liv wid 

9« Kei]) d»t Krtst beig fazd 
temde ded djet no mor; det hiit 
no mor dominyon over bim. 

la 90r in dat be did, be djd 
IMA Bin wuns: bat in <£ke he liir^, 
he live^ nntxk God. 

IL I4kw|z rekon yt elso y<Dr- 
a^TZ tu be ded inded uaiu sin, 
but aljv untu God tro Jezus Ktjst 
vr Leid. 

' 12. Let n«t sfn d^tfor fan in 
^riMTtal bodi, dat ye Jiad €>bA 
It in de lusts d^r6f . 

i3k Neder y«ld ye yflMrmemberz 
[mb] inattvoments ov unrftyusnes 
ttnua mn: but jM yoraeWz untu 
God, az doz dat qr aljv from de 
ded, «nd y«kr members [az] instre>- 
m^nti ov i|tyasBe6 Uhtia God. 
' '14w Fer dn Jal not hav domin- 
yon over yo: for ye ht not under 
de le, but under gras. 

15. ^Hwot den; <5Jal we sin, be- 
k^ We 'f%T not under de le, but 
under igms. God fbrUd. 

16. HNo ye not, dat tia heom yc 
yrid yftTSelvz servants tia obA, hiz 
slants ye -qr tu heam ye oba; 
hweder ov sin imtu d^* er ov 
otodle&B untui rftyusnes. 

17. But God be tagkt, dat ye 
^mtta ie ^rvMtf i i eir tan, but ye jwiv 

oind from de hqtt <Ut form ot 
ddktrin hwi^ woz delfverd yib. 

18. Beig den mad fre from shi, 
ye bekam dec^vaats ov rjtyua- 
nes. . . 

19. ^ spek after de maaer ov 
m^i bek^z ovde inf^rmiU ov ymt 
fie J: for az ye hav yelded j0T 
memberz servants tia unklennes 
and tu inlkwiti untu inikwid; 
even so &t yeld yost members ser- 
vants tu qtyusnes untu hoUnes. 

20. For hwen ye w^rde servants 
ov sin, ye w^ fre from rjtyusnes, 

2L ?flwotffd>t had ye den in 
doz tt^z hw^r6f ye qr nv ajamd; 
for de end ov doz tii^z [iz] d-el, 

22. But nv bei^ mad ftt frcaa, 
sin, and bekdm servants tu Ood, 
ye hav ydnr ftdoft untu holines, and 
de end everldsti^ l|f. 

23. F^r de wajez ov sin [iz] del; 
but ^ gHt ov God [zz] et^nal ^ 
tro Jezus Ki^st w Lord. 

€APTBR 7. 

1. ?No ye liot, bredren, (fer { 
spek tu dem dat node le,) hv dat 
WB le ht^ donunyon over 4i man 
az \o^ az he liv^. 

2. Fer de winnan hwiq hxt an 
httzband iz bvnd b| de le tu [h^] 
huzband so lo^ az he livel; %ut 
if de huzband be ded, Je iz Idbst 
from de 1» ov [h^r] huzlMind. 

3. So den if, hw^l [h^] htu* 
: band livet, Je be mand tu asMer 

man, fe Jal be keld an adulteres: 
but if h^r huzband be ded, Ja ia 
fre from dat lo; so dat {e iz no 
adulteres, do Je be marid tu an€d* 
er man. 

4. Hw^Tfor,mibredren,yeelao 
qr bekitn ded tu de le b| de bodi 
ov Krjst; dat ye Jtiid be marid tu 
amider, [even] tu him ha) iz nnd 
from ^ ded, d»t we Jtsrd bn|) foi^ 
irot untu God. 

5. JW%w«B wa^Rri^%alaQe|, 

^sm. ifb ^e l(&>MA«^ 



le, did wttrk in ^t memberz tu 
bri|y fori frtot 'antiA deil. 

•6w But n» lire qr deUv^rd firoin 
4i^ 1^ dat ht^ ded fawi^rin we w^r 
held; dat we Jud s^rv in ni|iie& oy 
spirit, and not [in] de oldn^s ov 
« leter. 

7. <!Hwot Jal wcsadfen. <![Iz] 
de I0 sin. Ood forbid. Ka, 1 had 
not non ^n, bat bi de le: for i had 
not nan hist, ekse^t de le had sed, 
ajs fait not kuTftt [Eks. 20: 17.] 

S. Btit sin, takiQ okason b| de 
komdndmenty ret in me el maner 
or konk^pisens. Fer wid^t de le 
Bin [wofc] ded. 

9. Fer { woa aljv widi^ de le 
wnns: but hwen de komdndment 
katn, «in reVfvd, iand { iii<^. 

10. And (& komdndmenli, hwi^ 
[woz orddnd] tu l^f, { isnd {tia 
be] uxi^tft d«4). 

IL Fer sin, taki^ oka^on bj de 
kotadndment, deslyd me, and b| 
H alti [mc] 

12. fiw^rfo4r de le [iz] heli, 
and de komdndment holi, and 
just, and gud. 

13. <i Woz den dat hwi^ iz gutd 
ttiad del tintu me. God forbids 
But sin, ds^ it m^t ap^ sin, wnrk- 
ix) del in me b| dat hwiq iz gud; 
dat sin bi de komdndment mjt 
bektim eksedi^ sinful. 

14. Fer we no dat dele iz spir- 
Itytiai: but i am k<:tT&al) sold un- 
der sin. 

15. F^ dat hwiq I d<ft I ^1^ 
^«rt: fer ktvot {ivt^d, &t do { not: 
but hwot i hat, ddt do |. 

1^. If &n I do dat hwiq i wdd 
not^ I kofisel&t untu dse le dat [it 
ie,] gud. 

IT. Kv den it iz no mot t dat 
do it, but sin dat dwelet in me. 

1& Fer i no dat in me (dat iz, 
in mi fief,) dwelel no gud ti^: 
fer tu wil iz pciMaat iHd ttie; but 

[hv] tu perf^rtd dat hwiq k gud 
I Qnd not. 

19. Fer de gud dat i wiid j ddb 
not: but de evil hwiq i w«9id no(^ 
ddt i do. 

20. Nv if ^ do dat { imSid not, 
it !z no mor i dat do it, but sin 
dat dwelel in me. 

21. S find den a le^ dat, hwen 
i w«8td do gud, evil iz prezent 
wid me. 

22. Fer | del|t in de le ov God 
after de inward man : 

28. But I se aniider le in m| 
memberz, weriD agenst de le ov 
m| mind, and brigip me intu kap- 
tiviti tu de le ov sin hwiq iz in 
mi members. 

24. Q reqed man dat i ami 
^ho Jal deliver m6 from de bodl 
ov dis del. 

25. $ lapk God Iro Jezus Krisl 
^r Lerd. So den wid de mind j 
mis^ serv de Id ov God; Init wil 
de fief de le ov sin. 

€APTEB 8. 

1. {cl^r iz] d^rfor nv no kon^^ 
demnajon tu dem hwiq qr in Krist 
Jezus, ho wek not after de flej, 
but after de Spirit 

2. Fer de le ov de Spirit ov lif 
in Ki^st Jezas hal mad me ttt 
from de le ov sin and del. 

3. Fer hwot de le kud not do, 
in dat it woz wek tro de flej, God 
sendi^ hiz on Bun in de liknes ov 
sinful fief, and fer sin kond^md 
sin in de ilej: 

4. Sat de ritvusnes v de le mit 
be fufild in ViS, ho wek not after 
de f le r, but after de Spirit. 

5. Felr da dat qr after de flej 
do mind de li^z ov de fief; bu( 
da dat qr after de Spirit ae ligz 
ov de Spirit. 

6. Fer tu be kqmali mended 
[iz] del; but tu be spiritytiali 
minded {ie^ym and pes, ^ 



7. Bekes de kqnial mjud [iz] 
enmiti agenst Ood; fer it iz not 
iabjekt tu de ie ov God» neder in- 
dM kanbe. 

8. So den da dat qr in de flej 
kan not plez God. 

9. But jz q^ not in de fie/, but 
in de Spirit^ if so be dat de Spirit 
OY God dwel in yo). Nv if eni 
man hav not de Spirit ov Ki^st, 
be iz nun ov biz. 

10. And if Kr^st [be] in ya>i de 
bodi [iz] ded bekezovsin; but de 
Bpirit [iz] lif bek^z ov rityuanes. 

11. But if de Spirit ov him dat 
razd up Jezus from de ded dwel 
in ya>, he dat razd up Erjst from 
de ded Jal elso kwiken ya>r mortal 
bodiz b^hiz Spirit dat dwelet in ya>. 

12. astrfor, bredren, we qr d^ 
orz, not tu de fief, ta liv after de 

13. For if ye liv after de fie J, ye 
jal di: but if ye tr<» de Spirit da> 
mertifi de dedz ov de bodi, ye 
Jal Uv. 

14. Fer az meni az q,r led b^ de 
Spirit ov God, da qr de sunz ov 

15. Fer ye hav not resevd de 
Spirit ov bondej agen tu fer ; but 
ye hav resevd de Spirit ov adopjon, 
hwqrbj we kq, Aba, Fqder. 

16. aCe Spirit itself bereft witnes 
wid «r spirit, dat we q,r de gildren 
ov God: 

17. And if cjildren, den ^rz; j^rz 
ov God, and jernt ^rz wid Krjst; if 
80 be dat we sufer wid [him], dat 
we ma be elso glorif jd tugeder. 

18. Fer i rekon dat de suf eri^z 
ov dis prezent tjm [q,r] not wurdi 
'tu be komp4rd] wid de glori hwig 

al be rev^ld in us. 

19. Fer de ^mest ekspektajon 
ov de krctynr watet fer de mani- 
lestajon ov de sunz ov God. 

20. Fer de kretyqr woz mad 
aubj|ekt tu Tahiti, not wili^jli, but 


b| rezon ov him hA haisobl^ckad 
[de sam] in hop^ 

21. Bekezdekretyiir itself elBO 

fal be deliverd from de bondej ov 
Lorupjon intu de glorias libeiti 
ov de gildren ov God« 

22. Fer we no dat de hoi kre* 
ajon gronet and travelet in pan 
tugeder until ms. 

23. And not onli [da], but vt« 
selvz elso, hwi^ hav de f^rst &a»ta 
ov de Spirit, even we vrselvz groa 
widm vrselvz, watig fer de adop- 
Jon, [tu wit], de redemjon or 
vr bodi. 

24. Fer we qr savd bi hop: bat 
hop dat iz sen iz not hop: fer 
hwot a man seet, ihwj dot he 
yet hop fer. 

25. But if we hop fer dat we 
se not) [den] do) we wid pajene 
wat fer [it.] 

26. L^kw^z de Spirit elso limp- 
et ^ inf^rmitiz : fer we no liot 
hwot we Jud pra fer az we et : 
but de Spirit itself maket intene- 
Jon fer us wid gronigz hwlQ kan 
not be uterd. 

27. And he dat s^rget de hfifjfi 
noet hwot [iz] de m^nd ov de Spir- 
it, bek^z he maket intersejon f er de 
sant43 akerdi^ tu [de wil ov] Qod. 

28. And we no dat el tigz wurk 
tugeder fer gud tu dem dat luv 
God, tu dem ha> <ir de keled 
akerdi^ tu [hiz] purpus. 

29. Fer ha>m he did lom6, he 
elso did predestinat [tu be] ko&> 
f^rmd tu de imej ov hiz Sun, dat 
he m^t be de f^rst-bem amt^ 
meni bredren. 

30. Morover ha>m he did ]n*e- 
destinat) dem he elso keld: and 
hcDm he keld, dem he elso jus^- 
fjd: and ha>m he justif^d, dem he 
elso glorif^d. 

31. ^ Hwot Jal we den sa tu dez 
ti^z. If God [be] fer u^ ^h* 
[kan be] ageort us. 



^ dfi. H» 4«t ^id dot his on 

SuD, bat deliyerd him up fer us 
<t\, h hv Jal he not wid him elso 
freli gir us el ti^ss. 

8S. ^Hm Jul la eaitig tu de 
/Qqij OT Godz el«kt. [It is] God 
dat jiistiQet. 

34. ^ H<D [iz] he dat kondemet. 
[It iz] Krist dst did, ya rader^ dat 
iz rizen agen^ ha> iz eveo at de rjt 
hand ov God/hcD elso maket in- 
tdrsejon fei' us. 

35. ^ Hq Jal separat ns from de 
Ittv ov Krjst; ^[Jal] tribyiilafon, 
^r distr^ w p^rseki^jon, er f amin, 
er nakednes, er peril, er sord; 

36. Az it iz riten, Fer dj sak we 
<|r kild el de da I09; we q;r akvnted 
az Jep fer de sleter. [Sqjia 44: 22.] 
' 37. Na, in el dez tigz we q;r mor 
dan ko^kerorz trok him dat luvd us. 

38. For i am perswaded, dat 
neder det, net I^f, aer anjelz, ner 
prinsipalitfz, ner pverz, ner tigz 
prezent, ner tigz tu kum, 

39. Ner hjt, ner dept, ner eni 
uder kietyipr, Jal be abl tu separat 
us from dk luv ov God, hwi^ iz in 
B^t Jezus vr Lord. 

©APTER 9. 

1. S sa de tra>i in Kr^st^ i ]i not, 
mi konjens elso b^rig me witnes 
in de Holi Gost, 

2. 3!at i hav grat hevines and 
kontiny\|^ soro in mi hqrt 

3. Fer i kud wij dat miself w^r 
aki^ed from Krist fer mi bredren, 
mi kinzmen akerdi^i tu de fie J: 

4. Ha> q^ 'Izraelits; tu ha>m 
[pertanet] de adopjon, and de 
glori, and de kuvenants, and de 
givi^ ov de le, and de s^rvis [ov 
&od], and de promisez; 

5. H<DZ [or] de fq,derz, and ov 
hcnm az kons^rnip de flej Erist 

fkam], ha> iz over el, God blesed 
or ever. Qmen. 

6. Not az do de word ov God 

hat taken nun efiskt Fer da [Iqpr} 
not el 'Izmel, hwig c^ ov 'Izrael: 

7. Neder, bek^z da or ^ sed ov 
£[b*aham. [qr da] el ^Idren: hut, 
In $zak Jal di sed be kekL [Jen. 
21: 12.] 

8. 3at iz, 3a hwiq q^ de gildren 
ov de f lej, d^z [qr] not de Qildren 
ov God : but de Qildren ov de 
promis cir kvnted fer de sed. 

9. Fer dis [iz] de ward ov prom- 
is, At dis tim wil i kum, and Sara 
Jal hav a sun. [Jen. 18: 10, 14.] 

10. And not onli [dis] ; but 
hwen Rebeka elso had konsivd^ 
bi wan, [even] hi vr fqder $eak; 

11. (Fer [de Qildren] beip not 
yet hem, nedcr havig dun eni gud 
er evil, dat de purpus ov God 
akerdig tu elekjon mit stand, not 
ov wurks, but ov him dat kelet;) 

12. It woz sed untu h^r, Sa 
elder Jal s^rv de yupger. [Jen. 
25: 23.] 

13. Az it iz riten, Jakob hav { 
luvd, but 8se hav i hated. [MaL 
1: 2, 3.] 

14. S Hwot Jal we sa den. 9 [Iz 
d^r] unrityusnea wid God. God 

15. Fer he set tu Hozez, $ wil 
hav m^rsi on ha>m i wil hav m^i, 
and i wil hav kompafon on ha>m i 
wil hav kompafon. [ Eks. 33 : 19. J 

16. So den [it iz] not ov him 
dat wilet, ner ov him dat runet, 
but ov God dat Joet m^rsi. 

17. Fer de skriptjnir set untu 
Faro, Gven fer dis sam purpus hav 
i razd di up, dat ^ mit Jo mi pver 
in d^ and dat m^ nam mit be de- 
kl4rd trcD^t ol de ^rt. [Eks. 9 : 16.] 

18. cl^rfor hat he m^rsi on 
h(Dm he wil [hav m^rsi], and 
hcDm he wil he hqrdenet. 

19. SC? wilt sa den untu nae^ 
^ Hwi dot he yet find felt. Fer 
^ ha> hat rezisted hiz wil. 

20. Na hut) o man^ ^hm qfi fc 

CFIBL TU 9E1 teDlii3RI. 

tftfc'repliest agemrt €M. 1 Sal 4b 
ti^ lormd Ml tu him dai femid 
^], 1 HwJ bflBt 4v aiad m« dus. 

2L IHftlnotdepoterpveriDVM' 
As kk, or 4fe nm lamp tu mak 
wan Tes^l antu onor, and antider 
onki diflonm*. 

22. [HwtJt] if Ood, wUip tu Jo 
\h\z\ rct%, and tu mak hiz pver 
non, end^rd wid mag loi)-mif«riQ<fe 
Teselz OT rq,l fited tu destrukjon: 

23. And dat he m^t maknen de 
zi^ OT hiz glori on die Tosebs ov 
ntrsi, kwiq he had af or prep^rd 
antu glori, 

24. 8Ten as, bom he hat kold, 
not or de Jtiz onli, bat ebo ov 
de Jent^lz. 

25. Az he sel elso in C^ 9 
wil kel dem mj pepl, hwiq w^ 
not m^ pepl; and n|r heldred, 
hwig woz not beMved. 

' 20. And it Jal kom tu paq, [dat] 
in de pUus hwqr it woz sed antu 
dem« Ye fv] not mi pepl; d^r fal 
da be keld de fildren ov de liri^ 
God. rHoz.2:23.] 

27. 8zaas elso kr^et kons^iQ 
Izrael, So de number or de ^il- 
dren ov 'Izmel be az de sand ov 
de se, a remnant fal be savd: 

28. For be wil finif de work, 
and knt [it] Jort in rjtynsnes: be- 
k^z a fort wurk wil de Lord mak 
ap6n de §rt. [^z. 10: 22, 23.] 

■ 29. And az 8zaas Bed betor, 
Eksept de Lord ov Sdbaot .had 
left OS a sed, we bad bin az Sod- 
oma, and bin mad l^k untu Gro- 
m(5ra. r*z. 1: %.] 

30. Sftwotfalwesaden. ffat 
de Jentjlz, hwig folod not after 
rjtynsnes, hav awnd tu rjtyusnes, 
even de ritynsnes hwi^ iz ov fat. 

31. But 'izrael, hwiq folod af- 
ter de le ov r^tyusnes, hat not 
atdnd tu de lo ov r^tyusnes. 

, 32. S Hw^rf or. Bek^z [da sot 
^ooibifat, bat az it w^ hi de 

waikaov4feil». V* •<« iriNiiAld 
at d4t 8tamt)li|)stiM; 

dS. Az it iz riton, Beh^Ud, ik 
in Z{on a stamUi^Mon and lok or 
o6^nB [feJ 8: 14]: and luMMvcr 
brievet on him Jal not be ajdmd. 

€APTBR 10. 

1. Bredron, mi h<|rto d«z{r aa^ 
pr^r tu Ghod fer 'Ii^el i£, dot da 
mjt be Mvd. 

2. For i b^r dem rekord <tiil da 

hav a zel ov Qod, bat not ak^rdig 
tu nolej. 

S. For da beip igAOfnint cft 
Godz litymnes, and gei^ ab#t tu 
eatablij' d^r on rityosnes, bar not 
submlted demaelvz antu 4b f|^ 

4. For Kqst [iz] dB ond or (b 
\» for rftyosnes tu even won dat 

5. Fw Mozez deskribeft ^ tjt^ 
yosnes hwig iz ov de le, SCat ds 
man hwi^ da>et doz ti^ Jal liv 
bjdem. [Lev. 18: 5.] 

6. But de rityusnes hwi^ it ov 
€st apeket on dis \9\z^ Ba not !n 
d^n hqrt) SHa> fal as^nd intu 
heven; (dat iz, tu brig Kr^st d^n 
[from ab6v]:) 

7. Ch*, ^UcD Jal desfod intu de 
dep; (dat iz, tu brip up Kr]st i^ifo 
from de ded.) 

6. But ^hwot set it; a^e wurd 
iz TL\ d^, [e>'Bn] in dj mst, and in 
dj bqrt: dat iz, de wurd ov fat, 
hwig we preq [DtiL 90: 12—14]; 

9. ffat if dy Jalt konf es wid dj 
mvt de Lord Jezus, and Jnlt belev 
in d^n hqrt dat €K>d bat razd him 
from de ded, d^ Jalt be sard. 

10. For wid de hqrt man belevel 
untu r^tyusD^s; and wid de m'st 
konfefon iz ntiad untu salvajon. 

11. For de skriptyitr set, Ha>- 
soever belevet on him Jal not be 
ajimd. [*z. 28: 16; 49: 23.] 

12. Foir d^ i2 no ^forem be- 

tfrm^ 7U 88 RQHAHS^ 


livfo 4» Jti| aid d» Qrakrfor de 
sam Lord over el iiz rig nntu el 
^t kel ttp6a him. 

ld» Fer luMoeyer fal kel up<te 
de Bam ov de Levd [«! be sava. 

14. <i Hv den /al da kel ob him 
uk ha»a da hav not bsl^d; and 
^hTsr Jal da btliy in him or hoMn 
4a Imy nefc h^d; and ihv Jal da 
^Qr wid^t a prater. 

15. And %hv Jal da prMq, eksept 
dakha.aen^; az it iz.nteBy U.7 bi^ti- 
lul <|r de fat OT dem dat prcQ de 
gospel ov pes, and Iwipglad tifiigs 
aTgudtiQz! {^62} 7.] 

. le. B«U da hay not el obad de 
gospel. Fer 8zaas set, Lord, S ho 
heA beUvd «r rep4&rt. [^e.53: 1.] 

17. So den fat [kumet] bi hac- 
iH. aad heri^ b^ de ward oy God. 

18. But i sa, iHav da not h^d. 
Tea yearili^ o^r svnd went intu. el 
^.^ 1^ ^t wurda Hutu de 
endz oy de wurld. [Sam 19: 4] 

19. Bat i9ttf %Did not 'Iiiael no. 
F^t Moaez tet, d^ wil provok yo) 
tu jelusi hi [dem dat (^r] nor pepl-, 
[jmd] hi XI MiJ najon j wil aflger 
ya^ [Bii;k.,a2^ 21.] 

20. .Bill) Ezaas i& yeti bold, and 
set, $ woz fsnd oy dem dat set 
me not; i troz nad manifest untu 
daw dat oaktt got after me. 

. 21. Bulitu Izmel besets Oida 
yug. i hay atsre^ fort mi hasitdz 
untu a diifiobfdient and ^^n-aaiQ 
pepl. [5z. 66; 1,. 2.1 

. . 1. ^ mden, %Hat God koat ami 
kisp^. God forbid. Ferjel- 
scram an 'Izraelit, oy de sed oy 
Qknham, [oy] da tr^b oy Bei^a- 

2. Qod hab not kaat a»a hiz 
p^ hmq ha fisini^- iWot ye 
not hwaotda skriptyrir set o¥ Bq- 
asf ftv tar anket iaAeisBfoD. tu 
fi^^a^Mb']bii^.aaa& . 

3. Lerd^dahsykildd^^nrfsta^ 
and digd daadin eltarz; and | aoa 
left alon, and da sak mi IjJL IX 
Kigz 19: 10, 14.] 

4. But S hwot set de onset iff 
God untu him; ^ hay rez^cyd tm 
myself seyen f vzand men, hcD hay 
not bvd de ne tu [de imej oy] 
Baal. [1 KiDz 19: 18.1 

5< Cyen so den at dis prezen^ 
t^m elsodi^r iz a remnant akerdi|| 
tu de alekjon oy gra& 

6. And if b^ gras, den [iz it] no 
mor oy wurks: uderw^z gras iz n» 
mor gras. But if [it be] oy wurks, 
den iz it no mor graa: uderw^ 
wurk iz no mor wurk. 

7. lUwot den. 'Izmel hat not 
obtand dat hwiQ he seket fer; bat 
de elekjon hat obtand i% and da 
rest w^r bljnded. 

8. (Akerdig az it iz riten^ God 
hat given dem de spirit oy slumbar* 
iz dat da- jud not sa, and erz dat 
da Jud not her [&:. 29: 10};) uoe 
tu dis da. 

9. And Dayid set, L^t d^r taU 
be mad a an^r, and a trap, and a 
$tiimbli))Uok, and «. isakomp^ns 
untu dem: 

10. Xiet d^r iz be dqirhend) dat 
dft ma not se,, and bv dvn (a^ bak 
elwa. [8qm 69: 22, 230 

IL ^ sa den, <iUay dastombld 
dat da Jud feL God forbid:, but 
[rader]. trm d^r. fel salyajon [iM 
knm} uattft de Jent^, {ok tu^pv^ 
v6k dem tu jelusi. 

.12. Nv if de fel oy #can.[be} de 
rigea ov da wurld^ and de dimiiir 
iJig:o.y.deBi de rt^ez oy da Jea^; 
hx inxiQ mor At(v fiolnes. 

13. Fer i spck tu yai J«Dtila^ 
inazmdg az i am de apdsl ot da 
Jentflz, i magnifi min ofis: 

14. If hi eni menz i maproy^ 
tu eoayHJa/oD [dtm hwiq qjt} ai| 
flii^ a&d nm aay sum oy denL 

^PISL TV 98 BOA^fiS. 

[be] de rAoRsili^ oy de wnrld, 
^hwot [fal] de rwevli) [ot dfcm 
be], but ijf from de ded. 

16. Ferifdcf^rstfwftt [be]boli, 
Ide lump [iz] el6«i> [boll J : and if de 
¥a»t [be] faoli, bo [qr] de branqez. 

17. And if sum ov de branqez 
be broken of, and dv, bein a w^ld 
oliv tre, wfrt graft in amii|} dem, 
And vriji dem partakest ov de r<i>t 
and fatnes ov de oliv tre; 

18. Boet not agenstde brangez. 
But if dv bo6t» dv barest not de 
M»t, bat de rmt d^ 

19. 3lv wilt Ba den, SCe bran^- 
«iE w^ broken of, dat i mjt be 
graft in. 

20. Wei; bek^z oy nnbelef da 
w^r broken of, and dv standest bj 
fat. Be not h|*minded, but f^r: 

21. Fer if God sp^rd not de 
tiAtyi|ral branqez, [tak bed] lest 
he elso spi^r not d^. 

22. Behold d^rfor de gudnes 
snd severiti ov €rod: on dem hwi^ 
fel, seyeriti; but tord de, gudnes, 
if &s kontinyii in [biz] gudnes: 
lideYwiz &s ebo fait be kut of. 

28. And da eWo^ if da abfd not 
in unbeUf, Jal be graft in: fer God 
is abl tu graf dem in agem 
' 24. Fer if &s w^rt kut «t ot de 
oliv tre bwiq iz w^ld b^ natyi^r, 
and w^ graft kiSntrari tu natyi^r 
intu a gud oHv tre! 4hv mue 
toor Jal dez, hwiq be de nityHm 
{bvao^s], be gKlft intu d^r on 
oliv tre. 

25. Fer i mid not, bredren, dat 
▼e Jud be ignorant ov dis misteri, 
lest ye fud be w|z in yttron kon* 
B^ts; dat btjndnes in pqjrt iz bap- 
end tu [IsraeL until de fulnes ov 
de Jent|lz be sum in. 

26. And so el 'Izrael Jal be 
•avd: az it iz riten, S^r Jal kum 
iftov Zion de Deliverer, and Jal 
turn awa UDgodlines from Jakob: 
r ^. ^F«r w li<] QH'.kdysumt 

untu dem, bweti f Jal 
sine. [fe. 6&: 20.] 

28. Az kons^mTDde gospel, [di 
<)Cr] enemiz fer ycer sake: bat az 
tuQT^ de elekjon, [da qr] bdtivd 
fer de f q,derz saks. 

29. Fer de gifts and kelix^ ov 
God [qr] widiH rep^tans. 

30. Fer az ye in t^mz pdet bav 
not beUvd God, yet bay nv dbtand 
m^rsi tr<e d^r unbelt: 

31. Bven so hav dez oko nv 
not bell&vd, dat tr<i> y<Br m^rsi da 
elso ma obtdn m^rsi. 

32. Fer God hat konklqded 
dem el in unbelif, dat he m^t hav 
m^rsi up6n el. 

33. O de dept ov de fl^z bol 
oy de wiedom and nolej oy God ! 
hv uns^r^bl [qr] hiz jajmenlii 
and hiz waz past f(ndis vt I 

34. Fer ^ ha> hat non de tntnd 
ov de Lord, er <!h<D hat bin hiz 

35. Or <!h(ft hat fi^rst giyen tu 
him, and it Jal be rekompenst un* 
tu him agdn. 

36. Fer ov him, and tnb luia, 
and tu him, [q,r] el tij^: tu hausk 
[be] glori fer ever. Sm^n. 

<SAPT£R 12. 

1. $ bee^ ycD di^rfor, bredrBn, 
hi de m^r^e ov God^ da^ ye pre* 
sent y<6r bodiz a livig ea^riQs^ 
holi, ilkseptabl unttt Gtid, {hwiq 
iz] ya>r rizonafol e^vis. ' 

2. And be not ^onf^rmd tu dis 
wurld: but be ye transt&rmd bj de 
rBniq.i9 ov yc&r ibjnd, dot ye ina 
pi«>v hwot [iz] dat gi&Ld,.a^ ak« 
eeptabl, and p^ekt, iHl ov €h>d. 

3. Fer isa,tnndegt8s given -nn* 
tu me, tu everi man dat iz ami&g 
yok, not tu ti^k [ov hiinielf] mor 
h^U dan he et tu ti^k; but tu ti^k 
soberli, akeidiD az' God hat delt 
tu everi man de me|;yi|r ov fat, 

4. Fer .az . w^ Jutf 

ev^csL fV aDB Bunuisz/ 

iftiwim bodi, and el memberz 
lukT not d& Bam ofis: 

■ 6. So. we, -£beiD] rneni, qr wun 
"bodi in Krist, and evori wun mem* 
berz wun oYandder. 

6. Havii) den gifts diferig akerd- 
19 tuL de gras dsU; iz given in. ns, 
hweder profesi, [let us profes^] 
-akflrdig tu be proporjon oy fat; 

7. Gr ministri, [let us wat] on 
[vr] mimsteri;}: er he dat te^et, 

• 8. Br he dat eg^zertet, on egz- 
ortajon: he dat givet, [let him da> 
it] wid simplisiti; he dat ra>lct, 
wid dilijeng; he dat Joet m^rsi, 
mrid ^eif ulnea. 

9. [Let] luv be wid^t disimyii- 
lajon. Abh4r dat h\viQ iz evil; 
klev tu dat hwiq iz gud. 

10. [Be] kjndli afekfond wun 
tuL anader wid brnderii luv; in 
<9aor preffrit) wun andder; 

11. iN'ot slotful in biznes; fer- 
vent in spirit; s^rvi^ de Lord; 

12. B^osiD in hop; pa/ent in 
tribynhijon; kontinyiilp instant in 

13. Distribyiitig tu de nesesiti 
OY sants; given tu hospitaliti. 

14. Blesdem^hMri^p^isekiityo); 
bles, and kun not 

,, 15. Bejdrs wid dem dat dan rej^B, 
and wep wid dem dat wep. 
' 16. [Be] ov de sam mjud wun 
lord andder. Mjnd not hi ti^z, 
bat kondeseud tu men oy lo estdt 
Ba not wjz in ymt on kons^ts. 

17. Bekompens tu no man evil 
fflnr evil. Proved iigz onest in de 
«|t or el men. 

^ 16. If it be pofibl, az muc az 
Ij^t in ja>f Hy pesabli wid el 

19. Derli beldved, av^nj not 
jifirselYz, but [rader] giv plas un- 
tu rq,t: fer it iz riten, Venjaos 

is] mm; i wil repa, set de LenL 

Dnt 32: 35.] 


20. Sit^orifdin^ttnihu^sgar, 

fed him; if he t^rst, giv him drij)k: 
fer in so doDi^ &s Jalt hep kolz 
oY fjr on hiz hed. 

21. Be not overkdm oy evil, 
but overkdm evil wid gud. 


1. Let even sol be suljekt un* 
tu de hjer pverz. Fer d|r iz no 
pser but ov God: de pTserz dat hi 
qx erdand ov God. 

2. Hosoever d^rfor rezistet de. 
pver, rezistet de erdinans ov God: 
and da dat rezist Jal res^Y tia. 
demselvz damnajon. 

3. Fer ra>lerz qr not a teror tuL 
gud wurks, but tu de evil. S Wilt 
dv den not be afrdd ov dt prretj 
dco dat hwlQ iz gud, and ds Jalt 
hav praz ov de sam: 

4. Fer he iz de minister oy God 
tu d^ fer gud. But if dv da> dat 
hwlQ iz evil, be afrdd; fer he bi^tetr 
not de sord in van: fer he iz dar 
minister ov God, a rev^njer tu 
[ekseki^t] rqt up<Sn him dat ^ia>^ 

5. Hw^ifor [ye^ must nedz bs 
subjekt, not onli fer rqt, bat ebo 
fer konjens sak. 

6. Fer fer dis kez pa ye tribyi^t 
elso; fer da q^ Godz ministorz, 
atendi;) kontinyi^ali up<Sn dis Yeri- 

7. Bender d%rfortu el d^rdi^: 
tribynt tu hom tribynt [iz dt|]; 
kustom tu ho>m kuslom; fer tu 
hcDm fer; onor tu ha>m onoc * 

8. 'Q no man eni ti^j, but tidt 
luv wun andder: fer he S^ luYei 
s^der hat fulfild de le« 

9. Fer dis; Ets Jalt not komii 
adulteri, 3? /^It not kil, ^v Jalt 
not stel, 37 Jalt not b^r fels wit- 
nes, a^.Jalt not kuvet [Kks. 20& 
13, ets.]; and if [d^r be] enj ttda». 
komdndment, it is brefli konipr0« 
bended in dis saip* samli, ^ fA 

cauL TV SB wmuan^ 


lOi. Luv vnrket no il tu hiz 
nabor: di^rfor luv [iz] de fiitl£ili|^ 
OY dt le. 

11. And daty noi^ de tim, dat 
nv [it iz] hj, t^m tu awak 7t oy 
slep: for nv [iz] 'sr salvajon nerer 
dui hwen we belied. 

12. Se n{t iz fq,r spent, da da iz 
at hand: let na d^rfidr kast of de 
wurks ov dqrknes, and let ns put 
on da q,rmor ov l^t 

13. Let na wek onestii, az in de 
da; not in rjotip and dmgkennea, 
not in Qamberip and wontonnes, 
not in stijf and envii^ 

14. ButputyaondeLaTdJezus 
Ktjith and mak not provison fer 
daflej, tu [fulfil] de Inata [di|r<SL] 


1. Hfm dat iz wek in da fal 
i^v ye, [but] not tu dvtful dia- 

2. Fer wnn belevet dat he ma 
at ei ti^a: andder, hcD iz wek, atet 

B. Let not him dat ete^ despjz 
him dat etel not; and let not lum 
hwiq etet not juj him dat atet: fer 
Qod hat mivd him. 

4^ ^ Ha qtrt dv dat ji]je8t andbder 
nana s^rrant; tu hiz cm ipoater 
he standet or f elet. Ya, he Jal be 
h4iMen np: far Ood la aM tu mak 
him stand. 

5. Wwi man astonel wnn da 
abdy aat&den voAAwr estemet oEven 
da [iilik]. Let oTeri man be fioli 
penrwaded in hiz on m^nd. 

6. He dat reg<q;rdet de da, re* 
rardet [it] natu de Lerd; and he 
di^egcirdet not de da, tu de Lord 
he dot not regard [it] He dat 
atet, etet tu(^Lerd, for he givet 
Ood- ta^ks; and he 6aJb etet nnt, 
tia da Lord ha etet not, and gdrat 

?• far mm ow I»Hy«iI t«i 

self, and no man djet tu 

8. Far hweder we Mr, wra 
untu de Lerd; and hweder wa d^ 
we d} untu ds Lerd: bweder 'wa 
Uv dqrfor, er dj, we cir da Ijexdz. 

9. Fer tu dis end J^sjftt baft 
djd, and xoz, and ravjvd, daft he 
mjt ba Lerd bot oy d& ded and. 

10. Bnt ihwi doet da juj dj 
bruder, er ^hwj dost dv set at nalb 
di bruder; fer Tfe Jal el staad be- 
£or de jujment set ov Ekr^st. 

IL Fer it iz riten, [Az] i liv; 
set de Lerd, even ne Jal bs tu »• 
[^z. 45: 23], and eveii tag Jail 
konfea tu God. 

12. 3o den everi won oy u».|al 
glv ak^nt ov himself tu God. 

13. Let as not d|if or juj wan 
aniidei eni mor: bat juj ma xadsi;, 
dat DO man put a stnmbligbiolCy. 
er an okajoa tu £el in [Mi] 
bruderz wa. 

14. ^ no^ and am peniwaded bi 
da Lerd Jezus, dat [d^piz] nodi^ 
unkUn ov itself: but tu him dat 
estamet eni tig tu be nnkien, Ua. 
him [it iz] uakUn. 

15. Bnt if di bnider be gl«vd 
wid [di] met, na wekeat £ no* 
Qaritabli. Dsatrdr not him wid dj 
met, fer haim Kx^st djd. 

16. Let not den yor gadi be 
evil spoken ov: 

17. For da kigdom or God m 
not met and dnig^ but rit^aanai^ 
and pes, and J9 in da Holi QotL 

1& Fer he dat in dez tigs 8|na* 
et Erjst [iz] akseptidd tia Goj^ 
and apmvd ov men. 

Id. Let us di^rf or f oli» after da 
tigz hwig mak fer pes, and ti||8 
hw^rwit wun ma edif^ anddet; 

20; Fer metdcatr^notdewnck 
ov CMkL &i ti^K ind^ [(ir}pi|r; 
boa [it iz] e?il^ lar dat man in 
atet wid ofena. 

-^ Ellk}giad«id9vtuctfie/Jy8 Jentilz; and M liiiB^ el je 
&0r tu <ln|jfc wio, Bor [eni ti||] pepl. [S<im 117: 1,] 

liwi(rl]j d^ bruder stumblet, er iz 
ofended, er i^nuid wek* 

22. <! Hart dv iat; hav [it] tia 
djaelf befor God. H«pi [iz] he 
dat kondemet not himself la ^ 
ti9 hwiQ he alve^. 

23. And he dat d^^tet 12 damd 
11 hft etj bek^s J^he etet] not ov 
fat: far hwotsoever \iz]. not qv 
lot is ^n> 


1. We den dat q^ atroQ' et tu 
'fai%r4eri&f^:initi2 ov de wek, and 
not tu plez vrselvz. 

2. Let everi wirnov us plez [hiz] 
nabof fer [hiz] gud Un edifikajon. 

3. For even Krjst plezd not 
biiiMelf ; but, az it iz xiteo, 3e re- 
proqez ov dem dat reprogt di fel 
OA mib. IScffD. 69: 9.} 

4. For hwotsoever tipz w^r rit- 
^ aior^m w^r riten for tst l^rmp, 
dat we tn» pafen» and kiunfort ov 

^ skciptyH^ ^4^ ^^^ ^P< 

5. K7 de Qod ov pa^ns and 
koDsolajfon grant 7<d tu be Uk- 
mindied wua. tord antider akerdi^ 
tu K^ J^zm; 

6. Sb^ j€ moi wid wun mj^ 
[and] wun mvt glorify God^.avjen 
de Fq^ ov 31: L«rd tFeKia» K4st. 

7. Hw^ificMr vea^v ye wuH: an-< 
^er^ az KxiBt ekQ. rte^v^ ne tw 
de glori ov God. 

S. Nv I iii,dat Jcsne Ki|pt. woz 
a mmiefew ov de n^rkiSDi^tspp to 
de trai ov God, tu konf^rm de 
"pcogaamz [mad-l uiitu de. f qjien :. 

9. And dat oe Jentilz mijb gl£>- 
nfi God £ej [hiz]m^; az.itiz 
riten, Fer die kez i wil koines tu 
&t am^ de Jentilz, and sin untu 
dioam. [Sqm 18: 49.] 

Id And agen ks set, Bieode, ye 
JsnlgsvwilUttsps^ \fimuiSt «&] 

12. And ageoi 8zaaa set,, 
, al be a ra>t ov Jese, and he da^ 
al rjz tu ran over de Jentilz; in 
um Jal de Jentilz trust. [&. 11: 
1, 10.] 

13* N3 de God ov hop fil y<D 
wid el jer and pes in belevi^ dat 
ye ma abi^nd in hop, tr<o de p9er 
ov de Holi Gost. 

14. And I myself elso am per- 
swaded ov y4D, xni bredreu, dat ye 
elso q^r ful ov gudnes, fild wid el 
nolej, abl elso tu admiSniJ wun 

15. Keverdeles, bredren^ i hav 
riten de mor boldli untu ya> la 
sum sort, az putif) ya> in m^nd, be- 
k^z ov de gras dat iz ^ven tu mt 
ov God, 

16. <Iat i Jud be de minister ov 
Jezus Krjst tu de Jent^Iz, minis- 
teriQ de gospel ov God, dat de of- 
eriD up ov de Jent|lz mit be ak*' 
8e^»^l, bei^ sa^ktif^d hi ^c Boli 

17. S. harv ^r£or lrw%r6f i mm 
glori tra> Jezus Kr^st in doz tiQ% 
hwiq pcnrtaa tu GiQd* 

18. Fer i wil not d^ir tuspe]k 
ov eni ov doz ti^ hwi^ Krpt hat 
not ret !)[ me, tu mak de J^t^ 
obedient, hi wurd and ded^ 

Idw Bfifl) mtti ftjoa and wwi^en:, 
bi, de pT^er ov da Spirit.av Gad;, bo^ 
dat trom. JercDzalem^ and ra^ 
abs^t uutu Uirikuq^ i. h^^ fuIJl 
pre^t de gospel ov Kr^st 

^ Ya^Bohavietii^.^F^ 
de S^apol) not hw%F. Er^st woa 
namd, lest i Jud bild up^ aadder 
mvkZ fvndajon: 

2ir But az it iz riten, Th hcHik 
he woz not spoken ov, da fal se: 
and da dat hav liot hijofd jal im- 
dareiiiiid. f^z. 52: 15.] 

29«. ISw. Wq kea elaSkihav bin 
IL^ And agen, h£i & liia^i^lmu^ hindaaiL JnaUuiA^* ^»1% 



• 23. But ht Kavig^ no mor plas 
in dez pq,^i uxd haTii) a grat dc- 
2|r des meni yen tu kum untu 

• 24. Hwensoever i tak mj jnrni 
intu Span, { wil kum tu yo: fer 
I trust tu se ya> in mj jumi, and 
tut be bret on mj wa draenvard bj 
ya>, if f^rst i be sumhwot fild wid 
year [kumpanLJ 

25. But rns I go untu Jera>za- 
lem tu minister untu de sants. 

26. Fer it hat plezd dem ov 
Masedonia and Akaa tu mak a 
fi^rten kontribiijon for de pa>r sants 
hwi^ q,r at Jercnzalem. 

27. It hat plezd dem verili; 
and 6s(T dctorz da qr. Fer if de 
Jentjls^ hav bin mad partakerz ov 
d^r Bpirityvtal tigz, d?ir dt^ti iz el- 
80 tu minister untu dem in kqr- 
nal ^iiQt. 

28. H wen d^rfor % hav perf^rmd 
dis, and hav seld tu dem dis {ra>t, 
j wil kum bi y® intu Span. 

29. And i am j\\T dat, hwen i 
kum untu ya>, j Jal kum in de 
fulnes or de blesip ov de gospel 
ov Erjst 

30 Ny i bese^ y<i), bre^n, for 
de Lord Jezus Kr^sts sak, and (or 
de luv ov de Spirit, dat ye strjv 
tug^er wid me in [ya>r] pt^rz tu 
God for me: 

< 31. ffat I ma be deliverd from 
dem dat d«i> not beUv in Ji|,dea; 
Wid dat mi s^vis hwig^j hav] for 
JPera>z&lem ma be aksepted ov de 

' 32. 9!at i ma kum untu y(B wid 
j^ bi de wil ov Gk)d, and ma wid 
y® be ref nj f t 

33. Ny de God bv pes [be] %id 
yd) ol. €[men. 

€APTEB 16. 

1. S kom^nd untu ytn Febe vr 
ifiskir, hwi^ its a s^aot ov de 

2. 3at ye ndr h^r !b tie Lord, 
as bekdmet sants, and dat ye asiBt 
h^r in hwotsoever biznes Je bat 
ned ov ya>: for Je hat bin a suk- 
orer ov meni, and ov mis^If ol«o. 

3. Gret Prisila and Akwila mj 
helperz in Kr^st Jezas: 

4. Ha> hav for m^ Ijf lad dvn 
d^r on neks: untu ha>ni notonU 
i giv tagks, but olso el da qutqcz 
ov de Jent^bs. 

5. I4kwiz [gret] de qurq dat it 
in d4,r h;^s. Sal^t mj wel-l^ldved 
Spenetus, ha> iz de feist fronts ov 
Akaa untu Ki^st. 

6. Gret Mari, ha> bestod moQ 
labor on us. 

7. Sal^t Andronjkus and Jiinio, 
mi kinzmen, and mi felo-jmz- 
onerz, hoo q,r ov not atntiti) de 
ap<5slz, ha> olso wi^r in Krist be^ 
for me. 

8. Gret Amplias mi beldved in 
de Lord. 

9. Saliit Urban, vr helper in 
Kriet) and Stakis mi bdtdved. 

10. Sal^^t Apples aprcbvd in 
Krist. Sal^t dem hwi^ cir ov Ar- 
istob^ius [h^shoM.] 

IL Sal4t Herodiaa mi kmv- 
man. Gret dem dat be ov de [hvs- 
hold] ov Nqrsfsus, hwig ctr in ^ 

12. Stflt|t Tfifena and Trifoeo, 
h<n labor in de Lord. Saii^t de be- 
liived P^s, hwi^ labord mug in 
de Lord. 

18. 8ah),t Rofus gozea In ds 
Lord, and hiz milder and tnio* 

14. 8alt!tt Asigkritus^ Fiegon^ 
H^rmas, Pitrobas, H^rmeZyaaddB 
bredren hwi^ q,r wid dem. 

15. SaHt Fil61ogus, and Jiilia, 
Nerius, and hi; sister, aikd QUm- 
pas, and ol de sants hwiq qr wid 

16. Sali^t won andder .wid an 
hoU kls, Sa ^ur^ez. ov Ktist sa* 

1hI»<jP1B^« . ... ^ y ... « ..* 

If* tfiBh rv! ae KcmrtmiANz. 

-'^IlI. "fl^ i bes^ yoD, bredren, 
racstk dem hwi<3 kez divigonz 
ftnd ofensez k6ntrari tu de dok- 
trin h^riQ yc hav l^rnt; and av^d 

18. For dft d&t qr suq s^tv not 
Trr Lerd Jez^as Krist, but d^r on 
b^Il; and b| gud trurdz and fs^r 
spegez des^T de licirts ov de simpl. 

19. Fer ya>r obediens iz knra 
abred nntu ol [men.] $ am glad 
ifc^rfor on ycDr behqf: but j'et \ 
wild hav ya> wjz untu dat hwi^ 
iz gifld, and simpl kons^mi^ eyil. 

20. And de God ov pes Jal brcDz 
Satan under yoor fet Jertli. Se 
gras ov irr Lerd Jezus Krist [be] 
wid yo). £[men. 

!H.. Timotins mj wtirk-felo, 
snd'Liifius, and Jason, and Sodip- 
ikter, mi kinzmen, salqt ya>. 

22. 5 Tf rjius, h© rot [dis] episi, 
luliit ya> vt de Leid. 

23. Grflus mp hcMt, and ov'ds 
hoi Qurq, sali^tet ya>. 8ristus de 
^mberlin ov de siti aaliitet ya>, 
and Kwertus a bruder. 

24. ae gras ov ijr Lerd Jezus 
Krjst [be] wid yd) el. €[men. 

25. Nt^ tu him dat iz ov pver 
tu stablij ycft akerdii) tu mi gos- 
pel, and de pregix) ov Jezns krjst, 
akerdig tu de revelajon ov de mis- 
ter!, hxvlQ woz kept sekret sins de 
wurld bcgdn, 

26. But Tons iz mad manifest, 
and bi de skriptynrz or de prof ets, 
akerdip tu de komdndment ov de 
everldstii) God, mad non tu el 
najonz fer de obediens ov fat: 

27. Tu God onli yqz, [be] 
^lori tro) Jezns Kr^st fer ever. 

^ Riten tti de Bomanz from Korintiu» 
[and sent] b| Febe, servant or de fiirg 
at Senkrea. 


€APTi:b 1. 

1. Pel, keM [tu be] m apdsl 
&r. Jtzus Kriirt twB de -wil^v God, 
and do^nez [^r] broder, 

2. Untu de gurq qv God bwi^ 
lie i^- Korinf ; tu dem'di^ q,r sa^k- 
tifjd in Krjlrt; Jezus, keld [tu be] 
Asmts, nHd el dat in everi plas kel 
Tip6ft de nam or Jezus Krjst irr 
Lerd, hot d^rz and trrz: 

3. GtAs [be] untu yoo, and pee, 
from (Jod isr Pq,der, and [from] 
4te Lerd Jezuft Er^sl 

4. i ia^ m4 God •I'tmz^ «u 

[yor beh<lf, fer de grae or God 
hwi^ iz given y<» bi Jezus Ki|st; 

6. aat in everi tip ye qr enri^ 
bi him, in el ulerans, and [iai] dl 

^. Even az de testiniODi or 
Erist woz konf^rmd in y<»: 

7. So dat ye kum behind in iic> 
gift; watii) fer de kamiD ov «r 
Lerd Jezus Krjst: 

8. H<D f al elso konf ^rm ya> un» 
tu de end, [^t ye ma be] blam» 
les in de da or sx Leva Jazua 
KiKt - 

9w aod £ia>iittia^ bi IMMH 7» 


l8F 8?ifiL TV m KDiipCU4SS< 

w^ Md vntu. de f^ojip or biz 
S«n Jczit» Kq»t vr Lend. 

JU). Xv 4 bes^ jdu, bre^ren, bi 
de nam ov vr jJerd J«zu« Ki^st, 
dafe je •! spdic da aam ti|}, and 
[dat] d%r be no diTigoaz amdg 
;a; but [dail ye be p^rl'ektli jomd 
^ugedac in da wn n^i^d and in 

11. For it bai bin dekl4rd un- 
tia me ov y<n, mi bredcen, b^ dem 
[bwiQ qr ov de bvs] ov Kloe, dat 
d%r qr kontenjonz amiio yen. 

12. Kv die 4 6a, dat everi wun 
OT ya> aet, $ am ov Pel; and $ ov 
Apolos; and £ ov SeEas; and $ ov 

13. ^Iz Eliat divided; ^woz 
Pel kra>8if4d for y<n; iet w^r ye 
baptjzd in de nam ov Pel. 

14. $ tapk God dat 4 bapt^zd 
nun ov yo), but Krispua and Oaus; 

15. Lest eni Jud sa dat 4 bad 
baptjzd in m4n on nam. 

16. And 4 baptjzd eUo de bvs- 
bold ov Stefanas: bes^dz, 4 no not 
hweder 4 baptjzd eni uder. 

17. Fer Ki^st sent me not tu 
bapt|z, but tu preg de gospel: not 
wi^^&doiti or mrdfe, teat^de kros 
ov Kr^st Jud be mad bv nun efekt. 

18. Fer de preQiD ov de kros iz 
tu dem dat perij fa>lijnes; but un- 
tu us bwig qr savd it iz de pver 
4¥ God.. • 

la. Fer it iz ri|^, ^6 wil doatix^ 
de wkdom or de w4ii, and wil 
ten tatk QotiD, da uDdent^ndiii oir 
de prcDdent [$z. 29: 14.] 
* 2CL iftwiir [ic] de wja; ihw%r 
[iz] de akrib;. ibwi^r [iz] dfr dis^ 
]A||;ar «v die warld; ^bat not Qod 
mad £a>li/ de wiedom ov die wurld. 

21. Fer after dat in de wizdom 
ov Ged de wurld b4 wizdoin nq 
&Qt.Gi>d, it i^zd Qod b4 de. ifHii^ 
aaaikt; prngii tia; sav> dw dat belav^ 

22. Fer de Jqz rekw^r a a4% 

23. But we praq KTM^fe^aifli!(d, 
untu de Jiiz a stumbii9bk>k} And 
uatu de Gj«ka {a>li Jnea; 

24. Btttuntiademhwi9<irk^d» 
bot Jqz and Greks, Kr4st de £9^ 
ov God, and de wiadoia or &od. 

25. Bekez de f<BiUfBas ov €Kid 
iz. w j^er dan men; and de w^ma 
ov God iz stro§gar dao men, 

26. Fer ye se yox kelig, bred- 
ren, b3 dat not meni w4a naea af-> 
ter de flej, not roeni m^tif not 
meni nobi, [qr keld]: 

27. But God baftQozen de IaUJ 
ti^z ov de wurld tu konfi^iMl da 
w4z; and God bad gozen de wak 
tigz ov de wurld tu kosli^Bd d( 
tigz bwig qr m4ti ; 

28. And baa tigz ov de wvrld, 
and tiga bwiq qr deapjzd, hU 
God Qpzen, [ya]» ^d £{^ bwi) 
qr not) tu brig tu net ti|p datqr: 

2d. c[at no fiei |ud g^fcm ift 
biz prezens. 

30. But ov him qr ye in Ki4st 
Jezus, ba> ov God iz mad untu 
us ^vizdom, and rityusnes, and 
sagktifikajon, and redemjon: 

31. 3at, akerdig az it iz rites, 
^€itt giiifiet. iiet'kiiift gliatfi«i^jdv 
Cerd.^ [Jer. ST: 24u) " 

- CAPTER 2. 

1. And i, bredren, hwen 4 kam 
tu ym, kam not wid ekselensi ov 
speq er ov-Wizdoi]i,'^eifl^rig untu 
yia de testtmoi^iov^Cpod. 

2^> Fei 4^#&nwi»d Mot. 
eni tig amng^O), sav Jaai» Siiiri^ 
and bin kra»9i{4d. 

3. Aofl I wbz wid ya^ ibl yr/ftaMg 
and in fer, and in n^ug tsemblig. 

4. And mi qpe^ and mi pcc^ 
[woz] poi wid^ ant4^ig. wiudz.,o« 
manz wizdom, but in demonstzftf 
Jonrov de Spirit andov pses: 

5. da^yiDr lo^ Jud noUatead 
in de wizdoi]9^,oT;9^^,l>Ktiad» 

l«p fiPIBL *tT 48 EORINfilAirE. 

<6. • 9«%eit 'W8 spek wlzdom 
lon^ dem 4at <ir p^rfekt: yet not 
dc wiisdcwd ov dw wtiiid, ner ov 
de pnnises o^ ffis wurM, #at kttm 
tu. net: 

7. Btit we «pek lie wizdom ov 
God in a misteri, [even] de Wden 
f Wizdom], hwig G-od erdand bcfor 
OB wurld untu trt glori: 

8. Hwi^ nun or dc prinsez ov 
dis wurld nii: fer had da son 
[it], da ¥niid not hav kra>sifid de 
Leld ov glori. 

9. But ftz It iz liten, *$ hat not 
BtUy dW cr h^, ned«r hav enterd 
fntu de hiirt ov man, de ifa^z hwiq 
God hat prep4<^ fer dem dat luv 
him. [*z. 64: 4.] 

m But Qod haD rev^ld [dem] 
QQtti us bj hiz Spirit: fer de Spirit 
S^v^ el iv^ j€L, de dep ti^z ov 

11. Fier ?hwot man n«>et de 
ti^z ov a man, sav de spirit ov 
man hxvi^ 1z in him; even bo de 
H^ *ev God noiat ho man, but de 
Spirit ov God. 

12. N» we hav rfes^vd, notde 
9p\i^ (>v de wtirld, but ^ spirit 
hwi^ iz ov God; dat we mjt no 
de ti|3z dat qr Ireli given tu us 
ov God. 

13. Hwiq ti^fc elso we spek, 
ttot in de wurdz hwiq manz wiz- 
dom tcQet, but hwig de Holi Gi&st 
ttqet] komp^ritj spirityHal tigz 
wid splrityiial. 

14. But de nitvi^ral man resev- 
'«0 not de ti^z ov de Spirit ov 

God: fer da qr fo^liCnes unt^ him: 
«ider kan he no [dem], bek^z da 
<ir spirityiiali dizemd. 

15. But tee dat iz spirityiial juj- 
et el tigz, yet he himself iz jujd 
ov no man. 

16. Fer 1 ha> hat nou de mjnd 
ov de Lerd; dat he ma instr^t 
hkn. BttI we hav de m|ttd ov 

fiAPTER 3. 

1. And i, bredrcn, kud not epek 
untu ya) az untia spf rity tjal, hot 
az untu kq,ma], [even] az unta 
babz in Kr|st. 

2. i! hav fed ycb wid milk, and 
not wid met: fer hidertu ye w^r 
not abl [tu b^r it], neder yet tys 
qr ye abl. 

3. Fer ye c^r yet kqmal: fer 
hw^rde [d^r iz] amti^ y® enviip, 
and strjf, and divigonz, Iqryehot 
kqmal, and wek az men. 

4. Fer hwil wun seJ, 5 am ov 
Pel; and anuder, * [am] ov Ap61- 
os; ^q,T ye not kcimal. 

5. ^ H<i> den iz Pel, and ^ha> 
[iz] Ap61os, but ministerz hi hoatti 
ye belevd, even az de Lerd gav 
tu everi man. 

6. $ hav planted, Ap6Io8 we- 
terd; but God gav de inkres. 

7. So den neder iz h^ dat 
plantet eniti^, neder he dat we- 
teret; but God dat givet de in- 

8. Ns he dat plantet and he 
dat weteret q,r wun : and everi 
man Jal res^v hiz on reward 
akerdi^ tu hiz on labor. 

9. Fer we q;r laborerz tug^er 
wid God: ye qr Godz huzbandri, 
[ye qr] Godz bildi^. 

10. Akerdi{) tu de gras ov God 
hwiq iz given untu mc, az a wjz 
master-bilder, { hav lad de fyn- 
dajon, and andder bildet di^r^n. 
But let everi man tak bed hrs he 
l^ldet d2(rup<Sn. 

11. Fer uder fendafon kan no 
man la dan dat iz lad, hwiq iz 
Je^us Kr^st. 

12. Nip if efni man bild up<ki 
dis f^jndajon gold, silver, prejua 
stonz, wud, ha, stubl; 

13. Everi mauz wwk Jal he 
mad manifest : fer de da jaU de^ 
Uit >^ t>^a It /al be nevild bj 

i0T episL 7KJ aa soRiimiA2rz. 

f|r; and de f^r Jal tr} everi manz 
wurk ov hwot sert it iz. 

14. If eni manz wurk ab|d hmq 
ht hat bilt d^rupdn, he Jal itaiv 
a reward. 

15. If eni manz wurk Jal be 
burnt, he Jal 9uf«r loe: but he him- 
eelf Jal be savd; yet lo az bj f^r. 

16. ?No ye not ^t ye c^r de 
tempi OY God, and [dat] de Spirit 

.QY Ood dwelet in ya>. 

17. If eni man def^l de tempi 
ov God, him Jal God destr^; fer 
de tempi oy God iz holi, hwi^ 
[tempi] ye qr. 

18. JLet no man des^v himself. 
If eni man amiig y<n semet tu be 
vqz in die wnrld, let him bektim 
a f<Dl, dat he ma be wjz. 

19. Fer de wizdom oy dis wurld 
iz fa>lijnes wid God. Fer it iz 
riten, He taket de wjz in d^r on 
kraf tines. [Job 5: 13.] 

20. And ag^n, 3!e Lord noet 
de tets oy de wis, dat da <4r van. 
[Sqm 94: 11.] 

21. S^rfor let no man glori in 
men. Fer el tipz qt yo^z; 

22. Hweder Pel, er Apdlos, 0r 
Sefas, er de wurld, er Ijf, er det, 
er ti;)z prezent, er tigz tu kum; 
el qr ya>rz; 

23. And ye qjr Ernsts; and 
Kijst [iz] Godz. 


1. Let a man so ak^t ov us, 
az ov de ministerz ov Kqst, and 
sliiardz ov de misteriz ov God. 

2. Morover it iz rekwjrd in stq- 
ardz, dat a man be fvnd fatful. 

3. But ^vid me it iz a veri smel 
ti^j dat i Jud be jujd ov y©, er ov 
manz jujment; ya, i juj not mp 
on self. 

4. Fer j no notig bj roiself ; yet 
am I not herbj justif^d: but be dat 
jujet me iz de Lerd. 

; $• S^fic^ Juj nolio beCor de 

4m, until de Lerd knm, Iu^'IndI 
wil bri^ tu Ijt de hiden ti|pt ov 
dqrknes, and wil mak manifest ds 
kvnsels ov de hq^: and den Jal 
everi man hav praz ov God. 

6. And dez tige, bredren, i hav 
in a figyH^ transf^rd tu n4s41f 
and [tu} Ap61os fer ycor saks; dat 
ye m^t l^m in us not tu Mgk [ov 
men] abdv dat hwig iz riten, dat 
DO wun ov y<& be puft up fer 
wun agf i3st andder. 

7. Fer <i hm maket de tu difer 

Sfrom antider]; and ^ hwot haat dv 
at dv didst not resev; nv if dv 
didst resev [it], Shw^ dost dv 
glori, az if d5 hadst not ras^vd 

8. N» ye qjr ful, nv ye qr rig, 
ye hav rand az ki^ widi^t us: 
and i wud tu God ye did ran, dat 
we elso mjt ran wid ym. 

9. Fer i tipk dat- God hjs5 set 
fort us de ap6slz lost, az it w^ 
apomted tu det: fer we qi> mad a 
spektakl untu de wurld, Mid tu 
anjelz, and tu men. 

IO4 We [qr] fads fer Krjsts 
sak, but ye [qr] wjz in Kiist; we 
[qr] wek, but ye [i^] strop; ye [qr] 
onorabl, but we [qrj despjzd. 

11. 8ven untu dis prez^it vr 
we hot hunger, and ^tst, and qr 
naked, and qr bufeted, and hiMr 
no s^rten dwelipplas; 

12. And labor, wurkip wid vr 
on handz: beig rev|ld, we bles; 
bei{) p^rsekqted, we sufer it: 

13. Beig defdmd, we intrit: we 
qr mad az de filt ov de wmrld, 
[and qr] de of-skvrig ov el ti^s 
untu dis da. 

14. i rit not dez tipz tu Jam 
yo>, but az tni beldved sunz i 
worn [yo).] 

15. Fer do ye hav ten tvzand 
Instruktorz in Kr^St, yet (^hav ye] 
not mepi fq/d^rsAfer in Kr^st Jesin 
i hav beg6ten yo tra> de goapeL-. 

2i» enSL TU 86 SOimrBU]![% 


10. 'RuhiHot i hui^ ja>, be ye 
idlowz OY me. 

17. For dis kez hay x sent un* 
tu y<D Timotios, ha> iz mi belov- 
ed sun, and fatf ul in de Lord, ha> 
Jai brig ya> inUa remembrans ov 
rai waz hwig be in Krist, az ^ te^ 
everi hw^r in everi qupq. 

18« N5 sum <4r puft up, az do 
I wud not kum tu 7<d. 

19. But i wil kum tu ya> J^i;!!, 
if de Lord wil, and wil no, not de 
9peQ ov dem hwiq cir puft up, but 

20. For de kigdom ov God [iz] 
BOt in wurd, but in pner. 

. 21, SHw.ot wil ye; SJalikum 
untu ya> wid a rod, er in luv, and 
[in] de spirit ov m^nes. 


1. It iz reported komonli [dat 
A|r iz] feimikafon amdg ya>, and 
BUQ fernikajon az iz not so muQ 
az namd amtip de Jent^lz, dat 
wun Jud bav biz f qderz w|£. 

2. And ye c^r puft up, and bav 
not rader momd, dat be dat bat 
dun dis ded mjt be taken awd 
from amiig ya>. 

3. For i verili, az absent in bodi, 
but prezent in spirit, bav jujd el- 
redi, az do i w^r present, [k^n- 
semip] bim dat bat so dun dis ded, 

4. In de nam ov ^r Lord Jezus 
Kxpiif hwen ye cyr gaderd tugeder, 
and mi spirit, wid de p«er ov «r 
Lord Jezus Rrjst, 

5. Tu deliver suq an wun untu 
Satan for de destrukjon ov de flej, 
dat de spirit ma be savd in de da 
ov de Lerd Jezus. 

6..Ya>r gloriii) [iz] not gud. 
.^ No ye not dat a litl leven leven- 
et de bol lump. 

7k Purj M dsirfor de old leven, 
dat ye ma be a ni|, lump, az ye qr 
unlevend. Fer even Krist vr 
pdsQver iz sakrifizd fer us: 

8. S[%rfor let us kep de fest, 
not wid old leven, neaer wid de 
leven ov malis and wikednes; but 
wid de unlevend [bred] ov sinser? 
iti and tro^t. 

9. $ rot untu ya> in an episl 
not tu kumpani wid femikatorz : 

10. Yet not eltugeder wid de 
femikatorz ov dis wurld, er wid 
de kuvetus, er eksterjonerz, er 
wid idolatorz; fer den must ye 
nedz go nt ov de wurld. 

< 11. But n^ i bav riten untu ya> 
not tu kep kumpani, if eni man 
dat iz keld a bruder be a fernika- 
tor, er kuvetus, er an idolatbr, er 
a raler, er a drunkard, er an eks- 
terjoner; wid suq an wun no not 
tu et. 

12. Fer ^bwot bav ^ tu d<D tu 
juj dem elso dat c^r wid^t; ^da> 
not ye juj dem dat ctr widin. 

13. But dem dat qr wid^ God 
jttjet. <I%rfor put awa from amiin 
ya>r8elvz dat wiked person. 


L ^Dj^r eni ov ya>, bavip a 
mater agenst andder, go tu le be- 
for de unjiist, and not befor de 

2. SDo) ye not no dat de sants 
Jal juj de wurld; and if de wurld 
jal be jujd bi yo), q,r ye unwiirdi 
tu juj de smelest materz. 

3. ^No ye not dat we |al juj 
anjelz ; hv muq mor ti^z dat per* 
tan tu diz l^f. 

4. If den ye bav jujments ov 
ti^ pertaniD tu dis l^f , set dem tu 
juj ba> qr lest estimd in de qurq. 

6. $ spek tu yor Jam. 4 Iz it 
so, dat d^r iz not a wjz man ami!tQ 
yo); 4 no, not wun dat Jal beabl 
tu juj betw^n biz bredren. 

6. But Iffuder goet tu le wid 
bruder, and dat befor de unbe- 
, 7. K« d^rfor d^r iz uterli a feU 


ls» &tSL TST afi YottismxiiK 

sbsAq ym, Tiek^ ye ge feu !• wan 
iridtondifter. ^Hw|dA ye not mill- 
er tdL ro||. 1 Hwi dft ye not ra^ 
er [safer yAraelvz tu] be deflreded. 

8. Na, ye da» rog, end defi^, 
end dit [y<DT] bredren. 

9. HNo ye not dat de nnritytts 

{el not inherit de ki^dom ov Ck>d. 
it not des^vd: aeder fiknikatorz, 
nor idolators, ner edvltererz, n«r 
efeminet, ner abqeerz or dem- 
8elvz wid mankind, 

10. Kor tevz, ner kuTetoa, ner 
^mgkardz, nor reyjlers, nor eks- 
torfonerz, Jel inherit de kigdom 
ov God. 

11. And tmq w^ snin ov^ y<»: 
Imt ye nr wojt, bat ye qr s&^ti- 
Qd, but ye q,r justifjd in de nam 
t>v de Lord Jezas, and bj de Spirit 
or vr Grod. 

12. Ol ti^z <ir loful untu me, 
Imt ol tigz qr not ekspedient: ol 
iipz ttx lofiiil for me, but j wil not 
be brot under de pser ov eni. 

13. Mets for de beli» and de beli 
for mets: but Ood Jal destnSr bot 
h and dem. Kv de bodi [Iz] not 
for f oraikafon, bat for de Lord ; 
and de Lord for de bodi. 

14u And God hat bot razd up 
de Lord, and wil olso rtz up us 
b| hrz on pirer. 

15. ?No ye not dat j)r<nr bodiz 
q,r de memberz or Kr^st; ?Jal j 
den tak de memberz ov Kr{st, and 
mak [dem] de memberz ov an 
hvlot God forbid. 

16. HHwot; S no ye not dat he 
hwiQ iz Jemd tu anhqrlot iz wun 
bodi; for ta>, del he, Jal be wun 
fief. [Jen. 2: 24; Mat 19: «.] 

17. But he dat iz jernd untu de 
Lord iz wun spirrit. 

18. Fie fomikajon. Everi sin 
dat a man d<fiet iz wid^t de bodi; 
bat he dat komitel f ^nika/on cin- 
ot i^^nst hiz on bodi. 

- 19. 1 Hwot; ^ n^ ya not dat your 

bodi is de tettpl'ov 4e fifiHGcDet 

[hwi^ iz] in y<D, hwiQ ye _ 
God, ana ye ^ not y^^r fotm; 
20. teit ye ^ bet wId a 
diirtor ^oriQ Gt>d in yaw 
and in yor spirit^ hwi^ ^ #oda» 


1. Nir konis^raig de ti^z ^w%r6f 
ye rot untu me: [It iz] giad lor a 
man not tu tuo a wusaan^ 

2. Neverdeles [tu ayM] femi* 
kafon, lot ever! man hav faiz eia 
wjf, and let ever! wuman kav h^r 
OB hazbaind. 

3. Let de huzband refnder «atu 
de wjf dii ben^volens: and likw^z 
^so de w^f untu de huzfaancL 

4. 3e wjf hal tiot pver or h^ r 
on bodi, but de huzband: and lik- 
w^z olso de huzband hat not p^er 
OT hiz on bodi, bat de w^ 

H. DeMd ye not wan de odor, 
eksept [it bej wid koneent for a 
t^m, dat ye rtOL giv ya>t«^vz tu 
fastii9 and pr^; and kutn ti^gedtr 
agon, dat ^tan temt yA not -for 
ya>r ink<k>tinensi. 

6. Buti spek die bi permi/ot^ 
[and] not ov komandment. 

7. For i Wud dat ol men W^ 
even az i myself. But everi man 
htki hiz proper gift ov God^ wan 
af£er dis manor and andder cdUr 

8. IB sa d^rfidr tu de unmirid 
and wldoz, it iz gud for dem if 
da ab^d even az {; 

9. But if da kan not kotitdn, let 
dem marl: for it iz beter tu aMci 
dan tu bum. 

10. And untu de marld { kom^ 
and, [yet] not i, but de Lerd^ Let 
not de wjf depart from [h^r] hue- 

11. But and if Je dep4rt, let her 
remdn unmirid, or be rekonai&l 
tu [h^r huzbaad: and let aot de 
huzband put aiyii [hiej wjjL 

iCT episL rin arc korikhiaM 


' 12. Bnt tu de rest spek i, not 
4le Lord: If eni bruder hat a w|f 
6sLt beievet not^ and Je be plezd 
tu dwel wid hixn, let him not put 

13. And de wuman hvriq hat 
an huzband dat beievet not, and 
if he be plezd tu dwel wid her, 
let hf r not lev him. 

14. For de unbeleviD huzband 
iz 8ai)ktif|d b^ de w^f, and de un- 
belevii) v^f iz sa^ktif^d bj de huz- 
Ijand: els w^rya>r gildren unkl^n; 
bat ni5 qr da holi. 

15. But if de unbeleyip depart, 
let him depqrt. (I bruder er a 
sister iz not under bondej in suq 
[kasez]: but God hat keld us 
tu pes. 

' 16. Fer ^hwot noest dij, o w^f, 
hweder dF Jalt sav [d^] huzband; 
er ^ Irs noQst dv, o map, hweder 
<hp/aU sav [df] wif. 

Iy. But az God hat distrlbvuted 
tu everi man, az de Lerd hat keld 
ever! wun^ so let him wek. And 
so erdan i in el Qurqez. 

18. 1 1z eni man keld beif) s^r- 
kums^zd; let him not bekiim un- 
s^kumsizd. ^ Iz eni keld in un- 
s^tkumdijon; let him not be s^r* 

. 19. S^rkumsigon iz noti^, and 
un-s^rkumsigon iz notio, but de 
kepp ov de komdndments ov God. 

20. Let everi man abjd in de 
sam kelip hwi^rin he woz keld. 

21. <! Art dry keld [beip] a ser- 
vant; k^r not fer it: but if d? 
mast be mad fre, yuz [it] ra^er. 

22« Fer he dat iz keld in de 
Lerd, [beiij] a servant, iz de Lerdz 
fireman: l^kw^z elso he dat iz keld, 
[beii)] fre, iz Krjsts servant. 

28. Ye qr bet wid a prjs; be 
not ye de servants ov men. 
'- 24. Bredren, let ever! man, 
hwitiia |ie iz keld, di^rin abjd wid 



25. Ny kons^rni^ v^ninz J bar 
no komdndment ov de Lerd: vet 
j giv mj jujment, az wun dat hat 
obtdnd mersi ov de Lerd tu be 

26. $ supoz d^rfor dat dis iz 
gud fer de prezent distr^s, [i sa], 
dat [it iz] gud fer a man so 
tu h&. 

27. ^Hrt dry bynd untu a wjf; 
sek not tu be IcDst ? Hrt dv ktst 
from a wjf; sek not a wji 

28. But and if dv mari, dv hast 
not sind; and if a v^rjin mari, fe 
hat not sind. Neverdeles sug Jal 
hav trubl in de flej": but i sp^r ycD. 

29. But dis I sa, bredren, de t^m 
[iz] Jert: it remanet, dat bot da 
dat nay wjvz be az do da had nun; 

dO. And da dat wep, az do da 
wept not; and da dat rej^, az do 
da rej^Bt not; and da dat l)( az do 
da pozest not; 

31. And da dat yiiz dis wurld, 
az not ab^izifl [it]: fer de fajon ov 
dis wurld paset awd. 

32. But I wud hav yco wid^ 
k^^rfulnes. . He dat iz unmirid 
ks^ret fer de tipz dat bel6g tu de 
Lerd, h? he ma plez de Lerd: 

33. But he dat iz marid k^ret 
fer de tigz dat qr ov de wurld, hv 
he ma plez [hiz] wjf. 

34. K^T iz diferens [elso] be- 
tw^n a wjf and a v^rjin. 3e un- 
mirid wuman k%ret fer de ti^z 
ov de Lerd, dat Je ma be holi bot 
in bodi and in spirit: but Je dat iz 
marid k%ret fer de tipz ov de 
wurld, h^ Je ma plez [h§r] huz* 

35. And dis j[ spek fer ja^r on 
profit; not dat i ma kast a sn^r 
upon ya>, but fer d^t hwic iz kum- 
li, and dat ye ma atend up6n de 
Lerd wid^ distrakjon. 

36. But if eni man tipk dat he 
behavet him^lf unkl!imli tord hiz 
^fijiUi if Je pas da fiver or [bfr] 


Iftt 8PI8L TU «€ K0RINBIAK2. 

B}, and ned ao rekivjr, let him d<0 
hwot he wil, he sinet not: let dem 

37. Keverdeles he dat standet 
stedfoflt in hiz hcirt, haviQ no ne- 
sesiti, bat hat pver over hiz on 
wil, and hat so dekrM in hiz hqrt 
dat he wil kep hiz v^ijin, da>et 

38. So den he dat givet [h^r] 
in marij dcoet wel; but he dat giv- 
et [h§r1 not in marij da>ot beter. 

39. S.e w^f iz b^nd b^ de le az 
lo)) az h^r huzband livet; but if 
h^r huzband be ded, Je iz at liberti 
tu be marid tia ha>m Je wil; onli 
in de Lord. 

40. But Je iz hapier i£ |e so 
abid, after m^ jujment: and ^tipk 
elso dat i hay de spirit ov God. 

©AFTER 8. 

1. Xv az tuQi^ ti^z oferd untu 
idolz, we no dat we el hav nolej. 
Kolej pufet up, but ^ariti edifjet. 

2. And if eni man tipk dat he 
noet eni txQ, he noet notig yet az 
he et tu no4 

3. But if eui man Iuy God, de 
sam iz non ov him. 

4. Az kons^mip d^rfor de etip 
ov doz tiflz dat ctr oferd in sakri- 
f^s untu idolz, we no dat an idol 

tiz] notip in de wurld, and dat 
d^r iz] nun uder God but wun. 

5. For do dq^r b^ dat v keld 
godz, hweder in heven er in §rt, 
(az ^r be godz meni, and lerdz 

6. But tu ui [d^r iz but] wun 
God, de Fqder, ov hom [q,r] el 
tigz, and we in him; and wun 
Lerd Jezus Kr^st, bj ha>m [q,r] el 
tipz, and we bj him. 

7. H^beit [dqr iz] not in everi 
man dat nolej : for sum wid kon- 
Jens ov de idol untu dis ^r et [it] 
az a tig oferd untu an ^dol; and 

8. But met komendet us noi ta 
God: fer neder, if we et, q;r we 6t 
beter; neder, if we et not, q^ we 
de wurs. 

9. But tak bed lest bj eni roenz 
dis liberti ov ya>rz bekiim a stum- 
bli{)bIok tu dem dat qr wek. 

10. Fer if eni man se de hwi^ 
hast nolej sit at met in de ^dolz 
tempi, ^ Jal not de kon Jens o v him 
hwiQ iz wek be emboldend tu et 
doz tipz hwig q,r oferd tu ^dolz; 

11. And tra> dj nolej Jal de wek 
bruder peri J, fer hc&m Ki-jst ^<3l 

12. But hwen ye sin so agenst 
de bredren, and wa>nd d^r wek 
kon Jens, ye sin agenst Kr^st^ 

13. Hwi^rfor, if met mak m| 
bruder tu ofend, i wil et no flej 
hwil de wurld standet, lest i mak 
mi bruder tu ofend. 


L ^Am I not an aposl; ^am i 
not fre; ^ hav i not sen Jezus Krj^t 
yr Lerd; ^qrnot ye mj wurk in 
de Lord. 

2. If i be not an ap6sl untu 
uderz, yet duties j am tu ya>: fer 
de sel ov mjn aposl Jip q,r ye in de 

3. M^n anser tu dem dat dcD 
egzamin me iz dis, 

4. ^ Hav we not pzrer tu et and 
tu dri|[)k; 

5. ^Hav we not pver tu led 
ab^t a sister, a w^f , az wcl az uder 
aposlz, and [az] de bredren ov de 
Lerd, and Sefas; 

6. 9r I onli and Bqmabas, ^ar 
not we pser tu forb4r wurkig. 

7. S H© goet a werf^r eni tjm 
at hiz on Qqrjez; ^ho) plantet a 
vinyard, and etet not ov de fra>t 
d^r6f; er ^ha> fedet a flok, and 
etet not ov de milk ov de flok 

8. ^ Sa i dez tigz az a man; er 
^set not de le de sam elso. 

9. Fer it iz riten in dc !• ot 



HotfeZy 3s Jftlt not mtusl de m^t 
or de oks &t tredet 7t de kern. 
[DHt.25:4.] S Dot God tak k v 
ier oksen. 

10. Br Sset he [it] eltugeder 
for ST fiaks. For "sr sak&, ho d^t, 
[dis] iz riten: dat he dat pl^et Jud 
phs in hop; and dat he dat trajet 
in hop Jud be partaker ov hiz hop. 

11. If we hav son untu ya> 
apintyii,^ tiipz, S [iz it] a grat ti{) 
if we Jal rep yaa kcirnal tigz. 

12. If iiderz be partakerz ov 
[dis] p^er over yen, S [qr] not we 
rader. Neverdeles we hav not 
y^d dis pirer; but snfer el ti{)z, 
lest we Jud hinder de gospol ov 

13. ^ Dflo ye not no dat da hwig 
minister ab^t holi tigz liv [ov de 
ti^z] ov de tempi: and da hwiq wat 
at de eltar qr partakerz wid de 

14. Cven so hat de Lord er- 
dand dat da hwiq preg de gospel 
Jud liv ov de gospel. 

15. But I hav yqzd nun ov dez 
tq^z: neder hav i riten dez ti^z, 
dat it Jud be so dun untu me: for 
[it w^] beter f^ me tu dj, dan 
dat eni man Jud mak m^ gloriif) 

16. Fer do i gospel, i 
bav sotig tu glori ov: fer nesesiti 
iz lad up6n me; ya, wo iz imtu 
me, if i preq not de gospel! 

- • 17. Fer if j da> dis tip wilipli, i 
hav a reward: but if agenst m^ 
wli, a dispensajon [ov de gospel] 
is komited unti4 me. 

18. ^Hwot iz mj rewerd den. 
[Verili] dat, hwen j preQ de gospel, 
I ma mak de gospel ov Kr^st wid- 
itt Qciij, dat I abqz not mj pi^er in 
^e gospel. 

19. Fer- do i be fre from el 
[men], yet hav i mad myself s^r- 
.vaxxt untu el, dat i m^t gan de mor. 

2(1 And untu de Ji^z | bi^Mtt 

az a Jh, dat i m^t gan 4b Jqz; tu 
dem dat qr under de le, az under 
de le, dat i m jt gan dem dat qr un- 
der de le; 

21. Tu dem dat qr wid^^t le, as 
widi^t le, (beip not widi^^t le tu 
God, but under de le tu Krjst,) 
dat i mjt gan dem dat qr wid^t le. 

22. Tu de wek bekam ^.az wek, 
dat i m^t gan de wek: i am mad 
el tipz tu el [men], dat i m^t bj el 
menz sav sum. 

23. And dis i da> fer de gospelz 
sak, dat i mjt be partaker d^r6£ 
wid [ya>.] 

24. ^ No ye not dat da hwig ru& 
in a ras run el, but wun resevet 
de prjz. So run, dat ye ma obtan* 

25. And even man dat str^vet 
fer de mosteri iz temperet in el 
ti{)z. Nzs da [da> it] tu obtan a 
koruptibl krsn; but we an in-kor* 

26. ^ d^rfor so run, not az un^ 
s^rtcnli; so f^t i, not az wun dat 
betei de ^r: 

27. But i kcp under mj bodi, 
and brig [it] intu subjekjon: lest 
dat bj eni menz, hwen i hav pre^t 
tu uderz, I myself Jud be a kast* 

©AFTER 10. 

1. Morover, bredren, i wud not 
dat ye Jud be ignorant, h? dat el 
T5V f qderz w^r under de kl^d, and 
el past tra> de se; 

2. And w^r el baptjzd untu 
Mozez in de klvd and in de se; 

3. And did el et de sam spirit- 
yqal met. 

4. And did el drigk de sam 
spirityqal dri?)k : fer & drapk ov 
dat spirityqal Rok dat folod dem: 
and dat Rok woz Kr^st. 

5. But wid meni ov dem God 
woz not wel plczd: fer da w^r 
overtron in de wildemes. 

6. Kv fteztiose Wfr«r«gzdiBLpIi^ 


ut €^t8L Ttr ae KoniNBuifzi 

Ma, de intent we |ud not luit after 
evil ^if)z, az da elso lusted. 

7. Keder be ye idolatorz, az 
[w^rl Bum ov dem; az it iz rit- 
en, He pepl eat dvn tu et and 
drigk, and roz up tu pla. [Eks. 
82: 6.1 

8. !n eder let us komft fernika- 

{on, as sum or dem komited, and 
el in wun da tre and twenti tv- 
zand. [Num. 25: 1, 9.} 

9. N^er let us temt Kqsti az 
Bum ov dem elso tomted, and w^r 
destr^d ov serpents. [Num. 21: 6.] 

10. Neder murmur ye^ az sum 
OT dem elso murmutd, and w§r 
destrW OV de deatrerer. [Num. 
14: 37.1 

11. Nv el dez tii)z hapend un- 
tu dem fer ensdmplz: and da q,r 
riten fer vr admonijon, upon ho>m 
de endz ov de wurld qr kum. 

12. Hw^rfor let him dat ticket 
he standet tak hed lest he fel. 

13. cT^r hat na temtajon taken 
y<p but suQ az iz komon tu man: 
but God [iz] fatful, ha> wil not 
8uf er y<D tu be temted abiiv dat ye 
citr abl; but wil wid df temtajon 
oleo mak a wa tu eskap, dat ye 
ma be abl tu b^r [^it.] 

H. Hw^^rfor, m^ derli beldved, 
fie from jiiolatri. 

15. 3B spek az tu wjz men; juj 
ye hwot j sa. 

10. 3e kup ov Wesig hwig we 
bles, ^ iz it npt de komyi^nyon ov 
de blud ov Kr^st. Q!e bred hwiq 
we brak, ^iz it not de komy^nyon 
ov de bodi ov Krist. 

17. Fer we [beig] meni {jr wun 
bred, [and] wun bodi: fer we q,r 
el partakerz ov dat wun bred. 

18. Behold 'Izrael after deflej: 
S qx i^ot da hwiQ et o v de sakrifis* 
ez partakerz ov de eltar. 

19. <!Hwot sadden; dat de {dol 
iz eni tip, er ^dat hwiq iz oferd in 

ii^ti^ i».emli{).' 

20. But [i sa], dat de tt;)s 
de Jent{lz sakrifiz, da sakrifis tii. 
devilz, uid not tu God: and i 
wud not dat ye Jud hav feiojip. 
wid devilz. 

21. Ye kan not dri^^kdekap or 
de Lerd, and de kup ov devils: ye 
kan not be partakerz ov de Lerd^ 
tabl^ and ov de tabl ov devilsb. 

22. ?D(i> we proYok de Lord 
tu jelasi; ^qr we strogger dan h& 

23. 01 tipz qr lelul far me» but 
el tipz qr not ekspedient: el ti^z 
q,T leful. fer me, bat el ti^ ed^[ 

24. Let no man sek hiz on, but 
everi man aniiderz [welt.] 

25. Hwotsoever iz sold in da 
famblz, [dat] et, askii^ no kwest- 
yon fer konjens sak: 

26. Fer de ^rt [iz] de L^rdz, 
and de f ulnes ds^r^t'. 

27. If eni ov dem dat beleir aot 
bid yen [tu a feat], and ye be dis- 
po^sd tu go; hwotsoever iz set 
befor y(D, et, askiQ no kwestyvm 
fer kon/ens sak. 

28. But if eni man sa nntu jm^ 
3.18 iz eferd in sakrifis untu idoLs, 
et not fer hiz sak (kt |od it, and 
fer konjena sak: fer 9t ^rt [ia] 
de Lerdz, and de fulnes d^r6f : 

29. Konfena, i sa, not d|n on, 
but ov de uder: fer.^hwi iz mi 
liberti jujd ov and^ur [manzj 

30. Fer if m gpfas be a partak* 
er, S hw| am [ evil spoken ov i&t 
dat fer hwig { giv ta^s. 

31. Hweder di^rfor ye et, er 
driDk, er hwotsoever ye da>, dm el 
tu de glori ov God. 

32. Giv nun ofens, neder tu df 
J^z, ner tu de Jentjlz, ner tu de 
qiwq ov God: 

33. 8ven az j plez el [men] in 
el [ti^z], not sektg ia|a on prufii^ 
but de [profit] ov meai, dat da laa 

isr 8PISL TTJ KB KORIirEIAirst tW 


1. Be ye f6loere or me, erexi 
mx I elso [am] or Kqst 

2. Ntt t jwaz ya>, bredren, dat ye 
remember me In el liT)z, and ken 
de 4rdinansez, az { deliv^rd [demj 
ttt y®. 

3. But { wild bar ja> no, dat de 
bed ov everi man iz Elrist; and de 
b«<J or de wiaman [iz] de man; 
and de bed or Kr^st [iz] God. 

' 4. ' Ereri man praif) er pr6f es^i^ 
bar if) [biz] bed kurerd, disonoret 
biz bed, 

5. But even wuman dat praet 
er pnSfes^ei) wid [b^r] bed unkiir- 
erddisonore^ b^r bed: for dat iz 
even el wan az if ^e w^r Jitven. 

0. Fer if de wuman be not 
kurerd, let b^r elso be Jom: but 
if it be a Jam fer a wuman tu be 
Jom er Jaren, let h^r be kurerd. 

7. Fer a man indM et not tu 
kurer [biz] bed, forazmdg az he 
iz de imej and glori or Ghod: but 
de wuman iz de glori or de man. 

8. Fer de man iz not or de 
wuman; but de wuman or de 

9. Keder woz de man kreated 
fer de wuman; but de wuman fer 
de man. 

. 10. Fer dis kez et de wuman 
tu bar pt^er on [b^r] bed bek6z 
or de anjelz. 

11. ^ererdeles neder iz de man 
wid^t de wuman, neder de wum- 
an wid^t de man, in de Lord. 

12. Fer az de wuman [iz] or 
de man, eren so [iz j de man elso 
bj de wuman; but el tipz or God. 

13. Juj in yoDrs^lvz: *!iz it 
kumli dat a wuman pm untu 
God unkdrerd, 

14. ^ Dot not eren natyiir itself 
teg y<D, dat if a man bar 1q{) b%r, 
it iz a Jam untu bim ; 

' 15. But it a wuman bar lop 

b^r, it iz a glori tu b^r: for [b^rj 
b^r iz giren b^r fer a kurerip. 

16. But if eni man sem tu b^ 
kontenjus, we bar no Bvtq kue* 
tom, neder de qurqez or God. 

17. Nv in dis dat I dekl4r [un- 
tu ya>] I praz [y©] not» dat j% 
kum tugeder not fer de beter, but 
fer de wurs. 

18. Fer f^rst or el, bwen ye kum 
tugeder in de gurq, | >ier (i»t di^r be 
diri5onz amtip yo); and i pq^tll 
bel^r it. 

19. Fer d^r must be elso b^r- 
esiz amd{) yot, ^t da bwi^ qjlr 
apit6rd ma be manifest am^ ra». 

20. Hwen ye kum tug^er (i|r- 
for intu wun plas, [dia] iz not tu 
et de Lerdz super. 

21. Fer in eti^ ereri wun take) 
befor [uder] biz on super: and 
wun iz buggriy and andder is 

22. SHwot; Sbar yenot bBzes 
tu et and tu diVE/s, in; er S despfz 
ye de qur^ or God, and Jam dem 
dat bar not. ^Hwot Jal { sa tgi 
y<i>; ? Jal i praz y(D in ms. S praz 
[yo] not 

23. Fer I bar res^rd or de Lerd 
dat bwig elso t delirerd untu yA, 
Sat de Lord Jezus de [sam] njt 
in bwic be woz betrdd tuk bred: 

24. And bwen be bad girex^ 
tapks, be brak [it], and 9ed, Tak. 
et: dis iz mi bodi, hwig iz broken 
fer yoo: dis dca in remembrans or 

25. Qfter de sam maner elso 
[be tuk] de kup, bwen be bad 
supt, sai^ Eis kup iz de m^ testai 
ment in mi blud: dis dco ye, az oft 
az ye dri^ [it], in rem^mbranlK 
or me. 

26. Fer az ofen az ye et dis bred^ 
and drigk dis kup, ye den Jo de 
Lerdz det til be kum. 

27. Hw^rfor bojsoerer Jal ^t 
dis bred, and drigk {dis] kup Ot 


^ Lerd, unwui^Kli, Jal be gilti oy 
de bodi and blad ov de Lerd. 

28. But let a man egzimin 
himself, and so let him et ov 
[dat] bred, and dri^k ov [dat] kup. 
, 29. Fer he dat etet and dri;)ket 
unwurdili, etet and dri^et dam- 
najon tu himself, not diz^rnip de 
Lerdz bodi. 

30. Fer diskez meni [qr] wek 
•and sikli ami^ ya>, and meni slep. 

3L Fer if we wud juj ^rselvz, 
we Jud not be jujd. 

32. But hwen we qt jujd, we qr 
.^asend ov de Lerd, dat we Jud 
not be kondemd wid de wurld. 

33. Hw^rfor, mj bredren, hwen 
ye kum tiogeder tu et, tari wun im 

. 34. And if eni man hunger, let 
him et at hom; dat ye kum not 
tugeder untu kondemnajon. And 
de rest wil i set in erder hwen j 


1. Nir kons^rni^ splritynal 
[gifts], bredren, i wud not hav 
y«D ignorant. 

2« Ye no dat ye w^r JentJIz, 
karid awa untu dez dum ^dolz, 
«ven az ye w§r led. 

3. Hwj^rfor j giv ya> tu under- 
stand, dat no man speki;) b^ de 
Spirit ov God kelet Jezus akiirsed: 
and [dat] no man kan sa dat Jezus 
iz de Lerd, but bj de Holi Gost. 

4. N^ d^r qr div^rsitiz ov gifts, 
but de sam Spirit 

5. And dqr qr diferensez ov 
administrajonz, but de sam Lerd. 

6. And d^r qr div^rsitiz ov op- 
erajonz, but it iz de sam God 
hwiQ wurket el in el. 

7. But de manifestajon ov de 
Spirit iz given tu everi man tu 
profit wid^I. 

8. Fer tu wim iz given bj de 

andder de wurd ov nolef bj ^ 
sam Spirit; 

9. Tu antider fall l^ ^ B^m 
Spirit; tu andder de gifts ov heli^ 
b^ de sam Spirit; 

10. Tu anuder de wurki^ oy 
miraklz; tu andder profesi; tu 
andder diz^rnii) ov spirits; tu an- 
dder [d^verz] kjndz ov tu^z; tu 
andder de int^rpretajon ov tu^: 

11. But el dez wurket ^t wun 
and de selfsam Spirit, div^di^ tu 
everi man severali az he wiL 

12. Fer az de bodi iz wun, a&d 
hat meni memberz, and el de mem- 
berz ov dat wun bodi, beig meni, 
qr wun bodi: so elso [iz] Kzist. 

13. Fer 1^ wun Spirit qr we el 
bapt^zd intu wun bodi, hwsder 
[we be] Jqz er Jentjlz, kweder 
[we be] bond er fre; and hav bin 
el mad tu drii)k intu wun Sjsrit. 

14. Fer de bodi iz not wun 
member, but meni. 

15. If de fut Jal sa, Bekez i am 
not de hand, i am not ov de bodi; 
*J iz it d^rf or not ov de bodL 

16. And if de er Jal sa, Bek^z i 
am not de {, i am not qv de bodi; 
^iz it d^rfor not ov de bodi. 

17. If de hoi bodi [wer] an f, 
^ hw^r [w^r] de beriQ. If dc hoi 
[w^r] herig, 'ihw^r [w^r] de 

18. But jr5 hat God set da 
memberz everi wun ov dem in de 
bodi, az it hat plezd him. 

19. And if da w^r el wun 
member, ^hwqr [wer] de bodL 

20. But UTS [qr da] meni mem- 
berz, yet but wun bodi. 

21. And de I kan not sa untu 
de hand, ^ hav no ned ov de; ner 
agen de bed tu de fet, ^ hav no 
ned ov yo. 

22. Na, muQ mor doz mem- 
berz ov de bodi, hwig sem tu be 
mor febl, qr n^sesari: 

Spirit da ward ov wizdom; tut 23. And doz [members] ov ds 

linBPmL TtJ MJ KOHnmiAKZ. 

iNidf, hina we ^^k tu be les 6n- 
orabi, upon dez we bealo mor 
&bdiidaBt onor; and vr unkumli 
[pqrts] hav mat abundant kum- 

24. FdrvrkumU[pq,rt8]hayno 
nsd: but God hat temperd de bodi 
tugader, haviii given mor abdn- 
dant onor tu dat [p<irt] hwig 

25. Sat d^r Jud be no sizm in 
de bodi; but [dat] de memberz Jud 
bav de sam k^r wun fer aniider. 

26. And hweder wun member 
stif er, el de memberz sufer wid it; 
er wun member be onord, el de 
memberz rej^ wid it 

27. ,Nv ye q;r de bodi oy ELqet^ 
and memberz in partikyiilar. 

28. And God hat set sum in de 
qwrq, f^t ap6slz, sekondarili prof- 
eta, tuprdli teqerz, after dat miraklz, 
den gifts ov helipz, helps, guvem- 
ments^ div^itiz ov tugz. 

. 29. <i[ar] el apdslz; ^^c^ el 
profets; H[qr] el teqerz; ^[qr] el 
wurkerz ov miraklz; 

30. IHav el de gifts ov h8% 
^da> el spek wid tu{)z; id<D el 

• 31. But kuvet ^mestli de best 
gifts: and yet Jo i untu ya> a 
xoor ekselent wa. 


1. 3o I spek wid de tn^z ov 
men and ov anjelz, and hav not 
qariti, i am bekdm [az] svndi^) 
bras, er a tigkliD simbal. 

2. And do i hav [de gift ov] 
profesi, and understand el mister- 
iz, and el nolej; and do i hav el 
fat, so dat i kud remd>v mvntenz, 
and hav not ^riti, j am noti)). 

3. And do i besto el m^ gudz 
tut fed [de pa>r], and do 4 giv mj 
bodi tu be burnt, and hav not 
Qariti, it profitet me noti|). 

4. €anti inferet loj^^ [and] ia 

k{nd; Qariti enriet not; qaritl 
ventet not itself, iz not paft up, 

5. Dot not behiv itself unsem- 
li, seket not h^r on, iz not eziU. 
provokt, ticket no evil; 

6. Bejeset not in inikwiti, bat 
rejdrset in de tocDt; 

7. B%ret el ti;)z, belevet el ti^z, 
hopet el ti^, endi^ret el ti^z. 

8. 6aritl never falet: but hwed* 
er [d^r be] profesiz, da Jol fol; 
hweder [di^r be] tu^z, da Jal ses; 
hweder [d^r be} nolej, it Jal vanij 

9^ Fer we no in pq;rt, and ws 
profesi in p(|rt 

10. But hwen dat hwig iz p^r- 
fekt iz kum, den dat hwig iz in 
pcirt Jal be dun awd. 

11. Hwen I woz a q^ld, i eptk 
az a Qild, I understuSid az a did, j 
tet az a qj^d: but hwen i bekam 
a man, i put awa q^ldij ti|^z. . 

12. Fer ms we se tr«> a glos^ 
dq^kli; but den fas tu fas: nv i 
no in pqrt; but den Jal i no even 
az elso i am non. 

13. And n7 ab^det fat, hop^ 
Qariti, dez tre; but de gratest or 
dez [iz] gariti. 

eJAPTER 14. 

1. Folo after qariti, and dez^r 
spirityiial [gifts], but rader dat ya. 
ma profesj. 

2. Fer he dat speket in an [xxt^ 
non] tui) speket not untu men^ 
but untu God: fer no man under- 
standet [him]; hvbeit in de spirit 
he speket misteriz. 

3. But he dat pr6fesiet speket 
untu men [tu] edifikajon, and 
egzortajon, and kumfort 

4. He dat speket in an [unn6n] 
tuD edifjet himself; but he dat 
pr6fe6iet edif^et de qarq, 

5. i wifid dat ye el spak wid 
tuQZ, but rader dat ye profeaid: fer 
grater Xis] ke dat.Br4lfsi«t.di(B..JM^ 

U» ePISt TKT 9S KOVamt£S»L' 

dm g p ek d wid togs, eMpi he in- 
terpret, dal de Qur^ ma rasiv edifjiip. 

• 6. Hv, bndren, if i kum unliu 
^ ^)ekiD wid tuQE, ?hwot Jal i 
profit jcD, eka^pt | Jal sprk tu ya> 
Aat \^ reTelaJ[oo, w b| nolej, er bi 
pr6f esji^ er b| doktrin« 

, 7. And cveaDioz wid^t ^f glvi^ 
svnd, hweder pip er hcirp, eksept 
da giv a distii^kfon ia ^ svad^, 
thv Jal it be nan hwot iz p^pt er 

8. Fer if de trumpet giv an hb- 
s^rten 8¥nd, S ha> Jal prep4r him- 

9. So likw^z ye, ekaept ye ater 
l^ de tag wurdz ezi tia be luider- 
md^ %hv Jal it be Dom hwot iz 
epoken; fer ye Jal spek intu de ^r. 

: iOL Q%r v^ it ma be, so meni 
l^nds ov y«raez in de world, and 
smi OT dqm [ii^ wtd^tsigoifikajon. 
11. Q]|Tfor if I no not de men- 
S» «▼ de TOB, I Jal be untu him 
<t»t Q)elMt a bq,rbarian, and he 
dat apakot [Jal be] a bctrbarian 
untu me. 

. ISJ 0Ten 8o ye, forazmii^ az 
ya<]|^ selD9 ov aj^rltynal [gifto], 
sek dat ye ma eksel tu de ^if {ii) 
ov de Qurg. . 

1^. Hwi^T^r let him dat speket 
i^ an [unnon] tup pra dat he ma 

14. Fer if J pra in an [unnon] 
tt^ mi spirit praet, but mi under- 
fi<;&ndip iz unfroktftil. 

15. ^Hwot iz it den. $ wil 
pva wid de spirit, and i wil pra 
wid de understandiD eiso: i wil 
WT^ wid de epirit, and ^ wil sip wid 
de ttnderstdndii) elso. 

16. Els hwen dv fait bles wid 
de spirit^ ?hv Jal he dat 6kyHpiet 
de r<]>m ov da unlfmed sa Omen 
at dj givifl ov l^aijks, seip he un- 
derStandet not hwot 6is saest. 

17. Fer dir Terili givest ta^ks 

iM, ^t da odeikia net «di{id. 4ae4 

18. iHDk mi Ood, i «rpA irid 
t«9z mor dan ye el: 

19. Yet ia & gnr^ i had rader 
spek fiv wurds wid m^ under* 
stdndi^ dat [bi mi vers] | mit tCQ 
uderz elMH dan ten ft^aaad wurdz 
in an [unndn] tuo, 

20. Bredren, be not ^dreu in 
tt&deist&ndiQ: habeit in n^is be 
ye gildren, but in understandig 
be men. 

21. In de la it iz riten, \¥id 
[men or] uder tupz and odor lips 
wil i spek untu du pepl; and yet 
fer el dat wil da not her mt, ad 
de Lard, [$z. 28: 11, 12.] 

22. Hwi^Tfor tui)z (|r for a ajn, 
not tu dem dat beliv, but tu dem 
dat beUv not: but prdfesii^ [a^rr- 
et] not fer dem dat bel^v not, bat 
fer dem hwiq beUv. 

. 23. If d^rfor de hoi Qur^ ba 
k-um tug^der intu wnn plas, and 
el spek wid tu||B, and dj^r kinn ia 
[doz dat qr] unl^med, er unbdar- 
erz, ^wil da &ot sa dat ye q^ mad. 

24. But if el profesj, and di^r 
kum in wun dat beleTet not^ er 
[wun] unl^med, he iz kouvliiat or 
el, he iz jujd oy el: 

26. And das qr de ' saktets ev 
hiz hqrt mad manifbot; a»d so. 
felii) d^n on [hiz] fas ha wil war- 
Jip God, and report dat God iz in 
yo ov a tro)!. 

26. <IH9 iz it den, brodr«&; 
hwen ye kum tug^r, everi wua* 
oy ya> hat a sqm, hai a dektrin, 
hat a tuQ^ hat a reyelajc^, hat aa 
int^rpretajon. Let el ti^z ba dan 
untu edifiii). 

27. If eni man Spek in an [an- 
n^n] tu9, [let it be] bj to, er at 
de most [^] tre, and fdat] bj 
kors; and let wun interpret 

28. Bat if di|r be no interpreter,- 
let bim kep silens in de ^vaq; and 
let him spek tu hims41^ and tu. 

Imp 8PISL Til 28 KORINHIAlirZ. 

fl9. Lit de pfofets «p«k l(D er 
irty and let de iid:«r juj. 

40. If [eni tiD} be rsvild tu 
andder dat sitet b^ let de f^ist 
iiold hiz pee. 

di. Fer ys toA el profeq wm 
14 wun^ dat el ma I^td^ and el ma 
lie kumforted. 

32. And de epirits oy da prof ets 
<|r sai]jekt tu de profets. 

33. Fer Ood iz not [da etorl 
*oV:koiifi{$on, but ov pes, az in el 
^ur^ez OY de s^nts. 

34w Letycor wimen k^ g^lens 
in de ^nrcez: fer it iz not permit- 
ed iintu dem tu spek; bat [da qx 
tLomdnded] tu be under obediens. 
az elso set de le. [Jen. 3: 16.] 

^5. And if da wil l^m eni tin, 
let dem ask d%r huzbaadz at hom: 
£er it iz a Jam fer wimen tu spek 
in de qvLvq, 

36. SHwot; <Ikam de wurdov 

tu yo> onli. 

37. If eni man li^k himself tu 
be a profet) er spfritjiial, let him 
akn^lej dat de ii|)Z dat j r^t untu 
ya> q^ de komdndments ov de 

88. But if eni man be ignorant, 
let him be igB«>rant 

39. Hwitrfor, bredren,kuTettu 
profes;^ and forbid not tu spek 
wid tu^z. 

40. Let el ti|^ be dun desentli 
and in erder. 

eAPTEB. 16. 

1. Morover, bredren, J dekl^r 
untu ya> de goepel hwi^ { pre^t 
untu ya»i hwiq elso ye hay res^vd^ 
and hwi^iin ye stand; 

2. B^ hwi^ elso y« q^ sayd, if 
ye kep in memori hwot i pregt 
tcaixi yd>, unles ye hay beUVd in 

3. Fer { deHverd untu jay f^nt 
oy el dat hwiQ.| jeteo latd^^ ha asUpin Erj^ t^ petljt 


dat Krlst djd fer vr sinz akerdin 
tu de skriptyiirz; 

4. And dat he woz berid, tad 
dat he roz ag^n de t^rd da akard- 
i{) tu de skriptyi|rz : 

5. And dat he woz sen oy Se* 
fos, den oy de twely: 

6. after dat) he woz sen ot 
abdy f|v hundred bredren at wuns; 
oy ha>m de grater pqrt temda un- 
tu dis pzezenty but sum qt feleA 

7. after dat, he woz sen oy 
Jamz; den oy el de ap6slz. 

8. And last oy el he woz sen 
oy me elso, az oy wun hem «t 
oy dii t|m. 

9. Fer^amdelestoy deapdslz, 
dat am not met tu be keld aa 
ap68l, bekite | p^rseki^ted de qurq 
oy God. 

10. But b^ da grae oy God i am 
hwot i am: and hiz gras hwi^ 

Ood 9t from ya>; ev Ikamit un-^^woz bestod] up6n me woz not 
tu YO onli. in yan: but i labord mor abun'» 

yan; but| labord mor abun'» 
dantli dan da el: yet not j, but de 
gras OY God hvfiq woz wid me. 

11. 3^rfor hweder [it wi^r] | er 
da, so we preQ, and so ya beUyd. 

12. Nv if KriBt be preqt dat ha 
roz from de ded, Shv sa «um 
amtif) ya> dat d^r iz no rezurekjon 
OY de ded. 

13. But if dt^r be no rezurekjon 
OY de ded, den iz Krjst not rizen: 

14. And if Kr^st be not rizen, 
den [iz] ^r pre^ig yan, and ya>r 
fat [iz] elso van. 

15. Ya, and we qr fvnd fela 
witnesez oy God; bek4z we hay 
testiEid OY God dat he razd up 
Kr^st: hcDm he razd not up, if so 
be dat de ded r^z not» 

16. Fer if die ded r^z not^ dea 
iz not Kr^st razd: 

17. Ajid if Krjst be not razd, ya>r 
fat [izlvan; ye qr yet in yor sinz«. 

18. Sen da elso hwi(j qr felen 



19. If in die Ij^ onli we Yuly 
Bop in Kqst, vit q,r ov ol men 
buast miserabL 

20. Bat ms i% Kqst riemt from 
de ded, [aDdl bekom de f^ntEratts 
o^ dam w slept. 

21. For 8iQ9 bj man [kam] deD, 
k^ man [kam] elso de reznrekjon 
i>y de ded. 

. 22. Fer as in Adam el dj, even 
•o in Krist Jal el be mad al(r. 

23. But even man in falz on 
«rd9r: Ki^st de f^rstfnDts; after- 
ward da dat q,r Krjsts at hiz komi^ 

24. 3en [kmneft] de end^ hwen 
he Jal hay deliverd op de kigdcnn 
tu God, even de Fqder; hwen he 
Jal bay put dvn el ra>l and el 
etoriti arul pver. 

^ 25. Fer he must ran, til he hat 
put el enemiz under hiz fet 

26. ae last enemi [dat] Jal be 
destr^d [iz] det. 
, 27. Fer he hat put el trgz uni 
dex hiz. fet. But hwen he set, 
Bl ti^z qr put under [him, it iz] 
manifest dat he iz eksepted, hwig 
did put el ti^z under him. 

28. And hwen el tigz Jal be 
jBUbdt^d imtu him, den Jal de Sun 
elso himself be subjekt untu him 
dat put el t^)z under him, dat 
God ma be el in el. 

29. Els 5hwot Jal da d© hwig 
qx baptjzd fer de ded, if de ded 
rjz not at el; ^ hw^ q^ da den bap- 
tjzd fer de ded. 

50. And 4 hwj stand we in jep- 
flrdi everi ?r. 

31*, 4 pit>t6st bi yor rejcrsi0 
hwi^ i hay in Ki^st Jezus ^r 
Lerd, i^idali. 

32. If after de man^ ov men 
I hay fet' wid bests at 'Efesus, 
?hwot advantejet it mc, if de ded 
fjz liot; let us et and.dri^k; fer 
tum6ro we d|. 

33. Be hot des^yd : eyil kom- 
ynrnkajonz kordpt gud manerz. 

3i. Aw«k ttii-4^yii^nM^*u]#^ 
not; fer sum -hay ^ not de n<^ 
oy Ged: i spek [dis} tu y<&r 

35. But sum [man] wil sa, ^Ez 
qx de'ded lazd up; and 9 wid hwot 
bodi diD da kum. 

36. [S^] fcol, dat hwi^ dsr floest 
iz not kwikend, eksept it dj: 

37. And dat hwi^ &s soe8t> ds 
soest not dat bodi dat Jid bs, but 
bitr gmu, it ma qans or hwet^ er 
oy sum uder [gran]: 

38. But Ged giyet it a bodi az 
it hat plead him, and tu evezi sed 
hiz on bodi. 

39. ei flej [iz] not de sam fief: 
but [d^r iz] wun [k^nd ov] fief oy 
men, ani^er flej oy besta^ anndw 
oy fijez, [and] andder ov b^rdz. 

40. [3!%r q,r] elso seleatyal bod- 
iz, and bodiz terestrial: buli de 
glori ov de selestyal [iz] wun> and 
de glori oy de terestrial [iz] aa* 

41. [3jir iz] wun glori ov de 
sun, and anuder glori oy de niom, 
and andder glori oy de stqrs: fer 
[wun] stqtr diferet from {anMer] 
stqr in glori. 

42. So ^so [izQ de rezrtiu^Jon 
oy de ded. It iz son in korup/on; 
it iz lazd in in-korupjon: 

43. It iz son in dis6nor; It is 
razd in glori: it iz son in weknes; 
it iz razd in pyer; 

44. It iz son a natyiiralbodi; 
it iz razd a^ spirityn,al bodi. 3j^r 
iz a natji^fal bodi, and d%r iz a 
spirityijjil bodi. 

45. And so it iz riten, 3e f^at 
man Adam woz mad a 11 vi^ sol 
[Jen. 2: 7]; de lost Adam, (woz 
mad] a kwikeni^ spirit. £Joii 5: 
21; 6: 33, 39.] 

46. H^beit dat [woz] not fgrst 
hwig iz spirityiial, but dat hwi^ 
iz nitji^ml; and <i£tehv<lsd ddt 
hwig iz spiiityHal. . . 

Irt* ePISL ¥tiJ ZB EOBISTHI^liffl: 


. '~^^ Sl» l^nt man [k] pr d6 
^rt/ ^rti: de sekond man [iz] de 
Lerd from heven. 

48. Az [iz] dz ^rti, sng [cir] da 
bIb& dat <ir ^r^i: and az [iz] de 
li»v«nli, snq [c^r] da elso dat qr 

i 49.- And as we hav^ born de im- 
ej ov de ^rti, we Jal elso \x{T de 
imej ov de h«venli. 

50. Nv dia^ 88, bredren,- dat flej 
tfuid bkid kan not inherit de ki^ 
dom cnr Gk>d; neder dot korapjon 
lniiierit in-korupjon. 

51. Behold, j Jo yco a misteri; 
We Jal not el slep, but we Jal el 
be ^anjd, 

52. In a moment, m de twi^k- 
li{) OT an If at de last tramp: fer 
de trumpet Jal s^nd, and de ded 
Xal'barazd inkoruptibl, and we Jal 
be qanjd. 

53. Fer die koruptibl must put 
on in-korupjon, and dis mortal 
£mu8t} put on immortaliti. 

54. So hwen dis koraptibl Jal 
hav put on in*korapJon, and dis 
mortal Jal hav put on immortaliti, 
den Jal be bret tu pas de sail) dat 
iz riten, DeO iz swolod up in vik* 
tori. [^z. 25: 8.] 

55. O det, ^ hw^r [iz] dj stip. 
O grav, S hw^r [iz] di viktorL 

56. Kb sti{) ov def) [iz] sin; and 
de strei)t ov sin [iz] de le. 

' 57. But ta^jks [be] tu God, 
hwi^ givet us de viktori tr© tsv 
Lord Jezus Kr^st. 

58. a^rfor, mibeltivedbredren, 
be ye stedfast, unmovabl, elwaz 
ab^ndi^ in de wurk ov de Lord, 
forazm^Q az ye no dat yon labor 
is not in van in de Lord. 

63APTER 16. 

1. Nv kons^mig de kolekjon 
ler de sants, az i hav given eraer 
tu de qaxqez ov Galajia, even so 
da> ye. - . 

2. Updn de f^t{da]oTdewik 
let eVeri wun ov ya> la b{ him Ie 
stor, az [God] hat proeperd him, 
dat dq,r be no gadbri^z hwen | 

3. And hwen % kum, h<&mso>> 
ever ye j*al apncSv bj [yflftr] leterz, 
dem wil i send tu fan^ y<i>r liberi- 
aliti untu JercDzalem. 

4. And if It be met dat | go^ el- 
so, da Jal go wid me. 

5. aT5 i wil kum untu ya>, hwen 
i Jal pas tra> Masedonia: fer i d«^ 
pae tt'O) Masedonia. 

6. And it ma be dat i wil ab jd, ya, 
and winter wid yoD, dat ye ma bri^ 
me on m^ jumi hwidersoever j go. 

7. Fer i wil not se ya> n^ bj de 
wa; but i trust tu tari a hwy wid 
ycD, if de Lord permit. 

8. But i wil tari 'at 'Efesug until 

9. Fer a grat dor and efektyqal 
iz opend untu me, and [dar qr] 
meni ddversariz. 

10. "N-s ii Timotius kum, se dat 
he ma be wid ya wid;$^t fer: fer 
he wurket de wurk ov de Lord, aii 
I elso [d(D.] 

11. Let no mJEUi d^rfor despfz 
him: but konddkt him fort in pes^ 
dat he ma kum untu met fer i 
luk fer him wid de bredren. 

12. Az tvLqiji [«r] bruder Ap61os, 
i gratli dezjrd him tu kum untu 
ya> wid de bredren: but biz wil 
woz not at el tu kum at dis t^m; 
but he wil kum hwen he Jal hav 
konvenyent tjm. 

13. Woq ye, stand fast in de fat, 
kwit ya> Ijk men, be stro^. 

14. Let el yoor tigz be dun wid 

15. * bcs^ yo), bredren, (ye no 
de h<ars ov Stefanus, dat it iz de 
ferst frcDts ov Akaa, and [dat] da 
hav adikted demselvz tu de min- 
istri Ov de sants,) 

Id. Sat ye irabmit yoifUlwm 


M% Md tu. eveii wun dat 
helpel wid [us], and labored. 

17. $ am glad ov de kmnig 
PY Btef anas and Fertyuoatiia and 
Akiikus: for dat hwig woz lakiD 
411 jmt pqjrt db ha^ 8!q>lid. 

16. Fer da hav rcfrefi m^ spirit 
and 7<Dcz: d^rfor akuoiej ye dem 
dat <yr suq. 

19. ^aqapQez ot djia «aHt ya>. 
AkwHa and PrisilaCsalq^<y<n xuuQ 
an de JUard, wid de qotq di^t i4 in 
d%r hva. . 

20. 81 de bredren gret ya>. 

drei ye van aodder #i€-«a']Mli 

21. 3!e saliitafod ot {me] Pel 
¥dd mtn on. hand. 

22. I£ eni man Iut net de Xjaed 
Jesus Kristj let him h» tax AxM- 
ema Mqran-at4. 

23. Se gms or vr Lw^ Jems 
Kr|9t [be] wid ja^ 

24. Mj lay [be] wid y«» ^ is 
KiistJeeus. Oisen. 

% ae £^t [BpW tu. de 
li^n from . £|li^ b^ 
Fertjnvnatusi ana Akaikyiiy 


. »» a 


vn. ' I" 



1. Pel, an apiSsl oy Jesus Kqst 
bj de wil OY €K>d, and Timoti [vr] 
bruder, untu de quvq ov God hwi§ 
ie at Eorint, wid el de sants bwi^ 
qt in el Akaa: 

2. Gras [be] tu ya> and pes 
from God «r Fqder, and [from] 
4e Lerd Jeeus Kr^st. 

3. Blesed [bej God, even de 
Fcider ov ^r Lerd Jezus Kjjst, de 
*Fq,der ov m^rsiz, and de God ov 
el kumfort; 

4. Ha> kumfortel us in el 9r 
tribyHlaJon, dat we ma be abl tu 
kumfort dem hwiQ fiv in eni trubl 

2de kumfort> hwq;rvvit we st- 
Ivz qr kumforted ov God. 

5. Fer az de suferi|pz ov Erjst 
S^b'^nd in us so vr konsQlaJon elso 
absndet b^ Krjst 

6. And hweder we be aflikted, 
[it iz] fer year konsolajoa and 
mLw>% hWi^ Ut ^fek|y4^ i^ de. 

endq,riQ ov de Sjom suferipz IhvI^ 
we elso safer: er bwed(^ w» be 
kumforted, [It iz] fer y<wr hon^i^ 
lajon and $alvaJon. 

7. And -er hop oy yco [iz] sted^ 
fgs^ tkQixi, %t az ye q,r partaken 
ov de suferii)z, so [Jal ye be] ^so 
OY de konsolajon. 

8. J'er we wud not, bre^f^n, 
hav y€> Ignorant ov vr trubl hwiq 
kam tu us in CTJia, dat we wft 
prest ^t OY megyqr, abdv stregft, 
insomuQ dat we desp^^ eY^ii 
ov Ijf: 

9. But we had de eentena oy 
det in vrselvz, dat we Jud noe 
trust in sisselvz, but in God hwif 
razet de ded: 

10. Ha> deliverd us froi^ a^ 
grat a det, and dot deiiver: in 
ha)m we trust dat he wil yet de- 
liver [us]; 

IL Ye elso helpig tiii^sder li| 
pw.fer v^ (^t Cpr,^j[USt{bartPd] 
up<Sn us b| de mens oy mei^ B9>v 

ssh^ Ef^BSi umajB 



inalie giTcn l]i.iBi0ni| 1S4. Not for dat we liier dtiModttf 

on TT beh4f. 
• 12. Far mr reicrsi^ iz fis^^ de 
testimoiii or tt konfens, dat in 
sisipliaiti and godli stasenti, not 
wid flefli wizdonii but bj de gras 
6v God, vre hav had Tnr konveisa- 
jon ia da wurld, and mor abnad- 
antli tu yiD-ward. 

13. Fer Mre r|t nun uder ti^z 
nntia yd>, dan hwot je red er ak- 
n61ej; and i trust jz Jal akn61ej 
even tu da end; 

14. Az elso ye hav akn^lejd us 
in pcprt, dat we qr ya»r rejersi^, 
evdn az ye elso [q,r] 7rz in de 
da or de Lord Jezus. 

15. And in dis konfidens j woz 
mended tu kum untia ya> befck, 
diB4^ ye mit hav a sekond benefit; 

. 16. And tu . pae bj| yco intu 
Mascdonia, and tu kum agen vt 
or MasedQuia untu y(D, and ov 
yoD tu be bret on m^ wa tcsrd 

17« Hwen : | di^rfor woz dus 
mended, ^did i yi^z litnes; er de 
ti||K dat 4 pttrpus, %dus i put'pus 
ak<«idig tu deflej/dat wid ns^ di^r 
Jud be ya ya, and na na. 

1«. But [az] God [iz] tr<6, ^r 
ururd t0rd ym wo2 not ya and na. 

19; For de &utt ov God, Jezas 
l^n^ h» woe preqt amt!i{) ya> b^ 
«8» '[even] 14 ^^ ^^^ SiWanus 
and Timolins, woz not ya and na, 
but in bim woz ya. 

20. For el de pfomiaez ov God 
in him [q,r] ya, and in him Smen, 
xmUn de glori oV God in us. 

83^. JCiFr.he hwig stablif^ll us 
wid ya> in 'Kx^ and hat anemited 
us» [ia] God; 

93^ Hid hat eteo seld UB, 49id 
^T0ii de^raeat ot de S|^irit in v.r 

22f Mororer i kel God far a 
rekor^ up^ ii4 eol, dat tu sp^r 

yon orer y^r fat, but q^ help^tf 
ov yor j«r; fer b] fat ye etaad* 


1. But i det^rmind die wid mi* 
self, dat i wud not kum agen tu 
ya> in heTines. 

2. Fer if i mak y® son, ^ hiD ia 
he den dat maket me glad, but da 
sam hwig iz mad sori bj me. 

3. And i TOt dis sam untu y<D« 
lest, hwen j kam, j |ud hav soro 
from dem or h<i>m } et tu t^&b; 
havig konfidens in ya> el, dat m^ 
jor iz [de jcr] OT y© eL 

4. Fer zt ov muQ aflikfon and 
a^gwi J ov hq^ i rot untu jm wid 
meui terz; not dat ye Jud be grevd, 
but dat ye m^t no de luv hwig i 
hav mor abundantli antu ycD. 

5*. But if eni hav kezd gref, ha 
hat not grevd me, but in pq;ct: dat 

I ma not overg<|ij 7<» ^l- 

6. Sufijent tu suq a man fiz} 
dis punijmenty hwiq [woz iafhkt- 
ed] ov meni. 

7. So dat kdntrariwiz ye [et] 
mdet tuf orgiv [hiim]^ and knmlort 
[him], lest perhips sug a wun Jud 
be swolod up wid oveniidQ sbro. 

8. Hw^rf<i»r i bes^ y(» dat ye 
wud konf^im [ya>r] luv tord him. 

9. Fer tu & end ebo did i 
r^t, dat i m^t no de pre>f ov ycD^ 
hweder ye be obedient iu el ti^z. 

10. Tu ho&m ye forgiv eni tif)^ 
i [forgiv] elso: fer if i foiigdv eni. 
tie, tu ham | foi^av [it], for year 
saks {forgav I it] in de person or 

11. Lest Satan Jud g«t an id- 
vdntej ov us: f^r we q,r not igiUd- 
rant ov hiz dev^z. 

12. Furdermor^ hwen ^ kan^ t»« 
Troas tu [preq] Kri^ts got^), 
ai%d a dor woe opedd uatu m^ 
ov de I^erd, 

la. i had no T^k^SBoimixiilf 



hek^ i fsnA not T^tiu mibroddr : 
hoi takip mj lev ov dem, | wmt 
from deof iota Masedonia. 

14. Nv tai)ks [be] untu God, 
hwig elwaz kezet us tu trjumf in 
Kifsti and makeli manifest de sa- 
Tor OY kis nolej b{ nain evari plas. 

15. Fer we q.r nntu God a 
awet savor ot Ki|Bit, in dem dat 
qr- eawdf and in dem dat perif: 

16. TuL de wwi [ive qr] de sa- 
yor or det untu det; and tu de 
ttder de savor ov Ijf untu l^f. And 
Hha» [iz] sttfijent for dez ti{)z. 

17. Fer we qr not az meni, 
hwig korupt de wnrd.ov God: bat 
az or sinseriti, but az ov €k>d| in 
de ^t ov God spek we in Kr^st 

e AFTER 3. 

1. 9Da> we b^n ag^n tu kom- 
^d srselvz; er ^ned we, az sum 
[uderz], epislz ov kcnnenddjon tu 
▼a>, er [letevz] ov komendajon 
^nom y<R. 

2; Ye qr -sr episl riten in tst 
harts, non and red ov el men: 

3. [Ferazmdq az ye qr] mini- 
lestli dekl^^d tu be de episl ov 
Exist :.mini8tefd hi us, riten not 
wid ipk, bat wid de Spirit ov de 
livixi God; not- in tablz ov ston, 
but in fief i tablz ov de liqrt. 

4. And suQ trust hav we trcD 
£i|s^ ^u God- ward: 

. 5. Not dat we qr siifijent ov 
^FTS^lvz tu ti^k eni ti^ az ov sr- 
aekvz; but -;^r stifi fensi [iz] ovGod; 
6« Hoo elsohat mad usablmin- 
iiterz oy de nq testament; not 
ov de leter, but ov de spirit: fer 
de leter kile^but de spirit givet Ijf. 

- 7. But if de ministrafon ov det, 
riten [and] engraven in utonz, 
w6z glodus, so dat de Qildrea ov 
'Izmel kud not stedfastli beheld 
de fas ov Mozez fer de glori ov 
hiz k;nitenans; hwig [glori] woz 

! ( 

& ^ H? fal not da mauatrnfoa 
ov de spirit be rader glorias. 

9. Fer if de mimstrajon OT kon- 
demsa/on [be] glori, rnxiq mcirdcit 
de ministrajon ov rityoanes eksed 
in glori. 

10. Fer even dat hwiq vroz mad 
gloriuft had no glori in 6ds reepek^ 
b^ rezon ov de glori dat ekselei 

11. Fer if dat hwiq iz ^un. awa 
[woz] glorius^ muQ nsior dat hwiq 
remanet [iz] glorius. 

12. Seig den dat we hav sag 
hop, we yqz grat plannes ov spe^: 

13. And not az Mozez, [hwig] 
put a val over liiz fas. [£ks. 34: 
33, 35], dat de Qildren ov 'Iziael 
kud not stedfastli luk ta de end 
ov dat hwig iz ab61i|t: 

14. But d^r mjndz w^r bljnded: 
fer until 6^ da remanet & sam 
val untaken awa in de redii) ov de 
old testament; hwig [val] iz don 
awd in Kijst. 

15. But even untu dis da, hwen 
Mozez iz red, de val iz up6n d^r 

16. Neverdeles hwen it Jal turn 
tu de Lord, de val Jal be taken 

17. Kv de Lord iz dat Spirit: 
and hw^ de Spirit ov de Leid 
[iz], d^r [iz] liberti. 

18. But we el; wid open fas be- 
holdig az in a glos de glori ov de 
Lord, qr ^njd intu de sam imcj 
from glori tu glori, [even] az b| 
de Spirit ov de Lord. 

©APTBR 4. 

1. Sqrfor 8$ia^ we hav <& min- 
istri aa we har res^vd m^iai, 'we 
fant not; 

2. But hav reni^nst de hiden 
ti^z ov di&ofiesti, not w^i^^ m 
kraf tines, nor handlii) de wurd ov 
God desetfiidt; but b{ manifbsta- 
Jon ov de trait kom^ndip 'sreelvz tu 

» ^ 



._^. Bat if vr gospel be hid, it iz 
liid tu denx dat q,T lost: 
^ .In ha>ra dc God ov 63s wurld 
nki Blended de m^ndz ov dem 
twig beliv not^ lest de Ijt ov de 
glorius gospel ov Krjst, hcD iz de 
uaej ov God^Jud Jiu untudem. 
I' 5. For we preg not. 3rselvz, but 
Kxjst Jezus & Lerd; and srselvz 
ya>r servants for Jezus sak. 

6. Far God, ha> komanded de 
l^t tu Jjn 3t ov dqrknes, hat Jjnd 
in yr hqrts, tu Jgiv] de Ijt ov de 
nolej ov de glon ov God in de fas 
ov Jezus Kqst. 

7. But we hav dis trejyip: in 
erten veselz, dat de eksel^nsi ov 
de p^er ma be ov God, and not 
ov us. 

8. [We qr] trubld on even sjd, 
;^et not distrest; [we q,r]. perplekst 
but not in dcsp4r;. 

9. P^rsdsLHted, but not forsaken; 
tast d^n, but not destr^'d; 

10. Blwaz b^ri^ abis^tin de bodi 
de d^lg ov de Lord Jezus, dat de 
lif els<d ov Jezus m^t be mad man- 
liest in ST bodi. 

• 11: Fer wc hvfiq liv q?r elwa 
4eliverd untu det fer Jezus sak, 
dat de l^f elso ov Jezus mjt be 
mad manifest in 3r mortal flej. 

. 12. So den det wurket in u^ 
tut ly in yo). 

. 13. yfz havig de sam spirit ov 
fat, akerdig az it iz riten, i be- 
li^vd^ and dsirfor^ hav i spoken 
[Scyn 116: 10]; we olso beUv, 
1^ d%rf or spek; 

. 14. JSToig dat be hwig razd up 
de Lerd Jezus jal raz up us . elso 
/b^ Jezus, and. Jal prezentfus] wid 
y®. • • 

,. 15, Fer el tiuz [qf] fer yoor 
sa)c6, 4^t de abundant gisis m^t tra> 
de tagksglviD oy mdni ied^nd tu 


16.^ Fer hY^i^%ke2 w« fapli not; 

de inward [man] izTtx^d da 

17, Fer tst l^t a£likfen,'hwiQ iz 
but fer a moment, wurket fer us 
a f q,r mor eksedi^ [and] eternal 
wat ov glori; 

18. Hw^l we luk not at de tipz 
h^'iq <ir sen, but at de tigz hwig cir 
not seii: fer de tipz hwig q^ sex^ 
[q;:] temporal; butde tigz hwig 
qr not sen [c^r] et^rnaL 


1. Fer we no dat if 7r ^rtli h.zB 
ov [dis] tabemakl w^r diz<51vdf 
we hav a bildij) ov God, an hys 
not mad wid handz, eternal: in da 

2. Fer in dia we gron, ^mestli 
dez^ri^ tu be klodd up<5n wid '^t 
h^s hwi^ . iz from heven: . . 

3. If so be dat beig klodd wf^ 
Jal not be fjynd naked. 

4. Fer we dat q,r in [dis] tdb- 
emakl da gron, beig burdend; no(f 
fer da,t we wud be un*klodd, but 
klodd up6n, dat mbrtaliti m^t be 
swodod up ovljf. 

5. Ktr he dat hat ret us fer ds 
self-sam tig [iz] Godi hco eko hat* 
given untu us de ^mest ov de^ 

6. EC^rfor [we qr] elwaz koi>« 
f ident, noig dat, hwilst we qr. at 
hom in de bodi, we q;: absent £toi% 
de Lerd: 

7. (Fer we wek bj fat, not ^ 

sit:) . .: 

8. y^z qr konf idejit, £i ^], andi 
wilif) rader tic^ be absent from dc^ 
bodi, and tu be prezent wid di^ 
Lerd. - - ' * < \ 

9. Hw^rfor we labor, da<i hwed- 
er prezent er absenti we ma be 9^-^ 
septed ov him. 

10. Fer we must el ap^r befor 
de jujment set ev Krjst; dat ever! 
wun ma resev .de ti^a [dun] ia 

l>}i^.4>af;'^iai^W>a5Vl»ijJj.7^1[l^^ bodi; akerdifl ^ttt d«t h$ 


im ttiSL Ttr ^ KOBiii^&xiJaL 

iMlt ttno;- liweder [it be} gud er 

11. Koii) di|ifoir de teror ov de 
Lord, we ^erswdid men; but we q,r 
mad mamfest untia God; and i 
trust elso q^ mad mimif est In j-mr 

12. Fer we komend not vrs^Tz 
fig^n until yo), but giv y© okason 
tift gtorl on 9r beliiif, dat ye ma 
hav sumhwot til [onserl dem hwie 
glori in apenuu, aod nit in hqrt 

13. For hw^er we be beaid 
^welvz, [it iz] tu God: er hweder 
we be sober [it iz] for y<Dt kez. 

14. For de luv ov Erist kon- 
st^anei mb; bek^ we das juj, dat 
if wun djd for el, den w§r el ded: 

16. And [dat] be djd for el, dat 
(tit hvriq \iv Jud not bcnsfort Kt 
untudemselvz, but untu bim bwiq 
d|d for dem, and roz agen. 

16. Hw^rfor bensfort no we 
no matt after de fie J: ya, do we 

bav non Krj^t after & fief, yet 

TO bensforl no we [himj no 

17. S^rfor if cni naan [be] in 
Erist^ [be iz] d ni| kretytir: old 
ti^z ctr past awd: bebdld, ibH ti^z 

18. And el tipz [qr] ov God, 
bfl> bal rekons{ld ul( tti bims^lf 
bf JezQs Er^, and bat given tu 
wi46 ministri ov rekonsiliajbn; 

, 19. Tu wit, dat God wbz in 
irpfr, r^koBsjli^ de wiirld untu 
kims^lf, not impi),tiD,d^r trespas- 
4b until deiri; and bal komited 
untiU us de wurd 6¥ rekonsilia- 

^ 20. N^ den we qc ambasadons 
fer Bi^Bty az do God d(d hesiq 

fy*} 14 ^? '^e iwa (yfl>] ift Krjsts 
sted, be ye rekonsild tu God. 

21. Fer be hat mad him [tu 
b^] siu for us, ho nii no sin; dat 
we ^liiit b^ hiad de lityusnea ov 
«dl*bk^ . 

©APTEB 6i 

1. We den, [az] workers ttt* 
geder [wid bim], bese^ [j^] ^^ 
dat ye reeev nbt de gras ov God 
in van. 

2. (For besetyfhsr hfid^m 
a iim aksepted, and in (fe da ov 
salvajon hav i sukord ^ f fe. 49: 
8]; l)ehold, ms [iz] de aksepted 
t|m; behold, 117 [iz] de da ot 

3. GIviD no ofens^ in em ii^ 
dat de ministri be not blamd: 

4. But in el [ti^] apr<Dvi|) zrr- 
selvz az de ministerz ov Ood, in 
muQ pajcns, in aflikjonz, in n»- 
sesitiz, indistresez, 

5. In 8tr[p^ in imprizonnient^ 
in ti^miilts, in laborz, in wogipz, 
in fastipz; 

6. Bj purnes, bj nolej, bj log-: 
suferit), bj k^iianes, bj de Holi 
Gost, bj luv unfind, 

7. Bj de wurd ov trot, b| de 
fnrer ov God, bj de i^rmor ov rjfci 
yusnes on de rit hand and on it 
left, - 

8. Bi onor and disoneir, b| evil 
report and gud report: az desev- 
erz, and [yet] tro; ' 

9. Az unnon, and [yetj* Sftel 
noh; az d|i|), and, behdld, waHv; 
az Qasend, and not kild ; 

10. Az s6roful, yet elw^ rijos- 
it^ az p(Dr, yet mak4p. meni' riq; 
az havig noliiD^ tod [yet] poa^si^ 
el titjz. 

11. O [ye] Eorintiimej "Sir non^' 
iz opend untu ya>, tn hqrt ia ia- 

12* Te ccr not fttratetid in xA^ 
but ye q^ stratend in yor on bvelz. 

13. K7 fer a rekompdns ia de 
sani, (I spek az untu [in^ qil- 
dren,) be ye ebo eni4r^. 

14^ Be ye not -unekwali yc^kt 
tugi^r widuubeleverz: tef 9hwot 



Ttunat; end ^bwot kDmyiinyoii 
nat ?2t vnA dqrknea^ 

'!& And <ih\rot konkeid hat 
Ki^st wid Beiiai; or <ihwot pq|t 
kat he dat heitrel wid an iofideL 

16. And Ihwot agremait hiA 
dBfempl or Crod w^ idolz; far 
ye qj de tempi ov da livip Qod; 
aft Grod hal sed, $ wil dwel in 
dem, aiad wak in [dem]; and j wil 
be d^r God, and da Jal be mj pq»l. 
[Ek& 29: 45.] 

17. Hw^rfor knm st from 
aind^ dem, and be ye separet^ 
ael da Lerd, and toq not de on- 
kl^a [%] [$z. 52:11]; and j wil 

18. And wil be a Fqder nntia 
YO^ and ye Jal be n4 suns and 
deterz, sei de Lerd BimitL [Jer, 
ai: 1, d.] 

€APTER 7. 

1. Havi^ d^ifor dez promisez, 
d^li beldyed, let ua klenz Tiselvz 
£roni el iillines ov de flej and 
sfiiril^ p^rfekti^ hoUneB in de f er 
ov God. 

2. Beslv U3; we hay ro^ no 
man, we bav kordpted nA man, 
i»e hav de&eded no man. 

3. $ spek not [dis] tu kondem 
[y«i]i £er | bav sed befor, dat ye 
cyr in ^.bqirta tu d^ and liv wid 

4» Gxat [iz] mi boldnes ov &pEQ 
tord ja>f giat [iz] mj glorii^ ov 
ya>: i am fild wid kumfortr i am 
tiksudxQ J9fal in el tr tnbyt|laJon. 

5. Fer, hwen ^e w^ knm intiii 
Hasedonia, tst fleJ had no. rest, 
bu4 we w^r tnibld on everi a^d; 
'wid^ [wVr] fitiDz, widin [w^r] 

6* Neyeidriee God, dat knm- 
f ortet doz dat qr kast dvn, kimi- 
loirted US bi de knmip ot Tttue; 

7. ^f^iod not bj his knnuD onb. 

bttfeH ^>^'w>q#htf<iii lii>y«^i>glfamPdittiiayi>ia»l [f&^\ 

woz komforted in ya>, hwen he 
told us yiDf finest dezjr, ya>r 
momip, 7<Dr f^nrent mind tord 
me; so dat i rej^ de mor. 

8. Fer do i mad y<a seri wid a 
leter, i da> not repent, do i did le- 
pent: f er i persir dat de sam e{^ 
hal mad yo aori, do [it wf r] bill 
for a sezon. 

9. Kif i rojdrs, not dat yt w^ 
mad sori, bat dat ye sorod tia re* 
pentaos: fer ye w^r mad sori after 
a godli manor, dat ye mjt ree^y 
damej bf us in nolig. 

10. Fer godli soro wurket re* 
pentans tu salvajon not tu be re- 
puted ot: bat de soro ov de 
wnrld wurkei det. 

11. Fer behold £a self-sam ti^ 
dat ye sorod after a godli sert^ 
hwot k^rfulnes it ret in j<h, ya, 
[hwot] kleri{) ot ycorselvz, ya» 
[hwot] indignajon, ya, [hwot] fer, 
ya, [hwot] vehement dez|r, ya, 
[hwot] zel, ya, [hwot] revenj! 
In el [ti^] ye hav apmvd jatt^ 
selvz tu be kler in die mater. 

12. Hwi^rfor, do i rtivt untu ya>y 
[i did it] not fer hiz kez dat had 
dun de roQ, ner. fer hiz kez dati 
snfeid rog, bat dat ^r ksir fer y<D 
in de sit ov God mit ap^r untu yte* 

13; 3!i^rfor we w^r kumforted 
in yaa kamfort: yd^ and eksediDUT 
de mor ied we fer de jer ov Titus, 
bek^z nis spiriit wee refrejt b| 
ya> eL 

14. Fer if i hav b€«lt6d eni tio 
tu him -ov yok, i am net t^fimdi 
but az we epok el tiiQz tu y«> in 
trot, even so irr bosti{),. hwiQ [ j 
mad] befor Titus, iz f^nd a tr^i* 

15. And hiz inwdrd a£eltjoti iz 
mov abdndant tord yo, hw^t he 
remembered de cgbediens ov ya> el, 
hv wid fer and trembli^ ye re* 
s^vd him. 

1& ^ reji^rs d^ilot dat i bar 


&D 8FtSL Tiiir aB koukeOlNzj 

eAPTER 8. 

1. MoTOver, bredren, we do y<d[> 
tu wit OT de gras ot God bestidd 
cm de QurQez ov Masedonia; 

• 2. Uv dat in a grat trial ov 
aflikfon ds abdndaus ov is^jc J9 
md d^r dep povertt aki^nMl an- 
tu de rigez ov di^r liberaliti. 

' S^ For tu [d^r] pwar, { h^r 
rekord, ya, and beydnd J^d^r] pser 
^ w^r] witig ov demselvz; 

4. Pmi^ 118 wid muQ entreti dat 
we wud resev de gift» and [tak 
Hp6a Qs] de ielojip ov de minls- 
teri^ tu de sauts. 

s 6. And [dis da did], not az we 
hopt, but f^rst gav <^r on selvz 
tSL de Lord, and untu us 1^ de wil 
ov God. 

. 6. In8omd^datwedez{rdTitas, 
dat az he had begdn, so he wvid 
9l8<D ftnij in ya> de sam gras ela<D. 

. 7. H^rfor, az ye ab^d in everi 
\^Xit ii^] ^^y Ai^d uteraus, and nol- 
ej, and [in] el dilijens, and [in] 
ya>r luv tu u^ [se] dat ye ab^d 
in did gras elso. 

8. $ Bpek not bf komdndment, 
bat bi oka^on «v de ferwardnes 
ov uderz, and tu pnDv de sinseiiti 
or yoH* lav. 

9. Fet ye tto de gras ov m* 
Lenrd Jezus Erist, dat, d4D he woz 
siQ, yet fer.ya^f sake he bakdm 
Mr, dat ye Inn hiz poverti m{t 
be riq. 

! 10. And k«rin i giv [mi} adv^s : 
for dis k ekspedient fer yc^ Ym 
kstv begin befor, not onli tu dA, 
int elso tu be ierwatd a yer 

: 11. Kv dittfcMr perform de da>- 
ig [ov it]; dat a« [d^r woz} a ved- 
ioes tu wil, so [Ibir ma be] a per- 
fdvmatis elso st ov dat hwig ye 

^ ' 12. Fer if d%r be f§nt a wilig 

dit a man hat, [and] iiofe akeidi^ 
tu dat he hat not 

13. F^ [ i men ] not dAt iider 
mjen be ezd^ and ye burdend: 

14. But b4 an ekwoUti, [dat] 
Txs at dis tim y<ftr abdndass [ma 
be a aapl^] fer d^r wont^ 4at d^ 
abdndaDS elso ma be [a supiy for 
ya>r wont: datdi^r ma be ekwoliti; 

15. Az it iz riten, He dat [had 
gaderd] mnQ had notif) ov€r; and 
he dat [had gaderd] litl had no 
lakl [Eks, 16: 18.) 
. 16. But ta^s [be] tuc God, 
hwi^ put de sam ^oiesti k^r intu 
de hq,rt ov T^tus fer ya>. 

17. Fer inded he aksepted de 
ekfiortafoa; but bei^ mor f erwurdi 
ov his on akerd he went ua- 


18. And we hav sent wid him 
de bruder, hoiz praz [iz] in de 
gospel tra)7t el de Qurgez; 

. 19. And not [dat] bull, but .ho 
woz elso .Qozen ov de -qarQoz tu 
travel, wid ns wid dis gras, hwig 
iz administerd b^ us tu de glori 
ov de sam Lord, and [deklarajojx 
ov] y<Br red! mpdr 

20. AvGrdi^ dis^ dat no man Jud 
blam us in. dis abdndans hwiq iz 
administerd l^ us: 

21. Pr^dv^dig fer onest fii^Zy act 
onli in de sit pv de Le^ but elso 
in de s^t ov men. 

22. And we hav sent wid dem 
3T bnxder, ha>in we hav ofentimz 
prcDvd dilijent in men! Hqz^ bat 
n9 muQ mor dilijent^ up6n de grat 
konfidens hwiq {{ hav] in ya>.. 

23. fiweder [eni do iakwfij ov 
T^tuS) [he iz] m| pq^er aod. 
fek>*helper kopa^mip, yo: er vr 
bredren [be inkwjrd ov, da qr] da 
mesenjerz ov de ^ugea, {ax^] de 
glori ov Erist . 

24. Hwi^rfor Jo^ye tu deni, and 
befor de ^rqea, <ie prcbf ^v y^cDr 

*h> Bffsc Ttj ae K6RitrfitiH2;' 

1. Tw ftz tnQiD de xninisteriQ 
tu de MDts, it ie 8iip^rflij,us fer me 
tu r^t tu jan 

2. Feir | ik» de ferwatidnes ov 
ja>r mpd, fer hwiq i host or ym 
tu dem or Masedonto, dat Abia 
WQZ redi a yer i^; and ya>r zd 
liat praT(5kt veri meni. 

3. Tet hav i sent de bredreo, 
leet TF bcDstig ov y<D find be in van 
HI dis beh4f ; dat^ az { sed, ye ma 
be redi; 

4. Lest hapli if da ot Masedo- 
nia knm wid me, and f;[nd yo un- 
prep^rd, we (dat we sa not^ ye) 
Jud be afdmd i!n dis sam kanfi- 
dent bostii). 

6. dEitrfor i tet it n^sari tu 
Bgz^frt de bredren, dat da wud go 
befor antu yco, and mak up 1^ 
£Drhand ya>r bvnti, hw]ir6f ye had 
Botis bef 6r, dat de sam m|t be redi 
az [<t mater ov] birnti, and not az 
[ov] kdvetnsnes. 

6. But dis [{ sa], He hin^ s<»et 
8pctri||li Jal rep elso spiinDli; and 
be hwiq soed b^tifuU Jal rep el- 
so b^hitifuli. 

' 7. Everi man akerdii) az be pur- 
puse) in hiz hq,rt, [so let him 
giv]; not grujigli, er ov ncsesiti: 
fer God luvet a ^erful giver. 

8. And God [iz] abl tu mak 
el gras ab^nd tord yco; dat ye, 
elwaz havi^ el sufijensi in el 
[tiijz},* ma ab^nd tu everi gud 

9. (Az it iz riten, He half dis^ 
p^TSt abrM; he hat given tii de 
pir: ' hiz rityusnes remanel fer 
ever. [Bcim 112: 9.] 

10.. N^ he dat inlnisteret sed tu 
de soer best minister bred fer 
[ycDr] fflBd, and multipli ya>r sed 
son, and inkr& de froots ov yAr 
i^tyusnes;) * 
^ 11. Beii^emiqt ii^ even ^^ tu 

el b^tifulnes; bwi^ kezet tn^ «■ 
tafiksgiviD tu God. 

12. Fer de adminlstraron ov 
dis s^rvis not onii snpKet de 
wont ov de sants, but iz abondaut 
elso hi meni tagks-giviDz untu 

13. Hwilz b{ de eksperiment'Ov 
dis ministrejon da gloriii God fer 
yiDr prof est subjekjon untu de 
gospel ov Krist, iind fer [ya>r] lib- 
eral distribiiJVm untu dem, and 
untu el [men J; 

14. And b| d^r pr^r fer ya>, 
hwi^ loD after ya> fer de eksedig 
gras ov God in ya>. 

15. Ha^ks [be] untu God fev 
hiz unspekabl gift. 


1. Nv i Pel miself beslq ya> bj 
de meknes and jentlnes ov Krist^ 
ha> in prezens [am] bas am^ ya», 
but beit) absent am bold tord 

2. But i bcs^ [y«)], dat i ma 
Bot be bcAd hwen i am prezent 
wid dat konfidenSy hws(rwit 4 ti^k 
tu be bold agenst sum, hwig tipk 
ov us az if we wekt akerdin tu de 

3. Fer do we wek in de fief, 
we do net wer after de fief: 

4. (Fer de weponz ov vr werf^r 
[or] not kq;nial, bat m^ti trco 
God tu de pulig dvii ov strog* 

6. Kasti^ dvn imi^inafo&z, and 
everi h[ iii^ dat egzeltet itself 
ag^nst de nolej ov God, and bri^i^ 
intu kaptiviti everi tet tu de 
obediens ov Krjst; 

.6i And havix) in a redines tu 
revenj el disobediens, hwen yov 
obedi4ns iz fulfild. 

7. S Da> ye luk on ti^ after di 
vtward aperans. If eni mAn trast 
tu MmseH dat he iz £r|si8, lei 
hiia oT himself ti^ dia^igaiii 4M| 


M lie [Is] KiyMi, ereBM) [ai^l ^*b 

8. For d(» i Jud boat Bumhwot 
nUDr or vr eloriti, hwiq de Letd 
hat giron us fer edifikaJoD, and 
pot £er yoMT deatruk Joiii i Jud dM 
be ajdmd: 

9. 3at i ma aol sem as if i 
wud terilj ja 14 leterz. 

10. Fer [hU] isterz, sads, [<^] 
waU and pverful; but [hiz] bodili 
prezeD9 [iz] wek, and [hiz] spe^ 

, 11. Let BOQ an wun tipk dis, 
dat^i9(U9 az we qr in ward bi leterz 
kwen weqr absent^ suq [wil we be] 
elao in ded hwen we qr present 

12. Fer we d^r not mak vraelvz 
OY de number, er komp4r vrselvz 
wid sum dat komend demselvz: 
bat da me^piri^ demselvz b| detn- 
9^Wz» and komp^rig demselvz 
amdg dema^lvzi cur not wjz. 

13. But we wil not boat ov 
ti^z widi^t [vr] megyiir, but 
akerdi{) tia de mef^yiir ov de luol' 
hwiq God haft d&tribjiited tu 
u% q megTHr tia reQ even untu 

14. Fer we streQ not 9taelva be- 
y6nd [^r mesynr], az do we reqt 
Xkot untu ya>i fer we qjr kunX' az 
fqr az tu ^ elao in [preqig] de 
goapel OT &ist: 

16. Not boBtiD ov ligz widit 
[vr] . me5yi|r» [d^t iz], ov uder 
menz laborz; but havif} hop^ 
bweu ym faft iz itikr^aly.dattwe 
Jid be eni<irjd bj, ya> akerdig tu 
vt r»l abunda&tli, . 

16>. Tu pre^ de gospel in de £re- 
jonz] beyond y<a, . [and] not tta 
bost in andder nkanz l^n ov tiDz 
mad redi tu vr hand. 

17. But he dat gloneft^ let him 
glori in de Lord. 

)18. Fw not. he dat kpaadndcft 
h^pelf U apr«^vd| but iMWoa de 
^ed keBi^ideft* 


1. Wud tia Qod ye kod V|r 

wid me a litl in [mi] foU: ai^ ia- 
d^d bi^r wid me. 

2. Fer i am jelus over y<b wil 
godli j^ust: fer i hav eap^zd yea 
tu. wun huzbadd, dut j ma pre-- 
zent [yo aa] a Qast v^rjin tia Kiji^ 

3. But i fer, lest \^ eni mem;, 
az de B^rpent begjld 8v lr<i> hiz 
sutilti, so yoMT mjudz Jud be kor* 
lipted fit>i& de simplisiti dat is is. 

4:. Fer tf he dat kume) preqel 
anuder Jezus, h<&m we hav soft 
pregt^ er [if] ye res^v andder spir- 
it, hwig ye hav Bot resivd, ei: an- 
lider gospel, hwig ye hav not akr 
septed^ ye mit wel b^r wid (Mm.] 

5. Fer i supoz { woz not a hwit 
behind de. veri qefest ap^lz. 

$. But do [i be] r<Dd in sgeq^ 
yet not in nolej; biit we hav Inn 
trcoti mad manifest amti^y^e ia el 

7. % Eav I komited an of^ns in 
abesi^ myself dat ye mit be egaalt* 
edf bek^z [ hay pre^t tu y» de 
gospel ov God frelL 

8. $ robd uder QUTQez, takiQ WB- 
jez [ov dejBi}, tu da> y4j> s^vis. 

9. And hwen i woz prezent wid 
ya>, and wonted, i woz qq,rjab( tia 
no mtai: fer dat hwig woz laki^ 
tu me de bredreh hwi^ kam froni 
Masedoniasupyd: and in el [iiOBJ 
i hay kept in|self from bei|| bur- 
densum untu y<n, and [so] wil { 

10. As de trat ov ftr^st ia.ia 
ma^ BO man Jal stop me ov ^ 
bostiD in de rdonz ov Akaa. 

IL <)Hwi[rfor; Ibekez i hir 
yxD not God noed. 
. 12. But hwot i do), dat i wil 
da>y dat I ma kut oi okason from 
deni hwiodezjrokagon; dat hw;s|iiii 
4»gio9d,4emabeivad etren afr w4 

tgvwmj Tcr as kobznsusz. 

.13. Fer tnq [qr] fob ap6slz» 
de^etful wurk^rz, traDsfermi)) 
demselya intu de ap68lz ov Kt'iat. 

,li. Ajui DO mqrvel; f^r Satan 
himself iz traDsfermd i&tu an on- 
jel oy.lit 

15. &4rfor.[it iz] do grat tig 
if biz ministerz eUobetraasfermd 
az da mlDiflterz ov qtyuBues; ha>z 
end fal be akerdig tu di^r wurks. 

16. S sa f^en, let no man ligk 
me a f(Dl; if uderwjz, yet az a 
fa>l resiv ma, dat i ma boot mjiielf 
a litL 

17. 8[at bwiq i apak, i spek [it] 
not after de Lerd» but az it w^r 
fcolijli, in dis konfidens ov bo&tii). 

18.' Sai^ dat lueni glori after de 
llejy I wil glori ^Iao. 

Id. Fer ye safer fcolz gladli, 
aei^ ya [ya>rselvz] q;r wjz. 

^. Fer ye sufer, if a man brig 

fyobintu bondej, if a man dev^r 
ya»], if a man tak [ov ya>], if a 
inaaegzelt himself , if a man sm^t 
ya> on de fas. 

21. % sppk az koDs^mii) Tepro^, 
ae dp wa had bin wek. H^beit 
faw^rinsoever eni iz bold, (i spek 
fa>lijli,) i am bold also. 

22. HEr da Hebr«>z; so [am] i* 
<i Hr da Izraelits; so [am] |. ^ Hr 
da de ^ ov Ubrabam; so [am] i 

23» ^Br da ministerz ov Kx^t; 
(l spek az a fa>l,) 4 [am] mor; in 
laborz mor ab^Jidant, in straps 
ab^T mesyi^x, in prizpnz mor f re- 
kwenty in dets oft. 

24. Ov de Jhz fiv tjmz res^vd 
4 ibrti [strips] sav wun. 

25. Hr^s woz i beten wid rodz, 
wuios woz i stond, tr^s i siif erd 
ripre^y a n^i and a da i hav bin 
m de dep; 

1}6. [In] jumiij)z of en, [in] per- 
ilz ov weterZy [in] pevilz ov rob- 
erz, [in] perilz bj [mja on] kun- 
^admen, [in] perilz bi de hedei:i, 
fin] perilz in de siti, [in} j^U ip 

de wildernes, [w] pevilz in de cte, 
[in] perilz amdp fels bredren; 

27. In werines and panfuiiiefl, 
in wo^i^z ofen, in huijger and l^rst^ 
in fastigz (^en, in kold and na» 

28. Be8j[d doz lij^z dat qpr wid- 
^t, dat hwiq kiunet np6n me doli, 
de k^r ov el de qnrqez. 

3d. % Ho iz wek, and i am not 
wek; Sh<D iz of ended, and { bom 

30. If i must nedz glori, i in\ 
glori ov de ti^z hwig koos^rn m^n 

31. JBCe Qod and Fq,der ov vr 
Lerd Jezus Krist, hwif iz blesed 
fer everaicSr, noet dat i li not^ 

32. In I>ami8kii8 de guverner 
under Aretas de kvQ kept de siti or 
de Damas^nz wid a gaiiaon, dezj- 
nis tu aprebend me: 

33. And ir(b a windo in a bas- 
ket woz I let dvn b^ de wel and 
eskilpt biz handz. 


1. It iz not ekspedient fer ma 
duties tu glori. $ wil knm tu 
vi^onz and revel«|onz ov de X40rd. 

2. $ nii a man in Krist abit 
forten yerz ago, (bweder in de 
bodi, I kan not tel; er bweder 9t 
ov de bodi, \ kan not tel: God ao- 
et;) sug an wun ket up tu de t^rd 

3. And i nil SUQ a man, (bwed- 
er in de bodi. er at ov 6r bodi, i 
kan not tel: God noeO;) 

4. Us dat he woz ket up intu 
parades, and b^rd unspekabl wurdz, 
hwiq it iz not leful fer a man tu 

5. Ov suQ an wun wil i glori: 
yet ov mi»$lf i wil not gl^ri, but 
in min inlf^rmitiz. 

6. Fer do i wud dez^r tu glori, 
;i Jal not be a fol; fer 4 wilsa de 
\m^i buJ: [un] i ieib4ri tot m 

r »4 r^Mb 8P18L rrtij (lb to^ttttAUi^ 

Bian/ttdlivkovm&sbAvlkthwiQj 18. # dszifrd T^os, Midwid 
he seel me [tu be], or [dat] he [him] | sent a bruder. 9 Did T^- 
herei or me. tas mak a gan ov yo; ? wekt we 

7. And lest | |ud be egelted not in de earn spirit; ^ [wekt we] 
• abdv megyiir tr(p de ahdndans ovHnot in de sam steps. 
de revelajonz, d^r woz given tul 19. Aseo, ?tii)k ye dat we eks- 

me a tern in de f lej, de mesenjer 
av Satan tu bofet me, lest { Jud 
be egzelted abdv me53'i|r. 

8. For dis tin i bes^t de Lord 
M^ dat it mit dep^it from me. 

9. And he sed ontu me, Mi gres 
is sufijant far de: far mj strept iz 
mad p^rfelct in weknes. Most 
gladli (fa^rfor wil i rader giori in 
mi inf^rmitiz, diM; de pver ov Kijst 
ma rest updn me. 

IOl 3!^r£br i tak plesyi^r in in- 

f^rmitiz, in reproqez, in nesesitiz, 

in p^nektlfonz, in distresez fer 

'Eifsts mk: fer hwen i am wek, 

den am i strog. 

11. $ am Iwkdm a tml in glo- 
riil); ye hav kompeld me: fer i 
et tu hay bin kom^nded or yoo: 
fer in notig am 4 behjnd de veri 
gefest ap6slz, do i be notii). 

12. TnDli de sinz oy an ap6sl 
.w^r ret am^ yea in el pajens, in 

sinz, and wnnderz, and miti dedz. 

13. Fer S hwot iz it hwnrin yc 
w^r inferior tu uder ^arqez, eksept 
[it be] dat i miself woz not bur- 
densom tu ya>; forgiv me dis roi). 

14. Behold, de terd tim i am tu el uder, dat, if i kum agi^n, i 

redi tu kum tu ya>; and i wil not 
hi bnrdensom tu y<D: fer i sek 
not yorz, bat vcd: fer de gildren 
et not tu la up fer de pi^rents, but 
4e pt^rents fer de gfldren. 

16. And i wit veri gladli spend 
and be spent fer ya>; da de mor 
abundantli i luv ya>, de les i be 

16. Bat be it so, i did not bur- 
den ycD: neverdelesy beig krafti, i 
ket ya> wid gil. 

17. SDid i mak a gan ov y<D hi 
ani or dem lubm.i ^^^ wo^ fOi, 

k^z TTselvz utttu y<i>; we spek 
befor God in Krist: but [we do] 
el tigz, derli beldve'd, fer yotr edi- 


20. Fer i fer, lest^ hwen j kum, 
i Jai not f^nd ya> sug az i wtid, 
and [dat] i fal be fvnd nntu yxa 
saq az ye wud not; lest ^ds^r be] 
debdts, envii^z, rcits, str^fis; bak- 
foitii^z, ' hwisperigz, swelinz, tu- 

21. [And] lest, hwen i kum 
agen, mi God wil humbl me amdg 
ycD, and [dat] { Jal bew^l meni 
hwiQ hav sind elredi, and hav not 
repented ov de unklennes and -fer- 
nikajon and lasiviusnes hvnq da 
hav komited. 


1. Sis [iz] de %^d tjm | am 
kmnip tu y<i>. In de mvt ov tea 
er tre witnesez Jal everi wuitl be 

2. $ told yA befor, and fort^ 
ya>, az if I wer prezent, de sekond 
tim; and beig absent n? j r^t tu 
dem hwig hertufor hav sind, and 

yw\\ not spj^r: 

8. Sins ye sek a prof ov Krist 
speki|) in me, hwi^ tu ycD-word iz 
not wek, but iz miti in jot. 

4. Fer do he woz kroDsifid tni> 
weknes, yet he livet hi de p^er ov 
God. Fer we elso qr wek in 
him, but we Jal liv wid him b| de 
p^er ov God tord yo). 

6. Egz4min ya>rselvz, hweder 
ye be in de fat; pra>v ya>r on selve. 
4 No ye not yaa on selvz, hv dat 
Jezus Krist iz in ya>, eksept ft be 

^ttm vet m QiLsoASz. 

• 6. But i tnist dat ye Jal no d^ 

we (vr not r^probats. 

7. N^ I pra tu Ood dal yc do) 
no eyil; not dat we ftad ap^ 
Jiprob vd, bat dat ye Jud do d&t h wiq 
iz^ onest, do wc be az reprobats. 

8. Fer we kan do lioitip agenst 
de trot, but fer de trot. • 

9. Fer we qr glad, hwen we qr 
wek, and ye qx Btrop: and dig elso 
'we wif, [even] yor perfekjon. 

10. 9^^rfor4 rjt dez tigz beii) 
absent, lest bei^ prezent i Jud yi^z 
J^irimes, akerdig tu de pver hwi^ 
de Lord hat given me tu edifika- 
/eii, and not tu destmkjon. 

11. r^i, bredres, f^niM. Be 
p^rfekt, be ov gud kumfort^ ba 
ov wun in|Bd, liv in pes; and 
de Ood 4>y luv and pes Jal btf 
wid yo; 

13. Gret wim ant&der wid an 
holi kis. 

13. 61 de santB sa!i!),t yo. 

14. 3e grae ov de Lerd Jezntf 
Kr^st, and de kiv ov God, and de 
komyiinyon ov de Holi Oost, [be] 
wid yo el. • £Imen. 

^38 sekond [episl] tu de Korintians 
woz ritea from F|Iip|, [d siti] ov Hase- 
donia, b| T{tas and Li^luM. 

epiSL ov PGL TU ae galszianz. 


1. Pel, an ap<5sl, (not ov men, 
neder b^ man, but bj Jezus Krist, 
and God de Fq,der, ho razd him 
from de ded;) 

2. And el de bredren hwtq qr 
wid me, untu de ^urqez ov Galajio : 

3. Gras [be] tu y© and pes from 
God de Pq,der, and [from] sr Lord 
Jezus Kr^st, 

4. Ho gav himself fer vr sinz, 
-dat he m^t 'deliver us from dis 
j)rezent evil wurld, akerdi^ tu de 
wil ov God and ysr Fqder: 

5. Tu horn [be] glori fer ever 
and ever. £[men. 

6. 3B mcirvel dat ye q^- so son re 
m6vd from him dat keld yo intu 
de gras ov Kristuntu andder gospel : 

7. HwiQ iz not anudor; bat di(r 
be sum dat trubl yo, and wud 
perV^rt de gospel ov Kr^st. 

8. But do we, er an anjel from 
heven, preiQ eni uder gospel untu 
yo dan dat hwi^ we hav pre^t 
untu yo, let him be akt&rsed. 

9. Az we sed befor, so sa } ns 
agen. If eni [man] pre^ eni uder 
gospel untu yo dan dat ye hav 
rcsevd, let him be akursed. 

10. Fer Hdo j n^ perswad men, 
er God; er Sdo i sek tu plez men; 
fer if { yet plezd men, i Jud not 
be de servant ov Krjst. 

11. But I s^rtif^yo, bredren, dat 
de gospel hwiQ woz preqt ov me 
iz not 4Eifter man. 

12. Fer i neder reeivd it or 
man, neder woz I tet [it,] but bj die 
revelajon ov Jezus Sriet 

IS. Fer ye hav hf rd ov m| kon- 
versajon in t^m past in de Ji^z ra- 
tion, hv dat bey<Sud megyilr i 
p^nakiited de qarq or Godj aad 
wasted it: 

ensEi rv se ms^mj^z. 

14. And ptdStod in de Jiie ts- 
Itjoii 9kAw meni mj ekwalz in id|d 
•a najon, Ijeip mot ekaediQli zm- 
«0 or de tarndijons oy mj Iq^derz. 

15. But hwen it plezd Gkid, ho 
i^pamted ma from mi mud^rz 
worn, and keld [me] b^ hiz grafl, 

16. Tu rey^l hiz Son in me» 
dftk i m|t pceQ him amdo de heden; 
im&ietli 4 konf^nd not wid flej 
«Bd blttd: 

17. Keder w«it i up tu Jemn 
zalem tu dem hwi^ w^r ap6slz b&: 
for me; bat i went intu Arabia, 
and retdrnd agan untu Damaskus. 

18. GLen after tre yerz I went 
up tu JercDzalem tu se Peter, and 
abod wid him fiften daz. 

19. But ttder ov de ap68lz se i 
nun, say Jamz de I^erdz bruder. 

20. Nv de ti;)z hwig ^ ijt untu 
ya>, behold, befor God, 1 1^ not 

21. (ICteiwardz i k«m intu de 
xejonz ov Siria and Sjlijia; 

22. And woz unnon bj fae un- 
tu de ^ur^ez ov J^dea hwig w^ r 
IB Kiist: 

23. But da had h^rd onli, ^at 
h£ hwiq p^iaekiited us in t[mz 
past nv preset de £at hwi^ wuns 
ne destrml. 

24. And da gloried God in me. 


ll Sen forten yerz after i vent 
Up ag^ tu Jermzalem wid Bcima- 
bos, and tuk Tjtus wid [me] elso. 

2. And i went up b^ revelitjon, 
and komy^nikated untu dem dat 
goepel hwiq i preg amtq) de Jen- 
t^lz, but privetli tu dem hwiQ w§r 
or repyi^/on, lest b^ eoi menz i 
fud run, er had run, in van. 

3. But neder Tjtus, ha> woz wid 
me, bei{) a Greik, woz kompeld tu 
ht B^rkums^zd: 

4. And dat bek^z ov Mb bred- 
van imaw^rz brat in, ha> kam in 
privili tu spi 3t vr lihfirti hwi^ 

we h^ in Krjst Jesoi, d^t^n «4^ 
brig us intu bondej: 

6. Tu hdNn wegiav plaa In spb- 
jekfbUy no^ not far an vr; 4at da 
trof OT de goapel m^t konti&yH 
wid ya>. 

6. Butovdoz hm senad tuba 
sumhwot, hwotaoever da wqt, it 
mokeft no mater tu me: God ak- 
septet no manz person: fer d& ho 
semd [tu be sumhwot] in koafei^ 
ens aded notig tu (ne: 

7. But k6ntrariwiz, hwen da aa 
dat de gospel ov de uns^kumsison 
woz konuted untu me^ az [de go»r 
pellov da a^rkumsigon [woz] aa- 
tu reter; 

8. (For he dat ret efektyq;Edi in 
Peter tu de ap6slpp ov de a^r- 
kumsigon, de sam woz m|ti in me 
tord & Jent^lz:) 

9. And hwen Jamz^ Sefas, and 
Jon, hoi aemd tu he pilaiz, per- 
s^vd de gins dat woz given untu 
me, da gav tu me and Bq^mabes 
de r|t handz ov felojip; dat we 
[Jud go] untu de heden, and da 
untu de s^rkumsigon. 

10. Qnli [da wud] dat we fud 
rem^ber de pear; & earn hwi^ j 
elso woz ferward tu dqo. 

11. But hwen Peter woz kum 
tu Antiok, i widsUid him tu de 
fas, bek4z he woz tu be blamd. 

12. Fer befor dat s^rten kam 
from Jamz, he did et wid de Jen- 
tjlz: but hwen da w$r kum, he 
widdne and sepaxated himself, far- 
i^ dem hwi<3 w$r ov de s^rkum^ 

13. And de udor Jqa dizemUd 
likw|z wid him; insomd^ dat Bq^ 
nabas elso woz karid awd widdb|r 

14. But hwen i se dat da wekt 
not upr^tli akerdi{) tu de tn^t ov 
de gospel, i sed untu Peter befor 
[dem] el, If dir, bei^ a Jq, livest 
after de numer ov Jent^, and not 

c>isL rcT as GALaiirANZ. 


as cla> tfe Jtiz, Ihwjltoiiipeidst dv 
Ab Jentjlz tu liv az do de Ji^z. 

15. We Pmd qr] Ji^z b^ natytir, 
and not sinerz or de Jentilz, 

16. Noi{) dat a man iz not jus- 
ti^d hi d& wrtrks or de le, but bj 
dr M ov Jazus Kr^st^ even we hay 
bel^vd in Jezus Krist, dat we m^t 
be jtrstiQd b^ de fa.t ov Ki^st, and 
not 14 de wurlts ov de le: for bi de 
wurlra ov de le fal no fie J be jus- 

17. But if, bwjl we sek tui be 
justiQd b^ KtJBt, we vts^lvz elso 
q;r fvnd sinerz, S [iz] ds^rfor Kqst 
de minister ov sin. God forbid. 

18. Per if i bild agen de tipz 
hwiQ I destr^d, i m& m^s^lf a 

19. F^r I UrA de le am ded tu 
6t le, dat i mit liv untu God. 

20. $ am krcMifid wfd Krjst: 
neverdel^ l liv ; yet not j, but 
Kr|8t livet in me: and de l^f hwi^ 
I rof liv in de fief j liv bj de fat ov 
de Sun ov God, ha> luvd me, and 
gay himself fer me. 

21. $ don not fmstrat de gras ov 
GN)d: ier if r|tyusnes [kum] hi de 
le, den Ejjf9t iz ded in van. 


1. G> fa>liT Gala/ianz, ?ha> bat 
bewiQt yoy, oat ye |uid not ohA de 
tmt, befor h<Dz ^z Jezus Krjst 
hat \An evidentli set fort, kriDsifjd 
amii^ y<n. 

2. 3i8 onli wud i I^m ov ya>, 
^Res^vd ye de Spirit bj de wurks 
ov de le, er b^ de herif) ov fat. 

3. ? Hr ye so f aIi J; havi{) begdn 
in de Spirit, *i qr ye n-y mad p^r- 
fekt bi de flej. 

4. ^ Hav ye suferd so meni ti^z 
in yan; if [it be] yet in van. 

6. He d^ffor dot ministeret tu 

ya de &pm% and wurket miraklz 

am^ ya^ ^[d(»et he H] bj da 


wurks ov de le, er bj de heriji' 

6. 8ven az Elbrabam beUvd 
God, and it woz akzmted tu him 
fer rityusncs. 

7. In o ye di^ifor dat da hwi^ qr 
ov fat, de 8am q;r de ^Idren ov 

8. And de skriptyiir, foTseif) dat 
God wud justify de hcden tr© fat, 

Ct befor de gospel untu Qbra- 
, [saig], In d^ Jal el nafonz be 
West [Jen. 12: 3.] 

9. So den da hwig be ov fiat qr 
blest wid fatful CEbraham. 

10. Fer az meni az ctr or de 
wurks ov de le qr under de kurs: 
fer it iz riten, Kursed [iz] everi 
wun dat kontlnyqet not in el tii)Z 
hwiq qr riten in de buk ov de le 
tu do dem. [Dqt 27: 26.] 

11. But dat no man iz justii|d 
bj de le in de sit ov God, [it iz] 
evident: fer, SEe just fal liv In fat. 
[Hab. 2:4.] 

12. And de le iz not ov fat: but, 
3e man dat debet dem Jal liv in 
dem. [Lev. 18: 5.] 

13. Erist hat red^md us from 
de kurs ov de le, beig mad a kurs 
fer us: fer it iz riten, Kursed [izj 
everi wun dat hflDet on a tre 
[Dqt 21: 23]: 

14. 3at de blesig ov CEbraham 
mit kum on de Jent^lz trco Jezusr 
Rr^st; dat we m^t resiv de promis 
ov de Spirit tra> fat. 

15. Bredren, jL spek after da 
maner ov men^ So [it be] but a 
manz kuvenant, yet [if it be] kon- 
f^rmd, no n:ian disandlet, er adet 

16. Ntt tu Hbraham and hiz 
sed w^r de promisez mad. He set 
not, And tu sedz, az ov meni; but 
az ov wun, And tu di 5ed, hwig 
iz Ki^st 

17. Anddis i sa, Jdat] de kuve- 
nant^ dat woz konf^rmd bcf^ or 


QM m Kr|rt» 6e lo^ Ixwiq vox fcar| 
hnndred and t^iti yen after, kan. 
not disaaiil (tat it Jud mak dt, 
pDomis ov Dim efekt. | 

18. Fer if de inheritaDS [be] ov; 
d& le, [it ia] do mor ov promis: 
Uit God g^T [it] tu £[bnidiaiii bi- 
promis. } 

19. ^Hw^rfor den [senrel] ds 
let It woz aded bekez oy trans*} 
grejonz, til de sed Jud knm tU: 
haatn. de promis woz mad; [and it 
woz] erdand bl anjelz in de hand 
OT a mediator. 

20. Ntt a mediatcNr ii not [a me- : 
diator] OT wnn, bat €rod iz wnn. | 

21. ^[Iz] de le den agenst de, 
promisez ov (xod. God forbid :| 
for if di^r had bin a le given hwi^; 
kud hav given l^f, veriU r^tyosnes 
Jud hav bin bf de le. 

22. Bat de skiiptyiir hal kon- 
kidded el under sin, dat de promisl 
bi iah ov Jezus Krjst n4t be given 
tu dem dat belev. 

23. But befor fiid kam, we wer 
kept under de le, Jut up untu de 
fat hwig Jud afterwardz be reveld. | 

24. Hwa^if or de le woz tt skol- 
master [tu brig us] untu Krjst^ 
dat we mjt be justifid bi fsl. 

25. But after dat fat iz kum, we 
qr no logger under <1 skokl-master. 

26. Fer ye qr el de qildren ov 
Qod bj &tl in iiyit Jezus. 

27. Fer az meni ov j<n az hav 
bin bapt|zd intu Krist hav put 
on Kr^st 

28. 3^r iz neder Jii ner Grek,i 
ds^r iz neder bond ner f re» d%r iz 
neder mal ner femal: fer ye qr 
el wun in Kr^st Jezus. 

29. And if ye [be] Exists, den 
(V ye Qbrahamz sed, and ^rz 
akerdig tu de promis. 


1. Nv i 88, [31at] de ^^r, az log 
aa he iz a oild, diferet noiig 

Ciom a 8§rvant| do he be laid 
ov el; 

2. But iz under tqtorz and gov- 
emorz until de tim aponted ov da 

3. 8ven so we, hwen w^ w^ 
^dren, w§r in bondej under da 
elements ov de.wurld: 

4. But hwen de fulnes ov de* 
tim woz kum, God sent fort hiz 
Sun, mad ov a wuman, mad un* 
der de le, 

5. Tu redem dem dat w^r un- 
der de le, dat we mit xesev da- 
adopjon ov sunz. 

6. And bekez ye qpr suna, Qod 
hat sent fort de Spirit ov Jnz 
Sun intu yo^r hqrts, kiiip. Aba, 

7. Hw^rfor 6s qrt no mor a 
servant, but a sun; and if a son, 
den an ^r ov God tro £rist. 

8. Hvbeit den, hwen ye wn not 
God, ye did s^rvis untu dem hwiq 
hi natyqr qx no godz. 

9. But ms, after dat ye hav ncm 
God, er rader qr non ov God, 
^ his turn ya agen tu de wak and 
begarli elements, hw]|Tunt(nyada- 
zjr agen tu be in bondej. 

10. Ye obz^rv daz, and munts^ 
and timz, and yerz. 

11. $ am afrad ov ya>, lest i 
hav bestod up<Sn ya> labor in van. 

12. Bredren, i besiq yc&, be az i 
[am]; for i [am] az ye [qr]: ya 
hav not injiird me at oL 

13. Ye no hs tro infermiti ov 
de flej i preQt de gospel untu ytn^ 
at de f ^rst 

14. And mi temtajonhwi^ woz 
in mi flej ye despjzd not^ ner la- 
jekted; but resevd me az an anjel 
ov Grod, [even] az Krist Jezus. 

15. SHws^r iz den de blesednes 
ye spak ov; fer i h^r ya> rekoid, 
dat) k [it had bin] posibl, ya wud 
hav plukt St jaa on iz, and hav 
given dem tu me. 

episL.Tu ace aALssuNZ* 


^16^ 9 Ami d^rfisr bokdm jebv 
enemi, bekez i tel yo) de tra)t. 

17. 3a zelusli afekt y<D, [but] 
not wel; ya, da wud ekskl^a yco, 
dat ye m^t afekt dem. 

. 18. Bat [it iz] gud tu be zelus- 
li afekted elwaz in [a] gud [tij)], 
aad not onli hwen i am prezont 

19. Mi Utl Qildren, ov boDm i 
travel in b^it agen until Erist ^e 
f ermd in yo), 

20. $ dez^r tube prezent wid 
yiD. n7, and tu ^anj mj vers; f er { 
stand in d^t ov ya>. 

21. Tel mc, ye dat dezfr tu he 
under de le, ^da> ye not her de le. 

22. Fer it iz riten, dat Abra- 
ham had t<D sunz, de wun b^ a 
bond-mad, de uder bj a fre-wum- 
ati. [Jen. 16: 15; 21: 2.] 

23. But he [hco woz] ov de 
bomd-wuman woz bern after de 
flej; but he ov de fre-wuman 
[woz] bj prom is. 

. 2^ HwiQ tii)z q,r an alegCMri : 
fer dez q,r de too kuvenants; de 
wun from ds m^nt Sjnaj, hwig 
jenderet tu bbndej, hwiq iz £[gar. 

25. Fer dis £[gar iz m^nt Sjnaj 
in Arabia, and anseret tu Jeroo- 
zalem hwig ms iz, and iz in bond- 
ej wid h^r Qildren. 

26. But JercDzalem hwi^ iz 
abdv iz fre, hwig iz de muder ov 
US el. 

27. iz riten, Rej^B, [d^] 
baren dat barest not; brak fort 
and krj, ds dat travelest not: fer 
de desolet hat meni mbr gildren 
dan Je hwig hat an huzband. [$z. 
54: 1.] 

28. Ns we, bredren, az OBzak 
woz, qr de qildren ov promis. 

29. But az den he dat woz bern 
other de f lej p^Fseki^ted him [dat 
woz bern] after de Spirit, even 
so [it iz] ns. 

aa N^verdeles <ihwot set de 

skriptynr. Kast si de bond-wum- - 
an and h§r sun: fer de snn ov de 
bond-wuman Jal not be ^r wid de 
sun ovde fre-wuman. [Jen. 21: 
10.] ' 

31. So den, bredren, we qr not 
Qildren ov de bcmd-wiiunan, but ov 


1. Stand fast d^rfor in de lib-, 
erti hwqrwlt Krjst hat mad ns fre, 
and be not entdggld agen wid de 
yok ov bondej. 

2. Behold, j Pel sa nntu yco, 
dat if ye be s^rkums^zd, Er^st Jal 
profit yo) notig. 

3* Fer I testify agen tu ey^ 
man dat iz s^rkums^zd, dat he iz 
a detor tu dco de hoi le. 

4;. Kr^st iz bekiim ov no ef^t 
untu yo), hdisoever ov yo) qr jus- 
tifjd bj de le; ye qr felen from gras.- 

5. Fer we tr<D de Spirit wat fer 
de hop ov rjtyusnes bj fat. 

6. Fer in Jezus Krjst neder' 
s^rkumsijon avalet eni tii), ner 
un-serkumsigon ; but fat hwig 
wurket bj luv. 

7. Ye did run wel; 4ha) did 
hinder yen dat ye Jud not obd de 

8. Sis perswason [kmnet] not 
ov him dat kelet ya>. 

9.^Q litl leven levenet de hoi 

10. $ hav konfidens in jcn tra> 
de Lord, dat ye wil be nun nder-. 
wjz mjnded: bat he dat trublet 
y© Jal h^T hiz jujment, hcDsoever 
he be. 

11. And i, bredren, if j yet prcg 
s^rkumsison, Shwj d(D j yet sufer 
p^rsekqjon; den iz de of ens ov de 
kros sest. 

12. 6B wud da w^r even kut of 
hwiq trubl yco. 

13. Fer, bredren, ye hav bin 
keld untu liberti; onu [yqz] not 


CFiSL trsT ae eALasAirz. 

liberti for tn okason tu (k fiej, 
but bj liiT s^rr wun aniider. 

14. For el de le iz fultfld in 
wun wuid, [evcnj in dis; 3^ Jalt 
lav di nabor az d^selL [Lev. 1^: 

15. But if ye Ijt and dev^ 
wun andder, tak bed dai ya benot 
kona^ind wnn or andder. 

16. [ais] i 8a den. Wok in de 
Spirit, and ye Jal not fulfil de 
InBt ov de flej. 

17. For de ftej Instet a^nst de 
Sprite and de Spirit agenst de flef : 
and d yg <|;r k6ntirari de won tu de 
uder: so dat ye kan not d<fi; de 
tigz dat ye wud. 

18. But if ye be led ovde Spirit, 
ye qr not under de le. 

19. Nf de wurks ov de flef qr 
manifest, hwiq qr [dez]; Adulteri, 
f emikafon, unklennes, lasi viusnes, 

. 20. ^olatri, wigkraft, hatred, 
varians, emyniajonz, rqt, strjf, se- 
di|onz, heresiz, 

21. Enviigz, murderz, druken- 
nes, reveli^z, and suq l^k: ov de 
hwiq I tel ya> befor, az i hav elso 
told [y(D] in tim past^datdahwig 
da> auq tigz Jalnot inherit de kii)- 
dom ov God. 

22. But de fra>t ov de Spirit iz 
luv, jer, pes, lop^^uferSD, jentlnes, 
gudnes, lat, 

23. Meknes, temperans: agenst 
Baq d^r iz no lb. 

24. And da dat qr Kr|sts hav 
kroMsifid de flej wid de afekjonz 
and lusts. 

25. If we liv in<de Spirit, let us 
eko wek in de Spirit 

2Q. Let U8 not be deziruJs ov 
van glori, provokig wun anuder, 
enviig wun aniider. 

e^APTER 6. 

1. Bredren, if a man be over- 
taken in a fblt, ye hwiq qr spirit- 
yqal, restcSr tu^ an wun in de 


*s^rit OT meknes: kooililm^ 'd|» 
iself, lest dv elso be temted. 

2. B^r ye wun an6dm« btr- 
jdenz, and so ftittfl de le or &jrtL 

3. Fer if a man tigk himself 
tu be snmti^ hwen he ia noBq^ 
he desevel himselfL 

4. But let everi man pra>v hiz on 
wurk, and den Jal he hav njesig 
in himself alon, and not in anMer. 

5. Fer everi man Jal bsir b^ 
on burden. 

6. Let htm dat iz tet in de word 
komyqnikat nntu him dat tegeff 
in el gud ti^z. 

7. Be not des^vd; God iz not 
mokt: fer hwotsoever a man so- 
et, dat Jal he elso rep. 

8. Fer he ^ soet tu hiz flef 
al ov de flej rep korupjon; bot 
e dat soet tu de Spirit Jal or de 

Spirit rep Iff everldsti{). 

9. And let us not be weri m 
wel d<i>ip: fer in dq sezon we fel 
rep, if we fant not 

10. Az we hav dn^rfor opOrtq- 
niti, let us da> gud untu dl [men], 
espejali untu dem ha> qr ov 4t 
hirshold ov fat. 

11. Ye se h"5 IqrJ a letery hav 
riten untu ya> wid mia on handl 

12. Az meni az dezjr tu mak 
a f^r Jo in de flej, da konstrdn 
y<D tu be s^rkums^zd; onli lest da 
Jud suf er p^rseki^on fer de kros 
ov Kr^st 

13. Fer neder da demselvz hift 
qr s^rkums^zd kep de le; but de* 
z^r tu hav ya> s^rkumsjzd, dat da 
ma glori in yor flej. 

14. But God forbid dat J Jud 
glori, sav in de kros ov ^r Lerd 
Jezus Er^st, b^ h<Dm de wurld* xz 
kr<i>sif|d untu me, and i untu de 

15. Fer in Krjst Jeztia neder 
8^rkumsi5on avalet eni tr^ net 
un-sf rkumsigon, but cr riq kretyqr. 

16. And a2 meltri az wek amd- 

*MSL TW E6 eFcaiAj^i 


i0 tu fir root, pes [he] on dem, a&d 
zn^rsi, and tip6n de 'Izrael o v God. 
17. From hdnsfortl let no man 
trabl me: fer | bi^r in m^ bodi de 
in<4rks OY de Leid Jezu& 

18. Bt:^en;degrag'dV^L0rd' 
Jeztis Kr^st [be] wid y<br sfdriL 

HUstisi de Galii^Sflai lifcn fton Bm. 

' ■ < 



1. Ve\ an ap<58l or JeeoB Erist 
14 dfr idl at Qod, tiadesanto hwlQ 
qr at 'Efesos and tm de faMul in 
l&ist Jesras. 

2. Gnm [be] tU: 740, and pes, 
from God vr Fq,der, and [from] de 
Lord Jesnft Kriet. 

3. Blesed [be] de God and Fq- 
^r otr Tft Lord Jezus Kr^st, ha 
hat blest us wid el spuityHal 
blestpa in hevenli [piasezj in 

i, Ak&rdAiQ az he hal ^ozen us 
in him hdor de f sndajon ov de 
world, dat we Jud be holi and 
vid^ blam befor him in In?: 

5. Havi^ predestinated us untia. 
de adopjon ov gildren bf Jezus 
Kriat tu himself , akerdip tis de 
gad plegytir ov hiz wil, 

6. Tu de praz ov de gleri ov 
hiz ^as, hw^nn he had mad us 
aksepted in ds beldved. 

7. In haum we hav redemjon 
lni> hiz. Uud, defozglvnes ov sinz, 
akerdi^ tu de ngez ov hiz gras; 

8. HrWit'^ ^ ^ abvnded. tord 
us in el wizdom and pradens; 

9. fiavig mad non untu ns 
misteri ov hiz wfl,. akerdin tu hiz 
gud ple^Hr hwiq he hat pivpast 

10. Sat in de dii^BaEifon 0^ 
de fiidneB ov «|mz he no^t gader 
tugeder in wim 0I ti^z in KqK^ 
hot hwig qr in heven, and hwig 
qr on $rt; [even] in him: 

11. In ha»m elso we hav oMnd 
an inheritans, bei^ predestinated 
akerdin tu' de purpus ov him ha> 
wuricer el ti^ after de k$wai ov 
his && wil: 

12. Sat we i%ad be ttx de pfaz 
ov hie gbdri, ha> f^tst trtnted in 

13. In h<ftm ye also [trusted]^ 
after dat ye h^ de wnrd ov tro^ty 
de gospel ov y<Dr odivajon: in hdi^m 
also after dat ye b^vd, ye w^ 
seld wid dat holi Spirit ov pcomis^ 

14. HwiQ ie de ^mest ov m in- 
heritans ua^l de redemjon or de 
purqest pozejon, untu de pmz ov 
hiz glcMri 

15. Hwiiilorj elso, after { h^ 
ov ycor fat in de Lerd Jezus^ and 
lav untu ei de ssnti^ 

16; See not tu giv ta^s far yo), 
makig menjonov y® in mipn|[rz| 

17. 3at de God ov vr Lerd 
Jezus Kqst, de Fq,der ov glori, 
ma giv untu ya> de epMt ov wiz» 
dom and rev^a^on in' de nolej. ov 

18u 8[e le ot yitr understindiQ 
.bei^ enl^tend; dat ye ma noitiwt 


EVlBh TU 3,^ E^BJUSZ. 

IE da I19P PT Mz keli^ and liwot 
de riQez ov de glori ov his inker- 
itans iu de sants, 

19. And hwot [izj de eksedi^ 
gmtDAs ov hiz pver tu us-ward 
ha> belevy akerdqj tu de wurki{) 
ov hiz miti pver, 

20. Hwiq he ret in Kqst, hwen 
he razd him from de ded, and ftet 

thim] at hiz on rjt hand in de 
Lovenli [plasezl 

21. Fq^ .afauv el prinsipaliti, 
and pver, and mit, and dominyon, 
and everi nam dat iz namd, set 
onli in dis wwld, hut elso in dat 
Ikwigiz tukum: 

22. And hat pitit el [ti^] un- 
der hiz f et, and gav him [tu be] de 
hed over el [ti^z] tu de qur^, 

23. HwIq iz hiz bodi, de fulnes 
OY h^ dat £ilet el in eL 


1. And ya> [hat he kwikend]. 
luD w^r ded in trespasez andsinz; 
. 2. Hwii^rin in t^m past ye wekt 
akeidi^i tu de koia ov dis wurld, 
akerdi^ tu de prins ov de p^er ov 
dei|r, de sfiAt dat ms wurket in 
de Qildren ov disobediens. 

3« Amd^ h<Mn elso ws el had 
7T konversafon in t^mz past in de 
lusis ov vr nej, fulfill^) de dez^rz 
ov de fie J and ov de m^nd; and 
w?r bi natyi^r de gildren ov rqt, 
even az; uderz. . 

4. But God, ha> iz liq in meisi^ 
for hiz grat luv hwi^rwit he 
luvd us> 

5. &ven hwen we w^r ded in 
emz, hat kwikend us tugeder wid 
Snst) (bi gras yc qt savd;) 

6. Ajid hat razd [us] up tuged- 
er, and mad [us] sit tiageder in 
hevenli [plasez] in Exist Jaeus: 

7. S!at in de ajez tu kum hem^t 
Jo de eksedii) rigez ov hiz gras in 
thiz] kindnes tord us tra> Ki^st 
Jaans... .- .i 

8. Fer bj gras q;r 73 aayd |i«^ 
fat; and dat not ov ya>t5elvz: pk 
iz] de gift ov God; 

9. Not ov works, lieat era man 
Jud host. 

■ 10. Fer we qr hiz wurkmanjlp, 
kreated in Er^st Jezus untia gud 
wurks, hwig God hat befor erdand 
dat we fud wek in dem. 

11. Hwi^rfor remember, dat ye 
[bei^j] in t^m past Jentilz in de 
fie J, ho q,r keld Dn-s^rkumsi^on 
bi dat hwig iz keld de S^rkumsi- 
gOR in de fie J mad hi handz; 

12. Sat at dat tim ye w^r wid^t 
Erist, beig alyenz from de komon- 
welt ov 'Izrael, and stranjerz from 
de kuvenants ov promis, ha^i^ 
no hop, and .widirt God ia ^ 

13. But n^ in Erist Jeeus ye 
ha> sumtimz w^r f q,r of qjt mad ni 
bi de blud ov Erist 

14u Fer he iz ^r pes, Iud hal 
mad bot wun, and hat broken 
dsn de midi wel ov partijon [be- 
twin us]; 

15. HaviD abdlijt in hiz fief de 
enmiti, [even] de le ov komcmd-t 
ments [kontand] in ^rdinans^z; 
fer tu mak in himself ov twaa 
wun m^ man, [so] makip pes; 

16. Anddathemitrekonailbot 
untu Gk)d in wun bodi hi de kroa^ 
havii) shm de enmiti d^rbj: 

17. And kam and preqt pes tu 
yo) hwiQ w^r af4r of, and tu dem 
dat w^r ni. 

18. Fer tra> him we bot hav 
akses bi wun Spirit untu de Fqj^au 

19. N3 d^rfor ye cpr no nior 
stranjerz and ioreoerz, but felo^ 
sitizenz wid de sants, and ovde 
h-sehold ov God; 

20. And qr hilt up6n de f imda- 
Jon ov de apdslz and profels, Je- 
zus Eriit himself bd^ de gef kei^ 
ner [aton]; . 

21. In ha>m el da bildiv fitU 

8PI8L TU ae 8FeSIANZ.. 


{nund tii^^^r groet untu an heli 13. Ht^rfor'i dez{r (bt ye&nt 
tempi in de Lerd: . not at m^ tribyiilajonz fer yo, 

22. In h<Dm ye elso (ur bilt tia- 
geder fer an habitajon oy God trcD 
de Spirit 


I. Fer di8 kes i Pel, de prizonr 
er ov Jezus Erjst fer ya> Jent^lz, 

'2; (If ye hav h^rd ov de dis- 
pensajon ov de gras ov God hwi^ 
iz given me tu ya>-ward: 

3. Hy dat bi revelajon he mad 
non untu me de misteri; (az j rot 
afor in fi; wurdz; 

4. Hwi^rbj, hwen ye red, ye rna 
understdnd m^ nolej in de misteri 
ov Er^st) 

5. Hwi^ in nder ajez woz not 
mad non untu de simz ov men, az 
it iz n^s* rev^ld untu hiz holi 
apdslz and prof ets bi de Spirit; 

6. 3at de Jent^lz Jud be felo- 
f^rz, and ov de sam bodi, and par- 
takerz ov hiz promis in Krjst b^ 
de Gospel: 

7. Hw^r6f i woz mad a minis- 
ter, akerdig tu de gift ov de jspus 
ov God given untu me b^ de 
ef^tyiial wurkig ov hiz p^er. 

8. Untu mtf ha> am les dan de 
lest ov el sants, iz dis gras given, 
dal i Jud preg amii;) de Jentjlz de 
uns^r^abl rigez ov Kr^st; 

9. And tu mak el [men] se 
hwot [iz] de felojip ov de misteri, 
hwiQ from de begini^ ov de wurld 
hat bin l^id in God, ha> kreated el 
ti^z b^ Jezus Krjst: 

10. Tu de intent dat nv untu 
de prinsipalitiz and p^erz in hev- 
enli [plasez] m^t be non b^ de 
qatq de manifold wizdom ov God, 

II. Akerdiqj tu de eternal pur- 
pus hwiq he purpust in Kr^st Je- 
zus 7r Lerd; 

12. In ha>m we hav boldnes 
and akaes wid konf idena b^ de fat 
ov him. 

hwiq iz ycnr glori. 

li. Fer dis kez j bv mj nee untu 
de Fqder ov sv Lerd Jezus .Krjst^ 

15. Ov h4X>m de hoi famili in 
heven and ^rt iz namd« 

16. Sat he wud grant ja^ 
akerdifi tu de riqez ov hiz glori, 
tu be Btre]}tend wid m^t b^ hiz 
Spirit in de iuer man; 

17. Sat Er^st ma dwel in ya>r 
hqrts hi fat; dat ye, ha^ rcoted 
and grinded in luv, . 

18. Ma be abl tu komprehend 
wid el sants hwot [iz] de bredt, 
and le{)t, and dept, and hjt; 

19. And tu no de luv ov Kxiut^ 
hwiq paset nolej, dat ye mjt be 
fild wid el de fulnes ov God. 

20. N7 imtu him dat iz abl tu 
da> eksedip abundantli abdv el - 
dat we ask er ti^k, akerdig tu da 
pver dat wurket in us, 

21. Untu him [be] glori in de 
qurq b^ Erist Jezus tra>^t el ajez» . 
wurld widit end. dmen. 


1. BB darfor, de prizoner ov de 
Lerd,(be«Eq ya> dat ye wek wurdi 
ov de vokajon hwi^rwit ye qr keld, 

2. Wid el lolines and meknea, 
wid log-suferi{), forbi^ri;) wun an* 
dder in luv; 

3. Endevori^ tu kep de yiiniti 
ov de Spirit in de bond ov pes. 

4. [ai^r iz] wun bodi, and wun 
Spirit, even az ye qr keld in wun 
hop ov ycDr keli^; * 

5. Wun Lerd, wun fat, wun 

6. Wun God and Fq,der ov el, 
ha> [iz] abdv el,. and tra> el, and 
in ya> el. 

7. But untu everi wun ov ua 
iz given gras akerdi{) tu de meg- 
yi|,r oy de gift ov Er^st. 

, 8. Hwii^or he sat, Hwen hs 

SSKS6 Tti m^esiAm: 

gtf^ttd^ tip on hi,ht led kfipdviti 
IcA^r; at&d gtlv gifts utitu men. 
[Sam 68: 18.] 

'9. (Nv dst he asended, Ihwot 
is it bat ^t he elso deseixded 
f^t inta de koer pq,rt» ov de $rt. 

10. He dat deflended k de som 
elsci dat asended up f q,r nbd^ el 
hevems, dat he mit fil el tlgz.Y 

11. And he gar sam, ap^lss; 
and sum, profets; cmd »um, evanjeL- 
i^; and snm, pastorz and te^i%; 

12: Ferdep^fektiijovdesants, 
f er de wurk ov de ministri, fer de 
^^iiQ or d^ bddi ov Krist: 

13, ^l we el ktim in de yunitr 
or de foil, and ov de nolej ov de 
San ov Gk)d, untu d jwrfekt man, 
vMit de m«5ytir ov de statytyr ov 
de fulnes' ov K^st: 

' 14; Sat we [hensfort] be no 
ni<&r q^dren, tost tea and fro, and 
kaild ab^i wid everi wind ov 
doktrin,. bj. de sljt ov men, [and] 
kteniij kraflines, hw^bf ^ li in 

15. But speki^ de tvcD^ in lav, 
ma gro up untu him, in el ti^z, 
hwiq iz de hed [eveiil Kqst: 

16. From hfl>m dehol bodi fitli 
j^d tidgeder and kompdkted b| 
dat hwiq everi jemt sujxliet, aker- 
dig tu de efektynal wurkip in de 
m^ynr or everi pq,rt, maket in- 
krcs ov de bodi imtu de ediQJB ov 
itielf in luv. 

17. 3is I sa d^rfor, and testlQ 
in de Lerd, diat ye hensfott wek 
not az uder Jent^lz wek, in de 
vaniti ov d^r Apd, 

18. Havig de undemtdndi^ dctr- 
kend, beig alvenated from de l|f 
ov GK)d Dro) de ignorans dat iz in 
dem, bekdz ov de bljudnes ov d^r 

• 19. H© beiB past felii) hav giv- 
en demselvz c^ver untia lasivius- 
nec^ tu wurk. el unklennea wid 

ao. BsJt fe hav tiot M l^fBt 


21. 8iGi» be dat ye h«v h^d 
him, and hav bitt tet b^Mm, 80 de 
tra>t iz in Jezus: 

22.' SCat ye put ol ko&s^mii) de 
former konyersajon de old man, 
hwiQ iz kordpt akerdin tu ^ it- 
setful lusts; 

23.. And be ren^d in de spirit 
or yfl5r m|nd; 

24. And dat ye put on fe n^ 
man, hwiq after God iz kreated 
in rityosnes aud tra> holinea. 

25. Hw^rfor putiD arwd )^ 
spek everi man tra>t wid hiz na- 
bor: fer we q^ metaaberz won or 

26. Be ye a^gn; and sin not: 
let not <fe sun go dvn up6li yior 

27. NfSdef giv plas tu dr devil 

28. Let him dat iStol stel no 
mor: but tftdier let him labor, 
wurkiD wid [hiz] handz de ti^ 
hwiq iz gud, dat he ma hav tu 
giv tu him dat nede^. 

29. Let no kordpt komyiinikii- 
Jon prosed vt ov ya>r ra'vt, but 
dat hwiQ iz gud tu de yt|;s orv ^- 
if^ip, dat it ma minister gtas untu 
de hererz. 

30. And grfev not de holi Spirit 
bv God, hw^rbj ye qpr seld untu 
de da ov redemjon. 

31. Let el biternes, and rq*^ atid 
a^ger, and klamor, and evil spek- 
XQt be put awd from yo,* wid el 

32. AiKd be ye kp!id wtm tu ilii- 
dder, tender-hqprted, fbrgivi^ Won 
aniider, even az God f e^ Kxjsta sdc 
hat forgiven ya>. 

€3APTER 6. 

1. Be ye d^rfor f dloerz or GR)d^ 
az der ^rldren; 

2. And wek in lur, tm Krfst 
elao hat lord va, $Xid haJ^ffttVk 

epm. tvf «£ ^t<ESi^r2. 

IdtBi^ iMmft an oferi^ an<i a sal:- 
rttJB Da €k>d for a 8W«t crm^i^ 

ttiiDiies, 97 kdyettanes^ liBt it not 
be wnns Damd attitiq} yfb^ als ti»^ 
fclianet flonts; 

i^ n0i* jestig, hvtntq €pr not konvea- 
yent: but rader giTi^f or tagtas. 

5* F«r dig jre no^ dat iu»hc9r4> 
wngger, ner unkMa p^non^ ner 
Uyetiis man, ha> iz an jdolator, 
kafr ^«oi tnkeritanB in i» kingdom ot 
SraBt and ov Ckud. 
, . vw Let no ttan daJr ym yM 
Tan wnrda : f er bMo^B o^ ifesz ti^s 
kiwnt ^ds Mit OT GKkL o^iki de 
^Idren 6T disofeedienB. 

7. Bff.set jne d%ff€>r portakare 
vid dem. 

S. For ye WiQs tramtlnus dtcyrk- 
nai^, bat nv [«(r ye] Ijt in de JLoerd, 
W0C nv as ^dren ov Iffc: 

9. (Fer de &mt isvfk iSplrit [is] 
in. ei gudsLes and fityaBnes' and 

10. Fr(DTq| buret iz akseptaliL 
imtia de Isierd:. 

IL And bar ha lelkaifip wid de 
unfrathil wmkB oy dqirknei^. bat 
lader nimby {demw] 

l2. Fer it iz a Jam eren tka 
•pek OT dfiffi tiga bwiq q^ duti oy 

. JtS. B«jt «1 ti))z dat f|r xspiidbyd 
q^ mad manifest In <& Ifl: fer 
bwoteoeTer diski m»L manif ert iz 

14. H\v:%T£E»r be sell^ Awik ds 
dwfe ^le^est^ and. aids fiem de ded, 
and KnitJalgiv^iUt [fe:.60:L.] 

15, Se den dat ye wek aerknia- 
gpektli, not az fa>lz, but az w^z. 

^ ]^. RMisihi)} &k ^m, bekiSz de 
daz qj evil. 

17. Hw%rfor be ye not unw^z, 
but understandi{) bwot de wil ov 
de Lord [iz«] 

18. And be not; dnqilc ^ivid ivjn. 
bw^rln iz ekB^ bat b^ fild wis 
de lE^t; 

19. Speklg tu. vmaSLyz in eqmz 
and himz iOid spmtytial aogz, n^ 
i^ tM maki|) m^odi in ya>r bq)ct Lerd; 

20. Givi^ ta^ks e^az fer el 
9i9z aih^ GKod aadde Fqjd^r ih de 
nam or ;nr Lerd Jezns Er^ 

21. l^bmili^ yuoMlvz wun tu 
azn&der ih db fer ot ^odL 

22. W^vz, submit ya>r8^vz nn-> 
tu jmf €m bilfebaadz, az antu de 

2^ BW de buzbend iz de bed 
ov de w^f , even az Krist Iz de bed 
ev ^ Qav^c and be iz €b eavyor 
ov de bodik 

24. S^^cM^ liz diB QotQ iz flttb^ 
jekt untu K^st^ so [let] die Wivi; 
[be] tu d^r on huzbandz in eveti 


25w Hotsbandz, luv yo^ wfvz, 
even az KrjBt euo Tavd it Qur^ 
and gav bimself fer it; 

2C 3at he tn^t flagktiQ and 
klenz it widde trojl^ ev ^iFe«e)rb{ 
de wutdy 

27. a»t bar mjt pitz4&t it tut 
bimseSt a gloliuB qwiq, not bavig 

spot^ er rigkl, er eni soq ti^; but 
dat it Jtad be boll and wid^ 

28; So et man tu lav d%r wivz 
az dl|r on bodiz, fie dat luvel 
biz w^f luvet himsi^lf. 

29. Fer no man ever yet bated 
biz on fief;: bat nnrset and ^erifet 
it, even az de Lerd de Qur^: 

3Qi F«r we qr membarz ov biz 
bodd^ ov biz f leCv o^^ ^^ ^^^ bonz. 

3L Fi9v dis kez jal a man lev 
M±. £(|der and mader, and Jal be 
jerhd untu biz vi%t,. alid da to Jal 
be won f leju 

32. G!is iz a grat misteri: but { 
spek kons^mi]} Krist and de qufq. 

33. Keverdel^ let ever! wunov 

8fttlL Tij as eresiANSL 

yiB in poilflcy^lar so luy.hiz yqf 
even az himself; and de wjf [w] 
dat Je reverens [h^r] hozbend. 

€APTER 6. 

L 6ildren, obd ya>r p^ieatB in 
de Leid: fer dis iz i^t 

2. Oqcm: d4 Iqder and mnder; 
Ixwiq iz de f ^nt komdndment wid 

3. 3at it ma be wel wid d^ and 
dv mast liy loQ on de ^rt. [£k& 
aO; 12.] 

4. And, ye fqjfleiz, provok not 
ya>r qildren tu rq,t: bnt briQ dem 
up in de nurtyv and admii>Di|on 
OY deLerd. 

5. S^nrantfl^ be obedient tu 
dem dat q^ [y<i>r] masters aketdig 
tu de flej, wid fer and tremblig, 
in sigglnes ov y<nr hq^ as nntu 

6. Not wid {-s^rvis, az men- 
pAezerz; bat az de servants ov 
Krist, dtDi^ de wll ov God from 
de hcprt; 

7. Wid gud wil da>i9 s^ rvis^ az 
tu de Xtord^ and not tu men: 

8. Noi^i dat hwotsoever gud 
%i^ eni man doet, de sam Jfll he 
nsdv ov de Lord, hweder [lie be] 
bond &r fre. 

9. And, ye nxisterz, da> de sam 
tq)z nntu dem, forb^rip tretenij^: 
noi^ dat ya>r master ^so iz in 
heven; neder iz di^r respekt oy 
p^rsonz wid him. 

10. F^naliy mj bredren, be stroQ 
in de Lord, and in de pver oy hiz 

11. Put on de hoi qrmor ov 
God, dat ye ma be abl tu stand 
agenst de w^lz ov de devil. 

12. For we resl not agenst fief 
and bind, bat agenst prinsipalitiz, 
agenst pverz, agenst de xa>lers ov 

de dqjrknee ov dia wudd, agenet 
splrityiial wikednes in h| [plaaez.] 

i3. Uw^rf or tak nntu y<ft de 
hc^ q^mor ov God, diet ye ma be 
abl tu wi<btand in de evU da, and 
havip don el, tu stand. 

14w Stand d^rf or, havin your 
l<niz g^rt ab^ wid tro^ and him^ 
on de ^estplat ov iitynanes; 

15. And joff f et |od wid de 
pnpaiaf on ov de gospel oy pes; 

16. AbdY ei, taki^ de Jrid oy 
fa^ hwsirwit ye fal be abl iu 
kwen^ el de Qri dcipts o v de wifced. 

17. And tak de hebnet oy sal- 
vafon, and de sord oy de S|»rit^ 
hwiq iz de word oy God: 

18. PnuQelwaawidelpnirand 
saplikafon in de ^fviiit, and wagig 
d^rontoi wid el p^rseveraos and 
snplikajon fer el sants; 

19. And fer me> dat nterana ma 
be given nntu me» dat j ma open 
mi mist boldli, tu mak non de 
misteri oy de gospel, 

20. Fer hwi^ 4 am an ambasa- 
dor in bondz: ^ di^rin i ma spek 
boldli, az 4 et tu sp^. 

21. Bat dat ye e]so ma no ml 
a£4rz, [and] hv i do, Tikikns, a 
bi£iYed brader and fatful minis- 
ter in de Lord, Jal makncm tu yo 
el ti^z: 

22. Hom i haY sent nntu yo 
fer de sam pnrpus, dat ye mjt no 
vr afi|,rz, ai^ [dat] he mjt kam- 
fort yor hq^. 

28. Pea[be]tudehnedren,and 
lav wid fall, from €k>d de F<ider 
and de Lord Jezns Eqfit 

24. Gias [be] wid el dem dat 
luY St Lord Jezns Kiist in ain- 
seritL Qm^ 

^ Riten firom Bckm nntu de BSt^BOM 



' L Pel and TimoOius, de s^r- 
.▼sntB OV Jesus Erist^tii el de mnts 
in Kr|8t Jesus hwi^ qr at F|lipi, 
vrid de bijops and dekonz: 

2. Gras [be] untu ym, and pes, 
frobi €rod zr Fq,der, and [from] 
4e Lerd Jezus Kri|st 

3. $ ttoQk m| God updn e^eri 
Mtudmbians oy yo), 

4. Glwaz in eyeri pn^r ov m|n 
f er y(ft el makif) rekwest wid jer, 

5. Fer ycor f elofip in de gospel 
from de f^rst da until nv; 

6. Bei|f koniident or dis veri 
tip, dat he hwi^ haft begdn a gud 
vurk in yob wil perf^nn [it] until 
de da OT Jezus Krjst: 

7. 8ven az it iz met fer me tut 
tipk dis OT yo) el, bek^z i hay y® 
in mj hqrt; iQazmdg az bot in 
mj bondz, and in de def^^ns and 
konfennajon oy de gospel, ye el 
<|r partakerz oy mj gias. 

8. Fer God iz m| rekord, hv 
gnitfi i lop after y(D el in de bvelz 
4)y Jezus Kr|st 

9« And dis i pra, dat ymr luy 
ma aHud yet mpr and m&r in 
Bolej and [in] el jujment; 
'. 10. 3at ye ma aprdby tipz dat 
Ctr ekselent; dat ye ma be sins^ 
tfkd wid^t of^ns til de da oy Ezjst; 

11. Beip iild wid de froots oy 
iltyusnes, hwig qr bj Jezus Kr|8t, 
ontia de glori and praz oy God. 

12. But i wild ye Jud under- 
st&ndy bredren, dat de tipz [hwig 
hapend] untu me hay felen 7t 
rader untu de f urderans oy de 

13. So dat mi bondz in Kr^st 
<tr manifest in el de pales, and m 
•1 tider [pku^]} 

14. And men! oy de bredren in 
de Lerd, waksip konfident b| mj 
bondz, qr muQ mor bold tu spek 
de wurd wid^ fer. 

15. Sum indM ynq Kr^st eyen 
oy enyi and str^f; and sui^ elso 
oy gud wll: 

16. 3e wtin preq Kr^st oy kon- 
tenfon, not sinserli, supozip tu ad 
aflikjon ta mj bondz: 

17. But de uder oy luy, noip dat 
I am set fer de defens oy de gospel. 

18. ^Hwotden; notwids^ndip, 
eyeri wa, hweder in pretens, er in 
tr<Dt, Kr;8t iz preqt; and i d^rin 
do rej&Sf ya, and wil rej6^. 

19. Fer { no dat dis Jal turn tu 
mi salvajon tro yor prs^r, and da 
sup1{ oy de Spirit oy Jezus Krjisti 

20. Akerdip tu m^ ^mest eke- 
pektajon and rmf] hop, dat in 
notip I Jal be ajamd, but [dat] wid 
el boldnes, az elwaz, [so] nv el- 
so Krist Jal be magnifjd in mi 
bodi, hwOTer [it be] bj IJf, er bf 

21. Fer tu me tu liy [iz] Krjstj 
and tu dj [iz] gan. 

22. But if i liy in de fief, dis 
pz] de fpot oy m| labor: yet hwot 
I Jal <3<Dz I wot not. 

23. Fer i am in a stmt betwfkst 
to, hayip a dez^r tu depart, and 
tu be wid Krist; hwig iz fqr beter: 

24. Keyerdeles tu ab^d in de 
flej [iz] mor nedful for yo. 

25. And hayip dis konfidens, | 
no dat i Jal ab{d and kontinyu 
wid yo el fer yor fnrderans and 
jcr oy fat; - 

26. d!at yor rejesip ma be mor 
abdndant in Jezus Krist fer me bi 
mi kmnip tu yo ag^n. 

27. Onli let yor kdnyersajon 
be SB it bekdmet de gospel ov 



Krj,tt: <it liMft j Imm ukI se 
ya>, er els "be absent^ i ma her oy 
jmt al4ns, dat ye stind. Icut in 
vnn spiriti wid won m|nd stiiiri;) 
tiiHriHhrr for de finlftorife^pHN; 

28. Aii4 in no% tedfjd b^ yoMr 
idT'OiMuic: hwi^ ie lu dem an 
eyident token ov perdifon, but tii 
•f» o¥ aalTa|oii, and dat or Qtod, 

29. Fer ufitu ^ it iz given in 
da beti4f ov**Eri8t^ not onli tia 
bdiv om bid,, bi^ ^ke ta safer 
lor his sak; 

30. HaYi^deaffiukoDfliktkwiQ 
jB fl» ia mi^ [and] bt her [tm be] 

©APTER 2. 

1. H [d^rba] di^ifor eni kl80^ 
solajon in Ejist, if eni kamfott 
ov lay, if eni felojip oy da Spirit, 
if eni bvelz and m^isia, 

2. FulHl ye mi j9, dat ye be 
Ijk-minded, bavig deaam hiv, [be- 
io] OY wan ak^sd, ov wun mind. 

Z. £Let] nolig [be dan] tr<& str|l^ 
^r. van glori; but in iQltaes ov 
ix^nd let eg estim, nder beter dian 

4. Luk not eYeri man on. his 
on Idgz, but* eyeri man eia0 on 
de tigz OY udera. 

5. Let dis mipd ba in ya>, hunq 
woz olso in Kr|3t Jezaa: 

6. Hd), bei^ in. da forai ov Qod, 
tet it not r^bfiri tu be akwal wid 

' 7. But mad himself ov no rep* 
^taf on, and tuk apdn him de 
form OY a a^ryant^ and woe mad 
in da liknas ov men: 

8. And beip f vnd in fajon az a 
man he hun^ld himself and ba- 
kam obedient untu det, eren de 
d«t XXV de kros. 

9.. Hw%rfor God olso haA hiU 
egzolted him, and given hint a 
nam kwlg iz abdv everi nam: . 
V ICL 3iat at da nam oy f^jm 

ey^ ne Ju3 bs, or iWli] in liar- 
en, and [ti^iz] in f ri, and [ti^] 
underde fit; 

11. And [dat] eyeri tag Jud 
konfee dat Jezns Krist [izl Lecd, 
tu de glori oy God & Fqder. 

12. Hvi|i£or, m| beltLYod^ az 
ya bar elwaz <dbid, not az iit in| 
pteaens onli, but nv m«Q naor m 
mi abecms, wark 9t yoar on aahra^ 
Job wid f er and trembli^ 

13« For. it iz God hwig wiuJMl 
in y(D hot tia ink and tia dm ov 
0ua] «iid pl^yV. 

14. Do el tiQz- wjoai aramin^ 
i^ afid diflpiiibigz: 

16;. 3at ya ma be UatnUaaad 
hcyrmlei^ da sonz oy God, wid^ 
reb^k, in ^ midst ov a fenaked 
and pery^ nB^on« audQ- hmm ye 
fin ae lits in de wurid; 

16. Holdi||foride wordoy-Iif;' 
dat i ma rej^ in da da oy Kritst^ 
dot i hav not ran in van, neder 
labord in van. 

17. Ya^ and if j be of erd updn 
da sakri&s and s^vis oy yoHrfialL i 
j9, and; r»j<^ wid ym oL 

18. For de sam kez ailMk di» ya 
jcr; and' rsji^ wid ma. 

Id. But i larnst in de Lord iJa>- 
zus tu send Timotins Jendi imtia 
jm, dot i also ma he or gad 
kum&>rt, hwen i no yor atsL 

20. F^r i hay no man Ip:- 
Bi|pded^ Ixa wil natyiirali k%r for 
yor Stat. 

21. For ol sek d^r on, not te 
tigz hwiQ ^ Jezua Kri^s* 

22. But ya no de poof or hini^ 
daJL, az a sun wid de fq.der, ha haft 
s^ryd wid me in de gospel* 

2d. Him dtirfor i hop-tuiaeod 
prezentU, so acnn az i Jal sa hm ii 
wil go wJd me. 

24. But i trust in de Lord dat 
i also misi^lf J<il kum loistiK 

25. Yot 4 su|>oxd it n^seaari tu 
send tu ya> Ef^f^d^«i%miitnB4«» 

&^mi n^m Kupuna^ 

f eio-soljei^ &it ya>T mesenjery and 
iii d^ minifiterd tu mi wonts^ 

26. Fer he loud alter yo el, 
and. woa ful ov h^viB^ii, bekez dat 
yt had h^rd dat he had bin ak. 

27. Fer indsd he woe sik nj 
unifU det; but God had m^rsi on 
him; and not on him onli, but on 
nttirifio^ leat^ jud hay soro up<Sn 

^^ $ aent him di|;rfcir de mor 
k^rfuli, daty. hwen ye se him 
agen, ye ma rejdrs, and dat i ma 
be de lea sdrolKiL 

29. Bes^v him d^r£or in de 
Lerd wid el gladnes; and hold 
SUQ in repyi],taJon: 

30. Bekez fer de wurkov Kr^st 
he woz n^ untu det, not regqrdip 
hiz.lj^ tusup^iyokr lak 0¥ s^vis 

€5APTEB 3. 

1* F^n^ mi bredrein, rej(^ in 
tu Lerd. Tu rjt de sam tigz tu 
yox^ tu mz inded [iz] not gramis, 
but fer JO), [it iz] sal. 

. 2. B6w4r.Qy dogz,b8w4roYevil 
wurkerz, bew4r ov de konsigon. 

•^ Fer we q^ de s§rkum&i5on, 
hwig wurfip God in de spirit^ and 
rej^ in i^st JezuiB, and hay no 
koixfidens in de fief. 

^. So I mjt elso hav konHdens 
in de.llcj.. K eni uder man ti))k- 
at. dat he hat hw^r6f he m^t trust 
in de fief, I'mor: 

5» S^ikumsizd de atl da, ov de 
stok ov 'Izrael, [ov] de trp) ov 
Benjamin, an Hebra> ov de He^ 
ImDz; az. tugi^ de le, a Farise; 

6. Kons^mipzelj.p^iBekiiti^de 
Sl»i8;. *ugJo. derit^yusnes hwiq iz 
in dele, blam^les. 

7. But liwot Iv^ w^ gan tu 
]itf^:<latz.i kv]ited:lf)s<£er &Mt 

8. Yaavtlea^fladlkvoteliiDz 
[but] loa fer de ekselensi ov de 

nolej o Y KiJBt Jesus mj Iiwxb fer 
ha)m I hav suferd de loa ov al 
tigz, and da> k^nt dem [but] da|h 
dat i ma win Kr|srfy 

9. And be fvnd in him, not 
havip mjn on rityusnes, hwiq iz 
ov & le, bat dat hsmq iz tra» de 
ffd^ ov Kijat, da r^yuiuiea> livig iz 
ov God \>i fat; 

ll>* 3at i ma do him, and de 
pver ov hiz rezurekjon, asnd da 
lelojiip ov hiz suferii^z, bei^ mad 
konf ermabl untu hiz det; 

11. If bi eni menz i n4t atau 
untu de rezurekJoQ ov de ded. 

12. Not az do i had eiradi 
atand, eder w^r elredi p^rfekt: 
but i folo of ter,~if dat j ma apce* 
bend dat fer hwig elso i amapre^ 
bended ov Krjst Jezus. 

13» Bredren, j. kvnt not miaelf 
tu hav aprehended: but [dis] wua 
ti$ [ida>], fozgeti^ doz ti^ hwig 
or behind, and .refill foii unti« 
doz tigz hwi^ qr befor, 

M. £ pees tord de mcurk ler 
de prjz ov de h^. keli^ ov God ia 
Er^st Jezus.- 

15. Let us d^rfor, az m^eni as 
be p^rfekt^ be dua mj;aded: and if 
in eni tig ye be uderw^z m^ndedy 
God Jal levil even dis ubtu ym. 

16. Neverdelea, hw%rt(D we hay 
elredi atand, let us wek bj da somt 
ra>l, let us mind de sam. tlfi^ 

17. Bredren, be foloerz tugedar 
ov me, and mq^k dem hwi^ wek. 
so az ye hav us fer an egzdmpl. 

18. (Fer raueni wek, ov hiDm.f 
hav told ya> ofen,.and mts tal ya>, 
evjen wepi{), [datda €ff} de eoamiz 
ov de krxMi ov Krj/st: 

19. Ha>z end [iz] destcukfou^ 
ha>z God [iz ds^r] beli, and [ha>z] 
glori: [iz] in ^r J^, hm ie^a 

^rtUtiDzO ^ . . 

20. Fer 9r konvecs6|on xz ui 
hevan; f n>m hwens. elso wa. liak- 
fer da Savyor, de Lerd Jezus Hgpt^ 



21. Ha fal ^nj vr vjl bodi, dat 
it ma be fajond Ijk until hiz glo- 
rinfl bodi, akerdiD tu de wurkip 
hw^rb| he iz abl even tu eubd^ 
el ti^ antu hima^ll 


L S^rfor, m4 bredren derli be- 
Idved and lo^d fer, mf jer and 
krv'n, 80 stand fast in de Lerd, 
[mj] derli beldvcd. 

2. $ bes^ Tiiodias, and hcsiq 
Sintike, dat da be ot de sam mpd 
in de h&td. 

3. And I entrit &k elso, tns 

SDkfelo, help doz wimen hwiq 
bord wid me in de gospel, wid 
Klement ehd, and [widj tider m^ 
felo-laborerz, ha>z namz [qr] in 
de buk ov lii 

4. Rej^B in de Lord elwa: [and] 
agen i sa, Rejt^. 

6. Let y<DT moderafon be non 
Hntu el men. 3!e Lerd [iz] at 

6. Be k^rful fer notip; but in 
everi fig b| pi^r and supUkaJon 
wid tai)ksgivi{) let y<i>r rekwests be 
mad non untu God. 

7. And ds pes ov God, hwiq 

Saset el upderst^ndig, faV kep ya>r 
Girts and mjndz trcD Kr^st Jezus. 

8. F^nali, bredren, hwotsoever 
ligz q,r trro, hwotsoever tigz [q,r] 
onest, hwotsoever ti^)z [q^] just, 
hwotsoever tit)z [qr] pi^r, hwot- 
soever ti^z [qr] luvli, hwotsoever 
%iXfZ [qr] ov gud report; if [d^r 
be] eni v^rtyq, and if [d^r be] 
eni praz, ti^k on dez tif)z. 

- 9. Soz ti^z, hwiq ye hav bot 
l^mt and res^vd, and h^rd, and 
sen in me, da>: and de God ov pes 
Jal be wid y<D. 

10. But I xz\&Bt in de Lerd 
gratli, dat ms at de last j<dt k^r ov 
me hal^ fiurijt agen; hwi^rin ye 
w^r elsoD k^rful, bat ye lakt opor- 

11. Kot dat i spek in reapekt or 
wont: fer i hav I^mt»in hwotso- 
ever Stat I am, {d^rwit] tu be 

12. $ no bot hv tu be abdst, 
and j no hv tu ab^d: everi hwi|r 
and in el ttgz i am instnikted bot 
tu be ful and tu be huDgri, bot 
tu ab^nd and tu safer ned. 

13. $ kan do el ti{)z tra> Krfst 
hwiq stregtenet me. 

14. Notwidstandip ye hav wcl 
dun, dat ye did komyi^nikat wid 
mi aflik fon. 

15. Ktt ye Filipianz no elso, 
dat in de beginii) ov de gospel, 
hwen I depqrted from Masedouia, 
no qurq komyipiikated wid me az 
kons^mij) givig and reseviu, but 
ye onll. 

16. Fer even in Hesalonjka yt 
sent wuns and agen untu ml ne- 

17. Kot bekez i dez|r a gift: 
but I dezjr frot dat ma abnhid t\a 
yor ak^nt. 

18. But i hav el, and abi^d: J 
am ful, havifl rescvd ov 8pa£ro- 
ditus de tljpB [hwiq w^r sentl 
from yo, an odor ov a swet ainei, 
a sakrif^s akseptabl, wdl plezi|f tu 

19. But m| God fal suplf el 
yor ned akerdii) tu niz riqez iu 
glori. bi Krjst Jezus. 

20. Nt? untu God and vr Fqjder 
[be] glori fer ever and ever, 

21. Salt),t even sant in Kijst 
Jezus. cle bredren hwiq qr wid 
me gret yo. 

22. 91 de sants sal^t yo, Qefli 
da dat qr ov 8ezarz h^shold. 

23. 3e gras ov tst Lerd Jeztia 
Krjst [be] wid ya> eL €[m^. 

% It wos riten tu de 
Bombl 8palxoditiu« 



' 1. Pel, an apdsl or Jtzua Kr^st 
b| de wil OV God, and Timotius 
[>vr] bnider, 

2. Tu de aents and fatful bred- 
ren in Ki^st hvnq q,r at K<Dl6se: 
Qr9s [be] untui ya», and pes, from 
God vr Fq,der and de Lord Jezns 

3. We giv tagks tu God and 
le Fqder 07 ^r Lord Jezus Krjst, 
pRUD elwaz for ya>, 
- 4. Sins we h^rd ov ya>T la^ in 
Kr^st Jezns, and ov de lur [hwi^ 
ye bar] tu el de sants, 

5. Fer de bop bwig iz lad np 
for ya> in beven, hw^r6f ye b^rd 
befor in de ward ov de trcofi ov de 

€L Hwi^ is kum nntu ya>, az 
fit iz] in el de wurld; and bnoel 
icMt fnot, az [it dot] elso in ya>, 
sins de da ye b^rd [ov it], -and ni^ 
de gtaa ov God in tra>t: 

7. Az ye etee l^mt ov Epalras 
yft der feloHS^rvant, bco iz fer yd) 
a ffltful minister ov Kr^st; 

8. Ha> elso dekl4rd untu us 
ya>f luv in de Spirit 
• 9. Fer dis kez we elso, sins de 
da we b^rd [it], da> not ses tu pra 
fer ya>, and tu dez{r dat ye mjt be 
fild wid de nolej ov biz wil in el 
wizdom and epiritytial under- 

' 10: aat ye m^t wek wnrdi ov 
6b Lerd untu el plezi|), bei:o ^^^ 
ful in even gud wurk, and in- 
kresip in de nolej ov God; 

11. Stre^tend wid el m^t, akerd- 

bwig bat mad us met tu be par- 
takerz ov de inberitans ov de 
sants in IJt: 

13. Hod bat delivexd us from 
de pver ov dc^knes, and bat 
translated [us] intu de ki^dom 
ov biz der Sun: 

14. In ba>m we bav redemjon 
tra> biz Uud, [even] de forgfvnes- 
ov sinz: 

16. Ha> iz de imej ov de invizibl 
God, de firstborn ov everi kretyi)^: 

16. Per bi bim w^r el ti|[)Z kre- 
ated, dat cir in beven, and dat q^ 
in ^rt, vizibl and invizibl, bweder 
[da be] tronz, er dominyonz, er 
prinsipalitiz, er p^erz: el tipz w^r 
kreated b^ bim, and fer bim: 

17. And be iz befor el ti^,^ 
and b^ bim el ti|)z konsist 

18. And be iz de bed ov de 
bodi, de qnrq: b<0 iz de b^nin, de 
firstborn from de ded; oat in el 
[tigz] be m^t bav de preeminens. 

19. Per itplezd[de Fader] dat 
in bim Jud el fulnes dwel; 

20. And baT^ mad pes.ttA de 
bind ov biz kros, bj bim tu rek- 
ons^l el tigz untu bimself; bj 
bim, [i sa], bweder [da be} ti^^z 
in ^rt, er ti^z in beven. 

21. And yd), dat w^r sumtim 
dlyenated and enemiz in [yd>r] 
m^hd li wiked wurks, yet nv bat 
be rekonsjld 

22. In de bodi ov biz fief trd) 
det, tu prez^nt yd) boli and un^ 
blamabl and unr^rd)vabl in biz 

28. If ye kontinyii in de fat 
gnrnded and setld, and [be] not 
moyvd awA from de bop ov de gos- 

% tu biz glorius pser, untu el pa- 
Jess and loo-suf eri|) wid jerfulnes; pel, bwifl ye bav b^rd [and] bwiq 
12. Givin tanks untu de Fq,der, woe preot ta evert kratyur bwig 



is vnAB^hfrf/a^ hw%cdi i F#l am 

. 2i. Ha> nv t^ in misnferigz 
for T<D, and fil np dat hwi^ is lia- 
hjod ov de aOikJonz oy Kr|8t in 
04 9af fee Ive bodix aa)^, kwi^ is 

25. Hw%r6f i am mad q minia- 
tai^ akesdi^^ dac^penaa/on oy 
aod IrwiQ ia^ven tu m&lec ya, 
t^ tutfil da wqrd ov Cbod; 

26. [8ven] da miatari hwig. hait 
Vn bid; fom igea -and fiom Jener- 
i|J6b^ but na ia mad maniieat tm. 
mz sants: 

27. Tu: bam God wud soak 
noB hm>t [iz] da rigaa ov da glori 
ov dis miBteid amd|| da Jent^lz ; 
liwifi iz Kr^at in 74a, de lu»p a¥ 

28^ H<am ^ pceg^ womi^ ey«9d 
man, and te^iQ ^vaii man in ol 
wizdom; dat wa ipa pnaaant^Fm 
man p^ekt in Kqai Jezna: 

^. H>w%rimt(d^. i elao labor, 
8(1^1^ akerdj^ tu hiz wni^i|K 
bifriA WHck^ in me mjf^u 


1. Ji'ertwii^^dat ya bi| bvot 
grat konfUkt j bay to y<B| spid 
t&ar] dem at, £iapdki|q, ami [far] 
az m^ni %z bay no^, Ban;m4 la^ m 

2« SU|; (|v^ bq^ ^it be kipir: 
forted, bciUjiut taiigedar ip luvj «id 
i^f^-e}, rinaz py^e ^l ajuiranp^oy 
mndeij^dyndig^ t^; 4e, i^ol^ipant; 
wda-mlat^ii py Op4, apd py de 
Fcfier, and oy Ej^st; 

^ i^:b<l^(|ribidpl4ptiiP5yilTZ 
oyrwi^K^n^ %iid<noli^. 

4. An4: ^ i; ^ l^pat ani man 
Jud Degjl yo) wid entjsiq;) wurdz, 

*. B'er d<^ i baabae^ in de §e J, 
yetamiwidyo^ in, da ^ki^jeriD 

i^idi ItiBnQ^^: J^^ order, and de 
jliadfosfcp^ py yc^ript in Erist. 

Ejiirt^ Jazaa da I^BrdLTael vekya 
m bim: 

7. Bokted and bOt up in hiai, 
and at aMift in de feci, az ye bar 
bin tet^ abvndig d^rin wid tfl|^ 


8. Bew4r lest eni man apal yn 
tna fil^aofi and van daa^t^ after de 
tcadijon armenjfl^Elar d&ro&mmii 
oy de wnrld, and not aifeeop Ib^ 

9. Fer in 1dm dwelet aide hat- 
nes oy de Godbed bodili. 

10. And ye q^ k€»Bf>l^ in hm, 
biwi^ iz da bed oy el pansipidili 
and pver: 

11. In b^am else ye ^tr-a^rkum- 
4zd wid^da Gjgi^jkumaison saad wift* 
M handz, in mutis of die bodiev 
de aina oy de il»J bi de b^Axoh' 
slgen oy Ei^t: 

12. Berid wid bIm in bi^>tiziii, 
bwstrin elsQ ye cir rizen wid [bimj 
ir<a &9 Saft oy de opeiafon oy-€rod, 
ba> balf i^d bim from ^ died^ 

13. And ya>, bei^ ded in y^^ 
ai^^and de mi^^r^knaiai^n oy year 
llpj, bait be kwikend tugader^iili 
bim, bayi|) fcH^yen ya>. el t^a- 

14. Blo% 9t <|e band-f^ti^ Off. 
Mtinaiisez ^ wott agenat ib^ hwi^ 
woz k6ntrari tia uai and Ujik it 9k 
oy de wa, nali^ it tu. bis^ kios; 

1^ [AndQ bayigspcrld: priasi- 
palitiz and psans, Is^mad a Joov 
dam op^l, Irjao^ £ ^^m 
in it 

la. Let i»0 fiiaii d^ilfw jaj- y«i 
in me^ or, in dn^k, er in 9mpik% 
ov: an bolida^ or oy ^mi msti^ mt 
oy de sabat [daz]: 

17). Rwifi Q^ a Jfidp ay li|^ tu. 
kipn; hi^ & bodi [iz] oy E^U, 

19* Let na. man bi^ ya> o¥ 
ya>r reward in a yiSlnntari b^^l* 
il;i an4 wnrjip^4>y f^elz^mtr^- 
19 inti4;4(»z,tq9a bl^! ba ba|i^xia| 
aao* y«nii .pa|^. i|p % biz %j^ 

BVim 'm 3E EJOWVAJSiZ. z» 

JCLAnd oiot holdi;p .4e Ked, 
¥rom hwii3 el de bodi b; jerote and 
l>aiidz bavlD unri/ment iniDisterd, 
aiul nit tugeder, inkreset wid d^ 
inkns OT God. 

20. Hw^rfor if ye be ded wid 
Kr|st from de ra)diments cv de 
Tvttrld, ihw), az do liri)} in de 
-wurld, qjc ye irdbjekt ta erdi- 

21. (TuQ not; tastnot; liandl 

22. Hwiij el q;r ttti perij wid dc 
yi^zis;^ after de komdndments 
and doktrinz ov men. 

23. Hwi<3 ti^z hay ind^d a Jo 
ov wizdom in wil-wurfip, and hij- 
militi, and neglektig ov de bodi; 
not in eni onor tu de fi&tisf^i^i ov 


!• H ye den be rizen wid Krist, 
sek doz tigz hwi^ q^ abdv, hw^r 
Kr^st. sUel^ on de rit hand ov God. 

2. Set ya>r af ^k/on on tigss abdy, 
Bot on tigz on de ^rt). 

3. F&r ye <ir ded, and yosr 1|E 
iz hid wid Kr;&t in God 

4- Hwen -Krist, [ha> iz] "yr l|f, 

{al ap^, den, Jal ye elso ap^r wid 
Lim ip glori. 

5. MeiUCi d^rfpr yor memberz 
hwiQ ijr np6n de §rt ;, fernika- 
Jon, imklenn^ inerdinet aiekjon, 
evil konktipisens, and kdvetus- 
nes, hwiq iz ^dolatri: 

ft. Iter liwiQ ti^ siik de rq,ft ov 
God knmet on de ^itdren ov diso- 

7. In de hwig ye elso wekt sum 
Ijm, hwen ye livd in dem. 

8. But nv ye elso put of el 
dez; a^er, rctt, malis, Uasfemi. 
filti komyipiika Jon isi ov y<Dr mvt, 

9. Li not wim tu anuder, seip 
dat ye hav put of de old man wid 
hiz dedz; 

10. And hay put on de w\ 

[n^m], hwig iz i^eo^d in ^ooiiA 
after de imej ov liim dat krented 

li. Hw^t ^r iz neder Gtek net 
J\\a s^rkumsigon ner un-s^rkum'* 
sigon. Barbarian, Sitian, bond 
[ner] fre: but Ki^t [iz] el, and 
in el. 

12. Put on d^rfor, az de el^kfc 
ov God, holi and beloved, b^elz 
ov m^rsiZi k^ndnes, hamblne8.ey 
mind, meknes, lop-suferi^; 

13. Forb^rij) wun andder, and 
forgivi^ wun andder, if eni man 
hav a kworel agenst eni: even az 
Er|Bt forgdv ya>, so elso [da>T ye. 

14. And abdv el dez ti:gz [put 
on] qariti, hwig iz de bond ov p^r- 

15. And let de pea ov God rcol 
in ya)r hq,rts, tu & hwiq elso ye 
qr keld in wun bodi; itnd be ye 

16. Let de wurd ov Krjst dwel 
in ya> riqli in el wizdom; \a^ 
and admonijig wun andd^r in 
sqmz and himz and spfrityiisd 
so^z, sipi^ wid gras in yccfr hqrts 
tu di Lord. 

17. And hwotsoever ye d<D in. 
wurd er ded, [doj] el in de nam. 
ov de Lord Jezus, gtvi^ ta(|ks tu 
God and de Fqder bi him. 

18. "Wiyz, submit ycDrselvz un- 
tu ypsv on husbandz, az it iz iiti' 
in de Lerd. 

19. Huzbandz, luv [yiJ>r] wjya, 
and be not biter ageust dem. 

20» ©ildren, oba [yaiig p^enta 
in el IvQzi fer dia iz wel plezig 
untu de Lerd. 

21. Fqderz, provcSk not y<Dr 
Qildren [tu aQger], lest da be dis- 

22. Servants, obd in el tips 
[y<Dr] masterz ak^rdii) tu de flej; 
not wid {-s^rvis, az men-plezerz; 
but in sigglnes ov hq^ ferif) God: 

23. And hwotsoever ye do^ dA 


episL Ttj a:8 kolosianz. 

fit] 1i(|rtili, az tu de Lord, and 
not untu men; 

24. Noig dayt OT de Lord ys Jal 
res^v de reword or de inheritans: 
tor ye s^rv de Lord Kr^st. 

25. But he dat dcDet rop Jal re- 
aiv for de rog hwig he hat dun: 
and d^r Iz no respekt ot p^rsonz. 


1. Masterz, giv untu [yc&r] ser- 
vants dat hwig iz just and ekwal; 
noig dat ye olso hav a Master in 

2. Kontinyn in pr^r, and wog 
in de sam wid taoksgivin; 

3. Wid^I prai;) elso for us, dat 
Ood wud open untu us a dor ov 
uterans, tu spek de misteri ov 
Krjstj for hwig i am olso in bondz : 

4. Sat I ma mak it manifest, 
az i ot tu spek. 

5. Wok in wizdom tord dem 
dat qr wid^t^ redemi^ de tjm. 

6. Let ya)r speq [be] olwa wid 
gras, sezond wid solt, dat ye ma 
no h? ye ot tu anser everi man. 

7. ei n4 Stat Jal Tikikus de- 
kl4r nntu y<D, [ha> iz] a beldved 
bruder, and a fatful minister and 
felo-s^rvant in de Lord: 

8. Hcom I hav sent untu ya> for 
de sdm purpus, dat he m^t no y<Dr 
estat) and kumfort y<Dr hq^s; 

9. Wid Onesimus, a feitful and 
beldved bruder, ha> iz [wun] ov 
ya>. Sa Jal mak non untu joi el 
tipz hwig [cpr dun] her. 

10. Ariatorkuamifelo-prizaner 
sal^tot yiD, and Mq;rknfiy suten 
son tu Bq;mabaSy (tuQlg ha>m ys 
res^vd komdndmenta: if he kum 
untu ya>, res^T him;) 

11. And Jezus, hwig iz keld 
Justus, ha> cvr ov de s^rkumsigon. 
3ez onli [qr mj] felo-wurkerz 
untu de ki^om ov God, hwiq 
hav bin a kumfort nntu sae. 

12. Epaf ras, h<D iz [wun] oryok, 
a servant ov Kr^st, saluted yo^, ol- 
waz laborip ferventli for ya> in 
pr^rz, dat ve ma stand perfekt 
and komplet in ol de wil ov God. 

13. For I b^r him'rekord, dat 
he hat a grat zel for ya>, and dem 
[dat aO in Laodisea, and dem in 

14. Liik, de beldved fizijan, 
and DemaS| gret y<o. 

15. Sal4t de bredren hwiq <ir 
in Laodisea, and Nimfas, and is 
qaiq hwiq iz in hiz h^s. 

16. And hwen dis episl iz red 
amii^ yo), koz dat it be red elso 
in de qurq ov de Laodiseanz; and 
dat ye l^kw^z^ red de [ep£sl] from 

17. And sa tu Grkipus, Tak 
hed tu de ministri hwi^ dW hast 
res^vd in de Lord, dat dv fuHil it. 

18. Kz salyi^tafon b^ de band 
ov me PoL Remember m^ bondz4 
Gras [be] wid ya>. Qm^n. 

IBiten ftom Rom tu de Kalollaiis b] 
Tikikas and Onesimus. 


©APTEB 1. 

1. Pel, and Silyanae, and Tkn- 
oDitis^ Qntiii dequnj ov de Hesalo- 
nianz [Iiwic iz] in Ood de Fqder 
and [in] de jLerd Jezus Krjst: 
Gras [be] untu ya>f and pes, from 
God 1ST Fqjder, imd de Lord Jesns 

2. We ^T ta^kft tu Grod elwaz 
for ya> el, maki^ men^n ov ya> 
in ^r pntrz; 

3. K«memberh) wid^ sesif) ya>r 
work OT fat, and labor oy lav, 
and pe/ens ov hop in vr Lord 
Jezns iLrigt, in de s{t ov God and 
iFr Fq,der ; 

4. Noi^ bredren beltived, yatt 
alekjon ov Gbd. 

5. For 7r gospel kam not untu 
ya in wurd onli, but elsoin pver, 
and in de. Holi Gost, and in muQ 
aji^rans; az ye no h^ot maner 
ov men we w^r amtig ya> for yaa 

6. And ye bekdm f61oerz ov 
us, and.ov de Lord, haviD resivd 
de wurd in mnq afUk/on, wid jcr o v 
de Holi Goet: 

7. So dat ye w^ ensamplz tu 
el dat beiiv in Masedonia and 

ft. For from ya> svnded si de 
wurd ovde Lord not onli in Mase- 
donia and Akaa, but elso in ev- 
en plas ya>r fat tu God- ward iz 
spred &ir6d; so dat we ned not 
tu spek eniti^. 

9. For da demselvz fo ov us 
hwot maner ov enteri^) in we had 
untu ya>, and h^ ye tumd tu God 
from idolx tu 8$rv de liviD and 

10. And tu wat far hiz Sua 
from heven, hd>m he razd &om 
de ded, [even] Jezus, hwiq de- 
liverd us from de rqt tu kum. 


1. For y<Brselvz, bredren, no 
vr entrans in untu ya>, dat it wos 
not in van: 

2. But even after dat we had 
Buf erd bcfor,. and wf r Jamfuli en-* 
treted, az ye no, at Fyipj, we w^r 
bold in 7r God tu spek untur-ycof 
de gospel ov God wid muq kon- 

3. Fer sr eksoitafon [wo^ not 
ov desit, ner ov unklennes, nor 
in gjl: 

4. But az we w§r bXM ov Gbd 
tu be put in trust wid de gospel, 
even so we spek; not az plezi^ 
men, but Gdd, hwiq trjet st hq^ 

5. Fer neder at eni tjm yi^zd 
we flateri;) wurdz, az ye no, ner 
a klok ov kdvetusnes; God [iz] 

6. Ner ov men set we glori, 
neder ov yoo, ner [yet] ov uderz, 
hwen we mjt hav bfn Imrdensum, 
az de apcSslz ov Kr^st 

7. But we w^r jentl am^ ya>, 
even az a nurs gerijet h^r gildren: 

8. So bei^ afekjonetli dezjrus 
ov y(D, we w^ wilij) tu hav im- 
pctrted untu ya>, not de gospel ov 
God onli, but elso vt on solz, b&» 
k^z ye w^r der untu us. 

9. Fer ye rem«mber, bredren, 
-ST labor and travel: for laborip 
n|t and da, bekdz we wud not b« 
Qcpjabl untu eni ov ya>, we pregt 
untu ya> de gospel ov God. 

10. Ye [or] witnesez, and God 




[elio], bv bolili and juatli and 
uuUai&abB wt WhArd trvelTa 
aoiuo ya> dat beUv: 

IL Az ye no hv we eji^zerted 
and kumiorted and ^<iijd even 
wan ov ya», az a fqder [dot] hiz 

12. Sat ye wud wek wurdl ov 
God, Ka> hat keld ya> untu hia 
ki{)doxn and g^lorL 

13. For dis kez elao ta||k we 
God wid^t sesig, bekez, hwen ye 
rea^vd de ward ov God hwiq ye 
h^d ov ua, ye resivd [it] nofc [as] 
de ward ov men, but az it iz in 
lra>ti de word ov God, kwi^ efekt- 
yi^ali wurket olao in j4Xi dat beliv. 

14. For ye, bredren, b^Kdm 161- 
oe(2 ov de ^urcez ov God hwi^ in 
Jndiea <4r in Kq^ Jezoa: for ye 
elso hav suferd l^k ti^z ov yoir 
on kuntrimen, »ven. as da [bav] 
ov de J^z: 

15. H(D bot kild de Lord Jezoa, 
and 6^ oa prof ats, and baiv p^r- 
eekiited as; and da plez not God, 
and qf kdntmii tui el mom 

16. Focbidig oa. tu ^fpek tu de 
Jaat4lz di^t da v^t be aavd, ti^k f il 
up d^r sinz elwa: ier de xqjt iz 
kum up6n dem tu de utermo^t 

17. But we, bredren, heiQ taken 
from ya» tor a Jort t^m in prezens, 
not in hq;:t» endevord de moc abun- 
d^ptli tia se ya>r £as. wid giat dez^r^ 

18. Hw^ifor i^e wiad baF kum. 
UAtu ya»i even i Pel, wuns sgnd 
agen;. but Satan binderd ua. 

19* For Sb wot [iz] jsr bop, er 
jflr, er knrn ov rejaei^. ^Xflxj not. 
a^en ye in de prezens ov vr liord. 
Jezusi Kr}^ 9t biz kumig. 

20. For ye <y: v glwi jwui j(9ri. 


1, Hwi^rfor hwen we kud no 
liMBger forb4c, we tet it giad tu be, 
left at Atepz alon;, 

^ And .4^. XiixiQiiiifi,,^ brad- 

er, and minister ov Grod, and rt 
fefc»4i#)oier in de goapel or Sijs^ 
tu establi r yo, and tia kumf ort 
ya> kona^miQ y<nr fat: 

3. 3at no man Jiad be nunvd 
b| dez aflikjonz: for y^orselvs bo 
dat we qr apmited d^rantcL 

4. For reriii, hwen ws wpr wid 
y4», we told yo- befi^dat/vue liad 
safer tBibyi|)aJon; avenaK-itkani 
tu poB, and yse no. 

5w Fer die k«8, hwen | kiad no 
logger forb^r, i sent tia no yowli^ 
lest bi aom menz de ^eaater bav 
temted y<D, and tst labor be in von. 

6. Butns hwen TknothM kam 
from ya> nntu us, and beefc ua gud 
tjdigz ov ya>r fat and ^anti^ and 
w ye bav gud uemieiBbraiis or us 
elwaz, deziriQ graitli tio. ae Qfii as 
we elso [tu se] ya>: 

7. 34eEo]; bcedrea, w» w^c 
kumforted over ya> in el vr afiik* 
Jon and distfes b^iyor iaA: 

8. Fer ms we Uv,. il ya aland 
fast in de Lord. 

9h Fer ibwot taioka kan w» 
render tu God agen te y<D,.€er el 
de J9 bwi|;wit we jer fair yair aaka 
bafor 91 God; 

10. N^t and da praig eksedipU 
dat we mjt se yoir fas, and n^t 
pftilekt dat bwlQ iz lakig uaLjour f^ 

11« ^is God binuielf and. vs 
Fqder, and vr Lord Ji(»ns Kiia^ 
direht 9X wa nntu .ya>^ 

12. And de Lesd mak. yoa tu 
inkr^ and abi^d in luv wan 
tord aniidaiv and tond '^ .[ini»], 
even az we fdoj tonl' yo: 

13* Tu de end. he mtk. etablif 
ya>r bq;^ nnblamabl ixk' bolinat 
befor Grod,. evan t^ F-<ttfeK, at de 
kumi{) ov 7r Lerd Jaanfl Kiy^aaJt 

eiaJPTEB 4. 

1*. J?aJid9nn0iiid^/wabM§<|!y«^ 
bredren, and egz^rt [yo.]. ^ 4a 

i«r ensfi mxT m Rfi6A«»rtAwft. 


hotAitzm^ 1^ as ye haV ns^rd 
ov 128 hv ye e«^ tui w»k and tu 
plez flod, [eo] ye w«id aMnd' 
mor «nd nzor. 

2. Fer ye no hwot Itomdnd^ 
mente we gav y© bj de Leid 

d. Fer dis iz de wll ov God, 

{eren] y^r sa^ktiflkafoii^ dat ye 
md' e&etdQ fpom femiksjon: 

#. 3iat eveii wtm ot^ y<» Jud no 
kv tta poses Mz Tosel in sa^ktifi- 
kafon andonoi^ 

& Hoiiade Itsfc «rr konki^pi* 
seas, even az de Jentilz kwiq no 
not God: 

64 S<«ft TMO [fiaan] go bey<Snd 
and defr^ hiz bruder in [eni] 
mater: ImMz del de Leid iz de 
anenjer ov iel eaq^ ae we elso hav 
f orw4rnd ya> and testif^d. 

7. Fer God hdl not k&ld ue un- 
tia xmkleDnes, but untu }»DliDe8> 

8. H^ d^rfor dat despizet de- 
^fip|M6 BOft man, bat God, hco hat 
el80 given nntta us Idz boli 

9. But az tuqii) bmderli luv ye 
ned not dat i r|t u nt ta ytnr for ye 
ya>r8elvz (^r tet ov God tu luv 
wun antider. 

. Wi Atkd i»dld ye do it tord 
el de bredren hwi^ q,r in el Mase- 
dcmia: but we bes^ ya>, bredren, 
dat. ye inkr^ mor and mor; 

11. And dat ye stndi tu be 
kw^et, and tu dioo ymr on biznes, 
and tut wurfe wid ymr on handz, 
aa we komdnded ycD; 

12. 3at ye ma wek onestli tord 
dem d&t qr wid^t, and [dat] ye ma 
ittv lak ov noli^. 

18. 'BiU; I wud not hav y© fru 
be ignorant, bredren, kons^mi^ 
dem hwiq qx asl^p» dat ye soro 
not^ eTen az tiderz hwiq hav no 
hop. . 

14. Fer if we bel^v dat Jezus 
mi toz ag^; even so dem 

efeo hwi^ sicp in Jtzue wil God 
brit) wid him. 

15. For difi weea untu yflo bj^ de 
wurd ov de Lerd, dat we hwiq qr 
ayv, [and] remin untu de kumig 
ov de Lord jil not prevent dem 
hwi^ qraslip. 

16. Fer de Lord himself fal de- 
s^nd from heven wid a fyt, wid 
de vws ov de q?*kanjel, ana widde 
tmmp ov Qiod: and de ded in 
Krist Jal rjz f^rst: 

17. Sen we hwiig qr alf v [and] 
tem^n fal be ket up tug^er wid 
dem in de kl^dz, tu met de Lerd 
in de ^r: and so Jal we ever be wid 
de Lerd. 

18. Hwj^Tfor kumfort wun an* 
dder wid ^ wrn^z. 

€APT£R 5. 

1. But ov de time and de se- 
zonz, bredren, ye hav no ned dat 
i rjt untu ytf). 

2. For y<nraelvz no p^rfektli 
dat ^ da- ov de Lerd so Inimet az 
a tef in de njt 

3. Fer hwen da Jal sa. Pes and 
safiit ^^^ suden destrukjon kum- 
et up6n dem, az travel up6n a 
wuman wid Q|ld; and da JaL not 

4. But ye, bredren, qr not in 
dqrknes, dat d&t da Jud overtdk 
yaa az a tef. 

5. Ye qr el de qildren ov IJt, 
and de gildren ov de da: we qr 
not ov de njt, ner ov dqrknes. 

6. H^rfor let us not slep, az 
[da>] uderz; but let us wo^ and 
be sober. 

T, Fer da dat slep slep in de n^t; 
and da dat be druDken qr drunken 
in de nit 

8. But let us, ha> qr ov de da, 
be sober, puti^ on de brestplat ov 
fat and luv; and fer an helmet de 
hop ov salvajon. 

9. FerGodhatucrtafpcmtedtii 

in rql, bat tu obAio talYsJon 1Mb is da wfl ot God in J&j* J^ 
vr Lenl Jesua Kiist^ 

10. Ha> djd i^r iit| dat| hweder 
we wok er slep, we Jiid Ut tu- 
g^r wid him. 

11. Hw^ifor kamfort yakTselvz 
tugeder, aod ediQ wun annder, 
even as elso ye do. 

12. Aod we bes^ jc^ bredren, 
tu no dem hwig labor am^ ya>, 
and qr over y<D in de Lerd^ and 
adm6nij ya>; 

13. And tu est^m dem veri h^li 
in luT fer d^r works eak. [And] 
be at pes amog ycurselyz. 

14:. Kv we egzert ya>, bredren, 
wem dem dat qr unra)li, kumfort 
de febl-minded, suport 6b wek, be 
pajent tord el £men.] 

19« Kwenq not de spiiii. 

20. Despfz not priSf ttsiiQs» 

21. Pi»Y eL tips; bold foatdit 
bwig ie giiid. 

22. Abstan from, el apera&s or 

23. And de reri Qod ov pes 
saoktiQ ja> boUi; and [^ pm God] 
ycDT hci spirit and sol and bodi be 
prea^rrd blamles untu de knmig 
OY 9T Lord JezQs Kcjs^ 

24. Fa^l[iz] bedatkaMyn, 
ha> elso wil do [it] 

25. Bredren, pra fer tui. 

26. Ghret el de brodren wid an 

27. $ gaij y<» H 6b lu&td dat 

15. Se dat nnn rendw evil fer dis epial be red nnta el &b hc^ 

evil untu eni [man]; bat ever folo 
d&t bwiq iz gud, bot amd^ yor- 
selvz, and tu. el [men.] 

16. Re^6B evermor. 

17. Fra wid^ sesip. 

18. In eved ti^ giy ta^ks: fer 


28. 3e gras ov vr Iierd Jszos 
Kiist [be] wid ya>. ELm^n. 

woi liten from Atens. 


€APTER 1. 

1. Pel, and Silvanus, and Tim- 
otiuSy untu de qaiq ovde Hesalo- 
nianz in God vr Fq,der andde l4erd 
Jezus Erist: 

2. Gras untu yo, and peS| from 
God 7r Fqder and de Lord Jezus 

3. We q,r birnd tu ta{)k God el- 
waz fer ya>, bredren, az it iz met, 
bek^z dat ya>r fat groet eksedi^li, 
and de Qariti ov ever! wun ov yo 

^Itord tq uder abzrndet: 

4. So dat we vrselvz glor| in 
ya> in de gnr^ez ov God fer ya>r 
pajens and fai in el yor p^iseki|- 
jonz and tribyi^la/onz ^ktyeeiid4r: 

5. [Hwig iz] a manifest token 
ov de rjtyus jujment ov God, 6bj^ 
ye ma be kirated wurdi ov de ki^- 
dom ov God, fer bwlg ye elMi> 

6. Seig [it iz] a rityus ti|j wid 
God tu rekompens tribyi^lajon tu 
dem dat trubl yo; 

7. And tuyo bo qr tmbld rest 
wid us^ bwen de Lord Jezoa jai 

2hd ePIBli TW 38 jaSBAUOmjLSZ. 


tev^lld from hefren wid Mz n^ti 

8. la {temi^ i^r i»ki|) venjans 
on 4Bm ^t no not Qod, and ^ 
obd not de gospel ov tt Locd Je- 
zus Kr^st: 

. ' ik Hid Jal be puni/t wid .eyer- 
idstip destrukfon from de pre^ens 
ov ^ Liord^ aBd from da ^ori ov 
biz pirer; 

.10« Hwen ha Jal kum tu be 
gloiifid in hiz sante, and tia be 

adm^fd in el damdat belav (bek^z pvar and sj^z and Ijig wnnderz, 

TfTJfesBtinuimi amt^p j<d woz bel^vd) 
in dat da* 

11. Hw^rfor olso we pia elwoz 
for ym, dat sr God wud kvnt yay 
wurdi ov [dis] keivQf andiulfil el 
de gud plegyiir ov [hiz] giadnas, 
and de work ov fai wid pser: 

12. Sat da nam ov st Lord Je- 
ZQS Kqst ma be glori{|d in ya>, 
and yr in lumy akerdi^ tu de gras 
ov vr God and de Lerd Jezus 

. GAPTER 2. 

1. N^ we bcs^Q y<D, bredren, bi 
de knmii) ov ^r Lerd Jezua Krjst, 
and [bi] 7r gaderig tugeder nntu 

2. Sat ye be not bohl Jaken in. glorl ov sr Lerd Jezus Krjst. 

m^nd, er be trubld, neder bj spirit, 
ner bj wnrd, ner bj leter az from 
US, az dat de da ov Krist iz ^t 
hand. - 

3. Let no man desiv ya> b^ eni 
meaz: fer [dat da Jal not kum], 
ekf(^t ^t kum a feli^ awa f^rst, 
and dat man ov sin be rev^ld, de 
son ov perdi/on; 

' 4. H^o -opozefl and egzeltet 
himself al^v el dat iz keld God, 
er dat iz wiiT|ipt; so dat he az 
God sitet in de tempi ov God, 
J<ND himself dat he iz God. 

5. SBemember ye not, dat, 
hwen 4 wos yet wid y<», i told ya> 
dez ti^z. 

6. Andn^ryenehwotwidhiQld- 
et dat he m^t be rev^ld in hiz i^va, 

7. Fer de misteri ov inikwiti 
dot elffedi wurk: onli he ha> nv 
letet [wil let], until he be taken 
st ov de wa. 

S. And den Jal dat Wiked be 
rev^ld, h<Dm de Lerd Jal konst^m 
wid despirit ov hiz m^t, and Jal de- 
8tr6r wid de brjtnes or biz kumi{): 

d. [&ven] him, ha>z knmi^ iz 
aft^r de wurkig ov Satan wid el 

10. And wid el des^vablnea ov< 
unrityusnes in dem dat peri J ; be- 
k^z da resivd not de luv ov de 
tra>t, d«t da m^t be savd. 

11. And fer dis kez God Jal 
send dem stro^ delngon, dat da 
Jud beUv a U*. 

12. Sat da el m^t be damd h<» 
belivd not de tra>t, but had pleg- 
yi|r in unr|tyu8nes. 

13* But we qr b^rnd tu gir 
ta^ks elwa tu God fer ya>, bredren 
beldved ov de Lerd, bek^z God 
hat from de begini^ qozen ya> tu 
salvajon tra> sa^ktifikajon ov de 
Spirit and belif ov de tro^t: 

14. Hwj^runtd) he keld yo b^ 
vr gospel, tu de obtanig ov de 

15. Ss^rfor, bredren, stand fast, 
and hold de tradijonz hwiq ye hav 
bin tet, hweder bj wurd, er isr episL 

i6. N^ 3r Lerd Jezus Kr^st 
himself, and God, even vr Fqder, 
hwiQ hat luvd us, and hat given 
[us] everldsti^ ko])aolajon and 
gud hop tra> gras, 

17. Kumfort y<»r hq;Bts, and 
stablij y<a in everi. gud wurd and 

€APTER 3. 

1. E4^ali, bredren, i»ra fer lu^ 
dat de wurd ov de Lord ma bar 
[f re] kors, and be glonf^d, evan 
^ [it iz] wid y<i&: 

% And dM W6 nui %6 di5tfTerd:|y«» «» i»» ^^^*fl 2F?»»_*» * 

f0r •! [mmi] Imt wot fitiK 

9w Bttt uB Lord is mtntif ihb Jm' 
«taMtJ ym, and k«p [y^} tt6ta «^L 

4. .Ajid w« hay kotiMeiis % )1b 
Lotd Ui^ig ja», dat ys bet da> 
•nd wil dft 6 li^s hwi^ ws koai<- 
^d y<D. 

5. And €b Lord ^KrAct yottr 
hqjrto iBtu ds l«y or God^ and 
intu de pafent irali^ for Ki^a^ 

6. Kv wa iBomdnd yo^ bndnm, 
in ds nam or vr Lord Jatna Si^st^ 
^bt ye widdK^yoM^TsfroBievaii 

bnider daft wekeft diaordetii, anddttfe he ma be a|^d. 

not after de tradifaii^ kwi^ he re- 
•^▼d or ua. 

7. Fory»meftrsn€ihvye«t%ia 
folo ns: for we behdrd not siaAre 
4]BerderU am%y<a; 

8^ Neder did we fA «ni maaa 
hied f er not; hut rot wid labor and 
tmvel nit and da, dttt we mjt not 
he ^rjaM tu eni or y<»: 

9. Mot bek^B we har not pv«r. 

eni wud not work neder Jud' Web 

ii. For we h«r «Kfe.4ar 
hwi^ wok UK^ yin 

not at ^ fattt ^Kir 

1& Ksdemda;tq;rsaQiv«kofei- 
dnd and ogeM hi sr Xovd Jaaoa 
Kifst^ dat wid kwiieteea 4a waric, 
and et d^r cm bred. 

19. B«kye^hredi»xi»haiK>i wsri 
m wiri-da»ig. 

14b And if eni num oha aiiSt «r 
^miTd bi dis Qilii, aet ^at aaaai 
and har no kumpani wid Mm^ 

15. Yet kvnt [him] not 
enemiy bat adm^nif [him.] 

16. Kt da Lord or paa 
gir ym pea «lwaa bi el nueaz^ Kz 
Lotd [be]- wid y<n oL 

17. ae 8Blyi|taf on. or Fwk wad 
mfn on hand, hwiis ie Ae tofeon in 
ereri epfsl: so j lit, 

18. SEe gras or ^ Lord Jesna 

hat tUL mA vnelra an enadmpl Krist [be] wid ym el. Cbneau 

'"^*** yj ^ **^® *•• .;. 7 ac aekond [epkl] fta de iBLaalonfius 

la PorerenhMronwew^rwid* ivw riten finrita Meiuk 



L Fol, an apdsl or Jeaas K!ist 
h( de Ifiom^tndment or God er 
Saryor, and Lord Jesus JCija% 
[hwioiz] ifT hoyK. 

2. Untu T&noii, [n4l<<>i^Bnn in 
da fa): Gra% m^rsi, [and] pes, 
torn God «r Fqjder and Jeans 

Sw Aa i hes^t ditia abfd atil at 

'Eftena, h#en i wnai ibttai Man* 
donia^ d&t dsr mitat qq^ man dat 
da teq no nder dcdkttin, 

4. Neder gir hed tu ftdds and 
endlea jeni&kajie, hwiQ miniHar 
kwestyone, raifer daa godii o£^ 
hwi^ ie in fal: [so do. J 

5. Na de end or de fcomda^ 
mont ia gariti at or a pi|r h^ 
and [or] a gud koajeiu^ and* [or] 
faft onfind: 

ite episL Ttd Tnc&Br 


6. fVomliwlQsamhayiQflw^rTd 
lunr tttmd a6|d nntu van ^aogH^; 

7. D«z{ri9 tu be te^s 0¥ ds le; 
understdndiD neder hwot da sa, 
ner hwi^nSf da af §rni. 

8. But we no dat de I0 [ie] 
gud, if a man yi^z it lefuli; 

^. KcftiD die, dat de 1« iz not 
mad fer a t^us man, but for de 
lelies and diMbbedient, far de an* 
g6dli and fer sinerz, fer nnholi 
and: prottn, fer mutdererz ov 
fqjderz end mnrdererxoY muderz, 

10. Fer hor^mu^ens, fer dem 
die dcf|l dems^vz ^d mankjnd^ 
t&r meMixierZf fer-lioffz, fer p^r* 
ji^rd p^rsonz, and if d^r be eni 
nder tig dat iz k6ntiari tu svnd 

IL Akerdi^ ttot de gtcMrins goe- 
pel oTde blesed God, hwiq woz 
kondted tia m| tmet 

1% And i tfl^ Ktiit Jesiie vr 
Lerd^ ha^ bad enabld me; fer dat 
be kvnted me faiful, piatiD me 
intu de minietri; 

13. H<D woz befc^ a blairfemer, 
and a p^reekiiter, and injttrins: but 
i obtdnd m^i, bek^e | did [it] ig- 
nerantli in unbelif . 

14. And de gms or trr Lerd woz 
eksedi^ abdndant wSd fat and luv 
bwiqiz in Krnt Jezud. 

15. 3is [izj a fatful saiip, and 
wntdi ov el akeeptajon, dat Krjst 
Jezus kam intu de wurld tu ear 
sinerz; or h4»m i am qd^ 

. 16. Hvbeit fer die kez | obtdnd 
mfrsiy dat in me f^rst Jezus Kr^st 
lilt Jo fort el lop-suferi^ fer a 
pitem t«i dem bwiq fud beidfter 
bri^on him tu l|t everlde^. 

17. Nv nntu de Ei^ eternal, 
immortal, inTizibl, de onli w^z 
God, [be] onor and gkaori fer ever 
Old ever^ fimto. 

hwi^ wont beft^ otk M, dat d» b| 
dem mitst wer a gud werf^r; 

Id. fioldi^ fat) and a gud kon- 
fene; hwi^ smn bavig put awi 
kons^mip fat bay mad Jiprek: ' 

20. Or hatm ie Himeneas and 
Aleksdnder; btem { bar dellverd 
untu Satan^ dat da ma- l^m not* 
tu blasf^m. 

€APT£B 2. 

1* % egz4rt di^rfor, (bSt^ f^Mt ov 
el, suplikajonz, pr^rz, intertejon^, 
[and] giviQ ov tiKgke^ be mt^ f^r 
el men; 

2. Fer ki||Z, and [fer] el dat otr 
in etoriti; dat we ma led a kwiei 
and paHbl^t in el godlkiee and 

3. Fer die [ia] gud and aksept* 
abl in de sit ov God we Savyor; 

4; Ha> wil hav el mtsn tu ba* 
savd, and tu kum vmtu de nolo) . 
ov de trAt. 

& Fer [diir iz] wnn God, and 
wnn mediator betw^ God and 
men, de man Krurt Jezas; 

di Bm gav bime^ll a i«»iom 
fer el, tu be toBtif}d in dti im* 

7. Hwi(nmt(6 | sm erdnid a 
preger, and an apdel, (| spek da 
troyt in Kristy [and] I4 not;) a 
te^er ov de Jentjlz in fat and 

8. S wil di(r£a>r dat men pm 
everi hw^r, liftin np holi baiidz, 
wid^ rqt and dvtix^ 

9. In i^k maaer elso, dat wim- 
en ad6m demselvz in modest 
ap&rel, Vrid Jam-fasednes and so- 
brjeti; not wid bnydeid b^r, or 
gold, er ^p^lsi, er kostli aid; 

10« But (bwig bsinimet wimen 
ptoi^m^ godlines) wid gud wnfks. 

11. Let de wuman l^m in ^* 
lens wid el sn^ekjon. 

12. But I sufer not a wtaman 
tu teQ,.n0r tu yitzdrp «ioriti oviae 

. 18. .3m Qct4 i komit mtu di, 
san Timoti, akerdi^ tu de profaiiAide mao^ but tu faa i»4l«M^ 


15. Fat Adam woz f^ist fennd, 
den 8v. 

14. And Adam woz not des^vd, 
but de vniman bei^ dea^vd woz 
in de tnuQflgreJon. 

16. Notwidst&ndifp Je Jal be sayd 
in ^Id-bi^riD, if da kontmyn in fat 
and gariti and holines wid sobqetL 


1. Sis [ie] a tr<& sai^, If a man 
dex|r de ofis oy a bijop, he dez|r- 
e^ a gud wnrk. 

2. U bifop den must be Mamies, 
de huzband ov wun w^f, vljilant, 
sober* ov gud bebavyor, given tu 
bospitaliti, api tu tec; 

3. Not given tu win, no striker, 
not gredi ov filti linker; but pa- 
Jent, not a breler, not kuvetos; 

4. Wun dat r^let wel biz cm 
bvs, havig biz gildren in subjek- 
Jon wid el graviti; 

5. (For if a man no not hv tu 
rol biz on bvs, ^hv Jal be tak 
k%r ov de qm^ ov God;) 

6. Not a novis, lest bei^ lifted 
up wid piid he f el intu de kon- 
denmafon ov de devil. 

7. Morover be most bav . a 
gud report ov dem hwiq q,r wid- 
ifi; lest he fel intu reprog aaod 
de m^r ov de devil. 

8. I4kw|z [must] de dekonz 
[be] gravj not dubl-tn^, not giv- 
en tu muq wp, not gredi ov nlti 

9. Holdif) de mieteri ov de fat 
in a pq^ konjens. 

10. And let dtz elso f^rst be 
pvoDvd; den let dem yiiz de ofis 
ov a dekon, beii) [fvnd] blamles. 

11. Even so [must d^r] w^vz 
[be] grav, not slandererz, sober, 
fatful in el ti^z. 

12. Let de dekonz be de huz- 
bandz ov wun w{f, r<i>lip ^^r gil- 
drea and d%r on iaztz wel. 

13. F«r da dat bat yi^sd de 

ofis ov a dekon wel purges tu 
demselvz a gud d^pre^ and giat 
boldnes in de fal hwi^ iz in &{st 

14. Sez ti^z rit i untu dB» 
hopip tu kum nntu d^ feftli: 

15. But if I tari Ioq, dat ds 
mast no hs dir etst tu behav 
djself in de hvs ov Qod, hfrig iz 
& gurQ ov de livi^ God, de pilar 
and grvnd ov de tiuDi. 

16. And widHk^ntrov^isigiajt 
iz de misteri ov godlinee: God 
woz manifest in & flej, jiaetiQd 
in de Spirit) sen ov anjmz, pre^t 
untu de Jent^lz, belivd on ia & 
wurld, resivd up intu gkuL 

©APTER 4. 

1. Nv de Spirit speket ekspvdsli, 
dat in de later timz sum Jal depart 
from de fat, givip bed tu sedi||Bi|| 
spirits, and doktrinz ov devils; 

2. Spekip Ijz in4upokriai; haviQ 
di^r konjens serd wid a hot iara; 

3. Forbidi;) tu mari, [and kom- 
dndi|}] tu abstan from mets, hwig 
God hat kreated tu be res^vd wid 
ta{)k8*givig ov dem hwig beliv 
and no de tni>t. 

4. For everi kret^r ov God 
[iz] gud, and noti^ tu be ref^zd, 
if it be resevd wid taQks-givip: 

6. Fur it iz sagktifid b^ de wuid 
ov God and pn^r. 

6. If dv put de bredren in re- 
m^mbrans ov dez tif)z, dv Jait be 
a gud minister ov Jesus Ki^ 
nurijt up in de wurdz ov £at and 
ov gud doktrin, hwi^runto ds 
hast atand. 

7. But ref4< {Hrofdn and old 
w}vz fablz, and eksecslz d|«^ 
[rader] untu godlines. 

8. Fer bodili eksersiz profitel 
litl: but godlines iz pr6xitabl uotu 
el tipz, havig promis ov de Ijf drt. 
nv iz^ and ov dat bwig is tu 


9^ Sk [iz] a fatful saqg, and 
urordi ov el akseptajon. 

10. Fer d%rfor we bot labor 
and suier repro^, bek^z we trust 
in de liviu God, ho) iz de Savyor 
ov 9I mas, apejali ov doz dat 

11. 8[ez ili|}z komdnd soxd tag. 
12« Let no man daspjz di ya>t; 

imt be d? an egzdmpl ov de be- 
levels, in wurd, in konversa f on, in 
garJti, in spirit, in fat, in p^riti. 

13. Til 4 kum, giv atendans tu 
redi^ tu eksortajon, tu doktrin. 

Xi. Keglekt not de gift dat iz 
ia di, hwig woz given d^ bj prof- 
esi, wid de laig on ov de handz ov 
de prezbiteri. 

15. Meditat np6n dez tigz; giv 
dis^lt holli tu dem; dat d} profiti|} 
ma ap^ tu. eL 

16« Tak bed untu djself, and 
untu de doktrin; kontinyi^ in 
dem: fer in dcnig dis dv Jalt bot 
aav d]8elf^ and dem dat her di. 


1. Reb4k not ui elder, but in- 
tr^ £him] az a fqjder; [and] de 
yu^er men az bre&en; 

2. Se elder wimen az muderz; 
de ytq)ger az sisterz, wid el pq^riti. 

3. Onor widoz dat cur widoz 

4 Bat if eni wido hav gildren 
Gf nevyiiz, let ^m l^m f^rst tu 
Jo horn, and tu rekw|t 
d%r ps^rents: fer dat iz gud and 
«k»^taU befor God. 
• .5. K7 Je dat iz a wido ind^, 
and d^solet, truatet in €k>d, and 
kontinyuet in saplikajonz and 
]pKi(rt n|t and da. 

6. But J[e dat livet in plegynr 
iz ded hw}l Je livefL 

7. And -dez tipa giv in gq;j, 
dat da ma be blamles. 

8. But ii eni proyid not fer luz 
400, and spojali for doz ov his on 

hvs, he hat denjd de fat, and la 
wurs dan an infidel. 

9. Let not a wido be taken in« 
tu de number under treskor yers 
old, havig bin de wjf ov won 

10. Wei reported ov fer. gud 
wurks; if Je hav bret up Qiidrwa, 
if Je hav lojd stramerz, if Je hav 
wojt de sants fet, if Je hav rel^vd 
de ailikted, if Je hav diUjentU 
folod everi gud wurk. 

11. But de y upger widoz ref^z : 
fer hwen da hav begdn tu wdu 
wpnton agenst Krjst, da wil mari; 

12. Havii;) damnajon, bek^z da 
hav kast of d%r f^rst fat. 

13. And wid^l da l^m [tu be] 
idl, wonderi^ ab^t from h'vs tu 
h9s; and not onli ^dl, but tatlerz 
elso and bizi^bodiz, spekiq) ti^ 
hwiq da et not 

14. tB wil d^rfor dat de yi^ger 
wimen mari, b^r gildren, gjd de 
h^s, giv nun okagon tu de adver- 
sari tu spek reproqfuli. 

15. Fer sum cir elr^di tumd 
as^d after Satan. 

16. If eni man er wuman dat 
belevet hav widoz, let dem reUv 
dem, and let not de <3urQ be Q<irjd; 
dat it ma rel^v dem dat <vr widoz 

17. Let de eldorz dat rtnl wel 
be kvnted wurdi ov dubl onor, 
espejali da ha> labor in de wurd 
and doktrin. 

18. Fer de skriptyur set, Qjs 
Jalt not muzl de oks dat tredet vt 
de kern. [Diit 25: 4.] And, ae 
laborer [iz] wurdi ov hiz reward* 
[Lev. 19: 13.] 

19. Agenst an elder ttaiv not 
an akyiizajon, but bd6r ta> ot tre 

20. aem dat sin reb^k bef^r 
el, dat uderz elso ma fer. 

21. $ QQxj [d^] befi&r God, and 
de Lerd Jezua Sriit^ ¥^ ^ ^^^^ 


1» 6frl6L Hi! TtM^Bt 

Aiijelff, Ait <hr obe^rr <le« Hi^s 
wi<!t^ pref eri|| wan bef6r andder, 
dtti() BoOig b( pqt^f iiiliti. 

22. La Ii8nd2 ittdenl! on no 
tean, neder b^ partsk«r ot uder 
mens sinz: kep djself piir. 

28. Drif)k no lo^r weter, bat 
fqs a litl w(n fer d^* stamaks flak 
itid dpi ofen Ukf^rmitiz. 

2^ Sam menfl sins q^ open 
brforhand, g«>i|) befor tu jtijment; 
and som [men] da folo after. 

25. I4kw|z elso d» giiid wtirks 
[oT sam] q,r manifest beftiM&and: 
and da dat q,r iidetw|B kan not be 


L Let as meni B^rrantB &z q^ 
tuider de yok kvnt dit^ ^^ mas- 
ten wiiidi ov el onor, dat de nam 
OY God and [biz] doktrin be not 

2. And ds dat bar btJlevig 
mosterzf let dem notd^{z [dem], 
bek^z da q,r bredt«n i bat ttAer 
dm [dem] s^rvls, b«k4z da qr fat- 
ful and beldved, partakerz ov d6 
benefit Ktt ti^ teq and egz^rt. 

B, If eni man teq adisfw^z, and 
konsent not tu holsnm wavdz, 
[eveiV] de wardz ov in Lord Je- 
zas Krist, and tu de doktrin bwi^ 
li akefdi^ tiif ^odlinetf; 

4. He iz prsd, noln ndtiD, bat 
dfii^D ab^ kwestvOBz and strfCi 
OY wardz, hw^rof knmet enYi^ 
attjf, tatioiz^ evil sttnnizi^z, 

6. PefY^rs dispttti^^ oy men 
OY kordpt mifidz, and destiti|t 
OY de tem% oopoait) dat gan jz 
godlines: from sag widdr4 6^\t 

6. Bat gcNfiinea Wid kontent- 
ment iz giw gjBOL 

7. Fer we bret notig intia [d&ai] 
world, [and it iz] shorten wa kan 
kari notig tt • 

9. And Imyih f(nd and rament 
tott» ba.4^prwil koat6Dt» 

9. Biit da dat wil be TiQ M'ln- 
tu temtajon and a snt^t, and [in^ 
tu] meni fotlij and bnrtful luets, 
hwie drvn men in desfenkfan and 


10. Fer de laY oy mmii iz da 

root OY el evil: bwig hw^l aam 
kttYeted after, ^ baY ^rd from de 
&Lt, and perst dems^YZ tnn wid 
men! floroz. 

11. But tttf, & man or €h»d, fla 
6zz ti^z * and folo after rit^-oa- 
nes, godlines, fo^, Iuy, pa/ens, 

12^ ¥[% da gvtd tit OY M, k 
bold on eternal Ijf^ bw^rant^ da 
dTt elso keld, and bant jiroCest 
a gud profejon befor meni '^ii- 

Idi i giY di Qiiij in da ajt OT 
God, ba> kwikenet el- ti^, and 

i befor] Krist Jezos, bin b^r 
^ontios P|iet Witnest a gud Icen^ 

14 Sat da kep [tel hom&jsSii^ 

ment wkt^t spot, nniebqkabl, im- 
til de ap^rif) oy ar Lord Jazoa 

15. Hwi^inbiatitiiaba/idJ^ 
[ba> izlde blesed and oidi {Msilen^ 
fat, da A^iip OY k^, and Lerd'oY 

16; Ha> onli bal ixnoitaliti, 
dwelip in de l^t bwig no man k«a 
«pt6q afitidl; bcbm no aiaA lal 
sen, neil kan sa: tia ba>m f bal oa- 
or and paer eYerldstif). UtaiiL 

17/ ^^ derm dat qr riq in dia 
wurld, dat da be not b|^in(ndad, 
ner ttust in ans^vten ti<gea, bat in 
da liYitr God, b» giYoit lis fi^li el 
ti^z tu enj<$r^ 

18. Sat da da> giiid, dat da ba 
ri^ in gud waiics, ladi tut distiib- 
yilt, wili^ tu Momyiinikat} 

19. Lai|) ap in stor M dam- 
selvz a gud fandojotf ag^nst da 
tjm tu kum, dat m met k bc^ 




^ C3i Tfn|0tt^ kgp dat Kwi^ iz 
komited ta d{ trust, armlig pn5^ 
ihi [and] wi babligz, and opc^ 
■iJonE pv s^ena fialsU bo keld: 

2L Hwig anm ptaiAa%}uer ftd 

fconai^i^ dsML €h«r [tie] -wid 

1 3t f^nt ta Tfanoti woi rit«a 

I^iodisea, hwig is da eefoit litl ov 


SEKONI) epist or pei ttj TiMaMi. 


eJAPtBR 1 

jL Pel, an apdsl ot Jsziis Sjrjat 
14 da wil ov God, akerdig tu de 
^Domia ov IjjC hwils iz in Ki|Bt 

iL Tu Timoti^ [mj] derU be- 
Idved 81U1: Gras^ ntftai, [andj iks 
from God de Fqder and 
JFazoa w Lord. 

B. $ ta^k GtTdy hAm i s^rv from 
[mi] for-{q|ders wid pqt konfens^ 
oat wid^ aeai^ i k«7 nmeml»rBDa 
OT d^ in mi pn^rz n^t and da; 

• 4u Gmtli daalrig tia ae d^. beig 
laindfuil ov d| terz, (&it 4 ma ba 
likL wid jor; 

* 6. Hweai kel tq: rememfarana 
de onfdnd mt da& iz in d^ hwig 
darelt %8t in d} grandmudcir Lois, 
and d|. muder Tiinisa; and i am 
pexswaned dat in d^ elso. 

6. Hwarfor i put d^ in remem- 
larans dai^ d9 st^r up da gift ov God, 
kwi<] iz in d^.b^ depulqionov 
mi handz. 

7. For Gk)d haft not given 
l|iiiili ov fer; bat ov ^er^ and ov 
lav, and ov a s«nd mind. 

^ Be not ds di^rfor afdmd ov 
da testimoni ov wt Lexdiiier ov m^ 
kiz priaoner: but be dv partaker 
ov de aflik|onz ov de soepd ak^nd* 
inf^ tla^de j^aer. av God; 

9. Hm hat aavd na, and keld 
[as] wid an holi koli|)^ not akcttd- 
ig tu vr ^nurka^ bait akerdi^ tui 
biz on purpaa and graa^ bwi^ woz 
given us in Ej^/A Jezaa bef^Sr da 
wiirld begdn; 

10. But iz nv mad inanileal 
^dei^eriQ ov vr Savyor Jei&ua 

[ y ba> baift abdli/t dell, and basi 
bret lit and immo^taditi tio. liji ixm 

XL Hwi^mnkb i am ap«ated m 
pteoer, and an apoal, and a t^er 
ov de J^ntjlz. 

12. For de bwiQ kez i elso acf^ 
er' dtz ti^ nirvevdties i am not 
afamd: fori no bom i ba^ balftvd^ 
and am perswadeid deit be iz abl 
tu kep dat bwig i bav kamited 
antu bim aganat dat da. 

13. H^d fast de form dv aand 
wtirdz, bwi^da^ bastb^rd ov ma^ in 
fat and luv bwiq; is in Kr^ Jtzaa^ 

14l 3at gud tig bwiq woa kom- 
ited untu & kep bi de Holi GoiJt 
bwi^ dw;elet in ua. 

15. Sis da noesty dal el dt 
bwiq qr in QJia be tamd awd 
&om nte; ov koai cyr FijAua And 

16. Se Lord giv m^rai unfu da 
hts ov Oneaifoi^; fer btf oft re- 
frejt mfi^ and woz Unk a|dmd er 


29]> 8PJSIi 1^ JJifQBL 

17. But, kmsn lie woz in Rom, 

lie set me vt yeii diUjentli, and 
fynd [me.] 

18. Se liord grant untu him 
^t be ma fjnd m^nd oy de Ldrd 
in dat da: and in hv meni tipz he 
ministerd nntu me at 'Efesus, &s 
noest veri weL 


1. ^z d^rfor, mi sno, he stro^ 
in de<gTBB dat iz in Krist Jeziis. 

2. And de ti^z dat d? hast h$rd 
ov me amd^ meni witnesez, de 
8am komit d^ tu fatful men, ha> 
jkl he aid tu teq uderz else. 

3. Sir d%rfor endl|r hqrdnes, az 
a gud seiljer oy Jezns Kqst. 

4; No man dat weret «iita^let 
hima^ 'wid de afire oy [dis] Uf ; 
dat he ma plez him ha> hat) gozen 
lum tu he a soljer. 

6. And if a man elao striY for 
masteriz, [yet] iz he not krmd, 
ekfl^pt he atriY lefuli. 

6. SEe huzhandman dat lahoret 
most be f ^rst partaker oy de f rc&ts. 
' 7. Eondder hwot i ea; and de 
Lord giY di nnderswidi^ in el 

. 8. Remember dat Jezns Erjst 
OY de sed oy DaYid wo2S razd from 
de ded akerdig tu mj gospel: 

9. Hwi^rin i safer trubl, az an 
eYil da>er, [eyen] untu bondz; bnt 
de wurd oy God iz not hisnd. 

10. Si^rfor i end]4r el ti{|z for 
de el^ts saks, dat da ma else ob- 
tdn de salYaJon hwiq iz in Ei^st 
Jezus wid eternal glori. 

11. [It iz] a fatful sai^j: Fer if 
we be ded wid [him], we Jal elso 
My wid [him]: 

'. 12. If we snfer, we Tal elso ran 
wid [him] : if we denj [him], he 
elso wil den{ us: 

13. If we beUY not, [yet] he 
abidet fatful: he kan not den] 

14. Oy des li^.pui [dettjis 
remembrans, Qqrji|} [dem] btfor 
de Lord dat da str^Y not ab^t 
wurdz tu no profit, [but] tu de 
subY^rti^) OY de herers^t. 

15. Studi tu Jo d^self aprobYd 
untu God, a wurkman dat nedeft 
npt tu be,afiLi|kd, r^tli diY|dipde 
wurd OY tra>v. 

16. But Jun profan [and] Yaa 
bablif)z: fer ^ wil inkris untu 
mor nngodlines. - 

17. And ds^r wurd wil et az dol 
a ka^jker: oy ha>m iz HimemeiKi 
and Filetus; 

18. Ho kons^niiis de trot hav 
^rd, saig dat de rezurekjon iz.past 
elredi; and OYerfthd de mt ov sum. 

19. NeYeidel^ de fvndafon oy 
God standet Jf^r, haYi^ dis sel, 38 
Lerd noet dem dat qr hiz. [Naum 
1: 7.] And, Let eYeri wun dat 
namet de nam oy Kr|st depqrt 
from inikwiti. 

20. But in a grat hvs di|r qf 
not onli Yeselz oy gold and oy 
silYer, but elso oy wud and oy 
^rft; and sum tu onw and sum tu 

21. If a man di^rfor pnxj him- 
self {mm dez, he Jal be a Yesel 
untu onor, sagktifid, and rniet lee 
de masterz yi|,£, [and] prep4rd nn- 
tu everi gud wurk. 

22. Fie elso yoiful lusts: but 
folo r^tyusnes, fat, gariti, pt% wid 
dem d^t kel on ^ Lerd «t oy a 
ptir hqrt 

23. But folij and unl^med 
kwestypnz aY^rd, noi{) dat & do 
jender strjfs. 

24. And de servant oy de Lerd 
must not str|Y; bat be jentl antu 
el [men], apt tu te^, pafent, 

25. Id meknes instroktig doz 
dat opCSz demselYz; if God p^r- 
adYentyiir wil giY dem r^)entaii8 
tu de aknoleji^ oy de trot; 

26. And [dat] <fai m^ r^kkm 



demsAvK vt ov dc sn^ ov de devil, 
ha> or taken kaptiv bi him at hiz 

©AFTER 3. 

1, Qis no elaOf dat in de lost 
das perilns t^mz fal kum. 

2« Fer men Jal be luvera ov 
d^r on fielvz, kuvetius, boeterz, 
prsd^ blasfemerz, disobedient tu 
p^renta^ nnt^gkful, unholi, 

3. Wid^natyiiralafek/on,tra>s- 
brakerz, fela aki^erz, inkontinent, 
fsFB^ desptzerx ov doz dat qr gud, 

4. Tratorz, hedi, hj-minded, 
iQTerz ov plegyiyrz mor dan luv- 
ers ov ,God; 

5. Havig a tena ov godlines, 
but denjii^de pver di[(r<$f: from saq 
turn awa. 

6. For ov die sert (i? da hwig 
krep intu hvzez, and led kaptiv 
sili wimen laden wid sinz, led awa 
wid djverz lusts, 

7. Ever l^rni;^ and never abl 
tu kum tu de nolej ov de tra>t. 

8. Nv az Janez and Jambrez 
widsttSid MozeZy so da> dez elso 
rezist de tra>t: men ov kordpt 
mindz, reprobat kons^mi^ de fat. 

9. But da fal prosM no furder: 
' lev d^T foli jal be manifest untu 

9I [men], az ds^rz elso woz. 

10. But d5 hast fuli non mj 
doktrin, maner ov l^f, purpus, fat, 
laf^-suferiD, ^riti, pafens, 

11. P^rsekqjonz, aflikjonz, hwig 
kam untu me at Antiok, at Siko- 
ninm, at Listia; hwot p^rsek^fonz 

I' endt^rd: but vt ov [dem] el de 
erd deliverd me. 

12. Ta, and el dat wil liv godli 
in Kr|Bt Jezus fal safer p^ekti- 

13. But evil men and sedi^serz 
Jal waks wurs and wurs, desevi^ 
aad \m^ dei^vd. 

14. But kontinyii ds in de tv^ 
h^ dv haai tfitii and kaefe Iwi 

tki^rd ov, noig ov haum dv hasi 
l^mt [dem]; 

15. And dat from a ^Id dv 
hast non de hoii skriptyi|,rz, hwig 
qr abl tu mak de w^z untu salva- 
/on tro fat hwig iz in Erjst Jezus. 

16. ei skriptyiy [iz] given bj 
in8i»mJon ov God, and [iz] profit- 
abl fer doktrin, fer reprdtf, fer 
korek Jon, fer instruk Jon in iityu»- 

17. 3[at de man ov God ma be 
p^rfekt, tn»li furnijt untu el 
gud wurks, 

©APTEB 4. 

L $ Qoo [d^l d^if cff befor God. 
and de Lerd Jezus Kr^st^ ha> Jal 
juj de kwik and de ded 9X hiz ap* 
ZTVQ and hiz kipdom; 

2. Preg de wurd; be instant in 
sezon, si ov sezon; repnov, re* 
b4k, egz4rt wid el log-suf eri|) and 

3. Fer de tjm wil kimi hwen 
da wil not end4r s^md doktrin; 
but after d%r on lusts Jal da hep 
tu demselvz tegerz, havif) igig erz; 

4. And da Jal turn awa [«(rj ers 
from de trot, and Jal be toma un- 
tu iablz. 

6. But wog dir in el ti|}Z, endl^r 
aflikjonz, do de wurk ov an evan- 
jelist, mak ful prof ov d} ministri. 

6. Fer i am nv redi tu be ofer^, 
and de tjm ov mj depq^yi^r iz at 

7. $ hav f et a gud f^t, i hav 
finijt [mi] kors, I hav kept & fat: 

8. Hensfort ^r iz lad up fer 
me a kn^n ov r^tyusnes, hwig de 
Lerd, 6z r^tyus juj, Jal giv me at 
dat da: and not tu me onli, but un- 
tu el dem elso dat luv hiz aperig, 

9. Do di dilijens tu kum Jertii 
untu me: 

10. Fer Demas bat forsaken 
me, havig luvd die prezent wurld, 
and u depq^ted untiA &«iakMi4ka; 


KrsBeiiB til Oalfffia, Titm lutu 

11. iihili Jjqfi iz wtd ma Tlik 
]fc|rk, and brig bim wid 6i: for he 
n prdfiiabl tu ms fer de ministri 

12. And TikikuB hay i sent tu 

18. Hs kk»k (fnt { left al; Trawd 
Wid Kq^QB, hw«ti <hr ktmest^ 
hriQ [wid d^], and de huka, [bat] 
espefali de pq^Qmentflw 

14. Aleksander de koperamit 
did IM mu^ 8vU: ds Lord rew4td 
him akerdiio tu hiz wurke: 

15. Oy ha>m be dv wi^r eLao; 
f er he hal gratli widstilid vr wurdz. 

• 16; At m^ fi^t anBernoman 
•tud wid me, bat el [men] forsi&k 
1110; {i pre €K)d] dat it ma not be 
lad tu ^r QcyJ. 

- 17. Not^ndBtdndig de Lerd stud 
wid me^ and slre^nd me; dat bl 
me de pre^q) m^t be fiali nan, and 
[dat] el de Jent^lz m^t her: and { 

WGZ deli yerd vt or de nnri^or^ 

18. And de Lord Jal deliver me 
from eyeri eyil work, and wil pm- 
K^ry [me] nntu hiz heyenli kip- 
dom: tu lunm Hw] glori f pt e f er 
and ever: CEmeb. 

19; Srf4t Priska and Akwfia, 
and de hvehold oy Onesifonu. 

20. Cr^Utns abod at Korint: 
bat Trofimoe har j left at lQ)s- 
tom flik. 

21. Do (Q dilijenfl tu kum IwfliDr 
winter. Yiibqlas gretet d(^ and 
Pq,denfl, and Limis, and Kledia, 
and el de bredren; 

22. Kb Lord Jezos Kijet fbr] 
wid di spirit. Gnu [be} wk( yak. 

1[ Sm lekood [cplal] lugMi Tim^fiiu^ me- 
dind de fent bi/op of de vurq or 
de 8fexianz, wos riton from Kom, 
hireB FM wos' bret befi&r Kero dt 
•ekond t|m. 



1. Pel, a s^ryant oy God, and 
w9l toMl or Jezoe Ki^st^ akerdS^) 
tu i» let oy QoAz elekt, and de 
aknoleJi9 oy de tiMftt hwi^ iz a{ter 
godlines; . 

. 2. Ill hop oy et^nud. l^f, hwig 
God, dat kan not 2], piomiat beCor 
d|^ world begin; 

. 3. Bui hat in di^ <j^iB milnifee- 
ted hiz ward tra> preqip, hwiQ iz 
l^om^bbed mitu me akerdin tu ^ 
Komdadment oy God vr Sayyor; 

dekomon £at: Giaa, m^ni^ [and] 
pes, from God ^ Fq^er and ds 
Leid Jezas £z|st vr Sayyor. 

5. Fer dis kez left i d6 in Km^ 
dat (ts Judst set iawder 4b tqpi 
dat <ir wonti{), and erdan eldentin 
eyeri siti, az i hadaponled 4k: 

6. If em be bUmile^ da hnz* 
band oy wan w^f, hayip fitful 
Qildren, not ak^zd oy i^ot^ er on- 

7. Fer a bijop moet be blamlei^ 
az de stiiard oy God; not edf-wild^ 
not Ban vQf^t, not given tu w|i^ 

fift eon fiftexinc^ staqjUr, set giy«a tyifilte fallen 



-' ^ Bnfca luTer dv iiospitallti, a 
Jura^ ov gud xneii, sober, jint, 
hoH, temperet; 

9. Haidif fast de faftfnl wurd 
«fl' h&.baft mn tet^ dat lie ma be 
abl b| s^nd doktrin bot tii egsM 
wd ta konyics de gan-aaerz. 

10. For is^r q;r meni tumDli and 
rnoi tekecz and des^yerz, epejali 
da ov de B^rknmsijon: 

11. Ha>z m^dz must be stopi^ 
hm sabr^t biol hszez, te^ip. tipz 
hmq da et not^ ior f ilti li^^trs sak. 

12. Wan or demselyz, [even] 
o pralet or dq[r on, sed> Se Kre- 
jiittK [c^r] elwa l^arz, evil beste, 
slo beliz. 

. 13; Sis vitaes is ttan, Hwj^^or 
jMik dem Jq;rpl!, dat da ma be 
svnd in de M; 

14. Not givip bed tu Jui/ fablz, 
^nd komdndments ov men, dat 
tarn from de tro^i. 

15. UntuL de pur el tigz [qr 
piir; but untu dem dat qr def^ 
and unbelevip [izl notip pi^rj but 
even d^r mjnd and konfens iz de- 

16. Sa proFes dat da no God; 
but in wur^s da denj [l^ici}i ^^P 
ab6minabl, and disobedient, and 
untu everi gud wurk reprobat, * 



1. But spek d? de tl^ bwig be- 
^;dm s'snd doktrin: 
. 2. Hat de ajed men be sober, 
gray, temperet, s^nd in fat, in 
(gariti, in pajens. 

3. Se ajed wimen Ijkwiz, dat 
[da be] in behavior az bekiimet 
bolines, notfels akiizerz, not giy- 
en tu mu<^ ^v^n, tegerz ov gud 

4. S[at da ma te^ de jug wimen 
tu be sober, tu luy d^r buzbandz, 
tu luy d^ gildren, 

6. [Tu be] diskr^t, cjast, keperz 
.at bjom, gud, obedient tu dar on 

hiusbandz, dat^de ward o^ Obd ba 
not Uasfimd. 

6. Yug men Ijkw^z egzMtia 
be sobmvmiaded. 

7. In el tipz Joi^ djs^lf a patem 
ov gud warks: in doktrin [Joip] 
nnkardptnefl, graviti, sinseriti, 

8. S^nd speq, dat kan not ht 
kond^sad; dat he dat iz or de k6n- 
trari pcirt ma be ajimd, baTig no 
evil ti^ tu sa ov ya>. 

9. [Bgz^] a^vsAts tu be obe^ 
dient untu d^r on masterz, [and] 
tu plez [dem J wel in el [tigz]; 
not anserq^ sgen; 

10. Not purlerniD, but J0S9 el 
gud fideliti; dat dbi ma ad^n dil 
doktrin ov Ood zr Savyor in el 

11» Far de gras ov Ged dat blip- 
et salvajon bal ap^d tu el men^ 

12* Tegjp. uftdat, deoisp imgod^i 
lines and^urdp3iaBt8» we Jud lir 
soberli, rjtyusli, and godli, in dis 
prezent wurld; 

13. Lukii) for dat blesed bop, 
and de glorius aperig oy de grab 
God and vr Savyor Jezus Krjst; 

14. Ha> gav himself for us, dat 
be m|t red^ tis from el inikwiti, 
and pHrifj untu himself a peki^l- 
yar pcpl, zelus ov gud wurks. 

15. clez tigz spek and egz^rt, 
and rebi^ wid el etoriti. Let no 
man desp|z dl 

€ AFTER 3. 

1. Put dem in m^nd tu be sub- 
jekt tu prinsipalitiz and p^erz, tu 
oba majistrats, tu be redi tu everi 
gud wurk, 

2. Tu spek evil ov no man, tu 
be no brerlerz, [but] jentl, Joig el 
meknes untu el men. 

3. Fer we -grselvz elso w^r 
sumtjmz fiDliJ, disobedient^ de-» 
sevd, s^rvig djverz lusts and pleg- 
yurz, livi^) in malis and envi, hat-' 
ful, [aJ^^] ^a^ip wun andder. 


4. Bat oSbBt dak de kjndiMB and 
Inr or God vr Savyor tGtil man 

6. Not 14 wnrks or rityosnas 
hwiq W8 hay don, bat akeidip tu 
Ids m^nti he savd ojb, bi de wojig 
or njeneraf on, and reniii|) ov de 
Holi GoBt; 

6. HwiQ he Jed on as abondantli 
tno Jeans Exist 'st Saryor; 

7. Sat bd^ jnstifid l^ hiz gras, 
we Jud be mid ^Tz akerdig tu de 
hop ov eternal 1^1 

8. [Sis iz] a lathal sai^ and 
dee tipz I wfl dat dv af^rm k(m- 
stantli, dat da hwiQ hav beUrd in 
God mjt be kiirful tu mentdn gud 
works. Sez iigz q^ gud and 
pr6fitabl untu men. 

9. But avM fa>lij kwestyonz, 
and jenlilojiz, and kontenfonz, 
and stqvi^z ab^ de le; for oa qr 
impr6f itabl and van. 

10. €[ man dat 12 an lieraCik af- 
ter de f f rst and sdLond admom Jen 


11. Hicn^ dat ha dat iz eoQlz 
snbv^rted, and sinet, beig keo- 
dted or himself. 

12. fiwen i Jal send 'Artsmas 
antu ds^ er Tikikns, be dilijent 
tu knm nntu me tu Njkdpotis: 
for i hav det^rmind d^r tia win- 

13. Blip Zenas de ieyer and 
Ap61os on d^r jnmi dilijentU, dat 
notig be wonti^ untu dem. 

14 And let vrz elso l^n .ta 
ment^ gud woiIes for nesemi 
yqjBez, dat da be not nnfrcDtful. 

15. ei dat(ir wid me eal^t d^ 
Ghret dem dat hiy us in de fak 
Crias [be] wid jm eh Smen. 

^ It wos nten tu T^tiUy drdind de fent 
bi/op or ds qaiq or m Kre/ians, firon 
Nikoptiilis OT KattdoBia. 


1. Pol, a prizoner or Jczns 
Ki^st, and Timoti [tst] brader, 
nntu Fjlemon tsx derli beldved, 
and felo-laborer, 

2. And tu [^r] beldved Afia, 
and Hrklpus tsy felo-soljer, and 
tu de QurQ in dj h^s: 

3. Gras tu yoo, and pes, from God 
ZT Fqder and de Lord Jczns Kr^st. 

4. 3& ta^k mj God, makiD men- 
Jon ov de elwaz in mj pr^rz, 

5. Herip ov dj luv and fat, 
hwig dv hast tord de Lord Jezus, 
and tord el sants; 

6. Sat de komjiinikajon ov d[ 
fai>' ma bekdm e^tynel bj de 

aknolejig ov ever! gud tig hwiq 
iz in ya> in Er^st Jezns. 

7. For we hav grat j<y and kon- 
sola Jon in d^ lav, bekez de bvelz 
ov de sants qr refrejt hi di, brader. 

8. Hw^rfor, do i mJt be mn^ 
bold in Kr^st tu enjen d;§ dat 
hwiQ iz konvcnyent, 

9. Yet for luvz sak J rader be- 
szq [d^], beig s\xq an wan az Pel 
de ajed, and n^ elso a prizonet 
ov Jezus Knst. 

10. $ besej^ d^ for mi son Ones* 
imus, horn i hav begoten in mj 

11* HwiQ in tjm past woz te* 

ePISL IJH 98 H8BRa)2. 


4bl itspntfitiM, bat nv pr6fitabl 
tvL di and tu me: 

12. Hdom i hav sent agen: dv 
d^or res^Y him, dat iz, mjo on 

13. Ha>m i wud hav reti&nd 
vid me» dat in dj sted be m^t hav 
i&inisterd uatu me in de bondz 
ovde gospel: 

' 14. But wid^ d| mind wud i 
da> notlg; dat dj benefit Jud not 
be az it w^ oy nesesiti, but wil- 

15. For perhaps he dqrfot de- 
parted fer a flez<m» dat dv Judst 
miY him for eYer, ' 

16. Not nv az a s^nrant^ but 
nbdY a fl^Yant, a bruder beMYd, 
epejali tu. me» but hv muq mor 
untiA dl, bol in de fief, and in de 

17. IE dv kvntme ds^rfor a 
partner, res^Y him az mjself. 

18. If he haft tix^ M, er eeft 
[di] et» put dat on mjn ak^nt; 

19. $ Pel haY riten [it] wid m^ 
on hand, i wil repi [it}: albeit i 
da> not sa tu d^ hv ws oest untia 
me eYen d^n on self beB|dz. 

20. Ya, Iffuder, let me haY jcr 
oY d^ in de Lerd: refrej m^ bvelc 
in de Lerd. 

21. HaYi|) konfidens in (^ obe- 
diens i rot untu d^ noig &.t dv 
wilt elso da> mor dan i sa. 

22. But wid^l prep4r me elso 
a lojif): for i trust dat tra> yoMr 
pr^rz ijal be given untu ya>. 

23. a^r salt^t di £pa&a^ mj 
felo-prizoner in Krisi Jezus; 

24. Hqrkus, Aristctrkus, D«- 
maa, Lukas, mi f elo^laborerz. 

25. 3e gras oy vr Lerd Je2us 
Kr^st [be] wid ya>r spirit Qm^o^ 

^ Riten from Bom tia Fjtonon, b| 
OnesimuB a Mrmnt. 

episL ov PGL Tu ae HeBRoaz. 

©APTER 1. 

1. God, ha> at sundri t^mz and 
in d^verz manerz spak in tjm past 
untu de fqderz bj de profets, 

2. Hat in dez last daz spoken 
antu us bj [biz] Sun, luDm he 
hat apemied ^r ov el ti{)Z, b^ luDm 
elso he mad de wurldz; 

8» Bith \xxQ de bfjtnes oy [hiz] 
glori, and de ekspres imej oy hiz 
p^on, and upholdip el tipz bj de 
wurd OY hiz pver, hwen he had bi 
himself purjd zt sinz, sat dvn on 
de r^t hand oy de Majesti on hj; 

4. Bei^ mad so muq beter dan 
de anjeU, as ha hai bj inheri- 

tans obtdnd a mor ekselent nam 
dan da. 

6. Fer ^ untu hwiq ov de anjela 
sed he at eni t^m, 37 qrt mi Sun, 
dis da haY i beg6ten di. [Sqm 2: 
7.] And agen, ^ 9 wil be tu him 
a Fqder, and he fal be tu me a 
Sun. [2 Sam. 7: 14.] 

6. And a||in»hwen hebrinet in 
de f^rst wurld, he 
set, And let el de anjelz oy God 
wurjip him. [Sqm 97: 7.] 

7. And OY de anjelz he set, Ha 
maket biz anjelz spirits, and hiz 
ministerz a flam oy f^r. [Sq^ 
104:4.] , ■ 

8. But untu da Son [he ■#], 

GftSL ¥t7 see fieSRAS. 

S} tNOii) o €M, tiiS] fi§r dvefr and 
ev«r: a septcnr or fityusnes [is] de 
ftepter 07 q ki^dom. 

9. Ss hast Ittvd lityxamt^ aad 
iMited iaikwiti; d^itor God, [even] 
di God, h«A anomted 6£ wid d& crl 
mr gladnet abdv d^ feloz. {Sq,m 
45: 6, 7.] 

10. And, S.V, Lord, in ds b^ 
-glnip hist lad de f vndAjon ov ds 
^; and de hevenz q,r de wtoks 
ov d^n hande: 

' 11. 3a fal perif; bat (ts remen- 
aet; and da el Jal waks old ta dot 
a gqrment; 

' 12. And az a Testyi^r Jalt dir 
fold'dem up, and da Jal he ^anjd: 
%at dv <i;rt ae sam, and d| yer^ Jal 
not &l. [Sq;ra 102: 25--27.] 
•' 13. But Stu hwiq ov de anjelz 
aed he at eai t^m, Sit on mi rjt 
^nd, until 4 mak din enemiz dj 
futstfl&l. [Sq;n 110: 1.] 

14. SRr £l not el ministeri^ 
spirits, sent fort tu minister fer 
dem ha> Jal be ^,rz ot ealrajon. * 


1. S^rfbr. ^t M tu giv de mor 
^mest hed tu de tipz hwig we 
hav h^rd, lest at eni t^m we Jud. 
let [dem] slip. 

2t Fer if de wiud spoken bj 
anjelz woz stedfast, and even 
transgre Jon and disobedie^s re- 
s^vd a just rekompens ov revrerd; 

3. ^ H^ Jal we eskap, if we 
neglekt sograt salvajon; hwiQ at 
de f§rst begin tu be spoken b^ de 
Lord, and woz konf^rmd untu us 
bi dem dat h^d [higd; 

4. God elso b^kg [dem] witnes, 
]xat wid s^Qz ana wunderz, and 
wid diverz.miraklz, and gifts ov de 
Soli Go^t, akerdig tu biz on ;vpil. 

5. Fer untu de aujelz hat he 
not put in subjekjon de wurld tu 
Kiim, hw^rof we spek, 

, 4% ^^ ^f^W^ io <2 8$irt^,plpB tes- 

tiffd, sail), 1 Hwt>i !if HAtb; Utt^ 
Q^rt mindful ov him; er^e sun «tr 
man, dat dv vizitest hffn.' 

7. a^ madM him ci litl Vsmt 
dan de anjelz; dv krvnedst MoH 
wid glori and onot, and didst set 
him <3t0r de wurks ov dj hands': 

8. 3v hast put Ql ll^z in mih^ 
jekjon under hiz fet. (^Scim 8: 4^ 
6.] Fer in dat he put el in aaV 
jekjon under hiia, he lefft noli^ 
[dat 12] not put under him. But 
n^ we se not yet el ti^ put ua-^ 
dar htm. 

9: But we^ se Jeans, h<b "vn^ 
mad a litl loer dan de anjete 'for 
de suferi^ ov det, krvnd vid gloii 
and onor; dat he bj ^b gtas or Ood 
Jud tast d^ fer everi man. 

10. Fer it bekdm Inm^ fer ha>m 
[cir] el tijjz, and bj ha>m [<ir] el 
tifiz, in bii^ men! sunz uatu 
glori, tu mak da kapten cr ^ 
salvajon p^rfekt tra> suferi^z. 

11. Fer bot he dat sa^ktifjet 
and da ha> t^r wrgktif jd [qr] el or 
wun: fer hwi<^ kez he iz not 
ajamd tu kel dem bredren, 

12. Sail)/ $*wil dekl4r d^ nam 
untu mj bredren, in de midst ov de 
qax4^ vdl\ sig praz untu di. [Sq,m 
22: 22, 25.] 

13. And agen, $ wil put mj 
trust in him. '[Sqm 18: 2.] And 
agen, Behold | and db ^Idren God hat given me. [& 
8: 18,] 

14. Focaamd^ den az de qildren 
q^ partakerz ov flej and bind, he 
elso himself ijkwjz tuk port ov 
de sam; dat tr» det he m^t destrfr 
him dat had de pver o v det, dal^ iz 
de devil; 

15. And deliver dem hca tm 
far ov det w^r el d^r l^f tim sub* 
jekt tu bondej. 

16. Fer verili he tuk not oil 
[him de natyi^r ov] aii)ek; but he 

tuk.od [im} rdft ac4ftv,abrabaBb 


liim tu be mad l^k nntia [hiz] 
)iredreii» dftt he iDJt be a m^rsiful 
and latful hi prest in ti^z [per- 
^i^] tu God, tu mak rekonsiU- 
ajoa t'^r de sixkgL ov de pepl. 

18, Fer in dat he himself hat 
9nterd bei]) Wmted, he is abl tu 
Sttkor dem dat qr temted« 


; 1. Hw^rfoi;; holi bredren, par- 
takerz ov de hevenli kelip^ kon- 
sider de Aposl and Hj Prest ov 
YC profeJoBi Kr^st Jezus; 

2. Ha> woz fatful tu him dat 
^Mmted him, az elso Moze^ [woz 
£aMul] in ol hiz hss. 

3. Fer dis [man] woz k^nted 
viuxdi ov mor glori dan Mozez, 
ina^mdq az he h<i> hat bilt de hzi 
(ust mor onor dan de hvs. 

4. Fer everi hvs iz bilt b| sum 
[inan}i but he dat bilt el t\^ [iz] 

. &« And ](Qzez verili [woz] fat- 
ful in el hiz h^s, az a 8^rvant> 
fer a testimoni ov doz tiiyz hwiQ 
^^i^r tu be 8p6>ken after; 

6. But Krj^t az a sun over hiz 
lui hvs; hti^z hvs q;r wa, il we 
hold foat 6Jt kontidens and de re* 
jcr^iD ov de i]kop f^rm untu de end. 

7« Hw^rfor (az de Holi Goet 
set, Tuda if ye wil her hiz v«rg, 

.8. Ilitrden not ya>r hq^ az in 
de |»rovokajon, in de da ov tem* 
tajon iQ de wildemes: ' 
, d» Hwea ya>r f qderz temted me^ 
pra>» and se mi wurks ferti 

10. Hw^rfcHT I woz grevd wid 
4at j^nerajon, and eed, Sa d« 
elwa ^r in [d^rj hq^t; and da hav 
|iot non w^ waz. 

IL So i sw^r in mi rqt, 3a Jal 
Bot enter intu mi rest [S<im 95: 

12. Tak hed, bredren, lesi d^r.b| 

in ena ot y4ft aa avfl lM|rt<Mniiibe- 
lef, in dep<yrti9 from de llvi^ Qod* 

13. But egz^t wan anuder dali, 
hwjl it iz keld Tuda; lest eni ov 
y<& be h(irdend tra> de desetfulnes 
ov sin. 

14. Fer we ({r mad partakers 
ov Kiifiif if we hold debeginig ov 
nr koaf idens afcedfoat untu de end; 

15. Uwj[l it iz sedf Tudd if ya 
wil her hiz vers, hq,rden not ya>r 
hqrtSy az in de provokajon. [Sq^n 
95: 7, 8.] 

16. Fer sum, hwen da had h^rd, 
did provok: hvbeit not el dat 
kam 7t ov 8jipt bi Mozez. 

17. But S wid ha>m woz hegrevd 
ferti yerz; S [woz it] not wid doBi 
dat had sind, hii>z kq^rkasez fel ii| 
de wildemes. 

18. Axxd Stu haaa awsir he dal 
da Jud not enter intu hiz rest» but 
tu dem dat beUvd not 

19. So we ae dat da kud Plot 
enter in bek^z ov unbelif. 

€APTEa 4. 

1. Let tts d^rfor fer> leet> a 
promis bei{) left [us] ov eoterig 
intu hi^ rest., eni ov ya> |ud sem 
tu kum Jert ov it. 

2. F^r untu ns yro^ dego^l 

SrcQt, az wel az untu dem: but 
e wurd pregt did not profit dem> 
not bei^ mikst wid fat in dem da| 
b^rd [it.] 

3. Fer we hwi^ hav beUvd ^ 
enter intu rest,* az he sed, Az 4 
hav sworn in mi rcit, if da Jul en^ 
ter intu mi rest [Sq,m 95: 111: 
eldo de wttrks w^ fini|t from de 
f«nda/on ov de wurld. 

4. Fer he spak in a s^rteu plaa 
ov de sevent [da] on dis wiz, An4 
God did rest de sevent da from 
el hiz wurks.' [Jen. 2: 2. J 

5. And in dis [plas] agOBi If ^ 
Jal enter intu mi rest [8q^ 954 


emh 9VS 8B 'O^MMML 

6. 8d9 d^rfor it remmel dit 
■am must enter d^rfn, and da tu 
horn it woz f^nt preqt enterd not 
IB bek^ or nnbelif : 

7. ( Agen, he limitet a allien da, 
nip in David, Tuda, after so lop 
a tjin; as it is sed, Tudi if ye wil 
her hiz rfn harden not ycor harts. 

8. Fer if Jesus had given dem 
fest, den wud he not afterwaid 
hav sppken ot andder da. 

9. ai^r remanet 6|rfor a rest tu 
de pepl ov God. 

10. Fer he dat is enterd intu 
his rest^ he elso hat seat from hiz 
on wnrks, az God [did] from hiz.) 

11. Let us labor d%rior tu enter 
iiitu dat rest, lest eni man fel 
after de sam egzdrapl ov unbelt. 

12. Fer de wurd of God [iz] 
kwik, and pverful, and Jq^per dan 
eni te>-ejd sord, persi|) even tu de 
div^dig asunder ov sol and spirit, 
and ov de jents and maro, and [iz] 
a dizf mer ov de tefes and intents 
ovde hq^ 

13. Neder iz d^r eni kretyi^r 
dat iz not manifest in hiz s^t: bat 
el ti^z [qr] naked and opend un* 
tu de IS ov him wid hom we hav 
tu do. 

^ 14. Seig den dat we hav a grat 
h^ prest^ dat iz past intu de hev- 
enz, Jezas de Sun ov Gknl, let us 
hold fast [^r] profejon. 

15. Fer we hav not an hj prest 
hwi^ kan not be to^t wid de felig 
ov ^r inf^rmitiz; but woz in el 
p^ts temted Ijk as [we qr, jet] 
widi^t sin. 

16. Let us dit^^^f 1^^^ holdli 
untu de tron ov gras, dat we ma 
obtdn m^rsi, and f|ad gras tu help 
intimovned. --w. 

' 1. Fer everi hj prcst taken from 
amdo li^oi^ iz erddnd f^r men in 
[pertanig] tu God, dat hejEaa 

ofer hot gifia and sudi^iooa wt 

2. Ho kaa har kompafon on 
de igncMrant, and on deok dat ^ 
et ov de wa; fer dat he himsfif 
elao iz knmpast wid inf^miiti« 

3. And hi rezon herof he i»^ as 
fer de pepl, so ^ao fer liinMeli^ 
tu ofer fer sinz. 

4. And no man taket dis onor 
untu himself, but he dat iz kekL 
ov God, az [woz] Aron. 

6. So elso KriiBt gloriQd not 
himself tu be mad an I4 prest; 
but he dat sed untu hioi, Sv 
((rt mi Sun, tuda hav j begdten ^ 

6. Az he set elso in andder 
[plas], S.V [cirt] a prest fer ever 
after de erder ov Melkizedek. 

7. Ha> in de das ov hiz fkj, 
hwen he had of erd up pn^rz and 
suplikajonz wid strox) kfii^ and 
terz untu him dat woz abl ta sav 
him from det, and woz h^rd in 
dat he ferd; 

8. H!o he w^ a Sun, yet I^mt he 
obediens bj de tix)s hwig he suf erd; 

9. Ahd bei^ mad p^rfekt^ Jie 
bekdm de etor ov eternal salva/on 
untu el dem dat obd him; 

10. Keld ov €k>d an faj prat 
after de erder ov Melkizedek. 

11. Ov hom we hav meni tigs 
tu sa, and hqrd tu be uterd, seip 
ye qjt dul ov herii). 

12. Fer hwen fer de t^m ye et 
tu be tegerz, ye hav ned dat yrvat 
teq ya> agen hwig [be] de ffcst 
prinsipls ov de on^s ov Gt>d; 
and qr bekdm sw^ as hav ned ot 
milk, and not ov strog met 

13. Fer everi wun dat yuset 
milk [iz] unskilful in de wurd or 
r^tyusnes: fer he iz a bab. . 

14. But strog met bel6{)et tu 
dem dat qr ov ful aj, [even] doz 
ho 1:^ rezon ov yi|!B hav d^r senses 
eksexsizd tu dlz^ hot gud and 
•viL i 




1. Siirfor levi^ deprinsipk ov 
&z doktrin ov Krjst, let us go on 
watUL peifekfon; not lai^ agen de 
fvnda/oB ov rep^tans f rcmi ded 
wmks, and ov M tord God, 

2. Ov de doktrin ov baptizmz, 
and ov laiQ on ov handz, and ov 
reznrekjon ov de ded, andov eter- 
nal jajment 

d. And dis wil we da», if God 

4. For [it iz] imposibl far doz 
htf> w^ wuns enl^tend, and hav 
tasted ov de hevenli gift, and w^r 
msd partakerz ov de Holi Gost, 

5. And hav tasted de gud ward 
ov God, and de pverz ov de wurld 

6. If da Jal fel awd, tu reni^ 
dem a^en untu repentans; seig da 
kntDsif^ tu demselvz de Sun ov 
God afrej, and put [him] tu an 
open Jam. 

7. For de firt hwig dri^ket in 
de ran dat kumet oft up6n it, and 
liri^D fort h^rbz met fer dem bj 
hmta it iz dreat^ resevet ble&i^ 
from God: 

6. But dat hwig biuret tomz 
and brjerz [iz] rejekted, and [iz] 
vi untu kiuraiQ; h<DZ end [iz] tu 
be bumt^ 

9. But, beldved, we qr perswad- 
ed beter tipz ov ya>, and ti|}z dat 
akumpani salvajon, do we dus 

- 10. Fer God [iz] not unrltjrus 
tu forget joit wurk and labor ov 
luv, kwig y^ hav Jod tord Liz 
nam, in dat }re hav ministerd tu 
de sants, and den minister. 

11. And we dezjr dat even wun 
ov ym d<x> fo de sam dilijens tu 
dehd aTiirand ov hop untu de end : 

12. dat ye be not slotful, but 
f6UDeris ov dam h4D ir<D fat and 
pajens inherit de pr^miiiea* 

13. Fer hwen God nftd. promie 
tu Abraham, bek^z he kud sw%r 
bj no grater, he sw^r hi himself^ 

14. Saig, £iirli bleaig i wil blea 
d^ and mdltipliin j w^ multipla 
dL [Jen. 22: 16, 17.] 

15. And so, aher he had pa- 
Jentli end4rd, he obtand de promis. 

16. Fer men verili swt^r I4 da 
grater: and an ot fer konferma- 
Jon [iz] tu dem an end ov el strif. 

17. Uwj^rin God, wilig mor 
abundantli tu Jo untu de %rz ov 
promis de imi^t^iliti OT hiz kvn- 
sel, konf^rmd [it] I4 an ot: 

18. 3at bi ta> imntabl ti])z, in 
hwig [it woz] imposibl fer God 
tu li, we m^t hav a strog konso^ 
lajon, ha> hav fled fer refyiij tu 
la hold up<Sn de hop set befor us: 

19. HwIq [hop] we.hav az an 
a^kor ov de sol, hot Ji^r and sted- 
fast, and hwig enteret intu dat 
widin de val; 

20. Hwider de for-runer iz fer 
us enterd, [even] Jezus, mad an 
h^ prest fer ever after de erder or 

©APTER 7. 

1. Fer dis Melklzedek, kig ov 
Salem, prest ov de most h^ God, 
ha> met CLbraham^ retdmij) from 
de sleter ov de kigz, and blest 
him [Jen. 14: 18, ets.]; 

2. Tu ha>m elso Qbraham gav 
a tent pqrt ov el; f^rst beig bi in- 
t^rpretajon Kig ov rityusnes, and 
after dat elso Ki^ ov Salem, hwi^ 
iz, Kig ov pes; 

3. Widit fqder, wid^t muder, 
wid7§^t desent, havig neder beginin 
ov daz, ner end ov lif; but mad 
14k untu de Sun ov God; ab^det 
a prest kontin vi^^li. 

4. N? konsider hv grat dis man 
[woz], untu hcom even de natriq^k 
tCbraham gav de tent ov de sperlz, 

5. And verili da dat <ir ov de 


Sim oy htrl hok iti^Td de <^a 
6v de pTttthud, hnv a komdnd* 
ment tu tak tfCte or ds pepl akord- 
ip tu dfc 1*, dat iE| ov d|r bredven, 
do da kum vt ov dt Ions ov 

6. But he Ihds dn^nt iz not 
kvfited 6t>m dem rasiTd tjdz ot 
fibraham, and blest him dat had 

7. And yn&§t el konlradikjon 
ds 168 iz Mest OT de beter. 

6. And her nien dat dj rea^v 
tjdz; but ds^r he [i«sevet dem], ov 
hoom it iz witnest dat he livet. 

9. And az { ma so sa, Lev| el- 
se, hoi resevet t^dz, pad tids in 

10. For he woz yet in de lemz 
ov hiz {(ider, hwen Melkizedek 
met him. 

11. If 6^deft perfekjon w^ b| 
de Leritikal jn^esthtady (for nnder 
it de pepl resivd da le,} Shwot 
fttrder ned [woz d^r] dat andder 

eesi fud r^z atter de erder ov 
elkizedek, and not be k»ld af- 
ter de order ov Aron. 

12. FerdepreathudbeiDqanjd, 
di^r iz mad ov nesesiti a qanj elso 
ov de le. 

13. For he ov hcbm dez ti^ qr 
spoken pertanet tu andder ti^b, 
OY hwig no man gov atendans at 
de eltar. 

14. For [it iz] etfdent dat vr 
Lord spfnt) ^* <>▼ Jnda; ov hwi^ 
tr|b Mozez spok notif) kons^i^ 

15. And it iz yet f<u mor evi-^ 
dent; for dat after de eimilitiid 
ov Melkizedek di^r ar^zel andder 

16. Htn i^ mad not aft^r de lo 
ov a kqmal komdndment, but af- 
t6r de pryer ov an endlee lif. 

17. For he t^tlfiet, a« [cirt] 
Q prest forever after de «rder ov 

18. Ferdi^risY«ri2ia€liB8ivfidSB 
ov de komandment goin befor 
for de weknea and Hppcdfitablties 

19. For de le mad noi^ pfr* 
fek% bat da bri^ in ov a heist 
hop [did]; fai de hwi§ we di* »{ 
untu God. 

20. And inazmdf ax not wnUt 
an ot [he woz mad prest]: 

21. (For doz prests wQilr nmd 
wid^t an ot; but dia wid an al bj 
him dat sed untu him, 3!e Ijavd 
ftw^r and wil not repent^ 39 [qirt] 
a prest fer ever ofterde eider or 
Melkizedek [Sqm 110: 4.]0 

22. B| so taaq wea J«zob mad 
a Jiirti ov a beter testament. 

2dw And da troll w^r saem 
prests, bek^ da w^r not sniecd tu 
kontinyii b^ rezon ov det: 

24. Bnt dis [man], bckte hib 
kontinyiiel ever, bat an nn^anjabl 

25. Hw^rfor he iz abl ^so tu 
SBv dem tu de utensost dal kam 

untu God b| ^^^> ^^ ^^ ^'^^ 
livet tu mak intersejon for dsim 
26« Fer soq an h4 pnst bdEdm 
us, [ho iz] holi, hqrmles, unde? 
fjld) separet from sinerz, and mad 
bier dan de hevenz; 

27. Ho nedel not daii, aa dos 
hi prests, tu ofer up sakrifiB, f^rst 
fer hiz on sinz, and den fer de 
peplz: fer dis he did wuna, kw«a 
he of erd up lumseif « 

28. Fer de le maket me& hj 
prests hwl^ hav inf^rmiti; hat de 
wurd ov de ol, hwi^ woasins da 
le> [maket] de San ho iz kdnsfr^ 
kmted fer evermor, 

©AFTER 8. 

1. K9 ov da ti^z hwig we faav 
spoken [dis iz] da sum: Wahat 
sn^ an hi preat, ho iz set on ds 
r{thaadov da tron ov de M^sad 
in de htffWMi • ^ ^ . ^ i 

8HS& TH ^B^ aeBBA2^ 


2:^ (S-ainiater or de 8a|)^ti|;Biv 
and ov de trco tabemaki, hwiq de 
JLieod p^ty «nd not man^ 

3. Fer even 14 prestr iz erdind 
tu ofer gifts and fiakrifisez: hwi^r- 
fjOK [it i&] OT nesesiti dat dis man 
bAv sumhwot elso tui oler. 

4. Fer i£ he w^r on $rt, he Jud 
]3ot be a prest, seiD dat ^r q^ presto 
dat ofer gifts akerdi^ tu de le: 

5. Hcu s^rv .untu de egzdmpi 
and Jado ov hevenli ti{)z, az Mo 
zez woz a^BuSni/t ov God hweii 
he woz abs-t tu mak de taber- 
nakl: fer^ Se, set he, [dat] ds mok 
el tigz akerdit) tu de patem Jod 
tia di in de mvnt [Eka. 25: 40.] 

6. But nif hat be obtand a mor 
ekselent ministri, b| h? muQ elso 
he iz de i^idiator ov a beter kiiv- 
enanty hwiq wos establijt up6n 
beter nromisez. 

7. Fer if dat f^rst [kdvenant] 
had bin feltles, den Jud no plas 
hav bin set fer de sekond. 

. 8... Fer fjndi^ felt wid dem, he 
set, Behold, de daz kum, set de 
Xierd, hwen i wil tnak a uv{, kdv- 
eziant wid de h^s ov 'Izmel and 
wid de hvs ov Ji^da: 

9. Not akerdig tu de kdvenant 
dat I mad wid d^r Iqflerz in de da 
hwen I tuk dem bj de hand tu 
led dem vt ov de land ov 8jipt; 
hek^z da. kontisyt^ not in m^ 
kdv^snant,, and | iegi|rded dem 
not^ set de Lord, 

' lO^ Fer dis {iz] de kdvenant 
dat i wil mak wid da h^ ov 'Iz- 
rael after doz daz, set de Lerd; i 
wil put mi lez intu di^r m^nd, 
mid x^t dem in ds|r hq^ts: and i 
wil be tu dem a Gbd, and da Jal 
be tu. me a pepl: 

11. And da jal not tec; everi man 
hiz nabor, and everi man hiz bmd- 
er, eaiQ, No de Lerd: fer el Jal no 
me, &om de lest tu de gratest. 

^, Ftc i -wU be m en fal f i l . tu 

d%r nar^tynsnes, and dit^sinz and 
di|r inikwitiz wil i remember no^ 
mor. [Jer. 31: 31-— 34.] 

13. In dat he set, xk\\ [kdve* 
nant], he hat mad de f^rst old. 
Nv dat hwig dekaet and wakset 
old [iz] redi tu vanij awd. 

©AIT'ER 9. 

1. Sen verili de f^rst [kdve-t 
nant] had elso erdinansez ov di* 
v{n s^rvis, and a wurldli sagk-* 

2. Fer d^r woz a tabernaki 
mad; de f^rst, hws^rin [woz] da 
kandlstik, and de tabl, and de Jo* 
bred; hwi^ iz keld de s^^kt^ari. 

3. And after de sekond val, da 
tibemakl hwig iz keld de Holiest 
ov el; 

4. Hwig had de golden sensor, 
and de q^'k ov de kuvenant over- 
Idd rvnd ab^t wid gold, hw^ria 
[woz J de golden pot dat had 
mana, and &ronz rod dat buded,. 
and de tablz ov de kdvenant; 

. 5. And over it de q^^yi^bimz ov 
glori Jadoig de m^rsi-set; ov hwiq 
we kan not jys spek partikyiilarli. 

6. N9 hwen dez ti^z w^ du8t 
erdand, de prests went elwaz inti^ 
de f^rst tabernaki, akomplijig de 
s^ryis [ov God.] 

7« Qut intu de sekond [went] 
de hi prest alon wuhs everi yer. 
not wid^t bbidy hmq he oferd fer 
himselfi and [feir] de erorz ov da 

8. 3z HoU Qost die signifjiQ, 
dat de wa intu de holiest ov el woz. 
not yet mad manifest, hw^l az d^ 
f^rst tabernaki woz yet standi^): 

9. Hwiq [woz] a figyi^r fer da 
tjm den prezent, m hwi^ w^r oferd 
hot gifts and s^krif^sez &t kud 
^ot mak him dat did de s^rvis. p^r- 
f ekt, az pertaniD tu de konjens; 

10. [Hwi^ Btiid] onli in meta 
104 dc4ik4,«ad ^v«H JifS^^^lfX^ 

episL Tu ae HeiateDZ. 

kqrnal ^rdinansez, impoed [on 
dem] until de t^m ov reformajon. 
IL Bat Kqst beiD knm an hj 
prest OT gud tii)z tu knm, b^ a 
grater and mor p^rfekt tAbemakl, 
not mad wid handz, dat iz tu sa, 
not ov dis bildif); 

12. Neder \^ de Uud oy gots 
and kq,vz, but b^ hiz on blud he 
enterd in wuns intu de holi plas, 
bavio obtdnd eternal redemjon 
[f er usj 

13. For if de blud ov bulz and 

bind bcy^ de tAbeiiiakVs$id'^«|rdl 
veselz ov de ministri. - - - 

22. And elmost el ti^z qr bj 
de le puijd wid blud; and wid^ 
Jedtg ov blud iz no remijon. 

23. [It woz] d^rfor neaesmi 
dat de patemz ov tigz in de h^v- 
enz Jud be pHn^d wid ^z; bot 
de hevenli tigz demselvz wid* bet? 
er sakn'Qsez dan dez. 

24u For Kr^st iz not ent^fd hi- 
tu de boli plasez mad wid hands; 
[hwiq q,r] de figyti" ov ds two; 

ov gotB, and de ajez ov an hefer but intu heven itself, nv tu vg^ 

8pri{)kliD de unklfn, s£{)ktif|et tu 
de ptlrifji^ ov 6e flej: 

14. ^ H^y muQ mor Jal de blud 
ov Krist^ h(D tra> de eternal Spirit 
oferd himself wid^t spot tu God, 
puij yor konjens from ded wurks 
tu s^v de livi^ God. 

15. And for dis kez he iz de 
m^iator ov de nq, testament, dat 
bi menz ov det, for de redem/on 
av de transgrejonz [dat w^r] un- 
der de f^rst testament, da hwiq q,r 
kdld mjt res^v de promis ov eter- 
nal inheritans. 

16. Fer hw^r a testament [izl, 
di^r must elso ov nesesiti be ue 
det ov de testator. 

17. Fer a testament [iz] ov 
fors after men q;r ded: udenv^z it 
iz ov no streDt at el hw^l de tes- 
tator livel. 

18. Hw^rup<5n neder de f^rst 
[testament] woz dedikated wid^ 

' 19. Fer hwenMozez had spok- 
en everi presept tu el de pepl 
akerdif) tu de le, he tuk de bind 
ov kq,vz and ov gots, wid weter, 
and skq,tlet wul, and hisup, and 
Bpri{)kld bot de buk, and el de 

20. Sai5, ais [iz] de bind ov 
de testament hwiQ God hat enj^d 
antu yd>. [Eks. 24: 6, 6, 8.] 

in de preeens ov God fer ns^ 

25. Ner yet dat he J%3.d<^ef 
himself ofen, az de h^ prest enter- 
ed intu de holi plas everi yer wid 
bind ov nderz; 

26. Fer den must he ofen bav 
suferd sins de fvndajon ov - de 
wiurld: but ms wnns in de end 
ov de wurld hat he ap^d tut 
put ^wa sin bj de sakilf^ ov 

27. And az it iz apmited tinta 
men wuns tu d|, but after dis de 

28. So Er^st woz wtms <tferd 
tu b^r de sinz ov meni; and w^ 
tu dem dat liik fer him fal he 
ap^r de sekond t^m wid^ em on- 
tu salvajon. 

GAFT&B 10. 

1. Fer de le havi^ a ftnlUb ov 
gud tipz tu kum, [and] 'not de 
veri imej oV de ti^z, k«n never 
wid doz sdkrif^sez hwi<$'dii'<^erd 
yer bj ycr konianyitali mak de 
kumerz d^runt<n p^rfekt. *■' 

2. Fer den ^ wud da noe hat 
sest tu be oferd; bekee' dat de 
wurjiperz wuns putjd Jud hav 
had no mor konjens ov sinz. 

3. But in doz [sikrif|ee2 d^ 
iz] d rem^mbrans agen [nwd] ov 
sinz everi yer. 

4. 4^ {if ^] Kndt |>oilUdaMt 

«nSL TU «8 II8BB#SL 


)iiift*<nr taU tad. ov gots Jud tak 
awa sins. 

5. Hwi^ifor hwen he knmell in- 
iu de wnrld, he sel, Sakrilis and 
of erip dv wudest not» but a bodi 
bast dv prepaid me: 

^ In bumt of eri0E and [sakri- 
f|Bdz] ler sin dtr hasi had no 

7. 3en sed {, Lo, i knm (in de 
Toly^m or de buk it iz riten oy 
me,) tu da> dj wil, o God. 

8u Abdv hwen he sed, Sakriffs 
and oferif) and bumt oferipz and 
[oferip] for sin dv wudst not, 
l»eder hadst ple5yt{r [ds^rin]; hwiq 
qr oferd bi de le; 
' 9. 3en sed he, Lo, i kum tu 
dcD di wil, o God. [Sqm 40: 6, 8.] 
He' taket awd de f^rat, dat he ma 
est^bli J de sekond. 

10. D^dB hwiq wil we qr sa^k- 
liQd lr<D de oferi^ oy de bodi ov 
Jezos .Krjst wuns [for eL] 

11. And everi prest standet dali 
miniating and olerig ofentjmz de 
sam sakri^z, hwi^ kan never 
tak awdsinz: 

12. Bat dis man, after he had of- 
erd wan sakrif^s fer sinz, for ever 
sat dvn on de r^t hand ov God; 

13. From hensfor^ eksp^ktiD 
til hiz enemiz be mad hiz futsta>l. 

14. Fer bf wun oteti^ he haft 
p^rfekted for ever dem dat q^ 

15. fHw^r6f] de Holi Gost el- 
eo ia. a witnes tu ns: f&r after dat 
he-bad sed befor, 

16w 3is [iz] de kuvenant dat % 
wil mak wid dem after doz daz, 
se^de Lord, { wil put mj lez intu 
di^r iHirts, and in da^r m^ndz wil i 

17. And d^r sinz and inikwitiz 
wil' I remember no mor. fJer. 
81: 3a, 34. Heb. 8: 10, 12.] 
- 18. Nv hw^r remifon OY dez 
[k, 4iif u] iui> nkor of erif f» iul 

19. HaYi|^diiT{or,bredren,bold- 
nes tu enter intu de holiest bi <te 
Uad OY Jezus, 

20. Bj a nq, and livi^ wa, hwi^ 
he hat k6nseknited fer us, tr<D de 
Yal, dat iz tu sa, hiz flej; 

21. And [havifi] an h^ prest 
over de hvs oy God; 

22. Let us dre ner wid a tn» 
hq,rt in ful ajiirans oy fat, havin 
Tsr hq^rtB sprigkld from an evil kon- 
fens, and vr bodiz wojt wid piir 

23. Let us hold fast de prof ef on 
ov [^r] fat wid^t waveriD; (fer ha 
[iz] fatful dat promist;) 

24. And let us konsider wun 
ant&der tu jn-OYok untu luv and 
tu gud wurks: 

25. Not forsaki)) de asemblin 
ov vrselvz tugeder, az de maner 
ov sum [iz]; but egzertio [wun 
autidor]: and so mnq de mor^ az 
ye se de da aproqi^ 

26. Fer if we sin wilfuli after 
dat we hav res^vd de nolej ov da 
tra>t, d^r remanet no mor sakrifjiB 
fer sinz, 

27. But a s^rten ferful lukin 
fer ov jujment and f^eri indigna* 
Jon, hwiq Jal dev^r de Adversariz, 

28. He dat desp^zd Mozez le 
d^d yd&H m^rsi under ta> er tre 

29. SOv h^ muQ sorer punif- 
ment, supoz ye, fal he bet^ wur- 
di, ho hat troden under fut di 
Sun ov God, and hat kvnted de 
bind OY de kuvenant, hwit^^^^ ^^ 
woz sa^ktifid, an imholi tif), and 
hat dun despot untu de Spirit ov 

30. Fer we no him dat hat sed^ 
Venjans [bel6^t] untu me, i wil 
rekompens, set dp Lord. [Dtit. 32: 
35.] And agen, 3e Lord Jal juj 
hiz pepL [Dut 32: 36.] 

31. [It it] a ferful tig tu fel 
initt de haaoaev da Hviii God. 


8fi9L^vu MBwemm' 

32l Bnt k^lta ma^braa^ de 
leraier das, in hwiQ) after ye w^ 
il^minated, ye end^rd a grat f^t 

. 33. PqrtU, hwjlBt ye w^ mad 
a gazi^ stok bot bi repMoqee and 
jRllibJokiz; aad pq,rtli, hwjlst ye be- 
kdm kompanyona oy dem ^t w^ 
00 YHzd. 

34 Fer ye had kompajon ov 
me in m} bondz, and tuk j^fuU 
4e sp&lig ov ya>r giodz, noi^ in 
ya>rselvz dat ye hav in heven a 
beter and an endi^rif) subatans. 

36. Kast not awa d%rfor yaa 
konfidens, kwig hat grat rekom- 
pens OY reward. 

36. For ye hfiY ned oy paf^na, 
dat, after ye haY dun de wiL oy 
Ood, ye mjt reesY de' promis. 

37. For yet a litl hw^l, and he 
dat Jal kum wil kum, and wil not 

38. N3 de just Jai Ihr bi fat: 
bat if [eai man] dro bak, mj sol 
|al haY uo {^syiy: in }^xm. 

39. But wa cyr not oy dem ha> 
dre bak untu perdijon; but oy dem 
daft bel^Y tia de savi^ oy de sol. 


1. Hv lat iz de substans oy lipz 
hopt for, de eYidens oy tigz not acai. 

2. For bj it de elderz obtand 
a giad report. 

. 3. Hrcft fat we understand dat 
^ wurldz w^r fmmd b^ de wurd 
or God» so daft tigz hwiq qr sea 
wf r not mad oy tigs hwi^ dm aper. 

4. Bi fat £lbel oferd untu. God 
^ mor ekselent sakrifj/s dan Kan, b^ 
hwiQ he obtand witnes dat he woz 
xityus, God testiQig oy hiz gilts: 
fkud l^ it he beig ded yetspeket. 

5. Si fat Snok woz translated 
dat he fud not se det; and woz 
not f ^iiQi bek^z God .had translat- 
ed him: for be£6r hiz tranelalon he 
M .4Hfct» rt» B »^|i i> 4^to]^ @9d, 

6.. But.iwiiMFi (Ut [a.»>«0|MH 
ibl tu'plez [him]: for h» ,&i 
kumet tu. God must beli&Y dat he 
iz, and [dat] he iz a rewerdor ov 
dem dat dilijentU sek him« 

7. Bi fat NoQ, hsAJ^ w^^nd oy 
GodoY ti|^ not sen az yet^ nM^Yd 
wid ler, prep4Fd an qtrk tu, ds 
saYiQ oY hiz hys; bj de hwiQ he 
kondemd de wur|d^ and b«kam ^t 
OY de r^tyusnes hwi^ iz b^ fat. 

8. B^ fat £[braharo, hwen he 
WOZ kold tu go 3t intu a plas 
hwig he /ud after res^Y for aorin- 
heritans, obdd; and ha went ift, 
not noig hwider he went. 

9. Bi fat he sojumd in de land 
ov promis, az.[in] a stranj i^untri, 
dwelig in tabernaklz .wid ^zakaad 
Jakol^ de .^.rz wid him o v 4a sam 

10. Far Jie lukt fer a mH hinq 
hat fimdajonz, haa bilder and 
maker [iz] God. 

11. B.r4» fat olso Sara h^tyelf 
res^Yd strai^t tu konsev eed. and 
woz deliYerd oy a qiM h^nrea /e 
woz past aj, bekez Je jc^d him 
fatful h9 had promist 

12i 3!%rfor sprag d^r aYen oy 
wun^ and him, az gud as de4, [sfit 
meni] az da 3tq^a oy di^ ski ^^ 
multiti^c^ and az ^ sand hwi^ ia 
b^ dd ae Jor in4^A]^bl. 

13. Seaal d|d ia lat, notiunq) 
resevd de promisez, but haY^ aea 
dem a&|r of, andw^ panwaded 
oY [dsm^li an<iembr&t£4em]».aDd 
konfest dat da wigfr «tni^i»» . and 

14. Fer da dat sa, naq tAQs de- 
kl4r pknli dat da aek a kon^ 

15. And .tra>li, if da Jbad Ua 
mindful OY dat [kuntrij ^om 
hwens da kam v^ da m^t -kaY 
had oporUiniti tu haY retdsad. 

16. Bu^ nv .da dezjr a 'beter 
[k^ntri]» datiz, aa4ieYen1i: hs^r- 

onsL Tu air^ 

J»> -.,'n. 


'd|r€Mt for fae luit^ pnp^ fer 
4em a sitL 

17. Bi fat £[braliam» kwmi he 
wox trfd, oferd up ^zaku and he 
dat had rea^Td de primiisez oferd 

, up hiz csnti begdteii [bu&], 

18. Ov^ hiDm it wos sed, Sat in 
fi^ak Jid di sed be keld [Jen. 21: 

Id. Aksnti^ ^t Oed [woe] abl 
tu mz [him] up, even from de 
tied; from hweuB iels<z> he xesevd 
him iSQ a figy^r. 

20. £i &( feak blest Jakob 
And €ae konsenrip tiagz tu knm. 

21. B^ fat' Jakob, hwen he 
w&z m^iix^ blest heA de san2 ov 
JiDt«f; and wur|ipt, [lenip] np6n 
4e lop ov hi£ stq|. 

22. Bi fat Joaef, hwen he did, 
xaod meojon oy de depqrii^ ov de 
cildren ov 'Israel; and ^v kom- 
Cmdmant kons^mi^ hiz bonz. 

23w. B| fat Mc^ez; hwen he 
W02 bemi woz hid tre mnnts ov 
hiz p^rentB, bek^ da so [he woz] 
a proper q^ld; and da w^ not 
idErad- ov de kigz komftindment* 

24. Bi fat Hozez, hwen he 
woz knm tu- yea's, ref^^d tia be 
keld de smi ov Faroz deter; 

26. 6iȣip rader tu sufer af lik- 
Jon wid de pepl ov God, dan ta 
enjdr de ple^yxirz ov sin fer a 

26. Estemii) de refwoQ ov Kiist 
.grstefr riqez dan de tresyttrz in 
l^tpt: far he had rei^kt untui de 
.rikomi)en8 ov de rew4id< 

27. Bi fat he forakik Ejipt, not 
Jarii^de rctt ovde kig: fer he en- 
d4rd, az sei^ him ha> iz invizibl. 

- 28. firm ikt he kept de pds- 
ovor, and de 8prii)klig ov blud, 
-lest he dat destv^d de feretbem 
Jud tiiQ dem. 

29. Bi fat da past tra> de Bed 
Be ae bi drj [land]: hwi^ de Cjip- 
Jaiir. awgp puL.da> m^ danguL .. . 

80. Bi f ct de welz ov Jeriko 
fel dss, after da w^r kumpqet 
ab^ seven daz. 

81. Bi fat de hqprlot Bahab 
peri/t ziot wid dem dat belivd 
not, hwen |e had rsaivd de spiz 
wid pea. 

32. And Shwot fal i mor sa; 
fer de tim wiad fal me tu tel ov 
Gideon, and [ov] Barak, and [ov] 
Samson, and [ovl Jefta; [ov] Da- 
vid else, and Samyiiel, and [ov] 
de profets: 

33. Ho tnft fat Btibd^d kig* 
domz, ret rityusnes, obtdnd prom* 
isez, stopt de mvdz ov lionz, 

3i. Kwen^ de vjolene ov fjr, 
esk^pt de ej ov de ecvrd, Tst ov 
weknes w^r mad stro^), waket 
valyant in fit, tiimd tu flit de 
qrmiz ov de alyenz. 

35. Wimen res^vd d^r ded raad 
tu lif agen: and uderz w^r tert- 
yilid, not akseptiQ daliverans; dat 
da mit obtdn a bet^ rezurekfon: 

36. And uderz had trjid ov [kro)' 
el] moki^^z and skurji^z, ya, mor- 
over ov bondz and imprizonment: 

37. 3a w^ stond, da wfr sen 
astinder, w^r temted, wer slan wid 
de sord: da wonderd ab^t in Jep- 
akinz and gGtskinz; bei^ destitiit, 
aflikted, tormented; 

38. (Ov ha>m de wurld woz not 
wuidi:) da wonderd in dezerts, 
and [in] m^ntenz, and [in] denz 
and kavz ov de ^rt. 

89. And dez el, havi^ obt^nd 
a gud repckt tno fat, resevd not 
de promis: 

40. God havlD provided sum 
beter %v[^ fer us, dat da wid6t tis 
Jud not be mad p^rf ekt 


1. Hw^rfor sei)) we elso q^ 
kompoBt ab^t wid so grat a klvd 
ov wifenesez, Jet ns la as|d eved 
wat, and de sin hwi^ dot so eaUi 

a%SL TiT a£ 


teMt [m\ and kl «i ran wift PS- 
J«M 4b ns dat is tei be£or va^ 

2. Lukin untu Jesut ds elor 
and fimj«r ov [vr] fal; ho f er de 
jtf dat woz aet bcEor him end^rd 
4b kroa» daapisig da Janiy and iz 
aet dvn at de TJi hand oy da tram 
OT God. 

3u Fer konsidw him dat end^rd 
aoiQ kootiadikjon or ainers agenst 
himaelf, lest je he weiid and fant 
in ymx m^ndz. 

4. Te hav not yet laziated un- 
til hlndf atqvio ag^ist ain. 

& And ye hay f orgoten de eka- 
ortajon hwi^ apekel nntu y<n az 
ontu ^Idrep, Mi sun, deap|z not 
dv de gp»enig oy de Lord, nor lant 
hwen dv qrt reb^^^ <>^ him: 

6. Fer hmm dz Leid inyel he 
QBsenel, and skoijel eyeri ann 
JuDm he leaeyet. 

7. If ye end^r Qaaenin, Gk>d 
delet wid y<D az ynd aanz; fer 
Shwot aon iz he hinm de iq^r 
^iseneft not 

8. But if ye he wid^ qastiz- 
ment^ hwi^r^Sf ei qr partakers, den 
qir ye bostordz, and not snnz. 

9. Fuidennor we hay had tq,- 
derz ov 9r flej hwig korekted [us], 
and we gay dem reyerena: SJal we 
not moQ rader he in sulijekfon 
until de Fqder^iy spirits, and liy. 

10. Fer da yerili fer a fi; daz 
^Bsend [us] after d%r on i^syiir; 
but h^ fer [isr] profit, iat [we] 
mjt he partakerz oy hiz hounes. 

11. Nv no ^asenig for de proz- 
ent semet tu be j^rus, but greyus: 
neverdel^ afterward it yeldet de 
pesabl fr<Dt oy rityusnes untei 
dem hwiQ qr eksersizd d%rb{. 

12. Hw^rfor lift up de handz 
hwiQ hag d^D, and de febl nez; 

13. And mak stmt pqdz fer yor 
f et^ lest dat hwig iz lam be turnd 
vt oy de wa; but let it rader be 

14. Folo pea vid el faMfc^XDa 
holiness widlH hwi^ iic» laan Jsl 
Ise da Leid: 

15l I^ubiidflijenthlesfteiumaii 
£b1 or de gias oy Ciod; lestcDi nat 
oy hiternes spri^ up traU [y»], 
and d^rhl meni be d^^d^ 

le. Lest d\T [be] eni fdniikjitor, 
er pralan person, az Esb^ boi €ar 
won merael oy met Boid hiz 

17. Fer ye no hs dat olter- 
ward, hwen he wud hay inhented 
de blesig, he woz rej^kted: for he 
fend no plaa or repentam^ do he 
set it ki^rfuli wid tarz. 

18. Fer ye qr not kum mtii 
da mvnt dat m4t he tuqt, and- dit 
burnt wid f ^r, nw untu M^^-*f , 
and dcyknea, and tempest^ 

19. And de ssnd oy a trumpet, 
and de yos oy wurdz; hwtQ [^^'^J 
da dat h^rd intreted dat de wurd 
fud not be ^)okeu tu dem. eni 

20. (Fer da kud not endl^r &aX 
hwiq woz komdnded. And if ao 
moQ az a best tug de m-mten, it 
Jal be stond, er tmat trui irid a 
dqrt [Eks. 19: 13]: 

2L And so teribl wos de 4^ 
[dat] Mozez sed, $ eksedigli fer 
and kwak [Eks. 19: 16]:) 

22. But ye <|r kum nntu mvnt 
Zjon, and untu de siti oy de liyi^ 
Ged, de heyenli Jermzaiem, and tu 
an in4merabl kumpani oy anjela, 

23. Tu de jeneral asembli and 
qurg oy de firstborn, hwig qr nten 
in heyeD) and tu God de juj oy el, 
and tu de spirits oy just men Tnad 

24. And tu Jezus de m^iator 
oy de nq kdyenant, and tu^ da 
blud oy spri|)kii^ dat speket het- 
er tipz dan [dat ov] CEli^L 

25. Se dat ye refi^z ^<^ lum 
dat speket. Fer if da eskdpt not 
ha> ref4zd hka dat .i^pakr m^ fs% 

SFI8L TXJ oejseBBCoz. 

mi4 mot [Jal not] we [eskdp], if 
wa tmn aw^ from him dafc [Bpek» 
et] from heven: 

26. Ha>2 vem den Jiok i^ $rt: 
but B9 he hat promist, sai^, Yet 
wuns mor I Jak not de ^rt onli, 
bat elso heven. [Hag. 2: 6.} 

127. And dis [ wurd], Yet wuns 
mcttv signif^et de rema>Tig ov doz 
t4)z dat qr Jaken, az ov ti^ dat 
q^ mad, dat doz tit)z hwiQ kan 
not be Taken ma reman. 

. 28. llw^^rfor we resevig a ki^ 
dom hwiQ kan not be ma^vd, let 
us hav graS) hw^rb{ we ma 8$rv 
God akseptabli wid reverena ajod 
godli fer: 

2&. Ear 7r God [iz] a kon- 

€3APTER 13. 

1. Let braderli luv kontinyii. 

2. Be not forgetful Ua entertdn 
stranjerz: fer ^rbj sum hav en- 
tertand anjelz unaw^rz. 

3. Remember dem dat qr in 
bondz, az bvnd wid dem; [and] 
dem.hwlQ sufer adv^rslti, az beig 
j<nrselv£ elfio in de bodi. 

4 Marij [iz] onorabl in el, and 
de bed undefjld: but hor*muggerz 
itnd adultererz God wil juj. 

5. [Let yflar] konversajon [be] 
widi^t kiivetusnes; [and be] kon- 
tent wid Bxxq tigz az ye hav: fer 
he hat. sed, $ wil never lev d^, 
ner forsdk de. [Jen. 28: 15.] 

6. So dat we ma boldli sa, SCe 
Lord [iz] m^ helper, and i wil not 
fer hwot man Jal da> untu me. 
[Sq,m 56: 4.] 

7. Remember dem hwig hav de 
t»L over ya>, h<D hav spoken im- 
tu ya> de ward ov God: ha>z fat 
folo, koDsiderig de end ov [d^r] 

.8. Jezus Krjst de Bam yesterda, 
and tiada, and fer ever. 
. . 0. Jpe not k$rid «bi^t wid d^verz 

and atFftnj doktrine.' Fer [H iz] 
a giad ti^ dat de hqrt be eet^bli/t 
wdd graa; not wid mets, hwiq hav 
not profited dem dat hav bin 6k- 
y^Pld d%rin. 

10. We hay an eltar, hwi^r^f 
da hav no 4^ tu et hwig s^rv de 

11. Fer de bodiz ov doz beets, 
ha>z bind iz bret intu de sizykti^- 
ari bi de h^ prest fer sin, qr burnt 
widit de kamp. [Bks. 29: 14; 
Lev. 4: 11, 12, 21.] 

12. Hw^rfor Jezos elso, dat he 
m|t sapktifi de pepl wid hiz on 
bind, suferd wids-t de gat. 

13. Let us go fort S^rfor untu 
him wid^t de kamp, b^rijj hiz re- 

14. Fer her hav we no kontin- 
yviVQ siti, bat we sek wun tu kunu 

15. Bj him d^rfor let us ofer 
de sakrif^s ov praz tu God kon- 
dny«],ali, dat iz, de frAt ov [vr] 
lips givi|9 ta^ks tu hiz nam. 

16. But tu da> gud and tu 
komynnikat forget not: fer wid 
suQ sakrif isez God iz wel plezd. . 

17. Oba dem dat hav de ra>l 
over ya>, and submit ycoruelvz: 
fer da woq fer ya>r solz, az da dat 
must giv ak-^nt, dat da ma do) it 
wid }&f and not wid gref : fer dat 
[iz] unpr6fitabl fer yo). 

18. Fra fer us: fer we trust we 
hav a gud konfens, in el ti^ 
wilif) tu liv onestlL 

19. But i bes^ {j<Si] de rader 
tu d<D dis, oat I ma be restdrd tu 
yvD de 6a>ner. 

20. Kv de God ov pes, dat bret 
ag^n from de ded tst Lord Jezus, 
£t grat Seperd ov de Jep, tra> de 
blud ov de everldstig kuvenant, 

2L Mak ya> p^rfekt in eveii 
gud wnrk tu d<D hiz wil, wurkig 
in y(D dat hwi^ iz wel-plezip in hiz 
sjt, tro) Jezus Kr^st; tu h(Dm ^be] 
glori fer ever and ever. €baau« 


ePHL <nr nnet, 

22. And i Vti^ ya^ bradrao,] 2C 8«i4i •! deia fiat tor 4l 
safer tfe wurd ot ektormfon: for i»i oyer ycfe, aad el de santB. Sb 

i hxv riten a leter oiitH 7«> in fi| 

23. Ko ye dat {vr] bntier 
ThnoM IE set at libeiti; ¥rid kcNn, 
If he kom Jertli, i wil se yai. 

oy Itali sal^t ya>. 
25. Gra8[be]widya»^ fiUnen, 

Y Bilea ta d« Hebnni from lUli b} 



' 1. Jams, a s^rrant ov God and 
OT de Lord Jezns Krist, tu de 
tMrelv tqbz hwiq q,r skaterd abr^d, 

2. M| bredren, Irmt it el j«r 
hwen ye fel intti d|ver2 tern- 

3. Koii) [dis], dat de trjig ov 
ya>r fat -wrurket pa Jens, 

4. But let pajens hav [k^r] 
TCifekt wurk, dat yc ma be p^r- 
lekt and entfr, wontii) notig. 

5. n eni ov yoo lak wizdom, 
let him ask ot God, dat givet tu 
el [men] Uberali, and upbradet 
not; and it Jal be given him. 

6. But let him ask in faft, notii) 
waverip. For he dat waveret iz 
lik a wav ov de se driven wid de 
wind and tost. 

7. Far let not dat man tipk dat 
he Jal rcs^v eni tig ov de Lord. 

8. (I dnbl-minded man [iz] 
nnstabl in el hiz waz. 

9. Let de bruder ov lo degr^ 
rej^ in dat he iz egzelted: 

10. But de riQ, in dat he iz 
mad lo: bek^z az de filler ov de 
gras he Jal pas awa. 

' 11. Fer de nm iz- no wsner 

risen Jwid a bmrni^ het^ bat it 
wideret de gras, and de^flver d^r* 
6i felet, and de gzas oy de fajoa 
ov it peri Jet: so elso Jal de riq 
man fad awa in his waz. 

12. Blesed [iz] de man dat en- 
dijpret temtajon: fer hwen lie ix 
tijd, he Jal les^v de krvn or \i% 
hwiq de Lord hat promist tu. dem 
dat lav him. 

13. Let no man sa hwen fas iz 
tern ted, $ am temted ov God: fer 
God kan not be temted wid evil, 
neder temtet he eni man: 

14. But everl man iz temted, 
hwen he iz dren awd ov hiz on 
lust, and en^t: 

15. 3en hwen lust ht^ ken- 
s^vd, it brii)et fort sin: and sin, 
hwen it iz finijt^ briDet fort det. 

16. Deo not $r, m^ beliived 

17. Even gad gift and even 
perfekt gift iz from abdv, and 
kumet d^n from de Fq,der ov 
l^ts, wid hc&m iz no vaxiablnet, 
neder Jado ov turnii). 

18. Ov hiz on wil beg&t he ns 
wid de ward ov tra>t, dat we Jiid 
be a k|nd ov f^stfrtDts ov hiz 

Id. Hwi^rfor, m| ^^^^^ bred- 


rio, 1«t ereri nan be swift tu hsr, 
8lc:> iitt spek, slo tu rq,t: 

20. Fer de rqt ov man wnrket 
not de rityusnes ov Qod. 

21. Uwarfor la ap^rt el filtoes 
snd sHpetfli(iti o^ niitiiiea, and le- 
se V wid mekaes tf e engrafted mud, 
hwi^ is abl «u tav ya>r 6cA%. 

22. But be T8 doMrz ot da 
wnrd, and not hererz onli, dcaev- 
if) ytt»r on iseiTZ. 

23. Fer if eni be a barer or de 
wuni, and not a da>er, he iz l|k 
untia a man beholdii) biz nityi^ra] 
fiais in a glos: 

24. Fer he beholdet himself, 
and goet hiz wa, and stratwa for- 
getet hwot maner ov man bewoz. 

25. But bcDeo luket intu de 
p^ekt le ov liberti, and kontin- 
yn^ [<^^a]) ^ ^iU iK»t a forgi^' 
hal heret, but a dieer ov de wurk, 
dis man Jal be bleaed in hiz ded. 

26. If eni man amiig y<D sem tu 
be relijtls, and br^dlet not hiz txa^ 
bat desevet hiz on hqrt, dis manz 
relijoa [izjvan. 

^, Pi^r relijon and undef {Id be- 
iar God and de Fqjder iz die, Tu 
vizit de fq,derles and widoz in di^r 
Af lik/on, [and] tu kep himself an- 
sp<5ted from de wurld. 

©APTER 2. . 

- 1. Ml bredren, hav not de faO 
ov ^^r Lord Jezus Kr^st, [de Lard] 
0V glori, \^d respekt ov p^rsonz. 

2. Fer if d^r kum nntu ya>r 
asembli a man wid a gold rip, in 
gudli apirel, and d^r kum in elso 
a pa>r man in v^l rameut; 

S. And ye hav resp^t tu him 
dat wqret de ga klodip, and sa un- 
tu him, Sit d^ her in a gud plas; 
atid sa tu de poor, Stand dy d^r, er 
git her under mi futstcol: 

4. iflr ye not den pqirjal in y<nr- 
selvi,aad <i;r bekdm jujez ov evil 
tetB. ... 


( '5b Hc^rkeii, mj bddred Ifedren, 
{SHainotGod qoaende pair ov dis 
; wurld rig in fat, and mrz ov de kig*- 
Idom kwiq he had piomiet tudem 
idat lav hiDL 

6. But ye hav deepjzd de .pa>r. 
S ]>a> not riq men opres yoi, and 
die yco befor de jujment sets. 

7. ^iDat not da Uasf^ dat wnr- 
di nam bj 4b hwiq ye <ir keld. 

8. If ye fulfil de roal le akerd- 
if) tu de skriptyiir, 3v /alt Ittv dj 
nabor az djaelf [Lev. 19: 18], ye 
do> wel: 

9. But if ye hav respekt tu mr* 
sonz, ye komit sin, and qr konvinsfc 
ov de le az tranagrescvz. 

10. For hotfoever Jal kep de hoi 
le, and yet ofend in wun [pernt], 
he iz gilti ov eL 

IL Fer he dat sed, Da> not kom^ 
it adulteri [Eks. 20: 13], sed eJao^ 
Da> not kU. [Eks. 20: 14.] Nv 
if dv komit no adulteri, yet if dv 
kil, dv q^ bekdm a tcaoBgr^sor 
ov de le. 

12. So spek ye, and so da>, az da 
dat Jal be jujd l^ de le ov libertL 

13. Fer he Jal hav Jujmfent 
wid^ m^\, dat hat Jod no 11191^ 
si; and m^rsi rejoset agiinst fo^* 
menl * 

H. ^ Hwot [dot it] profit, lAj 
bredren, do a man sa he hat fat, 
and hav not warks; ^ kan &t srr 

15. If a bruder er sister btf 
naked, and destitiit ov dali fa>d, 

16. And vun ov ya» sa utttu 
dem. Depart in pes, be [ye] wermd 
and fild; notwidstindig ye giv dem 
n<^ doz tigz hwiQ qr nedful tu 
de bodi; ^ hwot [doll it] profit 

17. 8ven so fat, if it haft aot 
wurks, iz ded, beip alon. 

18. Ya, a man ma sa, Hz haal 
fat, and i hav wurks: Jo me d^ 
fat widit d| wurks, and i wil Jo 

di m4 ^ W *>i 'i'*'!^ 


19. 8v Wsvwt iift 4|r is wan 
Qod; &B doMt wel: ds deTilx el- 
ao bellr, and tremU. 

20. But <iwilt dv no^ o mD 
man, dat lal wid^ wnite is ded. 

2L 1 Wos not Obraiiam tr fq- 
dnr jottifid bi wnrks^ hwen he had 
oferd ^htSk biz ann np6n da eltar. 

22. ^Seert dv to faft ret wid 
hiz wnrks, and bj wnika wos iaJt 
Bad p^ekt 

28. And da skriptyiiT woz ful- 
md hwiq set, Qbrafaam beUvd 
God, and it woz impiited untu 
Mm for iitynsnea [Jen. 15: 16]: 
and he woz keld da Frend ov 
God. [^ 41: a] 

24w Yeiedenhvdail]|wuiksa 
man iz Josti^d, and not bf fal onlL 

25. Ltkw^z elao Swoz not Ra- 
liab de hq^lot jnsttfid bf works, 
hwen Je had resavd da meeenjerz, 
and had sent [dem] vt anddu* wa. 

26. Fer az de bodi widit de 
qiirit iz ded, so faJb wid^ wuiks 
is ded elso. 

€APTER a. 

1. M{ bredren, be not men! 
mosterz, noiQ dat wa Jal zes^v da 
grater kondemnajon. 

2. Fer in meni tigz we ofend 
el. If eni man ofend not in wurd, 
de sam [iz] a pi^ekt man, [and] 
abl elto tu bqdl de hoi bodL 

8. Behold, we put bits in de 
hersez mvdz, dat da ma obd as; 
and we turn ab^ di|r hoi bodL 

4. Behold elso de Jips, hwig 
do [da be] so gret^ and [q,r] driv- 
en ov fers windz, yet qjr da tumd 
ab^t vnd a veri smel helm, hwid- 
erso^ver de guvernor listet. 

5. 8Ten so de tup iz a litl mem- 
ber,andbostetgrattiDz. Behold, 
hv grat a mater a litl f^r kindlet! 

6. And de tup [iz] a fjr, a 
world ov inikwiti: so iz de tng 
ami&O vr aambarsydat it 

6t KoL bodi, aad setol eat 1^ 4a 
kois ov na^Hr; and it ut set en 
Qr ov hel. 

7. Fer everi k^nd ov be cto^ and 
ov b^idz, and ov s^rpente, and ov 
tiQz in de ae, is tamd, and hal 
bin tamd ov mank|od: 

8. Bot de tog k«i no man lam; 
[it iz] an oannli evU, ful ot dedii 

9. S^rwift bles we God, even 
de Fqjder; and di^rwit kvrs we 
men, hwi^ <ir mad after da aimil- 
iti^d ov God. 

10. 7^% ov de sam mvt pcoeed- 
et blenn and koisip. Mi bredren, 
des ti^E et not so tu be. 

11. <iDot a fsnten send fori at 
desam plas swet [weter] and biter. 

12. S Kan de fig-tre, mj bredren, 
b^T oliv beriz; leder a vin, figz; 
so [kan] no fvnten bol yeld selt 
weter and f rej. 

13. 9 Ho [iz] a w)E man and 
end^d wid nolej am4o yc^; let 
him Jo vt ov a gud konveraa/on 
hiz works wid meknes ov wisdom. 

14. Bot if ye hav l»ter enviig 
and strif in yor h<|rtB, gloci not^ 
and li not agenst de tn&t. 

15. S\s wizdom des^ndel not 
from abiiv, bot [iz] frtli, s^i(s], 

16. Fer hw^r enviig and stqf 
[iz], di^r [iz] konfi(5on and everi 
ZYil work^ 

17. But de wizdom dat iz from 
abdv iz f^t pHr, den pesabl, jenti, 
[and] ezi tu be intreted, ful ev 
m^rsi and gud frots, wid^'t p<irp- 
aliti, and widi^t hipokrisL 

18. And de frot ov rj,tyiisnet 
iz son in pes ov dem dat makptfli 


1. ^From hwens [kom] Vetz 
and fitiQs amtliQ yo; 9 [kom di] 
not heD% [even] ov y^a ImtM dst 
wer in yaa members. 


% TefM^ttidhsrBo»:y«kiI,: 16. IWdUjrsfel] tn n, Hte 
and deeir tu har, aid k» do4 Lerd wQ, wb Jal liv, nA 6m ^ 
obtan: je Qt and wer, 3ret je faav er <litf» 
not, bekes ye ask not. ' ' 16l Bat nv t« lej^ in jmr 

3. Ye ask, endm^T not, bek^ bostigs: el suq ngMQ is eviL 
ye auk- mak, <ht ye ma kone^' 17. S^tior tu him dit noel tu 
[it] up6n ycDr lusts. dA gud, and doel [it] not^ tu kirn 

4. Te aduUererz and ad^lter-iitizstn. 
eses, ^DO ye not &aidjlp; 

<>▼ de wurld iz enmiti wid CK)d;i €APTER $• 

haMBoerer d:|ifor wil be a tmadi L Qo Ia nir, [ye] ri^ men, wep 
ov de wurld is de eoemi or CM, 'and favl for ymr miseriz dat Ju 

&. ^^D<» ye liok dat de skripCyi^ 
■eil in van, d[e spirit dat dwelet in 
us Instet tu envi. [Jen. 8: 21.] 

knm iip6n [yoi.] 

2. TokT rigez (^ konipted, and 
y<nr gvpnients qr mol-eten. 

6. But be give! mor gras.| 3^ Tinr gold and silver is ks^* 
Hw^rfor he set, Grod reeistet de kerd; and de mst oy dem fal be 

prird, but 

giret gras untu de 

7. Submit yAieelTZ d^rfor tu|tre«yiir tugeder ferde lostdaz. 

Qod, Rezist de devil, and he wil 
fie from y<n. 

8. Dre nj tu God, and he wil 
dve n| tu y<n. Klenz [ya>r] 
handz, [ye] sinerz ; and pHnfj 
[ya>r] hqrts, [ye] dubl-mjnded. 

9. Be alUkted, and morn, and 
wep: let ya>r Ic^fter be tumd tu 
morn1|^ and [ya>r] jor tu hevines. 

10. Humbl ya>rselvz in de 8|t 
ov de Lord, and he Jal lift ya> up. 

11. Spek not evil wun ov an- 
lider, breiiren. He dat speket evil 
ov fhiz] bruder, and jujet biz 
bniuer, speket evil ov ac le, and 
jujet de le: but if &v juj de le, d^ 
q;rt not a da»er ov de le, but a juj. 

12. 3i^T iz wun le-giver, lun iz 
flbl tu sav and tu destr^: ^h(D 
(irt dv dat jujest aniider. 

13. Go ta> nzy ye dat sa, Tudd 
ertum6ro we wil go intu suq a 
diti, and kontinyii di^r a yer, and 
b| and sel, and get gan: 

14. Hw^rdz ye no not bwot 
Jal be] on de moro. Fer Shwot 
[iz] ya>r Ijf. It iz even a vapon 

aperet fer a litl t|m, and den 
Ttnijet awd. 

a witnes agenst yoi, and /al et your 
flej az it w^r f|r. Ye hav kept 

4. Behold, deh^r ov de lalxM'ens 
ha> hav rept dvn yor f eldz, hwig 
iz ov ya^ kept bak Ij fred, kqet: 
and de kr^z ov dem hwig hav rept 
qj enterd intu de erz ov de Lerd 
ov sabaot. 

5. Ye hav livd In ple^yiyr on de 
^rt, and Inn wonton; ye hav nur- 
i/t yor hqrts, az in a da ov sleter. 

6. Ye hav kondemd [and] kild 
de just; [and] he dot not resist 

7. Be pajent d^rfor, bredren, 
untu de kumiQ ov de Lerd. Be- 
hold de huzbimdman watet for (b 
prejuft fra>t ov de ^rt, and hat log 
pajens fer it, imtil he resiv de ^11 
and later ran. 

8. Be ye elso pajent; stablij 
yd>r hqrts: fer de kumig ov de 
Lerd dreet n^. 

9. Gruj not wuu agenst andder, 
bredren, lest ye be kondemd: be- 
held, de juj standet befor da 

10. Tak, m^ bredren, de prof ets, 
ha> hav spoken in de nam ov de 
Lerd, fer an egzdmpl ov suferiQ 
afUkJon, and av pajeni^ . 


' 11. Briu&Id, ^ro. knt 4em hapi 

pajens ov Joh, and hav sen de 
mid OT de Lerd; dat d» Lerd iz 
veri pitiful, aad ov tender m^L 

12. Bttt abdir el tigz, m} bi:ed- 
nn, cwi|T not, ncder hi ^^^^d^ i^^ 
der 14 (u ^rt, oeder bj eni iider ol: 
but let ya>r ya be ya; and [ya>r] 
Da, na; lest ye f el intu kondem- 

13. ^Iz eni kdo&q ya> afUkted; 
let him pra. SIz eni aneri; let 
liim si^ sq^s. 

14. $Iz eni aik amdp yo; let 
*bim kel for de eldeFz ov dz QtirQ; 
and let dem fm over hiw, aoflmt- 
Sd him wid ed in de nam ov de 

15. And de pr^r ov fat |al sav 
de rik, and da Lerd Jal xaz him 

op; and i£ k» hav ko«£|0i. apz, 
da Jal be £(»giveaL him. 

IS. Kontes [ycnr] felta wun tu 
aniider, and pra wun fer anddei; 
dat ye ma be hekL Se e£ektyiial 
fervent pi^r o v a ijtyas man jmL 
et mug. 

17. €1|M woz a naan aubjekt 
tUL 14k pajonz az we cyr^ and hs 
piad fmestli dat it m^t not ran: 
uid it rand not on de ^ bjdB 
spas ov tre yerz and oka munts. 

18. And he |»ad agen, and ds 
heven gav ran, and w ^tfr beat 
fort her f ccot. 

19. Bredren, if eni ov yea do ^r 
from detra>{^ and won konv^him; 

20. Let him no, dat he Kwi^ 
konvertet de siner from de eior or 
biz wa Jal sav a £ol from det, and 
Jal h^d a moltitivi ov ainz. 


eAPTER 1. 

1. Peter, an ap4il Dv Jezus 
Erist, tu. de stranjecz skaterd tro- 
^t Fontos, Galafio, Kapadojia, 
£[/ia, and Bitlnio^ 

2. 8lekt akerdip tiade f<i»r-nolej 
ov God de Fqder, Iro sa^ktiflka- 
Jon ov de Spint, untu obediens 
and spriDklig ov de blud ov Jezus 
Krjflt: Gtas untui yo, and pes, be 

3. Blesed [be] de God and Fq.- 
der ov "SY Lord Jezus Krist^ hwi^ 
akerdig tu. hiz abiindant m^rsi 
hat be^dtcn us agen intu a livli 

..hop b^ de i^eaurekjon joTf Jezus 
Kriftt from-de^Bd*. 

^ Tu an inheritans inkorupftibl, 
and undefjld, and dat fadet Aot 
awa, rez^rvd in heven for ya», 

5. Ha> qjt kept b^ de pver ov 
God tr<& &bt untu salvajon red! tia 
be reveld in de kist tjm. 

6. Hw^rln ye^ratli r^dra, do n^ 
fer a sezon, if ned be, ye 4^^ in 
he vines tro manifold temtajonz: 

7. Eat de trjal ov ya>r lat, bci^ 
mug mor prejus dan ov gold dat 
perijet, do it be tr^d wid fjr, na^t 
be fsrnd untu praz and onor and 
giori at de aperip ov Jezus Krjst: 

8. Ho^ h^^^V ^^ B^» y^ ^uv; 
in horn, do nv ye se [him] not^ 
yet beleviD, y« rejAs wid jer un- 
spekabl and !ul ov glorl: 

Ite ePlSL 07 PetBBL 

' A; fUsciviD de end or ynr M, 

[even] de salvH/on av [jor] soiz. 
• 10. Ov Hwi^ salva/on de pio&ts 
1xa7 inkwjrd and s^r^ diKjeniU, 
hflt) profeB^d ov de gias [dat Jud 

11. S^iD hwot) er hwot maner 
ov tim de Spirit oy Ki^gt hwi^ 
%t>J? ia d«iii did Bignifl, hwen it 
testii^ beforkand de aoferigs ot 
Krist, and de glori dat Jud lolo. 

12. Untu haaa it woz nsY^ld, 
dat not udtia dems^vz, but nntu 
US da did mmisfeer de tigz, hmq 
qr nv reported tintu joi b| dem 
&t hav pregt de gospel nnta ya> 
^fM de Holi GcBst aoit dvn from 
heven; liwi<3 ti^z de aiijebs dez|r 
tui hiik intu. 

13. Hw^rfior g^rd up da leroz 
oy y<Br tairxd, be sober, and bop 
tu de end for de graa dat iz tu be 
bret untu yxD 'at de rerelajon oy 
Jeziu Krjst; 

14. Az obedient qildreai, iK)t 
fajonig ycors^lvz akerdiD tu de 
former lasts in jenr i^rans: 

15. But asz be bwi^ bal kl^ld 
yA iz boll, so be y« boll in 0I 
maner oy kSonyersaf on; 

16. Beikez it iz ritea. Be ye 
boH; fer i am boll. [liey. 11: 44.] 

17. And if ye keJ on de Fader, 
ba> wid^ re^kt oy p^rsonz jujet 
alcerdii) tia even Bianz work, pas 
de t^m oy yor sogurniQ [ber] in 

18. Foraznni^ az ye no dat ye 
'WfT not redixnd wid koruptibl H^z, 
{az] fiilyer and gold, from ya)€ van 
konyenajon [lis^rd] b^ tradi/on 
from your iqftjerz; 

19. Bnt wid de preftts bind oy 
ISiist, az oy a lam widii blemi. 
•and xMkt spot: 

2Q. Ho yerili woz forerddnd 
faefor de Ivnda/on ov de wurld, 
but woz manifest in dez lost timz 

2L Ho bi idm dc^Mit ii»^N)d« 
dat razd bim up.&om de dad, and 
gay bim glori; dat yotf M and 
bop mit be in God. 

22. Beig ya bay pqiifid yor 
solz inofaaiDdairoltfo^USjpirit 
untu unfdnd lay oy de bre(mi^ 
[se dat ye] lay Won andder wid a 
pq;r bqrt ^ryentii: 

2S. Beig bemageo, not oykor* 
uptibl sed, but oy inkoruptibi, W 
de wnrd oy Ood« bwi^ liyet and 
abjdet fer eyer. 

24. Fer el flej [!«] az gras^ and 
el de glori ov man az de fiver oa 
gros. Hie gros widereft* footd da 
jtiver di^r^ folel awd: 

25. Bat da wnrd ^y de Lerd 
endiiret for ever. And dis iz da 
ward bwiQ b^ ^ gospel isi pc&fi 


L Hwi^rfor laig asjd el malii^ 
and el g|l,and bipoknsiz, aad eo* 
yiz, and 0I evil spekigz, 

2. Az niibem babe, dez|r de 
siiao^ milk oy da ward, dat ye ma 
gro i^rbj: 

3. m 00 be ye ba¥ tasted dat 
de Lerd [iz] grajus. 

4. Tio, bom kumiQ, {az untu] 
a livi^ sb&D,t disal^d ind^d oy 
men, but Qozen oy Qod, [afid] 

5. Ye e]ao, az livli stonz, qt 
btlt up a s{^tyiial bias, an bdii 
preethud, tu oler up splrityiial 
eakrif^sez, akseptabl tu God b^ 
Jezus Kr^st. 

6. Hwfiifor elso it iz kontand 
in de skriptyHTi Bebold, i la in 

v/ l^i^a qef kemer ston, elekt^ pr^ 
j Joirimd be dat belevet on bim 

Jal not be konfanded. {$z. 28: 


7. Unta ja>6t(dor hvnq beUy 
[be iz] prejus; but untu dem hynq 
Da disb^iraeiit^ de jrtoa hwiq 6 



Wd«rt dilalvd, de Mm iz mad de 
kad or de kerner, 

8. And a ston ov stamUi^ snd 
a rok or ofenB, (even tu dem] 
hwic stambl at de wurd, beig dis- 
obedient: hwi^nmtcib elso da w^ 

0. Bat ye [qr] a ^zen jenem- 
Jon, a reral prestfaud, an holi na- 
jbn, a pekiilyar ^cjp^*, dat ye Jud 

1o for^ de prazes ov him ho hat 
:eld yo vt or dqrknes intu hiz 
mqrvelas l[t: 

10. Hwiq in t^m past [wf r] not 
a pepl, but [qr] nv de pepl ov 
Ck>d: hwlq had not obtdnd m^rsi, 
bat nv hav obtdnd m^rsi. 

11. Ibtrli beldved, j bes^ [yco] 
az Btranjerz and pilgrimz, abstdn 
from flejli lusts, hvnq wer ogenst 

12. Havq) ymr konyersajon on- 
est amdD de Jent[lz: dat^ hw^raz 
da spek agenst ya> az evil-da>erz, 
da ma bj [ya>r] gud vurks, hwig 
da Jal behold, glorif| God in de 
da ov vizitajon. 

13. Submit ytDrselvz tia everi 
erdinans ov man for de Lerdz 
eak: hweder it be tu de ki{f, az 

14. Or until guveraorz,az until 
dem dat qr sent b^ him for de pun- 
ifment ov evil-dd>erz, and for de 
praz ov dem dat da> wel. 

15. For so iz ds wil ov God, 
dat wid wel-da>i{) ye ma put tu 
salens de ignorans ov IcdIiJ men: 

16. Az frc, and not yqzig [ycor] 
liberti for a klok ov malijusnes, 
but az de servants ov God. 

17. Onor el [men]. Luv de 
bruderhud. Per God. Onor de 


18. Servants, [be] subjekt tu 
[yoDr] masterz wid el f er; not onli 
tu de gud and jentl, but elso tu 
^ ftoard. 

19. Fer die [iz] ta^kwaidi, iial 

man fer kon/ene tiard God ead^ 

gref, saferif) rof^lL 

20. Fer Skwotglori [iz it},'i( 
hwen ye be buf eted fer yc^r f elt^ 
ye Jal tak it pajentli; bat if, hwai 
ye do) wel, and safer [for it], ys 
tak it pejentli, dis [iz] atcBeptaiU 
wid God. 

21. Fer even hemniiD w^yt 
keld: bekdz Kr|Bt eleo sof erd fer 
us, levig us an egzdmpi, dat^ys 
Jud folo hiz stepa: 

22. Ha> did no sin, nadaor vas 
gjl hsnd in hiz jxrst: 

23. Ha>, hwen he wos ze^Id, 
revjld not agen; hwen he si^ni, 
hetretend not; but komited {him? 
self] tu him dat jujet rityoeli: 

24. Ha> hiz on self bs|r ^st siia 
in hiz on bodi on de tre, dat we^ 
bei|9 ded tu sinz, Jud liv untu qt* 
yusnes: hi ha>z stripe ye w^r held. 

25. Fer ye w^V az Jep geig 
astra; but qr nv retdrnd anta £ 
Seperd and Bijop ov ya>r Muahu 

€APTER 3. . 

1. Likwjz, ye wjvz; [be] in 
subjekjon tu ycnron huzbaadz; 
dat, if eni oba not de wurd, da 
elso ma wid^ de woid, be won 
hi de konversajon ov de wjvz^ 

2. Hwil da behold yor gaet 
konversajon [kupld] wid fer. 

8. Ha>z aderni^ let it not be 
dat ^ward [ademi^] ovrplats^ ds 
hi^r, and ov w^rijj ov gold, or of 
puti^ on or a|^rel; 

4. But [let it be] de hiden ixun 
ov de hqrt, in dat hwi^ iz not koiv 
uptibl, [even de ornament J <yr a 
mek and kw^et spirit, hwiq igs- in 
de sjt ov God ov grat pqs.' . 

5. Fer after dis maner in de «tid 
t^m de holi wimen elso, ha tttuU 
ed in God, ad^md dems^lvz, beip 
in subjekjon untu di^r on has- 

6. evenazSamobddCIbnl^aiii, 

14T 8FI8L OV P8TBB. 


iilm lord: Yimz deters ye 
€^f az log az ye dm wel, and <ir 
ziot afidd wid eni amazment. 

7. I4kwiz, ye hnzbandzt dwel 
wid [dem] akerdin tu nolej, givi^ 
onor untu de wjf, az nntu & 
vrsker ▼esel, and az' bei^ ^rz tu- 
g6der or de gFoa ov l^f ; <bi ya»r 
pc^rz be not lunderd. 
."S, Fioalv [be ye] el or won 
xoind, haTip kompajon won or 
andder, luv az bredren, [be] piti- 
f^lf' [be] kurtynsi 

9. 19 ot renderii^ evil fer evil, er 
ndigier lali]): but kdntrariwiz 
HaH9; noig dat ye qpr d:|rant!& 
k«ld^ dat ye Jud inherit a blesif). 

10. Fer he dat wil lur l^f, and 
as gud dazy let him refran hiz 
top from eyil, and hiz lips dat da 
apekno g^l: 

IL Let him esqf^ ®^» ^^ cla> 
gud; let him sek pes, and en84 it 

12. Ferde {z ovde Lerd [qr] 
OTer de rityiu, and hiz erz [q^ 
open] untu d^r pr%rz: but de fas 
OY de Lord [iz] agenst dem dat 
d4D eriL 

' 13. And %ha^ [iz] he dat wil 
kqrm ja^ if ye be f oloerz or dat 
hwic iz gud- 

14 But and if ye sufer fer qt- 
yusnes sak, hapi [cir ye]: and be 
not afrid or ^r teror, neder be 

1&. But sa^ktifi de Lerd Qod 
in ya>r bqrts: and [be] redi elwaz 
tu [giv] an anser iu eyeri man 
dat cuket ya> a rezon ov de hop 
dat iz in yea wid meknes and fer: 

16. Hayi^ a gud konjens; dat» 
hw^rAz da spek eTil ov ya>, az ov 
evil d<Derz, da ma be ajdmd dat 
feliH ak^z ya>r gud konversajon 

17. Fer [it iz] beter, if de wil 
er God be so, dat ye sufer fer 
wel-dAi|), dan fer evil-da>io. 

VL.Fm K4rt cbohaft truni [in de spirit 

auferd finr nni, de Joat fer de .ttn* 
just, dat he mit htig us tu God» 
beii) put tu det in de fie/, but 
kwikend b| de Spirit: 

19. B| hwig elso he went and 
pregt untu de sjArits in prizon; 

20. HwiQ sumtim w^r disobedi* 
ent^ hwen ¥runs de log-suferiD o^ 
Gh>d wated in de daz ov Noa, 
hwjl de qrk woz a-prep^riQ, hw%r» 
in fq^ dat iz, at solz w^r savd bj 

21. Se lik figyur hwi^rimtd^ 
[even] baptizm dcA eko nv saT 
us (not de putap awd ov de fill or 
de flej, but de anser ov a gud 
konjens tord Ood,) bidereaurek- 
Jon ov Jezus Kqet: 

22. Ha> iz gon intu haven, and 
iz on de rjt hand ov God; anjelft 
and etoritiz and pvers bei|).mad 
subjekt untu him. 


1. ForaemdQ den az Erist hai 
suf erd fer us in de fleJ, qnn ya>r« 
selvz Ijkwiz wid de sam n4nd: 
fer he &Jt hat suferd in de flej hal 
sest from sin; 

2. Sat he no lojggene fud liv de 
rest ov [hiz] t|m in de be/ tu da 
lusts ov men, but tu de wil or 

3. For de t^m past ov [vr] Uf 
ma suf^z us tu hav ret de wil ov 
de Jent^lz, hwen we wekt in la- 
siviusnes, lusts, ekses ov w|n, rev* 
elipz, ba^kwetioz, and ab^inabl 
^dolatriz : 

4. Hwi^rin da tii^k it stcanj dat 
ye run not wid [dem] tu de sam 
ekses ov r^ot, speki^ evil ov [ya>]: 

5. H<& Jal giv ak-^t tu him dat 
iz redi tu juj de kwik and deded. 

6. Fer fer dis kez woz de gos- 
pel preqt elso tu dem dat qr ded, 
dat OEi m^t be jujd akerdig tu men 
in de fie/, but liv akerdiQ tu God 



- f . But dB dbd or «1 ^% is «t 
fawd: be ys di^rfor scDbei^ aad 
woq ontsi pti^r* 

8. AndabdveHiQKhftvfi^ent 
qiriti «Bid|) jttnelve: far quiti 
Jal kaver de miittitq,d ov sinz. 
• Sl Yi^a hoBpitftiUi won tu sn- 
Mer wid^i gntji^. 

10. Az oTwi man Kzft riB^vd 4e 
gtft, [fifea so] BUAistar dt cbiu 
wan tu an^dei^ az gud Btqjordz ov 
de manifold gras ov God. . 

U. If eni nan spek, [let liim 
ffptk] az de oiaklz ov God: if eni 
nan miniater, (let him dA it] az 
ov de abiiiti hwiq Ghod givet: dat 
€bd in el ttoz ma be gl^ifid tro^ 
Jezus Kqst, tu hiua be piUz and 
datmiafvii for ever aiid ever. 

> 18. Beld:7ed, ti^k it not stmnj 
kons^mif) de fieri tnal liwiq iz tu 
tri ya>, az do sum straoj ti{) hap- 
end until ya>: 

Id. B«it vq^ inaarndQ az ye<ir 
pQttakerz ov KrJBts suf eri^z; dat, 
Wett hiz glcm Jal be Tetild, ye 
WttSL be gkd olso wid eksedii) jgt. 

li. If ye be repro^ for de nam 
«r Ki^st^ kflpi [ctr ye] ; for de Bpurit 
eir gkDn Mid o^ God restet up^ 
ym: on da|r pi|rt ke iz evil spc^en 
ov. but on ya>r pq,rt he iz glorifid. 

15. Btrt let nun ov y<i> eufer az 
<1 mvnieref, or [az] a tef, er [az] 
aa evil-duoer, er az a bizi-bodi 
in tider menz materz. 

16» Y«t if [eni man eaf er] az a 
EristiaDy let him not be ajihnd; 
iMit lift him gloriQ God on dis 


: 17. F«r de <|m [iz kam] dat 
jnjment must b^n at de lass ov 
Ood: and if [it] f^rst [begin! at 
V8, 1 hwot Jal de end [be] ov dem 
dat €>bd not de gospel ov God. 

' 18. And if de ntyus sk%f»li be 
me9d, ^kn$p[ j«l de usj^dli and de 
•iner ap£r. 

19. Hw^rfor let <fem 
akerdig tu de wii pv €rod komit 
de kepii) ov di|r solz [tu hiiu] ia 
wel-daA||y az aatu a £aif ul Ne- 

€APTER 5. 

1. Se elderz-hwig q^ amd^ y<a 
I egz^rt, ha> ebo am. an elder, and 
a uritnee ov de suleii^z <yv ~KiiBt| 
and eiso a partaker ov de glcad 
dat Jal be rev^ld: 

2. Fed de flok ov God hwif^z 
amd^ ya>, tsSaa^ de overajt [^rdf ], 
not b| koastrant^ bat wifiph; not 
for fifid li{ker, but o v a i«di mind; 

3. Neder az bein lerdz cmst 
[Godz] heiitej, butbei^ enscunplz 
tu de uok. 

4:. And hwen de ^ef £operd Jizl 
ap^, ye Jal res^v a knm ov glaai 
dat fadet not awi. 

5i Likwiz, ye yangec, aubcaft 
ya>rselvz uatu de elder. .Ya,'el 
[ov yob] be eubjekt wan tu anddeiv- 
and be klodd wid h\|militi: fes 
Godiezistet de pnnd, aad givei 
gras tu de humbl. 

6. fiumH ycorsehrz.diitfor under 
de m{ti hand ov God, dat he ma 
egz61t ya> in d\i tjm: 

7. Snrtiij el yc&r k^r updn him; 
f er he k^rei for yiD. 

8. Be sober, be vijilant; bek^ 
ya>r adversari de devil, az a rm^ 
li^iV w^et khn ttki9 faa>m he 
ma devvr: 

9. Hflym rezist stedf ost in de lafi, 
nc3i$ dat de sam alHkJonz v^t 
aki^plijt in ya»r bvedren dat q^. 

10. But de God ev-ei gias, ha 
hat keld as antu hiz eternal gkiri 
14 Kr{st Jezns, after dat ye hav 
suferd a hwil, mak ja> p^zfekt^ 
stablij, stre^ten, sell [ya>.] 

IL Tu him [be] glotd and 'dc^ 

minyon fear ever and ever, &aisL 

'22. Bi Bi]si£mi%a&t&il.brafiar 



tintu yc^ az i sapoz, I hav riten 
brefli, egzerti^, and testiQig dat 
^s iz de tTA gras ov God hw^rin 
yt stand. 

13. SLe [<3urQ dat iz] at Babilon, 

elekted tugeder wid [ya>], salt^tet 
ya>; and [so dot] Mcirkus mj sun. 
14. Oret ye wun aniider wid a 
kis ov ^ariti. Pes [be] wid to el 
dat qr in Kqst Jezus. C[in«n« 



1. Simon Peter, a servant and 
flui ap68l OV Jezus Krist, tu dem 
dat hav obtdnd l^k prejus fat wid 
us tia> de r^tyusnes ov God and 
in: Savyor Jezus Eqst: 

2. Ghras and pes be multipl^d 
nntu ya> tra> de nolej ov God, 
and ov Jezus vr Lerd, 

3. Akerdi|3 az hiz div{n pver 
hat given untu us el ti{)z dat 
[pertan] untu lif and godlines, 
tra> de nolej ov him dat hat keld 
us tu glori and v^rtyii: 

4. Hw^rbj qr given untu us 
eksediD grat and prefus promisez: 
dat H dez ye m^t be partakerz ov 
de divfn natyqr, havig eskdpt de 
korupjon dat iz in de wurld tra> 

5. And bes^d dis, ^vi^ el dili* 
jens, ad tu ycor £at v^rtyq; and 
tu v^rtyq nolej; 

6. And tu nolej temperans; and 
tu temperans pajens; and tu pa- 
Jens godlines; 

7. And tu godlines bruderli- 
kindnes; and tu broderli-k^ndnes 

B. Fer if dez ti^z be in ya>, 
and ab^d, da mak [ya> dat ye Jal] 
neder [be] baren ner unfra>tful in 
de nolej ov tst Lord Jezus Er^st. 

9. But he dat laket dez ti^z iz 

bl|nd, and kan not |8 afd^r of, and 
hat forg6ten dat he woz puijd 
from hiz old sinz. 

10. Hw^rfor de rader, bredren, 
giv dilijens tu mak ya>r kelig and 
elekjon Jipr: fer if ye da> dez tipz, 
ye Jal never fel: 

11. Fer so an entrans Jal be 
ministerd untu ya> abundantli in- 
tu de everldsti?) kigdom ov ist 
Lord and Savyor Jezus Erjst. 

12. Hw^rfor J wil not be negli- 
jent tu put y(D elwaz in remem- 
brans ov dez ti^z, do ye no [dem], 
and be establijt in de prezent tr<Dt. 

13. Ya, I ti^k it met, az log az 
I am in dis tdbemakl, tu st^r ya> 
up bj putii) [yo)] in rcmembrans; 

14. Noig dat Jertli i mufit put 
of [dis] m^ tabernakl, even az tst 
Lord Jezus Krjst hat Jod me. 
[Jon 21: 18, 19.] 

15. Morover { wil end^vor dat 
ye ma be abl after m| desis tu 
hav dez ti:gz elwaz in remembrans. 

16. Fer we hav not folod kun- 
i^li dev^zd fablz, hwen we mad 
Don untu y<D de p^er and kumig 
ov sr Lord Jezus B^r^st, but w^r 
{-witnesez ov hiz majesti. 

17. Fer he resivd from God de 
Fqder onor and glori, hwen di^r 
kam suQ a vers tu him from de 
ekselent glori, 3[is iz mj beMved 
Sun, in ha>m i am wel plezd« 



[Maft, 8: 17; 17: B; Mqrk 1: 11; 
i: 7; Luk 3: 22; 9: 35.] 

18. And dis von hwiq kam 
from heven we b^rd, hwen we 
w$r wid him in de holi mvnt, 

19. We hav elso a mor Ji^r 
wurd OV profesi; hwi^runt<6 ye da> 
wel dat ye tak bed, az nntvi a Ijt 
dat Jinet in a dqrk plas, until de 
da den, and de da stqr ar^z in 
ycor bqrts: 

20. Noif) dis f^ist, dat no prof- 
esi OV de skriptyiir iz oy eni pi^vet 

21. For de profe&i kam not in 
old t^m bi de wil ov man: but 
boll men ov God spak [az da 
w^r] ma)vd b^ de Holi Gost. 


1. But d%T w^r f els prof ets elso 
amdg de pepl, even az d^r Jal be 
fels teqerz amt^ ya>, boo privili 
/al brip in damnabl beresiz, even 
deniip de Lord dat bet dem, and 
brip up6n demselvz swift de- 

2. And meni Jal f olo d;^r per- 
pijus waz; b^ rezon ov bcDm de 
wa ov tra)t Jal be evil spoken ov. 
. 3. And tra> kiivetusnes Jal da 
wid &nd wurdz mak m^r^andj^z 
ov ya*: bc&z jujment n^ ov a log 
Ijm li{)geret not, and d^r damna- 
Jon slumberet not 

4. Fer if God spjird not de 
anjelz dat sind, but kast [dem] 
d^n tu bel, and deliverd [dem] 
intu qanz ov dcirknes, tu be re- 
z^rvd untu jujment; 

5. And sp^rd not de old wurld, 
but savd Noa de att [person], a 
prefer ov rityusnes, bripiQ in de 
flud up6n de wurld ov de ung6dli; 

6. And tumig de sitiz ov Sod- 
om and Gom6ra intu ajez kon- 
demd [dem] wid an overtro, 
makip [demj an ensdmpl untu 
ikkz &,t after Jud liv ung6dli; | 

7. And deUverd jnst Jjgi, ^f«krt 
wid de filti konversajon pv de 


8. (Fer dat rjtyus man dwelip 
amiiQ dem, in sei^ and . beni),' 
vekst [biz] rjtyus sol from da tu 
da wid [dj^r] unleful dedz;) 

9. ae Lord noet h^ tu deliver 
de godli T5t ov temtajonz, and tu 
rez^rv de unjiist untu dc da ov 
jujment tu be punijt: 

10. But qefli dem dat wek af- 
ter de flej in de lust ov unklennes^ 
and despjz guvemment. Prc- 
ziimtiius [g^ da], self wild, da qr 
not afrad tu'spek evil ov dignitiz. 

11. Hws^raz anjelz, hwig q;r 
grater in pyer and mjt, bri© not 
ralig aki^zajon agenst dem befor 
de Lord. 

12. But dez, az natyiiral bra>t 
bests, mad tu be taken and de- 
str^d, spek evil ov de ti^z dat da 
understand not; and Jal uterli 
perij in di^r on korupjon; 

13. And Jal rcs^v 6k rewerd ov 
unr^tyusnes, [az] da dat k^nt it 
plesyiir tu rjpt in de da tjnx. 
Spots [da q,r] and blemijez, sport- 
iQ demselvz wid d^r on desevipz 
bwil da fest wid ya>; 

14. Havig jz ful ov adulteri, 
and dat kau not ses from sin; be- 
gilig unstabl solz : an bctrt da hav 
eksers^zd wid kuvetus praktisez; 
kursed qildren: 

15. Hwiq bav forsaken d& r^t 
wa, and ctr gon astra, f 61oig de wa 
ov Balam [de sun] ov Bosor, ha 
luvd de wajez ov unrityusnes; 

16. But woz reb^kt fer hiz 
inikwiti: de dum q;s spekip wid 
manz vers fofbad de madnes ov 
de profet. 

17. Sez cyr welz wid^t weter, 
kl^dz dat q;: karid wid a tempest; 
tu bcom ^ mist ov dqprknes iz 
rez^rvd fer ever. 

18. Fer bwen da spek grat 



svelip [wurdz] ov vanity 6a al^r 
t^ro) de lusts ov de flej, [tra> muQ] 
'^wonto'xmes, doz dat w^r klen es- 
Isapt from dem hod liv in eror. 

19. Hwil da promis dem liberti, 
€ta. demselvz qr de savants ov 
Icorupjon: for ov hcDm a man iz 
overkdm, ov de sam iz he bret in 

20. For if after da hav eskdpt 
^e poliijonz ov de wurld trco de 
nolej ov. de Lerd and Savyor Je- 
snis Kr^st, da q,r agen enta^jgld 
&^Tiu, and overkdm, de later end 
iz wurs wid dem dan de begini;). 

21. Fer it had bin beter for 
dem not tu hav non de msl ov 
rjtyusnes, dan, after da hav non 
[it], tu turn from de holl kom- 
andment deliverd untu dem.. 

22. But it iz hapend untu. &em 
akerdii) tu. de trco proverb, ile dog 
[iz] turnd tu hiz on vomit agen, 
£Prov. 26: 11]; and des^ dat woz 
wojt tu h^r wdloip in de mjr. 

€APTER 3. 

1» Sis sekond epfsl, beldved, | 
B^ rjt untu yo); in [bot] hwiq j 
st^r np y<Dr pi^r mjndz bj wa ov 

2. Sat ye ma be mindful ov de 
wurdz hwig vf^r spoken befor bj 
de hoU profets, and ov de kom- 
dndment ov ns de ap6slz ov de 
Lerd and Savyor: 

3. Noi^ dis f^rst, dat d^r Jal 
isnrn in de last daz i^of erz, weki{) 
after ds^v on lusts, 

4. And sail), <iHwqr iz de prom- 
is ot hiz kumif); fer sins de fq/ierz 
fel asUp, el ti^ kontinyq az [da 
w^r] from de beginig pv de krea- 

5. Fer dis da wiliDli cir ignorant 
or, dat bj de wurd ov God de hev- 
enz vr^T ov old, and de i^vt stand- 
iQ vt ov de weter and in de weter: 

6. Hwi^rbi de world dat dan 

woz, bdg overflc&d wid weter, 


7. But de hevenz and de^rt, 
hwi^ qr n^, b^ de sam wurd q,r 
kept in stor, rez^rvd untu Qr 
agenst de da ov jujment and per* 
dijon ov ung6dli men. 

8. But, beldved, be not ignorant 
ov dis wun ti^j,' dat wun da [iz] 
wid de Lerd az a tvzand yerz, 
and a t'^zand yerz az wun da. 

9. Se Lerd iz not slak kons^m- 
ip hiz promis, az sum men kvnt 
slaknes; but iz log-suferig tu us- 
ward, not wilii) dat eni fud peri/, 
but dat el Jud kum tu repent- 

10. But de da OY de Lerd Wil 
kum az a tef in de n jt; in de hwig 
de hevenz Jal pas awA wid a grat 
nerz, and de elements Jal melt wid 
fervent het, de ^rft elso and ds 
wurks dat q^ d^rin Jal be burnt np. 

11. [Sell)] den [dat] el dez tiija 
Jal be diz61vd, ^hwot maner [ov 
p^rsonz] et ye tu be in [el] holi 
konversajon and godlines, 

12. Lukif) fer and hastip untu 
de kumi^ ov de da ov God, hw^r« 
in de hevenz beig on f^r Jal be 
diz6lvd, and de elements Jal melt 
wid fervent het. 

13. Neverdeles we, akerdig tu 
hiz promis, luk fer nq, hevena 
and a nq ^rH, hw^rin dwelet r^t- 

14. Hw^rfor, beldved, seip dai 
ye luk fer suq ti^z, be dilijent dat 
ye ma be fvnd ov him in pes, 
wid^t spot, and blamlea. 

15. And aki^nt [dat] de log-suf- 
ip ov vr Lerd [iz] salvajon; even 
az ST beldved brader Pel elso 
akerdig tu de wizdom' given un* 
tu him hat riten untu ya>; 

16. Az elso in- el [hiz] epislz, 
spekif) in dem ov dez tipz; in 
hwig q,r sum tigz h<ird tu be un* 
de»tdd^ hwig da dat qr tinl^raed 



and vnstabl nat, ax [da do] elsofde wiked, fel from j4ia cm stad* 

de uder tknptjj^, untu d^r on 

17. Ye ditrfor, beldred, seig yz 
no [dea tipzl befor, bew4r lest ye 
eko, beiQ led awd wid de eror ov 


18. But gro in gras aac^ [in] 
de nolej ov vr Lord and Sar- 
yor Jezus Kiist. Tia him {be] 
glori bob nv and f orerer. Qmau 



1. 3at hwiq woz from da-begin- 
ig^ hwig we hay h^d, hwig we 
lukT sen wid vr ^z, bwi^ we hay 
lukt rx^n, and sr handz hay 
handld, oy de Wtud oy l^f ; 

2. (For de l^f woz manifested, 
and we hay sen [it], and bj|,r wit- 
ness and Jo mitu ya> dat eternal 
l^f, hwiQ woz wid de Fqder, and 
woz m&ifested mitu us;) 

8. 3at hwi^ we hay sen and 
h^rd dekl^T we until yd), dat ye 
elso ma hay felojip wid us: and 
tnoli VT feloHp [iz] wid de Fqder, 
and wid hiz Sun Jezus Krjst. 

4u And dez tigz r^t we untu 
ya>, dat yor jer ma be ful. 

5. Sis den iz de mesej hwig we 
hay h^rd'oy him, and dekl^r un- 
tu yo, dat God iz l^t, and in him 
iz no dqrknes at eL 

6. If we sa dat we hay felojip 
wid him, and wek in d<irknes, we 
Ij, and do not de trot: 

7. But if we wek in del^t^ az he 
iz in de l^t, we hay felojip wun wid 
andder, and de blud oy Jezus Kr^st 
hiz Sun klenzei us from el sin. 

8. If we sa dat we hay no sin, 
.we des^y vrselvz, and de trot iz 
nerb in us. 

9. If. wa konl^ 9r bi^^ ha iz 

fatful and just tu far^w ua [vr] 
sinz, and tu klenz us froia el 8&- 

10. If we sa dat we hmr not 
sind, we mak him a liar, and his 
wurd iz not in us. 

€APTER 2. 

L Mj litl qildren,^ dez tigz ^t i 
untu yo dat ye sin not. And if em 
man sin, we hay an ^dyokat wid 
de Fqder, Jezus Krjst de r^tyus: 

2. And he iz de propijia/on far 
'ST sinz: and not far -srz onli, but 
elso fer [desinz oy] dehol wurkL 

3. And herbj we do no dat we 
no him, if we kep hiz komdad- 

4. He dat set, $ no him, and 
kepet not hiz komdndments, ia a 
l^ar, and de trot iz not in him. 

5. But hoso kepet hiz wiard, 
in him yerili iz de luy oy God 
p^rfekted: herbj no wa dat we (|r 
in him. 

6. He dat set he al^det in him 
et himself elso so tu wek, •Ten 
az he wekt. 

7. Bredren, i Tji no nii komdud- 
ment untu yo, but an old kom- 
dndment hwiQ ye had from de be- 
dni^. 3e old komdndment iz 
& wurd hwi^ ye hay h^rd from 



6. Agin, a nt^ komdndment i 
iXt untu ja>, hwi^ tig iz tra> in 
lum and in yco: bek^z dc dcLrknes 
is past, and de tra> l^t nv JineH. 

9. fie dat set he iz in de Ijt, and 
bertet hiz brader, iz in dqrknes 
even until nir. 

10. fie dat luvet hiz bmder 
ab|det in de Ijt, and d^r iz nun 
okagon fer stumblig in him. 

11. But he dat hatet hiz bruder 
iz in dqrknes, and weket in dq,rk- 
nes, and noet not hwider he goet, 
bek^z dat dqrknes hat blended 
hiz ^z. 

12. 3B rjt untu ya, litl qildren, 
'bek4z ycDr sinz qr forgiven ja> fer 
hiz namz sak. 

13. 5 r^t untu y<D, fqderz, bek^z 
ye hav non him [dat iz] from de 
beglnip. 3B rjt untu yo), yug men, 
bek6z ye hav overkdm de wiked 
wun. 3B rjt untu yo), litl gildren, 
bek^z ye hav non de Fqder. 

14. i hav riten untu ycD, fqderz, 
bek^z ye hav non him [dat iz] 
from de beginig. 3B hav rit^n un- 
tu y<D, yug men, bekez ye qr 
strog, and de wurd ov Grod ab^det 
in ycD, and ye hav overkdm de 
wiked wun. 

15. Luv not de wurld, neder de 
tigz [dat qr] in de wurld. If 
eni man luv de wurld de luv ov 
de Fqder iz not in him. 

16. Fer el dat [iz] in de wurld, 
de lust ov de fie/, and de lust ov 
de jz, and de pr^d ov Ijf, iz not ov 
de Fqder, but iz ov de wurld. 

17. And de wurld paset awd, 
and de lust d^r6f : but he ^t dcDet 
de wll ov God ab^det fer ever. 

18. Litl qiklren, it iz de lost 
t^m: and az ye hav h^rd dat anti- 
krjst Jal kum, even tts qr d^r 
meni antikrjsts; hw^rb^ we no dat 
it iz de last tjm. 

19. 3a went M from us, but da 
w^r ndt ov us; fer If da had bin 

ov us, da wuEd [rns dvt] hav kon- 
tinyqd wid us: but [da went vt], 
dat da mjt be mad manifest dat wl 
w§r not el ov us. 

20. But ye hav an ut)kJon 
from de Holi Wuo, aud ye no el 

21. 8B hav not riten untu yen 
bek6z ye no not de tra>t, but be* 
k4z ye no it^ and dat no Ij iz ov 
de troot. 

22. <!Ha> iz a l^ar but he dat 
denjet dat Jezus iz de Erjst. Ha 
iz antikrjst, dat den^et de Fqder 
and de Sun. 

23. Hosoever den^et de Sun, de 
sam hat not de Fqder: [but he 
dat aknolejet de Sun hat de Fqder 

24. Let dat ds^tfor ab(d inya>, 
hwi^ ye hav h^rd from de begin- 
ii). If dat hwiq ye hav h^rd &om 
de beginip Jal remdn in ya>, ye 
elso ^1 kontinyq in de Sun, and 
in de Fqder. 

25. And dis iz de xyromis dat he 
hat promist us, [even] eternal l^f. 

26. fiez [ti|)z] hav i riten un- 
tu yoD kons^mig dem dat sed^s 

27. But de anemti^ hwi^ ye hav 
resivd ov him ab^det in ya>, and 
ye ned not dat eni man ieq ya>: 
but az de sam anemtig te^^et y<D el 
ti{)z, and iz trott, and iz no Ij, 
and even az it hat tet y<D, ye Jal 
ab^d in him. 

28. And n^, litl gildren, ab|d 
in him; dat, hwen he Jal ap^r, 
we ma hav konfidens, and not be 
ajamd befiSr him at hiz kumip. 

29. If ye no dat he iz rityus, ye 
no dat even wun dat dooet rjlyitik 
nes 12 bem ovhim. 

eiAPTBR 3. 

1. Behold, hwot maner ov luT 
de Fqder hat bestod up6n us, dat 
we Jud be keld de simz.o¥ God: 

tap ePISL OV JON. 

^dcft 6t world n^«t ns not, be- 

k^s U nil ^i<& ^o^ 

2. Beldved, nv qr we de sunz 
OY God, and it dot not yet aper 
bwot we Jal be: but we do dat, 
hwen be Jal ap^r, we Jal be l^k 
bim; for we Jal se bim az be iz. 

8. And even man 6^^ bat dis 
bfi^ in bim p^ni^et bimself i even 
» be i^ PHr. 

4. Hcnsoever komitet sin trans- 
greset elso de le: for sin iz de 
trensgrejon 07 de le. 

5. And ye no dat be woz 
mdnifested tia tak awd 3r sinz; 
aiid in bim iz no nn. 

6. Ha>ao^ver abjdet in bim sin- 
ell not: bia>so6ver sinet bat not 
sen bim, neder non bim. 

7. Litl Qildren, M no man de- 
%ir ya>: be dat da>et r^tyusnes iz 
rftyus, even az be iz rjtyus. 

8. He dat komitet sin iz ov de 
devil; for de devil sinet from 
de beginif). For dis purpus de 
Sun ov God woz manifested, dat 
be m^t destr^ de wurks ov de 

d. Hcieoever iz bern ov God 
dot not komit sin; for biz sed re- 
manet in bim: imd be kan not sin, 
bek4z be iz betn ov God. 

10. In ^ de <^ldren ov GU>d qr 
iaanilest; and de gildren ov de 
devil: bcosoever da>et not r^tyus- 
nes iz not ov God, neder be dat 
luvet not biz bruder. 

11. For dis iz de mesej dat ye 
b^rd frcMn de beginii), dat we Jud 
lav wun antider. 

12. Not az E&n [ba>] woz ov 
dat wiked wnn, and slq biz bmder. 

^J^^^garfor sli| be bim.. Be- 
k6z biz on wnafe-W§r evii, and 
biz bruderz r^tyus. 

13. Mctrvet not, mj bredren, if 
ds world bat ym. 

14. We no dat we bay post 
tuMi d«t iiwtu lift bek^t we lay 

de bredren. He dat .luTet sot 

[biz] bruder ab^det in det. 

15. HcQSoever Katet b!z bmder 
iz a murderer: and ye no dat no 
murderer bat eternal l^f ab^dii) in 

16. Herbj persev we de luv [ov 
God], bekoz be lad d^n biz l^f ler 
us: and we et tu la d^n [^rj l^vz 
for de bredren. 

17. But ba)so bat dis wurldz 
gudz, and seet biz bruder bav 
ned, and Jutet up biz b^elz [ov 
kompajon] from bim, ?b7 dwmet 
de luv ov God in bini. 

18. Mi litl Qildren, let ns not 
luv in wurd, neder in ttig; but Ib 
ded and in tra>t. 

19. And bcrbj we no dat we qr 
ov de trcbt, and Jal ajqr isr bqrts 
befor him. 

20. For if ^r bqrt kondem us, 
God iz prater dan sv Iiqrt, and 
noet ol ti|3z. 

21. Beldved, if isr bqrt kon- 
dem us not, [den] bav we konfi- 
dens tord God. 

22. And bwotso^ver we ask, we 
res^v ov bim, bekoz we kcp biz 
komdndmentSy and den doz tigz 
dat qr plezip in biz s^t. 

23. And dis iz biz komdnd- 
ment» Eat we Jud beUv on de 
nam ov biz Sun Jeeiis Krjst [ Jpn 
6: 29], and luv wun anuder fjon 
13: 34]} az be gav us komand- 

24. And be dat kepet biz kom- 
dndments dwelet in bim, and be 
in bim. And berb^ we no dat be 
al^det in us, bj de Spirit bWi^ be 
bat given us. 

©APTER 4. 

1. Beldved, belev not even 
spirit, but trj de spirits bwedfer da 
qr ov God: bek6z meni fels prof- 
eta qr gon 7t intu de wurld. 

2. HerM»c> y« ^ Spirit ov Gfod: 



ISreri spitit ftat konf eset dat Jezns 
Krigt iz kum in de flej iz ov God: 

3. And everi spirit dat konfeset 
not dat Jezns Krist iz kum in de 
flej iz not ov Grod: and dis iz dat 
[spirit] ov antikrjst, hws^rdf yc 
hay herd dfilt it Jud kum; and 
even nv elredi iz it in dc wurld. 

4. Yc q,r ov God, litl ^ildren, 
and hav overkdm dem: bftk^z 
prater iz he dat iz in ya>, dim he 
dat iz in de world. 

'5. 3k qr ov de wtirld: d^rfor 
spek da ov de wurld^ and de wurld 
herell dem. 

6. We qr ov God: he dat noed 
dod heret ns; he dat iz not ov 
Qod heret not us. Herbj no we 
de dpirit ov tnBt, and de spirit ov 

7. Beldved, let us luv wun an- 
dder: for luv ia ov God; and ev- 
eri wun dat luvet iz bem or God, 
and noet Qod, 

8. Se dat luvet not noet not 
God; for Gt)d iz luv. 

9. In dis woz manifested de luv 
ov God tord us, bek^z dat God 
sent hiz onli heg6ten Sun intu de 
wurld, dat we mjt liv tra> him. 

10. Herin iz luv, not dat we 
luvd God, but dat he hivd us, and 
sent hiz Sun [tu be] de propi/ifl- 
Jon for vr sinz. 

11. Beliived, if God so luvd us, 
we et elso tu luv wun andder. 

12. No man hat sen God at 
eni t^m. If we luv wun andder, 
God dwelet in us, and hiz luv iz 
perfekted in us. 

*13. HcrbJ no we dat we dwel 
in him, and he in us, bek6z he 
hat given us ov hiz Spirit. 

14. And we hav sen and da> 
testify dat de Fqder sent de Sun 
[tu be] de Savyor ov de wurld. 

15. HoMsoever Jal konfes dat 
Jezus iz de Sun ov Gbd, God 

dwilet hi him, and he ia God. |et wibfl% tadc^ de 

16. And we haT-n6n and be* 
levd de luv dat God hat tu vaL 
God iz luv; and he dat dwelet in 
luv dwelet in God, and God in 

17. Hetln iz "sr luv mad p^r* 
fekt, dat we ma hav boldnes in 
de da ov jujment: bek^z az he iz, 
so qr we in dis wurld. 

18. Sm^t iz no fer in luv; but 
p^rfekt luv kostet vt fer: l^k^ss 
fer hat tennent He dat feret iz 
not mad p^rfekt in luv. 

19. We luv him, bek^z he f$mt 

20. If a man sa, 9 luv Gody 
and hatet hiz bruder, he iz a liar: 
fer he dat luvet not hiz brtJler 
hom he hat sen, ^hs kan he lay 
God horn he hat not sen. 

21. And dis komdndment hav 
we from him, 3at he ha> luvet 
God luv hiz bruder elso. [Mat* 
22: 87--39.] 


1* Hosoever belevet dat Jezus 
iz de Kr^st iz hem ov God: and 
everi wun dat luvet him dat begdt 
luvet him elso dat iz begdten ov 

2. Bj dis we no dat we luv de 
^Idren or God, hwen we luv 
God, and kep hiz komdndments. 

3. Fer dis iz de luv ov God, dat 
we kep hie komdndments: and 
hiz komdndments qr not grevus. 

4. Fer hwotsoever iz hem ov 
God overkdmet de wurld: and 
dis iz de viktori dat. overkdmet 
de wurld, [even] vr fat. 

4. ^Ha> iz he dat overkdmet 
de wurld, but he dat belevet dat 
Jezos iz de Sun ov God, 

6. Sis iz he dat kam hi weter 
and blud, [even] Jezus Krist; not 
bi weter onli, but bj weter and 
bind. And it iz de Spirit dat bj^r- 

U tmt. 


2kd ePISL OV JOK. 

7. Fer d^r qr ire dat h^t rekord 
lu heren, 4e Fqder, de Wurd, and 
de Holi Gott: and dez tre qx wun. 

8. And ds(r ((r tre dat b^r wit- 
nea in ^ rft, de spirit, and de weter, 
and de bind: and (ktz tre agri in 

9. If we nsiv de witnes ov 
men, de witnes oy God iz grater: 
fer dia iz de witnes oy God hwiq 
he hat testiQd ot hiz Ban. 

10. He dat helevet on de Snn 
OT God hat de witnes in himself: 
he dat belevet not God hat mad 
him a Ijar; bek^z he belevet not 
de rekord dat God gay ov hiz 

11. And dis iz de rekord dat 
God hat given tu ns eternal Ijf, 
and dis l^f iz in hiz San. 

12. He dat hat de San hat Ijf ; 
[and] he dat hat not de San ov 
God hat not 1^1 

13. Hez ti{)z hav i riten antu 
ya> dat beUv on de nam ov de San 
ov God; dat ye ma no dat ye hav 
eternal l^f, and dat ye ma bel^v 
on de nam ov de Sun ov Ghod. 1 

^ A A ^ ^* • jt % #«m ja«< 

we hav in him, dat, if we atlk gA 
tig akerdif) tu hiz wil, he heret as: 

15. And if we no dat he her 
OS, hwotsoever we ask, we no dat 
we hav de petijonz dat we dezjrd 
ov him. 

16. If eni man se hiz bender 
sin a sin [hwiq iz] not untu del, 
he Jal ask, and he Jal giy him IJf 
fer dem dat sin not untou del. 
3^r iz a sin untu det: i do not 
sa dat he Jal pra fer it 

17. Bl unrityasnes iz sin: and 
d^r iz a sin not untu det. 

18. We no dat ha>soever iz 
bern ov God sinet not; but he ^ 
iz beg6ten ov God kei)et himself 
and dat wiked wun tu^et bim not 

19. [And] we no dat we q^ ov 
God, and de hoi wurld Ijet in 

20. And we no dat de Sun ov 
God iz kum, and hat given us an 
understdndif), dat we ma no him 
dat iz tro, and we qr in him dat iz 
tro, [even] in biz San Jezua B^dgt 
His iz de tro God, and eternal iff. 

21. Litl gildren, kep yatfselvz 

14 And dis iz de konfidens datifrom jdolz. Hmen. 



1. He elder untu de elekt ladi 
and h^r qildren, hom i luv in de 
trot; and not i onli, but elso el 
da dat hav non de trot; 

2. Fer de trots sak, hwig dwel- 
et in us, and Jal be wid us fer ever. 

. d. Gras be wid yo, m^rsi, [and] 

pes, from God de Feeder, and from 
de Lord Jezus Er^st, de Son ov 
de Fqder, in trot and luv. 

4. 35 rej^t gratli dat i fynd ov 
di Qildren weki^) in trot, az we 
hav res^vd a komdndment from 
de Fqder. 

5. And UTT i hesiq de, ladi, not 
az do I rot a nn komdndment 



Qntia di, bat dat liwi^ we had from 
de beginip, dat we luv wun aniider. 

6. And dis iz luv, dat we wek 
after hiz komdndments. 8[is iz 
de komdndment^ Sat, az ye hav 
li§rd from de beginij), ye /ud wek 
in it. 

7. For meni deseverz q,r enterd 
iiitu de wnrld, ha> konfes not dat 
Jezus Kr^st iz knm in de flej. 
Sis iz a desever and an antikqst. 

8r Luk tu ycorselvz, dat we 
la)z not doz ti{)z hwiQ we hav ret, 
but dat we res^v a ful rewerd. 

9. HoBO^ver transgreset, and 
ab^det not in de doktrin ov Krjst, 

hat not Gk)d. He dat ab^deft in de 
doktrin ov Krjst, he hat bot de 
Fq,der and de Sun. 

10. If d^r kum eni nntu ya>, 
and brip not dis doktrin, resiv 
him not intu [ycor] hvs, neder bid 
him God sped: 

11. Fer he dat bidet him God 
sped iz partaker ov hiz evil dedz. 

12. Havip meni tii^z ta rjt un- 
^ y®» i wud not [rjt] wid paper 
and ipk: but i trust tu kum imtu 
ya>, and spek fas tu fas, dat Tsr jer 
ma be ful. 

13. (le^ildrenovd^elekt sister 
gret d^ Umen. 


1. 3e elder tmtu de wel-beltiv- 
ed €raus, h<i>m ^ luv in de tra>t. 

2. Beliived, i wij abuv el tipz 
dat dv maest prosper and be in 
helt| even az dj sol prosperet. 

3. Fer i rcj^t gratli, hwen de 
bredren kam and testifjd ov de 
tra>t dat iz in d^, even az d^ wek- 
est in de tra>t. 

4. $ hav no grater jer dan tu 
her dat mi qildren wek in tr(Dt. 

5. Beltived, d? da>est fatfuli 
hwotso^ver is devest tu de bred- 
ren, imd tu stranjerz ; 

6. Hwic hav bom witnes ov d^ 
Qaiiti befor de ^urg: ha>m if dv 
brip forward on d^r jumi after a 
godli sert, dv Jalt da> wel: 

. 7. Bek4z dat fer hiz namz sak 
da went fort, takip notig ov de 

8. Wedarforettures^vsu^dat 
we mit be lelo helperz tudetra>t. 

9. sB n»t nntu de qutq: but D^- 

otrefez, ha> luvet tu hav de pre- 
eminens amtS^ dem, resevet us not. 

10. Hw^rfor, if i kum, { wil re- 
member hiz dedz hwiQ he da>etf 
pratip agenst us wid mali Jus wurdz : 
and not kontent d^rwit, neder dot 
he himself res^v de bredren, and 
forbidet dem dat wiStd, and kastet 
[dem] 3t ov de qwrq, 

11. Beliived, folo not dat hwig 
iz evil, but dat hwi^ iz gud. He 
dat da>et gud iz ov God: but he 
dat doet evil hat not sen God. 

12. Demetrius hat gud rep<5rt 
ov el [men], and ov de trcot itself: 
ya, and we [elso] bs|r rekord; and 
ye no dat 7r rekord iz tro. 

13. $ had meni tipz tu r^t, but 
I wil not wid ipk and pen r^t un- 
tu d^: 

14. But I trust I Jal Jertli se de, 
and we Jal spek fas tu fas. Pea 

g«] tu dl [YrJ frendz saltit dd. 
ret de frendz b^ nam. 


L Ji^d, de fl^rrant ot Jezns; 10. But dez spek evil oy 
Kj^st^ and bnider ov Jams, tujtiQz hwiq da no ziot: but bwot da 
dem dat qr 8a()kliQd \^ God de,iio natyiirali, az br(Dt bests, in 
Fqder, and prez^vd in JeEUS doc ti^z da kordpt demselvz. 
Krjisti [and] keld: 11. Wo untuL dem! fer da hav 

2. M^rsi antu ja^ and pes» and'gon in de wa ot Kan, and ran 
lav, be maltipl^d. Igredili after de eror ov Balam fer 

3. Belli ved, hwen i gav el dili- reword, and perijt in de gan-sai^ 
jens tu r^t untu yea ov de komonjov Kore. 

salvaJoD, it woe nedful fer me tu' 12. cTez qj spots in y<nr fests 
z^t untu yok, and egzert [vcd] dat'ov Qariti, bwen da fest wid yai, 
ye Jud ^ra^tli kontend fer de &t fedig demselvz wids-t fer: kl-^dz 
h^nq woz wans deliverd untu de [da qx] wid:^ weter, karid ab^ 
sants. ov windz; trez Iudz &a>t wideret, 

4. Fer ds^r <|r s^rten men krept wid^ f r<D(^ twjs ded, plukt up bj 
in unaw4rz, Iud w^r befor ov old de ra>ts; 

erdand tu dia kondemnajbn, un-i 13. Rajin wave ov de sz, fomin 
g6dli men, tarnip de gras ov «r 3t ds(r on Jam; wonderii) stq^z, 
God intu lasiviusnes^ and denjqj.tu bmm iz rez^rvd be bli^es ov 

de onli Lerd God, and tht Lerd 
Jezus Knst 

5. $ wil d^rfor put y<b in re- 
membrans, do ye wuns m\ dis» hs 
dat de Leiti,bavig savd de pepl vt 
ov de land ov €jipt» afterward 
destrad dem dat belevd not. 

6. And de anjelz hwig kept not 
dt^r f^rst estat, but left d^r on 
habitajon, be bat rez^rvd in ever- 
lostip qanz under d<irknes untu 
de jujment ov de grat da. 

7. 8ven az S<>dom and Go- 
m6ra, and de sitiz ab:^ dem in l^k 
maner, givi^ demselvz over tu 
femikajon, and goig after stranj 
fleL or set fort fer an egzdmpl, 
suferi^ de venjans ov eternal f^r. 

8. Ljkw^z elso dez [f iltil drem- 
erz def jl de flej, desp^z domin- 
yon, and spek evil ov dignitiz. 

9. Tet M^kel de c^kanjel, bwen 
kontendig wid de devil he disp4t- 
ed ab^ da bodi ov Mozez, durst 
not brig agenst bim a lalig akii- 
ia|im, but aed, ae Leid reb4k di. 

dqrknes fer ever. 

14^ And Cnok elso, de seveni 
from Adam, jHrofe^d ov dzz, saig^ 
Behold, de Lerd kumet wid ten 
tvzandz ov hiz sants, 

15. Tu eksekiit jujment up6n 
el, and tu konvins el dat qr un- 
g6dli amug dem o v el d%r ongtSdM 
dedz hwi^ da hav ung6dli komit- 
ed, and ov el d^r hq^d [spe^ez} 
hwi^ ang6dU sinerz hav spoken 
agenst him. 

16. 3ez qjt mormurerz, kom- 
planerz, wekig after d^r on lusts; 
and da^r mvt speket gmt sweli^ 
[wurdz], havig mens p^rsonz in 
admira^n bek^z ov advantej. 

17. bni^ beluved, remember ys 
de wurdz hwig w^r spoken befor 
ov de apdslz ov sr Lerd Jetua 

18. Hv dat da told ya> d^r Jud 
be mokerz in de lost tim, hd> /ud 
wek after di^r on ungodli lusts. ^ 

19. Sez be da ha> sepaiat dem* 
sAvz, sen Jq;U, havig noc de Spirit 




2a But ye^ beMved, biiaipup 
ycbreelvz on jaa most holi £at, 
{xraii) in de Holi Gost, 

21. Ksp yoirselyz in de lav ov 
God, lukii) for de mf rsi oy 7r 
Lord Jezus Krist irniu eternal 


22. And OT snm hav kompafon, 
taaki]) a diferens: 

23. And uderz sar wid f er, piol- 

19 [^m] vt OT ds Qr; IiatiQ eren 
de gqLnnent spoted bj de flej. 

24. Nt^ until him dat iz abl tu 
kep ja> from felii), and tu present 
[jo] feltles befor de prezens or 
hiz glori wid eksedii) jer, 

25. Tu de onli wjz GKkL W 
Savyor, [be] glori and majesti, 
dominyon and pirer, bot n3 an(| 
ever. Cbnen. 

iffiveLasoN ov saNT jon ae div*n. 


1. SCe Bevelajon ov Jezns Eijst, 
liwiq God gav mitu him, tu Jo 
tmtu hiz servants li|^ hwiQ must 
Jertli knm tu pas; and he sent 
and signifid [it] hi hiz anjel nntu 
hiz servant Jon: 

2. Htt) b^r rekord ov de wurd 
ov God, and ov de testimoni ov 
Jezus Er^st, and ov el ti|)z dat 
he so. 

3* Biased [iz] he dat redely, and 
da dat her de wnrdz ov die prof esi, 
and kep doz ti][)z hwiq q,r riten 
d^rin: for de tjm [iz] at hand. 

4. Jon tu de seven, cur^z hwiq 
q;r in ffjia; Gras [be] untu y©, 
and pes, from him hwi^ iz, and 
hwiQ woz, and hwig iz tu kum; 
and from de seven Spirits hwig q^ 
befor hiz tron; 

5. And from Jezus Krjst, [hcD 
iz] de fattful witnes, [and] de f ^rst 
beg6ten.ov de ded, and de prins 
ov de kii)z ov de §r5. Untu him 
dat luvd us, and wojt ub from "sr 
einz in hiz on blud, 

6. And hat mad us kigz and 

prests untu God and hiz Fq^er; 
tu him [be] glori and dominyon for 
ever and ever. Amen. 

7. BehoId» he kumet wid klvdz ; 
and everi I Jal se him, and da [el* 
so] hwiq perst him: and el kin- 
dredz ov de ^rtk Jal wal bek^z or 
him. 8ven so, Um^n. 

8. ^ am Alfa and Qmega, d^ 
beginii) and de endi;), set de Lerd, 
hwiq iz, and hwi^ woz, and hwi^ 
iz tu kum, de Glmiti, 

9. tEi Jon, ha> elso am ya>r brud* 
er, and kompanyon in tribynlajon, 
and in de ki^dom and pa Jena ov 
Jezus Kr^st, woz in de ^I dat iz 
keld Patmos, fer de wurd ov God^ 
and fer de testimoni ov Jezua 

10. $ woz in de Spirit on de 
Lerdz da, and h^rd behind me a 
grat V9S, az ov a trumpet^ 

11. Saip, $ am Alfa and Qmego^ 
de f^rst and de last: and, Hwot 
ds aeest, r^t in a huk, and send 
[it]- untu de seven qwrqez hwig qpr 
in HJia; untu 'Efesus, and untu 
Smyrna, and untu P^rgamoe, and 
untu Bi^t^ra^ and untu Bqirdisi 



and untu Filadelfki, and untu 

12. And i turnd tu se ds vtn 
dat spak wid me. And bdp tonid, 
I ae seven golden kandktiks; 

13. And inde midst ov de seven 
kandlatiks [wun] Ijk vaitxL de Son 
OV man, klodd wid a gqrment dvn 
tuL da f ut» and g^rt abvt da papa 
wid a golden g^rdL 

14. Hiz h^ and [hiz] h^rz 
[w^] hw^t Ijk wul, az hw^t az 
ano; and hiz |z [w^r] az a flam 
OV fir; 

15. And hiz let l^k nntu f^n 
bras, az if da burnt in a fumes; 
and hiz vers az de svnd ov men! 

16. And he had in hiz ijt hand 
seven 8tq,rz: and 7t ov hiz mvt 
went a Jfcup t(Dejd sord: and hiz 
kvntenans [woz] az de sun Jiaetl in 
hiz stre^. 

17. And hwen i so him, { fel at 
hiz fet az ded. And he lad hiz 
nt hand up6n me, sai^ untu me, 
Fer not; i am de f^ist and de last: 

18. [$ am] hedat livet, and woz 
ded; and, behold, i am aliv fer 
evermor, €[men; and hav de kez 
ov hel and ov det. 

19. R^t de tiQz hwiQ d? hast 
sen, and de ti;)z hwig cir, and de 
ti{|z hwig Jal be herafter; 

20. Semisteri ov de seven stqrz 
hwiQ dv soest in mi rit hand, and 
de seven golden kandlstiks. Se 
seven stqrz <ir de anjelz ov de 
seven ^urgez: and de seven kan- 
dlstiks hwi^ dv seest q;r de seven 


©APTER 2. 

1. Untu de anjel ov de Qurq ov 
'Efesus rit; Kzz ^v^z set he dat 
holdet de seven stq^rz in hiz rit 
hand, ha> weket in de midst ov de 
seven golden kandlstiks; ^^ 

2. if BO di wurks, and di labor, 

and di pajens, and hx d« kansk 
not b^r dem hwi^ q^ evil: and dv 
hast tqd demhwi^ aa dac^ aposlz^ 
and qjr not^ and hast fvnd 4fem 

3. And hast bom, and hast pa- 

{ens, and fer mi namz sak hast 
&bord, and hast not fanted. 

4. Neverdel^ i hav [sumhwot] 
agenst d^ bek6z dzr hast left (^ 
f^rst luv. 

5. Remember d^rfor from hwens 
dv q,rt felen, and repent, and do 
de f^rst wurks; er els i wil kum 
untu 6i kwikli, and wil rem<nv d^ 
kandlstik 3t ov hiz plas, eksept 
&s repent. 

6. But ^s As hast, dat dv hat- 
est de dedz ov de Nikolaitanz, 
hvdg i elso hat. 

7. He dat hat an er, let him her 
hwok de Spirit set untu de gur^z; 
Tu him ^t overkdmet wil i giv 
tu et ov de tte ov lif, hwig iz ia 
de midst ov de paradis ov God. 

8. And untu de anjel ov de curg 
in Smyrna rit; 3ez tigz set de 
f^rst and de last,hwiQ woz ded^ 
aiod iz aljv; 

9. OB no di wurks, and txibynla- 
Jon, and poverti, (but d^ qjct nq) 
and [i no] de bUsfemi ov dem 
hwiq sa da qr Jijz, and q;r not^ but 
[q,r] de sinagog ov Satan. 

10. Fer nun ov doz ti^z hwig 
&s Jalt sufer: behold, de devil fal 
kast [sum] ov yo intu prizon, dat 
ye ma be trid; and ye Jal hav 
tribyi|,laJon ten daz: be d^ fitful 
untu det, and i wil giv ds a krvn 
ov lit 

11. He dat hat an er, let him 
her hwot de Spirit set untu de 
43ur<3ez; He dat overkdmet Jal not 
be hurt ov de sekond det. 

12. And tu de anjel ov de qaxq 
in F^rgamosrit; 3ez ti^z set he 
hwig hat de Jc^rp sord wid to 



13.' $ DO ^ wnrks, and hw^r &5 
dwelest) [even] hw^r Satanz set 
[iz]; and &v boldest fast mj nam, 
and Kast not den{d n4 fat, even 
in doz daz hws^rin Antipas [woz] 
mi fatful mq;rter, ho woz slan 
amiii) JO), hw^r Satan dwelet. 

14. But I hav a fq, ti^z agenst 
d^ bek^z &^ hast d^r dem dat 
hold de doktrin ov Balam, ha> tet 
Balak tu kast a stumblipblok be- 
for de qildren ov 'Izrael, tu et 
tipz saknfjzd untui ^dobs, and tu 
komit fernikajon. 

15. So hast &s elso dem dat 
hold de doktrin ov de Nikolait- 
anz, bwiQ th) { hat. ' 

16. Repent; er els i wil kum 
nntu &i kwikli, and wil f^t agenst 
dem wid de sord ov mj mirt. 

17. He dat hat an er, let him 
her hwot de Spirit set untu de 
^urgez; Tu him dat overkdmet 
wil i giv tu -et ov de hiden mano, 
and wil' giv him a hwjt ston, and 
in de ston a nij nam riten, hwi<3 
no man noet savip he dat res^vet 

18. And untu de anjel ov de 
cur^ at Biatira r^t; Kzz tiijz set 
it Sun ov God, ha> hat biz [z Ijk 
untu a flam ov f jr, and hiz fet 
[qr] Ijk fjn bras; 

19. $ no dj wurks, and Qariti, 
and s^rvis, and fat, and dj pajens, 
and dj wurks; and de last [tu be] 
mor dan de f^rst. 

20. Notwidstandig i hav a fit 
tfi)z agenst d^, bek^z ds suferest 
dat wuman Jezebel, hwiq kelet 
herself a profetes, tu te^ and tu 
sedt!i,s mi servants tu komit ferni- 
kajon, and tu et tii)z sakrif^zd 
tmtu ^dolz. 

21. And I gav h^r spas tu re- 
pent ov h^r fernikajon; and Je re- 
pented not. 

22. Behold, { wil kast h^r intu 
a bed, and dem dat komit adulteri 

wid h^r intu grat tribynlajon, ek- 
sept da repent ov d^r dedz. 

23. And i wil kil h^r ^ildren 
wid det; and el de Qurqez Jal no 
dat i am he hwiq s^rqet de ranz and 
hq,rts: and I wil giv untu ever! 
wun ov ya> akerdig tu ycor wurks. 

24. But untu ya> i sa, and untu 
de rest in B^at^ra, az men! az bay 
not dis doktrin, and hwiq hav 
not non de depts ov Satan, az da 
spek; I wil put up6n ya> nun uder 

25. But dat h wig ye hav [elredi] 
hold fast til i kum. 

26. And he dat overkdmet and 
kepet mi wurdz untu de end, tu 
him wil i giv p^er over de najonz: 

27. And he Jal ro&l dem wid a 
rod ov iron; az de veselz ov a 
poter Jal da be broken tu fiverz: 
even az i rcs^vd ov mj Pctder. 

28. And I wil giv him de mem- 
ig stqr. 

29. He dat hat an er, let him 
her hwot de Spirit set untu de 

€J AFTER 3. 

And untu de anjel ov de <pirq 
in Sqrdis r^t; Q[ez tigz set he dat 
hat de seven Spirits ov God, and 
de seven stqrz; i no d^ wurks, dat 
ds hast a nam dat dv livest, and 
qrt ded. 

2. Be woqful, and stregten de 
tigz hwiq reman, dat cy: redi tu dj: 
fer I hav not f^nd dj wurks p§r- 
fekt befor God. 

3. Remember d^rf or hiy dv hast 
res^vd and herd, and hold fast 
and repent. If d^rfor d^ fait not 
wo<3, i wil kum on d^ az a tef, and 
d^ Talt not no hwot tst i wil kum 
upon d^. 

4. U-s hast a fii namz even in 
Sctrdis hwig hav not def|ld dqr 
gqrments; and da Jal wek wid me 
in hwjt: for da qr wurdi. 


6. Sz did oroUmely ib Mini 
Jial be Uodd in hw^t nunent; and 
1 wil not Uot vt hiz nam vt ot de' 
puk OT I^f, bat i wil konfes hiz 
nam befor mj Fqfier, and be£6r 
hiz an ielz. j 

6. He dat hal an er, let him, 
har hwot da Spirit set nntu de 

7. And ta da anjd ot da qurqi 
in Filadelfia qt; Siaz tipz set ha 
dat iz holi, ha dat iz trok, ha dat 
hat da ka OT David, ha dat openet. 
and no man Jntet; and Jutet, and 
no man openet; 

8. ft no di wniks: behold, i hav 
set ba&Sr ds an open dor, and no 
man kan fut it: for As hast a liU 
stregt, and hast kept m^ wnrd, and 
hast not denjd mi nam. 

9. Behold, i wil mak dem ov 
ds sinagog ot Satan, hwig sa da q^ 
J^Zy and qr not^ bat do 1^; behold, 
i wil mak dem tu kom and war- 
lip bdor di lU, and tu no dat ^ 
hav InTd d& 

10. Bakez d;^ hast kept da word 
OT mi pajens, j elso wil kep d^ 
from da ^r ot temtajcm, hwiq Jal 
knm ttp6n el da world, Ua tri dem 
dat dwel up6n da ert. 

11. Behold, i kom kwikli: hold 
dat fast hwig da hast, dat no man 
tak d^krTin. 

12. Him dat overk^met wil 4 
mak a pilar in da tempi ot m^ 
God, and ha Jal go no mor 3t: 
and I wil i^t up6n him da nam ot 
mi God, and de nam ot de siti ot 
mi Qod, [hwi^ iz] nil Jerozalem, 
hwiq kumet dvu 7t ot heTen 
from mi God: and [i wil qt up6n 
him] mi ni^ nam. 

13. He dat hat an ar, let him 
her hwot de Spirit set nntu de 

14. And nntu da anjel ot de 
qaxq ov de Laodiseanz rit; 3ez 
tigz set da CUneni de fatful and 

witnea, da btginig ov A^Jpa* 
ajon OT €K>d; 

15. ft no ^ wnrka, dat 6ii qrt 
neder kold nor hot; i wi^ is 
w§rt kold er hot 

16. So den bek^z ds qjEt li^k^ 
wemiy and neder kold ner hnt^ i 
wil apH da at ot mi mst. 

17. Bekez d? saest^ ft am ri^ 
and inkrast wid gudz, and haT ned 
oT notig; and noest notdiU da q^rt 
reged, and mizerabl, and pokr, and 
blind, and naked: 

18. ft k^nsel da tia bi ot ma 
gold trid in de Qr, dat d^ mast be 
ri^; and hwjt lament, dat dv inast 
be klodd, and [dat] da jam ot dj 
nakednes do not apar; and an^t 
din iz wid isQT, dat da naaat se. 

19. Az men! az i lav, i reb^H 
and qasen: ba zelns d^rfor, and 

20. Behpld, i stand al da dor^ 
and nok: il eni man har noi tcts, 
and open de doi; i wil kom in tu 
him, and wil sap wid him, and ha 
wid me. 

21. Tu him dat OTerkdmet wi} 
i grant tu sit wid ma in noi tron, 
eTen az i elso overkam, and am 
set dvn wid mi Fqder in hiz tion. 

22. He dat hat an », let him 
her hwot de Spirit set nntu da 

€APTER 4, 

1. Qfter dis ilukt, and, babiSld, 
a dor [woz] opend in heTens and 
de f^rst T08 hwiQ i h^rd [-woz] as 
it wQr OT a trumpet teki^ wid nia; 
hwig sed, Eum np hider^.i^id i 
wil Jo da tigz hwig most ba har- 

2. And im^ietli i woz in ds 
Spirit: and, behold, a tron woz 
set in heTen, and [won] sat (Hi da 

3. And ha dat sat woz tu luk 
up<Sn lik a jasper and a siuB^iA 

BBVeLflitON 6T SftKt J6ll. 


itdfii: «^d {(f|r woz] a ranbo r^nd 
abi^t de tron, in s^t Ijk antu an 

4L And rynd ab^tdc^rom [w^r] 
for and twenti sets: and upon de 
er^ I sd for and t^^enti elderz Mxh 
klodd in hwit rement: and da had 
on di^r hedz knrnz ov gold. 
' 5. And St ov de tron proseded 
Ijtnifiz and tanderiijz and yersez: 
and [d%r wer] seven lamps ov f^r 
ImYn^ befor de tron, hwig ((r de 
seven Spirits ov God. 

* 6. And befor de tron [d^r woz] 
a se ov glas l^k untu kristal: and 
in de ihldst ov de tron, and rsrnd 
ab:^ de tron, [w^r] for bests ful 
o^ jfli befor and bebjnd. 

7. And de f^rst best [woz] l^k 
<1 lion, and de sekond best Ijk a 
kotf, and de terd best had a fas az 
a man, and de fort best [woz] Ijk 
dfliit) egl. 

8. And de for bests had eq ov 
dem siks ynigz ab^t [him]; and 
[da w^r] ful ov ^z widin: and da 
rest not dfL and njt, sai^), Holi, 
holi, holi, Lerd God Glmjti, hwig 
'Vit6if and iz, and iz tu knm. 

• 9. And hwen doz bests giv 
fflori and onor and ta{)ks tu him 
Sat sat on de tron, ha> livet for 
ijver and ever, 

10. 3& for and twenti cld^z 
fel dsn befcSr him dat sat oh de 
tron, and wurjip him dat livet fer 
ever and ever, and kctst d^r krvns 
B^6r #e tron, s^i^ 

11. S.T5 <it wiSdi, 6 Lerd-, tia 
fMr glori and onor and p^er: 
tet <hr hiact krteted «l t^, atfd 
f^i* d| pt^SJiir dii qx and w§r kre- 


"L And { s€r in de r{t hand ov 
Mm dat sat on de troff a buk rit- 
an wid&i and on de bak^sfd,- Beld 

2. And i M a sfroD sn jel pk^ 
kkmig wid a Ivd v<rs, IHa is 
wurdi tu open de buk, and tu Mw 
de selz dij^rof. 

3. And no man in hevon, ner 
in ^rt, neder nnder de ^rt, wox abl 
tu open de buk, neder tu luk 

4. And I wept muq, bekds ii& 
man woz fvnd wvrdi tu open 
and tu red de buk, nader tu hak 

5. And wan ov de elderz 86^ 
nntu me, Wep not: behold, de 
L^on ov de trjb ov Jt|,da, de a<ui 
ov David, hat prevdld lu opes 
de buk, and tu 1<&S de seten ssl« 

6. And j beheld, and, lo, in de 
midst ov de tron and ov de for 
bests, and in de midst ov de 0l«> 
derz, stud a Lam az it had bin 
slan, havip seven hernz atid seveil 
Jz, hwi^ ctr de seven Spirits ov 
God Sent fort intu el de $rt. 

7. And he kam and luk d# 
buk- -8% ov de rjt hand ov him 
dat sat up6n de tron.- 

8. And hwen he had taken da 
buk, de for bests and for [and} 
twenti elderz fel dvn befot di 
Lam haviD ever! wun ov dem 
hqrps, and goldeft v^al^ ftal o^ 
codorz, hwiq q,r de pi^rz ov sttntiu 

9. And da stt^ Q! mt m^ aHI^ 
Sis qtt wtnrdi tu tdk d^ buk, and 
tu open de sel2 di|rdf : f^r dv wosi 
skn, and hast redtod ns tu God 
b| d^ bind T5t tV dreri kindf«d> 
aM tvLQ, and pei(>I, and nafoni* 

10. And hast mid ns untU' i9t 
God ki^ and py^tat and w» jlal 
ran on de ^rt. 

11. And I b^^ld, and | li^d 
de ves ov men! anjelz rsnd ab^ 
de tron and da bests and de 
elderz: and de nnmber ov dem 
woz ten tvzand t{mz Un tvzaild^ 
and tvs«nd» ot tMttds; 


12. Sug wida Wd vtn, Woidi 
is de Lam dat woz slan tu res^v 
p9er, and rigez, and wizdom, and 
ntmuit, and onor, and glori, and 

Id. And even kretviir hwig iz 
in beyen, and on de ^ri, and un- 
der da ^rt, and suq az q^ in de se, 
and el dat or in dem, h^rd i saif), 
BlesiD, and oocnt, and glon, and 
pver [be] untu bim dat eitei up- 
on de troD, and untu de Lam for 
eyer and ever. 

14. And de f <9r besta sed, Qmen. 
And de for [and] twenti elderz 
fel dvn and wurjipt bim dat livet 
ler eyw and ever. 


1. And I BO Hwen de Lam 
opend wun ov de selz, and i b^rd, 
az it w^r de nez ov tunder, wun 
ov de for bests asdi^ Kum and se. 

2. And i se, and behold a bw^t 
bers: and be dat sat on bim bad 
a bo; and a krvn woz given un- 
tu bim: and be went forft ko)^ 
kerip, and tu ko^ker. 

S. And bwen he bad opend de 
sekond sel, i h^rd de sekond best 
sa, Kum and se. 

4. And diir went vt antider bers 
[dat woz] red: and [p^er] woz 
given tu bim dat sat d^r<5n tu tak 
pes from de $rt, and dat da Jud 
kil wun antider: and d%r woz giv* 
en untu bim a grat sord. 

5. And hwen be had opend de 
t^rd sel, i b^ de t^rd best sa, 
Kum and se. And i beb^ldi and 
lo a blak bers; and be dat sat on 
bim bad a p^r ov balansez in biz 

6. And i b^rd a vers in de midst 
ov de for bests sa, Q mesy^r ov 
bwet fer a peni, and tre megyiirz 
ov bqrli fer a peni; and [se] d5 
hurt not de €rl and de w jn. 

7. And bwen be bad opend dej 

fori sel, i b^ de vos OTdrM 
best sa, Kum and se. 

8. And i luktf and behold a 
pal bers: and biz nam dat sat on 
bim woz Det, and Hel folod wid 
him. And pver woz given untu 
dem over de fort pq^t ov da ^9, 
tu kil wid sord, and wid bu^er, 
and wid det, and wid de b^ts ov 
de ert. 

9. And bwen be had opend ds 
f iffi sel, i se under de eltour de 
solz ov dem dat w^r slan fer. 4e 
wurd ov God, and fer de testiino- 
ni bwiQ da held: 

10. And da kr^d wid a Ivdves, 
saig, %J1j5 lop, o Lord, holi and 
trix>, dost d? not juj and avenj vr 
bind on dem dat dwel on da §ri. 

11. And bw(t robz w^r ^ven 
untu ever! wun ov dom; and it 
woz sed untu dem, dat da Jvid 
rest yet fer a litl sezon, until ^r 
felo-servants elso and d%r bre^- 
ren, dat /ud be kild az da [wf r ft, 
Jud be fulfild. t 

12. And I beheld bwen be bad\ 
opend de sikst sel, and, lo, ds^r \ 
woz a grat ^rtkwak; and de s<ui 
bekam blak az sakklot ov lu^r, 
and de ma>n bekam az blud; . 

13. And de stq;rz ov beven fel 
untu de ^rD, even az a fig-tre 
kastet b§r untimli Bgz, bwen /a 
iz Jaken ov a mjti wind, 

14. And de beven depqrted az 
a skrol hwen it iz rold tug^der; 
and everi mvnten and ^land w^r 
mcDyd si oy d^r plasez. 

15. And de kipz ov de ^, and 
de grat men, and de ri^ men, apd 
de qti kaptenz, and da m^ti men, 
and everi bondman, and everi fra 
man, bid demselvz in de de&z 
and in de roks ov de mvntenzn; 

16. And sed tu de miint^iz 
and roks, Fel on us, us 
from de fas ov bim dat sitet on de 
tron, and from de rq^ ov daj^iaia: 

17. FerdBgmtdatfTluzrqElizi la AiidkiidviiaMvaBBiVa- 
kiim; and Slub Jal be abl tu stiuid. \i^ SlJvafoQ tu vr God hwia sital 
GAPTiat 7. np6ii4» Won, and nntu d« Xua. 

1. And after dsz M^b i se for 
flnjelz ttaiidiQ on &t lor kemerz 
OY de fffi, bcSdiy de lor windz ot 
de ^, dat de wmd Jud nofcblo on 
de ^ nsr on de M^ ner on eni ti& 

2. And 1 00 an4iar anjel asend- 
% from, de est, ha-vig As sd or de 
liyil) €k>d: and he kqd wid a Ivd 
Ta« tu de for anjelz, tu h4Dm it 
tiros given tu knit de ^ and 4b SB» 
- 3. Saig, Hurt not de ^ neder 
^ 8e» nor de tree, til we hay edd de 
fl^nrante ov mr God in d%r lorhedz. 

4. And i h^ de number oy 
dsm hwig w^reeld: [and6irw^] 
eeld an hundred [and] forti [aiid] 
for ivsaad qt el de tiibe ov de 
gildren ov 'leiaeL 

5« Or de trib ov Ji^da [w^r] 
B^ tvelv tveaad. Ovdetribov 
iU^ben [w^] eeld tweiy tvzaod. 
Or de.tiib ov Gad £w^r] eeld 
twelv fozand. 

6. Ov de tqb ov £[ser [w^] 
«M twelv iv«and« Ov 4e trib 
ov Keptalim [w^r] seld twelv 
tveand. Ov de t4b ov Man^z 
[w^r] eeld twdv Iveand. 

7. Ov de ttjb ov Simioa I^w^] 
«^ twelv tvzand. Ov de tT|b ov 
Lev| [w^] eeld twelv tvxand^ 
Ov At tr^b ov Isaker [Wfr] eeld 
twelv ivAand. 

8. Ov de tqb ov ZiU^siilon 
{w^r] eeld twelv t^zand. Oy de 
tt|b ov Jozef [w^r] eeld twelv 
llrzand. Ov de tE|b ov Benjamin 
{w^r] eeld twe^v tvzand. 

9« Qfter dis i beheld, and, lo, a 
0Hit multit<)4) &wiQ no man kud 
number, ov el najonz, afid kin- 
dredz, and pepl, and tu^e, stud 
befor de tron« and befd^r de Lam/ 
kkddd wid hwit robz, an4 pomz 
in dar handz; 

IL And el de anjeU etud nrnd 
abit de Iron, and [abit] de elders 
and de lor beets, iod £el befor de 
leOQondi|r fwea, and wurj^ God, 

12. HauL Omen: BImul and 
glcm, and wizdom, and tagka* 
giyig, and onor, and p^er, and 
m|tk [be] untu 9r God ivt ever 
and ever. €[m4n. 

13, And won ov de el4«rz an- 
serd, saig nntu m^ 9 Hwot q^ dea 
hwiQ (yr awd in hw^t robz; and 
ihwene kam da. 

li. And \ eed untu him, S^r, 
dv noest And he eed tu me, 
See ^ da hwi^ kam vt ov grat 
tribyi^Jon, and hav woji dar 
robz, and mad dem hw^t in de 
Uod ov de Lam. 

15. S^flor qr ^ befor de Iron 
ov Grody and a^rv him da and njt 
in hiz tempi: and he dat eitet on 
de ftrcNi fal dwel arndo dem. 

16. 3a fal hugger no moc, ner 
der t^rst eni mor; neder /al de sun 
l^t on dem, <Mr eoi bet. 

17. For de Lam hwiq iz in d|» 
midet ov de tron Jal fed dem, ^xA 
|al led dam untu Uvig fvnt^na ov 
wetarz: and God fal wipawdal 
terz fvem d^r i^. 

eAPTEB 8. 

L And hwen he had opend de 
eevend sel, d%r woz sjlene in haven 
ab^t de epaa ov hq| an 3r. 

2. And i ae de aeven anjelz 
hwi^ atud befor God; and tu oem 
w^r given aeven trumpets, 

3. And andder anjel kam and 
stud at de eltar, havig a golden 
seneer; and d^r woz given unUi 
him muQ insena, dat he Jud ofer 
[it] wid de pr^rz ov el aanta up^n 
de golden eUor hwi^ woz bd^MT 



4. And dt smok ot de insens, 
[hwi^ kom] wid de pn^rz ov de 
MmtBy aa^iiaed up bef^r Qod. ^ 
07 de anjels hand. 

5. And de anjel tuk de 6ei»er, 
and fild it wkt f (r ov de eltar, and 
kast [it] intu de ^rft: and d^r w^r 
▼osea, and tundeii|^, and litni^z, 
and an ^kwak. 

6. And de Beven anjelz hwiq 
had de seven trampefts |HTp4id 
demselvz tu svnd. 

7. 3e ffi^st anjel sanded, and 
di^r folod hal and f|T mi{)gld wid 
bind, and da w^r kast np6n de erd: 
and de t^rd port ov trez woz bamt 
up, and el gren grae woz burnt up. 

8. And de sekond anjel svnded, 
and az it w^r a giat mvnten bumii) 
wid fjr woz kast intu de se: and 
de H^rd pcirt ov de se bekam bind; 

9. And de tf rd p<irt ov de kret- 
▼nn ^wiQ w^r in dese, and had 
{jf, did; and de t^d pq,rt ov de 
{ips w^ destr^. 

10. And de t^rd anjel svnded, 
and d^r f el a grat stcpr from heven, 
barniD az it w^r a lamp, and it fel 
iip6n de t^rd pq^rt ov de riverz, 
and up6n de fvntenz ov weterz; 

11. And de nam ov de stqr iz 
keld Wnrmwud: and de t^id pqrt 
ov de weterz bekAm wurmwud; 
and meni men djd ov de weterz, 
bek^z da w^r mad biter. 

12. And de fort anjel svnded, 
and de t^ pqrt ov de sun woz 
smiten, and de t^rd pq^rt ov de 
mcDn, and de t^rd pqrt ov de stq;rz; 
so az de t^rd pqrt ov dem woz 
dqrkend, and de da f on not for a 
t^rd pq;rt ov it, and ae njt l^kwiz. 

13. And I beh^ld^ and h^rd an 
anjel flifi) tra> de midst ov heven, 
sail) wid a 1yd ves, Wo, wo, wo, 
tu de inhabiterz ov de 91^ bj rezon 
ov de uder versez ov de trumpet 
bv de tre anjelz, hwi^ i\t yet tu 

GAPTEK 9. " 

1. And de fift anjel svnded, 
and 2 se a stqr fel from heven 
natu de ^rlt: and tu. him woz 
given de ke ov de botomles pit. 

2. And he emend de txitomles 
pit; and 6siT aroz a amok st ov 
de pity as de smok ov a grat I«e- 
nes; and de sun and de ^ w^ 
di^rkend hi rezon ov de amokror 
de pit 

3. And ds^r kam -st ov de 8m«tk 
loknsts up6n de eit: and aatti 
dem woz given pver, as da sker- 
pio&z ov de ^ hav pver. 

4. And it woz komdnded dem 
dat da fud not hurt de gioa ov de 
eri, neder em gren tif), neder «ni 
tre; but onlt (k>z men hwiQ hav 
not de sel oy God in di^r f erhedz. 

5. And tu dem it woz given d^ 
da Jud not kil dem, but dat da 
Jud be tormented f^v munts: aad 
di^r torment [wozjaz determjentev 
a skerpion, hwen he str|^et a man. 

6. And in doz daz Jal men sek 
det, and Jal not Qnd it; and /al 
dezjr tu dj, and det Jal fie fkom 

7. And de Japs ov de loknsts 
[w^r] lik untu hersez prep^r^ 
untu bati; and on di^r hedz [w^r] 
az it wer krmz l^k gold, and d|r 
fasez [w^rl az de fasez ov men. 

8. And da had h^r as de hi^r ov 
wimen, and ds^r tet w^r az [^ tet] 
ov l^onz. 

9. And da had brestplats^ az. it 
w^r brestplats ov jron; and 4t 
sTiid ov di^r wi]^ [woz] as -de 
svnd ov ^riots ov men! hefssi^ 
run!;) tu batl. 

10. And da had talz Ijk mitu 
skerpionz, and 6^T wfr sd^z ia 
dar talz: and di^r pser [woz] tu 
huH men fjv munts. 

11. And da had a kip over dem, 
[hwig iz] de anjel ov de botomUs 



pit, luDZ nam in ^8 Hebro) tug [iz] 
Abidon, but in de G-rek tagnat 
[biz] nam Apolion. 

12. Wun wo iz past j [and], be- 
hold, dj^r kum ten woz mor hcr- 

131 And (te siksB anjel sanded, 
and X ^^^ ^ ^^^ irora de for 
h^hiz oV de golden eltar bwig iz 
bcf(&T God, 

14. Saip tu dc sikst anjel hwiq 
bad de trumpet, La>s de for anjelz 
hwiQ qr b^nd in de grat nver 

15. And de for anjelz w^r lost, 
hwiq w§r prcp^rd fer an ^r, and a 
de, and a munt, and a yer, fer tu 
sla dc terd pqrt 07 men. 

16. And de number ov de qrmi 
OV de" hersmen [w§r] ta> hundred 
tvzand t^zand: and i h^rd de 
number ov dem. 

17. And das \ so de hersez in 
de tigon, and dem dat sat on dem, 
havii) brestplats ov f jr, and ov ja- 
sinl, cmd brimston: and de hedz 
ov de hersez [wer] az de hedz 
ov IJonz; and yst ov d^r mvdz 
ijjriid i\v and smok and brim- 

18. Bj dcz tre woz de t§rd pqrt 
ov men kild, bi de f^r, and bj de 
smok, and \A de brimston, hwi^ 
i/ynd ^t ov 62^ m^dz. 

19. Fer d^r pirer iz in d^r m^, 
and in d^r talz : fer d^ talz [w§r] 
l^k untu serpents, and had hedz, 
and wid dem da da> hurt. 

"20. And de rest ov de men hwi^ 
^t^r not kild bj dez plagz yet re- 
puted not ov de wurks ov d^r 
hamlz, dat da Jud not wurf ip dev- 
ilz, and Jdolz ovgold, and silver, 
and bras, and ston, and ov wud: 
hwiq neder kan se, ner her, ner 

21. Neder repented da ov dj^r 
mtirderz, ner ov d^r serseriz, ner 
01^ d^r fernikafon, ner or di^r tef ts. 

©APTEE 10. 

1. And i 86 antider nnti anjel 
kum dnn from heven klodfd wid a 
kl^d: and a ranbo [woz] up6n his 
hed, and hiz fas [woz] az it w^r de 
sun, and hiz fet az pilarz ov f^r: 

2. And he had in hiz hand a 
litl buk open: and he set hiz r^t 
fut tip6n de se, and [hiz] left 
[fut] on de jH), 

3. And krjd wid a lifd vers, as 
[hwen] a l^on rore^: and hwen 
he had krjd, seven tunderz uterd 
d2|,r versez. 

4. And hwen de seven tunders 
had uterd d^r vffsez, \ woz abifrt 
tu rjt: and i herd a vers from 
heven sail) untu me, Sel up doz 
tipz hwiQ de seven tunderz utetd, 
and rjt dem not. 

5. And de anjel hwig i se stand 
up6n de se and up6n de §rfi lifted 
up hiz hand tu heven, 

6. And sw^r bj him dat llvell 
fer ever and ever, hoD kreated 
heven, and de ti^z dat d^rin qr, 
and de ^rt, and de ti{)z dat d^iin 
qr, and de se, and de tigz hwig qr 
di^rin, dat d^r Jud be t^m no logger: 

7. But in de daz ov de vas ov 
de sevent anjel, hwen he fal begin 
tu s^nd, de misteri ov God Jud 
be fmijt, az he hat dekl4rd tu his 
servants de profets. 

8. And TO vers hwiq \ h^rd 
from heven spak untu me agen, 
and sed. Go [and] tak de litl buk 
hwiQ iz open in de hand ov de 
anjel hwic standet up6n de se 
and up<^n tte ^rt. 

9. And I went untu de. anjel, 
and sed untu him, Giv me de litl 
buk. And he sed untu me, Tak 
[it], and et it up; and it fal mak 
\ beli biter, but it Jal be in 6\ 
m^t swet az huni. 

10. And^ tuk de litl buk st 
ov de' anjelz hand, and et it up; 



and it woz in mi xnTt swet az 
hani: and az son az ^ had eten it, 
mi beli woz biter. 

IL And lie sed uutia me, ^v 
must profesi a^en befor meni 
MpUy and najonz, and tu{)z, and 

€APTER 11. 

L And d^r woz given x&e a 
red Ijk ontii a rod: and 4e anjet 
stud, BBx^ Biz, and miQgyi],r de 
tempi 07 (xod, and de oJtar, and 
dem dat wurjip d^rin. 

2. But de kort hwig iz wid^^t 
de tempi lev 'st, and megyui it 
not; for it iz given untia oe Jen- 
t^lz: and de holi siti /^ da tred 
under fut ferti [and] ta> munts. 

3. And I wil giv fp^er] untu 
m^ t(n witnesez, and ia. Jal profesi 
a tYzand tco hundred [and] tre- 
skor daz, klodd in sakklot. 

4. 3eis cir de t<z> oliv trez, and 
de t(D kandlstiks standig befor de 
God ov de ^HL 

5. And if eni man wll hurt 
dcm, f^r prosedet 3t ov dq,r mist, 
And devvret d^r enemiz: and if 
eni man wil hurt dem be muat in 
dis maner be kild. 

6. 8[ez hav p^er ti^ Jut heven, 
dat it rau not m de daz ov d^r 
profesi: and hav pver over weterz 
tu turn dem tu Hud, and tu sm^t 
de ^ wid el plagZi az of en az & 

7. And hvfen da Jal hav finijt 
ds^r testimoni, de best dat asendel 
vt ov de botomles pit Jal mak 
wer agenst dem, and Jal overkdm 
dem, and kil dem. 

8. And d^r ded bodiz [Jal li] in 
de fitret ov de gmt siti, hwig spir* 
ity^ali iz kold Sodom and 8jipt, 
hwq,r elfio lE^r Lord woz kraisif^d. 

9. And da ov de pepl and kin- 
dred z and iu|)z and najonz Jal se 
^t^ ifre daz and an hq,i^ 

and Jal not safer d^r ded 
tu be put in gravz. 

10. And da dat dw«l np^ de 
^rt Jal rej^Qi oyer dem, an!d mak 
men, and Jal send gifts wua tu 
andder; bekez dez ta> profets tor- 
mented dem dat dwelt on de «r|. 

IL And after tre das ana an 
hqj! de Spirit ov lif from God en- 
terd intu dem, and da stud ^p&a. 
di^r fet; and gmt £er f el Hp6n dem 
hwiQ se dem. 

12. And 6a. h^rd a giat -roB 
from heven saig untu dem, Kom 
up hider. And da asended up tu 
heven in a kl^d; and d^r ^emiz 
beheld dem. 

13. And de sam vr woz d^r a 
gmt $rtkwak, and de tent pq,rt-OT 
de siti fel, and in de ^Hikwak w^r 
slan OV men seven tvzand: and 
de remnant w^r afr^ted, and gav 
gkui tu de God ov neven. 

14. fOCe sekond wp iz past; 
[and], behold, de t^ wq kamel 

15. And de seven) anjel svnd- 
ed; and d^r w^ gmt vesez in 
heven, sai^, (le ki^omz 07 dia 
wurld qr bekdm [da kipdomzl 09 
zr Liord, and ov iuz Ejrjst; 4ma he 
Jal ran fer ever and ever. 

16. And de for and twenti elderz, 
hwiq sat befor God on d%r sets, fel 
upon di^r fasez, and wurjipt God, 

17. Saifl, We giv d^ la^ks^ 
Lord God Glmiti, hwig q^ and 
wost, and qrt tu kum; bdc^z dv 
hast taken tu di d^ gmt pvez^ and 
hast mnd. 

18. And de najonz w<^r aggriy 
and 61 rq,D iz kum, and da t^m ov 
de ded, dat da Jud be Jujd, and 
dat ds Judst giv rewerd untu dj 
servants de profets, and tu da 
sants, and dem dat fer dj nam, 
smel and grat; and Judat dcatr^r 
dem hwig destn^ de ^rt. 

19. And de tempi ov God wx» 




&peod in beiren, and <t^r woz sen 
in hiz tempi de qrk ov hiz testa- 
ment: and da^r w^r Ijtni^, and 
TQTsez, and tanderi||z, and an §rt- 
kwaky and grat haL 


1. And d^r aperd a giat wun- 
der in heven; a wuman klodd 
wid de sun, and de m<Dn under 
li^ let. and upon b^r bed a kr^n 
ov tweW stvz: 

. 2. And Je beiD wid Qpd kqd, 
travelig in b^rt, and pand tu be 

3. And d^r aperd aniider wun- 
der in beven; and bebold a grat 
Ted dragon, bavig seven bedz and 
ten bernz, and seven knrnz up<Sn 
hiz bedz. 

4. And biz tal dra> de t^rd pqrt 
ov de stq,rz ov beven, and did 
kast dem tu de ^rt: and de dragon 
atiad befor de wuman bwig woz 
ledi tu be deliverd, far tu dev^r 
b^r Q^ld az 8a>n az it woz bern. 

5. And Je bret fort a man gild, 
ba> woz tu rcol el najonz wid a 
xod ov iron: and bfr Q^ld woz ket 
«|> untu God, and [tu] biz tron. 

6. And de wuman fled intu de 
wildemea, bw^r Je hal a plas 
prep4rd ov God, dat da Jud fed 
b^r ds(r a tvzand ta> bondred 
[and] treskor daz. 

7. And d^ir woz wer in beven: 
H^kel and biz anjelz fet agenst 
de dragon; and de dragon fet and 
biz anjelz, 

8. And prevald not; neder woz 
d%r plas f^nd eni mor in beven. 

9. And de grat dragon woz kost 
vty dat old serpent, keld de devil, 
and Satan, bvn^ desevet de bol 
wurld: be woz kost vt intu de §rd, 
and biz anjelz w^r kast v t wid bim. 

. 10. And i b^rd a Ivd vers saif) 
in beven, N7 iz kum salvajon, 
and ita:«Bl» «nd de ki|)d(^m^ov vr 

jGrod, and de pver ov biz Kr^st: 
for de aki^zer ov isr bredren iz 
jkost dins, bwiQ ak^zd dem befor 
3T God da and n^t 

11. And da overkam bim bj ^* 
bind ov de Lam, and b^ de wurd 
ov ds^r testimoni; and & luvd not 
d^r l^vz untu de det. 

12. 3^rfor rejers, [ye] bevenz, 
and ye dat dwcl in dem. Wo tu 
de inhabiterz ov de ^rt and ov de 
se ! fer de devil iz kum d^n untu 
ya>, bavi^ grat rq,t, bekez be noet 
dat be bat but a Jert t^m. 

13. And bwen de dragon se dat 
be woz kast untu de ^rt, be p^r- 
sekiited de wuman bwi^ bret fort 
de man [qild.] 

14. And tu de wuman w^r 
given ta> wigz ov a grat egl, dat 
Je mjt flj intu de wildemes, intu 
h^r plas, bw^r Je iz nurijt fer a 
tjm, and t^mz, and bq,! a t^m, 
from de fas ov de serpent. 

15. And de serpent kast 7t ov 
biz m3t weter az a flud after de 
wuman, dat be m^t kez b^r tu be 
karid awa ov de flud. 

16. And de ^rt belpt de wum- 
an, and de ^rt opend b^r m7t, 
and swolod up de flud bwic; de 
dragon kast ^t ov biz m^t. 

17» And de dragon woz ret wid 
de wuman, and went tu mak wer 
wid de remnant ov b^r sed, bwia 
kep de komdndments ov God, and 
bav de testimoni ov Jezus Ki^st. 


1. And i stud up6n de sand ov 
de se, and se a best r^z up vt ov 
de se, bavi|} seven bedz and ten 
bernz, and up6n biz bernz ten 
knsnz, and up6n biz bedz de 
nam ov blasfemL 

2. And de best bwiQ 1 se woz 
l^k untu a lepard, and biz fet 
w^r az [de fet] ov a Ix^r, and biz 
mvt az de mvt ov a lion: and da 


KEVBuits^^ msf ,R»r. 

dragoti ^y hhn h\z pver, and bis] 14. And desert tftfm dftt. 4tr(rt 
ftty and grat etoritL on de ^rt b| [de menz ov} dos 

3. And I se won or hiz hedz miraklz hwi^ be bad pset tu do 
az it w^r wcbnded tu de^; and biz 'in de ajt ot da beat; saiD tu dam 
dedli w<i>nd woz beld: and el de on da ^1%, dat da Jud mak an ime| 

wnrld wunderd after de best. 

4. And da wurjipt de dragon 
bwiQ gav pver antu de beet: and 
da wurjipt de best, saip, ^Ha> £iz] 
Ijk nntu de best; ^boi iz abl tu 
mak W0r wid bim. 

5. And d^r woz given untu 
bim a mvt spekig grat tigz and 
Uaafemiz; and piset woz given un- 
tu bim tu kontinjii ferti [and] 
t<B munts. 

6. And be opend biz msh in 
blasfemi ageost God, tu blasf^m 
hiz nam, and biz tibemsdLl, and 
dem dat dwel in beveu. 

7. And it woz given nntu bim 
tu mak war wid de sants, and tu 
ovarkdm dem: and pver woz 
given bim CD^ver el kindredz, and 
tn^Zy and najonz. 

8. And el dat dwel up6n de 
frt Jal warjip bim, ba>z namss q,r 
not riten in de buk ov l^f ov de 
Lam slan from de fvndajon ov de 

9. If eni man bav an er, let bim 

10. He dat ledeD intu kaptiviti 
Jal go intu kaptiviti: He dat kilet 
wid de sord must be kild wid de 
ebrd. Het iz de pajens afid de 
fdi aV de sants. 

11. And I bebeld aniider best 
kumig up ijt ov.dc ^itt; and be 
bdd Ut berilz l^ a labt, snd be 
BpAlit az d dragon. 

12. And be fUtts^r^ze^' el die 
plif^r ov (Ib f^rst bc&t feefiSr bim, 
^d ke2(et de ^ and dem bwi<} 
dwel 6s{Tin tu wxirf ip dft f^rtt best, 
bcftjK dedU WoSnd woz beld. 

.13!, And be dtf>et grat wiinderz, 
A$ ditt IsB m^ftket fir kum dtn frbljft 
fuMnx'cn da ^H^ mSa sjjt&ir xxid^f 

tu de best^ bwi^ bad da wa>nd b] 
a sord, and did liv. 

15. And be had piser tu giv l[l 
untu be imej ov de bes^ d^ de 
imej ov de best Jud bot spek, and 
kez dat az mem az wud sot wnr- 
Jip de imej ov de best Jiad ba klld. 

16. And be kezd el, bo9 smel 
and grat, ric and poor, fre and 
bond, tu resev a mqjk in d%r ijt 
band, er in 6^T ferbeda: 

17. And dat no man m^t b^ or 
sel, sav be dat bad de' mq^k, or ds 
nam ov de best, er de nttmber ov 
hiz nam. 

18. Her iz wizdom. Let him 
dat bat undeirstandiD kvnf ^b 
number ov die best: fer it i^ da 
number ov a man; and hiz nttm- 
ber [iz] Siks hundred trefekot 
[and] siks. 

€APTER 14. 

1. And I lukt, and, lo, a Lam 
stud on de m^nt Zfon, and wid 
bim[ an hundred f erti [and] for 
tvzand, bavi{> biz Fqjitftz nam 
riten in d^r f erbeda. 

2. And i k^fd a v^ frott bev- 
en, az de yes ov meni wetef z^ and 
az de vers ov a grat tender: mud 
I herd de v#b or hxyrpent hi^^' 
wid d%r bQfps! 

3. And dk sup az it . w^t a mi 
90Q hit6t di0 troQy sod beloE de 
for bests, ixA da dderz: and n^ 
man kud 1^ diat sod ^^ ^ ^t^n- 
dried [atid] ferti [and} for iirzandf 
hwi^ w^r red^id from da ^. . 

4. d[te q,r da bwi^ w^'notda^ 
fjld wid wim«n; fer da q;r vi^ijmzs: 
Sez q,r da hwig folo da 2aam 
hwidettM^vat be goeti Hiez wfc 
ri^^^id- §km aimsf^ b^ IM^ 


WKjBuaois OY mpsfT ses. 


dm fjorfttfrttits oatui God and tu de| Ik And i lukt, a&d b^^ld a 
ijsm. :^^t klvd, aad up6n ds klvd 

5. And in d\r mvl wok fviid do [ wun] sat l^k untu de San ov nn^i, 

f|l; fer da qr wid$t felt bdor de havip on his hed a golden kisn, 
rem or €k>d. and in hiz hand a /qrp mkl. 

6. And i se andder anjel fl^ in 15. And anddcr anjel kam vt or 
de midst ot heven, havip de ever-ide tempi, kijii) wid a Ivd ygts tu 
Ids tig gospel tu preQ untu demjhim dat sat on de klsd, Hruat in 
dnt dwel on de ^it, and ixi everi d^ sikl, and rep: fer de t^m iz knm 
najon, and kindred, and tup, and; fer de tia rep; fer de hq^vest ot 
pepl, jdeertizrjp. 

7. SaL0 wid a Ivd ycrs, Fer €K>d,j 16. And he dat sat on de klvd 
and giT glori tu him; fer de vr ov 
hiz jujment iz kum: and wurjip 

liim dat mad heven, and ^rft, and 
de 8e> and de fsntene ov weterz, 

8. And d%r folod andder anjel, 
salt), Babilon iz felen, iz felen, 
6aX grat siti, bek^ Je mad el na- 
fonz dripk ov de w^n ov de rqt ov 
lu»r femikaJoD. 

9. And & t^rd anjel folod dem, 
saiQ Avid a Ivd vers, If eni man 
wurjip de best and hiz imej, and 
Ttsiv [hiz] mq;rk in hiz ferhed, er 
in hiz hand, 

10. 3e sam Jal dri|}k ov de wjn 
ov de rqt ov God, hwig iz pord 9t 
wid^t mikstyqr intia de knp ov 
hiz indignAfon; and he Jal be tor- 
mented wid fir and brimston in de 
prezens ov & holi aojelz, and in 
de prezens ov de Lam: 

11. And de smok ov d^r torment 
asendet up fer ever and eyer: and 
da hav no rest da ner n^t, hco 
wnrjip de best and hiz imej, and 
hosoever resevet de mcirk ov hiz 

12. Her iz de pajens ov de sants: 
her [qr] da dat kep de komdnd- 
ments ov God, and de fat ov 

13. And i h^rd a vern fropa hev- 
en saro untu roe, Rjt, Ble^ed [qr] 
de ded hwiq dj in de l«erd from 
hensfort: Ya, set de Spirit^ dat da 
ma rest from di^r laborz; and di|r 
irarki d<n folQ dem* 

tmst in hiz sikl on de ^rt; and de 
^rt woz rept, 

17. And andder anjel kam 9t 
ov de tempi hwiq iz in heven, he 
elso havip a Jqrp sikl. 

18. And andder anjel kam vt 
from de eltar, hwi^ had pirer over 
fjr; and kr^d wid a Ivd krj tu 
him dat had de Jqrp sikl, saig, 

;Hrust in d^ Jqrp sikl, and gader 
de klusterz ov de v^n ov de ^rh; 
fer h^r grape xir f uli rjp. 

19. And de anjel trust in hi^ 
sikl intu de $rt, and gaderd de vin 
ov de $rt, and kast [it] intu de 
grat winpres ov de rqt ov God. 

20. And de w^npres woz troden 
wid^t de siti, and bind kan^ st ^^ 
de w^npres, even untu de her^ 
br^dlz, bj de spas ov a tvftan^ 
[and] siks hundred furlo{)z. 

€JAPTER 15. 

1. And i se andder sjn in heven, 
grat and mqrvelus, seven nnjele 
havip de seven lost plagz; fer in 
dem iz fild up de rqt ov God. 

2. And i se az it w^r a se or 
glas miggid wid f^r: and dena dat 
had goten de viktori over de beet, 
and over hiz imej, and over hiz 
mqrk, [and] over de number ov 
hie n9m» stand on de se ov glav^ 
havip de hqrps ov God. 

d. Ai;d ^ »\j^ de sop ov M^zea 
d$ servant ov God, f^nd da sof) ov 
de Lam, sfpij^ Grl^t m/i IAqFVfi«ft 


[qr] dj wnrks, Lord God Glmiti; 
jiut and tra> [cir] dj waz, dv Ki|) 
or mots. 

4. ^ Ho f al not f er d^, o Lerd, 
and glorify d^ nam; fer [dv] onli 
[qrt] holi: fer el najonz Jal kiim 
and wurjip befor A; fer dj jaj- 
ments qr tnad manifest. 

5. And after datj lukt^ and, be- 
hold, dft tempi or de tabemakl ov 
da testimoni in heven woz opend: 

6. And de seven anjelz kam "st 
ov de tempi, havig de seven plagz, 
klodd in pi|,r and hwjt linen, and 
bavii) 6s{T brests g^rt wid golden 

7. And wun ov de for bests 
gav until de seven anjelz seven 
golden vjalz ful ov de rqt ov 
God, ho) livet fer ever and ever. 

8. And de tempi woz fild wid 
amok from de glori ov God, and 
from hiz piyer; and no man woz 
abl tu enter intu de tempi, til de 
seven plagz ov de seven anjelz 
w^r fulfild. 

€APTER 16. 

1. And I h^rd a grat ves Kt ov 
de tempi s&vq tu de seven anjelz, 
Go ya>r waz, and por "St de v^alz 
ov 6 rqt ov God upon de ^rt. 

2. And de f^rst went, and pord 
7t biz vial up<Sn de ^rt; and d^r 
fel a nesum and grevus sor up6n 
de men bwi^ had de mqrk ov de 
best, and [up6n] dem hwiq wur- 
Jipt biz imej. 

3. And de sekond anjel pord 
vt hiz vjal up6n de se; and it be- 
kdm az de blud ov a ded [man]: 
and ever! liviD sol d^d in de se. 

4. And de t^rd anjel pord vt 
hiz vial up6n de riverz and fvnt- 
enz ov weterz ; and da bekdm blud. 

5. And i b^rd de anjel ov de 
weterz sa, Kts qrt rityus, o Lerd, 
hwig qrt, and wost, and Jalt be, 
bek^z dv hatt jujd doa. 

6. Fer da hav J«d d» Uisi ov 

sants and profets, and dv hast 
given dem blud tu dri^k; fer da 
qr wHvdi. 

7. And I h^rd anlider ^ or ds 
eltar sa, 8ven so, Zt&td God 
Olmiti, tno and rityus [q;r] di 

8. And de foH^ anjel pord 7t 
hiz vial up6n de sun; and pver 
woz given untu him tu sker; 
men wid fjr. 

9. And men wer skergt wid grat 
bet, and blasfi^md de nam ov Crod, 
hwiq hat p'ser over dez plagz: and 
da repented not tu giv him glori. 

10. And de iift anjel xxdrd vt 
hiz vial up6n de set ov de l^t; and 
hiz ki^dom woz ful ov dq,rkDe8; 
and da nod d^r tai)z fer pan, 

11. And blasfemd de God ov 
heven bek^z ov d^r panz and ov 
d^r sorz, and repented not ov da^r 

12. And de sikst anjel pGsd vt 
hiz vial up6n de grat rivCT Yq- 
fmtez; and de weter d^r^Sf woz 
drid up, dat de wa ov de kii)i: of 
de est mit be prep^rd. 

13. And i se tre unkl^n spirits 
lik frogz [kum] 'st ov de m-st ov 
de dragon, and ^t ov de mai ov 
de best, and 9t ov de mvt ov da 
fels profet. 

14. Fer da qr de spirits ov 
devilz, wurkip miraklz, [hwiq] 
go fort untu de kit)z ov de ert 
and ov de hoi wurld, tu gader 
dem tu de batl ov dat grat da ov 
God eimiti. 

15. Behold, { kum az a taf. 
Blesed [iz] he dat woqeft^ and 
kepet hiz gqrments, lest ha wek 
naked, and da se hiz Jam. 

16. And he gaderd dem tuged^ 
er intu a plas keld in de Hebrm 
tui) ilrmajedon. 

17. And de sevent anjel pord vt 
hiz vial intu da i^r; and d^z kam 

a grtif iros 1^ or de tempi oviOY HaRLefTS AlSHy ABOMf^ 
heren, froift de tron, sai^, It iz INQSONZ OV KB ERE. 


18. And (b(r w^r Torsez, and 
^voidetZj and litnipz; and (J^r woz 
a ^rat ^Hlkws^, soq az woz not 
silis men w^r up6n it ^t%, so mjti 
an ^rftkwak, [and] so grat 

19. And de grat siti woz diy^d- 
ed intu tre mrts, and 6b sitiz ov 
de fiajonz fel: and grat Babilon 
kam in remembrans befor God, 
tu giv untu h^r de knp ov de wjn 
or de fersnes or hiz rqt. 

20. And ereri {land fled aw^ 
and de m^ntenz w§r not tvnd. ■ 

21. And d^r fel np6n men a 
grat hal ^t or heren, [ereri ston] 
abi^ de wat or d talent: and men 
blasf^md God bek^z or de plag 
or de hal; for de pldg d^r6f woz 
eksedii) grat. 

©APTBR 17. 

J. And d^r kam wtto or de 
seren anjelz bwig had de seren 
rjaiz; alnd tekt wid me, v^xQ untui 
m^ Knm Mder; j wil Jo nntui d^ 
de jujment ov de grat hex dat 
site* tip<5Ti meni weterz: 

2. Wid hcam de kii)z or de ^rt 
har komited fernikajon, and de 
itxhabitasxts or de ^rft har bin mad 
dmgk wid de wjn or h^r ferni- 

3. So he karid me awd in de 
spirit intu de ^viIdemes: and i se 
a wiiman sit updn a skcirlet-kal- 
ordbest, ful or namz or bUsfemi, 
harii) seren hedz and ten hernz. 

4 And de wiiman woz ardd in 
ptnrpl atd skqriet kulor, and dekt 
wid gold and prefus stonz and 
p^rlz, hari^ a golden kup in h^r 
hand' ful ov abominajonz, and 
fiHtnes or h^r femikafon: 

5. And tip6n h^r ferhed [woz] 
a nam riten, MISTERI, BABI- 

LoH ae GRaT^ a& MuaER 


6. And|8ede'wuma]idnmiE«i» 
wid de blad or de saats^ and wkf 
de bind or de Biqrtert or Jczns: 
and hwen \ se h^r, \ wtmderd yM 
grat admirafoD. 

7. And TO attjel sed nntm ai»^ 
SHvo^rfor didst dv mq,rrel. S 
wil tel di de misteii or de wuman, 
and or de best distt kariet h^, hwi^ 
hat de seven hedz and ten h<oniz. 

8. Se best dat dv seest woz, and 
iz not; and Jal asend st or de bot- 
omles pit, and go ititu- perdijon: 
and da dat dwel on de' ^rft jal wan<« 
der, h(&z namz w^r not riten in. 
de buk or l|f from de fvndaTon ot- 
de world, hwen da behold d» bi»t 
dat woz, and iz not, a^ ^et iz. 

9. And her [iz] de m^nd hwig 
hat wizdom. Se seren hedz qr 
seren mirntenz, on hwiq de wuim- 
an sitet. 

10. And d^r <if seren kigz: £|[r 
qr felen, aild wnn iz, [cmd] dse 
uder iz not yet kum; and hwMi 
he kumet, he must kcmtinyti a 
Jort spas. 

11. And de best dat woz, and \t> 
not, eren he iz de att, and iz or 
de seren, and goet intu perdifon, 

12. And de ten hernz hwiq dar 
seest qr ten ki^z, hwig har re« 
s^vd no ki^dom az yet; bnt res^y 
piyer az kigz wun vr wid de best, 

13. Sez har wan m^nd, and 
Jal gir dq,r pver and stre^^ unttt 

14. Stez fal mak war wid de 
Lam, and de Lam Jal overkdm 
dem: fer he iz Lerd oy lordz, and 
Ki{) orsr ki^z : and da dat q;r wid him 
[qr] keld, and Qozen, and fotfuL 

15. And he set untu me, Ss 
weterz hwi^ dv seest, hw^r de 
hor sitet, qr peplz, and muM* 
ti^z, and nafonz, and tuDZ. 

16. And ib UA henus hwif dtr 


^n tfs bnl» dec M hat de( 

hor, aiid /al mak h^ dSsolet and 
Mkod, and Jal et h^ fie J, and 
ten h^r wid Qr. 

17. Far Qod baft put in d^r 
liOirta tu fulfil his wfl, and tu 
agr^ and giy <^r kipdom nntu da 
te^ until de wordz ov God Jal 

18. And da wuman hwi^ ds 
■eest iz dat giat nti, hmq lanei 
orer da kips or de ^ 


1. And after dea tiga i ae an- 
dder anjel kom dvn from heren, 
kavip giat pver; and de ^it woz 
l|tend wid hiz glci«L 

2. And he kijd mltili vid a 
etrog Tos, saip, Babilcm de grat iz 
felen, iz f elen, and iz bekdm de 
habitajon oy devilz, and de hold 
OY eyeri fvl spiriti and a kaj ov 
ayeri unkUn and hatful b^rd. 

3. Fier el nafonz hay dnii)k oy 
da win oy de rqt oy h$r f emika- 
CoB, and de kigz oy de ^rt hay 
komited fernika/on wid hf r, and 
de m^nQants oy de ^rt q,r wakst nq 
tno de abdndana oy b^r delikasiz. 

4. And I h^d ant!ider yes from 
heyen, aaip, Kum 7t oy h^r, m^ 
pepl, dat ye be not partakerz ov 
h^r sinz, and dat ye res^y not oy 
h^r plagz. 

6. For b^r sinz bay re^ untu 
heyen, and God hat rememberd 
h^r inikwitiz. 

6. Reward h^r eyen az Je re- 
wtdrded ya>, and dubl untu h^r dubl 
akerdig tu b^r wurks: in de knp 
hwiQ Je hat fild fil tu b^r dubl. 

7. Hv mu^ Je hat glorifjd h^r- 
8!elf, and livd delijusli, so mug 
torment and soro giy h^r: for Je 
86l in h^r hqrt^ 9* sit a kweo, and 
am no wido, and Jal se no soro. 

8. 3%rfor Jal b^r plagz kum in 
mm, do, dsip and mom^^ «nd 

famis; and Je Jal far «tadi teat 
wid Qr: far strog [iz] da Lord Qod 
h4a jujetb^. 

9. And de kigz ov da ^rl^ Itt 
hay komited f omikajon and livd 
delijnsli wid h^r, Jal faawi£l h^i; 
and lament for b^r, hwen da Jal 
se de smok oy h^ bntnig^ 

10. Standig a£4r of far. da. ler 
oy h^r tmrment^ saig. Aids, aids 
dat grat siti Balolon, dat n^iu aiti! 
for in wnn vr iz d^ jujoient kum. 

IL And de m^rganta oy 69.^ 
Jal wep and mom oyer hi^a f^r no 
man b^t ds^r m^rgandis eni mor: 

12. it m^rQand^z oy QoAd^ mid 
silyer, and prejus stonz, and oy 
p^lz, and f^n lineUy and pnrpi, and 
silk, and skqiiet^ and el tjin wud, 
and el maner yeselz oy iycturi, and 
el maner yeselz oy moat pt^j'afi 
¥rud, and oy bras, and iron, and 

13. And sinamon, and odoia, 
and emtments, and frapkip$ana» 
and win, and erl, and fin Ctar, 
and bwet^ and bestsi and J^ utd 
hersez, and gariota^ and slayzt and 
solz oy men